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Frequently Asked Questions about the End Time Gospel FAQ

Living Word Broadcast - End Time Gospel FAQ Question: My husband and I were married in the message but very young and didn't have much guidance. My husband had a temper and everyone stayed as far away form him as possible. After 8 years, I found out that he got married, so I wanted to know how he did that, since I was still alive. Then I did the same thing and got married. I want to give my life back over to the Lord but am I also sinning because I am married to my second husband while my first husband is alive?


“This other question is really not a question, it just says: I lived many years in sin until I found the Lord. Please, Brother Branham, I have sinned again, and I am not worthy to come before you in this holy place. Please tell me if I can be restored wholly again. Please help me, Brother Branham, I have a devil in me. Help me. Will you lay your hands upon me and restore me again? Now, there is a question; I never noticed it when I read it awhile ago. There is a question. Now, if that person is present... Let me just read it to you: I have lived--I have lived many years in sin until I found the Lord. Please, Brother Branham,... (See?)... I have sinned again, and I'm not worthy to come before you in this holy place. Please tell me if I can be restored whole again. Yes. You have not sinned, my friend, so far in God but what you could be restored. If you had sinned so far that you could not be restored, you'd never want to be restored. See, see? But as long as there is Something dealing with your heart, you're still in line of restoration. "Guilty of the least is guilty of the whole." I have sinned many times; every day every one of us do things that we don't want to do.” [Questions And Answers Jeff. IN COD 62-0527]

“It's in our heart... You don't want to be that way or you wouldn't ask this question. See? That's itself a proof that God's still dealing with you. You've probably gotten nervous, probably Satan telling you that you can't be restored. He's a-lying, certainly, he is. Because look, if there is a deep calling, there's got to be a Deep to respond to the call. If there's a hunger for Something, that Something's got to be somewhere or you would have no hunger for It. See? As I've said lots of time. Before a fish had a fin on his back, there had to be a water first for him to swim in or he wouldn't had any fin. Before there's a tree to grow in the earth, there had to be an earth first before there was a tree, because the earth had to be first for the tree to grow.“ [Questions And Answers Jeff. IN COD 62-0527]

“Now, before there can be a creation, there has to be a Creator to create the creation. See what I mean? Now, as long as you are wanting and hungering to get back to God, there's a God somewhere calling to you (See?), or you wouldn't be hungering. There's a Creator. Now, if you... There is a place that you can cross where you can't get back, but when that is, you're down there again in the same shape you was. It goes to show that you only fell from grace. Backsliding's not lost; I want somebody to tell me where backsliding's lost, and prove it to the Bible. Backslider's not lost; he's just out of fellowship. Israel backslid but they never lost their covenant; they lost their--their praises and joy. David lost the joy of his salvation when he took Bathsheba, Uriah's wife, but he never lost his salvation. He never said "restore to me my salvation"; he said, "Restore to me the joy of my salvation.“ [Questions And Answers Jeff. IN COD 62-0527]

“Oh, there's so much of this legalism today, the "touch not, taste not." You don't do things legally. I didn't come to this church tonight legally. I feel tired; I--I--I've been nervous; I'm upset; I'm wondering about something that's out before me; my heart's burning, even as such as much till my heart's a-fluttering. I got a cramp, pain, right at this minute, just shooting back and forth, up and down through here; weak, nervous, trembly; catch a hold here and squeeze; got my toes squeezed up in my shoes. I felt anything but come down here. Why did I come, then? Because I love God. Live or die, I must stand here for Him. It's not because I have to. He wouldn't care about whether I did or not. I'd--If I'd die I'd go to heaven anyhow. But I'm coming because I love Him. You serve God because you love Him, not because you just got to do it. Because you love Him enough…“ [Questions And Answers Jeff. IN COD 62-0527]

“I'm not true to my wife because I'm afraid she'd divorce me. I'm true to her because I love her. There's no other woman in the world but her. That's the reason I'm true to her. Not because... If I done a mistake and they thought I did something wrong, come to her, say, "Meda, honey, I didn't mean to do that." She'd forgive me for it; I know she would. I'd forgive her; I love her. But I--I'd forgive her; she'd forgive me. But I wouldn't do it for nothing; I love her too much to do it. It isn't because I didn't think she'd forgive me; it's the idea that I love her too much to do it in the first place. And as long as I love her like that, I'll never do it; and if she loves me the way she's supposed to, she won't either. And you love the Lord with all your heart; you don't have to worry about these things. If you make a mistake, you don't sin willfully, you just done something wrong. See, you've slipped back. True, you was up here in fellowship; you've dropped back down in this muss down here again.“ [Questions And Answers Jeff. IN COD 62-0527]

“But what is it? It's just like a--an eagle. One time I saw up here at Cincinnati Zoo; I took Sarah and was going down there. If anything I seen that hurt me, is to see something penned up. I just can't stand to see anything in a cage, even little birds. And I know you women have them little birds, you turn them out. When I was a little boy I used to say, "If ever I get a chance, when I get to be a man, I'll slip in every house and turn them poor little guys loose." Yes, sir. I said... Setting up there in the hot sun, and them say, "Hah, hah, hah," and the woman out somewhere on the back porch smoking a cigarette, and that poor little bird setting there burning up. He can't do nothing about it, he just has to set there. And he wasn't born for that. I thought, "Boy, if I could slip up there and let him out, he wouldn't be there very long." See?“ [Questions And Answers Jeff. IN COD 62-0527]

“I hate to see anything penned up. I hate to see a man calls hisself Christian then penned down by some kind of a church creed, "I can't say, 'Amen.' I--I can't believe in that. The pastor says don't believe it." Oh, my, goodness. You're born free. Then how about a big eagle? He's a heavenly bird. He lives way in above the clouds. That's where he goes of a morning, way so high, nothing else can follow him, not another bird. He'd disintegrate in the air if he tried to follow him. He's a special-made bird. And then somebody had caught him in a man-made trap, he had caught this big eagle and put him in this cage. And the poor old fellow... I looked at him and my heart just burned. He looked at that side like that; he didn't know how to get out of that cage. He would just get across there, and he--he knowed how he'd take off, and he'd start flopping his wings. And here he'd go, he was banging his head up against the bars and beat the feathers out of his arm, wing feathers here, and all across his head, till it was bleeding. He hit that bar so hard it'd knock him plumb back on his back. He'd lay there and roll them weary-looking eyes, look up towards that sky, "There's where I belong. There's my home. There's where I was born for. But, looky, between me and there is a cage. Well, the only thing I know, I'm put my mind to it; here I come," and "bang," he'd go right back again.“ [Questions And Answers Jeff. IN COD 62-0527]

“I thought, "Oh, my, isn't that terrible. I wish they'd sell him to me. I'd pawn my Ford to buy him (See?), just to turn him loose." See? Oh, it made me feel so bad, that poor big bird there, beat the feathers... I thought, "That's the most horrible sight I ever seen." No, I take it back, the most horrible sight I ever seen is a man born to be a son of God and then penned up in some creed. And he looks up there and sees a God that he really wants to serve, but he just can't do it. They won't let him do it (See?): penned up. That's a horrible thing.“ [Questions And Answers Jeff. IN COD 62-0527]

“Yes, yes, sister, brother, ever who wrote this, if you have fallen down here, that don't mean you're lost. You're just an eagle got into a pen; that's all. You're caged-up down here in sin again. You don't want to be there; that's the reason you're looking upward. There you are, "O Brother Branham, I once lived up there, is there a way here?" Yes. Reminds me of one day (oh, a little boy) I was walking around behind the farm, and there was--somebody had tied an old crow to keep him out of the corn. And that poor old fellow was just about starved to death. I couldn't be that mean to do that. He tied the old crow by the foot, and the old fellow had eat everything was around; he couldn't get nothing else. The farmer just left him. And he was so poor that he--he couldn't even get up. Just he... And the crows would fly over and say, "Caw, caw, caw." In other words, say, "Come on, Johnny Crow. Wintertime's coming; let's go south." But he couldn't do it; he was tied.“ [Questions And Answers Jeff. IN COD 62-0527]

“Well, you just lay your hands by faith upon Him, say, "Lord, I believe it," up you come. That's right. Confess your sins. See, "He that hides his sins will not prosper, covers his sins. But he that will confess his sins," there's where you get freedom and justification, when you're willing to say "I'm sinned, I'm wrong." That's what you said here: "I have fallen; I am sinned. I'm dead wrong. Is there a chance for me to be whole again?" Absolutely. The minute that you desire it, that shows that God dropped the Lifeline down to pick you up. Just rise up on His Lifeline of faith and prayer; move right on up into the rest of the eagles like that; go flopping away. That's right. He died in your place to take away your sins. You just believe on Him, flop your wings, and fly away with the rest of them. Don't stay in that pit of the devil. No, sir“ [Questions And Answers Jeff. IN COD 62-0527]

[Answers provided by Brother Ken Andes, Minister, Jeffersonville, Indiana]

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