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Frequently Asked Questions about the End Time Gospel FAQ

Living Word Broadcast - End Time Gospel FAQ Question: How do we raise children in the time that we are living in, so many things in this world seems so innocent, but it takes our children away from the Word? Also what is the best way to teach small children like from 3 to 6 about God and this world?


“That seems to be so interested to any little boy that's got good character in them, the Bible stories. It's just too bad that mothers today, don't take more time to talk to their children on those things. I'm sure we wouldn't have so much juvenile delinquency if this was did. And as his little bright eyes would look up into mama's face... And how he would enjoy the different stories that she would read from the Bible to him. (The Old Testament of course, 'cause that's all they had.)“ [Blind Bartimaeus Lima, OH 57-0127E]

“Let's see if we can break in on some of the thoughts that he perhaps had. Here he was, maybe that day that no one had given him a coin. And maybe with a family at home, and what would he do then? He had no capital to go on. And if he didn't get something, his little family would do without, and his wife, and how that they would be without maybe all day long... And it's usually when we are right at the end of our senses that God usually steps in, right at the end of our abilities. And as we see him sitting there in the warm sunshine, his mind goes back many, many years to when a little Jewish boy on the Palestinian hills was frolicking and running and the shock of black hair around his head. He could look up and see the stars at night and could see the pretty flowers blooming along the Jordan. And to see the beautiful blue skies in the daytime... And one of his greatest thoughts was of a sweet, old mother that he used to have, that had passed on many years before. And how she used to take him in the afternoon out on the porch that faced over towards the Jordan, and when she would rock him and talk to him and tell him the Bible stories, as it used to be a custom of Jewish mothers to always drill in their child the Bible.“ [Blind Bartimaeus Phoenix, AZ 57-0301]

“It's too bad that we Gentiles don't do the same. But we turn our children to a Sunday school teacher, twenty minutes on Sunday morning and let them lick the streets with the world the rest of the week. But what we need is to bring up the child in the way that it should go and when it gets old, it'll not depart from Him. And how his mother used to drill into him to always love and respect Jehovah. And how he loved to hear the story of how that his people was brought out of Egypt, how a great Light followed. They followed this Light and brought them out of Egypt to the promised land, where they then dwelt. How that they opened up the Red Sea, God did to let the children pass through. The brazen serpent and the many stories that was told him...“ [Blind Bartimaeus Phoenix, AZ 57-0301]

“And he remembered too that she used to tell him Bible stories. That's good for mothers to tell your children those things. "Bring up a child in the way it should go, and when it gets old, it--it will not depart from you." That's what the Scriptures says. And she would rock him, and tell him of the great Jehovah. There was one story that he likes specially. That was about the days of Elijah the prophet. He loved to think of that great mighty prophet and of the Shunammite woman. How that this woman was a good woman. Though she was a Shunammite, she knowed that that prophet was a man of God. And she liked to do kind things for him. So one day she had her husband to build him a little room, so that in his traveling, he could just stay in that little room built on the side of their house.“ [Blind Bartimaeus San Juan, PR 59-0209]

“But alas, that was long ago. And how he used to go and run, and heard his mother set out on the front porch and call his name, sweetly and softly, "Bartimaeus, it's nap time for my little boy." And he would rush up to his mother, as she set on the front porch, and sang the hymns of the Psalms to him, and tell him Bible stories until he would fall asleep in her arms. How, setting there now, as an old man, withered, hunched in the cold, he'd think of that pretty Jewish mother, her eyes just as sparkly. How she used to brush the hair back from his little baby forehead, and say, "Oh, you have such pretty little brown eyes, my boy." And he remembered some of the Bible stories then, that she used to tell him. I tell you, the thoughts of a good Christian mother, is a treasure to a human heart that's never forgotten. God, give us more mothers that'll take their children, and instead of trying to teach them tap-dancing, and something to ruin and wreck their life, will read the stories of the Bible to them and tell of them of the God of heaven and peace. God knows that we need that above all things now for motherhood.“ [Blind Bartimaeus San Jose, CA59-1127]

“It--it's too bad that mothers don't take their children today and tell them Bible stories. Hard to get a pastor that'll do it, let alone a mother. I think there's--there's five Gospels. You only know four of them in the Bible. But it's Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and mother. Mother gets them when they're young. She ought to start them right there before they know anything about Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. And mothers would take more time to talk to their children about God and pray for them, we would have less juvenile delinquency. First of all, it's parent delinquency before we have juvenile delinquency. If mothers would take their place in the house, and a Bible, and pray for their children, and lead them to Christ; instead of going out to some stitch and sew party and play cards, and drink, and carry on, and smoke and... Well, I don't want to get started on that. But however... I... It--it's terrible the way we--it's doing. Today I laughed at my poor little wife. We was up to Howard Johnson's to get us one of those three D's. You know that's, usually I don't eat very much during these kind of service. And we were up there. And sheseen the--a lady up there that had this here manicure on, you know, ever what the stuff is.“ [Be Not Afraid Richmond, VA 61-0311]

“Brother Branham, what achievement should we let our preteenage children participate in? (I beg your pardon, it's)--what activities should our preteen children anticipate-- participate in. Also, how should we go about helping them select their associates? Keep them in Christian company as long as you possibly can. Keep them with... If it's a girl, keep her with Christian girls; Christian boys, vice versa. If she's old enough to go with a boy, see that she keeps with the right kind of boy. Discourage her to any boy otherwise, or boy to a girl. If she's going with an unbeliever, try to encourage her to go with a believer, and vice versa. Make your home nice. Make your home a place where your daughter or son will not be ashamed to bring their company before their father and mother, and into their house; and make home so happy that they'll be pleased in their home to stay there. Oooh, my, here's seven in a row. I won't go but just a few minutes longer.“ [Questions And Answers 4 Jeff. IN COD 64-0830E]

[Answers provided by Brother Donny Reagan, Pastor, Happy Valley Church TN, USA]

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