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Frequently Asked Questions about the End Time Gospel FAQ

Living Word Broadcast - End Time Gospel FAQ Question: How can a believer have an effective Bible study for their self?


“You know, people reads the Bible. They, you don't... In reading the Bible, you don't want to just read It just bare like you was reading a newspaper. This Bible is hid from the wise and prudent. I don't care how great your school is, your seminary, you will never know nothing about God, until you get in love with God. You have to read between the lines. It's hid.“ [God Perfecting His Church, Binghamton NY, 54-1204]

“Then peace comes into the heart and everything. Then you begin. Then you can really shout like a Christian should shout. Then the speaking with tongues. And then the gifts of the Spirit begins to manifest behind a pure heart, a real foundation. Watch what happens then. Then that's real Holy Spirit. But if you just come up on a little emotion, it'll never work. You'll go right back out and hate. You watch your hearts now, how you'll long to read the Bible. How you'll want to get alone to talk with Him, and say, "O Father, oh, I just love You." That's the fellowship. See? That's what we need.“ [Fellowship By Redemption, Jeffersonville IN, 55-0403]

“You know, I told you, you don't read the Bible just like this; you read between the lines. God always writes His love letter... Just like when I write to my wife or she writes to me, we--we know... We mean what we say on the paper, but we love one another so well, we read between the lines. That's the way to get God; don't try to get stiff and starchy and have some degrees put on your name, just love Him real well, He will let you even read between the lines.“ [God's Covenant With Abraham, Charlotte NC, 56-0428]

“The entire Bible is set up on revelation. Now, you'll never know the Bible just by some cold hearted reading It. You've got to read the Bible in the Spirit. You've got to be in the mood of reading. You've got to love to read It. And the Bible is written so that the wise, smart, educated, will never understand It. Jesus thanked God and said, "Father, I thank Thee that Thou has hid these things from the wise and the prudent, and will reveal them to babes such as will learn." Oh, I'm so glad of that. You don't have to be somebody in this world to know God. You just have to have a willing heart, and God will go to dealing with that willing heart, if you are willing.“ [The Lamb And The Dove, Oakland CA, 57-0325]

“There's been men down through the age that has preached from this same text since it was written. And every time we read it, we get something new from it. Any of us, who read the Bible, know that it is such a--a Book; there's nothing like it ever written or ever will be. It is the greatest word of all word. Even the visions are secondarily. If the vision is contrary to what the Word says, then the vision's wrong. God's Word is right all the time.“ [Hear Ye Him, Waterloo IA, 58-0126]

“He said, "Woman, hear My Words. The hour is coming, and now is, when the Father seeketh those that'll worship Him in the Spirit and the Truth." "Thy Word is the Truth." And every man that'll read the Bible and believe every Word that Bible says, and follow Its instructions, and receive the same Holy Ghost that they received, the same way they received It, same results they received It, same power they got when they received It, he knows Who his Papa and Mama was.“ [Ephesians Parallels Joshua, Jeffersonville IN, 60-0515e]

“Let's get plumb back off of his territory; let's come back to God; come back to the altar; rebuild the altar again that's been torn down. And build up your home. Take them cards off the table, and all of them old love story magazines. And open up the Bible, and read the Bible, and pray. And just don't get down and say, "Bless my family, Mary, and Joe, and John, and all of them," get in the bed. No, sir. Stay there with God.” [Expectations, Richmond VA, 61-0308]
“He is the principal Theme of the entire Bible. If you read the Bible and don't see Christ in every verse of It, go back and read It again. See? If you can't see Christ in every verse of the Bible, then you read It again, because you've missed something. The Bible is Christ. He is the Word. When you read, "In the beginning God created..." there's Christ. See? Every... From that to the "Amen" in Revelations is every Word testifying of Jesus Christ.“ [Christ Is The Mystery Of God Revealed, Jeffersonville IN, 63-0728]

“He's still the same yesterday, the Word that was, the Word that is, and the Word that is to come. He is all things in the Bible. And if you read the Bible and don't see Jesus, then you better ride back and read that Scripture again. Because This is the testimony of Jesus Christ: Old Testament in type, New Testament fulfilled. Then Jesus is He that was, the history; He that was back, the beginning. The prophecy, He was the prophecy. He was the history. He was the Psalms. He was the Lord Jesus, and He is the things to come, that's in the Bible. So He is, the testimony of Jesus Christ is the Bible.Now, and the Bible is called the Word of God, and God's got to judge the world by some standard. If He put you here with, and going to judge you, then there's got to be some standard.“ [Investments, Chicago IL, 63-0803b]

“Oh, Dallas, you lovely bunch of Christians, don't be carried away with this stuff today, that you see going around, 'cause it's going to perish. 'Play that Token always--display that Token. Read the Bible. Come up to everything. And if your spirit in you don't say "amen" to That, then you'd better go back and change that you got for the Token; you haven't got It.“ [The Token, Dallas TX, 64-0308]

“If you neglect to read the Bible and to believe the Bible, and the Holy Spirit to feed upon That, you'll die. Jesus said in St. John 4:3, the Scripture I got right... Jesus said that, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word," not just part of It. We take a little bit here. I call that a Bible hitchhiker. They say, "Well, I believe This, but now let's go over here. See?" See? You've got to take it Word by Word. Jesus said, "Man shall live by every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.“ [Thirst, Tucson AZ, 65-0919]

[Answers provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister, Jeffersonville, Indiana]

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