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Frequently Asked Questions about the End Time Gospel FAQ

Living Word Broadcast - End Time Gospel FAQ Question: How can a believer trust God in everything that they do?


“No matter how much that God will permit me, by my own faith, to take the spirit from you, unless you go forth and believe God, and serve God, and trust God, it'll come right back to you again. Did not Jesus say, "Go and sin no more, or a worse thing than this will come upon you?" [Children In The Wilderness Phoenix AZ, 47-1123]

“In our souls, being born again with the same spirit was upon faithful Abraham, that strain down in there makes us want to trust God, but the body gets scared. Oh, if we're the children of Abraham, let's be as father Abraham was.“ [Believing God, Jeffersonville IN, 52-0224]

“A man or a woman who really tries to live a Christian life, and abstain from the things of the world, the world backs off and says they're a fanatic. Every man that tries to trust God, his fellow man will call him, "Goody-goody," or, "a sissy," or something like that. Sissy? I don't judge man by the callous in his hands, it's by the bag of the knee in his pants, whether he bows and prays or not. Men's not judged by statue, he's judged by character.“ [Expectancy, Owensboro KY, 53-1108e]

“Let me see a little, old, cowardly church that's afraid to trust God, or a family, and let the Spirit of God strike that family, or that individual, or that church, and watch what takes place. Brother, I'm telling you, skeptics fly like roaches in the summertime when you turn the light on them. That's exactly right. Yes sir. Everything moves out. Faith comes in and "I'm the boss," said faith. The rest of it moves out. Make any difference what anybody said, God's Word is Eternal.“ [Faith Cometh By Hearing, Chicago IL, 54-0320]

“The battle is on. The Philistines are standing there. Goliath made his charge. Watch him go down. So here goes David. He reaches down and looks out there, and he look--looked Goliath up and down like that. But beyond Goliath he saw the victory, because he trusted in God. He thought, "How much more dangerous that lion is than Goliath. That's a wild beast. I trusted God to direct this shot of mine right straight to the head of that beast. And I can trust God to direct this shot here. For I killed the lion to save one sheep. That's right. God let me save the sheep, because I had faith that He would save that sheep.“ [Great Warrior David, Chicago IL, 55-0118]
“When man sinned back in the beginning in the garden of Eden, he separated himself and severed himself from all approach to God, his very lifeline. He was separated from his Maker with no way at all of ever seeing Him again. Because his sin, his unbelief in trusting God had separated him.“ [Approach To God, Chicago IL, 55-0123a]

“The people today who claim to be filled with the Holy Ghost, and is afraid to trust God for a toothache. Hallelujah. Brother, cross Jordan; get on the other side. The portion, double portion of the Holy Spirit that was upon Christ Jesus was sent back to the Church to minister and to carry on the work until He come.“ [Where I Think Pentecost Failed, San Fernando CA, 55-1111]

“There's where it comes from. That's right. There's where the secret lays: trusting God, being led by the Spirit of God. God speaks to man; man hears His Voice.“ [Led By The Spirit Of God, Shreveport LA, 56-0723]

“I thought, "That's right, Lord. The eagle will trust in his God-given power, but how about a man with the baptism of the Holy Ghost afraid to trust God with that God-given power?" He's a coward, not a hero.“ [Hear Ye Him, Chattanooga TN, 58-0301e]

“You get up there where you trust God, to believe Him for healing, believe Him for salvation, believe Him for the Holy Ghost, believe Him for everything. Trust Him. You're eagles. You're made... You're--you're a child of God. You believe like God does. You believe His Word, 'cause you been feeding on His Word. You been fed by the Holy Ghost, the Word, then you can fly.“ [As The Eagle Stirs Her Nest, Harrisonburg VA, 58-0316a]

“He's still Jehovah God. Jesus Christ remains just the same yesterday, today, and forever. Don't be afraid; just set still; trust God; believe with all your heart. Be sure of your step; then move on with God. Pray and love Him. Love is the most powerful force there is in the world. There's nothing as great as love; power only lays in love.“ [God's Provided Way Of Fellowship, Klamath Falls OR, 60-0709]

“We being dead in Christ, take on Abraham's seed and are heir's according to the promise. And we can't trust God for fifteen minutes. We can't trust Him from the time we leave here to the time to get off the pulpit, you're already doubting Him. And now where's the rapture coming from? Abraham's seed.“ [The Unchangeable Word Of God, Lakeport CA, 60-0724]

“You see what kind of a homes that Angels come to? It's homes that trust God. That's right. That's right. Don't matter what kind of a home it could be, just as long as you trust God. Whether it's a little humble shed, or wherever it is, if you will just trust God.“ [From That Time, Dawson Creek BC, 61-0520]

“Man and his six senses has just come along with his horse and buggy, trusting God. In the last seventy-five years he quit trusting God. When they signed the Constitution of this United States, they put God in everything they did. Now, they don't even have a meeting, and they never even name His Name. That's right. They depend on their loftiness of their science, they--their cunningness of their science. A lewd bunch... That's exactly right. The whole world is swallowed up in ignorance of the Bible. The--the whole world has turned from God.“ [Recognizing Your Day And Its Message, Jeffersonville IN, 64-0726m]

[Answers provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister, Jeffersonville, Indiana]

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