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Frequently Asked Questions about the End Time Gospel FAQ

Living Word Broadcast - End Time Gospel FAQ Question: When, why, and how does a believer fast?


“If you keep your stomach empty, the blood is at your brain, and you must be ready. And if you're all full when you're... That's the power of FASTING. When you're--when you're full, the blood goes into your stomach to digest your food. You see? And then when you're empty, it's in your--in your brain. So you can be just... 'Cause them two spirits is so close it could deceive the very elect, if possible.“ [50-0813a The Resurrection Of Lazarus, Cleveland OH]

“I believe God's going to fill this church with the Holy Ghost, till you hear a scream that'll--that'll swing out through Jeffersonville here. I'm waiting and praying every day and night, waiting just for the crucial moment. You keep FASTING, keep praying; getting the kids together, get rid of all the sin around your home, as Jacob said, "Take off your earrings and wash your garments." Get ready. Oh, I hear the sound of abundance of rain.“ [53-0327 Israel And The Church, Jeffersonville IN]

“Bless their gallant souls. FASTING and praying that God will give us victory. He will certainly do it. He will be obligated to do it, if we'll just ask Him and believe that He will.“ [54-0302 The Resurrection Of Jairus Daughter, Phoenix AZ]

“I trust that every person here will take it upon themselves to be under prayer all the time. In your homes be FASTING and praying. Come with great expectation. For if you don't expect anything, you won't receive anything. You'll just receive as you expect.“ [54-0328 Sirs We Would See Jesus, Louisville KY]

“You could go on a FAST for forty days and get so--so wore out from FASTING till you just couldn't walk, and never do you any good, until first, you accept. That's it. It's your part. God's did His part. Now, you do your part, just a simple thing of believing it. And when you believe it, that settles it forever.“ [55-0225 Glorified Jesus, Phoenix AZ]

“He was a human, truly. When He was on the mountain there, looking around for something to eat, come down, hungering. He'd been FASTING all night.“ [55-0227e The Healing Of Jairus Daughter, Phoenix AZ]

“Paul went right straight away, not to the seminary, but went down in Arabia, and stayed there three years FASTING and praying the Lord would show him what to do. Jesus, when He got the Holy Ghost, hid Hisself away.“ [55-0501e The Faith That Was Once Delivered To The Saints, Chicago IL]

“There's nothing in the Word tells you to have a forty day FAST, not a thing. Nothing in the world telling you to FAST 'less God would tell you. And if you FAST, you ain't going to get hungry and go all these things. After your FASTING, brother, you'll be joy and happy all the time. Said, "Don't appear before men like hypocrites do with a long sad face." "I'm on a forty day FAST; my plates won't fit me any more. I've lost thirty pounds, and they told me I looked better after this is over." Oh, nonsense. It's enticing spirits of the Devil.“ [55-0724 Enticing Spirits, Jeffersonville IN]

“You converts, now don't get out amongst unbelief. You go to people that believe. Now, go to some of these churches who believe in Divine healing. Now, there's a group of them that's now accepted it. I was with some of them today. They're going to start FASTING and praying for God to give them strength and power. Support them with your presence and prayer. Now, just don't go back to the same life. Get to one of them good spiritual churches, and join those prayer meetings, and live true to Jesus Christ.“ [55-0819 Being Led By The Holy Spirit, Karlsruhe, Germany]

“When Jesus, His weak point: He was hungry; He'd been FASTING forty days. And when He--Satan met Him and said, "If Thou be the Son of God, turn these stones into bread." And Jesus, now with all the powers of God in Him, yet He never used any of His powers; He brought it right down simple enough that the least of Christians, or the weakest of Christians, could use the same thing. He said, "It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." [Expectation, Shawano WI 55-1001]

“What is Christ to you today? Are you still seeing His marvelous powers? Does He still bring the same thrill, does something go through you when you see His mighty hand begin to move and sinners be converted. Does it bring you to all night prayer? Does it bring you to FASTING? Does it send you to the altar quickly to work with someone, to instruct them how to come through to the Holy Spirit? Does it warm your heart to go into the neighborhood and seek out the lost? Do you speak to the milkman, to the meter-man, to the man on the street? Those things they going to accompany that experience that you received long ago. Something has happened. You pushed Him out the door. God wants the heart.“ [The Door Of The Door, Newark NJ57-1212]

“When God calls a conference, it's FASTING, cleaning up, prayer, receiving orders, and going forward. That's God's conference, not feasting, but FASTING, not indulging in filth, but separating, cleansing yourself from all unrighteousness when you go before God. Cleaning yourself by faith, through applying the hyssop to the Blood, and cleansing your heart and walking before God for a conference, that's the kind of conferences when you meet with God. Then God gives you orders; then you go forward; He goes with you.“ [Conference With God, Jeffersonville IN 59-1220m]

“Here sets my daughter-in-law, Lord, little Loyce, hungering, and thirsting, and FASTING, and waiting. There sets my sister back yonder, hungering, and thirsting, and FASTING, and waiting. O Lord, send the Holy Ghost just now somehow into this building and strike their souls with the power of the resurrection; and may they rise to their feet in their resurrection power and be identified with Jesus Christ in His resurrection.“ [Identified With Christ, Jeffersonville IN 59-1220e]

“I'd been FASTING for about two or three days, and I was just going to preach that afternoon. I thought, "Well, seems like..." You never want to FAST until you're led to FAST. Then if you get hungry, it's time to eat. "Afterwards Jesus was afterwards an hungered." Some of this saying, these people FASTING and say, "I'm going to FAST forty days," and the false teeth falling out and losing weight, and... My, you better stop that. You wait till God leads you to do that on those things. Be led of the Spirit. I've had people, after a certain book was wrote and put out about FASTING, people come to my line: women, pregnant and things like that, come in my line, lose their, lose their mind, come--go into insane institutions from that. See? 'Course you can't do that. Just because somebody else done it, that's no sign that you're supposed to do it. Let God lead you to do what you're doing. If you're led to, when you get hungry, it's time to eat. When God puts a FAST on you, you don't get hungry. It's God dealing with you. "Jesus was afterwards an hungered." See? After His FAST was over, He hungered.“ [Why? Beaumont TX 61-0125]

“I'm thinking of Cornelius' house. It never happened to a Gentile before, but they were FASTING and praying. And when that man of God, that prophet, stood there, and while he spake these words, the Holy Ghost fell on them that heard the Word. God, grant that kind of a meeting. While Peter spake these words... O God, they were ready. They were FASTING. They were waiting. They were sincere.“ [A True Sign That's Overlooked, Jeffersonville IN 61-1112]

“It's almost a impossible thing to get people praying, FASTING, calling on the Lord. Seems like the church has got so drowsy, lazy in these last days: so pitiful. And I hate to come and just keep stirring, and preaching, and saying these things. But, brother, sister, that's truth. I just can't hold it. It's the Gospel, and it must be preached. It's got to be preached as a witness. It's true. So I think that we just presuming too much.“ [Presuming, Phoenix AZ 62-0117]

“Usually Friday is a FAST day for me. I don't eat on sometimes Tuesdays and Fridays, till sometime in the afternoon, just a little... That's not a regular FAST. That's just a couple of days a week to FAST. So a long FAST comes in more days, when the Lord puts it upon you. But that's just in respects and honor of God's great memorial to us, the FASTING, a command. And so, after three o'clock, usually I have a little something light.“ [Perseverance Southern Pines, NC 62-0608]

[Answers provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister, Jeffersonville IN]

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