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Frequently Asked Questions about the End Time Gospel FAQ

Living Word Broadcast - End Time Gospel FAQ Question: In the Bible, it says in Genesis that in the beginning there were only four people; Adam, Eve, Abel, and Cain...later on in chapter 4, it says that Cain killed Abel and God was mad at Cain. (3 people are left). He sent Cain away and Cain got married with a wife...Now, my question is where did Cain get his wife if it were only left Adam, Eve, and Cain?


“Oh, how we could dwell on these questions for hours, on one, but I wouldn't just the others. But notice, here's... How many would like to know what we believe of Cain, where and who Cain's wife was? Let's see. All right. I'll tell you what Cain done, and it's the only sensible answer you can figure: Cain married his own sister; he had to. For there was only one female on the earth then; the Bible only gives record of three being born, Ham, Shem... or not... I beg your pardon, was Cain, Abel, and Seth. But if there wasn't any... The Bible seldom records a girl's birth. You know that.“ [Questions And Answers On Genesis Jeff. IN COD 53-0729]

“Now, back to Cain. [] For Eve was the only female that was created by God, and if she didn't have any daughters, when that last female, the only female, died, the human race would've ceased to exist. That right? There'd have been no more females. So she had to have daughters. And Cain married his own sister, for he had to; there's no other place for women to come from. And it was legal and lawful in those days, even for Abraham, and even on down to Isaac. Isaac married his own blood cousin. And Abraham married his own sister, blood sister. His father's... It's different mothers but the same father. And the germ comes out of the male sex. Sarah, which brought forth the wonderful Isaac... Is that right? There wasn't nobody on the earth then. That was all in type, showing that the... Here it is, brother. Isaac... Rebekah is a type of the Church, and Isaac is a type of the Bride, Christ. Is that right? And they must be Blood relation (Hallelujah. Amen.), blood relation.“ [Questions And Answers On Genesis Jeff. IN COD 53-0729]

“So Cain married his sister, and that's... Then they went over there into the land of Nod. Now, we get into a deep subject if we went a little farther, and I'm glad you never asked any farther than that of "Where was those giants that was in that land that day?" Josephus and different ones has many arguments on it. Amen! If I didn't get that right, brother, hand it in again Sunday morning. All right.“ [Questions And Answers On Genesis Jeff. IN COD 53-0729]

“We take, for instance, the word "Babylon." We see it up here in Genesis. First, it was called the "Garden Gates," I believe, or the "Gates to heaven." The next thing it was called was "confusion." And we find out that Babylon started over there in the beginning, and it was a first place of idolatry... We find out that it's in Genesis. Then we find it over here in the middle of the Bible, and then we find it over in Revelations appearing again. See, it come out of Genesis, come up Babylon all along. Right on up, and it goes to seed in Genesis. Now, in Genesis we'll have to start with two boys. That's where the human race spring from Adam and Eve, and out of Adam and Eve... Of course, she had to have daughters. If she did not... Someone has often wondered... The old question was where did Cain get his wife? Cain had to marry his sister. He couldn't have done nothing else, because there wasn't... The Bible seldom ever records a woman's birth. It's always men, and if--if the Bible... Today, America...“ [The Faith That Was Once Delivered To The Saints West Palm Beach, FL 53-1129A]

“Now, the only person that Cain could've had, or married, would had to be his own sister. He had to. Because there's only one male and female that they could've come from (See?), and he had to marry his own sister. Now, that was legal in those days. And Isaac married his own first blood cousin, Rebekah, ordained of God. Sarah was Abraham's sister, his blood sister, not by his mother, by his father. See, a blood sister that--that Abraham married, a different mother, but same father... So you see, to marry in relation then, before the--the stream of blood was weakened in the human race, it was legal and all right. Now, it isn't. If you'd marry your sister today, and have children, they'd probably be... Well, they'd just be deformed and everything. Even down to a first and second cousin should never be married (See?), because the blood stream becoming low and running low.“ [Questions And Answers On Hebrews 3 Jeff. IN COD 57-1006]

“But the only thing then that Cain could've done, would been marry his own sister. And that's where the children was that... He got his wife, went to the land of Nod and knew her, and from there come the--the children. See, the... And if you notice, out of the line of Cain come the smart men. Out of the line of Seth come the religious men, I mean, the--the vine of righteousness. Right there, those two brought forth the very line that we're living in today. If you'll notice today now (just in finishing this question), that lineage of Cain still exists, and the lineage of Seth still exists. They both come down just the same. Cain's children is here in Jeffersonville tonight, and Seth's children's here in Jeffersonville tonight. As the blood stream weakens and goes out, but that lineage still hangs on.“ [Questions And Answers On Hebrews 3 Jeff. IN COD 57-1006]

[Answers provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister, Jeffersonville IN]

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