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Frequently Asked Questions about the End Time Gospel FAQ

Living Word Broadcast - End Time Gospel FAQ Question: Which is Gods provided way of repentance? Should I go to each and every person I wronged even before I got saved or is it through praying to god for forgiveness? Also, are believer boy girl relationships acceptable?


“Boys and girls, being friends, is acceptable. They should conduct themselves as Believers in Christ. Repentance, is changing one's mind, and begins going the way of God. It is not enough to ask God to forgive you for the wrongs that you have done to persons. You have done wrong to persons of your past. You cannot go to all of them. But, as the Lord brings them to your mind, tell them how you have turned to Christ, and ask them to forgive you of the wrongs you have done to them.“

“When I can see a woman on the street that's so low, stooped, immorals, or a man out of a barroom, smoking, and drinking, and cursing, and carrying on, and a few days time, he's a sainted godly person, making RESTITUTION for all of his wrong, that's--that shows that something has happened to that man. See? It speaks of another land. Perseverant 62-0729, Victoria BC, Canada We are indeed deem this a grand privilege to be with you fine people here on this island this week, from all--from Port Alberni and here at Victoria. And I was so grateful last night... My heart ached within me (that we only had three days to be here, one more day) when I seen what happened last evening, to see the entire group confess their wrongs, and come up and to make RESTITUTION. Now, that--that means that there is a great possibility of a great sweeping revival across this island here, that God could--could--would grant it. I believe that He will if we'll just believe Him, and have faith that He will--that He will do it. The Trumpet Gives An Uncertain Sound 63-0114, Phoenix AZ And, Father, we as His servants with His Spirit in us, every Christian here tonight, hold hisself before the sinner; God, be merciful to them. We cry for the sick and the needy, for those precious hands, some of them old, and some young, and some middle-aged, raising their hands. You know all about that, Lord. We pray that You'll answer according to Your riches in glory. May there be many tonight, Lord, go away from here that come in that's sick, may they go away well, healed: just something takes place. They can't even explain it, but they know that they're well. May those who are wayward go away justified, Lord, knowing that they've come back and picked up Christ where they left Him at. May they go, make RESTITUTION. Grant, Lord, that those who have never come will find that precious freedom of being free, turned out of the cage, no more bound by the things of the world and the cares of this life, but's been made free in Christ. Grant it, Father. Bless all we have need of now, and bless Thy Word and Thy servant, and we'll give Thee praise. In Jesus' Name we ask it. Amen.“ [Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever, Dawnson CreekBC, Canada 61-0519]

“For Sunday services: If a woman commits a wrong with a... (Now, wait a minute; I'd better read this first to myself. You see? [Brother Branham reads the question to himself "... with a married man, repents and makes it right according to...?... needs of wife and man involved in...?...--Ed.] All right. This is all right.) If a woman commits a wrong with a--a married man, repents and makes it right with her husband according to the Scriptures, does she need to go to the wife of the man involved, even if this wife doesn't know anything of it; or is it the man's duty to tell her first; or does she need to be hurt at all? How far can we go with this RESTITUTION when it is over and done, and when friendship is involved? Well, my dear sister, there's only one thing that you have done which is right. You was involved, I guess, or somebody that you know of was involved, in a wrong act, that you taken another woman's companion and had a social act. And when you did, there you fell from your grace. Then you repented, and you could not repent until you go back to this man and make it right. You've got to take your husband and go to that man, which you did. And that was the thing you should've done; that's Scripture--you should've done. Exodus 22:5. If a man shall cause a field or vineyard to be eaten, and shall put in his beast, and shall feed in another man's field; of the best of his own field, and of the best of his own vineyard, shall he make RESTITUTION. Exodus 22:12. And if it be stolen from him, he shall make RESTITUTION unto the owner thereof.“ [Questions And Answers Jeffersonville, IN 64-0823e]

[Answers provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister, Jeffersonville IN]

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