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Frequently Asked Questions about the End Time Gospel FAQ

Living Word Broadcast - End Time Gospel FAQ Question: I have been baptized in Jesus name on 26th Jan 1988. But till today I am not filled with the Holy Spirit. Today I long to be filled, but I wonder I need to be re-baptized to be filled. Also, how do I know that I am filled with the Holy Spirit? Is it any kind of speaking in tongues identifies being filled?


"When you surrender fully, He'll come in fully. But until you surrender, He can't come in fully. Surrender. Surrender your thoughts; surrender your thinking; surrender your life; surrender your all; surrender your prestige. Surrender everything to Him now, and He'll come in and fill you with the Holy Ghost. That's what He's here to do. He's already struck two or three here in the building. There's more than that want the Holy Ghost. Just keep believing. Glory to God. Either right or wrong... Amen.” [God Hiding Himself In Simplicity ALBQ. NM 63-0412E]

“If you have need of the baptism of the Holy Ghost, if you have need of a rededication, a new life... Your pastor won't despise you; he'll love you for it. Just give yourself completely to God tonight, while we're here. Let... It's... I know it's been hard, cutting, strange; I don't do that to be mean; I do that to be honest. I do that because I love you; I love God, and I do it to try to help you. And truly, friend, I--I--I believe... And with all my heart, with all my faith, I believe that my message comes from God. It's--it's been proving that to you through the years. Now, listen, tonight surrender everything you got, everything that you have need of. I believe, with a true, surrendered heart, if you would just stand upon your feet, and raise up your hands to God, and say, "Dear God, here I am. Take me, Lord. No more will I try to use my own mind and my own interpretation. Your Word says I must be holy; I must be born again; I must be filled with the Spirit; and then the Spirit will lead me into all the truth. Dear God, here I am; lead me." Would you do that much? If you'd do that much, raise your hand, say, "I'm willing to do that; I'm willing to.” [Modern Events Are Made Clear By Prophecy SBD. CA V-7 N-6 65-1206]

(Answer provided by Brother Donny Reagan, Pastor, Happy Valley Church, TN, USA)

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