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Frequently Asked Questions about the End Time Gospel FAQ

Living Word Broadcast - End Time Gospel FAQ Question: An anthropologist (Spiritualist?) told me many things about myself. I am scared because what she said was true. I asked if she is a Christian, or if that was from God or anywhere. She rather referred me to testimonials. Please Brother I don't know what that means.


“Now, when it comes to creation of things, it's true. Jesus never right straight out created anything and brought it into existence. He took a substance first. He took water, made wine. He took bread and made more bread. He took fish and made more fish. But He promised that greater things than this would be done. See? You see? Now, why? It's in a more evil day than it was when He was here. See? It's still Him, but using your tabernacle. See? And this person that's in you, which is your birth... You are John Doe; you were born in a certain month, and you were borned under a certain star; you were borned under a certain thing, and that has something to do with you. Certainly does.” [Questions And Answers 3 Jeff. IN COD 64-0830M]

“Now, that's your birth path; that's what you are, a natural man or natural woman. But when you're reborned again, that's not the outside conscience. The outside is what you see, taste, feel, smell, and hear, but the inside of that is what you really are. Now, this out here, Satan just tempts you and knocks you around every way here; but down here he can't do it unless you let him do it. For in here you've got faith, and faith don't come from the outer conscience, it reasons. But in faith there's no reason. You've got it from God, and you know it's there. I don't care how much it looks wrong, you still know it's right; it's THUS SAITH THE LORD. See? And there's nothing going to bother that. Nothing can bother that; it's moving right straight on. Difficult means nothing to it; wades right on through it, for It's the Word. And the Word's the Sword, and the Word cuts. The Sword cuts Itself free from everything else. You see? Takes the hand of faith to hold that Word. That faith's got to be...” [Questions And Answers 3 Jeff. IN COD 64-0830M]

“...One day I was going up the road to patrol up at the Henryville State Forestry. And I got on the bus. And now, listen every one of you, closely. The strange thing it was, that every time I meet a demon possessed person, like a fortuneteller, or something, they'd speak to me, and seem to know me. And then that would scare me to death.” [Early Spiritual Experiences Hammond IN 52-0713A]
“Notice, then there was three ways that they had of finding out things from God; the first was--was the prophet, the second was a dream, and the third was the Urim Thummim. And they neither would answer. Now, you know what a prophet is, and you know what a spiritual dream is, and you know what the Urim Thummim was. You know what, the other day I asked a--a man what about the Urim, and that man couldn't tell me what it was, the Urim Thummim. 'Course it was God answering, but he... See and the devil makes a counterfeit of every one of those. The wizard, the false prophet, and the crystal gazer...” [Demonology Religious Realm Connersville, IN 41-78 53-0609A]

“Sure the devil has a pattern for everything God has. He has a hypocrite out there trying to act like a Christian. That don't mean there is no Christians. It's true. He has an old witch setting out there on the corner, and a--a mental psychic reader setting over there with a fortuneteller. She is a devil trying to impersonate a prophet. But that doesn't take away the value of a prophet. Certainly not. It just only magnifies the prophet…” [God Perfecting His Church Binghamton, NY 54-1204]

“The strange thing was, friends... Well, I'll stop right here just for a minute, go back. What made me more scared than ever, every time I met a fortuneteller, they would recognize something had happened. And that would just... It just nearly killed me. For instance, one day my cousins and I was going down through a--a carnival ground, and we was just boys, walking along. So there was a little old fortuneteller setting out there in one of those tents, a young lady, nice-looking young lady, she was setting there. And we was all going, walking by. She said, "Say, you, come here a minute." And the three of us boys turned around. And she said, "You with the striped sweater..." That was me. And I said, "Yes, ma'am?" I thought she maybe wanted me to go get her a Coke, or something another like that. And she was a--a young woman, maybe in her early twenties, or something, setting there. And I walked up; I said, "Yes, ma'am, what could I do for you?" And she said, "Say, did you know there's a--a Light that follows you? You were born under a certain sign." I said, "What do you mean?" She said, "Well, you were borned under a certain sign. There's a Light that follows you. You were born for a Divine call." I said, "Get away from here, woman." I started moving on, 'cause my mother always told me them things was of the devil. She was right. So I... That scared me.” [How The Angel Came To Me And His Commission Chicago. IL Footprint Book 55-0117]

(Answer provided by Bro. Donny Reagan, Pastor, Happy Valley Church, Johnson City, Tennessee, USA)

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