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Frequently Asked Questions about the End Time Gospel FAQ

Living Word Broadcast - End Time Gospel FAQ Question: If a person has had a gender change before seeing the light, and becoming a Christian, should they reverse it? If "he" used to be a man, should "he" have another operation to change back?



“Now, this first man, Adam, look at him. In spirit he was both feminish and masculine. And then he was made flesh. And he had no helpmate. Then God... A woman is not in the original creation of God. She's a byproduct of the man. So to make them one, to show what He did, He opened up the side of Adam, and took a part of Adam's flesh (so that they wouldn't be separated, they'd be one), and took part of Adam's spirit, part of Adam's flesh, took the feminish spirit off of Adam and made an Eve. And when you see a woman, the way some of our modern women, hair cuts like men, smoke like men, cuss like men... You see a woman that wants to be masculine, there's a perversion there somewhere. And when you see a man sissified with a--look like a duck setting on the back of his head, and so forth like that, and wants to wear women's clothes all the time, there's something perverted there somewhere. God made men to be men, and women to be women. The Bible said.” [Jehovah Jireh, Richmond, VA, 61-0312]

 “ When God made a man, He made him one way. He made a woman; He made him another way--made her another way. There's two different covenants, two different plans, two different altogether between them. And they don't look alike. They're not look alike; they're not to act alike; they're different altogether. And women are try to be like men, and men so sissified that he's like a woman. I seen a boy yesterday in Cincinnati, looked like Mrs. Kennedy, that hair way--it was out like that. God wants a man to look like a man, and wants a woman to look like a woman. I tell you, this Jezebel system of the devil's got the whole world in corruption, not a sound place in it. It's all putrefied sores, sores of cancer, malignancy of the devil that's eating the very core out of the--out of the systems that they've got set up here. Satan is a vulture feeding upon his own kingdom. He's a devil; he's an impure; he is the--the father of a lie, and he feeds upon the flesh of his own people: the devil.” [The Falling Apart Of The World, JEFF, IN, 62-1216]
(We truly appreciate the help of Brother Donny Reagan in researching answers to the question above)

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