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Frequently Asked Questions about the End Time Gospel FAQ

Living Word Broadcast - End Time Gospel FAQ Question: In what age are we in now? The Bride Age? Has the Laodaecian Age ended yet? Or are we (the Bride) in the Bride Age which is now parallel to the Laodaecian Age.


“Brother Branham, have you made statements recently concerning that church age has ended, Laodicea? No, I never said it's ended. If I did, you misunderstood, or I said it wrong. It is--this is the last church age; it's the end of church ages, the Laodicea. It hasn't ended; when it ends, the church is gone. So as long as the church is here, it hasn't ended. See?” [Questions and Answers 4, JEFF, IN, COD, 64-0830E 1160-Q-391]

“Ah... The church age ending and has blacked out, the Bride is called, we have already entered into the tribulation period? No, no, no, you're... I wished that I could just have more time on that. See, see? The Bride, when she's taken from the church, then the church age will cease. Laodicea goes into chaos; the Bride goes to glory; and the tribulation period sets in upon the sleeping virgin for three and a half years while Israel is getting its prophecy; then tribulation sets in upon Israel; and then comes the battle of Armageddon which destroys all things. And then, the Bride returns back with the Groom for a thousand years, the millennium reign; after that comes the white throne judgment; after that comes the new heavens and new earth and the new city coming down from God out of heaven. Eternity and time blends together. [Questions And Answers 4, JEFF, IN, COD, 64-0830E, 1160-Q-392]

“...The Word that fell on the day of Pentecost will not work this day. No, sir, that was for Pentecost. This is for the Bride: going home of the Bride. We got something different. The Pentecostals represented that again. We're in the Bride age. No more than the Word of Noah would worked in the days of Moses. No more than Moses' law would've worked in the time of Paul, here. 
He tried to tell them, "You're dead to that. And you cannot have that." [The Invisible Union Of The Bride Of Christ, LA, 65-1125]

“..Now, it's begin to pull away, the wheat's begin to be seen. This is not a Pentecostal age; this is the latter-day age, this is the Bride Age, this is the Evening Light, this is when Malachi 4 must be fulfilled to follow God's pattern; this is Luke 17:30 to be fulfilled; this is the book of the--Jeremiah and all the rest of them, that Joel has spoke of these days. This is that day. "I have heard, Lord, that It was coming, but now I see It with my eye." [I Have Heard But Now I See, Shreveport, LA, 65-1127E]

“..But God don't need no interpreter; He's His own Interpreter. He interprets His own Word by vindicating It in the age that It's purposed for, the age that It's given for. We're not living in a Pentecostal age; we're living in another age. See? We're not living in a Methodist age; we're living in another age. We're living on up here to the Bride age, the calling out of the church and getting it together for the rapture. That's the age that we're now living. To my honest opinion that's exactly the truth.” [Modern Events Are Made Clear By Prophecy, 65-1206]
“We're not living in the Methodist age, the Baptist age. We're living in the Bride age, the calling, bringing back to God through a channel that He promised to bring it back in. He promised to do it. But as it's been in every age, people let men put their own interpretation to It by theology, and will not believe God's Divine vindication of It. That's God's interpretation; not what I say, what somebody else says. But what God has promised and what God does, proves that it's God doing His own interpreting of His Word.” [Modern Events Are Made Clear By Prophecy, CA, 65-1206]


(We truly appreciate the help of Brother Donny Reagan in researching answers to the question above)

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