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Frequently Asked Questions about the End Time Gospel FAQ

Living Word Broadcast - End Time Gospel FAQ Question: Are disasters caused by God or the devil (with God's approval)?


“Lord, O God, take us all up to Calvary just now. Let us get away from self, Lord, the fear of man, the fear of what somebody else is going to say. Why, the whole world laughed at Him, made fun of Him. But He was obedient to death; He was obedient to disgrace. He was obedient even under the federal government. We realize that when Satan smote this earth, he became the ruler and authority in this earth. He witnessed the same before our Lord and said, "These kingdoms are mine. I'll do with them what I will." And we realize that from that day to this, this world, under the curse, has been ruled by the one that cursed it. But God, O God, we serve a Kingdom that's uncursed.” [That Day On Calvary, Jeff. IN 60-0925]

“Now, when Adam sinned by heeding his wife's reasoning, instead of holding to God's Word, that's what made Adam sin. His--his wife reasoned with Satan, and then produced the product to Adam, and Adam turned loose the Word and sold out. He lost also his inheritance when he lost his fellowship and right to Life. Remember, "The day you eat thereof, that day you die." And when he lost his Life, he also lost his inheritance in life, because he had completely supreme control of the earth. He was a god of the earth. God's the God of the universe, everywhere. But His son had this earth under his own control. He could speak; he could name; he could say; he could stop nature; he could do anything he wanted to. See? But when he did that, he lost his inheritance. Now, Adam could say, "Let this mountain here be moved over there," and it would do it. Adam could say, "Let this tree here, be plucked up and planted over here"; it would do it (See?), for he had complete, supreme control, as a minor god under God our Father, because he was a son of God.” [The Breach Between The Seven Church Ages And The Seven Seals, Jeff.IN 63-0317E]

“Now, couldn't we stop here just a minute and get our real sermon. See? Oh, then if the Blood has cleansed it back, what about now? See? Look what that Son of God, the second Adam did (See?), and said, "The works that I do, shall you also." See, Adam lost his inheritance: the earth. Now, it passed from his hand to the one he sold out to: Satan. He sold his faith in God to Satan's reasonings. Therefore, his Eternal Life, his right to the Tree of Life, his right to the earth belonged to him, and he forfeited it every bit to the hands of Satan. He passed it from his hand to Satan. Therefore, now it has been... It returned and has been polluted, and the seed of Adam has destroyed the inheritance that Adam should've had; that's the earth. That's right. See? The seed of Adam…” [The Breach Between The Seven Church Ages And The Seven Seals, Jeff. IN 63-0317E]

“God brings tensions into the church, "For every son that cometh to God must be tried, and proven, and tested. He lets sickness strikes you. He lets diseases come on you to test you and to prove you, to show the world that you're truly the seed of Abraham. He permits it by His own will. He permits disasters; He permits the friends to turn against you. He permits all these things, and turns the devil loose to tempt you, and he'll do all but take your life. He could throw you on a bed of affliction; he could turn your neighbors against you; he could turn the church against you; he can do most anything, and it's God's will for him to do it. We are taught that it is more precious than gold to us.” [Possessing The Enemy's Gates, Jeff. IN 59-1108]

“God created the winds. God created the air. God created the water. It's all His creation. He made it. But, you see, it was the Devil that got into it and whipped it up. That's what causes trouble, is the Devil. And now if He is a Creator, and made it thus in the beginning, shouldn't those disciples know that that Creator, laying right there, can make it stop? Amen!” [Go Awake Jesus, Shreveport, LA 63-1130E]

“They should have known that He was God that created the winds and the waves. See? God created the wind. Yes. That's air. God created the water. Yes. That's the H2O. He, He created that. But, you see, what it is, the Devil got into that wind, and then the Devil come to something else, got into it, and that caused the storm.” [Go Wake Jesus, Tucson, AZ 63-1103]

“And that's the way it is with believers sometimes. They let down the bars, to unbelief, and then Satan comes in in a whirlwind, see, causes fusses, and stews, and arguments, and everything. That is the Devil getting among people.” [Go Wake Jesus, Tucson, AZ 63-1103]

“Devil gets amongst the--the air and whirls it up, causes death; gets amongst the water, whirls it up. See? God created it, but they permitted the Devil to come in. The Devil got into it, "the prince of the power of the air." Notice, he got into it, and there come the winds and the waves.” [Go Wake Jesus, Tucson, AZ 63-1103]

“Notice close now as we take this, the places we are to--to dwell in. Now, now, the--the antediluvian repentance, then, brought water baptism. Then Christ came and shed His Blood upon it, to cleanse and to claim it. And then comes, the next, the destruction of the world as it is now.” [The Future Home Of The Heavenly Bridegroom And The Earthly Bride, Jeff. IN 64-0802]

“All the sin that's in the heavens above, "he is the prince of the power of the air," he keeps off (wars off) the blessings from God. In there comes thunderbolts of lightning and strikes the earth, and everything, from the heavens, sheets of slicing rain, and typhoons, typh-... storms and everything, "comes from above," which is Satan, "the prince of the power of the air.” [The Future Home Of The Heavenly Bridegroom And The Earthly Bride, Jeff. IN 64-0802]

[Answers provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister/Editor, Lynden, Washington]

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