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Prayer Line 64-01
64-pl-01, Prayer Line 64-01, 70 min

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64-0120 - Ramada Inn, Phoenix, AZ (Paragraphs: 150 - 232)
L-151 How many is sick and doesn't have a prayer card, let's see your hands. All right. Anywhere in the building in there, all right, just believe now.
L-152 Now what are we trying to say, what are we. trying to represent? Jesus Christ. How many understands that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] How many knows that in the days of His visitation to us, on earth, that He was God manifested in--in a body called Jesus, that was God in a Man? That's right. Not just a prophet; He was God! And He... The prophets had their part of the Word, their part of the Word, the part that was give to them for that age. But He was the fulness of the Word! How many knows that? ["Amen."] He was the Word Itself. Now there is a lotted portion of the Word for today. Is that right? ["Amen."] That would be Him again. Is that right? ["Amen."] So that makes Him the same yesterday, today!
L-153 How many we got? [Someone says, "Twenty-five."--Ed.] Twenty-five, let's just that. Now, if we get any farther than that, and you want, there's any time left; I got about twenty minutes, or something. We bring... Now remember, if people is in here that's got prayer cards, hold that prayer card. We're going to pray for every person that comes, that comes and gets a prayer card, if you'll just stay with us. If I have to run, day and night, I'll get them. By the help of the Lord, I'll certainly get them.
L-154 Now if you'll just give me your undivided attention! Now how many in here, that is sitting out there, that believes that you have faith enough to touch Him? That's mighty good. Yeah. Now let's not let it be in vain, friends.
L-155 Now there is a lady sitting here in a wheel chair, and there is a man sitting there in a wheel chair. I can see they're sick. Of course, they're not sick, maybe, but they're afflicted. Don't be discouraged, sister and brother. You know, if I could, if I could heal you, you know I'd come do it, don't you? I certainly would. If I wouldn't, I have no--I have no business standing back here. If I have cruelty in my heart; that could take you from that wheel chair, and you from that wheel chair, and not do it, I'd be a cruel person.
L-156 "Well," you say, "with a gift of God, you should do it, anyhow." Wait a minute. No, that's how you don't read the Scripture right.
L-157 Jesus passed through where there was thousands of crippled, lame, blind, halt, and withered, and never touched it. And went to a man that had maybe a prostate condition, or something. He had been retarded, had it thirty-five years. He could walk. Could... thirty-eight years, I believe it was. See, there is some of you... [John 5:5-9]
L-158 Course, what if that was my wife sitting there, or my mother, my wife, my daughter; see, or my brother, my father sitting there? Oh, if anything could be done, I'd sure want it done. See?
L-159 But, you know, there might be maybe somebody sitting along here, looks very healthy, is a lot closer to death than they are; with a heart trouble or cancer, see, a lot closer to death. But is it harder for God to heal the cancer, or the cripple? There's no difference. He only requires, "If you believe it."
L-160 Now, for myself, to show you that it couldn't be me, I would come do it right now. If I could do it, I would make a show-off out of it, I guess. I'd say, "Let me bring this man and woman up here on the platform, show you what a great servant of Christ I am." I would say some kind of words over him, "Get up now and walk away!" See, I'd like to do that. All the crowd would just scream, and say, "Praise God! What a great. powerful servant of God, Brother Branham is!" See? No, that's, that would be wrong, see.
But now Jesus can make both of them well, tonight.
L-161 But, see, when a person gets just a little bit crippled, they begin to, right way down, (they don't want to think it), but way down, they begin to think, "I'm passed going, see. I--I can never make it." Don't do that. Don't do that. See, you believe it. And if I could, I would... But, now, if you'll just get all that doubt out of your heart, just don't let nothing come in that would hinder.
L-162 [] Drawed and afflicted, from birth; just straighten right out, and walk away, normal and well. See? That's statements, doctors and Mayo Brothers. And you seen it in Reader's Digest, not long ago, Donny Morton, The Miracle of Donny Morton. That little child right there in California, at the Assemblies of God, down there at that school, Southwestern Bible School, that child was so twisted and afflicted till even John Hopkins and Mayo Brothers said, "There's not an earthly chance for him." But the Lord is THUS SAITH THE LORD. That was different, see.
Don't go, without hope.
L-163 Now, now for the next few minutes, we're going to pray now. It's got about twelve minutes, maybe we can get the prayer line through. And now if I get those through, maybe, and have some more time... I promised to let out at nine-thirty. You watch it. All right. Then we'll, what we miss tonight, we'll pick up tomorrow night.
L-164 Now everybody will be praying. And all of you out there that now, that's, hasn't got prayer cards, or has got prayer cards, whatever it is, you just start praying. See, your faith will do just exactly what Jesus did in the days gone by. You can touch His garment. Now if everybody will be just real reverent, don't move around. Be real reverent, just for a little bit.
L-165 Come, sir. We are strangers to each other, I suppose. If I could help you, I would do it. You, you know that. I--I would be glad to do that, but I can't. Frankly, it's somebody else you're standing for, that wants to be prayed for. [The man says, "Yes, sir."--Ed.] You believe God can heal him? ["Yes, sir."] They're not present at this time. ["No, sir."] They're away from here. ["Yes, sir."] It's a cancer case. ["Yes, sir."] Is that right? ["Yes, sir."] Do you believe they'll be healed? ["Yes, sir. I do."] Go, and it will be done, if you believe it. That's all you have to do. Isn't that wonderful? God bless you.
L-166 How do you do? So are we strangers to one another. Just a man walked in here. I don't know you, never seen you. But, and you're here... This, this precious Bible, It holds the promise; that is, That is God's Word. [The man says, "That's right."--Ed.] And the Bible says, in There, that, "The Word of God discerns the thoughts, desires and intents of the heart, and so forth, both tells this Word that's written, vindicates It to be true, by foretelling, and God making It real." ["Amen."] Like He said, "Let there be light, and there was light." ["That's right."] I'm just saying that, to talk to you, like our Lord talked to the woman at the well, like He seen Simon, and so forth. [Genesis 1:3]
L-167 You've had some trouble. You've had an operation. It's bursted open again. [The man says, "That's right."--Ed.] You understand where I mean, and why I can't say it right here. ["Yes, sir. That's right."] And you understand why. Isn't that right? ["That's right."] That's right. I can't say it here, but you know. I felt you right then when you thought, "I wonder if he's going to say that, or whether," like that. ["That's right."] No, I won't say it, because I can't say it here. But it will be all right now. ["Thank You, Jesus."] Go, believe it. Have faith in God.
L-168 How do you do, lady? Do you believe Jesus Christ, the Son of God? Do you believe me to be His servant? [The woman says, "I sure do!"--Ed.] I appreciate that. If there is any way to help you, I'll do it. There is only one way I can help you, that's by what I see. I can only... What I see, then I say it. If I can't see it, well, then I... I can't say it, of course, until I see it, because it has to come from Him. It's a Divine... It's a Divine gift of God, that comes from God.
L-169 Your trouble is in your eye. You have a growth in your eye. Can't see it, but it's in your left eye. [The woman says, "That's right."--Ed.] That you might know this now, being that someone out there might say it. I see she has got some more trouble. She's got trouble with her left breast, also. ["That's right."] That's right, isn't it? ["That's right."] Now you know. Here, if that would puzzle you, let me tell you. You're not from here. You're from away from here. You're from Louisiana. ["That's right."] Go back, and believe God, and you can be healed of it. Amen. Believe, with all your heart. Have faith in God. Don't doubt. Just believe.
How do you do? You're really pressed.
L-170 That man is suffering right there with oppression, also; kind of gray-headed, with a gray suit on, sitting, looking at me. Have oppression, don't you, sir? It's left you now. It's all over. Praise be to God!
What did he touch? Not me.
L-171 That even give that man, behind him, some courage. You haven't wanted to believe you had TB, complications. You accept Jesus now as your Healer? All right, you can have your healing. Amen. Believe it with all your heart. Amen. That's the way to do it. Oh, how wonderful!
L-172 You're believing, all of you? Them man tonight, coming right down the row of man!
L-173 The man sitting right behind him there, is wondering all about it. You got arthritis. You believe that God will make it well? You do? Then you can have it! Oh, my!
L-174 Women, you... It's right in the man, look like, just going right along with man tonight. Wonderful! Thanks be to God!
L-175 Here is another man, sitting right over here, with a double hernia. Do you believe that God will make that hernia well? Amen. You can have it.
L-176 The other man, second behind him, has a hernia, also. You believe, sir? You can have it, also, if you'll just believe it. Amen. Hallelujah!
L-177 Do you believe God? Just have faith. Don't doubt. There's no distance, to God. Do you believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-178 Here is a man sitting right through here. I'm pointing my finger right at him. He is wearing glasses, gray-headed. He is a diabetic. If he'll believe with all of his heart, God will heal him. His wife is sitting right next to him there. Yes, put your hand over on her, she's got colon trouble. Put your hand over on her, and believe with all your heart, and you both can be healed.
You believe? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-179 Your trouble is a blood clot. It's in your left arm. [The woman says, "That's right."--Ed.] You had cancer. ["That's right."] Was operated. ["Yes."] They give you some medication. ["Yes."] The medication caused this blood clot to come in here, in a serious condition. Do you believe that God will heal you? ["I do."] Then as you have believed, so let it be done to you. In the Name of the Lord Jesus, may she be healed.
L-180 Look like a healthy woman, strong. Do you believe Jesus Christ, the Son of God, lives? [The woman says, "Yes, I do."--Ed.] Do you believe that He is here tonight? ["Yes, I do."] If I could tell you something the matter with you, would you believe Him with all your heart? ["Yes."] You're up for an operation. ["Yes."] It's female trouble. ["Yes."] Lady's trouble. ["Yes."] You have to have an operation. ["Yes."] You got someone with you, that really needs to have an operation, too, a younger person. ["Yes."] That's right. ["Yes."] That's exactly right. Then, you've got somebody you're praying for, that's your husband. ["Yes."] He's unsaved. ["Oh, yes!"] And he's not here. You believe with all your heart, and he'll get saved, and you won't have to have the operation. ["Oh!"] Go now and believe, with all your heart. Amen. Amen.
Have faith in God!
L-181 I can see the way you're walking. Only God heals cancer. But God knows how to do it. Do you believe that He'll do it for you? [The woman says, "Yes. Yes."--Ed.] Then I lay my hands upon you, my sister, in the Name of Jesus Christ, for your healing. Amen. Go now, don't doubt, believe with all your heart.
L-182 Come, sister. Asthmatic condition, lady's trouble. You believe that God will make you well? [The woman says, "I do."--Ed.] In the Name of Jesus Christ, go and be healed, for the glory of God. Amen. All right.
L-183 Diabetic. Do you believe that God will make it well, cure you and make... and heal you up? [The woman says, "Yes. I believe it." Ed.] In the Name of Jesus Christ, go and be healed. Now if you believe God, laying hands on like that, it's got to happen.
L-184 Yes, sir, back trouble and stomach trouble. Do you believe that God will make you well? [The man says, "Yes, sir."--Ed.] Then go, in the Name of Jesus Christ, and be made well, for the glory of God.
Everybody believe? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-185 How do you do, sir? Course, you see you have gland trouble, and it's made you have heart trouble. Do you believe that God will heal your heart and make you well? [The man says, "Amen."--Ed.] Go, in the Name of Jesus Christ, and be healed.
L-186 I want to show you something. I'll take this watch off, take it off. Do you believe God can heal lung trouble, and make you well? [The woman says, "Yes."--Ed.] All right, He sure can. Did you see how that happened? All right, the Lord bless you, go and be made healed, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
L-187 Now let me have your hand. I want you to look at my hand, ordinary like a many a man's hand. Is that right? I put my hand on it, now it changed, swells up, little bumps running over it. Got ulcerated stomach. You believe that God will make it well? Do you accept your healing now? [The man says, "I do."--Ed.]
L-188 Lord God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, heal the man. For this moment, Lord, take it away from him, that he might see and know that it's truth. I... It's written in the Bible, "In My Name they shall cast out devils; them that believe." Lord, I believe. In the Name of Jesus Christ, let this devil go from my brother. Amen. [Mark 16:17]
L-189 Let's see your hand again. Now don't look like it did, does it? [The man says, "No, it don't."--Ed.] You're healed. Go, be well!
L-190 Asthmatic condition. You believe God will make it well? [The man says, "Yes."--Ed.] Go and breathe, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and be made well. Amen. Have faith.
L-191 God heals back trouble, and makes man well. Do you believe that? [The man says, "Amen."--Ed.] All right, go on your road, and say, "Thank You, Lord Jesus. And I'll be made well!" ["Hallelujah!"] Just don't doubt; with all your heart. Amen.
L-192 What if I told you you got healed in the chair, would you believe it? [The man says, "Yes."--Ed.] All right, just go on your road, rejoicing, saying, "Thank You, Lord Jesus," and you shall have what you've asked for. All right.
L-193 Come, sir. You believe? [The man says, "Yes, I do."--Ed.] I want to show you, so it'll show on your hands. Tell me... Take a look at my hand here, nothing wrong with it. See in here? ["Not a thing."] Now it does change, it swelled up, little white things running over it. ["Yes."] Would you like to eat your supper, and feel good again? ["Yes."] Do you believe you can? ["Yes."] Do you believe these things you see comes from God? ["Yes, I sure do."] Now look right back at your hand... my hand again, it isn't there now. Then, go eat. Your faith done it, brother.
L-194 Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord!"--Ed.] He remains the same yesterday, today! Do you believe we lay hands on the sick, they shall recover? [ "Amen."] Sure, you do!
L-195 Do you believe that, sister? [The woman says, "Yes, sir."--Ed.] In the Name of Jesus Christ, go and be healed and made well, for the--for the glory of God. Amen.
L-196 O Lord God, Creator of Heavens and earth, with all the things going on here in the building tonight, we know that You're here. Let the Power of God make my sister well, for Your glory. Amen.
L-197 Come now, believe. Do you believe with all your heart? [The woman says, "Yes."--Ed.] You never have to be crippled up then. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may she go and be healed, for the glory of God. Amen. Go now, don't doubt, believe with all your heart.
L-198 Both heart and stomach; stomach causes the heart. Lord Jesus, make my brother well. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.
L-199 That's the way we used to do it, a long time ago, praying, you know.
L-200 Now you really don't have nothing to be nervous about, do you? Do you? Not a bit. But you are, anyhow. That's right. All of them out there, pretty near every one of them, has got the same thing. They have. Let me show you.
L-201 How many is nervous out there? Raise up your hands. Put up your hands.
L-202 How would you call that bunch? See, couldn't do it. But let me show you that God is the Healer, 'cause I know you're going to get healed. See? Frankly, it's already over, right now. That's right. Amen. That shadow went away from her, right there. Go on, rejoice, and say, "Praise the, Lord!" Amen
L-203 Wouldn't you like to breathe again, good? And, yeah, wouldn't that be wonderful? You believe He can? [The woman says, "Oh!"--Ed.] Then go on your road, and do it. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may it be done. Amen.
L-204 Now you know you got to have help, or die. It'll kill you if you don't have help. God is here to help you. Do you believe that? Let me show what an evil thing that is. Let me have your hand here. You're aware of it, it was a cancer. You was aware you had the cancer? [The man says, "Yeah."--Ed.] Will you believe with all your heart, with me?
This man must die if God doesn't heal him. It was cancer.
L-205 O God, the Word says, "In My Name they shall cast out devils." And if You've done it for others, Lord Jesus, do it for this man here. Let the Power of Almighty God come upon him, and save his life, for the glory of God. In the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. [Mark 16:17]
L-206 Go and forget about it, just say, "Thank You, Lord," and go and be healed for the glory of God.
L-207 Now you really need an operation, that's right, of a tumor. But God, can take the tumor out of my wife, can take it out of you. Do you believe that? Do you believe that story is true, that I said a while ago? Here is my hand laying here on the Bible, that it's true. Now you know the Holy Spirit is here. I don't know you, I never seen you. And if I can tell you what your trouble is, it's got to be Something here telling me. Well, that same Thing took the tumor out of my wife, see. Now do you believe, by just if I pray and lay hands upon you, the tumor will leave you? You're going to believe it with all your heart? All right, come here.
All of you believe with me now.
L-208 Lord Jesus, let Your grace and mercy be upon the woman. As I lay hands upon her, and in the light of God's Word, may this tumor be condemned, and may the woman live to the glory of God, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
L-209 God bless you now. Go, believing, say, "Thank You, Lord," and it will all be gone.
L-210 Now how much are... We're three minutes passed time. I made it, lacking three minutes. I'll be right tomorrow tonight, Carl.
L-211 How many loves the Lord now? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] How many believes that these people are healed? ["Amen!"] Tomorrow night I'll try to take it a little different, and show you all again how that that works and how it operates, the Lord willing. And now the Lord bless each one of you.
L-212 Is there anybody here that's convinced that they're a sinner, and they want to serve Jesus Christ as their help, accept Jesus as their Saviour? Would you like to stand here now and let us have prayer with you? We'd be glad to do that. The invitation is open, and we've put these services for healing, Divine healing, but it's not altogether for healing. We pray for the sick, and we also... The sin-sick people, that's first. We want you to come. And come here just a moment, stand with us in prayer. We would be glad to pray with you, do everything that we could to help you. Would you do that? Is there a sinner in the building, would like to take that stand tonight, say, "I'll come and accept Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. I want to be saved, tonight"?
L-213 God bless you. Here comes a man. God bless you. Is there another? Would there be another? That's the way I like to see people come. Come right down, wide open, and say, "I'm wrong. I want to be right."
L-214 And my brother, sister, before this five or six hundred people, or whatever there is in here (I don't know), but these people standing here know it's the truth. Never has the Lord ever let me say anything wrong in that prophesy. How many says, "That's right"? Raise up your hands as a witness? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] See, it's always right.
L-215 He'll save you if you'll come just with simple faith, and believe it. He knows the secret of the heart. Why did I make that call just at this time, looked like the building is buzzing to me? Is because Something said, "Make a call." How did I know that this may not be these man's last opportunity? There might be more here. If there is, won't you come while we bow our heads?
Come, sir. God bless you. That's fine.
Lord, heal him, make him well, and did this--this for him.
L-216 Come, someone else? Three. "In the mouth of three witnesses, let it be established." [Matthew 18:16]
L-217 Now, brethren, as you stand there, you're doing the most gallant thing. People that is sick, they'll do anything to get well. But when a man realizes he is sin sick, that's the worse sickness.
L-218 These people come here tonight, I know there was a couple of cancers that left while we was standing here. That's true. I seen the shadows leaving. And I'm not a fanatic. I know it's true. Lots of people were healed. But perhaps maybe, sometime, if they live long enough, they'll get sick again; they may have pneumonia. Something has got to take them out of life; death has to do it.
L-219 Now, but what you're doing now, you're going to accept Eternal Life. Look what Jesus said, "He that heareth My Words." Heareth means "to understand." See? "He that heareth My Words, and believeth on Him that sent Me, has everlasting Life; and shall not come to the judgment, but has passed from death unto Life." You're doing the most noble thing you ever did. [John 5:24]
L-220 I'll ask the congregation to stand, in memorial of this, while we pray. Some ministers would like to come around and lay hands upon these man, with me; and--and be glad for you to do it, if you'll do it. Come right here and lay your hands on them. Everybody reverent.
L-221 Heavenly Father, into Your Divine Presence; not, under emotion, but under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, in the hour of Divine healing. When they seen Jesus do these same things, two thousand years ago today, and they see Him doing it today, many act like they did then. It said, "Many believed on Him, because of His works." Many believe on Him tonight, because of His works.
L-222 Here stands three precious souls, three man. Seemingly, Lord, usually it's women. But tonight it's been man, right straight through. And we pray, Heavenly Father, that You'll receive their--their confession, as they confess that they have been wrong, and they desire to have Life, and have It more abundantly, through Jesus Christ. Take every dark stain of sin away. Hear me, Lord, as I pray. I commit them into Thy hands. And by the authority of Your Word, that said that, "He that comes to Me, I will in nowise cast out," then You must receive them, Lord, for they have come, and Your Word said that You would not cast them out. And they've come, believing that You will forgive them. And, from this night on, they'll serve You the rest of their days, separating themselves from sin. [John 6:37]
L-223 I pray, Heavenly Father, that You will pour out the Holy Ghost upon them, that You'll fill them with Your Divine Power; that they not only be Christians, but be instruments of--of service, filled to the capacity, with the Holy Spirit, that they might help bring the Message to others.
L-224 Lord Jesus, I commit them to You now, upon Your Word, that promised that they shall be "forgiven." "I'll raise Him up at the last day," You said. And I know Your Words are true, we've just been speaking of Them. It never fails. And the Word come to these man tonight, and they've come to follow the Word. And I know, that at this junction here, of forgiveness, that You do, for Your Words cannot fail. In Jesus' Name.
With our heads bowed now. [James 5:15]
L-225 To you, my brethren that is standing here tonight, you did the only thing that you can do. When you're convinced that you're wrong, then you're convicted of sin, something you done wrong. There is only one way of pardon, and that's through the Cross. And you've walked up here tonight, before all this people, to accept Him as your Saviour, that you was convinced that you are wrong, convicted; convinced that He is right, convicted that you're wrong. And He died for sinners. That's what He come to, the earth for, to die for sinners; only asking you one thing, to accept freely what He died for, you. Will you do that, will you accept Him as your Saviour? Put your sins behind you, and accept Him right now as your personal Saviour. If you will, just raise up your right hands towards Him, "I will." God bless you.
L-226 That means that it's over! If you believe me to be God's servant, then that's according to His Word, "Your sins are behind you, they're gone. They're in the Sea of Forgetfulness, He'll never remember them no more. You are new creatures in Him, tonight." Now may...
L-227 These brethren here'll come and lay hands upon you. And some of you ministers here stand close, come, lay your hands, also, and let's bless them, that they receive the Holy Ghost. Come up close.
L-228 Heavenly Father, fill this good brother with the...?... Fill this, my brother, with the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Fill this, my brother, Lord, tonight, with the Holy Ghost. Grant this, in the Name of Jesus Christ, as I commit them to You, for Your servants. Amen.
L-229 Now you may raise your heads. These man has accepted Christ as their Saviour; past sins are forgiven. That's the Word of the Lord. How many knows that's true? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-230 Now I want you to turn around towards the audience, friends. So He says, "If you're ashamed of Me before men, I'm ashamed of you before the Father. He that will confess Me before men, him will I confess before My Father and the holy Angels." Raise up your hands, that you confess that Jesus Christ is your Saviour, you take Him for your Saviour now. You brethren here raise, that's come to the altar just now, raise up your hands, so the audience can see. "He that confesses Me before man, him will I confess before My Father and the holy Angels."
Now as we bow our heads, for dismissing. [Matthew 10:32]
L-231 I want each one of you, people that can, come by here and shake hands with these brothers. And invite them into your church, some of you pastors, that you go on with them, from here, to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost.
L-232 God bless you. God heal you. God give you grace, abundance, is my sincere prayer. Let us bow our heads now while, I guess, Brother Rose is coming for the dismissing prayer. All right, Brother Rose.

64-0121 - Ramada Inn, Phoenix, AZ (Paragraphs: 196 - 266)
L-197 Now, tonight, we've got groups of prayer cards. How many in here has prayer cards, raise up your hands. It would be hard for me to go through that group and with the discernment, if the Lord would give it. But let me just take a moment and say this, how many in here doesn't have prayer cards, and you are praying that God will heal you? Now may the Lord God help each one of you.
L-198 I am your brother. Jesus is your Saviour. God is our Father. We are people. We are not of this world, when we're born of God, we're of Above. Now, before we have the prayer line, to pray for the sick... And there is man here on the platform, tonight, that prays for sick, too, and ministers out there that pray for sick. I don't want to leave the impression that I'm the only one who prays for the sick. See? God doesn't... He doesn't have to use me. He could--He could just use you or anybody. The thing is, to believe what He's said to be the Truth.
L-199 But now, as I have said this in vindication of what has been said, let us just bow our heads just a moment. You that's praying, and you're sick and do not have prayer cards, you pray and say something like this: "Lord Jesus, I know the Bible says that the prayer of faith shall save the sick; God shall raise him up. And it's also said that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." [James 5:15], [Hebrews 13:8]
L-200 If He is the same, well, then He'll have to act the same, do the same. And then again, the Bible said that the--the Word of God was sharper than a two-edged sword, and discerned the thoughts that was in the heart. We know that when the Word was made flesh, in the Person of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, that's exactly what God did through His Son. Jesus said, in Saint John 14, "The works that I do shall you also, even greater and more, for I go to My Father." [Hebrews 4:12], [John 14:12]
L-201 And now the Bible says, also, in the Book of Hebrews, that He is the High Priest now. Do we all believe that? Certainly. "He is the High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities." Now, "He is." Not I am; He is. No man is. "He is now a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities." [Hebrews 4:5]
L-202 Now, if you feel and are ready to step out and just turn yourself loose, to your all unbelief, and saying, "Let me touch You, great High Priest!" Now, if He is the High Priest, and the same yesterday, today, and forever, He will act as He did then, because He is the same. , [Hebrews 13:8]
L-203 A woman touched Him one time when He was here on earth, visibly, with her hand. He felt the touch, and turned around and said, "Who touched Me?" And all of them denied it. But He discerned the thoughts, and He found the woman, told her what was wrong with her, and her faith had healed her. [Mark 5:30], [Luke 8:45]
L-204 Now, He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Maybe that woman didn't have a prayer card, but she had faith. And that's all that's necessary. Have faith. Touch the great Physician. And by a Divine gift, if I can just get myself out of the way, let the Holy Spirit say what He wants to do, and do what He wishes to do. And that's a gift, not just imaginary. If it's imaginary, it won't work. If it is real, it works. That's what Jesus said, "It's not Me that doeth the works, it's My Father that dwelleth in Me." So, it couldn't be me. He was the Son of God; I'm a sinner, saved by His grace. [John 14:10]
L-205 Just believe. Don't press. Just believe, and say, "Lord Jesus, let me touch Your garment." Just pray simple. Just keep praying. Everybody stay where you are, just pray and believe.
L-206 Just believe, and don't be in a hurry. Don't try to press. Just believe. Now do you believe, everyone? Can you believe? Just forget all the past. Think that Jesus promised this. I know it's unusual, but Jesus promised it.
L-207 Now, if you will, be reverent just a moment, then we'll start the prayer line. I don't say that He'll do this. He may. By the grace of God, I--I'm released from, I think, from my own thinking. May He...
L-208 Now you, if you feel to raise your head and just look this a way, and be in prayer. As Peter and John said, "Look on me," not, "look on us," rather, didn't mean... Just to pay attention to what they were saying. [Acts 3:4]
L-209 Now you're a audience. There is hardly anyone in here that I know, outside of--of these Martin boys setting here. And I think this is Brother Daulton setting down here, I'm not sure, with your colored glasses on. I'll try to bypass them there, people which I do not know.
L-210 Well, now may Jesus Christ come with His power, that you might see that the promise of this day, the Scripture that was predicted of this day, even according to Malachi 4, it must be fulfilled. Something has got to do it. God has promised it. [Malachi 4:5-6]
L-211 There's a lady setting right out here. She is on her road to the hospital tomorrow. She's been in an accident, automobile accident. She has hurt herself, got inward troubles, bad arm. You don't have a... You have a prayer card, lady? You don't. Am I a total stranger to you? I don't know you. We don't know one another. [The sister says, "No, sir. I've heard you preach."--Ed.] Ma'am? ["I've heard you preach."] Just heard me preach, but you know I know nothing about you. Are those things the truth? If that is, raise up your hand. God bless you. All right, sir. Have faith, you won't have to go. Your trouble is over.
What did the lady touch?
L-212 There is a man setting right behind her. Can't you see that Light? Look at that amber-colored Light moving. It's a man setting right behind her. He is praying about something; it's a brother that's in the hospital. Do you believe that God will heal your brother, give him back his right mind and everything, make him right? Do you believe that? I'm a stranger to you. Is that right? That's the con-... Believe! All right, you can have...
What did he touch?
L-213 Here is a lady, right back behind that, setting back here. She is... See that Light, can you see It? Look here. Look, everybody look, see right here, kind of an amber-looking Circle. Right below It is a lady. She is here, she is praying for someone. It's two children, grandson, great-grandson. The lady is not from here. She is from California, and she has come here requesting prayer.
L-214 Also, there is somebody with her. It's her sister. She sets right back here, with that red dress on. She has epilepsy. That is true. She is from California, and you brought her with her. Your name is Mary. You believe with all your heart. Are those things true? Wave your hand if it's true. Do you believe with all your heart? [The sister says, "Yes."--Ed.] Then you can have what you've asked for. Now, anybody wants to ask the people if I knew them... Do you have a prayer card, lady? You don't? You don't need it.
L-215 Here, here is a man setting right back here, looking at me, on the end of the row. He's got trouble with his knees. If he'd believe that God will heal them knees, he may have what he is praying about. Do you believe it? All right, your knee trouble is over, sir. You have a prayer card? You don't have a prayer card? You don't need it.
Now, "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever!" [Hebrews 13:8]
L-216 A lady setting here, has got female trouble. Do you believe? Yeah, the lady... Oh, my, she is going to miss it. Got a red coat. Her name is Miss Daily. Believe with all your heart. The Lord Jesus Christ make you well, Miss Daily.
L-217 Ask if I know the lady. I never seen her in my life. The Heavenly Father knows that.
You say, "Why did you call her, her name?"
L-218 Well, Jesus said, "Your name is Simon. You're the son of Jonas." Is that right? Now, isn't that Him, the same yesterday, today, and forever? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Do you believe that to be the truth? Now, what did Jesus say? This will occur. [John 1:41-42], [Hebrews 13:8]
L-219 And, remember, that was the last sign that was given to the elected Church, Abraham and his bunch, before the promised son appeared. Is that right? God had give Abraham signs all along the journey, and so has He the Church. But when the Angel of the Lord come down and do that, He destroyed the unbelieving Gentiles; and the expected son, that had been waited for, appeared, Isaac.
L-220 This ministry will end soon, and the expected Son will appear, Himself. The Church has come from justification, through the Lutheran; santification, through the Wesleyans; into the baptism of the Holy Ghost, through the Pentecostals; and now winding up to the Headstone ministry, typing all the time right into that Perfect; negative shadow becoming positive, then Jesus will come to catch His Church, someday, those who believe.
L-221 Separate yourself from unbelief, and believe, tonight. Will you do it? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-222 Let those who have prayer cards now, beginning... I believe I prayed up to twenty-five, last night. Is that right? I think that's what was set down, number one, twenty-five. Now twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, thirty, line up over here. With prayer cards number one, line up on this side over here. Will you do it now?
L-223 Now, we have the discernment line without the prayer cards. So that people say I was reading what was on their prayer cards, there was... Them people had no prayer card. They're just people setting there, and now it goes on. How many has seen that go for a half hour at a time, or more, like that, see, and things take place! But, you see, we got to hold a little strength. I've got forty-some-odd meetings ahead of me, around down through the South.
L-224 And now move over here, you with your prayer cards, move over on this side. All with the A prayer cards, come over on this side over here, prayer cards A.
L-225 Now, the rest of us, let us sing to God, Only Believe. Will you do that? All of us together.
Only... (That's all. Just believe what? Believe His Word)... only believe,
All things are possible, only believe;
Only believe...
Lord... Lord...
L-226 [Brother Branham says the following to someone on the platform--Ed.]: Maybe if I'd step right down there, maybe it'd be better? Can we to go down there, pray for the sick? Go down here, pray for the sick? Looks like we can.
L-227 How many is interested in these people getting healed? Now, see, healing belongs to God. Is that right? Now, if Jesus stood here tonight, with this suit of clothes that He gave me, and was wearing this suit of clothes, Himself, the...
If you would say, "Lord, will You heal me."
L-228 He would say, "I have already done it." "He was wounded for our transgressions; with His stripes we were healed." Is that right? See, He has already did it; it's in past. [Isaiah 53:5]
L-229 You say, "Lord, save me." He has already did it. No matter how much you cry, or pray, and beat on the bench, it won't save you until you believe and accept what He's done for you. Is that right?
L-230 Same thing it is. I do not heal people. I can't heal people. But what would He do, if He's the same yesterday, today, and forever? He would do just what He did now, for that's what He promised for the day. How many knows that that's what He's promised? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] He has promised it. Yes, sir. He promised it, in all the Scriptures. You all take the tapes, The Seven Church Ages, and things, see those things proven by the Scripture, that it's right. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-231 Now, to you standing in this prayer line, to come down that line of discernment. Jesus saw one vision, and He said, "I perceive that virtue has gone from Me." That's strength. Is that right? Visions, you're in another world. Now, He is here. That's Him that you touched. See? Now, it just only identifies that He is here with us. [Luke 8:46], [Mark 5:30]
L-232 Now how many will believe, if we'll just walk through this line, and let me pray and lay hands upon you, and you go back to your seat? Do you believe if I pray for you here, and then lay hands on you, each one of you get well?
L-233 Do you believe that was the Holy Spirit here? It could just keep on doing it. If you want to forfeit that line, and just keep on for some more, why, we'll do that. See, that's what, the Holy Spirit is here. See? It's not... It's just up to--to your thinking, if it'd make you believe more.
L-234 But many people has been taught, "Lay hands on them." The Bible said, "He sent His Word and healed them." Well, that's what He did just now, confirmed His Word, sent It to you, confirmed It, and It healed them. The Gentile said...
Jew said, "Come, lay hands on my daughter, she'll live." [Psalms 107:20]
L-235 The Roman said, "I am not worthy You come under my roof. Just say the word!" Uh-huh. That's what I'm trying to get you to believe, you see. [Matthew 8:8-9], [Luke 7:7-8]
L-236 But if you want to be prayed for, and hands laid upon you, now I want every one of you to join with me in prayer as we pray for the people.
Let us bow our heads.
L-237 Lord Jesus, I pray for the people now. They're aware that You're standing here. They know that You're in the midst of the people. And when these people pass over this platform tonight, may they not come, just coming by me, Your servant, or these other servants of Yours setting here. May they realize that they are coming to the temple of the living God, they're coming under a promise that God said, "These signs shall follow them that will believe. When they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." He promised that. He promised that every man that would believe would be saved, and every man that does believe gets saved. Every one that believes in healing gets healed. Father, help our unbelief now. [Mark 16:16-18]
L-238 You've identified Yourself here tonight, scripturally, to show us that You're here. Now let it come to pass that every person that comes across this platform, or in this audience, may there not be a feeble person among us when the service is over. May the great Holy Spirit come among His people and anoint us, every one, Lord, all these ministers, all these servants of Yours setting here, by the hundreds. Father, I pray that each of our prayers will go to You while we're in the Divine Presence of Your Being. And may these people understand, as they pass this platform, that tonight is the night of their healing, if they can believe it.
L-239 Now I want every one to continue in prayer as the people come by, and I'll be laying hands upon each one for their healing.
Come, sir. I pray for this, my brother. In the Name of Jesus Christ, be healed.
I pray for this, my brother. In the Name of Jesus Christ, be healed.
I pray for my sister, in the Name of Jesus Christ, for her healing. Amen.
L-240 I pray for my sister, in the Name of Jesus Christ, for her healing.
I pray for my sister, in Jesus' Name, for her healing.
I pray for my sister, in Jesus' Name, for her healing.
L-241 I pray for my brother, in the Name of Jesus Christ, for his healing.
I pray for my sister, in the Name of Jesus Christ, for her healing.
I pray for my brother, in the Name of Jesus Christ, for his healing.
I pray for my brother, in Jesus' Name, that You'll heal him.
I lay hands upon our brother, in the Name of Jesus Christ, for his healing.
I lay my hands upon this brother, in Jesus' Name, for his healing.
L-242 With my hands laid upon this brother, I ask for his healing, in Jesus' Name, while he's in the Divine Presence here now of Your anointing.
L-243 Heal this, my sister, Father, I pray, in Jesus Christ's Name. [The sister says, "Thank You, Jesus."--Ed.]
[]... Jesus Christ's Name, let him be healed.
L-244 Likewise, upon my brother here, Father, I lay my hands. In Jesus' Name, let him be healed.
L-245 Father, God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, I lay hands upon my sister. Let her be healed, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
L-246 Our Father, I lay hands upon this brother, and ask for his healing, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-247 In the Name of Jesus Christ, I lay hands upon my brother, and ask for his healing, for the glory of God. Amen.
L-248 Our Heavenly Father, I lay hands upon my brother, and I ask for his healing. Connecting my pray, Lord, with his prayer, and the prayer of the church that you've gathered tonight. My hands upon him, identifying my faith in the Son of God, I ask his healing. Amen.
L-249 Now we got some wheel-chair cases here to pray for. []
L-250 Jesus said, one time, "Know ye what I've done to you?" I've done just what God commanded to be done. [John 13:12]
L-251 Now let us pray together, each one. As you put your mind upon God, hold your prayer. Remember, believe now, believe with us. Each one of you here, that's sick, and maybe you didn't have a prayer card...
L-252 Now, we'll be giving out prayer cards again, tomorrow night, at six-thirty or seven, something like that, six-thirty or seven, so we'll have prayer line again tomorrow night. I'm sorry that I kept you a little late tonight, on account of the prayer line. May God bless you.
Now let us bow our heads again.
L-253 As we pray, Father, we forgive every man his sin against us. If there be found anything in us, that's unlike You, forgive us, Lord. For, we're told that we're to be "written epistles of God, read of all man." And as we have obeyed Your Commandments, seen Your Presence identifying Yourself with us; people has walked up to this platform, testifying of their faith. We've laid hands upon them, Father. Not just as one of us, but all of us together, in prayer, we've laid hands upon them, believing that You will heal their bodies. [II Corinthians 3:2]
L-254 You said, when You were here on earth, "if you ask the Father anything in My Name, I'll do it." Jesus of... Son of God, that was Your promise, Lord. [John 16:23]
L-255 And the One that made the promise has identified Himself here tonight to fulfill His promise. So it--it's been carried out, Your Commandments, laying hands on the sick. Now, let it be done. It's been written, let it be done. Let the power of Jesus Christ break tonight, and separate every person in here, from any unbelief, and let the Presence of Jesus Christ, the Word, Who knows the thoughts of our heart, let It take preeminence tonight in every heart.
L-256 And we rebuke Satan and all of his powers of darkness, all of his powers of unbelief. The Spirit of God has raised up a standard against you, Satan. You are a defeated being. Jesus Christ defeated you at Calvary. [Colossians 1:13]
L-257 He raised up, the third day, triumph over death, hell, and the grave. He ascended on High and give gifts to man. He is here in Person tonight. He said, "A little while and the world will see Me no more; yet ye shall see Me, for I'll be with you, even in you, to the end of the world." We see His Presence here tonight, fulfilling His Word. By faith we believe that every sick person in here shall be healed, for the glory of God, in the Name of Jesus Christ. [John 14:19], [Matthew 28:20]
L-258 And the people said, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] God bless you. Back to the brother.

64-0122 - Ramada Inn, Phoenix, AZ (Paragraphs: 176 - 246)
L-177 I would like to say one thing just before we pray for the sick. Many people have the wrong impression about a gift. A gift is not something that God gives you to go out and say, "Here, I'll go over here and pick out this, and I'll take that and I'll do this." That's not gifts. So many people think that, but they're wrongly impressed. A gift of God is just to know how to get yourself out of the way so God can use you, that's all a gift is. See? As long as you're in yourself...
L-178 Didn't Jesus say, Himself, "The Son can do..." Saint John 5:19, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in himself." He passed by that pool where all them cripples was, and healed one man with prostrate trouble, or something (disease) retarded. He said "The Son can do nothing in Himself; but what He sees the Father doing, that doeth the Son likewise." "It's not me," He said, "that doeth the works; it's My Father that dwelleth in Me, He doeth the Works." [John 5:19]
L-179 Now, you people setting out there, don't you dare to look to any man. You look to Christ; He is the One. But He promised in the last days that He would manifest Himself in human flesh, like He did there at Sodom. Now your flesh, my flesh, let us just open our hearts and get our own thinking away, and just let the Word take Its course, tonight, in us, then we'll see God's great gifts of His Spirit manifested before us. [Luke 17:30], [Zechariah 14:7]
L-180 Be real reverent. Nobody leave. Keep real quiet and pray. I'm sure you appreciate.
L-181 And if there is anybody here thinks this is a hoax, I challenge you to come to the platform. Anybody! Then, if you're afraid to do it, don't say nothing about it.
L-182 In the Name of Jesus Christ, I take every spirit in here, under my control, to declare the Word of God.
L-183 Here is a picture tonight, like Saint John the 4th chapter. A man and a woman meet together, I suppose for the first time. I don't know you. You probably know me, by papers and--and hearsay, but I don't know you. You know that. We're strangers to each other, like our Lord met a woman one time at the well; a man and a woman meeting, talking. [John 4:5-28]
L-184 But if I come like one of some of our brethren, would say, "God gave me a gift of healing,"... [Malachi 4:2]
You know what the gift of healing is? Faith in healing. See, you just release your faith, to pray for somebody, that's all a gift of healing is. Every minister should have it, everybody, see, should have gift of healing. The Power that heals you is on the inside of you, the Holy Spirit, you just have to let It work Its way out. That's all.
L-185 Just like the life that's in the tree. You don't have to pour the apples in the tree, to make it bear apples. It's just planted in the ground, and it drinks and pushes out.
L-186 Well, that's the way you do the Holy Spirit. It's on the inside of you. You just drink from the inexhaustible fountain of Jesus Christ, and It pushes out the fruits of the Spirit. See? [Galatians 5:22, 23]
L-187 Now I'm standing here, not knowing you. God knows that. You're a total stranger.
Now if I went and put hands on you, and said, "Sister, you're going to get well." You could believe that, and that would be all right. But now what if He comes... See, that was the days gone by, back in the Pentecostal days.
L-188 We're living ahead of that now. We are beyond Pentecost, the same as we are Methodist and Lutheran. We're way on up to the coming of the Lord, where the ministry that Jesus Christ exercised, Himself, has to be exactly. Like the headstone on the pyramid, has to be so honed till every stone fits perfectly. And the church has got to get in that condition to receive the Headstone, then take the whole thing in the resurrection, when the Body is raised up.
L-189 Do you believe that? Do you believe these things that I tell you is the truth? You do? If the Lord Jesus will tell me something that you've done, something that you ought not have done, something that's wrong with you, or whatever it might be, financial, domestic, I don't know; whatever it is, you'll believe me, will you, to be His servant?
L-190 You are a Christian. See, I spoke to you just to find your spirit. See, that's the way He did it at the well; He said, "Bring Me a drink." You're a Christian. You are a believer. That's right. Not a hitchhiker; a believer! All right. Your trouble, your main trouble, is in your neck. On the back of your neck, you have a growth, and that growth is giving you pressure. It's ruining your eyes, and so forth. Is that right? That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. That's right. If you'll believe it, it'll leave. [The sister says, "That's true."--Ed.] God bless you. Go now.
L-191 How do you do, sir? I don't know you. We're strangers to one another. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. If I can relax myself, such enough that the Holy Spirit can use my lips and my eyes, just like...
L-192 Did you ever dream a dream? Sure. There is some--some part of you, you have to be inactive in your five senses. You have--you have a conscious and a subconscious. Your first conscious is here, and your subconscious is over here. You have to be inactive in your five senses, to go over here to dream; but when you come back, it impresses this till you remember what you dreamed of.
L-193 Now, seers, prophets, their subconscious is not over there; it's right here. You don't get out of your five senses; you stand, you are standing, dreaming. And you would say dream... I'd say, "Dream me a dream." You couldn't do it. Neither can I see you a vision. It takes God to do that. But, I don't go to sleep to see it, I stand here and see it. That's a gift of God. If I can get the first conscious out of the way, God will use the other conscious if He has anything to say. That's up to Him.
L-194 But if I be able by the help of God... If Jesus was standing here with this suit on that He gave me, if you're sick He could not heal you; no, He has already did that when He died. But I don't know what you're here for. You're just a man. We're around, close the same age, and we're just--just standing here on the platform, meeting for the first time. Do you believe God can reveal to me your desires, or what you've done, or your hindrances? If He can tell you what has been, He can tell you what will be. Do you believe that?
L-195 I don't want to take too much time, but I've preached hard and you've got to... time, nervous, you've got to really relax, because there is nothing I can do unless He shows me.
L-196 Yes, here It is, the Light coming over the man. All right, sir. No, sir, you're not here for yourself, you're here for somebody else, and that's a daughter. And that daughter lives in California, and she has had an automobile accident, sometime ago. And you're wanting me... You're standing, for me to pray for her, 'cause she is still afflicted by it. And, listen, let me tell you something, that automobile accident was not in California. It was in Dallas, Texas, where the automobile accident happened. Is that right? She is going to be well. Don't forget, I see her walk away. All right, believe. Go and believe now, brother. God bless you.
L-197 How do you do, lady? I'm a stranger to you. We do not know one another. We're perfectly strangers. Do you believe Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever? You believe Him? Now if the Holy Spirit can tell me something about you, that you know I know not, then that will make you believe, wouldn't it? You're... you have complications. You have many things, but, what your main thing is, you're about to face an operation on account of a tumor, and that tumor is in your side. That is right. That's right. That's what you're here to be prayed for. If I could tell you what your name is, would you believe me to be His prophet, or believe that it would be right? Miss Holman, go on your road, rejoicing. See? God bless you. Believe now. Don't doubt.
L-198 How do you do, lady? Strangers to one another. You're younger than I, just a woman and a man.
L-199 Just a moment, everybody real reverent. Spirit of the Lord left here.
L-200 This man sitting here, with glasses on, got a spiritual problem in your mind. You don't know what to do. You're all messed up. You believe, and you'll come out all right. Yes, sir. You'll do that? All right.
Be reverent now.
L-201 Here is a little lady, sitting right in here, she looking like this, with her hands, praying. She has got a bad hand that she is praying about. If you'll believe, yes, God will make it well. I don't know you, you don't know me, but you touched Something. You never touched me; you're twenty feet from me. Jesus Christ heals you. Your faith makes you whole. [Luke 8:43-45]
L-202 If that ain't this same Jesus, the High Priest, that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities! Don't you believe that to be so? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] [Hebrews 4:15-16]
L-203 Excuse me, I just have to follow the way That goes.
L-204 Getting weak now, you see, just one... You know, our Lord, a woman touched His garment one time and He said...
L-205 Pardon me, this colored lady sitting here, praying; gall bladder trouble, high blood pressure. Believe, lady, it'll leave you. Amen.
I looked, there was a colored lady standing here, see, her faith drew It right away. Amen.
L-206 That lady right behind her, with asthma. If you'll believe that God will make you well of that asthma, you can have it, also, if you'll believe it.
L-207 You have a great desire in your heart, and that's a--a legitimate desire. You want a baby. And the reason you can't have it, you have a female trouble. And that's true. [The sister says, "That's what I put on the card."--Ed.] All right, do you believe now that you'll... that God will give it to you. ["Yes. That's right."] If the Lord Jesus will tell me who you are, will you believe? ["Yes."] Mrs. Lambert. ["That's right."] Now you go, believe it. Does that make you believe. ["Amen."] May she receive it, God, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Have faith!
L-208 Sir, we're strangers to one another, but God knows us both. Do you believe that the Lord Jesus will reveal to me your troubles? You do? You're not from here. You're not from Arizona. You're from a way, east, Michigan. That's right. Right. You have high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, hard of hearing. It's left you. Go back to Michigan, the Lord Jesus make you well.
Have faith in God!
L-209 The lady sitting out here, praying for her father. He has got Parkinson's disease. And the... I see him now, and he is shadowed. Not only is he shadowed to death, but to Eternal death, because he is not saved. That's true. Do you believe that God will save him and heal him? If you've got faith enough to touch Jesus Christ, our High Priest, surely you can accept that.
L-210 Now will you do me a favor? Put your hand on that woman next to you. She is praying for her brother. Yeah. That brother is sick, and he is also an alcoholic. That is true. Just believe, he'll stop drinking and get well.
"If thou canst believe, all things are possible!" [Mark 9:23]
L-211 The lady sitting here, praying, right here in front of me, got her head down. I can tell you, she is praying, "Lord, let it be me." The lady is... She is praying for a friend, and that friend is in the hospital here, dying with cancer; and for herself, also. She is going to miss it. Mrs. Kelly, stand up to your feet and accept the healing, in the Name of Jesus Christ. I never seen the woman, in my life.
L-212 Do you believe God heals heart trouble? Do you believe He heals yours? All right, then just move on, saying, "Thank You, Dear God."
L-213 Hard for you to get up at morning, you're so stiff with that arthritis. It won't be that way tomorrow if you'll just believe it and go on. Yes, sir.
L-214 All right, sir. You need a blood transfusion from Calvary, it cures diabetes and everything. You believe that He does that? All right, yours can be cured, too, if you'll just believe with all your heart.
L-215 Come here. You're nervous, that's what's caused your trouble. You got an ulcered stomach. Do you believe that God will heal it? [The sister say, "Yes, I do."--Ed.] I want to show you something. I'll take my watch off just a minute. Nervous, it's kind of hard, but you're a good soul. Let me have your hand. I want to take your hand. Want you to look at my hand. Now watch, going to lay your hand up on top of mine. Now you see it, see them things running across there, them little vibrations like? ["Yes, I do."] That's that live ulcer. Now watch, take your hand off, now it turns back normally. Now I'll lay my hand on there, it doesn't do that, does it? ["No."] But I'll put your hand on it, there it is again. See? ["Yes."] Now there is something symbolizing there, that you can actually see with your own eyes. Is that right? ["Yes. Amen."] Raise your hand up so the audience can see that's true.
L-216 Here, the audience can see it. Put your hand on here. Now take your hand off, lady. Now lay your hand back on there. It's a live ulcer. It's tissue, something eating up tissue. It's caused from nervousness, spreading. You have lady's trouble, too. All right.
L-217 Now, here, now this is when you have to take initiative, just so this lady will know.
L-218 Now I want the audience to keep their heads down, and pray, 'cause it goes from one to another. When you have to... Jesus said, "In My Name they shall cast out devils." Now you keep your head bowed if you don't want an ulcer. See?
L-219 Now here I want you to watch. You've got the ulcer, now you watch my hand and see that I don't move my hand.
L-220 Heavenly Father, let Thy mercies and grace be upon the woman, to make her well. She is watching my hand. She is watching, Father, to see if there is any change. And I know that, her faith, being nervous, I pray, God, that You'll help her. In Jesus' Name, help her.
L-221 Now, the lady, I haven't opened my eyes yet, but the lady knows that my hand still remains just as it was. Isn't that right, lady? [Sister says, "Yes, sir."--Ed.] Now watch it real close now.
L-222 So, this is not done to make a show. This is done to declare that Jesus keeps His Word. Now, He said, "In My Name they shall cast out devils." [Mark 16:17]
L-223 Now I'm and going to hold my hand just as steady. And I want you to notice, it's not the way I hold my hand. See, it's there all the time. See how it's swelling up? [The sister says, "Yes."] Getting worse all the time ["Yes."] 'cause I'm holding. My whole hand is numb, to my elbow. Now you just watch it just a moment.
L-224 Lord Jesus, not for a show (we're not to do that), but that your Word might be fulfilled. You never healed the people just because to show You were God, but it was fulfilling the Word. And that's the way I... why I do this tonight, Father, is my faith to believe that this good woman can be healed of this demon.
L-225 Satan, I charge you, in the Name of Jesus Christ, Who triumphed over all sickness, and it's under His feet. And as His servant, I take the initiative. In Jesus' Name, leave the woman, come out of her.
L-226 Now I have not moved my hand. The lady bear me record. Something happened to my hand, wasn't it? [The sister says, "Yes, sir."--Ed.] If that's right, say, "Amen." ["Yes. Amen."] It's gone, isn't it? ["Yes. Amen. It's gone."] You are healed. ["Hallelujah!"] Now there she is. ["Thank You, Jesus!"] Now look here. I put my hand on, now put your hand on, just the same. ["Yes. Amen."] You're healed. ["Yes. Amen. Hallelujah!"] Go on, go eat your supper, Jesus Christ makes you well.
"In My Name they shall cast out devils!" Yes.
L-227 Do you believe, sister? Do you believe? Do you believe that God can take that asthmatic condition away from you and make you well? All right, go on your road, say, "Thank You, Lord Jesus. I believe You, with all my heart."
L-228 How do you do, sir? Heart has been bothering you, kind of a blockage caused from nervous; pounds, double pound, one on... two on one side, and one on the other. All right, sir, it stops now. Go on. Your faith makes you whole, sir. Go, believing with all your heart. All right. [Luke 8:48], [Luke 17:19]
L-229 Another stomach, bad. Do you believe that Jesus makes you well? Just go, say, "Thank You, Lord Jesus." Believe it. If He can tell you what you are, surely He can heal you.
L-230 What if I didn't say one word to you, just laid hands on you, would you believe that you got healed, sitting there in the chair? Would you? Go on your road, say, "Thank You, Lord." It's what you believe.
L-231 Come. Do you believe that God healed that back trouble, sitting there then? All right, you can go on, say, "Thank You, Lord." Believe with all your heart. Go on and believe.
L-232 Sir, if God don't heal you, one day you're going to be crippled up, like this, with a stick, walking along with that arthritis. Why not accept Him right now? Do you believe it? Go on your road, and say, "Thank You, Lord." And stomp the thing, and go right on your road, rejoicing.
L-233 Jesus heals your back and make you well. Do you believe that? All right, go on your road, saying, "Thank You, Dear God."
L-234 Come here, lady. Now what's you scared of? The reason you're afraid, it's menopause time for you. You know what I mean, a lady's change. And everything, of an evening late, you get weary. You can't do your work, you get so tired. Isn't that right? [The sister says, "That's true."--Ed.] All right. It's all right now. Go on, your faith makes you well.
L-235 Another, nervous, but you've been nervous all your life, been a little nervous when you was younger. You was a little fritzy going around. But now look like something's just got a hold of you. You're oppressed all of the time. Isn't that right? It won't be no more, if you'll believe me right now as God's prophet. Go and believe.
L-236 How many out there believe with all your heart? Put your hands over on one another. In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I charge every man and woman here to lay your hands on one another.
L-237 If God's Word, part of It's right, all of It's right. Jesus Christ said, "In--in My Name they shall cast out devils." "The Word of God is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart." [Hebrews 4:12]
L-238 Jesus said, "If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." Every believer in here, say "amen" to that. [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Then, you are believers, you pray for the one that's got your... You pray for the one that's got their hands on you, for they are praying for you. Let's pray together and defeat the enemy, and let every sick person in here be healed, in the Presence of Jesus Christ. [Mark 16:17-18]
L-239 Almighty God, author of Life, giver of all good gifts, send Thy blessings upon this people.
L-240 Satan, you've lost the battle. Jesus Christ is here. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Christians have their hands on one another. They are praying the pray of faith. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-241 You said, "These signs shall follow them that believe." Each one of them said, "Amen," they believe. They punctuated the desire of Your heart, when You said, "These signs shall follow them that believe." They lay their hands on one another. [Mark 16:17-18]
L-242 You are defeated, Satan. Come out of them, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Leave this place and leave this building, in Jesus Christ's Name.
L-243 Every man and woman that believes that a believer has his hands on you, the prayer of faith is prayed, and you are ready to forsake your sickness, forsake your thoughts about it, and accept the Word of God to go in your heart, stand up on your feet and accept your healing, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen and amen! Raise up your hands now and give Him praise, for it's all over. [James 5:15]

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