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Show Us The Father
55-0625, Show Us The Father, Unknown, Zurich, Switzerland, 98 min

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L-1 I'm happy to be here again tonight to be with the Lord. May the Lord add His blessings to all that we do tonight. [] Now, we are so sorry to know that our services are ending so quickly. Sunday night will perhaps, be our closing service. And we are trusting to God to give us the greatest meeting we've ever had. Usually since the last night is... See, people... []... the anticipations are rising. And then they know they must come then, and it usually produces more healings than all the rest of the meetings. And we trust that it'll be so this time.
Now, we're going to pray for the--the letters. And now, when you get these letters, now place the handkerchief on your underneath garment. (Put it on your underneath garment.) If there's any sin in your life, ask God to forgive you. And ask if--if anything that you had done wrong, go make it right. And if there's... If your pastor believes in healing, have him there with you. But if there's no--no pastor near, get some of the Christians in the neighborhood in, and pray, and believe, and then act as if it's already done. You remember, that faith without works is dead. It will do you no good. [Acts 19:12], [James 2:17]
L-2 Now, when you become a Christian, you--you come and confess Jesus to be your Saviour. You believe it? When you go outside, your--your critic friends, they say, "I don't see no difference in you." But you believe there is. Then you go acting like there is. Then after while everybody's knows there is.
See, Jesus is the High Priest of our confession. He can't do nothing for you, till first you accept it and confess that it's already done. And He will make your body, your nature, come in subject to His Word. Do you understand now? You must act just like it's already done.
I remember when I was so sick, the best doctors I knew of, they said I couldn't live. I had stomach ulcers that was bursted. And they said that one mouthful of solid food, I would take acute indigestion and would die in a few moments. I was reading the Bible. He said, "When you ask anything, believe you receive it." [Hebrews 4:15], [Mark 11:24]
L-3 I went out telling people I was healed. When I'd swallow my food, it would try to come back up. I said, "Oh, no," hold my hand over my mouth, swallow it back again. God promised.
I'd go down the street. They'd say, "Hello, Brother Branham. How you feel?"
I'd say, "The Lord has healed me. Praise the Lord."
Here'd come a big mouthful up; I'd swallow it back. I said, "Satan, if you don't like to hear me testify, you might as well go, for I believe Jesus told the truth. So if you want to stay around, you'll sure hear me testify of His healing power."
The first thing you know, it was all gone. And when I went to show the doctor, he said, "Well, did you change doctors?"
I said, "Yes, sir."
He said, "Who are you... be... going to now?"
I said, "Doctor Jesus."
He said... He scratched his head; he said, "I don't believe I ever heard of Him." Said, "Where is His office?"
I said, "In glory." That's where His office is, but His power is here.
L-4 Let us pray for these handkerchiefs. Now remember, God hears your prayer the same as He hears my prayer, or anyone's prayer.
Now, what if your little baby was sick? What if this was for your old blind father? You'd want somebody to be real sincere. Now, you be sincere, and I'll be sincere, and Jesus will keep His promise.
Shall we pray. Dear heavenly Father, we bring these to You tonight in the Name of Thy Son. And we pray, Father, that You'll look down from heaven just now, and see the faith of this people. And as these handkerchiefs return to--to the ones that have sent them, we pray, that You will heal their bodies. Now, we ask this blessing in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
Now, we will read the Scripture from Saint John 14: 1 to 9, including 9.
[The interpreter reads this Scripture--Ed.] [Acts 19:12]
L-5 We want to use a text out of this, the 7th verse. "Show us the Father, and it will sufficeth us." "Sufficeth' means "to satisfy." Now, that has been the human heart's desire since the world began, if they could only see God.
Job of old, he said something on this order, "If I could only go to His house and knock on His door." His heart was hungering for God, and God revealed Himself to Job. As all through the age, people are trying to see God. Do you believe that God can be seen? I believe He can. And if I can prove that tonight, would you accept Jesus as your Saviour and believe that He's here? Will you do it? God bless you.
Now, we have to hurry. Tomorrow night--or Sunday night rather, I'll try to take a little time to speak to you. And Sunday afternoon is my boyhood's life story. [John 14:8], [Job 23:3]
L-6 Now, let's look at God. Surely, if God is real, as we say He is, something ought to declare Him. If we could just open our eyes, you can see God.
Now, like when--when Elijah was down at Dothan, he had a servant with him named Gehazi. And Gehazi didn't see visions, but Elijah saw visions.
He would be in his house, and he would know what the King of Syria was going to do. So one day they were... One night they were asleep down at Dothan, and when Gehazi got up early the next morning, he went out, and all the armies of Syria had surrounded the city. And he came running in and said, "All around the city is surrounded."
But the prophet, cool, white, said, "there's more of us, than there is of them."
He looked around; Gehazi did; he couldn't see nothing. Elijah put his hands forth and said, "God, open this man's eyes." [II Kings 6:14-17]
L-7 And when his eyes come open to see the spiritual world, all around that old prophet was Angels. The mountains was on fire with Angels of chariots of fire. See, there's a world right here now; in this building are legions of Angels.
Jesus said in the Psalms by the King David, that the Angels of God are encamped about those who fear Him.
So look at the believers here, those who fear God, so the Angels are everywhere. Now, if you can just worship God, and open our eyes, you'll find out that God's all around us. [Psalms 34:7]
L-8 Now, by God's help, I'm going to try to prove that God is right here. Now, the first we're going to talk about, is God in His Creation, and next, God in His Word, the next, God in His Son, and next God in His people. And let's see if we can see Him.
Sometime ago on the plate--of my home city, there was a little boy. He used to stay down at the river all the time with an old an fisherman, had great white beard. And one day, he was up the river, and there came up a rain; and when the rain ceased, all the leaves was washed off pretty, the flowers putting out perfume. And the old fisherman was rowing down the river with his boat. And back in the east there come a rainbow. And when the old fisherman kept looking at the rainbow, the tears start running down his cheeks, and he said, raised up his hands, then put it down on the oar.
The little boy setting in the stern of the boat, he ran up to the old man; he said, "Sir, I'm going to ask you something that my preacher could not answer. I asked him if anyone can see God."
He said, "No."
Said, "I ask my Sunday school teacher."
She said, "No."
And said, "I ask my mother, and she referred me back to them." And said, "Sir, I'm going to ask you."
L-9 And he pulled his oars in, and took the little boy in his arms, kissed him on the forehead, patted him, and said, "God bless your heart. Honey, all I've seen for the past thirty-five years has been God."
He had so much God in his heart, he could see Him out there. So is it now. You get God in here, and you can see Him out there. Who could say there is no God, and think of this world standing in space, timed so perfectly, you can tell many many years away, just when there's going to be an eclipse of the moon. All your fine watches here, they fail, but the sun never fails. God times it.
Go out here to the ocean, watch those big angry waves, as they angrily push towards the shore. They'd cover the whole earth if they could. You know, they did once in the days of Noah, but why can't they again? God said to the moon to watch the boundaries of the sea. When the moon turns its head, the tide goes out. When it turns its head back, the tide follows it. The moon is a good watchman. See God? If not the world would just go right out and be covered over with water. What would happen if this world would spin just a little bit out of its orbit, away from the sun? We'd be an iceberg in one minute. What if it went into the sun? It'd burn up the next minute. Why doesn't it? God has said. God is in His universe.
L-10 I don't believe that anybody can look in the face of a flower and say there's no God. If he does, there's something mentally wrong with the person. How is one red, the other one white, and the other one yellow, and it's all the same flower, same kind. Where does the color come from? The same sun that shines on the white one, makes the red one red. Where does that color come from? God.
Do you believe that God is in His universe? Say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
Can you see a rainbow without thinking of what God said? The many colors in the rainbow, it's a covenant. Before the antediluvian destruction it wasn't there, but God put the humidity in the earth now, that makes it that way. Take a three cornered piece of glass, stand right into the sun, it'll produce seven perfect colors.
L-11 The reason our sins are covered by blood, blood is a--a danger sign to us... Or red is a danger sign to us, but it's also a sign of redemption. There's a red streak of Blood winding its way all the way through the Bible. You can take red, and look through red at red, and it looks white. Red through red looks white. Though your sins be as scarlet, God looks through the Blood of Jesus; they're as white as snow. Hallelujah.
He doesn't see sin any more. When you confess your sins, and took the Blood of Jesus, sin problem is over. God is looking through red and you look white as snow.
Sometime ago in my homeland... I'm a hunter, and I ride much on a range with cattle. And one--one year I was way up in the mountains. I just love it. My mother is a half Indian. There's enough about me to make me love nature. I can see the sun set. I weep. See it rise, and I can weep, the great white-capped mountains, beautiful... Man hasn't touched it. That's the way God made it. To me it's prettier than all the big houses in the world. Houses is what man made. Mountains is what God made. I like what He likes. [Isaiah 1:18]
L-12 Way up high, I was this year, and I was about sixty miles from any human being. And I'd left my horse way down the mountain. The snow hadn't come yet. So I was hunting elk, and they were up high yet. I was walking along with my rifle; I could feel God. The whispering of the trees, the--the wind blowing through the pines, it seemed to sing a song like this:
There's a land beyond the river,
That they call the sweet forever,
And we only reach that shore by faith's decree;
One by one we gain the portals,
There to dwell with the immortal,

Someday they'll ring the golden bells for you and me. (And they will someday)
L-13 There come up a storm. I had to get behind a tree. And it rained hard. The wind blew. And then after it quit blowing, the ice was hanging all over the trees. I walked from behind the tree, and the sun was setting in the west. His great eye was looking through the crevice in the rock. I raised up my hand, I said, "Great Jehovah. I see You looking through the sunset."
I looked back this a way, and the sun against the icicles made a rainbow. I could see the God in the sunset. I could see God in the rainbow. I could hear God in the wind. Then I heard the elk herd holler. Then I heard the old gray wolf holler; its mate answered at the bottom. Then I begin to... heart beat hard. The wild, I love it. Something in it, to see godly. And I had set down my rifle, and I raised up my hands, the tears running down my cheeks, I begin to say--sang praises to God. I got real happy, and I run around and around the tree. If somebody would've been out there, they'd have thought I was out of the insane institution. I didn't care what people thought. God was all around, and I was worshipping Him like David, who danced before the ark.
And then when I heard something. In America, we have a little squirrel, a little bitty fellow. Oh, he's so noisy. And he jumped upon a little stump, and he begin to go, "Chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter."
L-14 And I wondered what he was barking at. I thought I might've excited him, but I seen him look down in the brush. And I looked coming up out of the bushes, and the wind had forced a big eagle down. That's what the little squirrel was barking at. So the big eagle jumped up on a log, and I thought, "Lord, why did You put that before me for? You're all along here, but I--could I see you in that eagle?"
And I thought, "What's this scene for?"
And I noticed the big eagle wasn't afraid. I said to him, "Do you know I could shoot you?" Didn't bother him a bit. He just rolled his big eyes, and looked at me, looked back over to the little squirrel, as if to say, "Try it."
L-15 But I wouldn't; I admired him because he was brave. I do not like a coward. They come to church, act like a Christian, and go out on the streets, and not even testify of Jesus. Hear sinful man cursing and afraid to call them down. God can't use a man like that. He wants somebody that's brave.
L-16 I wondered, "What makes him so brave?" And I happened to notice he had two wings. He kept feeling for those wings. I thought, "There it is. God gave him two wings, and he knows he could be in that treetop before I could get my rifle in my hand." I thought, "Praise God. That's it. That... That eagle has got perfect confidence in what God give him in them two wings to fly away from his enemy?
Then what ought a man to do that's born of the Holy Ghost, when he feel the Holy Spirit around him, and you know you're in love with God? What do you care what the devil says, how many threats he makes?
L-17 I watched the big fellow. After while he got sick of that chattering, so he just made one big jump, flopped his wings a couple times. He was above the treetops; he didn't flop his wings any more; he... Here it is. He knew how to set his wings. He didn't flop, flop, flop. He could set his wings, and he knew how to ride them air waves. And every time the air come in...?... lifting him up, he kept lifting up, not moving a feather, and kept lifting up. Every time the wind would come in, it would lift him up.
I begin weeping. I thought, "O God. That's it. That ain't running around join one church then another, flop, flop here and flop, flop there. Just set your wings, your wings of faith. And every time the Holy Spirit rides in, ride on up with It. Go on.
And he went on, and on, and on, to become a little spot. He left that little earthbound squirrel, setting there, chatter, chatter, chatter.
L-18 I said, "That's it, Lord. Lift up by faith, and leave this old earthbound bunch down here saying, 'Days of miracles is past; there's no such a thing as Divine healing. Jesus died and that's all of it. The Bible is a fable.' Just lift up by the Holy Spirit and fly away from such stuff (Hallelujah.), way on up. God is in His Creation.
Here not long ago, I'd come home so tired. The people was all around the house, coming from all over the world; and they tried to get them to go back awhile. They wanted me to go to bed. And I woke up; I had the pillow in my hand praying for it. I thought I was still in the prayer line. My wife come, got me, led me out on the porch, and we set down. She said, "Bill, you know you can't live long like that. You're going right on down. You have aged so in the last five years, you don't look like the same person."
I put my arm on hers, and I said, "Honey, when Jesus was thirty years old, they thought He was fifty." [John 8:57]
L-19 Just then some big old sand cranes went flying across. The sun was setting. They'll all go down to the river, and they live with their kind down there all night. Then two little robins flew up, and they went into the tree.
I said, "Dear, someday when the sun of my life is setting, God will surely have a place for me to gather with those who love me." That's right. God is in His Creation. Do you believe it?
We could take all night speaking of God in His nature, but let's open up His Word. All that believes that God is in nature, let's see your hands. Now, thank you.
Now, let's see if God's in His Word. Jesus said that the Word of God was a seed that a sower sowed. [Mark 4:3]
L-20 Now, you people here, you have beautiful trees, perhaps, have great apples, plums. Now look, a little tree, just about one inch high, has everything in it, all the peaches, all the apples. All that'll ever be in it, was in it when it was just one inch high. If it isn't, then where does it come from?
Now, you plant the little tree as a seed, and it drinks; it drinks, and drinks, and drinks. It has to drink more than its portion. And as it begins to drink, it pushes out limbs, pushes out blossoms, pushes out apples. The only thing the tree does is drink, and it pushes out. That's the way it is with every man or woman that's born of the Spirit of God. You are planted in Christ Jesus, and the only thing you have to do, is to drink from His promise. It'll push out Divine healing...?... everything you have need of, it'll push out, as long as you are planted in Christ Jesus.
L-21 This is what I think about Him. I believe that He is the inexhaustible Fountain of Life, and every seed that falls in there, will certainly produce what it says. God is in His Word. He made promises hundreds of years, and it comes to pass. Everything that He says, it'll produce just what it says. Do you believe God is in His Word?
The Bible said, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh and dwelled among us."
Now, we'll read... God out of--in the Word now. God in His Son because His Son was the Word. That's Saint John 1.
Now, watch. Now, was God in His universe? Yes. God in His Word? Yes. Now, we're going to see if God was in His Son. [John 1:1, 14]
L-22 Now, when He was here on earth, He said He was God. He acted like God. He preached like God. He healed like God. He died like a man, but He raised again like God. God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself. Do you believe that? Thank you.
Now, in this day, when they're trying to belittle Jesus... A woman just said to me, "Brother Branham, you brag too much on Jesus."
I said, "No, I can't brag enough."
Said, "You try to make Him Divine."
I said, "He was Divine."
She said, "No." Said, "He was a Prophet."
Listen, if He was only a Prophet, we are still in our sins. He was either God Himself or the biggest deceiver the world ever had. He was God manifested in the flesh. [II Corinthians 5:19]
L-23 I was glad to hear Billy Graham say that the other day, that Jesus was God. He's God manifested in flesh. A prophet's a prophet, but He was God. Like this little gift here that I have.
Now, Jesus had the Spirit without measure, but we have It in measure. Like this, Jesus might've had all the oceans, but this little gift I have, is just a spoonful out of the ocean. But my friends, the same material, the same chemicals that's in the ocean is in the spoonful. [] Jesus was God.
This woman said, she said, "Do you believe the Bible?"
I said, "I do."
She said, "If I'll prove that Jesus was just a man by the Bible, will you say the same?"
I said, "If the Bible said so, for I believe the Bible."
She said, "All right."
I said, "Go ahead."
L-24 And she said, "In Saint John 11, when Jesus was going down to the grave of Lazarus, why, He wept. It proves then that He was a man. But if He'd been God, He could not have weeped."
I said, "Oh, lady, you're wrong." I said, "I'll admit that He was a God-man, His flesh was flesh, but God was in Him. He was a man."
Listen, "When He was going down to the grave weeping, He was a man weeping. But when He stood by the side of the grave of a man that had been dead four days, his body was rotten, his spirit was four day's journey out somewhere; He straightened up His little body. The Bible said there is no beauty we should desire Him, but He said, 'Lazarus, come forth.' And a man that'd been dead four days, stood on his feet, a live healthy man. That was more than a man. That was God." Amen. [John 11:35, 43], [Isaiah 53:2]
L-25 He was a man when He come down off the mountain, hungry, looking around the tree for something to eat. That was a man, hungry, but when He took five biscuits, and two pieces of fish, and fed five thousand, that was more than a man. That was God.
That was a man laying in the back of the boat, so tired from healing, He couldn't raise, couldn't wake Him up. Out on the stormy sea, the little ship like a bottle stopper, ten thousand devils of the sea said they'd drown Him. The waves didn't wake Him up. He was tired. He was a man. But when He woke up, put His foot upon the brail of the boat, and looked up towards heaven, and said, "Peace." and look out to the waves and said, "Be still." That was more than a man. That was God in that man. [Matthew 4:2], [Matthew 14:17, 21], [Mark 4:39]
L-26 He was a man when He died crying for help on Calvary, but when He raised up Easter morning, He proved He was God. God was in His Son. Do you believe that? Say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
God is in His universe. God is in His Word. God is in His Son. Now, do you believe God is in His people?
Look at Elijah, after he was dead and the flesh went off his bones, they laid a dead man on his body, and God was still on him in that grave, and raised that dead--dead man up.
Look at the Pentecostal experience. When they went up in the upper room, they were praying. [] They become brave; they went out into the streets, praising God. They didn't care what the people said. God is in His people.
Now, like Apostle Paul, and they put handkerchiefs on his body, sent it to the sick, and they were healed. [II Kings 13:21], [Acts 19:12], [Acts 4:13]
L-27 There was Saint Peter, a fisherman, ignorant, unlearned, the Bible said. And they laid the people in his shadow. And as many as laid in his shadow and believed was made whole.
It wasn't Peter, neither was it Paul. It was God in His people. Right here every night you see the Spirit of God make the paralyzed stand up, all kinds of things being done, supernatural works of vision. You believe God's in His people? Say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] God is with His people then.
Just a moment. I want to ask you something before we start praying for the sick. You need your... They need their eyes open. You become so earth... People become so earthbound, just like this was the only place there was, but there's a heavenly world too. It's all around us. [Acts 5:12-16]
L-28 I was reading a story recently of blind Bartimaeus. They said that he was--been blind for years, and one... He had two little turtledoves, and they would do little tumbles over each other to entice tourists to give him some money.
So his wife got sick one night. The doctor couldn't do nothing for her. So he went out and prayed. And the little book said that he promised God, that if He could save his wife, he would take the two turtledoves and offer them for a sacrifice. His wife got well. He did... He went and offered his turtledoves.
Later, he had a little girl. He'd never seen her, and she got sick. The only thing he had left was a lamb. Now, today the dogs lead blind people. Listen close, but them days a lamb led the blind people. So he went out and prayed and said, "Lord, if you'll let my little girl get well [] His little--his little girl got well. The next morning he went up to the temple to offer the lamb, keeping his word to God.
And the high priest came out, Caiaphas. And he said, "Blind Bartimaeus, where goes thou?"
He said, "High priest, I go to offer this lamb. God healed my little girl, and I--I promised Him this lamb."
The high priest said, "No, no." Said, "Blind Bartimaeus, you cannot offer that lamb. I'll give you money. You go buy you a lamb."
He said, "No. I never told Him I'd give Him a lamb, but I promised Him this lamb. I must give Him this one."
The high priest said, "You can't offer that lamb." Said, "Bartimaeus, that lamb's your eyes."
But the old patriarch said, "Oh, high priest, God will provide a lamb for blind Bartimaeus' eyes." [Mark 10:46-52]
L-29 About a year later, shivering in the cold, his--his lamb was gone; his little pigeons was gone. The cold winter was coming on, but he'd been through to God. He heard a noise, and he said, "What passes by?"
They said, "Jesus of Nazareth, He passes by."
He screamed, "O Jesus, Thou son of David have mercy on me."
What happened? God had provided a Lamb for blind Bartimaeus' eyes. He's got the same Lamb tonight for your eyes. I trust that He will open them to reveal to you the truth: God in His universe, God in His Word, God in His Son, God in His people. Shall we bow our heads while we pray. [Luke 18:39]
L-30 Heavenly Father, we thank Thee tonight for Thy goodness and mercy. Let Thy Spirit move upon this people. Just a little while and we won't see each other no more until we meet at Your feet. O God, be merciful and pardon everyone in this building tonight of their sins. We appreciate Your Lamb, the lovely Lord Jesus. Oh, may He pass by tonight and touch every heart, for we ask it in His Name.
While you have your heads bowed, I wonder how many here would raise up your hand and say, "Brother--Brother Branham, I ask you to pray for me, that the Lamb of God will pass by me tonight, and by raising my hand, I want to accept Him as He passes by me."
L-31 Would you raise your hand now, everywhere? Oh, my. Literally thousands of them. How many in here now (Tell them to put their hands down again.) that you believe? You believe that Christ is here and you want to accept Him as your Saviour, God's precious Lamb? You want Him to save you from sin and have mercy on you, raise your hand. God be merciful... thousands.
O Father, God grant it, Your Holy Spirit, God don't let a one of them perish, but give them Everlasting Life right now. O God, if it touches my heart, what will it do to Your great heart when You see them with their hands up. They love You, Lord. Forgive them of every sin, and may from this night henceforth, may they be Yours Divine. O Father God, I present them to You in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
L-32 Live for Him. I don't mean to be a baby, but to see people coming to Christ like that, it touches my heart, to see people coming with their hands up. I think of old blind Fanny Crosby. She said.
Pass me not, O gentle Saviour,
Hear my humble cry;
While on others Thou art calling,
Do not pass me by.

Oh, I love Him with all my heart. And I love you as my brother and sister. I'm so happy to see you come to Jesus. Live for Him all the days of your life. God so wants to see altar calls, until I... It seems like the healing service is better after an altar call. Do you feel real good now? Say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-33 All that raised your hands, say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."--Ed.] Praise the Lord. Now, isn't that wonderful?
I was saying to my American brethren, "How wonderful. Won't it be wonderful when the battle's over, the arms are stacked, the sun's setting for its last time? A Scream will come across Switzerland, saints of God will raise from the dead, and together we'll be in heaven hand in hand, singing praise to Jesus. Oh, I long for that day, Christian friends. When I meet you then, we'll be speaking the same language and we'll be talking about this night. God bless you.
L-34 What the... What? Brother Fandler, what...?... Oh, the Brother Fandler, he speaks English, a little. I don't do too well. He's one of your boys here from Switzerland--from here in Switzerland. He gives out the prayer cards, and I was asking what cards did he give out today. He said, "D 1 to a 100." So let's stand some of them up and pray for them.
Are we too late? Are we too late? If you're willing to stay, raise your hand as many as would like? Thank you.
Who has D-number-1, D-1, prayer card D-1. You have it, lady? All right. All right D-2, all right, over here. D-3, D-3. All right. 4 D-4, 4? 5, who has D-5? Raise your hand. All right. 6, D-6, D-7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25. Let's just let them get... Now, say let's wait a minute and let them get straightened out.
L-35 Now, how many here doesn't have prayer cards? Raise your hand. You want God to heal you? All right, if--if you can believe, God can do it. Now, how many in here, along here in these cots and stretchers is paralyzed that believe that God will heal them? God bless you.
Now, you look this a way. Don't look to me, but just as God's representative, and then believe God, and God will heal you. How many's been in the meetings before? Raise your hand. All right. That's...?... How many newcomers, raise your hand. Just about half.
Now look, friends, I have to do this so that you'll understand. Now notice, Jesus of Nazareth, when He was here on earth, He did not say He was a healer. He said, "I'm not a healer." He said, "It's My Father that dwelleth in Me." He said, "I do nothing, but I see what the... The Father shows Me by vision what to do." [John 14:10], [John 5:19]
L-36 Now, let me quote the Scripture to you. Saint John 5 and He said... passed through the--the beautiful... the pool of Bethesda; great multitudes of crippled people were laying there. He went all through them, and found a man laying on a quilt, a pallet, and healed him, went away, and left the rest of them laying there. They found a man packing his bed, and the Jews questioned him. Now, listen to what Jesus said, that's Saint John 5:19.
Jesus said, Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing in himself, but what he sees the Father doing: that doeth the Son likewise.
"The Father showeth the Son. The Father worketh, and I worketh hitherto." [John 5:2-3], [John 5:19]
L-37 Now, how many understands that? Raise up your hand. Now, Jesus had power, as--as God gave it to Him. He would be standing in the audience of people, and people would come to Him. He'd know who they were, what was wrong with them, where they come from. Many times their names needed calling. The sins that they had did, many times... But Jesus said, "A little while and the world won't see Me no more, but you'll see Me, for I'll be with you to the end of the world."
I believe Jesus raised from the dead. Do you believe that? Say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
The Bible said, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." [John 14:19], [Matthew 28:20], [Hebrews 13:8]
L-38 Jesus said, before He went away, "The same things that I do, that is what the Father shows Me, you'll do also." How many knows the Bible says that? Say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] That shows you been reading the Bible. It's a little different from the regular routine of church...?... in ages. We're near the end. When Jesus comes, He will speak from the Bible; but the Pharisees had it all picked out the way they wanted it; who didn't have it right. But God proved that Jesus was right by supernatural signs. Peter said so in Acts 2.
Now, I believe He's here with this people. And just as a Divine gift, it does not heal anyone; it only raises their faith to a place so you can accept your healing, the same thing as preaching the Word. But if Jesus will come here now and do the same things that He did when He was here on earth, will it encourage you so that you can go home and know that He's raised from the dead? 'Cause I think all of you accepted Him tonight, many thousands. So I'm so happy. [John 14:12]
L-39 Now, I believe that your new found Christ will be right here to take this poor humble body and anoint it. Remember, this microphone is a mute, unless some voice speaks through it. So am I. I know none of you. I've never seen you in my life. So I'll have to submit myself to God. He's the One Who made you, and knows who you are, and knows what you're standing here for. And I can be His microphone if He wants to make me that way. Do you believe that? Say, "Amen." [Congregation say, "Amen."--Ed.] Let's pray. (Abide with me, just a little longer.)
L-40 Heavenly Father, now not praying for this audience can hear me, but, Lord, that You might hear me. Anoint this Your unworthy servant and let--and let Your Spirit come upon me now. Quickly, Lord, so that they will understand and know that You're Christ, and I am Your servant. O holy God, I have declared You to the people, that You're in Your nature, You was in Your Word, in Your Son, and here in Your people. Now, Lord, declare that to be true, will You? I appreciate it, for the glory of God, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
Christians, pray for me. I've been meeting after meeting, and just get real weak. Just at this time, the Angel of the Lord is here. God, Who will judge me at the judgment day, knows that's right. All right. Bring your patients, wherever they are.
L-41 A lady comes walking to me. I'm going to ask everyone to be seated and be real quiet. They won't let me stay long, but I want every one of you all...?... just...?... I wish I could take you all, but if God tells me about you, and tells me to call you, you do what He says. I'll assure you; it'll be just exactly the way He said. I don't care how bad you're crippled; that won't be my voice; it'll be His voice. So pray. All out in the audience, you just pray. Look this a way. Be quiet.
L-42 Now, here stands a woman. Now to me, as a human she looks healthy, and she may be. I don't know. But now if I said, "That person's crippled."
Why you'd say, "Sure. Sure, I can see that. There's nothing supernatural about that." But here stands a woman looks healthy. Now what's wrong with her? There it is. And if God is here, He knows the woman. I don't know her. I have never seen her in my life... never seen me, I guess. We're strangers, but God knows both of us. We were born thousands of miles apart and many years apart. This is our first time to meet. But I'm looking at the woman, talking to her through a sub voice. That's the same picture that our Lord Jesus set down at the well, and saw a woman, and said bring Me a drink. He begin to talk to her, till the Father showed Him where her trouble was, and He went right straight and told her. [John 4:7]
L-43 She said to Him, "I believe You're a Prophet." Said, "I know, and we're taught that when Messiah comes (which is Jesus), He will say these things. He would've knowed I had five husbands. But Who are You?"
Jesus said, "I am He."
That was Jesus then. The Bible said He's the same today. Do you believe that? Raise your hand. You believe it?
Now, I do not know you. If God will let me know by the same Spirit that was on Jesus Christ, that's here in the church, and will be till Jesus comes, will you accept your healing then, or whatever you're waiting for? [John 4:18-19, 25, 26]
L-44 Now look on me. I see a--the woman, and she's got someone around her. It's doctors, and they are doing something to her--her breast. She's had a breast operation, and it didn't do no good. It's back bothering her again, for they never got it all. She was advised to come here, and be prayed for, and be made well. Those things are true. If it is, raise your hand. How did I... That wasn't me. That was my voice. I don't know what I told you. This is God talking to you. You believe now? Come here. Jesus said, "These signs shall follow them that believe. If you lay hands on the sick, they shall recover."
Lord God, have mercy upon the woman and let Thy Spirit heal her...?... in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you. [Mark 16:17-18]
L-45 Would you come near? The little lady has a black spirit around her, which is death following her. The woman is suffering with a condition in the stomach, and it's also a cancer, and it's gone down into her female organs, and they are very bad. That is true...?... Do you believe He will make you well? Come near.
O God, be merciful to her and take this evil from her, may she be made well through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you.
You believe? There hangs the Angel of the Lord. The lady's looking right towards me. She has liver trouble. She's looking right over the top of this lady's shoulder. Do you believe, lady? The second row back... You believe with all your heart? That's right. Stand up, lady. That's it...?... In the checked dress she have liver trouble. Wave your hand. You're healed. Your faith made you whole. You want to know how I knew that? When I was talking to the lady a few moments ago, she had a spirit of death. And you--you thought, when I told her what was wrong, the same thing was wrong with you, but it wasn't in her liver. It was in yours, and you started to pray. And I felt real weak; I turned around; there was that Light over you; and I saw the Light all around you. Death is gone, and life has come in. Your faith has healed you. God bless you.
L-46 Have faith. You don't have to be up here. You have to have faith in God. Now, I know I got critics setting back here. Now, listen friend, that can come on you. It left the woman, and it can come on you just as easy; and frankly, it has. You'll find out. We're not playing.
Remember, in the Bible how that happened? It's still Bible days. It's just the same yesterday, today, and forever.
Here stands a man before me. I do not know him. I never seen him. We are strangers. If that is true, raise your hand. Jesus knows you, and He can tell me what you're here for. And if He will, will you accept Him as your Healer? If you will, raise your hand.
I see you're on a cane, but I don't know why. Now look on me, and believe me to be His prophet. The man is troubled in his back. He has been to a place to operate, one, two, three, three operations in his back. The man is a minister. He is a minister of the Gospel, and he's got a... Pentecostal. And he has his wife here with him, and his wife has gallbladder trouble, and she has back trouble, and she's standing right out there. Go home, preach the Gospel, and be well. God bless you. (Put that over...?...)
Let us say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."--Ed.] Hallelujah.
If thou canst believe, all things are possible. [Hebrews 13:8], [Mark 9:23]
L-47 Would you bring the lady? Have faith. Come near. That's all right. You believe? I'm a stranger to you.
The Angel of the Lord is hanging over a woman, and she is a little woman setting back here. She's got on a polka dot dress. She has got a blue hat, and she has arthritis. Would you stand up, lady, little lady looking at me, right back here. That's right, lady. You with your hand up to your mouth. Believe with all your heart. That is right. You have arthritis. If that's right, raise your hand. Raise up your hand. Believe with all your heart. That you might know, if you want to see It get the right woman, the woman, in her pocketbook, has a letter. It has a little cloth in it that I prayed over. Raise up your hand now, sister. That's right. All right. Go home and be well. Jesus makes you well.
L-48 You believe with all your heart? Do you believe that God is here? I am a stranger to you, but Jesus knows you. And Jesus can make you well. You are suffering with heart trouble, and you're real nervous. And the reason you're nervous is because you got lots of sorrow. You've been real sad. You have lost someone; it's a daughter. And your daughter was captured by German soldiers called Nazis...?... And you just had a dream. And you dreamed, that the daughter was here for awhile. That is true. Raise your hand. Go, and may God grant you your request.
Let us say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."--Ed.]
L-49 Dost thou believe with all your heart? You believe that God is here to make you well?
The man setting right here on the second row back. He has got heart trouble. Stand up. The Lord bless you.
Here It's right down here with that lady below you, looking over a man's shoulder, there in the aisle below you. The lady has a bad spirit. It's epilepsy. And the lady looking at me, setting right here, looking over the man's shoulder, gray haired, you believe with all your heart Jesus makes you well? Amen.
The lady has death spirit...?... on--on breasts. You believe Jesus makes you well? Have faith.
L-50 The man setting here trying to look over her head. He's got trouble with his eyes, and he's had trouble with his eyes since he was a little baby, sitting right here. Stand up, sir. That is right. The man with the glasses on... And you have had trouble, you had an accident once. That is right. Believe God, and God will make you well. Your faith does it. God bless you.
Second lady down there has arthritis, just below, just below, raise up to your feet. Jesus Christ makes you well. Hallelujah. That Spirit is pulling from the audience. There's so many places It's pulling from, I just can't see where It's all at. Every person that's in the building that's got cancer stand up, everyone that's got cancer stand up. Yes, sir. Jesus Christ makes you well. Everybody else stand that's got cancer... Stay up, stay up.
O God, Jesus of Nazareth I rebuke these demons of cancer who are calling for help. But I know that You rebuke them, and they get well in Jesus Name. Amen.
L-51 That was you that's starting in a special building, seems like [] in Jesus Name come out of the people. Amen.
It's Light over the whole building. You're healed. Praise be to God. Amen. Go, rejoice. Amen. Oh, It's moved. It's something wonderful, the drops is just like scattering over the whole building and when we pray it all leaves. It's wonderful. Oh, we thank the Lord.
The lady, she stands, she has trouble in her back--kidney in her back. All that's got kidney trouble, stand up to your feet. O Jesus Son of God, be merciful. I condemn the devil in the Name of Jesus. Come out Satan in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Oh, wonderful. I'm not a fanatic. I'm telling truth. The Holy Spirit's healing people by masses.
L-52 Let's say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."--Ed.] Oh, that's... (You can go now.)
Do you believe with all your heart? Heart trouble, in the heart, every one with heart trouble stand up. There it is. All that wants to be healed, stand to your feet.
O God, the Author of Life, send Thy blessings, and I rebuke every unclean spirit, and all the sickness, all the diseases, all the heart trouble, all the other diseases, all the afflictions. And O great God, Who raised up Jesus, have mercy at this time and heal everybody in here. I condemn the devil and cast him out in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
And the people said, "Praise the Lord."
All that wants to be healed, give God praise. There sets a lady. Here sets a lady with a white coat over the back of her. She's old...?...No, she's had a stroke. Stand up; Jesus makes you well. Say, "Praise the Lord." Raise up to your feet and give God praise...?...

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