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Palmerworm, Locust, Cankerworm, Caterpillar
53-0612, Palmerworm, Locust, Cankerworm, Caterpillar, Roberts Park Amphitheater, Connersville, IN, 84 min

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L-1 Greetings, the Name of our Lord Jesus. It's such a privilege to be here tonight, to minister again in His dear, precious Name. And now... []
Heavenly Father, we thank Thee already because Thou hearest our--our desires when we make them known, and our heart, You know even the thoughts of our heart. Our brother is very sick, I may have never met him in my life, but Thou knowest him. I'm sending that handkerchief in the Name of the Lord Jesus; and I pray God, when it's laid upon his body, that the prayer of faith shall save the sick and God shall raise him up. Grant it Lord, spare him this night, I pray in Christ's name. Amen. [] [Acts 19:11-12]
L-2 There has been a few things that's been bothering me; and that for some time. And I--I don't know any better place in my life to start from than Connersville, Indiana to do what I'm fixing to do see, that's right. It's a little... probably my last revival before going overseas. And they're making ready now, and I don't know just what the time. I'm a little startled. Brother Beeler here... []
I--I didn't... I knowed the man had a great name, and I slipped in behind a Coke machine to pray for him. He heard me confess it the other night when he was setting here. And then I went back home, they called me again, said, "Come on in." So I went over there, and just knelt and while I was kneeling there our Lord Jesus stopped the hemorrhaging and never had it since, see. He was perfectly normal and well from then on. So he just follows the meetings, and a very fine brother.
And while we were setting talking with Brother Beeler here. Been taking recordings here, an evangelist, a World War veteran, had a disaster, and hurt one of his hands and had to amputate it. And God... If you hear his story, if you're in evangelistic... wanting an evangelist, I would recommend Evangelist Beeler, as one of my bosom friends, and co-worker with me in the tabernacle at Jeffersonville. And he's here, he never told me to say that, but I just said it because I felt lead to say it, and a very loving brother. And while we were setting, having a meal together, I started to say something to Dr. Cauble, and I begin to talk to Brother Bosworth which was standing right before me; and he's in Africa, been there nearly a year, setting the meetings together. And then as I seen Brother Bosworth, he was coming this a way, to me. And I was talking to him, Brother Bosworth, and Brother Cauble and Brother Beeler looked around. And why was I talking to Brother Bosworth while talking to them? And here he was coming across the waters like that. I don't know what it means, only thing I can say that's what it was.
L-3 There is something has happened somewhere recently. I was riding one evening going down the road, about five or six months ago. The house had been packed all day, and--and I said to the wife, "If you can wait just a little bit, let me... don't let anyone else come in till I can get just a little rest. And I'm just about to pull my--my hair." And I got out and went down the road, and we was riding along in the car and all at once I seen something, the windshield begin... I looked and it, something happened. And--and I seen Brother Bosworth coming walking to me, and he laid down and some doctors picked him up and put him on a bed, and he was crying and he was calling my name.
And I--I heard my wife saying, "What's the matter?" Said, "You set so quiet for five minutes" and going around real steep cliffs on a old, rural road like that, and I didn't even know I was driving. So I stopped, and I said, "Honey, something's happened to Brother Bosworth, and let's pray. The Lord wants me to pray right now." And we started praying, and in just twenty-four hours, we checked the time, I was sitting in the house with a number of friends; and the phone rang and it was a cablegram from Durban, South Africa. That when he stepped off the train the prostate glands closed up and he was carried to a hospital, and he was calling for me to pray for him. And just exactly, the Angel of the Lord had beat that cablegram here twenty-four hours. That--that's how I begin to pray. And then immediately after that we give him a call, and he was done up and going again then. The Lord had done heard and answered prayer. Now isn't that wonderful? And God in heaven knows that to be true, and how that He's--He's been wonderful.
L-4 When the Angel of the Lord... I have a lot of criticism. I--I hope you believe me to be an honest person. I--I try to be honest. I--I try...want to be a man of honor, and a man of honor will be truthful and honest. And I--I've tried hard to serve the Lord. And I... when I... what I'm going to say now is just... for just a few moments, if you want to catch it now, I want it to go in the magazines.
And now to this audience here tonight, and a--a confession. In the beginning of my ministry... When a little baby born up in the hills of Kentucky, this light that you see on this picture here that we have tonight; and they've been selling at the meeting, just at... what it... We have to send, get them ourself, it's a copyright. That same Light come in that little cabin and stood over the bed, a little corn shuck bed, where I was born in a cabin in Kentucky, on April the sixth, 1909. And from a little bitty--little small lad of about, I suppose, two years old, was the first time I remember of That speaking to me. And He told me I would live near a city called New Albany, Indiana.
Well, that's where I've lived. And I was... That was a hundred and eighty or ninety miles up in Kentucky, near Burkesville, Kentucky.
L-5 Now, that's... All down through life That kept being remarkable. It'd show me things, tell me things was coming to pass. And I'm, to this night, I would like to ask any person in this world (and I'm willing to be exposed by any remark), that if any one time that you ever heard It say one thing but what was absolutely the truth, and that everything come to pass that He said so far, as far as I know, but this vision about Africa and India. And it will be. He tells things that will be, and things that has been, things that's on the--coming. I can't do it myself. He does it. And I've tried to be honest.
And when the Angel of the Lord met me, I... First, the people told me, the ministers... My pastor and the head man of the church, the officials and so forth, told me it was the devil. Only the devil would do things like that. Well, of course, it scared me. For years and years, I shunned it.
L-6 But one night, up here in Indiana, I was praying at an old fishing camp, where I used to go fishing. I'd go back in there many times to pray. And He had come to me. Under this Light, stood a Man, around six foot tall, hundred and--two hundred pounds, big arms, dark hair to His shoulders. And He was standing under that Light. And He told me I was borned in this world, to pray for sick people. Now, that's what He told me.
And said, "And you're to go be--pray for people around the world, for kings and monarchs and so... How could I believe that with a grammar school education? And I said to Him, I said, "Sir, I dwell among my people which is poor, and I'm uneducated, therefore I could not do this." He said--I said, "They wouldn't believe me."
And He said, "As the prophet Moses was given two signs, so shall it be given to you. Of two signs of a vindication of your ministry."
And--and I said, "Me? Pray for kings?" He said that was what I was to do. All right.
And so then, He said... I asked Him and He told me what to--what it would be. How I'd say... to pray for the people. And said for a Divine healing. And then said, "You'll know the very secrets of their heart."
And I said, "That's what I was here praying about. They told me (my ministers and them) told me it was of the devil." And He told me it was of God and referred to these Scriptures that I refer to, of Jesus Christ how He'd know the thoughts of the people's--of the woman at the well and so forth.
L-7 Well, I told Him I'd go and that's been six years ago, yeah, nearly seven. In that time, I've visit three kings' palaces, which has called on me to pray for them. And doctors and great men of congressmans and everything has been healed throughout the entire world, statesmans and everything.
I tell you what I've done, my Christian friend, as a confession. I say this without--without bitterness. I say this with the sincerity of my heart, before God Who is my solemn Judge. I believe I've done wrong in one way. I believe I've depended too much upon that discerning spirit instead of praying for the people.
Now, He never told me to go and tell everybody, just talk to them. He said, "Pray for the sick." That I was sent... And here's what He said, "If you'll be sincere when you pray and get the people to believe, nothing will stand before the prayer." Many of you has read that story, haven't you? How many has read my life story on that? I guess everybody in here. See?
L-8 It's published in seventeen different languages around the world. So, it's... And tonight, by God's grace, at seven years ago, just a little local Baptist preacher here in Jeffersonville, tonight by God's grace and His help, I have contacted, direct or indirect, around ten million people, and has sent out many great campaigns across the world.
Right in my own meetings, there's been nearly a half a million converts. And I don't know what it's produced out in others.
And now, by that I'm very thankful. But here's what I think I've done. I think in bringing the people up... If I could show you in my office, just for the last year that I've kept, just of letters, who says, "Brother Branham, I--I love you as a Christian brother. But I've been to as many as fourteen and fifteen of your meetings, and I can never be able to get up there for you to pray for me." Well, then I get others that...
L-9 Here the other day, a man down in Arkansas gave me a real good--a good friendly criticism. I appreciate that. Sometimes that helps me. It'll help anyone, a good criticism. He said, "Brother Branham, I've been to all the meetings, the Divine healing meetings throughout the country." He said, "I think yours is tops." He said, "I appreciate you in every way. But," said, "I think God raised up Oral Roberts to take your place, because you're... There's something wrong with you that you won't pray for the people." That cut; that hurt. God bless Brother Oral Roberts. He's my brother. If God has cho--chooses him to go out and...
He said, "While you're praying for three people, Oral Roberts will pray for five hundred." Now, he does. He just brings them through to... You've been to Oral's meetings. How many has ever been in Oral's meetings? I've--I've got... Most of you. Oral is one of my converts to di--not to Divine healing, 'cause he believed it in the first place. But he come set on my sidelines at Kansas City, having a little bitty tent meeting, with a dozen or two over in the other side of the city.
And he come over there and he said, "Brother Branham..." At that night back behind the curtains where we got our picture standing there. You seen it in the "Voice Of Healing." He said, "Brother Branham, you think God would hear my prayer for--for heal the sick?"
I said, "He will hear anybody's prayer that'll be sincere."
He said, "Here I go to pray for the sick."
I said, "The Lord God bless you, my brother."
L-10 Little Tommy Osborn, I think is the most settled man there is on the field anywhere. If anybody knows Tommy Osborn, I think there's not a man on the--on the field or anywhere in the Divine healing campaigns, to... that's any more settled. He don't make any kind of a big shows or brags. He preaches the Gospel. He never lays his hands on a person. But he--he does most of his works over in foreign countries.
And he goes over there and just explains Divine healing so plain, that the people just raise up, and accept Christ and get healed, and walk away. He doesn't make any wild claims. He only claims that he know... When he come to me, we was setting out on the porch. He'd seen that maniac out there. You read it in the book here. Little Tommy when he was converted, just a little old brother up there, had about a dozen in his mission.
He was setting there that night and seen that maniac walk--run to the platform. And brother, you mustn't bluff when you come against anything like that. You must know what you're talking about. An insanity...
L-11 And so, he seen what happened. He locked hisself in a room for three days, nailed hisself up and then come down to my place. And he said, "Brother Branham, I--my heart is stirred. You think God has give me a gift of Divine healing?" I looked at him. He was a promising young man. And I said... Very nervous, he just... You know how he is. Little bitty fellow and he... I said, "Brother Osborn, look. You don't understand what a gift of healing is, brother. A gift of healing is faith in healing." I said, "What you believe. If you believe it, of course, that's right. It's all by faith."
"But" I said, "Brother Osborn, you're a promising little man. And I see that you're--you... I believe you're a good level Scripture teacher." I said, "Let me ask you something. If you want to be a success in life, don't claim nothing you haven't got. It'll be showed anyhow after while that you're--you're falsely." See? I said, "Just be honest before God and go on out." I said, "You know... You believe the Bible teaches Divine healing?"
He said, "Yes, Brother Branham."
I said, "Teach that. God made you a preacher. And you go out and just preach the Word clear..." I said, "You see the old oak tree?" (Which that was Brother Bosworth.) I said, "Get with him and stay with him about a year. Let him teach you all the angles. But" I said, "he's been preaching Divine healing before I was borned. He was preaching Divine healing and holding meetings."
And Brother Osborn stayed with him about a year and a half, and he is one of the most solid man on the fields.
L-12 Now, here's what it's done, Christian friends. How many Holy Ghost people is here tonight, borned-again? Let's see your hands way up high now, Pentecostal people? All right. It's you I'm going to talk to. And I'm going to talk to you from the depths of my heart, which this is going in magazines now. In many magazines it'll go across the world (See?), what I'm going to say.
It's a--it's a pity that Christianity and Christian people can't settle down to real truth about things. It--it is. See?
L-13 Now, I'll tell you what. I have tried to follow the leadings of the Holy Spirit. When I first started praying for the sick, I started out and the people--they all seek after wonders and signs. The tr... I will say as Martin Luther, in his--in his no--footnotes in one of his sermons. He said, "The people goes after gifts instead of the Giver." That's true. See? They go after signs instead of the Giver.
Now, that's a whole lot among we people. I'm glad that if you'll let me call myself one of you tonight, among one of your group. That's what the trouble... Not only in our Pentecostal groups, but out yonder in the fundamental ranks too, it's a carnal comparison, friends. I say this with love. But it's got to a place the people see the--something done, then everybody tries to impersonate that same thing. And when they do that, it's not the truth, brother. They bring things which is unscriptural.
L-14 Here the other day, a man come in... A--a man drove all the way from California to my place with a--a little girl, about sixteen years old. And some fellow said, "I've got the Spirit like that too." Said, "I've got a spirit discernment." Said, "Oh, that girl's got cancer." And like to scared the little thing to death. They drove from California. That child didn't have no more cancer than no--than--than this little boy here is cross-eyed. See? Not a bit more.
The child was all right. Hundreds of people coming into the meeting. And here someone wrote to my secretary the other day, Mrs. Cox. And said, "You... I have the spirit of the discernment too." He said, "Of course, I know, Brother Branham, but" said, "you have gall stone, you have this and you..." Why, the list of things that long. Said, "The reason you're living up in a house that a stream of water runs under it." Friends, no wonder this world scorns and laughs at Divine healing.
L-15 Here the other day, I seen a person had an old man in a sheet. I went to what they call a healing service. They was jerking him up-and-down like that. And the old fellow had heart trouble. And a woman taking a stick, and run around beating like that, saying, "Get out devil. Shoo, shoo," like that--talking about Divine healing.
And I went to a healing, a man very prominently known. Said, "I got a healing in my right hand." Laid it on a person, said, "Feel that? Feel that?" And I called the man back behind his tent, and I said, "It's a lie." That's right. I said, "You can get by that. Sure, people will just believe just anything you tell them. But" I said, "in the sight of God you'll have to answer for that someday."
L-16 And here the other night, standing right here... The man's listening to me, no doubt, now, a fine man. I--I don't know his name. I was talking to him yesterday. The man is probably listening to me right now. He stood there and was talking to me about people coming around.
Said, "Here's what makes it on Divine healing." He said, "I've watched about your offerings, Brother Branham." See? He said, "I've noticed you've never strained on offerings."
I said, "No, sir. No indeedy."
And he said... And many times, my managers has said, "Brother Branham, we ain't got enough money to make the expenses. We got to put some pressure on the meeting."
I said, "No. You'll never put pressure on any meeting that I'm preaching in for money. No, sir. I never come for that. I come to help people." That's exactly right. Sometimes it gets so low, we have to go and maybe borrow money somewhere to tie that over. And sometimes our meetings--maybe in the thousands--won't average over a--a half a cent apiece of the people. But we never let them beg for money. No, sir. That's against the rules.
L-17 And they--this man was telling me, said, "I was in a campaign here not long ago, and he said you know what happened?" He said, "The man stood up, and he said, after he took a offering, he'd go down and say, 'Who will give me tens?' and 'Who will give me fives?' and like that."
Now, brother, God have mercy on me. If I have--ever have to get to do that, then I will go back home, and lay on my stomach and drink branch water, and eat soda crackers, and half starve to death, and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ before I will do something like that. God being my Helper. That's right. That's right. Yes, sir. God is able.
He said--told a couple of farmers, said, "Now, the Lord is going to send a storm through here and tear up your farms if you don't put in a couple of hundred dollars in the..."
Now, that's a lie. And that's just what gets people so down on Divine healing and truth. But brother, in the midst of all that, to you fundamental people that's setting here; there is a real genuine God that heals the sick. And there's a real genuine... That's right.
L-18 I went to a lady's meeting, here some time ago. I won't call names. But just to show you. The lady stood up and said, "I--I... The Lord tells me there's somebody in here got a kidney trouble." Oh, sure. There's probably a dozen or two setting in here that's got kidney trouble. "The Lord says there's somebody in here that's backslid, and He is talking to them right now." Well, I--probably that's right. If the Gospel is being preached, it's talking to every backslider. See? That's true.
That's psychology, friends. That's purely psychology. And that's all. And now, I'm--I'm honest with you, and I'm going to tell you something. See?
L-19 I went to a meeting here recently, and a man very well known (and a Baptist brother was setting with me), and he'd just got what... And you wonder why I'm not in the "Voice Of Healing." That's the reason. Everything going along like that. Why, brother...
A certain person in there that said they were setting before... in the room praying, and said God the Father sent two angels down and picked him up and took him up in the Presence of God. And said, "My son, I'm giving you the gift of Divine healing."
Now, that's wrong. There is no such a thing. There's... might... "a" gift, but not "the" gift. See? And taken before God the Father, no man has seen God and look at Him in His face like that. See? That's right. And said it... the Angels... And said, "He said, 'My son, I'm giving you the gift of Divine healing. And I'm sending you back to the earth and giving you power to open the eyes of the blind, to unstop the ears of the deaf," and so forth like that. And people reading that, shouting. Brother...
L-20 Now, this is kindly cutting it home tonight. But listen, this is what will do you... You might not like me now, but brother, at the day of judgment you'll see I've told you the truth and been one man that's honest with you. That's right.
Now, that's just as unscriptural as it can be. And when this Baptist brother come around, he said, "Brother Branham, I got your paper."
I said, "Not my paper."
He laid it down and said, "Look at this. What do you think of this?"
And I have nothing against the "Voice of Healing." But the trouble with the "Voice Of Healing"... Here's what I got away from it. It glorifies the man instead of the Christ. Christ is what we want to get glory. This man's got a tent, they out-seats this one. And this one out-seats that one. What--who is these men? Who are we? We're nothing but six foot of dust by the mercies of God. If we got what we deserve, we'd be in hell. That's exactly right.
It's Jesus Christ we're trying to exalt and point to. Not whether you got a half a dozen or ten thousand. What difference does that make? If you're looking for numbers, why, the Catholic church has done got us so snowed under... And the world has done got us beat altogether.
It's not numbers. God doesn't dwell in multitudes. He dwells in sincere hearts. Christ--what do you think Christ's crowd would have compared with Caiaphas' would've called over the nation? His little crowd of three or four, five thousand at a time when they gathered together and the people with Christ's day. But Caiaphas could have called three or four million together. So there you are. It don't... Not in crowds, friends. There's... Don't get that on your minds.
L-21 But this--this person said, this doctor of divinity, he said, "Brother Branham, did God do that?"
I said, "I'm going to beat you to it. Now, I can't say whether He did or didn't. I'm not to judge. But I'm going to say before you tell me, let me see him prove it." See? That's right. Let me see it proved, then I will believe it. See?
If God give the man power to open blinded eyes, it doesn't belong to God any more. It belongs to the man. If--if you give me the money to buy a suit of clothes, said, "Here Brother Branham, here's money to buy you a suit." It's not yours any more. It's mine.
If I am a healer, then I can heal. If God give me the power to open blinded eyes, then I can open them. That's my business then; it belongs to me. But God never give it to any man. He hasn't give it to me. And I don't believe there's any man living today that has it. And it ain't coming. Because that lays in Calvary, and it's already been done. It's... Only thing any man can do is point you to what's already been done for you in Jesus Christ. That's right. He is the Jehovah-jireh. He is God's Provided Sacrifice. And everything that you have need of, lays in Him. [Isaiah 53:5], [Genesis 22:1-14]
L-22 Standing there the other night, a lady come up. This man said, "I smell a spirit of an infirmity." Now, the sense of smelling declaring a supernatural being, you know that's not right. And yet, five or six thousand people setting there. "I... 'Sniff, sniff [Brother Branham illustrates.--Ed.]' I smell an infirmity. 'Sniff, sniff [Brother Branham illustrates.--Ed.].' It's here somewhere." Now, you know... I'm not criticizing the man. I'm just only... I ask you first if you were Pentecostal people. I'm trying to get something to you that's the truth.
L-23 And brother, now, I'm going to make a confession. I think I'm the cause of a big part of it. Now, that's right. And I ask God to forgive me. If I'd have kept my senses right and not listened to a bunch of managers to try to just bring everybody by and this, that, or the other. And went ahead and done what God told me to, I'd been better off tonight and so would the whole church. That's right. It's true.
Now, that's the honest truth. Sure, that's a sign. Absolutely. I'll give anyone... You go down to my city; you take any of my books; you go anywhere you want to and see if one thing was ever predicted, anything... And if I was dying right here at this platform tonight, and my hands laying on the Bible right here before my Lord Jesus, He is the supernatural Light that you see. I have seen Him.
I've seen Him right out there, standing, with my eyes wide open, looking at Him. He's come to me and told me things. And that gift of discernment to know things that was to come to pass and how He reveals it, it's without one blemish, the honest to goodness truth. Now, that's right. That's...
L-24 And that wasn't done to... Moses, when he had taken his signs, he didn't go down and say, "Now, looky here. I'm healing my hand with leprosy. You see? And I'm taking this..." He did it once. And then said, "Come on. Follow me."
But that's been wrong. Everybody has rallied to see the gift work. Everybody has rallied to see this work. And every person that they think... If God don't tell them just what's in their life and how it's going to outcome, they can't step out for faith. It's--it'll become such a thing, like the brass serpent was, one of these days. The prophet run in there and tore the thing up. That's the truth. Now, I'm preaching to myself. And what's that... If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. And I did wrong in doing that.
L-25 When thousands of people has come to the meeting, I ought to have been bringing them across the platform praying for them, what God told me to do. Don't you think that's the truth? So, by God's grace and God's help, and if He will give me grace to do it, I'm intending by His help... Sure, them signs, that gift, it'll always accompany my life. It'll always be as long as I'm here on earth. That'll be just the same. "Gifts and callings are without repentance. God will deal with me the way I use it. But it's without repentance. It'll always remain there. That's true.
And I--if I'd have went ahead like I started at first, I just brought the people across the line, and I prayed for each one of them. And when God--something showed me that there was something wrong, or something I should tell a person, I stopped them and told them what to do. And then I went ahead and prayed for another one. I'd pray for a hundred, or maybe a hundred and fifty, two hundred a night, maybe more than that. And people just flocked in everywhere.
L-26 But now, what's happened. There's just a few; I have to stop, and it's... And if I just let the vision come as it will, it doesn't bother me, what I'm going...?... It's a Divine gift that I take up my own parable of work that He told me, and--and go forward to meet the thing. Then you see, you're forcing yourself in to something. See what I mean?
But now, there's--there's people... There's even people setting right here since I've been talking, I absolutely know, was setting right here and seen the Angel of the Lord stand over them in a vision, know what is wrong with them, standing right here in the platform, where I'm standing now. Now, that's the truth. See?
But I--I just don't say nothing about it, and I just go ahead and pray for the sick. And I think that's what I'm going to do by God's help. That's right. Go right around and start praying for the sick. And God says anything to do, well, then I'll do it. See? And if He don't tell me, then I'll just go right ahead and pray for the sick and go on. It's up to you to believe it.
L-27 And now, look. Through there, everybody seen the meetings. When I first started, there was a lot of tinsel on it. When I first started, why, there was tens of thousands of people that'd swarm out everywhere. Then everybody begin to get... three or four of these Pentecostal groups, one of them said, "Come, go with us. We're the--we're the larger group."
The other one said, "No, we--you... We--we got the most spiritual people."
I stood in the breach and said, "We are brethren." Not my--what this group was, what that group was. We are one in Christ Jesus and--and quit the fussing about who's this and who's that. See? You're getting just as formal as the rest of the churches by it. You see? And course, it will. And finally be laid on the shelf, just like the rest of them.
L-28 But, children of God, you who are in the church, don't let your little churches fall like that. Stay in it and stay spiritual. And look at the next man across the street and recognize him as your brother. Yes, sir. That's right. No matter what church he belongs to.
If he is a Methodist and got the Holy Ghost, shake his hand and say, "Hello, brother." Baptist, Presbyterian, or Roman Catholic, no matter what he is, if he belongs to the Church of God, Assemblies of God, Pentecostal United church, or whatever they are. Everybody's brothers in Christ Jesus when we become borned again of the Spirit of God. That's right. And there's no difference in us. God's set some in the Church for certain things. But there's no difference in the whole overall picture. Amen. All right. [Acts 2:37-39]
L-29 You believe that? Say, "Amen." Will you pray for me and--and the success, that God will help me? And by my... Friends, if I got anything that I think is wrong, I'm going to confess it right here, not wait to get up yonder. I'm going to tell it right here. That's right.
And I've been honest with you. And I'm trying to be honest. I--I want to be honest. And I--if I am honest with you, I'll be honest with God. And if I'm not honest with you, I can't be honest with God. That's right. 'Cause you're the purchase of His Blood.
The way I treat you, that's my attitude towards God. I've often wondered what I would do if I had a little charger that had two drops of the literal Blood of Jesus that fell at Calvary. How I would embrace that and how close I would walk with it, that I didn't drop it or anything.
Do you know in the sight of God, I've got a greater than that here before me tonight? I've got the purchase of His Blood. He loved you more than He loved His own life. He gave His life for you. So, how must I handle you? I must be honest and sincere. And I think maybe we'll just start...
L-30 And you men and women here, just preach the Gospel. Don't claim nothing that you can't back up. For Satan's going to bring you to a showdown. That's exactly right. That's right.
Like people trying to impersonate the Holy Spirit. Many of them has went out and spoke with tongues and claimed to have the Holy Ghost and done everything there was to be done. That's right. They didn't have the Holy Spirit to start with. That's right. But they was just trying to impersonate some--act like somebody else.
You be just what you are. And God help us to see the day when everybody will be what they are. Just exactly. That... Anything I despise, is a hypocrite. That's right. And God hates the same thing. It'd be better for an infidel, would have a better chance getting to heaven than the hypocrite. Now, you know that's the truth. An infidel's sincere heart and couldn't see it... I believe that's the truth.
L-31 Now, let's be sincere. And let's be just what we are. If I wasn't for Christ tonight, I'd be against Christ. I'd be against Him. And I'm--I'm for Him. I believe Him. I love Him. I'm ready to die for Him right now. Because I believe Him.
And I believe Divine healing, and I know it's right. And that's why I'm here declaring it. If I didn't believe it, I certainly wouldn't be here trying to say something that I didn't believe in. I'd be here declaring just what I thought was right.
If I could join up with the fundamental groups and say that the Church of Christ and the--many of the others that doesn't believe in Divine healing... And--and their way, if I could believe that was the truth, I'd be right with them tonight. It's exactly.
But I do not believe that they're Scripturally right, so I believe that God's Word here proves Divine healing. I believe the Holy Spirit... The proof of the pudding is the eating thereof. Look what God is a doing. See? And I know it's the truth and that's the reason I'm with this group tonight. Is because that I believe they've got the real absolutely charm of God's love in their hearts. I believe it.
I believe they need a lot of good sound teaching, but I believe they got the Holy Ghost. I believe that. That's the reason I'm with them. That's the reason they sponsor meetings, because they believe in the supernatural. And that's the group...
L-32 Some great fellow... Well, I'll tell you who it was then. It was Dr. Sandon, in the Billy Graham's teacher of science. He was setting in my house a few weeks ago. Signed his book. He said, "Brother Branham, that's the most marvelous thing." He set in there, and God revealed his life to him, told him what he had done back when he was a child and things, you know.
He said, "That's the most marvelous thing I ever seen." He said, "My!" Said, "The only thing it is, Brother Branham, you fool around too many..." Said, "They tell me you... Just about half of your groups or more in Pentecostals."
I said, "What if I come to Wheaton? Will you sponsor it?"
Said, "Well, of course..."
I said, "That's what I thought." Uh-huh. Well, of course. It's the Pentecostal people who believe it. And where the carcass is, the eagles will be gathered. Exactly. That's right. God help us. Send us teachers that'll straighten... to--to get these old middle walls of partition broke down, so we can get to be one in Christ Jesus, so the rapture can take us home. Get it over with. Amen. [Matthew 24:28], [I Thessalonians 4:13-18]
L-33 I feel like preaching a few minutes right now. Amen. Let's read some over in Joel now. And then we're going right straight to the prayer line. And as soon as the--a few comments.
Over in the book of Joel... I was setting out here on the side of the road a while ago. Billy and I had come up, and he come in to bring the books in and things.
And say by the way, if you know anybody that wants books, remember tomorrow night is the last night. I respect God's day. I don't sell on Sunday. There's no literature or nothing that's sold in our meetings or nothing on Sunday. No, sir. She closes up Saturday night. If you won't get a book now, and been think, "About Sunday night, I'll get it," get it tomorrow night. I thank you.
I'm not a book salesman. I don't--I don't sell books, friends. If I didn't think that would help you, I wouldn't say one word about it and wouldn't even have it published or permit it to be published. And they're not my books. I buy them at forty percent off, and--and bring them here and sell them to you. That's exactly for handling charges.
Gor--that book belongs to Gordon Lindsay. The other one belongs to Julius Stadsklev. And I just send and get them by the groups like that. Then I--and then give them... And I get them forty percent off, then send them out like that. And give them out to the people. That's the truth.
L-34 And the picture, I just have it printed. And that's just handling charges, exactly. And that... Get a permit to have so much printed and then send them out like that. Not one thing...
And friends, it's the truth tonight. I've had as--as much as a million five hundred thousand dollars give me at one time. And if I had to rake up tonight anything over... If I had to rake up over five hundred dollars tonight, of my own personal money, I'd have to be shot. If--if that's what it's taken. That's...
L-35 Somebody over in Calgary, Canada give me enough money, twenty-eight thousand dollars to build a house. And here's my people right here from the church, who knows it. And here's the trustees. Some of them setting right here that's acting on the board right now.
And when they built that house, I looked at. A nice little picture room and house up there and I thought, "That's beautiful." And I--I said, "I don't deserve that, Lord." And I turned it over to the Tabernacle. And it belongs to them, not me. I've brought nothing in to this world; I'll take nothing out but my soul before God. And I want it to be clean and pure when I hit in that day.
L-36 And I have taken no money from no peoples. That's exactly. And could have been a millionaire tonight, if I'd took the money. It's not what I beg but, what people offered me, to give me. And I wouldn't do it. No, sir.
And I feel the same way tonight. Before God, I tell the truth. God knows it. And I've shu... And I have--covet no person's money or anything they got. The only thing I want is your favor, so I can tell you about Jesus Christ and--and His glory. That's true.
L-37 All right, Joel 1. Let's read real... a few moments now to--about the prophet. And then we're going to speak just for a moment, and then go right into the service and call a great group of people here tonight. And I believe God is going to do the exceedingly abundantly above all that we could believe or think. You believe that? All right.
Now, before we open His Book, let's bow our heads and talk to Him just a moment.
L-38 Heavenly Father, we thank Thee tonight for the promise of the Holy Spirit. I pray that You'll bless this little group. In these next few moments of speaking, may the Holy Spirit... We're not able to open this Word, Lord. John saw it over there, One setting on the throne. And He had the Book, and there was no one that was able or worthy to open the Book or to loose the seals thereof: no man in heaven, no man on earth, or no one beneath the earth. Oh, he wept much.
And then he heard a Lamb bleating. And he looked, and it was a Lamb as though It had been slain from the foundation of the world. And He was worthy. And He went and took the Book out of the right-hand of Him that set upon the throne. And loosed the seals thereof and opened the Book.
And O Lamb of God, come tonight. And as I turn back these pages, open the Word to us, Lord. Loose every seal, and may the Spirit of God move in this building tonight. Convince sinners of their wrong. Convince those who are without the Holy Spirit that they will receive It. Convince unbelievers that they are in error. And heal the sick. For we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen. [Revelation 5:1-14]
L-39 Joel 1, beginning with the 4th verse, I want to read a little Scripture. I don't have time for much more. And about fifteen minutes talk, and then we'll have about thirty minutes of seeing how many we can pray for. And tomorrow night, likewise, the Lord willing.
That which the palmerworm hath left... the locust has eaten... that which the locust has left... the cankerworm has eaten... that which the cankerworm has left... the caterpillar has eaten.
Awake, ye drunkards, and weep; and howl, all ye drinkers of wine, because... the new wine... is cut off from your mouth.
For a nation is come upon the land, strong, and without number, whose teeth is the teeth of a lion, and he has--has the cheek teeth of a great lion.
And he has laid my vine waste, and is breaking my fig tree: he has made it clean bare, and has cast it away; the branches thereof are made white. [Joel 1:4-7]

God bless His Word. And may It do as He said, not return to Him void, but accomplish that which It's purposed for.
L-40 During this time of Joel's prophecy here, the Church was in a terrible condition: backslid, just prior the coming of the Lord, the first time. And how that the Spirit come upon this prophet and he--he foresaw things. And he saw the--the condition of the Jews. And he saw the condition of the Church in this day.
Now, this prophecy, of course, like all other prophecy, has a compound meaning. A prophecy sometime has a natural meaning. Then it has a spiritual meaning. Now, of course, the natural meaning of that, even Dr. Scofield in his footnotes (I'm not a Scofieldite) but--but however, in his footnotes there, he gives that it meant when the Syrians come over and invaded. That's true.
But it also had a--a meaning of--of the last days, towards the Armageddon, the coming up of the last days, the condition of the Church spiritually in the last days. [Revelation 16:12-16], [Joel 1:4-7]
L-41 And while I was setting out this afternoon reading. I thought... I happened to turn over to Joel, and I thought... The Lord just spoke to me, something about Joel there and that palmerworm, cankerworm, caterpillar, and locust. And how it had stripped the tree.
Now, that tree was represented again in Matthew 24, when Jesus spoke of the tree. The tree is always... The Jewish Church has always been the fig tree. We are the... That's the tame tree and the wild tree. And we were the wild tree which was grafted into the tame tree.
And Jesus spoke up there in Matthew 24, "When you see the olive tree--or the fig tree, rather, putting forth buds, you know that spring's nigh." Likewise, see, when you begin to see the Jews returning to Palestine, in other words, know the time is nigh, even at the door. [Matthew 24:32]
L-42 Here some time ago, I was speaking with an infidel down on the street. And he said, "Preacher, I can prove to you that the Bible is a lie."
I said, "You can't. I just don't believe..."
He said, "It contradicts Itself."
I said, "I want you to show it to me." See? I said, "It isn't there."
He said, "If I'll prove to you that that Jesus of Nazareth told something wasn't true, will you believe it?"
I said, "I don't believe you could do it. Anything that's proved is proved. But" I said, "I don't believe you can do it."
He said, "I'll prove it by His own Words."
I said, "All right."
He said, "Looky here, Jesus of Nazareth..." He studied to be a Roman priest and got sour against the thing. And went back out into the world and become a perfect infidel. And was standing... I was on one corner preaching, he was up in the little lot there in New Albany, out in the park, with a Bible laying there. Said, "That was the orneriest Book was ever written. It ain't even... shouldn't be put on--in public literature, out amongst public literature and things." Said, "Oh, it was so deceiving. It was..." all he called it. And me down on the other corner, preaching the Gospel.
L-43 He come down there with a big chew of tobacco in his mouth, he said, [Brother Branham makes a spitting noise.--Ed.] almost spit on my feet. Said, "You mean to tell me that you believe there is a God?"
I said, "Yes, sir."
And he said, "If I'll prove to you there is no such a thing as God, will you accept it?"
I said, "Yes, sir."
And I was, well, just a kid then. And I--I didn't know too much about the Scripture. So, he... I don't yet tonight. But I know the Author of it; that's the main thing. So then, he said, "Well, how many senses is to the human body?" And he was a smart man.
And I said, "Well, you know."
And he said, "I want you to say."
I said, "Five."
He said, "Name them."
I said, "See, taste, feel, smell and hear."
Said, "All right. If He was a human God now, as they claim He was. He was made manifest here among us. Then one of these five human senses ought to declare Him." And he said, "Is that right?" Well, a gang of people, the infidel and preacher together. So, you know what it caused. Here come everybody running up. You see?
L-44 And he was standing there, some groceries under his arm. And I'd just come out of a store from getting some sandwiches. And he said, "Well, isn't that right?"
I said, "Well, that sounds reasonable, why?"
He said, "All right. Did you ever see your God?"
I said, "Well, yes, sir. One night..."
He said, "Now, let me see Him."
And I said, "Well, of course, you're lost."
Said, "We ain't talking about faith. I want... My sense of sights just the same as yours. And if you've seen Him, let me see Him."
I said, "Well, I saw Him by vision."
He said, "Well, let me see the vision."
And I said, "Well, you don't..."
"Oh," said, "not believe now. No, no. You can't cut me off." He said, "You never did see Him. You never did feeled Him."
I said, "Oh, I felt Him."
He said, "No... Well, if you felt Him, let me feeled Him." Said, "My sense of feeling is just as good as yours. And it's the same sense." Said, "Bring Him here, let me feeled Him here, and I'll believe Him." Said, "You said you felt Him."
I said, "I feeled Him in my heart."
He said, "Well, let me feeled Him that way."
I said, "Well, if you'd get down and believe..."
He said, "No. Not your psychology. I want to know truth." And He was holding...
L-45 Well, I knowed I wasn't up against no little boy. And he chewed that tobacco, you know, and spit down like that. And I said, "Well, don't spit on my foot, sir."
And so, he said, "Well. See?" Said, "Well, you are all tied up here, aren't you?" He said, "You never did see Him, feeled Him, taste Him, smell Him, or hear Him. And therefore, if none of the five senses won't declare Him. Then there's no such a thing, and quit your nonsense around here, deceiving the people."
I thought, "Oh, my."
He said, "Now, if He is a human God," said, "you believe that He was human?"
I said, "Yes, sir. I believe that Jesus Christ was human."
"And He rose from the dead and He is among man to..."
"Yes, sir. I believe that."
"He rose from that body?"
"Yes, sir. That's--that's right."
"All right. Now, let me see Him. Let me see one of the senses declare Him."
L-46 And oh, he had a pretty stiff argument. And I thought, "O Lord." I had been preaching about three months then. And I thought, "What am I going to do?" I said, "Lord, You told me take no thought what I'd say. That You said You'd add it at that--at that time." And I thought, "Lord, what can I do?" In my heart I was praying. I begin to see something. You know, they say, "Give a cow enough rope, it'll hang itself." So, that's about right. So, I begin to see something moving up, the Holy Spirit moving. I said, "That's true." I said, "I--I certainly... I--I believe you got..."
"Oh," he said, "you're begin to come to yourself, aren't you?"
I said, "Maybe I am." And I said, "I--I tell you; you're really a smart man." I said, "You got a good mind, buddy."
He said, "Well, my mother never raised no fools." And he spit like that. [Matthew 10:19], [Mark 13:11]
L-47 And I said, "Well," I said, "you're really a smart man. You got a good mind."
He said, "Sure, I got a good mind. Now, get away from all that kind of stuff."
I said, "Just a moment. Did you say you had a mind?"
He said, "Why, sure."
I said, "I don't believe it."
And he said, "Well, what's the matter with you? You must've lost what you had."
And I said, "No." I said, "If you... Is it a human mind?"
He said, "Why, yes."
I said, "Now, come on. I was gentleman with you; you be gentleman with me." I said, "You wanted to embarrass me. Now, come on. Was it a human mind?"
He said, "Why, yes."
I said, "If it's a human mind, one of the human senses then ought to declare it." I said, "How many senses of the body?"
He said, "Well..."
I said, "You name them. How many is there?"
He said, "Five."
I said, "What are they?"
He said, "Well, we just..."
I said, "You say them like I did." See, I was holding my point to him.
He said, "See, taste, feel..."
I said, "Did you ever see your mind? Smell your mind? Taste your mind? Feel your mind? Or hear your mind?"
"No, sir."
I said, "Then you haven't got any mind? That's right. You're just absolutely..."
And he said--he said, "Well, I know I got a mind."
I said, "I know I got a God too." And that's just exactly. Amen.
And I... One of the boys was standing there, had a rose pinned on his lapel. And I pulled the pin out like that. And I thought I would have a little fun out of him then. I walked over where he was. And I said, "Now, you see what I mean?" And I stuck him on the arm. I...
He said, "Hey!"
And I said, "Did you feel that?"
He said, "Yes."
And I said (he was going to slap me then), so he said--I said, "I didn't feeled it." I said, "I didn't feel it."
He said, "Let me stick you."
And I said, "That's what I thought."
That's right. You accept the same Christ I--I've accept, and now you will feel Him the same way I feeled Him. Just exactly. Let the pin stick the other way.
L-48 It's possible you can be setting here (every one of us has got the same senses) and you can have such a headache that you can't hardly set still. And I wouldn't have no headache. How do I know about your headache?
It's something dealing individual with you. And how the Spirit of God can come down into a group of people and can baptize that person in such a way that the power of God carries them to where they don't even know where they're standing. And the next person sets around them, know nothing about it. That's right. [Deuteronomy 4:12], [Acts 22:6-9]
L-49 Doctor said, to me not long ago, said, "Billy, don't you think them people, them Pentecostal people is just excited?"
I said, "No, sir. I don't."
He said, "Well, what makes them... That's nervousness, because they scream and holler and go on."
I said, "Doctor, you mean to tell me that the nerves can be excited without something to excite them? Something has to excite them.
"So--so what's there?"
I said, "The unseen force of the Holy Ghost moving among us. It excites that borned again Spirit." Right. It brings an excitement to that spirit. The power of God foams down through. Faith cometh by hearing. The Holy Ghost takes the Word, spreads It out over the people to catch It, with a power--that regenerated borned again Life. Something has got to cry out. Right. [Romans 10:17]
L-50 Joel seen the day coming when that would be changed. When they'd adopt... God help the day when they have come and dop--adopted theology in the stead of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. God help the day when you--when you took away tithings from the church, and--and boiled up some old tough rooster and sold it for fifty cents a plate, to get money to pay the preacher. It's a shame. You...
God help the day that when you've--when you substituted for the upper room, a supper room. God help the day. That's right. What we need today is a good old fashion Saint Paul's revival in the Bible Holy Ghost preached back in It's power and simplicity. [Acts 2:1-15]
L-51 Not long ago, I was thinking. I was way up in Canada, and I was riding one night. I'd been way back, about forty or fifty miles. Thousand miles from a hardtop road, last fall. Was back there a hunting. And I was riding out through the moonlight, and I come to where there was a big old burn-over. And there was a great big bunch of great big tall stately pines. And the moon was shining on them. It looked like a graveyard, a spooky-looking place.
And there come a wind coming down. And the wind begin to hit them and they'd go, "Mooood," just a mournful sound.
I stood and looked at it a little bit. And I thought of this Scripture right here. Yes, sir. Those trees puts me in a mind of some of these great big fine spired churches standing up here, but just as dead as a doornail. Even the palmerworm's eat all the bark off of them and everything else. The fiery trials has blazed all the Spirit away from it. And there's nothing left but a big statue, just as dead as can be.
And when the rushing mighty wind comes from heaven, the only thing they can do is groan, and carry on, and say it ain't so (That's right.), hardly knowing anything. That's right. They say, "Days of miracles is past." Just every time God sends a revival, and signs and wonders begin to come up, and fall around the people, and things like that, they say, "Oh, the days of miracles is past." [Joel 1:4-7]
L-52 What the palmerworm left, the caterpillar eaten. What the Methodist left, the Baptist eaten. What the Baptist left, the Presbyterian eaten. What the Presbyterian left, the Pentecost eaten. Till it's got to a place, God... Why, you stripped the tree of everything it's got. All the power, all the joy, all the good things that God give to His Church on the day of Pentecost, they've tore it out. Nothing left but a big church name. Haaa. Hallelujah!
Brother, let me tell you what this world needs tonight is a gulf, a Church. Now, the old dead tree is standing there. Oh, sure. "We got a name." Sure. You was once a tree but what about now? That's the Pentecostal church too. Got the hardest kick I ever got about Divine healing, was from a Assemblies of God man. That's exactly right. He told me that he... [Joel 1:4-7]
L-53 We had a armory down at Hot Springs, Arkansas, and we couldn't have enough seats. We had several thousand people. He had a great big lot of seats. He said... And anybody that believed in Divine healing, couldn't even set on his seats. Oh, my. What a shame.
What's the matter? Watch the same thing. You've took the route of the dead tree. What the palmerworm left, the caterpillar eaten. The Baptist took the shouting away from the Methodist. And one eat this, and one eat that, till they stripped the church down till they got them setting just as dead as a doornail (Right.), no Spirit, no shouting, no joy, no peace, no healing, no nothing. How? Oh, my. What the Methodist left, the Baptist eaten. What the Baptist left, the caterpillar eaten, or some other church. And this one eat this, and this took that away, and this took that away. You haven't got nothing but just a church creed. Hallelujah! You know that's the truth. That's the truth. [Joel 1:4-7]
L-54 What one left, the other eat. Until you ain't got nothing but a big dead tree. And every time God sends a big rush of glory down, you just set there and moan, and say, "I don't believe it. It's psychology. It's this. It's that. It's this. It's that." And...?... will move... Dead from the roots up: twice dead, plucked up by the roots. It's a sad looking day. [Jude 1:12]
When Joel looked at that and saw that, he said, "But God said, I will restore, saith the Lord." Hallelujah! If that wasn't in there, I wouldn't know how to preach it. "But I will restore, saith the Lord." [Joel 1:4-7]
L-55 I happened to look that night there when that wind was a blowing through, how stiff, and starchy, and dead it was, setting there moaning and groaning. When... Didn't have no life to bend with it, no bark on it to make it flexible. It was just there moaning and groaning on account of the wind. Huh. My, my. "Dr. So-and-So said so-and-so." Oh, my.
But I happened to notice, down underneath there, was some undergrowth coming up, some little bushes about like that. They had life in them. When that wind begin to hit them, they was just twisting, and ringing, and shouting, and having a glorious time. Let me tell you, brother, God's going to raise up a generation of people out of all this dead stuff that's going to restore, saith the Lord.
God's going to raise up people who believes in signs and wonders, going to raise up people who's got joy unspeakable and full of glory. And when the rushing mighty wind comes, it gives right in to it, and frolics, and dances, and glorifies God. Hallelujah! Green leaves a clapping their hands and having a wonderful time and... Well, what a frolic that little undergrowth was having. But that big old tree, standing there just moaning and groaning: same wind. [Joel 1:4-7]
L-56 Look, the same wind was making one moan and groan, was giving the other one a big time. And I happened to think, "Well, what's this one doing?" And every time that little tree would twist, what would it do? It would pull the roots, loosen up the ground (That's right.), so it could grow deeper and get a better hold. Hallelujah.
And every time God sends His blessings upon a borned again man or woman, it only loosens up the roots to grow deeper, higher, better, freer, glorify God. "But I will restore, saith the Lord."
Where that one was burnt down, the other one is going to grow up as sure as the world. Amen. If there ever was a needy time, it's right now. Men and women are waiting... going away over yonder somewhere. That's the reason I'm trying to get into Africa. [Joel 2:25]
L-57 They take a man and teach him the language of the native. They take him about ten years in college. And it takes him ten years over here. When he comes out, if he goes to the foreign fields, he has got to have a cane to walk on, he's so old.
Brother, the only thing you need is a baptism of the Holy Ghost and a honest heart. Amen. You know that's the truth.
Wait for nothing. God called you, get going. Ride on the street, tell somebody. We need another Stephen day. When God sent Stephen down there, where they tried to kill him and everything else, he was like a house on fire in a windy day. Put it out if you can. The more you fan it, the worse it'll get. Hallelujah! It's the truth. [Acts 2:37-39]
L-58 Oh, I know you think I'm crazy. Go ahead, that's all right. I'm happy this a way. Let me tell you, brother. Yes, indeedy. If there is a time that we need to ever get to going, is today.
I think about back there in the time, when Moses back there... I was talking of him the other night. When God said... You say, "Well, wait till I can get ready." When God called Moses, he didn't have nothing in his hand but a stick.
God said, "What is that in your hand?"
He said, "A stick." Not very much.
But said, "Take that."
"How am I going down to whip that army."
"Well, what you got in your hand?"
"A stick?"
"Take that and go down. Whatever is near you, pick it up and go on." And away went Moses down there, a one man invasion to take over Egypt with a stick in his hand. God told him take what he had. [Exodus 4:2-4, 17, 20]
L-59 I seen not long ago; I was having a--a meeting in a football stadium. And as I went in, I read a little sign. It always struck me. It said up there, "It's not the size of the dog in the fight. But it's the size of the fight in the dog." And that's true. Amen.
It's what you've got in you, what your make-up is. Yes, sir, brother. I admire a little old Airedale. He is not very high, but he is all dog. I like that. I like a man when he is borned-again, no matter how little, or how uneducated, or what he is. He's all man. He's all God. He's out for the thing; He stands for it. Amen. That's what I like. A people, no matter how little you are, how you're called holy-roller, a off-cast, whatever it is, stand. Hallelujah! [Acts 2:37-39]
L-60 I can see the time back there when old Samson was out there, he had a blessing of God upon him. And a bunch of Philistines got up on him. A thousand of them begin to run up on him. He didn't have nothing. Now, and all these Philistines standing there.
What if he said, "Now, wait till I get out and learn how to spar. Wait till I learn how to do this. Wait till I get--learn some fencing, know how to duel and so forth. Maybe I can get me a sword and come back. Perhaps in just a little while, maybe I'd can whip some of these Philistines." Ha! Not that. The only thing laying close to him was the--the jawbone of a mule. And he picked that up, and the Spirit of God come on him, and he killed a whole group of Philistines.
What we need today is get out and do something. There's a emergency on. We ain't got time to hang around and fuss around with the things. Let's get going. [Judges 15:14-17]
L-61 I think of old Shamgar during the time of the judges over there in Israel. Why he was over there and every man done right in his own sight. And the Philistines would come up, and take all they had, and go back with it. Israel would raised their crops, put it in the barn. Philistines would walk right up...
That's just like the devil. Rob you of everything. Some of you pastors get your little church built up, just about where you think it's right. And some old devil will come in there say, "Why, there is no such a thing as that old Holy Ghost religion. I don't even believe in no such a thing." Brother, what I mean to tell you, if you don't believe in getting angry then, let your righteous indignation rise up. That's right. Call black black and white white. That's true... [Judges 3:31]
L-62 I see old Shamgar standing out there. He had put in his... all these... He said... Not very much wrote about him in the Bible but what was wrote is enough. He was standing out there. Had his barns all fixed up and everything was just going fine. And he was standing there looking and thought, "Well, now maybe every year them Philistines has come. Maybe they won't come this year. And I see my family is all starving, and they look so poor and thin. But now..."
And while he was standing there, he heard a noise. He raised open the window and looked coming down the road. Here come six hundred armed Philistines. There goes his crops. Spear and armor. The big old heavyish feet there with the armor on. "Tromp, tromp, tromp," trained man, warriors from birth, spears in their hands, swords hanging on their sides. Six hundred, "Coming up, Shamgar. You had a nice crop this year. We're glad you worked for us." Here they come up like that. That's the way the devil does: take away everything you got if he can. That's him. [Judges 3:31]
L-63 Shamgar looked at him and thought, "Oh, here it goes again." He stood there and he thought, "Well..." Looked down at his poor little old wife, her little sunk-in face, maybe, and his little children. Their little sleeves were ragged. Their clothes were gone. His poor wife was starved to death. "What will the winter be this time." There it is.
"Now, all the... year after year they've come. And here they are coming again. I'm just... We just about starved last year. Now, they'll take what I got now. What will I do? Just what gleanings I can get out of the field." He stood there; he thought, "Here. Here they come, closer and closer." Tromp, tromp, tromp, these Philistines. [Judges 3:31]
L-64 After a while, they was... You don't believe in getting angry, then let the righteous indignation rise. He begin to get--feel it coming up on him. He said, "Here, I'm a Jew. I'm circumcised. I've got a right, for this land belongs to us." And I tell you, he wasn't a warrior; he couldn't wait till he learned how to fight. He was a farmer, he wasn't a fighter. But he knowed that he had--the promise of God was with him. And he was circumcised.
And if every man here tonight would realize that the things that you got, divine health and everything else, God gave it to you at Calvary. Every borned-again man is circumcised by the Holy Ghost. You have a right for every redemptive blessing. Let the devil rob you out of none of it.
Shamgar didn't have no sword. He didn't know nothing about it if he had one. He didn't have a shield. But he--if he'd a shield, he wouldn't know how to use it. But he reached up and got a ox goad. That's an old stick that's got a brass lump on the end of it, they beat the ox through the corral with it. And he jumped out of that window out there in the middle of that road against six hundred armed Philistines, and killed every one of them. Hallelujah! [Judges 3:31]
L-65 What was it? The Holy Spirit come on him. Hallelujah! There was a need; there was a emergency. Something had to be done. He couldn't wait till he got a education, learn how to fight, and be a warrior, and train up. He had to take what was in his hand and go do something with it. [Judges 3:31]
And brother, what's that close to you tonight? You've at least got the baptism of the Holy Ghost. This whole group here, you raised your hands. What's that? The greatest weapon you can put in your hands, with the Word of God behind It to back It up. Don't let them rob you. [Acts 2:37-39]
What the palmerworm left, the caterpillar eaten. But this tree will grow again. How, my, we claim to be Christians. How we claim to be warriors of the faith. [Joel 1:4-7]
L-66 I remember one time, I was reading this story where Caesar was going to make a great parade. And many was going to follow him. And there he was setting on his chair, just riding down the street. And when they did, he stopped over there, he said, "I want all of my officers tomorrow, to meet me here. And I want the one honorable man to ride by my side in this great parade tomorrow."
And all of the officers, they trimmed their plumes, and they polished their shields and everything. And they fixed their big tags on them and so forth. And they was passing by Caesar, each one with his big fine plume, walking straight and sturdy passing by. Caesar looked at them, and setting there...
And after while, a little bitty old doughboy, one of those little footman came by. And he was all cut, and scratched, and scarred, and bruised. He passed by, and just bowed his head, and started to run off, he felt so embarrassed standing before the great emperor. And he started to run away.
And directly the emperor said, "Wait a minute." Said, "Who are you?" Said, "Come here."
He said, "Yes, my lord." He walked up to him and fell down like that. And he raised up.
Said, "My, you're cut up awful." Said, "Where'd you get all them scars and things?"
He said, "Out on the battlefield, fighting for my lord."
He said, "You climb up here and set down. You're the one deserves it." Enough about your D.D.D.'s. I want to show some marks of the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ when I stood forward. Yes, sir. [Galatians 6:17]
L-67 Take your stand. Yes, sir. Show some scars. You ain't had no testimony yet; you haven't done nothing. Might as well get out and do something for God. Do something. [Galatians 6:17]
Here some time ago, I was reading of Jack Coy, an Indian guide out there in the West. And he was lost one day. And he couldn't find his way in. And he'd been lost, and his horse was about dead. And he was--she was--she was breathing heavy. All the water was gone. He was in the desert. And he was leading her, staggering. A Christian man, he knew it wouldn't be long until death would finally take them.
He was going along and after while, they hit a buffalo trail, where animals had been running. And so, he tried to--to get on the horse. Then he thought maybe they'd go to water, so he jumped on the horse, and he started going down. The horse couldn't hardly walk, and he couldn't either. So, he got down.
L-68 And after while, the trail separated. And one went this way and one went that way. Well, the one went this way just had a few tracks. But the one that went that way was well blazed. And so, Jack pulled his horse around to start that way, and the old horse wouldn't go that way. He wanted to go back this a way. So, Jack tried to spur his horse on. She wouldn't go. She kept nickering, trying to go back this a way.
And he got real angry, and he threw his spurs into her. And he cut her till the blood was running out of her, like that. And she started quivering. She was going to fall. He got off of her, and he think, "She packed me through this desert. She's been good to me and how she... Now, she believes the water is that way. There's not very much of a trail going that way."
And that's the way it is tonight, friends. There is not very much of a trail leads this a way. But it's a way to Life.
L-69 The well--way is posted down there, just belong to anything you want to and go on, just as long as you put your name on the church book. But being--receiving the Holy Ghost since you believed is not so very well posted tonight. Listen, and I think that...
Jack reached over, he said and put the--his head... Patted her and said, "Bess, I'm sorry that I did that." He said, "You have been faithful to carry me this far, and I'm willing to risk my life. I've heard that horses have instincts that they know where waters is. Animals..." Said, "If you've carried me this far... I'd have died long time ago if it hadn't been for you. But it--I'm going to take your route. I'm about to hold on to you. I'm going to take your route. If we die, we both die together."
I think that... (not comparing my Lord with a--a horse) But He's packed me this far; this good old Holy Ghost religion has brought me safely this far. At the hour of my death, I'll take a hold of Calvary (Hallelujah!), say, "You carried me through every sick spell, and through the blackness and darkness of life, and through the bitter parts of hell. I'll trust You in my dying hour." Yes, sir. Not on some theology, but on the Holy Spirit in God's Word. On Christ the solid Rock.
L-70 He hadn't gone but a little piece that way, the horse starting trying to trot. She was so poor and bleeding on the side. He didn't get but a little piece farther down the road until they plunged right into a great big gusher of water there.
He said he jumped into the water, him and the horse both. And they drank, and he washed her nostrils out. And he patted her and they screamed. And he thanked God, and he raised his hands and cried and shouted, and everything like that. Said he was just having a wonderful time.
Directly, he heard somebody laughing. And standing over on the other side was a bunch of drunken prospectors, he come across and they said, "Who are you?"
He said, "I'm Jack Coy, of the Indian reservation."
Said, "Well, come on over, Jack." Said, "We got something to eat. We got some venison here."
L-71 So he started over there and he seen they were drinking, so he eat the venison with them. And after while, they said, "All right, Jack, you're..." They was all... Said, "What day is it?" Said, "We're celebrating the fourth of July."
He said, "Well, this is October." They was all drunk and been out there so long, they didn't... But they'd found gold. And they were on their road back. And they didn't care. They was just having a big time. And they thought they'd have some fun out of him.
So, they said... Now, one of them staggered up to him, a little old disfigured looking fellow. He said, "All right, Coy," said, "how about having a drink of our good liquor?"
He said, "No thanks, boys, I don't drink."
He said, "Ah, come on now." You know how a drunk is. Said, "Yes, you drink. You'll have one drink."
Said, "No, boys. Thank you." Said, "I don't drink."
Said, "Now, wait. If our venison is good enough to eat, then our whiskey is good enough to drink." Said, "Now, you're going to drink--take a drink."
And the other guy said, "That's right. Tell him about it. We'll back you up."
He said, "You're going to drink it or you're going to die."
L-72 So he picked up his thirty-thirty and threw a shell up. If anybody knows what that means out in the desert. When they throw that thirty-thirty Winchester up, that means something is going to happen.
So, he pulled up the thirty-thirty like that, and he said, "Now look, Jack." Said, "Now, you--if you... If our venison is good enough for you to eat, then our whiskey is good enough for you to drink with us. If you're so goody-goody and don't want to drink our whiskey, well then," said, "you can pay. Let your bones bleach on this desert."
He said, "Wait just a minute, boys, before you do it." Said, "I appreciate your venison. I'll pay you."
"We don't want you to pay. We want you to have a drink and be sociable." You know how drunks are like that.
He said, "Boys, just a minute." Said, "I ain't going to drink, but before you pull that gun up" (when he was leveling it up) said, "I want to ask you something."
He said, "Here, you take this jug, and you take this drink, or I'll pull the trigger on this rifle."
He said, "Just a minute, before you pull the trigger, let me give you my testimony." He said, "I hailed from the old bluegrass country of Kentucky." He said, "Years ago," he said, "I stood in the corner one morning of a little old trundle bed. My daddy was gone. My mother was laying there and," said, "the morning light was stealing across the little old bare floor.
L-73 Same kind of place I was raised in myself. No--no boards on the floor, just the dirt. Our--our kitchen table was a stump with legs in it. And so then... Sawed off a block of wood and just stick up like that. That's what it--was our kitchen table. Some of us eat setting on the bed. The others eat setting in an old chair, built out of a board off the barn. And then there's...
He said, "There was a light stole across there." Said, "God was taking home the sweetest person in the world, my mother." And said, "Me a little bare-footed boy, running along there not knowing where I'd go." Said, "I started out the door, and she said, 'Jack, honey? Come here.'"
And said, "I run to see what she wanted." Said, "She put her arms around me." Said, "Her gray hair was streaking down her face." Said, "'Jack, you know your father died over here in a barroom with his boots on. He was--died a drunkard. And Jack, mother's a going.'"
And said, "'Here is the Bible laying here,'" said, "'promise me, Jack, that you'll never take a drink.'"
And said, "I kissed my dying mother on the brow." And said, "Her arms gripped me, and she held me until the breath left her body, when I had to pull my hands away from her side to walk back and fold them across her breast like this, as a dying mother."
L-74 Said, "And there, I have never drank my first drink from that time to this. Now, if you want to shoot, shoot." And said about that time a--a gun fired, and the jug bursted in the man's hand. And stepped out of the canyon, was a little bitty cowboy, tears rolling down his cheeks, his two big guns in his hands, said, "Hold still. Just a minute." Said, "You won't do any shooting?" Said, "No, sir."
He said, "I too, Jack, hailed from the old country over yonder, back there in the beautiful bluegrass country." Said, "My mother was a Christian woman with that old time religion." And said, "I promised her on her death bed that I wouldn't drink. But" said, "I'm sorry that I've broke that many times. But" said, "the big canyons of heaven heard my gun when it fired awhile ago. I sealed a pledge with God, I'll never drink another drop from this time to that. That reminds me of the old time religion that my mother had." Said, "I'll never drink it."
And there them men together converted that whole bunch of drunks to the Lord Jesus Christ.
L-75 I believe tonight, what the caterpillar left back yonder, the palmerworm eaten. But I believe that same old time Holy Ghost religion lives in the world today and is willing to save anybody from a life of sin. Amen. Let's see... Oh, my! Let's bow our heads.
Our heavenly Father, we thank Thee tonight, that the undergrowth is coming up. The fig tree is putting forth buds again. O God, send the rain, former and latter rain together that the trees might grow, O Lord, coming up in this blistered sin-cursed, damnable world, may it be done to fulfill which was spoken by the prophet Joel. I believe that You'll do it. God, I pray tonight that you'll bless in a marvelous way this people. May the Word of God sink deep in somebody's heart, someone who had an old mother, dad, who knew You. But today, how sad, that mother's religion's laughed at and made fun of. They say it was for old time people. God, It's the same Holy Spirit today. Yeah, they went out and blistered the bark off their churches and trees and took all the life out of it; all the heartfelt religion; all the shouts; all the praises; all the joy; all the healing powers; all that the Bible speaks of, just like a lodge. Go there, return, do the same things of the rest of the world. God bring the undergrowth, quickly Lord; send the rain. Send convictions to hearts tonight, who's needy here; may they find Christ as their Saviour. For we ask it in His Name.
L-76 And while you have your heads bowed, I wonder tonight, sitting here; if you can remember an old mother, dad, years ago that you said, "Mother, I'll meet you on the other side." You remember when God taken the baby out of the home, you said, "Lord, I'll--I'll serve You." But you failed to do that. Are you here and want to receive Christ as Saviour and wants to be remembered in a word of prayer, would you raise up your hands, right quickly.
God bless you, mister. God bless you, sir. God bless you. God bless you and you. Somebody to my right would say, "Brother Branham, remember me in prayer. I--I need Christ as my Saviour. I believe in old-time, heartfelt religion. I believe that the thing..." God bless you, way back there sir, I see. Someone else, would say, "Remember me, Brother Branham," here in the middle aisles? Would you say, "Remember me"? God bless you, sir. God bless you, lady, I see you. Someone else say, "Remember me, Brother Branham, I need Christ as my personal Saviour." Raise up your hands, say, "I want to now accept Christ."
L-77 I wonder while we have our heads down, we're pressed awful for time. I preached just a little long, but I felt the Holy Spirit would have me do this. Surely you'll respect it as the Word of God. I wonder while the sister gives us a chord on the piano, if those who wants to accept Chirst now as personal Saviour, not time to come down to the altar, but you would stand up and say, "Brother Branham, I now stand as a witness that I forsake sin and accept Christ as my Saviour. Pray for me now." Would you just raise up if you would, just as a sign that you want to accept Him, and then I'll have prayer for you right here, and you stand right where you are, and accept Him. Will you do it? Will you stand up, just say, "I'm standing up now as a sign."
Don't let that person setting next to you keep you out of the way. God bless you, lady. God bless you, sir. Just remain standing. Someone else wants to receive Him, raise up. God bless you, sir. God bless you. Just remain standing. Someone else now? God bless you, sister, just remain. God bless you, back there, I see you. Somebody back in here now say... God bless you, sir, just remain standing. Someone else? Say, "I want to accept Christ as my personal Saviour." God sees you. He sees you right there, just the same as He sees you here. God bless you, young lady, I see. That's a gallant deed for you to do. God bless you, sister, I see you. Somebody down in here... down in this way, say, "I want to stand, Brother Branham." Just say, "I now want to accept Christ, in the old fashion way, I want..." God bless both of you ladies. Just remain standing, if you will.
L-78 Now, is there anyone else, just before closing now. We're going to have prayer for these people. Now, way back in the back, I see you with your hand up. I know God sees you too. He knows your heart. Would there be one more who wants to accept Christ? I see you sister, with the little baby in your arm, that's fine. Now someone else, would you stand up right quick now? Say, "I want..." God bless you, brother, I see you. God bless you, sister, I see you. That's fine. Just remain standing. God... God bless you, young lady, I see you also.
Someone else just stand up, say, "I want to accept Christ right now, Brother Branham. I believe with all my heart that the old fashion religion that John Wesley preached that...?... Back yonder when Calvin and Knox." Just think of--of George Whitfield, he preached so hard and so loud, they could hear him two miles away, preaching the same Gospel that you're hearing right now. But what's the matter? The big, fine churches don't preach it no more.
How many is going to believe out there now, with all your heart? All right, now. Be reverent. This is the hardest thing to do. If you only knew, friends, how that it's swaying from one thing to another. It's like running on one road and taking to another. It's all the Holy Spirit. It's all God, but different ministrations.
Now, I'm not a preacher, not... I'm a spare tire. I just kindy, when the preacher ain't there, I try to fill his place. But I--I love the Lord. But my Divine gift from God is to here--pray for the sick people. That's what He commissioned me to do, pray for the sick. But I'm trying to take the preacher's place and also this, also.
L-79 So, swaying from one to another makes it hard. It's two anointings. One anointing is just blessing you. Oh, you feel wonderful. And the other one just cutting the life from you. It's taking from you. One is adding to you, the other one is taking from you. How many understands that? Raise up your hands. Say, "I believe I understand it, Brother Branham." Virtue and stuff that goes from you, the strength of your life pulling out. Visions, what they do.
Now, just be as reverent as you can everywhere. And I'm going to do everything I can to pray for every person. I'll try my best to get every person that comes here prayed for before I leave the city. See? And just stick along and be reverent.
If you don't get healed before that time, I'll try my best to get you up here and have prayer with you before we--before we leave the city.
L-80 But try to believe God's Word. Just take His Word at it. Now, if I testify of something, and God don't testify of it, then I've told a--something that isn't truth. But if I testify of truth, and God has testifies that that is the truth, then you don't--you mustn't doubt God. You must believe God.
Now, Jesus... Is there anybody here for your first time? This a small group tonight. Well, just look at there, for the first time, would you? My. That's where it's bad (You see?), what makes it hard, when you have to find out the petra--the people hardly know the nature of what to do.
Now, that's the reason I keep quoting this. See, friends, the Spirit of the Lord--the Spirit of the Lord, when It was upon His Son, Jesus Christ, Jesus did not claim to be a Divine healer. He claimed to be just what He was: the Son of God. But He said, "I can do nothing except My Father shows Me first." Is that Scripture? Saint John 5, when He passed by all them cripples and blind and halt and lame and crippled up people, He didn't heal any of them, went over, healed a man, maybe had prostate trouble or something. [John 5:19]
L-81 How's the nerves getting along, brother, better? Well, I hope this is the time you receive your healing. All right. You come from Virginia, don't you? Somewhere up in the area? All right. That's West Virginia. All right, sir. All right. Now, just have faith. He's here: (uh-huh) the Angel of the Lord.
And now, He said, when they questioned Him, when He went by all those people and healed this one man that had diabetes or something, they--they tried to wonder what was the matter. So they questioned this Jesus. And He said, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself but what He sees the Father doing. Whatsoever the Father doeth, He showeth the Son, and the Son doeth what He... Father worketh and I worketh hitherto." Is that right? Then He did not do one thing except God told Him to do it and showed Him how to do it. His Words are truth. [John 5:19]
L-82 You believe that's inspired? Sure it is: Saint John 5th chapter. Some of them try to cut Mark 16 out, but what about Saint John 5, then? See? All right. Now, have faith and believe. [John 5:19], [Mark 16:18]
Now, He said, "The things that I do, shall you also." Is that right? Now, He--He knew the thoughts of the people's heart. When He standing in crowds, He talked to the people. When He was talk--talk--talked to a woman one time at the well, He said, "Come here. Bring Me a drink of water." [John 14:12]
She said, "It's not customary for Jews to ask Samaritans such, 'cause we have no dealing."
He said, "But if you know Who you were talking to, you'd ask Me for a drink; and I'd bring you a drink that you don't come here to draw."
Why, she said, "The well's deep."
And they went on with a long conversation. After while, when He found out what was her trouble, He went right straight and told her, said, "Go, get your husband." Is that right? Well then, if He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, here this Spirit... If you judge me right, I'll--I'll be either a Spirit of God or a spirit of the devil. You can't be two the same time. There's no black white birds; drunk sober men; sinner saints. You're either right or... You're either a Christian or you're not a Christian. It's either the Spirit of Christ, or not the Spirit of Christ. Bitter and sweet water don't come the same fountains. "By your fruits you shall know them."
I've lived in Indiana for nearly forty years. I'm on my third journey around the world. Scientific world and all has tested it, and we got... I guess they had the pictures here tonight. Did you all get one--get to see one, the Angel of the Lord? The brethren have it here.
Now, it's not just some picture, some photograph; that's in Washington, DC: the only--only supernatural being in all the world's history that was ever photographed. That's what scientists says. George J. Lacy, on your paper you'll see it there; and you have a photostatic copy of his signature on it. [John 4:1-25]
L-83 Now, here stands... The woman's a stranger to me. I do not know her; I never seen her in my life. God knows her; I don't. If there's anything wrong with the woman, God knows it; but I do not know it. Are we strangers, lady? We are strangers. Now, if Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever (I'm talking to the newcomers now; the old ones understand it.) then, if He is the same... He said, "A little while and the world seeth Me no more; yet you'll see Me; for I'll be with you, even in you to the end of the world." Is that right? Then if He's the same, He'll do the same thing here tonight that He would do if He was here in flesh. Is that right? Now, as far as saving you, He couldn't do it if He was standing here tonight. He's already done it. As far as healing you, if He was standing here tonight, He couldn't do it. He's already did it. He's already done everything that can be done. The only thing He could do, is come and represent Himself in a way of preaching, or some kind of a Divine gift to point you to that. [Matthew 28:20][John 14:19]
But now, if this woman's a stranger to me, and I to her, if Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, God could reveal to me, just like He did the woman at the well, where that woman's trouble's at. Is that true? Or He... Like He told Philip when Philip come to Him, He said, "Here comes an Israelite who knows no guile."
Said, "When did You know me?" Said, "When..." I mean, Nathanael said.
"Before Philip called you, when you were under the tree, I saw you." Is that right? [John 1:46-51]
L-84 Now, may the Lord Jesus bless. I know that He's close, but I want you to believe now with all your heart, and kindly get settled down, and begin to look this a way. Have faith.
And you out there without prayer cards or anything, and you sick people that's not up here, you just believe with all your heart. And now look. If I've told you the truth, that Jesus healed you nineteen hundred years ago, every one of you that's got faith enough to believe it, your healing is complete in Christ. Then if that's the truth, God will speak through here and say it's the truth. That's fair, isn't it?
Now, I want to talk to you just a moment, lady. You just... Being the first patient, I just want to talk to you a few moments just merely to get the Spirit of the Lord beginning to move. You see? So, I have to have something to believe me. You see? And if He don't come, well then I'm perfectly helpless.
But, you've been suffering quite a bit. And the suffering comes from the female organs: it's cancer. Is that right? You believe He'll heal you? Come here just a minute.
Now, Father, in the Name of Thy Son Jesus, I ask for this woman's life, knowing that this enemy has caught her, I ask You to move him away from her. As Your humble servant, I pray that You'll grant it. In Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, sister. Don't doubt. Go, believing.
Have faith now. Everybody believe with all your heart. All right.
L-85 Just reverent. All right, lady. Are we strangers? We don't know each other. You just picked up a card a few minutes ago out there. And they called your number, and you come up on the platform. That's as far as life--as we've seen each other or know. Is that true? Then only God knows your heart. I do not. But you're--you're know that something is near. You know that the Spirit of the Lord...
You have a strange thing. You're--you're--you're wanting children. Isn't that right? Well, Simeon set in the temple of old--or Eli, rather, said, "The Lord bless, Hagar." And she brought forth a baby. You've been sterile. Come close just a moment. [I Samuel 1:1-20]
Heavenly Father, in the day that's so evil now, and here's a woman wanting a little one. God bless her, as You have the many hundreds across the country. And make her well of this and may she embrace this loved one that she wishes. In Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go receive it, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
L-86 Now, one day not long ago, a little lady come to my house. She may be here tonight, for all I know. She was--been wanting a little baby for years. I had prayer for her, and the lady has the loveliest little boy baby... How many knows Richard--T. Richard Reed of Jonesboro, Arkansas? Well, the blessed old Bible Hour Tabernacle. He's the pastor there. His wife (many years ago) has been barren for years.
And one morning I walked out of the room... She was taking shots from the doctor and everything, which almost caused her to lose her mind. And it didn't do any good. One morning walking out of the room, I said, "Sister Reed? I see you holding a little boy baby in your arms. You shall have it. God has rewarded you."
And she was playing an old favorite song of mine. It's not a Christian song. It's "Home On The Range." I think it sounds so peaceful. And I said, "God is going to bring peace to your family, and He's going to bring the little boy baby."
And five years from that year, she embraced a little boy baby. And I was holding him two or three weeks ago in my hands, trotting him up-and-down the aisles of the place right where it was said. The Lord God granted. That's one of hundreds.
L-87 You might wonder just why I just saying one thing to the people and let it pass on by. It's because of more you talk to people, more you know about people as the visions keep breaking. But I want to try to get to as many as I can. You can stand and talk to someone, just keeps on moving, keeps on going, keeps on moving, talking.
Now, lady, you... Do you believe the things that you see? You believe it to be the truth? You do. Well, perhaps I'll just talk to you a little bit. Are we strangers? We are strangers. Ma'am? I don't believe I ever seen you in my life. Then if I am a stranger and you are a stranger, neither one of us met each other in life before, and this is our first meeting place, just raise up your hand, so the people will know that that's true.
I never seen the lady in all my life, know not nothing at all about her. God does. Now, if He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, if I should talk to this woman, and it would be His Divine will, He could reveal to me. But it's His will; I can't make it. He could even speak that woman, what's wrong with her, or something about her life, or what she has done, or what's hindering her. Or--or if she's something else, God would tell her about it.
L-88 You know how that is. If it is sin in the camp, it'll sure be called out. That's right. It won't pass unconfessed sin. If you'll watch it, it always catches that unconfessed sin. How many knows that's true? Watching it in the audience here every night. See? It certainly is. It catches unconfessed sin.
But now, I want to talk to the woman. I want you all to be reverent. Now, sister, if our Lord Jesus... I know He loves you, because He died for you. And--and if I be His servant, then--and you His--be His servant, then there'd be something about you, if there is sickness, then there's something here, and both of us human beings... It's trying to get your faith to look to something. That's what I'm talking about. And every word that I'm saying, I--God has to give me utterance, or I wouldn't even be standing here, I'd be dead. Is that right? And standing here with this Bible on the sacred desk, the pulpit, the closest place to heaven on the earth. Certainly.
L-89 You're--you've come from a distance here. Is that right? You come on a bus, didn't you? I seen you getting on a bus and getting off of a bus.
Now, just a moment, it left me. Oh, yes. That's right. And you have something that's in the--it's in the liver. Isn't that right? Cancer in the liver. Is that the truth? Now, if that's truth, let the people know.
Now, you hear that was talking; that wasn't me. That--that was my voice. But I--I could hear myself. Now, let's talk just a little longer and see if He... Do you--do you believe me to be His prophet? You do that. I believe you do too, with all your heart. God bless you.
L-90 You have other sorrows in your heart too. You're concerned about someone. Is that right? It's a boy. Isn't that right? And that boy is--had an operation sometime ago. It was on the spine. And it paralyzed him. And the only thing he can lift is his left hand. And two fingers on that left hand. I see him moving the fingers, is that right? Isn't he a great lover of sports, such as fishing and hunting and like that? Isn't that true? God bless you, come here.
Our heavenly Father, be merciful to this poor woman standing hopeless, helpless, without You. God, grant the blessings that she desires. Thou knowest all about her. I can't remember at this time, but Thou knowest all things. And I pray that You'll bless her and give her the desire of her heart, making her well in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
Sister? With your faith... Yes. There is something about you just keeps moving on. I see... You're fading away in front of me again. Now, you're going to get well. So God bless you. You're going to get... Well, God bless you. God bless you.
L-91 Wonderful faith. I wished everybody here had faith like that. Lady, just a moment. Didn't you cross a river to get here? You come from Kentucky, didn't you? Is that right? I thought I seen that bus cross the river when I looked around that time. God bless you.
But I want to ask you something else. Is that boy with you? He isn't with you. But he was with you. Is that right? I seen him with you too. God bless you, now. Go on on your road rejoicing. Oh, if you could have faith like that, anything could happen. Believe God.
L-92 Sir, you've been watching me all along, each night and everything. I know what's your trouble. But you was setting there awhile ago, you was praying. You was praying that God would do something for you or speak to you tonight. Is that the truth?
I wasn't reading your mind. But I'm--I know what He was saying. And I know where your trouble is. And I believe if you're willing to take my word as God's prophet and accept what I tell you is the truth, God will heal you. You believe you can do that?
You have a heart trouble, don't you, sir? Is that right? Now, stand up and say, "Lord Jesus, I accept You as my Healer." God bless you, brother. Now, go home and get well. God bless you. All right.
L-93 I believe I know you, lady. Aren't you the lady from Chicago with something another about a--about a cancer case one time. Healed of can... Ma'am? Healed of cancer. You're the lady that was outside of that place that morning, where I come out of that... friend of yours that was healed with something out there, that great meeting going on in Fort Wayne. I thought I remembered your face.
Oh, yes. I got you now. Excuse me. You are Miss... Your--your husband's... I met you in Florida one time. And your husband has a spaghetti company or something. Is that right? That's right. All right. See, you understand what's going on now then, if you've been in the meetings before. It's something... I know you're my friend. But I want to ask...
L-94 No, it's not your own condition. It's for a loved one, your daughter with heart trouble. Isn't that true? It seems like I seen two children appear there, is that right? Two grandchildren, and one of them is fixing to have a operation: nose or something wrong in the nose condition. Is that right? Yes. And the other one has got a kidney trouble. Is that right? And you want to have blessings for them. Let's turn our faces to God right now.
Lord Jesus, we pray that You'll help these people that she's standing here, this little mother tonight, who has been along and seen Your great mighty hands move.
Now, I lay my hands upon her in representative way of the hands of our Lord. And ask that all her requests will be granted tonight, and she will be given the desire of her heart in these matters. In Jesus Christ's Name, I ask it. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go and let me hear... Those children was across the waters, wasn't they? That's... all...?... South America. All right.
Believest thou this? Then have faith in God.
L-95 Feel different now, don't you, brother? I--I thought if you'd... Just a little push to make you receive it. You see? Last night, you tried awfully hard. You was setting somewhere in the building. I watched you last night. I know another person here, is very, very sick and been trying the last couple nights. I believe they're going to get healed directly. I've watched Him go to him twice already tonight.
Come, lady. Have faith now, everyone, in God. Believe Him with all your heart, and God shall bring it to pass.
L-96 How do you do, sister? Do you believe all these things? You believe the preaching of the Word is truth? You do. And you believe that faith cometh by hearing, hearing of the Word? And you believe that what we ask God we receive, because we believe we get what we ask for. And will you believe with me? And for your faith to... You believe that God could tell me what is wrong with you? He could. You believe He will? [Romans 10:17]
You got a--a little scare. Because that you've had a cancer. And the cancer was in the head--or in the ear, I'd say, in the ear. And--and you're afraid that the cancer is come into the ear, is that right? And that's in the right ear. That's where I see where they was examining, looking to that ear. Is that true? All right, come here just a moment.
Lord Jesus, I bless this poor old mother. No doubt at all, Lord, that this poor little old feeble hand that I've got here now, has washed a many days washing, brushed back the tears from the crying baby's eyes as she rocked it.
Been a mother, but O God, it takes someone now, a nail-scarred hand to brush back the fears and tears here. Grant it, Lord. May she go home and all fears leave and may she get well, live many more happy days. I bless her for this purpose, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go now, being happy, rejoicing and... God bless... That's the way to do it. All right.
L-97 Poor little old mother. Now, if you can believe, all things are possible. [Mark 9:23]
Now, sir, are you and I strangers? We are strangers. And I don't know nothing about you, no more than you're just standing right here before me. Then I'm telling you that Jesus died for you nineteen hundred years ago to save from sin, to heal from sickness. Do you believe that's the truth? Well, if I'm telling the truth, God will vindicate the truth.
And I say that His attitude today towards the sick, is just like it was when He walked on the sea of Galilee. He could not heal; He could only do as the Father said. Is that right? But if God will reveal to me your trouble, would it help your faith to believe?
L-98 Well, you're a nervous type of person. Has a--causing a kidney condition, of getting up at night. But another thing, one of the main things wrong with you... Oh yes, you're an arthritis case. I see you trying to get out of bed. You're stiffened up (Is that right?) with arthritis. You believe God will take it away from you now?
Almighty God, may this devil be rebuked in Jesus Christ's Name. And may it go out of the man, and may he go now and be made well. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
Raise up your hands and praise Him now. Say, "Thank You, Lord." Now, walk off the platform just rejoicing. Step your feet up-and-down here, just...?...
Now, the man had arthritis bad. I could see him in the vision when he could hardly walk. Anybody know him? Let's see if they know that's the truth. Raise up your hands. That's right. The people out there. The man is healed. Let's say, "Thanks be to God." God can do all things for us. All right.
L-99 Do you believe, young man? If God would reveal what was wrong, would you believe it? You want to get over that cancer? Would you like to get over your--your cancerous condition? You would? Will you accept Jesus as your Healer?
Lord God, bless the man and may that demon of cancer leave him right now. In Jesus Christ's Name, may he go. God bless you now. Go, rejoicing, brother, being happy. God will grant it. All right.
Do you believe, lady? Do you believe the things that you hear is the truth?
Now, there's something with this lady that somebody has got, setting right out through there somewhere. The Angel of the Lord swept up in there. It's that with--lady setting right there with high blood pressure. You're healed, sister. You have diabetes, and you're healed. So, you can both go on your road rejoicing. There is a Blood for you sisters. God bless you. The Lord be with you, sister.
L-100 All right. Come, lady. Do you believe with all your heart? Just a moment. Walk around this way just a minute, lady. Just a minute. Now, the Lord Jesus can do the exceedingly, the abundantly (Do you believe that?) above all that we could even do or think. You believe that? Stomach trouble. That's right, isn't it, lady? All right. And you have stomach trouble too. All right, you're both healed now. You can go on your road rejoicing and being made well.
That's the way to believe God. Have faith in God. Have faith now; don't doubt.
Come, lady. You want to get over a heart trouble? Believe that God will make you well? Lord Jesus, bless her poor soul, Lord, and give her great faith. And may this heart trouble leave her in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, sister. God bless you. [Mark 11:22]
L-101 Do you believe, lady? Oh, yes. Now, while the anointing is on... I talked to you somewhere, something another. I've seen you before somewhere. Oh, it was this afternoon. I met you on the highway. Is that right? All right. I'm glad you got here. Now, you go on your road, and rejoice, and be happy, and believe God with all your heart, you will get well.
Lord Jesus, bless her I pray. In Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
Have faith in God. Just a moment. Believe Him with all your heart. I hope you understand it... when I... Every person in here is a spirit. You understand that. And you're everyone setting there, a solid wall of faith, believing. And It's just moving, first one place, then another. You see? I can't tell just where It goes to me.
When a vision starts to break, it materializes before me, then I have to look and see if I can see the person. There was a vision struck right here just then. I can't tell it. Right in here is where... It looked like a man. [Mark 11:22]
L-102 Yes, but I can't place where the man is. But I believe this fellow setting here praying, I believe it's some of his relations that's got a--a back trouble, something wrong in their back, and a stomach trouble. A brother, I believe. Is that right, sir? Right there. I seen a man... I can't... That sets right along there somewhere.
Got a stomach trouble and a back trouble. It's a man; he's kind of a--a young-like fellow. I seen another one standing by him, looked a whole lot like him, but he--he vanished away. He was standing right there. Right over the top of that fence. And so much pulling and carrying, I can't--I can't locate the person.
Just keep a praying. Maybe I can find it. It's right in there somewhere. I seen a man standing like this, and it went out from me. I've looked all through here and I can't see nobody that looks like him. I seen a man praying there, and I thought maybe it was--or some of his people.
L-103 All right, be reverent. Have faith in God. All right, bring the lady. You want to get over that sinus, setting right back there? You do, setting out there on the end of the row? Just believe and have faith in God. God will grant it to you. All right.
How do you do, lady? I want to talk to you a minute, single your life out. See, when there is so much from that side, it's hard to get it sometimes. You're--you've had some trouble, haven't you? And you--you've had an operation, haven't you? That's right. It's left you with kind of weak spells. You're having a weakness, isn't that true? Is that right? It was a cancer operation of the... But... That's true, isn't it?
And aren't you concerned about a loved one? It's a husband, isn't it? That's right. He had some kind of a rectal trouble, hemorrhoids, cancer. Isn't that true? Well, go home. God bless you. I believe you're both going to get well.
Lord, I pray that You will bless her. And may she and her husband live long happy lives together. Grant it, Lord. In Jesus Christ's Name, I ask it. Amen. God bless you, lady. Go, rejoicing. [Mark 11:22]
L-104 Do you believe God. Have faith in Him now. If you'll believe with all your heart, God will bring it to pass. Do you believe it? All right.
That lady has sinus trouble, setting right there, and there is something wrong with her breast, a hurting in her breast. But if you believe, you can get well. You believe that? God bless you. Then you can rise up and accept your healing.
You also have sinus, setting right behind her there, also. The man, is that right? Isn't that the truth? The lady setting right next to you there, also is sick. She has had some surgery of some kind. I see a hospital bed letting her... working on legs. That... No, it was a varicose veins. Was that right? And now you're taking some kind of needle treatments for it. Isn't that true? Stand up, Jesus Christ makes you well. Amen.
L-105 The rest of you want to believe at this time? You want to... You believe now? Jesus Christ is the Ensign. All right. Now, there... Just a moment. Lay your hands over on one another. Now, do this as I ask you, will you? Do you believe that God has told the truth here? Do you believe it with all your heart? Say, "Amen."
Now, if you do, believe these words, as His prophet I say it. That Jesus Christ has healed every one of you through the building. You're every one healed, was nineteen hundred years ago. Can you accept it? If you can, just stand up to your feet and say, "Thank You, dear God."
Father, I pray that You'll heal everyone and evil spirits and move and heal this... everyone this handkerchief... In Jesus' Name. (All right, Brother... ) [Isaiah 53:5], [Isaiah 11:10]

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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