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December 2017 Newsletter: Questions & Answers

Featured Questions & Answers


Is God's Word Eternal?


“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” [John 1:1]

“The Word of the Lord endureth forever. And this is the Word which by the Gospel is preached unto you.” [I Peter 1:25]

“A soul, good or bad, death doesn't change it. I had a lot of Scripture wrote down here on this one that I wanted to comment on, what a soul is. What is a soul? It's you. You are a soul, the part inside of you. And when you die, ever what shape that soul's in, that's the way it goes. It goes to its destination. You couldn't pull it up no matter how much you'd do for it; that soul's got to be changed here, born again. You say, "What about the Holy Ghost, Brother Branham?" The Holy Ghost baptizes you into the Body, for service, but you believe unto Eternal Life. "He that heareth My Words and believeth on Him that sent Me, has Eternal Life." See? Then you're baptized by the Holy Spirit into the Body for manifestations of the gifts, and so forth, but you believe to Eternal Life. He that believeth has Eternal Life. And when you believe is when you're dead and are born, regenerated, a new creature.” [You Must Be Born Again, Jeffersonville, IN 61-1231M]

“All down through the ages, every person that reads the Word of God, gets a blessing out of reading It, and It does something to you. It brings you in closer fellowship with God. Jesus said, "It is written that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." The soul of a man lives on God's Word. It strengthens him, the inner man. And it makes us feel good, to know that our SOULS can feed upon the good things that God has written to us. It's His letter of... to His church. And It's so inspiring as we read; does something to us that nothing else does.” [Hear Ye Him, Chattanooga, TN 58-0301E]

“Bless my little church, Lord. Oh, I can see the little sawdust trail down through here, see the precious people; people driving by in their cars, laughing at them, because they got their hands up, praising God. But someday Jesus will come, and all things will be made right. We won't be ashamed, Lord. We'll join with Paul of old and say, "I'm not ashamed of the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ, for It's the power of God to salvation, to Eternal Life, to everyone that believes." Help us to live that way, Father. We're worshipping You now in the Spirit in heavenly places. We thank You for this visitation this morning. In Jesus' Name. Amen.” [A Super Sign, Jeffersonville, IN 59-1227M]

“Eternal, "He that heareth My Words and believeth on Him that sent Me, hath Eternal Life and shall never come to the judgment but's passed from death unto Life." There you are. You get Eternal Life by being a believer. An unbeliever has life forever. An eternal, a believer has Eternal Life, and cannot perish because It's eternal.” [Questions And Answers, Jeffersonville, IN 57-0925]

“God never destroys nothing. Man, by knowledge, destroys himself. Remember that. God doesn't destroy nothing. God's eternal; He doesn't destroy nothing. But man, by his knowledge, destroys himself. When we get to a place, you say, "Well, now, there's no such thing as the Holy Ghost; Divine healing's wrong." Just remember, you're destroyed by your own ignorance. You think it's knowledge, but it's ignorance. So you--you destroyed yourself; you sent your soul plumb away from God by doing that. See? Why don't you just throw down your own thoughts and say, "Oh, Dove of God, come lead me"? See? Watch where He brings you: right straight back to His Word. "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word proceedeth out of the mouth of God." [Lamb And Dove, Yakima, WA 60-0805]

“If a man is ever born with that Spirit of the Dove in him, I don't say he won't leave, something might happen he'd fly loose somewhere, but if he really had that Dove Spirit, he will find no rest for the soul that's in him. Backslider, you're the most miserable person in the world. You can't find pleasure anywhere. You'll sound like your testimony like Peter said, "To whom should we go? Where can we go? You're the only One that has the Words of Eternal Life." And a real born again Christian sometimes might get angry at something done in the church; it'll poison his system. But if he's a real dove, he will come back, just as sure as God is in Heaven, he will do it, because there's something in him that won't let him light on them old dead carcasses, out to a rock-and-roll party, or a beer joint, they simply stink to him. To any born again Christian, they just can't stand it, because he has no gall in him to digest such a thing.” [Lamb And Dove, Yakima, WA 60-0805]

“If that soul ever comes in contact with the Holy Spirit and is born again, you have Eternal Life. No matter what happens here, you never perish. Jesus said, "He that heareth My Words, believeth on Him that sent Me, hath (that's present tense) Everlasting Life, shall not come into condemnation; but hath (past tense) passed from death unto Life." [Redemption By Power, Louisville, KY 54-0329]

“Jesus Christ is present. Can you tonight, Christian friend, can you just draw up your conceptions just for a moment? Let's think of this. You believe this Bible to be God's eternal Word? Sure you do. Well, it is. God's just as real as... He's just as real as--as you're... He's more real than you are, because, after all, you're just a shadow. You long for Everlasting Life, don't you? Sure, you do.” [Hear Ye Him, Edmonton, AB 57-0807]


“May the Lord add His blessing to the reading of His Word. Now, for a text tonight if it should be called that... And no matter in any kind of service, the Word should have preeminence. It should be first. And the healing of the soul is always first. Why, when a man is born again of the Spirit of God, he has immortal, Eternal Life, and shall never perish. But when a man is healed of his body, it is just for a limited time. But salvation of the soul is forever. He becomes a new creature in Christ when he's healed of his soul. But Divine healing was included in the atonement, because the new atonement was much better than the old. And the old atonement had healing. And the Bible said that, "He was wounded for our transgressions; with his stripes we were healed." Past tense, we were healed. Oh, it's wonderful.” [Hear Ye Him, Lima, OH 57-0125]

“Neither can a man that's part of the Word of God, or a woman, deny one part of the Word of God. Then, women, when you think you can have bobbed hair and come in the Presence of God, you're wrong. You see it? You are wrong; you can't come through God's Filter where you're washed by the water of the Word. Then you enter into the fellowship. You think you are, but you can't be until you come through the Word, and every little spot, every little Word of God. "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word." It's got to come through that filtration, coming through. And that gives a righteous man's taste, 'cause that's what he's looking for, looking for something to cleanse him. Notice, that Word cannot deny Itself. Then it is satisfied, or it's the desire. It's a desire of what? What made you desire It, in the first place? Because down in your soul there was a predestinated seed which was Eternal Life, always laying in there, always was in there. "All that the Father has given Me will come to Me. There isn't any of them going to be lost." A thinking man's taste, when a thinking man hears the Word of God, "My sheep hear My Voice, a stranger they will not follow," for down in there is Life, and Life connects with Life.” [A Thinking Man's Filter, Jeffersonville, IN 65-0822E]

“Nothing like to see a lost soul come, weeping their way down to the altar, saying, "God, be merciful to me, a sinner." The mute will die again; the paralytic will die; all the sick will get sick again and die. But that soul that's saved, is saved for eternity, forever, never to perish. "He that heareth My Words, believeth on Him that sent Me, hath Everlasting, Eternal Life, and shall never come into judgment." But's done already passed from death unto Life, because they believed on the Lord Jesus Christ.” [Revelation Book Of Symbols, Jeffersonville, IN 56-0617]

“Our Lord God, great Creator of Heavens and earth, Who brought again Jesus from the dead, and alive with us for these two thousand years, ever living to confirm His Word and make It true to each generation. We are so thankful for His Divine Presence just now, knowing this, that we have this great assurance, that after this life is over, we have Life Eternal in the world that is to come. Thank You, for this, Lord. And that hope, a anchor to the soul, that's steadfast and sure in time of storm. And when the storms come, the great waves a-rolling, we feel that by faith in Him we can caress every wave.” [Events Made Clear By Prophecy, Jeffersonville, IN 65-0801E]

“So is it with every believer in God. If we have need of salvation or healing, we rest our eternal soul, our body upon God's eternal PROMISE, and just take a hold of God's Word, and perfectly satisfied, and call those things which are not as though they were, and nurse away on GOD'S PROMISE. "God, You promised it, I believe it and hold to it." Oh, God.” [Faith, Prince Albert, SK 56-0815]

“That's the same way we are tonight. We can take His Word and be healed, or we can leave it, and walk away from it, and not be healed. We can have Eternal Life by believing on Him or we can walk away and not have Eternal Life. It's up to you: SELFWILL.” [Expectations, Richmond, VA 61-0308]

“The Word of the Lord, It stands no matter what goes on. Churches rise, fall; people rise, fall; everything else, rise and fall, but God's Word will never fall, for It's God. It's God in printed form. That's right. That's the reason you have Eternal Life. Everything had a beginning has an end. If you have a beginning, you have an end. That's the reason this body has to die; it had a beginning. But the soul that's in you... If it's God, the Holy Spirit, in you, what is it? It's God's premeditated thought. What is a word? Is a thought expressed. See? And God, before there was a world, had you in mind. Amen. He had a Church in mind.” [The Signs Of His Coming, Cleveland, TN 62-0407]

“This represents our unbroken chain of the love of God. We're holding one anothers' hands because we believe in God. We touch each other because we're brothers and sisters, the same vibrating Spirit, the Eternal Word of God dwelling in our hearts being made manifest.” [Trying To Do God A Service Without It Being God's Will, Shreveport, LA 65-1127B]

“We're not of this world. Our Kingdom's not this world. We live here as an Americans, but our soul come from Above. When... He said, "He that believeth on me, has Eternal Life." That Eternal Life comes from the word Zoe, and Zoe is God's own life. We are a part of His Life.” [Abraham's Covenant Confirmed, Long Beach, CA 61-0210]

“When God spoke and made man, and man's soul was lost, it absolutely... Anything outside of that: joining church and anything is hybreeding. You've got to come back to... God's got to speak the Word back again. That makes it Life Eternal. When God speaks Life into you, then that's eternal again. But until that it's a hybrid condition. You see? So the devil mingled with it and mixed--tried to mix faith and something, unbelief together, so it makes a hybrid (See?), and... But when God speaks and places the Holy Spirit in there and seals it, it's eternal.” [Have Not I Sent Thee, Phoenix, AZ 62-0124]

Bible References: John 17:3; I John 5:20

 [Answer provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister, Lynden, Washington, USA]


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