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August 2017 Newsletter: Questions & Answers

Featured Questions & Answers


How Does Your Soul influence You?


“I said, LORD, be merciful unto me: heal my soul; for I have sinned against thee.” [Psalm 41:4]

“For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” [Hebrews 4:12]

“Faith is an element. It's a sense. It's the sixth sense of the human body of the... It's the one sense... The human soul has two senses. For every man has five senses control the human body: see, taste, feel, smell, hear. And the inward man has two senses, that's faith, unbelief. One of them governs.” [Faith Africa Trip Report, Zion, IL 52-0725]

“The scientific search has found that in the human heart there's a little teeny cell that hasn't even got blood in it or anything, it's a little compartment, the animal doesn't have it, just the human being; and they say it's the occupation of the soul. So after all, a man BELIEVES in his heart. You think with your mind, but you believe with your heart. God's right after all; it's in your heart.” “Don't reason; just believe. Believe God's Word; don't try to reason it out. Just what God said is the Truth, and believe that to be the Truth. And don't go to your reasonings; go to your experience, to Christ, in the heart, and compare it with God's Word.” [Expectation, Shawano, WI 55-1001]

“Are you poor tonight in this world's goods? You don't even know how you're going to pay the coal bill or the oil bill, or whatevermore? You may be that way; I hope you're not. But if it's so that you are that way, you can leave this building tonight the happiest poor man there is on the earth. You can live here with--leave here tonight with riches that no money could ever buy. You can unite your heart with Christ Jesus, and He can come into your soul and take the control room. And no matter what comes or goes, you'll be happy the rest of your days. Would...It's the greatest present that was ever give. Oh, of course, you give your friends Christmas presents. That's good. That's tokens. But, brother, there's a Present offered you tonight that no money could ever buy. It's a free gift come from God: His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. Would you receive Him as your personal Guider, as your personal Savior, as your God, as your--as your Redeemer, as your King? He heals the soul and the body. He takes the control room. If you got fears and doubts, just let it go now. Let Him be King. Let Him come in and take over. Let Him be Lord. "Lord" is "Ruler." Lordship is rulership.” [The Unity Of One God In The One Church, Jeffersonville, IN 58-1221E]

“There is no satisfaction until God Himself comes into the heart to control, and to satisfy the people, and bless them, and give them the things that He created in their heart. He wants to fill that space. There's nothing else in the world that will fill that. Don't you all never forget that.” [Why, Tulsa, OK 60-0401M]

“What is a man? He's a triune being; body, soul, and spirit. How many knows that? Watch God's approach. What is his heart? You remember my message, God Chose a Man's Heart for His Control Tower? The Devil chose his head for his control tower; see, he makes him see things, look through his eyes. But, in it, God in his heart makes him believe things that he cannot see. Did He? See, God is on his heart, in the heart of man is the Throne of God. You get it? Man! God made His Throne in the heart of man.” [Revelation Chapter Four, Jeffersonville, IN 61-0101]

“From the depths of your heart, from the innermost being that you know anything about, the very soul that controls you... You who raised your hand a while ago, when I asked for that altar call and you wanted Christ to come into you, to make you a real persistent know-so Christian, do you now believe that you possess what you asked for? If you do, raise up your hand to God. All over the building look at the hands.” [Perseverance, Chicago, IL 62-0520]

“Now, to the last man, which is the soul, there is only one sense that controls that, and that is free, moral agency's FREEWILL to choose or to reject.” [65-0815 And Knoweth It Not, Jeffersonville, IN 65-0801M]

“God gives the control tower to you, to give to you the things that you need. Now, the control tower in you is what directs you. And this thirst runs in on this co-... tower, control tower, and tells you what you have need of, spiritually speaking. The control tower in the body, and in the soul, also. There is a control tower in the body, that tells you the need that's needed in your body, and it's brought to you by thirst. Also, there is a control tower in your soul, that tells you the spiritual things that you have need of, something in your spirit, and, and you by this can tell what kind of a life is controlling you.

When you--when you can see what your desires are, then you can tell, by that, what kind of something that's in you, that's creating this desire that you have. See, there is a certain thing that you thirst for, and it--and it can tell you in your soul what this desire is, by the nature of the thirst that you have. I hope that you can understand that.” [Thirst, Tucson, AZ 65-0919]

“There is a--a control tower of the soul, and one for the body, and each tower is a warning caller for the needs of the other. Each one calls to the need for what the caller is calling for, it sends out a wave of warning. For instance, the--the flesh thirst to satisfy the desires that's in the body, and the spirit desires for the things that's in the soul, desire is, and many times these war one against the other. We find there, what's a great trouble today, that too many people try to live between those two desires. For, one of them desires the things of the earth, the other desires the things of Heaven.” [Thirst, Tucson, AZ 65-0919]

“A vulture wants dead things. That's right. And that's dead! That's exactly right. Plainly shows, it just plainly show here what is their head and their control tower, what it's giving them, see, what's in their soul. Their soul longeth for things like that. Their soul longeth for a high intellectual church, where the people dress real fine, and the pastor takes fifteen minutes, or twenty. And if you go over that, they drawed him back on the deacon board. And he mustn't say nothing about sin. He mustn't say anything about wearing shorts, and wouldn't say nothing about people doing this, that, or the other. He mustn't mention that at all. If they do, the board will have him throwed out. See what it is? That's their thinking man's filter. The Bible said, in First John 2:15, "If you love this world system, or the things of this world, it's because that the love of God is not even in you." [Thirst, Tucson, AZ 65-0919]

“That little inside of the inside, that's where you start, which is your soul; then come from that, you're a spirit; and then you become a living being. Now, the living being has five senses, to contact; the second has five senses. That's the outside body: see, taste, feel, smell, and hear. The inside body has love and conscience, and so forth, five senses. But the inside of the inside, the control tower, it's either God or Satan. And you can mimic any of these things you can contact, like--like the, like a Christian; or you could cast out devils, like a Christian. But the inside control tower, the beginning, the origin, isn't of God, it'll never return to God. You understand it? Did not Judas cast out devils? Did not Caiaphas, the one who condemned Him and put Him to death, even prophesy? But he couldn't stay with the Word.” [Power Of Transformation, Prescott, AZ 65-1031M]

“Five, f-a-i-t-h, outside; spirit, J-e-s-u-s; on the inside, y-o-u. See? That's how standing here, looking at you, I don't know a one of you. The spirit can anoint me, still I don't know none of you. But when that inside of the inside breaks in, that's God. That's where the outside can reason. You take a man, say, "Well, you know, I--I know I'm not supposed to commit adultery. But, you know, then the spirit tells me I shouldn't commit adultery. But, you see, way down in there is still that thing in there." See, it'll kind of govern around, and better watch it.But when it's directed from the inside, it throws all the rest of it together. That's the guidepost. That's the control tower, the inside of the inside. The soul controls the spirit, the spirit controls the body. So an outside whitewash don't make any difference. Them religious people back there, that Paul called "whited-walls," and so forth, they were (outward) just every way the... a believer, and they had prophesies among them, and everything else but the inside of the inside ("the soul that disbelieveth"). That's the reason I say people can jump up and down, and speak in tongues, people can shout, lay hands on the sick, and heal the sick and so forth, by faith; all these great things there by the Spirit, still be lost. Anointed ones.” [Works Is Faith Expressed, Shreveport, LA 65-1126]

"I got the baptism, the Holy Spirit." That still has nothing to do with it. That's just only a temporal gift for you. The real gift is your soul down in there, see, that was born of God, and that controls the whole thing to the Word of God and the will of God. And there you grow up, see, then you're a son and daughter of God. You're a child of God. And these things, as you come up... Like the mother, now you're in the bowels of the earth, trying to come forth. You're a son of God, coming forth, and you see the Word says, "I should do this. I should be born-again.""Well, I belong to church." That don't mean one thing. See? "I'm Methodist; my mother." That's good for your mother. "Well, my, I'm Pentecostal. I belong." That, if you don't line with that Word, there is something wrong. See? Then, you see, your real father ain't God. See?“Because, that real start in your soul, before there even was a spirit, it was your soul. That soul didn't come from God, then it wasn't a germ of God, to begin. You're deceived. You're in a patch of weeds and bearing the world's record of the weeds coming forth. Acting like the world, loving the world, is because the love of God is not in you.” [Things That Are To Be, Rialto, CA 65-1205]

Bible References: Psalm 41:4; Hebrews 4:12

 [Answer provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister, Lynden, Washington, USA]


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