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Prayer Line 64-04
64-pl-04, Prayer Line 64-04, 63 min

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64-0213 - Elliott Auditorium, Tulare, CA (Paragraphs: 179 - 207)
L-180 Now, I cannot heal. The man that tells you he can heal you, he's wrong. You're already healed. But, it's recognizing the Presence of Jesus Christ. Now if Martha knew that if she could see Him again, that she would get her desire, because He was the manifested Word, can't we believe that much tonight, to believe it? Sure, we ought to. He has come. He has come, He has come in the form of the Holy Ghost. That's Who He is. Now you just pray.
L-181 See, up here, if I had somebody standing here, right here by me, just--just praying; seen so many people praying, it's all over the building. You just have to watch it. You can't say. "Say, Brother Branham..." No, sir. I--I couldn't do it, no more than you can dream me a dream. See? You might dream. You, God could have you dream a dream of me, you believe that, but you can't do it yourself. You can't say, that, "Brother Branham, I'm going to dream a dream of you now." No, you can't do that. Neither can I see a vision. Ever who gives a dream to you, that's the one has to do it. The same way it is by a vision.
L-182 I see a man sitting right here at the end of the row, with arthritis. If he will believe with all of his heart, God will heal him of the arthritis. Do you believe He'll do it, sir? Sitting out there, the Mexican man, sitting at the end of the row, will you believe it? All right, sir.
L-183 The lady sitting next to you, she also has arthritis, too. Do you believe God will heal you, lady? (Has this got a rebound to it? I'm afraid the people don't hear it.) You will? All right.
L-184 How about the other little Mexican lady sitting by her? She is suffering with a stomach trouble. Do you believe God will heal your stomach, lady?
L-185 She got it. When I see that Light go down, that means it happened. Yeah. That's it. It struck her. There It was, swirling right around... []... that does it. See? When He can find the faith! See, "Many things He could not do because of their unbelief." [Matthew 13:58]
L-186 Here is a lady sitting here praying, right here. She is scared. She should be. She has got a cancerous condition, real bad. I don't know you, but God knows you. Do you believe that God can tell me about this cancer, or something another? Look at me. There is so many there praying, you see, is what I'm saying it for. Look at us. Now, yes, you're not from here, this is not your home. You're from a place called Porterville, California. That's right. Do you believe God can tell me who you are? He knows. Your name is Mrs. Wintham. That's right. Now believe, and the cancer will leave you. If thou canst believe! That's all God asks you to do. If thou canst believe! [Mark 9:23]
L-187 Don't you believe that with all your heart? Somebody in this section in here, can't you believe? The Master has come and called for you. He is calling you from death to Life, from sickness to health. [John 11:28]
L-188 Here is a man setting right back here, head down, praying. He is really not praying for himself, he is praying about somebody else. It's a--a girl. It's his daughter. Do you believe, sir? You got trouble with your legs. You got trouble with your knee. That's right. No need of weeping, that's Him there by you. Your daughter is in a hospital, isn't she? Tuberculosis case. You believe. You believe? The Master has come and calls for her. Will you believe that you'll find her totally well? You will? May He visit her tonight, and you. May it be over. [John 11:28]
L-189 Here is a little boy, little brown-faced boy. He is suffering with a skin disease, and asthma, a little Mexican boy, Mexican boy sitting there. He isn't from here. He is from San Jose. Do you believe, son? Another thing, your father is here with you. He is a minister. That is right. Do you believe God can tell me what your name is? Would it make you believe real strong? Your name is Reuben. Now believe. All right.
L-190 The Master has come and He calls for you. Oh, sinner, oh, sick person, don't you see the Master manifested in a human beings, between believers? He has come to call His believing children to health. He has come to call the sinner to repentance. Backslider, church member, the Master has come and calls for you. [John 11:28]
L-191 Do you believe it? Do you believe it for your need right now? If you do, raise up your hand, say, "I believe for my need." Then raise up on your feet now and accept it. The Master is come and calls for thee. And whoever you are, whatever need you have for, the Master has come and He calls for you. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. [John 11:28]
L-192 That little women went into the city, and said, "Come, see a Man Who told me what was wrong." You didn't go into the city. You come and seen it, yourself, so the Master has come and calls for thee. [John 11:29], [John 4:29]
L-193 Raise up your hands and praise Him, and say, "Lord Jesus, I'm a sinner; forgive me. I'm a backslider; take me back, Lord. I need the Holy Ghost; fill me. I'm sick; heal me. I'm crippled; make me well." The Master has come and calls for thee. Rise up your hands now and give Him praise. Amen. [John 11:28]
L-194 Give us a little chord here, "I will praise Him, I will praise Him." You know, "I will praise Him." You know that, don't you? Do you believe?
I will praise Him, I will praise Him,
Oh, praise the Lamb for sinners slain;
Give Him glory, all ye people,
For His Blood has washed away each stain.
L-195 You love Him? Now don't you love to sing to Him while He is here? He is a Spirit moving around through the building. He knows your hearts, knows all about you. Let's sing it to Him, with all of our heart.
I will praise Him, (raise your hands when you do it), I... (now just praise Him)... praise Him,
Oh, praise the Lamb for sinner slain;
Oh, give Him glory, all ye people,
For His Blood has washed away each stain.
L-196 Oh, lady, you in the wheel chair, if you'll just believe a little more right there. "I..." Let's try it once more. I'm waiting on something.
I will praise Him, I will praise Him,
Oh, praise the Lamb for sinners slain;
Give Him glory, all ye people,
For His Blood has washed away each stain.
L-197 Now while we sing that again, turn around, get a hold of somebody's hand, while we sing it, sing, "I'll praise Him." Come on, all together now.
I will praise Him, I will praise Him,
Praise the Lamb for sinners slain;
Give Him glory, all ye people,
For His Blood has washed away each stain.
L-198 Oh, sinner friend, won't you walk up here now? Come up and give Him praise, all ye people. All you people that wants to confess Him as Saviour. In His Presence, while the saints are worshiping in the Spirit, won't you come here and stand? Say, "I want to testify, tonight. I want to give Him praise. I want to come. I'm not ashamed of Him. I want the world to know that I accept Him as my Saviour, right here while He is present." Come while we sing it.
I will praise Him, (won't you come?) I will praise Him,
Oh, praise the Lamb for sinners slain;
Oh, give Him glory, all ye people,
For His Blood has washed away each stain.
L-199 Oh, that's it, lady, come right on. Who else will come, in the Presence of Christ? Come right up here, sister, stand here.
L-200 Some other person that wants Him to be your Saviour, right now, that's not ashamed. He said, "If you're ashamed of Me before man, I'll be ashamed of you before My Father and the holy Angels." If you're not ashamed of Him now, and you want Him for your Saviour, while He's here! You've seen Him. It's so perfect, the Word Himself make It known. Come up while the saints are worshiping now. Won't you come up? [Mark 8:38], [Luke 9:26]
L-201 God bless you, sir. Here comes an old lady, coming to a real age. Won't you come now?
I will... (sing it now)... I will praise...
L-202 That's right, young folks, come right on around. Just praise. God bless you, lady, that's the way to do it. God bless you, young ones.
... sinners slain;
Give Him glory, all ye people,
For His Blood has washed away each stain.
L-203 While the ministers are going to these people now won't somebody else come? Backslider, will you come, say, "I'm ashamed of my life"? Here He is. You believe me to be God's servant? Raise your hands. Why, Jesus Christ is in the midst of us. Won't you come?
Give Him glory... (Won't you come, give Him glory?)... people,
For His Blood has washed away...
L-204 Martha, are you coming, or are you going to set in the house with Mary? Are you going to stay back in some organization, and say, "Oh, my church don't believe It this way," when Christ is made manifest? Are you going to set back and say that, or are you coming out? "Well, I'll tell you, when I..." No. Today, this is the hour. Death hangs around you, like Jairus' daughter.
L-205 Come now! Backslider, come now. Sinner, come now. This is the time. The Master has come and He calls for you. He is calling you. You say, "How do I know?" He is using my voice. If He uses my voice to tell sickness, afflictions and things, don't you know He is calling also for sin. Come out! Come now, this may be the last opportunity you'll ever have.
L-206 Once more, there is more in here ought to come, friends. I don't want to embarrass you, to call you out like this. That's not right. If you'll sometimes maybe... Them Pharisees thought they were saved, but they wasn't. You are thinking the same thing. Come now.
L-207 Be sure! Don't, don't just take a halfway chance on it. If there's a little doubt in your mind, don't take no chance. Come on now. Now is the time, now while the Fountain is open, while the Holy Spirit is here. The Master has come. That little doubt, is what He is trying to tell you, "You're doubting." Give it over. Come on, now. The Master has come and calls for thee. That's right, just keep coming, keep right on coming.
I will praise Him, I will praise Him, (Won't you come give Him praise?)
Praise the Lamb for sinners slain;
Give Him glory, all ye people,
For His Blood has washed away each stain.

64-0214 - Elliott Auditorium, Tulare, CA (Paragraphs: 169 - 234)
L-170 Now look, some of you here don't have prayer cards, yet you are sick. You want God's healing power, God's healing blessing. If that's so, raise up your hand, say, "I know God can heal me."
L-171 All right, if you will, go down there, Brother Roy, and help him real quick, if you will, 'cause we're running late. Get down and help them, if you will, real quick. And...
L-172 [A brother says to Brother Branham, "Be good to say it in Spanish."--Ed.] Yeah. He wants to say it in Spanish. [Someone says, in Spanish, "Del número noventa a cien, noventaiuno, noventaidos, noventaitres, noventaicuatro, noventaicinco, noventaiseis, hasta cien."] Yeah, he said that, see, here comes one now that wouldn't have come. See?
L-173 You would be surprised how it is overseas, maybe like one time in Africa. I had fifteen interpreters standing there, before about two hundred thousand people. And I'd say, "Jesus Christ, the Son of God," and it would go all down this line, and way down that line, to every tribe. And then you'd come back and have to think what you was saying. And just different... Oh, my. But I've seen thirty thousand blanket-natives give their heart to Jesus Christ, breaking their idols on the ground, like a dust storm. All right.
L-174 [Someone now says, in Spanish, "Mejor del número setentaicinco en adelante, del setentaicinco a cien."--Ed.] All right. Is there someone missing down there, or something another? Yeah, makes it sure. That's fine, brother. Say, did you ever... You know Brother Espinoza? ["No, I don't."] Yeah, he's from down here.
L-175 Anybody know Brother Espinoza, the min-... He was the one was with me over in Mexico City, when that little baby was raised from the dead that time. I--I just thought he... a little. You've heard the story of it, of course. It was in the Business Men's Voice and things here. I was just... I want to go down there again sometime. My, such humble people, and they really believed. They were... You see, the church down there is always promising something, they never get to it. But here in the Bible promise, we are at it; it's to us, we--we--we see it, and that makes it real. All right.
L-176 Now, now each one of you give me your undivided attention, for at least ten minutes.
L-177 Maybe I've called too many. I don't know, I--I might have done wrong. All right, they kind of got them turned around there. All right, just let them go all the way into the line, Billy, just as they--they are like that. And let's just--let's just begin, starting the prayer line. Come up. Get them a seat so they can set down here, Brother Roy, or something. In the hall there is room. I want to see the people watching.
L-178 See, there is one thing you can't do, you can't have a disturbance. The Holy Spirit is timid. How many knows that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] See, you must be obedient during the time.
L-179 How many has been in the meeting and see things go from one to another? Sure, you have. See them lose their mind, and go crazy; the seats fly around and around in the building, and devils was cast out. Some of them is paralyzed, and had to be packed out of the building; still paralyzed, too. Some of them died right there, right where they was standing; and dropped dead, just right before us. See, we're not playing church. It's the Holy Spirit. You must believe.
L-180 A man stood one time, trying to hypnotize me, there in Canada. What's that across from Detroit, what is that city up there? [Someone says, "Edmonton?"] No, across from Detroit. ["Windsor."--Ed.] Windsor. Yeah, he come over there. They had hired him to go hypnotize people, for the army. You know, make them bark like dogs, and things like that. And that guy setting out there; I keep feeling an odd spirit, and I noticed it. And the Holy Spirit said call him, said, "Son of the devil, why did he put that in your heart to come here? Because you've did that, they'll pack you out of here." He is still paralyzed. That's been about twelve years ago. They packed him out. Yeah.
L-181 God is still God. The thing is right, you see. Same! He never changes. If we can only believe, that's all we have to do is have faith. Now you look this a way and believe.
L-182 Now, if the Holy Spirit will, tonight, I don't know that He will. But if He will come now, what kind of a sign are we looking for today? The resurrection of Christ, the proof that Jesus is alive among us. Is that right? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Everybody remember? Don't the Bible...
L-183 Now have we got the sign of Sodom, in the world today? Is that right? [Congregation says, "Amen."] Got the sign of Noah, in the world today. Is that right? ["Amen."] Got all these other things? Now what did He say would take place in that time? "The Son of man would be revealed in that day." Is that right? What is revealed? "Is made known." Anything that's made known is revealed. "The Son of man will be made known in that day." Well, if He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, wouldn't He do the same thing to make Himself known? How many believes that? ["Amen."--Ed.] All right. [Genesis 18:9-22], [Luke 17:30]
L-184 Now have you got your... everybody straightened out down there now in line? Now, friends, I don't know if we'll get to all of them.
L-185 I want you all just through watch real close, and be reverent, pray, believe. Now, please, see, especially if something happens to get away from me, don't everyone jump up and go to... See? Yeah.
L-186 About two months ago, in my church, one Sunday morning, there was something, Satan doing something to attract the attention of the people. There was an Englishman there, by the name of Way. He lives at my... You want his address, or we can have you to write. He sends tapes of the meeting from overseas. And the man resented what I said, heartily. And I looked down, I seen that horrible spirit upon him.
L-187 I had him on private interview, told him. I said, "Mr. Way, you have heart trouble." He even resented that. I said, "Why did you come to me for, then?" So about a month after that, he went to the doctor, and the doctor said he had a very bad heart.
L-188 So he come to the meeting that morning, and something was said; real hot-headed Englishman, you know, he resented that. His wife, a wonderful Norwegian woman, a nurse, and was sitting there with him. And I said something, and he resented it right quick, you know. And when he did... He was standing to the feet, and they were singing. And when He did, his head went back, his eyes just flipped right straight back, his face turned real dark red, like that desk there. He fell dead, to the floor.
L-189 Well, now, the church went to going on, people screaming. And I said, "Sit down. You are trained better than that. You are trained better than that."
L-190 And so his wife got down, was testing his heart. He was gone. She begin to scream. And I said, "Sister Way, just a minute, till I can get out of the pulpit here. We don't know what the Father..."
L-191 And there I went down there, he was just stiff. His eyes, there wasn't color on his eyes, was sticking right out like that, back. I couldn't feel no more heart than I could feel in that. [Brother Branham taps on something hard--Ed.]
She said, "Oh!" Begin to scream, she begin...
L-192 I said, "Now we don't know what the Heavenly Father is going to do." And I said, "Maybe He did it for a purpose." I said, "Brother Way was resenting."
L-193 Said, "He whispered to me, that he was resenting what you said."
And I said, "He oughtn't to have done that."
L-194 I said, "Heavenly Father, forgive Brother Way for his error, and I call for his spirit to return."
L-195 He said, "Brother Branham," and there he was alive again, standing among us. See? See? Don't get...
L-196 If anything gets away, just keep quiet, keep quiet. I seen it happen so many times. But if the church gets all tore up, then, you see, you grieve the Holy Spirit. Now if you want to praise God for something, that's good. But when everybody jumping and watching this, that, and people getting up, and walking around and talking to one another, it's just confusion. You... Jesus couldn't even heal the people that way, Himself. Is that right? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] When He was here, He led them outside the city like that, and put His hands on them and prayed for them.
L-197 Now, now, this lady standing here, she is a woman younger than I am. She looks healthy and strong. I don't know. Now, see, the church of yesterday, God's vindication time; lay hands upon her and pray for her, let her go, see if she had faith to be healed. That's the way God did it. But He promised something else now, see, the Word, a promise for today. I'm sure you understand what I mean.
L-198 Now I'm getting transposition here somewhere. So... [Brother Branham adjusts the microphone--Ed.] Yeah, I think this is better now.
L-199 Now, if this lady... I don't know her, but the Holy Ghost does know her.
L-200 Now here is exactly a Bible picture, a panoramic. If you was ever over there, just like now, that well is still there, and vines growed up over the top. Jesus met a woman and He told her what her trouble was, and she knew that was the sign of the hour, that the Messiah was there. Is that right? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] She knew. She knew it.
L-201 Well, if He is the same today, and promised to reveal Himself the same, then it'd have to be His sign again. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-202 Now I hope everybody understands that I'm not meaning that's me, or I'm not meaning it's my brothers here, or some man out there. I mean it's Jesus, see, Christ, not... the anointed, see. See, He died that He might cause His ministry to be carried on by His Church that recognizes His Word. That don't mean that made--made anything different for me than it does one of these man here, not a bit, or one out there. We are all sinners saved by grace.
L-203 But it's His promise! He promised to do it. And that's the reason I'm standing here now, because He promised it, and He said, "Go do it." So, that, there is no fear then.
Now, lady, I want you to look at me, just a moment.
L-204 Teaching and preaching. Usually when I had my most successful meetings, in discernment, and so forth, is when it used to be the manager preached, Mr. Baxter and them would preach a while. And I didn't have to do nothing but walk out on the platform, come right out of the room from somewhere, praying, walk right out. They already had the prayer line lined up. I just went right in, see. But, now, you have to swing yourself back around again.
L-205 Preaching is a gift, inspired--inspired preaching. See? And the gift, some are apostles, some prophets, some teachers, some pastors, some evangelists. That's the gifts that's in the Church. See? But it's possible we could have more than one, like Paul, or any of those. Now, as--as long as there is apostles, there has got to be a prophet. As long as there is a prophet, there has got to be an--an evangelist. Why is it ministers say, "There is a pastor and evangelist, but there is no prophet"? See, that's picking what you want to, making It say something It doesn't. But God is His Own interpreter of His Word. He says whether It's right or not. [Ephesians 4:7-15]
L-206 Now if the Holy Spirit will reveal to me something you've done, or who you are, or whatever. I mean, I don't know, see. It's just like a dream; you see something, it just goes back. And whatever I say...
L-207 What I see, I say. See? And then that's a sign, see, and there is the Voice of the sign. The sign is to do it; the Voice is what it says. Then if that's true, and that's all Truth, then what I'm preaching here on this Word has got to be true, 'cause that's the credentials of the calling. Now hasn't that been proved by the Bible tonight? Now does the audience believe that with all your heart? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
Now this ought to settle it.
L-208 Now, I don't know the woman. Here is my hand up, and here is the Word of God, and here is ministers set, see, I don't know the woman. I've never seen her in my life, as I know it, and we're strangers one to another. I have no way of knowing. If that's right, just so the people know, raise up your hand so the people will see. Now can we be like those people at Sychar?
L-209 Now look on me. I mean like Peter and John, passed through the gate called Beautiful. Now look. [Acts 3:1-10]
L-210 See, Jesus attracted her attention. See? He knew He had to go up there. The Father had sent Him up there, but He didn't know... The woman come out, and He thought that must be it. See? And then He talked to her till He found out what her trouble was, then He told her. [John 4:3-28]
L-211 That's what I'm doing right now. It's me getting myself out of the way, so He can talk. Now, yes, I can tell you what's wrong with the woman, by the grace of God.
L-212 Her trouble is, she has tumors, and those tumors are in the bowels. [The sister says, "Yes."] Exactly right. Do you believe that He will heal that and make it well? You, you believe it? Got somebody else you was praying for, too, haven't you? Do you believe He'll heal his eyes and make him well, your little boy? See, just saying that one thing, to break it down. See? All right. Go ahead now, believe it.
L-213 She didn't catch it at first, 'cause she was holding that on her mind. I seen a Light kept flashing back over her again like that, 'cause she was praying for something else. And, whatever it was, there it was. See? See?
L-214 See, if you'd just believe! Oh, if you could explain it! Now that ought to make every person in here... Just that one person, ought to make every person in here believe right now. Is that right? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-215 How do you do? Now we are strangers to one another, too, I suppose. [The sister says, "That's right."] We are strangers. I have no idea about you, who you are, where you come from, or--or anything about you. But God knows about you. Now if He will reveal to me what your trouble is, will you believe me to be His servant? ["Amen."--Ed.]
Now, now be just as quietly as you can.
L-216 Now, yes, you're--you're suffering with a high blood pressure, that's right, caused from a nervous condition that makes your blood go high. And--and you get wore out real fast, many times. A very good person, see. See? Not a hitchhiker; she believes. She really believes. Yes, sir. And I--I'm so thankful for that. [The sister says, "I prayed for strength, Brother Branham."--Ed.]
L-217 And, say, by the way; being that you're such a nice person. You have really a big family. Your husband is sick, too. [The sister says, "Yes"--Ed.] He has high blood pressure, too. ["Yes."] He also has heart trouble. ["That's right."] You've got a son, and he's got heart trouble. And then you got one that you're worried about. ["Yes."] There is something dark. The boy is shadowed. He's a drinker; he is alcohol drinking. And that's right. Isn't that right? Just go on; it's all right. Believe now. Just go on, I think it'll be all right if you'll just go on and believe it.
L-218 "If thou canst believe, all things are possible to them that believe." If--if you can believe that what God said is the Truth, that settles it. Don't you think that's right? Isn't that the Truth? Isn't that what He said? He made the promise. So, if He made the promise, that settles it. He said, "If thou canst believe, all things are possible." [Matthew 19:26], [Mark 10:27]
L-219 Now you think them people has to--to have that? They don't. They don't have to be standing here on the platform. They don't. They don't have to be here, not at all.
L-220 She is just having a wonderful time out there. What about you out in the audience, do you believe with all your heart? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Every one of you?
L-221 This lady setting right here looking at me, right there, she suffers with heart trouble; the brown dress on, dark hair, wearing glasses. You have heart trouble. As soon as it was mentioned about the lady there, something struck upon you. That's right. Now you're a way away from me, but you touched Something, didn't you? Do you believe now with all your heart? If you... Raise up your hand, if that's the truth. All right.
L-222 Now will you do me a favor? That lady setting next to you, that's got her hand up there, she is suffering with a high blood pressure. And if she'll believe with all of her heart, it'll leave her, too. If that's right, raise up your hand. All right.
L-223 Now tell me what they touched, what they touched. [Congregation says, "Jesus."--Ed.]
L-224 Do you believe God can heal heart trouble, setting there, praying, too? Do you believe He would heal your heart? He would if you would let Him. Just, He has done it if you'll just believe it, but first you've got to believe it.
L-225 You must believe it. You're obligated to believe it, because that's the only way that God can heal. Do you believe that with all your heart? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-226 This lady setting here with the dark-looking dress on, something wrong with her neck. Do you believe that God will make it well, lady? See? See, you don't have to be up here on the platform. See?
L-227 Now look, just as soon as that Light left her, It went right back; a lady started crying, sitting right behind her. The lady right behind her started weeping. What was it? She had a real strange feeling come over her. If that's right, lady, right behind her, raise up, raise up your hand. That's right, a real strange feeling come over you. Now, the reason It did that, because He wants to heal you from that stomach trouble, and make you well. Do you believe He'll do it? Amen. See, if you'll just believe, just believe!
L-228 That man sitting right there looking at me so curious. It's a rheumatism. Sitting out there, on the end of the seat out there, do you believe that God will heal you of the rheumatism and make you well? Would you believe it? God will make you well and heal you, if you can believe it.
L-229 Don't you see that He is just the same yesterday, today, and forever? Can't you believe that with all your...
L-230 What if I didn't say nothing to you? You know I know what's wrong with you. What if I didn't say anything, but just let you go on through, would you believe it with all your heart? I believe you got healed standing right there. So just go, believe it. Go, believe it now, with all of your heart.
L-231 Do you believe that God healed you, and will heal your dad, too, and make both of you well? Do you think he'll come out of the hospital, with that heart trouble?...?... If you believe it! See?
L-232 If you'll just only believe, that's all you have to do. See? Don't you see it's Him? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-233 How do you do, lady? Look at me just a minute. You have weaknesses. That's right. Your mother is sick, too, here. Isn't she? [The sister says, "Yes."--Ed.] She has heart trouble. Do you believe that God will heal your mother of her heart trouble? Say, by the way, just a minute, your husband gets healed of that stomach trouble, too. Say, just a moment, your daughter had something wrong with her throat. Do you believe He healed that also? ["Yes."] Yes, your grandchild has fainting spells, like passing out, a little baby. Do you believe that's healed, too? All right, go believe it.
L-234 Hallelujah! What are we doing? Why don't we believe Him? Are you ready to believe Him?

64-0215 - Elliott Auditorium, Tulare, CA (Paragraphs: 179 - 193)
L-180 Now I'm going to tell you what you've done. You've done the horriblest thing you ever done. There is two or three hundred people here ought to be at the altar.
L-181 Let me show you, in the Name of the Lord, that I'm right in what I'm saying. Look. Some of you people in here, pray.
L-182 Here, here sits a lady sitting here with a white coat on, little white jacket, looking right at me. I can't... She is a Christian. But she is praying for an infirmity. She has arthritis. Do you believe that God can make you well, heal you? Then you can have it.
L-183 The next man, sitting next to you there, has something wrong with his ears. Do you believe God can heal your ear trouble, sir, and make you well? Yes. Raise up your hand if you believe.
Now please be reverent, just a moment.
L-184 The man right next to him is suffering with a heart trouble. Do you believe that God can heal you, sir, with the heart trouble? I don't know you. You're a stranger to me. Is that right? You're a stranger. Well, listen. If God would tell me who you are, would it help you? Can you hear me all right? Your name is Mr. Blackwood. Do you believe He can tell me where you're from? You're from Riverbank, California. If that's right, stand up on your feet. I never seen him, in my life. All right.
L-185 God bless you, sir. Your faith made you well. That lady sitting right next to you there, has got nervous trouble. You want to be healed of your nervousness? Raise up your hand, if you do. Lay your hand over on her, mister, that she would be healed.
L-186 The lady sitting next to you, now, has sugar diabetes, with the red dress on. She wants to be prayed for, too. See? She wants to be prayed for. Have faith.
L-187 Here is a lady sitting way back here. She is ready for an operation. If she can just... O God! She has got a fallen womb. Her name is Miss Maxwell. Believe. Raise up, accept your healing, Mrs. You don't have a prayer card, do you? You don't have a prayer card? All right, you don't need one. Raise up your hand if that's right. I don't know you. If that's right, wave your hand. We are strangers to one another, wave your hand like this.
What did she touch? She never touched me.
L-188 Mr. Stewart, would you want to be healed, too, nervousness, and believe that God will make you well? I'm a stranger to you. But that's who you are, and you suffer with a nervousness. You can't hardly hold yourself together. Stand up on your feet and accept your healing, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
L-189 Here is a lady sitting back behind you there. She has got a nervousness, too. She has got something wrong in the muscles in her body. She is going to miss it and... Mrs. Newell, stand up, if that's your name and that's who you are. Believe! [The sister loudly crys out--Ed.]
Do you believe? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-190 Sure, here is a lady sitting right here, she has got heart trouble and high blood pressure. Do you believe that, right, sister? Stand up if that's right.
L-191 The lady sitting next to you there, she has got something in her chest. If that's right, stand up.
L-192 Tell the lady, next to her, she has got growths on her face, little tumors like. If she wants that healed, tell her stand up and accept it.
L-193 Now there's a group of you in here ought to be at this altar, seeking the Holy Ghost. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. You see what I mean? Once more I'm going to make this call. That's the vindication that I'm telling you the truth. God is speaking to people in here, and you're a little bit in doubt. Will you be honest enough to put up your hand, say, "Yes, Brother Branham, I've always been just a little shaky. I want more of God. I know there is something I'm lacking in here, and ought to have had when I was professed the baptism of the Holy Ghost"? Raise up your hand, will you do that? Just be honest with yourself. The Holy Ghost is never wrong. Why don't you come up, then, and settle that doubt? Come! "I'll be quick..."
Speak, my Lord, speak, my Lord, (that's it)
Speak, and I'll be quick to answer Thee.

64-0216 - Elliott Auditorium, Tulare, CA (Paragraphs: 197 - 249)
L-198 How many out there... I don't see a person there that I know. All that's in this crowd, and I don't... maybe, probably prayer cards is all over the place. But you setting out there, that's sick or got a need, or something, and you know that I know nothing about you, raise up your hands, just everywhere you are. See? It's just everyone.
L-199 May the Lord help us now in this. Now don't no one move. Don't, please, no one move. This is a--a great thing.
L-200 Now, there is no need of me saying, trying to explain it, there is no way of doing it. Now, the Bible said, which is the Word, that, "He is the High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities." Is that right? [Hebrews 4:15]
L-201 Now sometimes faith is unknown to you; you got it, and you don't know it. If you try to push yourself into something, you miss it, you go over the top of it. It's so humble and simple, see. "And He is the High Priest that can be touched by our infirmities." Then, if you touched Him, He would act like He did before. Is that right? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Now watch.
L-202 You see this woman setting right down here? I don't know the little soul. She is just setting there, but somehow she is in contact with God. Cause, in the dimension that I'm now looking in, I see the woman, and she is conscious that something is going on. She is praying for her children who is not here. That is right. I don't know her. I've never seen the woman, but she was deeply concerned about some children.
L-203 Do you believe me to be His servant? Do you believe that, that Jesus Christ is here, the Holy Spirit Who... You see, if we can get ourselves out of the way! See? Now to heal you, I can't. See? Or, to give you your desire, I can't. See, that has to come through God, 'unless He would tell me to tell you something. Now, but if He can reveal to me what's the matter with that child, or whatever it is, you--you will believe me to be His servant? You will.
L-204 Now the whole audience, if you wish, the lady is setting right here. Would you stand up? Now, the Bible laying here before me, I do not know the woman. I've never seen her. Now, here, come right back to Sychar now.
L-205 Please, everyone be reverent. See? When you see something... See, it's a spirit, it moves, throws me off again.
L-206 Yes, the lady has three children she is praying for, and all three of them is shadowed. That is, they are not Christians. They're unsaved. That is right. One of them is a girl, and she has a sore on her leg, up high. That's right, isn't it? One, something wrong with their eyes, one of the boys. Another one has got heart trouble, and is an alcoholic. That's true. Is that your desire? Is that what you want from God? [The sister says, "Amen."--Ed.] Then I ask, in Jesus' Name, that He gives you what your desire is. You need--need anything, anything else?
L-207 Here is a lady, just as I said that, it disturbed her. She is setting right back here. She is suffering with arthritis. Her name is Miss Thomason; she won't know... Yes. I am a stranger to you. I never seen you in my life, but that's who you are. Do you believe me to be His servant, lady? Do you believe what I've said is true, and comes from God? You are suffering with arthritis.
L-208 That's your husband setting there by you. He is suffering, too. He has something wrong in his--his veins, it's called "hardening of the arteries." That's right. He has something wrong with his feet, also. That is right. And, then, you're trying to quit drinking. You want to do it. You're an alcoholic, but you're trying to quit drinking. Do you believe me to be His servant? Will you accept me as God's servant? Then I deliver you from that, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Do you believe, sir? Give your heart to Christ, see the ministers about baptism, and the thing is over for you. You just believe.
L-209 Do you believe? "If thou canst believe!" Got something wrong with your side, haven't you, honey? If you'll believe with all your heart, God will heal it.
L-210 Setting there, next, you got diabetes. Do you believe that God will heal the diabetes for you, and make you well?
L-211 Heart trouble; you believe God will heal the heart trouble? All right, sir.
L-212 Also, heart trouble, next. Do you believe God will heal the heart trouble, next? That's right. You believe He'll do that? Uh-huh.
L-213 This big lady setting here. A few minutes ago, when I was preaching, come down about identifying yourself, she looked right straight towards me. You were healed then. You had kidney trouble. If that's right, stand up on your feet. See? Well, you like... Wasn't it a strange feeling come to you when I said that about identifying yourself? And you had a real strange feeling, looked right straight to me. That's when it took place. Go home now, you're well. Just believe God, that's all.
See, the Word is made manifest.
L-214 Caught your breath, sir. Do you believe God can heal you of that heart trouble, make you well? The man with gray hair, nice-looking fellow setting there, do you believe God will heal the heart trouble? You do. Your wife sets there now. Do you believe I can tell you what's wrong with your wife, by the help of God? You believe that God can tell me what's wrong with her? It's anemia, a blood condition. That's right. Do you believe God will make you both well now? You do? You accept it?
L-215 Now the lady setting next to her. See that going down there? That lady has something wrong with her back. Do you believe God will heal the back trouble, lady, and make you well?
L-216 The man next to you has arthritis. Do you believe God will heal you of the arthritis, sir? You accept it? You do? Got your hand up. All right.
L-217 How about that little lady setting there looking right at me, right next to you? Yes, she is praying for her mother. Mother in the hospital, with infection. That's right.
L-218 You put up your hand, right next to her, sister. It wasn't the mother you were praying for. This lady is praying for her mother in the hospital. And, but, you, your dad, he's got cancer, and you're praying for him. That's right. See?
L-219 The next lady has lung trouble. Do you believe God will the heal lung trouble?
L-220 Now, you see, it's just got me so I'm just blinded, almost, see about twenty or thirty people across there.
L-221 What, where are you identified now? Are you identified in saying, "I am a believer. I believe God. Or, I believe that this is Him"? Do you identi-... Or, you be--be identified with that Word, say, "God promised It. What Jesus did then, He did again today. And I believe that we're living in the days of Sodom, and just before the destruction of the world. And Jesus promised that He would manifest Himself again just like He did at Sodom, like He was doing there, and like He is doing now." Do you believe it? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-222 Then, all you that have prayer cards, in this one row here, this section here, stand up against the wall, that way. Go right out of your place, stand up against the wall, all on this side.
L-223 Now let those that are in this section that has prayer cards, the middle section, stand up in this aisle, stand out this a way. Don't, don't move over now, see, stand right in the aisle. See, go right...
L-224 Now wait. I want this, this crowd over on this side, to stand this a way, look, turn this a way. I want this crowd to go around this a way; go back through the aisle, go back that way, come around and join yourself over here.
L-225 Now all that's in this other section, that has prayer cards, stand up in this aisle, this a way. That's right. Come out here, and go back towards the back, and join in behind these.
L-226 Now you're either going to see a complete flop or you're going to see the Glory of God. Now where are you identified today, with believer, or you have to be entertained, or are you going to believe God? Some of them in the Bible time, as even the shadow of Saint Peter, a fisherman who couldn't sign his name, the shadow of that man, that showed the same sign that you seen here today, passed over the people and they were healed. How many knows that's true? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-227 Now, brethren, you're not left out. While these here, like that, see, it'll make that come. And just stand here. [Brother Branham turned and spoke to the ministers.]
L-228 If there be a pastor here that believes in praying for the sick, I don't want to leave you people think, (me standing up here as an evangelist and--and with a gift of discernment, and so forth like that, and the prophetic hour that we're living in), to make you think that your pastor just ain't just as much as anybody else. He's a servant of Christ, with the same authority that I have or anybody else has. Our authority is Jesus Christ. And I'm going to have them come down here and pray with me while we're praying.
L-229 Now, every pastor in here that believes in Divine healing and wants to stand with us here, will you come and make, take your stand with me here while I'm praying for the sick, any of you pastors that wants to come. This group of pastors, sponsoring pastors, I asked them there; said, "It makes no difference what the pastor is, what church he belongs to." If you're Presbyterian, Lutheran, or a Catholic priest, come here and stand with us if you believe the Message of Christ, that you believe in Divine healing. Come here and lay your hands upon them. Surely you wouldn't--you wouldn't separate, as a servant of Christ, you wouldn't separate yourself from your... from the human beings, no matter whether they belonged to your--your--your manse or not, or your parish. You wouldn't separate yourself from them. You'll believe. Now you're welcome to come here and help with me, laying hands upon these sick people, that they might be healed. [Mark 16:15-19]
L-230 All right, I think the lines are about ready to start. I want the ushers now to get their places, so they can help with the people.
L-231 Now, so that we don't... everybody will understand, now listen real close. Can you hear? Say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Say it again. ["Amen."] Look, I'm going to give you...
L-232 Now, I can't take each person, stand there and pray with them, and have discernment. I'd go about five or six more, and they would be taking me away from the building. You know that.
L-233 Jesus, a woman touched Him, and He turned around and told her what her trouble was, and all about it. And He said, "Virtue is gone out of Me," strength; one person. And that was God, manifested in flesh. [Luke 8:46-47]
L-234 This is just a little gift, see, to manifest Him, a promised gift for the day. Notice, friend.
L-235 Peter, one time, was called on the scene where there was a woman dead, by the name of Dorcas. All of you remember it, say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] And He went over and knelt down, and prayed. After... Listen now, you people in the prayer line. After He prayed, He went over and laid hands on Dorcas, and she came to life. Is that right? ["Amen."] [Acts 9:36-42]
L-236 Now, brethren, I want you and this congregation to join in with me. Look here, standing here, about five hundred people, or maybe more, standing here, this afternoon, to be prayed for. Now let us pray a prayer of faith, each one of us. And then when the people comes by, when you lay your hands upon them, lay them upon there, with faith, that it's going to happen. I'm going to believe. I'm, I, with all my heart, I'm going to believe. [Acts 9:36-41]
L-237 Our Heavenly Father, now the great march will start through here. Hundreds of people will pass through, and under these ministers' hands. Let them realize, Lord, that they are just passing under the Cross. They're passing under the... where the Blood was shed to make this, what we're doing, to be real. For, He that hung on the Cross, said, "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." And let the people accept it. [Mark 16:15-19]
L-238 You promised You would save whosoever "will." You can't save the world, because whosoever "will" won't believe You. You went into a city, many mighty works you couldn't do, because of unbelief.
L-239 Neither will You be able to help one person that comes through this line, unless they're willingly, from the bottom of their heart, to identify themselves with the believers and the Word of God, that the thing is over. May this great identification come now, that when each of these people passes under the hands of these ministers, may the Holy Spirit place into their heart that they have did the bidding of God, and may they go out of here rejoicing, healed, for the Kingdom of God's sake. We obey You, Lord, in this act, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. [Mark 16:17-18]
L-240 I want someone, Roy, come here if you will, and sing Only Believe. I want the rest of you, your heads bowed, and everybody praying.
L-241 Now, these is mothers, fathers, and children, little, sick babies, people dying with cancer. If it was you, you would want somebody sincerely. And we want that sincerely.
L-242 Now, let's all bow our heads now. I'm going to step down here among my brethren, to pray for the sick. [Brother Branham and the ministers lay hands on the sick and pray for them in the prayer line.]
L-243 You know, it's been a most wonderful time in this fellowship. And I have noticed something this afternoon; I don't know whether you did or not. Ninety percent of those people that were healed, were healed before they even got to where I was at. They were screaming and shouting, and giving God praise before they got there.
Now we're going to pray for these handkerchiefs.
L-244 Lord Jesus, we know that in the Bible, they said, "They took from the body of Saint Paul." Not because He was Paul, but because that He was Your servant, Lord. He was Your ambassador, and we know that they say that, "Sickness and diseases departed." Many people could not attend the meeting, and they sent a handkerchief to represent them. God, let the Angel of the Lord; He was the One that looked down upon the Red Sea and--and got it scared, and Israel went on to their promise. Grant it, Lord, that this will be the same. May these handkerchiefs, laying upon the sick, heal the sick. For the Kingdom of God's sake, in Jesus' Name, I ask it. Amen. [Acts 19:12]
L-245 Now I just want to say a word or two, to you, 'cause I really appreciate you. I appreciate these fine ministers, all down the line; they put in their time of help, and everything. And maybe you might have thought, brethren, that while the discernment was going on, and so forth, down here, I didn't know what you were praying about, but the Lord Jesus reminded me of it. I know what...
L-246 Don't worry about your mama. She'll be all right.
L-247 And you setting there, with that sinus and female trouble. I knowed it, all along. You're going to be over it. Don't worry.
L-248 See, It was behind us, same as He was here in front, and He knows all about it. See? Now you've come through the prayer line, and the same God that would anoint me before the service, here He is doing the same. See? It's... And He is just the same yesterday, today, and forever. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-249 Do you believe Him? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Oh, isn't He wonderful? ["Amen."] Isn't this something? Yeah.

64-0304 - Soul's Harbor Temple, Dallas, TX (Paragraphs: 127 - 177)
L-128 Now, how many out there does not have a prayer card, and you want Jesus to heal you, and you know He can heal you? Raise your hand. I don't care if you're in the balcony, wherever you are. Now look, if you don't...
L-129 That woman that touched the garment... While they're lining them up. That woman that touched His garment, she didn't have any prayer card, maybe, but she said... Now listen close now. She said within her heart, "I believe that Man. If I can touch His garment, I'll be made whole." She had a blood issue. How many remembers the story? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] She slipped through the crowd, maybe crawled around between them, little pale sickly woman, and she touched His garment. [Matthew 9:21], [Mark 5:30]
L-130 And the Palestinian garment hangs loose. He would never feel that. I wouldn't feel if you'd touch my pocket, and my coat fits me tight. But them Palestinian garments, and they have an underneath garment. And she touched His garment.
L-131 And He stopped and said, "Who touched Me?" She went back out in the audience. He said...
L-132 "Why," Peter said, "Lord, that don't sound good. Everybody is touching You." [Mark 5:31]
L-133 He said, "But I perceive I've gotten weak. Virtue, strength, went out of Me." How many remembers it? [Congregation says, "Amen." --Ed.] [Mark 5:30]
L-134 And He looked all around through the audience until He found her. Is that right? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] And said, "Thy faith has saved thee." Is that right? ["Amen."] [Mark 5:34]
L-135 Now look, ministers, does the Bible say that, "Jesus Christ," Hebrews 3, "is a High Priest right now that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities"? [Ministers and congregation say, "Amen."--Ed.] How many knows the Bible says that? ["Amen."] Well, if He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, how would He act today? As He did yesterday. Sure. [Hebrews 4:15], [Hebrews 13:8]
L-136 Now, you, see, wouldn't do no good to touch me. I'd be like your brother, your husband, your father, whatever it might be. Wouldn't be no virtue in me. But if you, your faith, can touch Him, then watch Him turn. Just try it. Don't try it; that's too much today, of trying. You do it! [Mark 5:25-34]
L-137 Now be real reverent, be quiet. Now just a few moments will tell. These things that I've said, it sounded good; but, you see, are they true or not? That's the next thing. Is this all...
L-138 I hear the Mohammedans talk, Sikhs, Jains, Buddha, oh, my, Mohammedans, but they can't... They can talk about something that was, but what about now? See? If He isn't...
L-139 If He's the God of history, He is no good to us today, if He's the God of history only. If He isn't the same yesterday, today, and forever, then the Bible told something wrong.
L-140 Now, if He can get me in His submissive will, He can get you in His will, then working between us, see, that's where the Power of God comes.
L-141 Now, if that man is sick, I want him to sit right where he is at. And now can you see him from the audience? He is sitting right here.
L-142 Bring his chair right up here if you want to. But can you feel like walking over here, sir? All right, just come right here and sit down. Bring the chair right here, Brother Grant, if you will, so the man can sit here just a moment. All right, now just sit down right there, sir.
L-143 I've been noticing the man for a few minutes, just about to pass out. He must be seriously sick. I do not know. And if I did know and could help him, and wouldn't do it, then I'm not fit to stand behind this platform here and talk to you people, you Christians.
L-144 But the man probably is not as old as I. And this is our... Probably we're unknown to each other. You don't know me, I suppose. [The brother says, "Yes, I do."--Ed.] You know me. But I don't know you. ["I was at a service in Jonesboro."] Oh, you saw me at Jonesboro, about fifteen years ago, when I was over there in a meeting. Yes, sir. ["I sure was."] Well, that was a great time over there. I believe that was Brother Richard Reed. ["Yes, sir."] Uh-huh.
L-145 Now if this man sitting here suffering, if I could heal him and wouldn't do it, what kind of a person would I be? But I can't heal him. But now if we would see Jesus, and Jesus was standing here with this suit of clothes on that He gave me, now would Jesus say, "Come here and I'll heal you"? Now be careful, if you know your Bible, see. No, sir. He has already done it; He couldn't do it today. He has already done it, "He was wounded for our transgressions," with His stripes we were saved, "with His stripes we were healed," rather. All right. Now, but Jesus could declare Himself, to make known to this man what's his trouble, or something the matter, or something he has done. Is that right? [Congregation says, "Amen." --Ed.] And that would let him know that Christ was here. [Isaiah 53:5]
L-146 Cause, I don't know him. Here is my hands up, I... he said he was in the Jonesboro meeting. That was fifteen years ago. I--I've never seen the man in my life, as I know. He might have set back, tomorrow... Well, I don't know any here.
L-147 I believe I know this is Mr. Way sitting right here. An Englishman sitting right here, that I know, that dropped dead in my church, the other day, in Jeffersonville, Indiana; dropped dead. There is his wife, here somewhere, that's a nurse. While I was speaking, the man dropped dead, fell right there, dead. Went down and laid hands upon him, here he stands. See? See?
L-148 If I could just get the congregation quiet long enough till the Holy Spirit could come down. Don't get excited. Just sit still, see.
L-149 Now, sir, I want you to look up this way, just a minute. I've been speaking, and I--I'm here to help you now. And if I can help you, I'll do everything I can.
L-150 Now what I've said here in the Scripture, God is obligated, because I believe this is the last days; God is obligated to--to fulfill that Word, and that's what He promised to do. And if He would be able to tell me something you have done, or something is wrong with you, or what you're here for, or whatever it is, you would know whether that's true or not. You--you--you would witness to that.
L-151 But now if I come up here and laid hands on you, say, "Glory to God, you're healed! Glory to God." That would be all right, that's perfectly all right, if you believed it.
L-152 But what if He tells you what you have done, or some cause, the reason you are sick, or something like that? Then you would know, if He could tell you what has been, He would surely know what--what will be, would be right. Yes, sir.
L-153 Do you believe that, audience? [Congregation says, "Amen." --Ed.] Now what am I doing to the man? I'm trying to contact his spirit, just as our Lord did at the well, to that woman. I don't know him. I've never seen him. Now there is many in here, sick, many praying.
L-154 And now, Heavenly Father, we take every spirit in here under... I control, for the glory of God, that Your Scriptures might be fulfilled. The Bible said that's why Jesus healed, "That the Scriptures might be fulfilled." And that's the reason You're showing mercy in this last days, "that the Scriptures might be fulfilled." We've just talked of Them, tonight. Grant it, Lord, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-155 Now you look on me, just a moment, just to see if the Lord will reveal to me what's your trouble. And if He will, will you... if He tells me what's your trouble. You look like you're very sick. If He would tell me what's wrong with you, or something, you'll believe then, you know it's got to be Him.
L-156 How many in the audience will believe? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-157 One thing, it's, you're suffering tremendously with, is a hernia. That hernia is making you sick. That's right. See? See? Now is that right? Raise up your hand, if that's right.
L-158 That's what's making him sick, see, down. Do you believe? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-159 Here is another thing. You got a spot on the right side of your face. You're worried about that. Let me tell you something else. Do you believe me to be His prophet? [The brother says, "Yes, brother."--Ed.] You got a spot on your right hip, too, underneath your clothes. If that's right, raise up your hand. ["That's right."] See? See? Now do you believe? ["I believe."] Go and be well. Jesus Christ make you well. Go, believe it. Don't doubt, at all, sir. Just come this way, come up here, brother. Just go, believing, now, and everything will be all right for you.
L-160 You believe now? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Just have faith. All right. That, you know I didn't know it.
L-161 Here, come, sister. I don't know you. We're strangers to one another, I suppose. If that's right... so the audience can see that we're strangers, see. If... This is just like where our Lord met a woman one day. And here we meet again, we meet after two thousand years on His promise, and here is a man and woman meets in the same way. I have never seen you in my life. I guess we're total strangers, but God knows both of us.
L-162 Now if the Holy Spirit, Christ in here and in you, will reveal what you're standing here for, or something about you, would you feel enthused like that woman did that day? [The sister says, "Amen."--Ed.] Now what you're here for is prayer, and prayer is for a condition in your breast. That's right. If that's true, raise up your hand. Now you believe God can tell me which breast it is? It's the right breast. That's right.
L-163 People keep saying out there, somebody come in, saying, "He is guessing that." I'm not guessing that. Don't think that. That hinders, see. Now remember, you can't hide your thoughts now. Yeah. That's right. Yeah. Right.
L-164 Here, you should believe, you're a preacher, a lady preacher. That's right, isn't it? All right. Go, believe now, and you'll be all right. God bless you. Just believe.
Do you believe? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-165 How do you do? We're strangers to each other. [The sister says, "Yes."--Ed.] I don't know you. ["No, sir."] God does know you. If that's right, raise up your hand so... You're a lot younger than I am. Maybe the woman that met our Lord was a lot younger.
L-166 Now another woman stood here. Somebody out there believing. There she sits right there. She got trouble in her chest. Is that right? Whose garment did you touch? His. It's over now. Jesus Christ makes you well.
L-167 He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Now that woman is twenty feet from me, but she touched not me. She touched the High Priest. Don't you see, I had my back to her, it shows that He is the same One that made the promise, just the same today. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-168 You're suffering with a nervous trouble, very nervous, especially in the late of the evening, you're, when you get tired and wore out. You're real nervous. Then you have a poisoning in your body. It's poisoning in your blood. But, that's right. And then you've got a real burden for somebody to be saved, haven't you? [The sister says, "Yes, sir."--Ed.] Yes, sir, that's right. Do you believe now? ["Yes."] All right, go. As you have believed, so be it to you. Have faith.
Don't doubt. Have faith in God. Just believe.
L-169 How do you do, lady? I'm a stranger to you, I suppose. If that's right, so we hold up our hands, so that they'll see. I've never seen her in my life.
L-170 "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever." Do you believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] If the Lord Jesus will tell this woman, right here now, something about her, that I know nothing about! Well, we're strangers, we, she is just standing here, see. All right, would you believe? ["Amen."] [Hebrews 13:8]
L-171 You got stomach trouble, is bothering you, sitting right there with a black coat on. It's bothering you right now. If that's right, raise up your hand. See? You know why? It's this woman's stomach, too. See? That's right.
L-172 See that black streak running between them there? It's a devil. See? He is trying to get away from it, see. He can't. He can't hide from God. That's one thing sure. We're in the Presence of Jesus Christ. You must believe. Have faith.
L-173 What did he touch? He never touched me. I don't know the man. He is a stranger to me. Are we strangers to one another, sir, I don't know you? Raise up your hand if that's right. See? What did he touch? Jesus Christ. Don't fail to see something.
L-174 Now this lady here. Yes. Oh, the lady is shadowed. It's death upon her. She is suffering with cancer, and the cancer is in the stomach and also in the colon. She, they just give her up. She is dying, with cancer. That's true, isn't it, lady? That's what you've been told. Now look here. You, there is only one hope you have, that's Christ.
L-175 Do you believe me to be His servant? Something has got to tell me that, hasn't it? Something has got to. I--I don't, wouldn't know it myself. If I tell you who you are, would you believe me to be His prophet? Would it help you? It would? Mrs. Crosley. [The sister says, "Oh!"--Ed.] Then return home.
L-176 Do you believe? How many of you believe now with all your heart? Stand up on your feet then and accept it. Just raise right up, and say, "I believe." Raise up your hands, everywhere.
L-177 Heavenly Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ, may the Devil and all of his powers be rebuked. May the Lord Jesus Christ, Who has promised this for the last day, He is here now. Let it come to pass, Lord, at this hour, that the people will not fail. May they see what God is shaking before them, just before the fire falls. May this Abraham group, this royal Seed of Abraham, understand the hour that we're living! O Jesus, Son of God, touch every sick person in here. Heal them, Lord. May their faith realize that they're standing in the Presence of the God that saved them and will judge them at that Day. May His Power fall upon them now, and heal everyone here that's in Divine Presence. [Luke 17:29-30]

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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