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What It Takes To Overcome All Unbelief: Our Faith
60-0729, What It Takes To Overcome All Unbelief: Our Faith, Eisenhower High School, Yakima, WA, 102 min

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L-1 I've looked forward for a long time for this grand and glorious opportunity to come to--to this city, to minister to these dear people. About in our early pioneer days, when I sent Mr. Lindsay, I had on my heart, Yakima, and I wound up in Spokane. So then again, I sent to get to Yakima and somehow got bypassed and went somewhere else. So tonight, this is a long wait, about ten or twelve years I've watched for the opportunity to come to this city. I am very happy for the opportunity also, of getting this nice school here named after our beloved president, Dwight Eisenhower. And I trust that the Lord will give us an exceeding, abundance above all that we could do or think, this ten days of service. And we're wanting God, if it be His great plan to save every lost person there is in this country, right here on grounds to be saved. [Ephesians 3:20]
L-2 I truly believe that the coming of the Lord Jesus is nigh at hand. I believe that if--we're living in the shadows of His coming, and I want to do all that I know how to get everyone ready for that grand event that's been prophesied, and people has looked for it since His going away. And we see the conditions arising, both in the political world, and also in the military world, and in the religious world, that all signs are pointing now that the coming is close at hand. To see the church in the minority, spiritual believers, and we see the--all that He spoke of taking place.
L-3 We know that waiting for us is bombs from anywhere in the world now; they don't have to look to the big nations; the little nations has the missiles to destroy the world at any time that they wish to. And those missiles are in the hands of sinful men. And every radar screen is setting, waiting, waiting for one to come into their screen, and when they do, they'll turn theirs loose. What's going to happen, when it all takes place like that?
I'm so glad that I know the Lord Jesus as my Saviour. I'm so happy for that. So happy that I know that there's many tens of thousands of others who feel the same as I do. They're waiting for that great time.
L-4 We only know life, as we know it, as a human, because that we've never been nothing but human. But when we're borned again, there's a life that comes from above, that comes into us.
I've had the privilege of traveling many nations, seen many people. Altogether I guess, many times it's put around the world. I've been pretty near every nation in the world, missionaring. And I notice, when I strike a nation, the strange thing is that that nation has a certain spirit. That spirit of that nation seems to be the--like dominate the nation.
We go to Germany, and it isn't like the spirit that's in Finland. We go to Finland; it isn't like the spirit that's in Australia. And you go to Australia, it's not like the spirit that's in Japan. Then come back to America, it's got the American spirit. Everywhere you go, you find a different spirit. The people live different, act different, but one great thing I have noticed, if you take a German and send him to the United States, he will soon take the spirit of the United States. Take an American and send him to Germany, he takes the spirit of Germany. But wherever and whatever nation you go to, when you find borned again Christians, they're all the same no matter where it's at.
L-5 And I've seen people, that come into the meeting, like in... Our largest crowd that we ever had was five hundred thousand in Bombay, and then I guess, my greatest altar call, we ever numbered was at Durban, South Africa, thirty thousand, one afternoon of heathens, gave their hearts to the Lord Jesus, when they seen something take place at the platform. Ten thousand Mohammedans followed that.
Now,--but I've noticed, take the bushman, and the tribesman, that come in that doesn't even know which is right and left hand. They'll wear no clothes. They don't know one word of English. They don't know any, but just their tribal language, but when they receive the Holy Spirit, they act and do just the same things you do, when you get the Holy Spirit, just act the same way, go--just exactly the same. It shows that God is universal. God is omnipresent, omniscient, infinite, and He works the same with all these people.
L-6 And every human being, regardless of color, or what he is, how little, how big, what his color is, they're all of one blood. God made of all nations, one blood. German, Swiss, African, everyone can give each other a blood transfusion. The color of our skin, and the size of us has nothing to do with it. But every human being's got a little compartment in his heart, that there's not even a blood cell in it. Many years ago the critics used to say, "God made such an awful mistake when He said, 'As a man thinketh in his heart,' because there's no mental facilities in the heart for him to think with."
But two years ago, I believe it was, when I was in Chicago in a meeting, great headlines come in the paper, that they had discovered, science has, that a man does have a mental faculty in his heart, that there's a little compartment in the heart, the human heart, that's not in the--the animal heart. They've found it on research on the heart, and it--in there they say it's the place where the soul abides. So then, after all, God was right when He said, "As a man thinketh in his heart." [Proverbs 23:7]
L-7 Now, we--we reason with our mind, but the heart doesn't reason. The heart just believes. We look with our eyes, but we see with our heart. Do you look... You take something complicated, you say, "I just don't see it." You--You mean you don't understand it. See? Your understanding comes from your heart. You have your understanding.
Now, many times, I know all Christians know this, that people will think, "Well, it just can't happen, but yet, in my heart there's something tells me, that it's going to happen." Did you ever have that experience, you Christians? Sure, you have. That's that inside man thinking. It cast down reasons; it doesn't have anything to do with the reasoning, because with--with God, words should not be reasoned. We cannot reason out God. God is never known by science, never is God known by--by mental powers. God is only known by faith. Knowledge will never get a man to God; knowledge takes him away from God.
L-8 That's where it started in the garden of Eden. There were two trees, one was the Tree of Life, the other one a tree of knowledge. Man took his first bite from the tree of knowledge; he separated himself from the Tree of Life. And every time he bites off the tree of knowledge, he continually gets further away from the Tree of Life, because he begins to think he knows how to reason it out. You cannot reason God; you got to come back to the simple Tree of Life, and abide under there eating the fruit of Life.
That's what we're here for to bring the ministry that the Lord has given me to you people here at Yakima, and many of you attended meetings at other places, but for this city, perhaps, be many here this week, that's never been in the meetings.
L-9 Now, many times, people say, "Brother Branham, you feature Divine healing." No, that is wrong. I feature Jesus Christ. See? Divine healing is a minor, and you can never major with a minor. And Christ is our main subject, then we believe that Christ, Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that He died for our sins, and rose again the third day, according to the Scripture, and now sets at the right hand of the majesty of God, being a High Priest, to make intercessions upon our professions.
We--we're waiting, expecting Him to leave glory someday to return to the earth, to resurrect the dead and to translate those that are living into a glorified body to be raptured in the sky, to live with Him for the space of three and a half years, during the time of the tribulation period, and to return back to a purified earth to live a thousand years here on earth with His Church, and forever be with Him, when He sets on the throne of David. Now, we're looking--looking for that great time.
L-10 There our theme in the the taberna--in our services is Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever, the same. Now, we believe He's the same in every principle. Now, Hebrews 13:8, is our theme. Don't forget that now, during the meetings. If anything rises unseemingly, hold right with that Scripture, and take it back to the Scripture: Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever.
Now, we cannot deny the Scriptures, for Jesus said all Scripture (we know) is given by inspiration, and heavens and earth will pass away, but not one Scripture shall ever pass away, 'cause it's God's Word.
Now, we believe that God can do things that He has not written in His Word. But we like to stay just with what He has written, then we know we're sure, if you just stay with what He's written in the Word. [Hebrews 13:8], [Matthew 24:35], [Mark 13:31], [Luke 21:33]
L-11 Now, during these ten days, if God permits us to go on, you may seen--see some things that'll seem unreasonable to you. But if it seems a little question, in my speaking I'll always stay right in the Words on God's promises. That's enough for us. If we stay right with His promises, if God will confirm all of His promises, that's as good as we need. Don't you think so? That's as good as we need, if God will stay with His promise.
Because I believe that we're living in a day that when there's mysterious things going on, and will continue to go on, and get complicated, because we know that there's to be a Jannes and Jambres rise up in the last days to withstand Moses and Aaron, as the Bible said, and some impersonations to act like it's something that it is isn't.
But God's Word is ever the truth. I always hold onto that, and that God's Word is always eternally true. And no man's word or no man is any better than his word. If I don't keep my word, then I'm not much. And if God doesn't keep His Word, He isn't God. But if God does keep His Word, then He ever remains God. In order to be God, He's got to keep His Word. You, see, He's got to keep His Word. [II Timothy 3:8]
L-12 And now, on these... Probably tonight, I'd like to speak to you a little while, and kinda get acquainted with the auditorium, with the people, and kindly get ready for the services to come. Now, I spoke a few moments ago, that we did not try to major in Divine healing, yet we teach that to be one of the Bible truths, that Jesus Christ was wounded for our transgression, with His stripes we were healed. [Isaiah 53:5]
L-13 Now, all redemptive blessings to us, the human race, was paid for, for us, at Calvary when Jesus died for us. We believe that the work and the complete plan of God, every redemptive blessing was completed at Calvary, that all of God's promises was made possible to every human being that would accept it, when Jesus died to clear the human before God at Calvary. I believe that every man in the world, was saved when Jesus died at Calvary. Every sick person in the world, was healed when Jesus died at Calvary. But now, it's a finished work. Now, the thing to do is, can we get the people to see it and accept it. Therefore, Divine healing doesn't lay upon some magic something, that someone has in their hands, or some holy oil, or water that they sprinkle on the people. I do not believe in those things. I--I believe that the Blood of Jesus Christ is sufficient for every thing we have need of. See? And I believe it's something has already been paid for.
L-14 Now, the initial and original way to receive any redemptive blessing is by hearing the Word of God, because faith cometh by hearing, hearing the Word of God, like the ministers preach. If that were you and I, that would be sufficient. If the people didn't want to believe us, why we just let them go on. But God is so good, and so full of mercy, till after all that He sent His Word, then He sent gifts into the church. We all believe that. I Corinthians 12, there is nine spiritual gifts in the church. That's in every local body, or should be in every local body, the gifts of healing, the gift of wisdom, the gifts of knowledge, the gift of a--a all these other gifts is in the church. Nine different spiritual gifts is in every local body.
Then God has gifts that He has foreknown for each age and has placed them into the church. Now, we find out there's five of those gifts. The first of them is missionaries or apostles. The word "apostle" means "one sent." The word "missionary" means "one sent." A missionary is sent, and apostle is sent. God sends His missionary; God sends His apostles. [Romans 11:17], [I Corinthians 12:8-10]
L-15 First is apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists, pastors, those five God-given gifts in the church. So each of you people, who has a godly pastor, has a gift from God in your church, a shepherd. "Pastor" means "a shepherd," to watch over the flock, to teach them the Word of God.
Then these other nine different spiritual gifts should be operating in the church to keep the church clean. Like the Ananias and Sapphiras and so forth, the Spirit of God rise up and call somebody out and tell them they're living wrong, and--and rebuke that sin openly, and that's what the Holy Spirit is in the church for, to keep the church clean and ready for the coming of the Lord. We believe that. [Ephesians 4:11]
L-16 Now, then there are these other gifts that comes into the church. Now, after the pastor, then there's evangelists comes in. And then there's teachers comes in, and then there's prophets come in. And then there's apostles come in. All these together, working together with the gifts, keeps the church perfected, and clean, and ready for the coming of the Lord. And if this certain church age falls asleep, waiting on the Lord, the second church age falls asleep, even to the seventh watch, no matter how many ages fall asleep, they will all rise at the coming of the Lord, and shall be caught up together with those that are alive and remain to meet the Lord in the air. And we're looking for that glorious day, and I believe that if God will help us before the week is over, I--I believe that we will see clearer than every before. I hope my eyes are open to a lot of things too, 'cause I'm here to learn like all of us are. I'm here to draw from you people something that--that to help me.
Many people think that the evangelist doesn't need any help. You're mistaken. He's needs more help than all the congregation does, because he's standing between the enemy and the congregation. [Ephesians 4:11], [I Thessalonians 4:17]
L-17 Now, being a stranger to you, I thought I would take and explain these things, so that you would know, that we can start off and have a great meeting in this here area. And I believe and trust to God, that after this service is over, that every church through the area will be packed out with fresh members, and been converted and brought in. I trust that through that there'll be an old fashion revival sweep this valley here, that'll cause people from all over the country to flow in here, seeking. So I'll find when I come back to the United States, a hungry people, after all the great meetings and things we've had across the nation.
We've had great men to cross our nation: Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, and many of those great warriors of faith, great men, personal friends of mine. And I know they're good men, filled with God's Spirit and wonderful teachers.
L-18 And my--myself, I'm more of an illiterate type of person. I'm not educated; I'm sorry for that. I did not get a schooling that I should get. I was raised in a poor family of ten children, and I was the oldest. I had to work to make a living for the family. But somehow, God in His great wise providence, saw fit, way back before I knowed anything about it, to put me a little place with you people. And to that I want to minister with all my heart, to--to be your brother. And I would not come here, by no means in the world, to cause any a any--any tear up, or any fict--friction in the church, but I've come here to try to--to take the frictions away, and bring the body of Christ together, and let us know that we are all brethren, that we are all together.
And when I come from my own Baptist church to--to minister amongst the pentecostal people, who believe the message that the Angel of the Lord had brought me... And I found out that they were as bad as the Baptist; they had many different organizations of them. And I found great and fine brethren in every one of them. So I--I could not say tonight, that I belong to the Assemblies of the Church of God, and yet I do belong to them, because I haven't--haven't just joined the ranks, but I was borned in their ranks as a brother, when I received the Holy Spirit. And I've tried to stand right in between the breach, and say to both sides, "Don't argue brethren. We are brothers; let us love the Lord, and let's march forward, and united together..."
L-19 I'm a Kentuckian by birth, and all of you know what the emblem of Kentucky is, or slogan, is a crossed hand, like this: Together we stand, and divided we'll fall. So we don't want the churches divided; we want to stand together. Though that we might disagree one with the other, like that, that's just little tech--little things that's technical. Let's believe the main principles: Jesus died to save us all; He's give us all the new birth, and we're waiting for His coming, and enjoying the attributes of His death until He comes. That's all. We are enjoying Divine healing, the Presence of the Holy Spirit. And if Jesus Christ is the same... God forgive me for making that statement of "if He is"; it's sacrilegious to say it, but He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, because the Word says He is the same. Then if He is the same, then how would He act if He was here on earth today? He would act just like He did yesterday, if He is the same. Do you believe that, all of you? He would. Then if He would act the same, then He would do the same works that He did yesterday. Do you believe that? [Hebrews 13:8]
L-20 Now, the Scripture says... Jesus said Himself in Saint John 14:7, "He that heareth My Word..." No, "The works that I do, that... He that believeth on Me, the works that I do, shall he do also." And the--the English translation there says, "Greater than this shall he do, for I go to My Father." But if you'll take the original translation on that said, "More shall he do." Now, no one could do greater than He did, because He raised the dead, stopped nature, and just done everything. But what it was, that He said, "A little while and the world will see Me no more (Now, that word is 'Kosmos,' which means 'the world order.'). It shall see Me no more, yet ye (the church) shall see Me, for I (And "I" is a personal pronoun, we know that), I will be with you (He's even said), in you unto the end of the world."
Now, what was it then? God could manifest Hisself through one Man, a Man, His Son called Jesus. Now, God takes the Spirit of that Jesus and puts back into His children, that's been adopted by Jesus Christ, and manifest the same Spirit and same power, the world around. That's God in us, Emmanuel in us. [John 14:12, 19], [Matthew 28:20]
L-21 We have been cleansed by the Blood of Jesus, and I do believe in pure, absolutely Holy Ghost religion and holiness. I believe that a man cleaned up from a life of sin, quits all of his drinking, lying, stealing, and everything else. I believe he lives for God, because the Spirit in him is God's Spirit. And that Spirit leads him and guides him into righteousness and holiness, that God could live in him, and will His--do His will in him.
Now, there'd only one difference then would keep Jesus from being the same that walked on Galilee, as to be here with us tonight in each one of us... Now remember, the Jesus I'm talking about is the third Person, which is the Holy Spirit, which is in us, God in us.
L-22 When the Son of God... God once lived in a Pillar of Fire, led the children of Israel, then He came down and lived in a Man, His own Son, a created body. Then He--then He was--got a little closer to us. Then He had to sacrifice that body to break that virgin born blood cell, to cleanse the church that He might live in everybody's heart that would accept that Blood for the cleansing, Paul says, so that He could come into their heart by the Holy Spirit. Then that's God working in us.
Now, the corporal body of Jesus cannot be here tonight. It might come. It would be a great hour, wouldn't it? If the corporal body of the Lord Jesus, which sets at the right hand of God tonight, if It should descend from heaven and come to the earth, we wouldn't need any more healing services or preaching services. It'd all be over then.
When will it come? I do not know. I don't believe anyone knows, 'cause Jesus said they didn't. But He said when He seen such signs as we see today, know that the time was at the door. [Revelation 22:10]
L-23 Now, He promised that the things that He would do, which I'll go into it later in the messages. The thought tonight on getting ready, just kindy feeling out the audience... We got ten nights, and many times people... If you don't... If you rush into something, not knowing what you're doing, then the first thing you do, you find yourself all confused. But if you come into the line, know just exactly what to expect, then you know how to receive your healing.
How that many times people on, dealing with cancer, tumor, or some growth, malignant or not malignant. Many times they fail to get their healing after they have already received it once.
L-24 Now, a growth is a multiplication of cells. That's the same thing you are, a multiplication of cells. You know where your life come from, because it was through holy wedlock. And we realize that the woman doesn't have the hemoglobin; it comes from the man. And--and the male produces the blood cells. Now, many of you people are farmers, and you have chickens, you have--look at the yard and see birds, and the birds...
A mother bird can build her nest and lay it full of eggs, and she can hover those eggs, and treat them just as good as she can treat them, and starve herself till she's so poor, she can hardly get off the nest, turning those eggs, reverently every few minutes, so that they'll hatch, keeping them warm, defying herself of all the food and things that she should have to build her own body. She's loyal to those eggs. But if that mother bird hasn't been with the male, them eggs will never hatch. They'll rot right in the nest.
A hen, your chickens can lay an egg, the hen can. She can set on them the same way, and it'll never hatch unless she's been with the male bird.
L-25 Now, that's what I think about the church today. See? No matter how many members we have, how well we have to pet them and baby them, if they haven't been with the Mate, Jesus Christ, and been borned again, they can never believe Divine healing or nothing else. You just got a nest full of rotten eggs. It's best to clean the nest and start all over again. That's... If--if there ever was a time that they need a nest cleaning, it's in America right now. That's true. We have by mistakes brought in many people and put them on the church book, and so forth, which is fine. I'd rather them be in church than to be out there on the street, but yet, what we need is a revival.
Now, a revival isn't so much to bring in new members, but revive that what you've already got in. See? Just like your--your sea over here. I set over there by the shore the other day, and they taken me fishing yesterday, after had one day off, and I watched that great, mighty sea churn those waves up-and-down. I thought, "What's he so upset about? What's he churning the waves about?" I thought, "There's not one drop more water in it, then when it is when it's perfectly calm." That's right. Got the same amount of water. Not no more water at all. But what you having that churning for? I thought, "It's having a revival." What does it do? Shake all the trash out of the water on the bank.
So that's what--that's what the church needs today is a revival. We'll get all the unbelief shook out of us, until we can be clean. Don't you think so? For all--what I mean by sin is unbelief. We realize that that's the only sin there is is unbelief. We believe that. "He that believeth not is condemned already." [John 3:18]
L-26 As I said one time, sometime ago, preaching in a Methodist church, I said, "Smoking cigarettes, drinking whiskey, committing adultery, lying, stealing, that isn't sin."
And a precious, dear little sister setting there, one of those little round collars on, and taught holiness all of her life, she said, "I pray, tell me what is sin?"
I just got next to her. I said, "Sin is unbelief." You--you do those things because you believe not. He that believes on the Lord wouldn't do those things. He's past from death unto Life.
Jesus said in Saint John 5:24, "He that heareth My Words, and believeth on Him that sent Me, has Eternal Life (And there's only one form of Eternal Life, and that's the Holy Spirit. See?) --has Eternal Life, and shall never come to the judgment, but hath (past tense) past from death unto life." Oh, I like that, don't you? He that believeth... [John 5:24]
L-27 Now, we... Always the meeting produces the three classes of people: unbeliever, make-believer, and a believer. We've had that in--and we've always had it, and we--we always will have it. And so, we want to get the--the unbeliever to be a believer, and a make-believer to be a real believer. Why would we accept a substitute when the skies are full of the real? Why do we want something that's so fictitious and all--something--a bunch of emotion or whatever it is?
Now remember, I believe that the Holy Spirit has plenty emotions. Anything--I can prove to you anything that isn't--hasn't got life in it is dead. So if the church hasn't got a little life, there's something wrong with the church. It needs a resurrection. So I believe we have to have emotion. We get...
I see we're on a basketball floor. Now, many of you people, the children here, go to school, and I sure thank God for this beautiful school. It's the most beautiful school I was ever in, I believe. In the auditoriums, I've been in many. But I--here... What if you had a basketball game here, and your team was a winning, oh, my, you just set there in the balcony. You'd said, "It's the deadest game, I ever been in." Why sure.
Well, if our Master's a winning the fight, I tell you, it--it--it--we can sure could do a little cutting up once in a while, you know, let Him know that we--we appreciate the victory that He's give us. That's right. So we don't want it to be a dead meeting, a dead church; we want it alive, with the Spirit of God moving, and a real sensible, sane, Gospel way, just performing great signs and wonders, and showing the signs of the Messiah in our midst.
L-28 As Israel journeyed from the--from Egypt to the promised land, when they were on their journey, little did Balaam know that there was a--the voice of a King in the camp. He forgot to see that smitten rock in that brass serpent, and their--the triumph shout of the King.
That's what we want tonight, we got a smitten Rock in the camp. Do you believe that? That's the Rock, Christ Jesus. He was smitten like the Rock was in the wilderness by the judgment stick of God, and He bore our judgments, that as perishing people was rejuvenated again and given new life from that water that come from the rock, so is the church. Each time it speaks to the Rock, it's gets new water flowing, new Life, and revived again.
Then He had a brass serpent making atonement for all their sins that they did; a water's of separation made up without the camp to separates the unbeliever from his unbelief. They had all of that, and then in the midst of all of it, there was a triumph shout of the King in the camp all the time. So we're on our journey tonight, and let's serve the Lord with all of our heart.
L-29 Now, we'll try each night to let you out... I think we begin tonight at about eight thirty, and maybe tomorrow night we'll start a little earlier. And then tomorrow night I want to go more into a subject with you on Divine healing, so that you're thoroughly understand.
One little thing I want to push in right here, where if I forget it tomorrow night... Let's take for instance, a--a growth, a tumor, cancer, whatever it is. How did it start? Like my hand here, there's nothing on my hand now, someday there might be a growth, cancer, whatever it might be, tumor. What is that growth? It's... Somewhere there's another little germ gets in there and begins to develop cells, and it's a multiplication of cells. Just like you started in the womb of mother, begin to grow into a--a human being. Dog comes into a dog. Chicken to a chicken, and so forth.
But a tumor, cancer, or any of those growths, they don't have any certain form, because they have--they're not made in any image of human being. Some of them's got legs, and some of them's round like pancakes, and some oblong, more. What is it? It's demons. Jesus called them devils. Was He right? Certainly, He was right. Because the word, "devil," means "a tormentor," cancer, tumor, and diseases that torment you.
L-30 Now, the last commission Jesus gave to His church was, "Go ye into all the world, preach the Gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved. He that believeth not shall be damned. These signs shall follow them that believe: In My Name they shall cast out devils (You believe that?), cast out devils."
Then what happened if the life left that tumor? We'll call it a tumor or cancer. It's the greatest killer. Now, if the life leaves that cancer, immediately, what happens when the life leaves you? For the first day or so, your body shrinks.
How many hunters is there in here, hunts deer and animals? All right. Now, you kill a deer today, and you say, or a butcher or whatever you want to be, even a undertaker... See? You say, "This body laid on the scale, it weighs two hundred and fifty pounds." Be careful what you tell the boys now, when you weigh it in the morning. It'll be pounds lighter. You know that, don't you? It'll shrink a great percent overnight. The human body does the same. Any body of cells does the same, because it's dying out. Now, then let it lay there for just about three or four days in the sun. Then pick it up.
Let a little dog get run over on the street, and let him lay there for three or four days in that hot sun. Watch what happens. He will be twice his size almost. Then he's heavier than he ever was. [Mark 16:15-18]
L-31 Now, like a man, when this spirit... See, we're not dealing with that growth. That's what the doctor deals with. The doctor deals with what he can feeled or what he can see. Two of his five senses he can work with: that is his feeling or his seeing. Now, he feels the growth; he operates; he looks at it, and takes it out. Now, if there's a piece of root left, it just keeps on growing. See?
L-32 Now, we don't deal with that growth at all in Divine healing. We deal with the life that's in that growth, the devil itself, that life. Then when that life comes out, immediately or a few hours, the patient begins to get relief, feeling fine, go testifying. Usually after about three or four days, I'm gone from the city. See?
Well then, the Bible says, "That when the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walks in dry places." He brings back seven devils worse than he was; and if the good man of the house isn't there to protect, that demon will come right in again, and the last estate of that man would be eight times what it was at the beginning. See? He'd have seven more different things. Now, we got to believe that, 'cause God said that, and that's His Word. We just have to work on our message from that (See?) that that's truth, because it's God's Word.
Now, if the people run right in it, and maybe having three night's meeting, people run right in and get prayed for. "Oh, I got healed; I feel so much better." Got up off of the cot, walked home, about three or fo--about seventy-two hours, corruption sets in, and mortification begins to swell, then say, "Oh, I lost my healing. Oh, I--I lost my healing." That's the best sign in the world, you got your healing. See? That's the sign you've got it, not lost it. And little simple things like that the church has to be taught. See? To know how to take a hold. Don't you let no unbelieving, as soon as you say, "Oh, I lost it," that quick, Satan returns again. That's right. Then you're worse than you ever were. See? [Luke 11:24-26]
L-33 And that's the reason my meetings has never had ample time where I could explain it and get in among the people and tell them about it. And some of these days, the Lord willing, I'm going to get a big tent and move out somewhere where I could stay three or four weeks at a time or five, just keep--let that patient return back again, and prove to them, and show them that the thing is gone, 'cause God's no respect of person. He that'll heal one man with a cancer will heal another man with a cancer, if he comes in the same attitude, on the same basis. 'Cause would you take your children, set down at the table, and each one of them hungry, and say, "Now, you can have a glass of milk, to keep you from dying. But you, John, you can't have it. Joe can have it." You wouldn't do that. You'd think as much of John as you do of Joe, if you're right parents. Well, if you know how to good--give good gifts to your children, how much more does your heavenly Father know how to give good gifts to His children. So see, every one of us can be healed.
L-34 And I've seen so much done, I tell you, friends, I--I just know God can do everything. I've seen leprosy in it's last stage, healed. I've seen people that was... I've got doctor's statements of people have been laying dead, examined by the doctors, dead, come back to life again, by faith, just believing it. See?
And a little mother stand over her baby, and see that baby return back to life after being--died that morning at nine o'clock and this was pretty near ten thirty that night, just recently, down in Mexico. I said, "Don't call that; let the doctor's sign that." See? So when we make a statement, it has to be backed up. See? That it's true. We don't let it be published, because I--I out, you know what I mean big things, because the...
You know, we American people are looking for big things, great things, lot of noise to it (See?), oh, lot of Hollywood. God help us to get away from that and get back to the Gospel. That's right. I'm so sick and tired of Hollywood evangelism, and seeing millions dying yonder without knowing Christ at all. See? It is--certainly is sickening. How contrary that is to God.
Elijah, the rushing wind didn't attract him; the noise of the thunder didn't attract him. The earthquaking didn't attract him, but when he heard a still, small voice, then the prophet veiled his face and walked out. That's what attracted his attention. And brother and sister, let's listen, this week, for that still, small voice. See? [I Kings 19:11-12]
L-35 Now, before we approach His Word, to read it, let us bow our heads just a moment to pray.
Now, Father God, we are approaching Thy Word in the Name of the Lord Jesus, because that You promised if we would ask anything in His Name, we would receive it. And we're sure that You're Word is true, because we have come to this gracious little city that's invited us here.
And all these fine servants of Yours, gathered out here, and these precious minister brothers back here, behind me to pray, watching over their flock, out here, loyal shepherds, How I thank You for that, Father. And many sick sheep are waiting for the hour for You to deliver them. They can't go on any farther, Lord; the doctor's laid many of them back, perhaps, that their heart's too bad to work any more, the cancer's going to kill them. And the doctor's done all he knows how to do. We're grateful for him, and the knowledge that You've give him.
L-36 But now, Father, there's yet another step we can make. And that's why we're here. Some of them are here with sin sick souls; they do not know the joy of serving You, Lord, and knowing You as a personal Friend that walks with you on the street, rides with you in the car, talks to you in the secret closet, eats with you at the table. O God, let Jesus become a personal Friend, just one member of the family, in every home that's here in this city, throughout the region. Grant it, Lord.
L-37 We pray now, that You'll bless our feeble efforts as we try to place before our precious friends, the Gospel. And, Lord, will You help me, I'm the one that needs help.
And if I should say anything, or try to say anything that was contrary to Your will or Word, then, Father, You're still the same God that could close the lion's mouth in the den with Daniel, you could close mine also. And I pray that You'll not let me say one thing but what would be to--the edifying and to--of Your church and of Your people.
And may every sick person be healed. May every lost person be saved, every backslider brought back to fellowship again. Bless Your Word as we read it tonight for this little text, may it put a preparation together for a--a real time in these next few nights in Your servants. And when services is closed, then we'll humbly bow our heads and hearts before You, and give You all the praise and glory. For we ask it in the Name of Your dear and beloved Child, the Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour. Amen. [Daniel 6:22]
L-38 Now, to you who are--usually keeps text, or account of the text, or places, I want you to turn tonight to I John, the 5th chapter, and the 4th verse, just to read a few words. I want a little text to draw a context.
L-39 And while you're turning, I might say that now on the evenings that we are praying for the sick, in order to keep order, the boys will be down here about a hour before service starts giving out prayer cards to anybody that wants them. They take the prayer cards and bring up before the people, and mix the prayer cards all up, bring them down and give them to anybody that wants them, and the prayer cards is to be used at night. Don't--don't bring them or give them to anyone else. You--you heard the instructions. You're the one that gets the prayer card. Then if you have some friend that wants a prayer card, then have them come over and hear the instructions that Mr. Borders and them will be giving you instructions, and ministers and so forth. And the prayer cards are inexchangeable, should be given to each one, and then they'll call by numbers to come to the platform. Then, that makes it so that no one knows where the prayer line is going to start, no one knows what cards... Say, Give me prayer card number one." Well, if you had number one, we may start from fifteen.
L-40 Because I tried this; we tried it without prayer cards, and you talk about a scramble. This really would be an arena. And then, we have a... Then we tried that. Then I tried sending a hundred prayer cards to each cooperating pastor. And then the first pastor got his group in, the rest of them didn't get them in while the meeting was going on, 'cause time we got through that, and them slow moving lines, because we don't let them pass by until we're sure everything's all right. So I think that's the way you'd want it. Is that right?
And then--and then, many times there's fifty healed in the plat--out there, when there's one healed on the platform. So it doesn't matter about that too much. And the Holy Spirit goes right on out through the audience, as we'll get to farther on, gets healed just the same. But the cards...
L-41 Then you see, then what we did... We couldn't do that, 'cause the first pastor got his in, about a hundred cards, for the three nights meeting. That settled it. And then the next we did then, I'd go down and give out prayer cards, and I'd come to--I'd say, "Let's--a--like this little boy, here, let him come count, and where he stops, we'll start from there." Believe it or not, mommy had junior stop right on her card, you know. So we're still human, we realize that, and we had complaints about that.
Then I had one fellow, that was caught in my meetings, selling those prayer cards, guaranteeing someone that they'd get in the prayer lines. One night finished that man. So I got my own son to give out prayer cards, and I know that wouldn't be with him. And then, I fixed it so the people would know that he wouldn't know where the prayer line was going to start. He brings the prayer cards before the people and mixes them all up, and just hands them right to you, wherever you want it. So he doesn't know himself. Nobody else knows.
And then--then when I come to the meeting, I leave it just wherever the Holy Spirit... I've done lot of times, count how many in this row, and takes this row away from it, divide it by that row, and so forth like that. Or just wherever the Holy Spirit would lead me to start, that's where we'd start. Then we... Before the services end though, we always pray for everyone that comes to the meeting. We always get that.
L-42 Then, we want to let you to know too, we don't try to say, "Now, the evangelist is here. He's the one that's going to do the healing." We let you know that your pastor is a man of God, just as much of authority to pray for the sick, as me, or anybody else, me, Oral Roberts, or Tommy Osborn, or any--any of the men that's on the field today, praying for the sick. Your pastor has the same authority. He might not operate under the same gift, but he's still God's servant, operating under the gift that God give him. So we always remember that.
And now, you come about... I... What time you going to begin the services...?... ? Seven-thirty, then you ought to be here at six- thirty, so you--they won't interfere with the rest of the meeting. They start in to give out the cards up till that time, so come as early as you can, so they won't all be gone when you get here. Then each night, they'll be giving out cards that we pray for the sick, and that keeps the big rush down, and everybody and then, they'd climb over one another.
L-43 Oh, my, you ought to see in foreign lands where we--you have to take a militia almost. I've seen them run over a group of five embanked soldiers, see a woman jump up on top of a man's shoulders and run right across, getting across that man's shoulders. Upset the whole army, ranks something like that, running between their legs, maybe four or five thousand of them of them at a time just make a rush like that, and just break on through it anyhow, tear the clothes off of you and everything else, just trying to touch you or something. So we have here, we can have order in small meetings like we have now, and have it done decently and in order. Don't you believe in that?
L-44 All right now, as we read the 5th chapter, and the 4th verse of I John:
For whatsoever is borned of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith. [I John 5:4]

Lord add His blessings to the reading of His Word. Now, I want to speak tonight upon the subject of, "What It Takes To Overcome All Unbelief: Our Faith."
L-45 Now, we are just closing yesterday, where we had two great campaigns here in the United States. One was the Democrats; they had theirs in California, and the papers was all full of it. You couldn't turn the radio on without hearing it. That's all right. That's the party. And they chose what they thought to be the best man for their party, and they chose Mr. Kennedy. And then when they elected Mr. Kennedy in their rally, and, oh, they built the platform for Mr. Kennedy to be the greatest man in the world today. And then, when they finally elected the man that they wanted elected, they all cheered and gave great praises to Mr. Kennedy.
And yesterday, or day before, whenever it was, when the other party, the Republican party chose Mr. Nixon. Well, they preached for several days, building a platform for Mr. Nixon, and--on their campaign. And they--finally when the party elected the man that they thought that they wanted to run for the presidency of our beloved United States, the crowd cheered and joyed, and screamed, and jumped up-and-down, because they had elected the man that they come in that campaign to elect.
L-46 Now, we've come here tonight to elect a Man, and that Man is the Lord Jesus. And I'm trying to build a platform for Him tonight, that in the coming nights of this campaign that we might rejoice, and praise His Name, because that we have elected Him in our hearts to be our Saviour, our God, our Healer. And first, we want to place a platform for Him.
And now, we're going to talk about faith and victory. And there have been many great victories won in this world. There... If I could enumerate them tonight it would go into the multiplied thousands of the great victories that's been won around the world: ancient days of Rome, and Greek, and so forth, and the great warriors that has won great victories, until the whole earth is bathed with blood of martyrs. I might call your attention to two or three just to get started, and how they act when that victory has been won.
L-47 For instance, when the--the Germans in the last or the first--second world war it was, that won the victory in France, and after they had made everything safe, they made the platform for Hitler. And Hitler stood there, they said, at the Arch of Triumph. I've stood there many times myself. And when he stood there, that tens of thousands of thousands of Germans marched by with the goose step, with the German salute to their fuhrer as he stood on his platform that they had built for him, and it's said the sky like a cloud for a half hour of German built airplanes coming over. People screamed, guns fired, whistles blowed, bells ring, everything, because they had won the victory and had taken Paris--taken France.
And here sometime ago, at the world conference, the Pentecostal World Conference, in London, England, they were showing a film there of a--a Stalin, when they brought him in when Germany fell and they brought him into Berlin. And what a sight that was to watch those Ger--or, Russian built tanks with the turret guns just a little over one another's heads, so perfectly trained for just one solid fire went around. Oh, I don't see how the world could exist under such terrific shock as they went into Germany. How that them guns just leveled a little over one another and just a panoramic just constantly firing with those great big explosion blo--balls of shrapnel, they just tore Germany to pieces.
And when they finally had surrendered and they went in they--they made it safe and brought a platform and brought Stalin over in a plane when he landed, that Russians with that kind of a little funny stooped down and up, tens of thousands times thousands of Russian soldiers went in stooping and back and forth, and hurrahing, and screaming, and shouting, and going on, because that they had won the victory over Germany. Had beat them down.
L-48 And it was something similar the day that the peace was signed when we had dropped an atomic bomb over Hiroshima and blowed about a million people into bits, and burnt the old gang out, with their stomach and eyeballs fell out, and then Japan surrendered. And when they did the whistles blowed, and guns fired, and screams went off, and everything, and many fathers was glad that the war was over, because that they'd get a little rest. Many fathers and mothers were glad, because their son would come home again. And it was a--it was a great day. And anything that wins a victory it's an overcoming something; it overcomes their object that they're fighting against.
L-49 I've stood in the jungles of South Africa while lion hunting, and here the lion that I used to think was an old mangy, scavenger, but I had a respect for him, because of all his great killing power he only kills to eat. The beasts can run over him all day long, after he's done eat; he won't pay any attention to them. But when he kills something, it's a pathetic thing to watch him. He will kill the--the wildebeest, or the zebra, or something. He will put his feet up on it, and he will throw his big masterous head up in the air, and the shaggy mane around his neck, and he will roar. Oh, I've stood off five hundred yards and see little pebbles drop off the ground, and off the hill and roll down, from that terrific blast of that victorious cry that he gives. He found something to eat, and he puts his feet up on it, licks at it and roars in the jungles.
L-50 All these things doesn't last. These wars and blood shed, it comes right back again, because it's won in the wrong way. It cannot last. There will be no peace until Jesus comes and sets up His Kingdom, and the world will study war no more. But until then, the nations are controlled by the devil, as the Bible says they are. And they'll war one against another until Jesus comes. How it was that day, when Satan took Him on the high mountain, and said, "If Thou be the Son of God, fall down and worship me, I'll give You all these kingdoms. They're all mine. I do with them whatever I want to. I'll give them to You, if You'll just worship me."
Jesus knowing that He'd would fall heir to them in the millennium, He said, "Get thee behind Me, Satan, for it is written, 'Thou shall worship the Lord thy God, and Him only shall thou serve.'" And Satan got in the back of Him. [Matthew 4:6, 9-10]
L-51 There's an old proverb that's more than a proverb. No matter how--who is there first, you have to play the rules of the game or you'll never win. If a runner is running around the track, and one takes a short cut, and cuts through the field, and beats the other one there by a half hour, still he will be disqualified at the end of the race. He's got to play it according to the rules of the game or he's disqualified.
And that's the way we have to do, the race of life that we're running now, it's has to be played according to God's qualifications or we'll lose when we get there. Whether we're president, whether we are the governor, or a minister, or who--what church we belong to, or what denomination, the rules of the game has to be kept. We must run it fair; we must play it by the rules. We must preach the Word. We must do it willingly.
Paul said in, I believe, in Hebrews the 12th chapter, "That seeing we are compassed about with such a great cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin that doth easily beset us, that we might run with patience the race that's set before us." Paul was speaking in the olympics and so forth, that was in Greece and Rome, and so forth; he knowed that you had to play that game fair, for if you did not, you'd be disqualified.
And tonight, as borned again Christians, as believers here at the end time, we've got to play the game according to the rules. We've got to run with patience the race that's set before us, looking to the Author and Finisher, Jesus Christ. [Hebrews 12:1], [Hebrews 11:8, 23], [Hebrews 12:1]
L-52 Right after that, or before that, previous to that, He gave the great 11th chapter of Hebrews which gives the heroes of faith, "By faith Moses, by faith Abraham, by faith Enoch, by faith Noah." All the great heroes of faith, then saying, "Seeing that we are compassed about with such a great cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight and the sin (the unbelief) that does so easily besets us."
Here we are tonight right in the shadows of the coming of the Son of God, and yet, we find the church in anemic condition. We ought to be great, strong, mighty warriors of faith, that would shake a nation. God gives it to us. We would just receive it. So there's little things upon us that holds us back from running. Let's lay aside all those little weights now, because we're looking to the Author and Finisher of our faith, Jesus Christ, Who was made man on earth, and dwelt among us, and was made sin, that through His righteousness we might be forgiven of our sins. He became us, sinners, that we might become His righteousness. In other wise, like this, He become me that I might become Him. He was the Son of God; I was a sinner. He taken my place, become a sinner, that I might be a Son of God.
And when we see that, it ought to attract the attention of every man and woman, to lay aside every little skeptic talk. Oh, I love that. Lay aside every weight, and the little unbelief that does so easily beset us. Some little something come up, and we say, "Well, I never heard of that before." Search it out in the Scripture, if it's the Bible, stay with it. [Hebrews 12:1], [John 5:39]
L-53 You people here are noted for your apples, great delicious apples raised in the valley here and other fruits. When you set that little tree out no larger than that, just a little slip. Every apple that's ever be in that tree's in it right then. Certainly, it is. If it doesn't, where does it come from? It's in the tree. And you plant the tree in the ground. You irrigate it, put water on it. What does that little tree do? It grows, and why... How it grows, it drinks, and draws from the earth, water. It draws more than it's portion, more than enough to fill it. It draws just so much until it pushes out limbs, branches, apples, then goes down and hides through the wintertime, keep the sap from being killed in the tree. What intelligence runs it down into the ground, hides it through the winter?
Put a water in a tin cup, and set it on a fence, and see if it'll go down when wintertime comes. Certainly, it won't. Some Intelligence runs it down. That same Intelligence that runs the water in there, is the same Spirit of God that's brought us together for this convention, the same Spirit that's bringing us together here under the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, to find His goodness and mercy for the hours that lays ahead of us. Oh, He's real, God is. [Ephesians 2:6]
L-54 Now, we find that in this little tree, it pushes out. When it grows it pushes out. And when you are born into the Kingdom of God, just a little baby in Christ, everything that you have need of in this life's journey, is in you when you receive the Holy Spirit. Oh, then what do you have to do, is drink, and drink, and keep on drinking. Don't just stop when you join church and are baptized; just keep drinking till you have faith for this, and faith for that, and faith for this, and push out until all the manifestations of the Holy Spirit is living in the church.
[]... and a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him. [Hebrews 11:6]
L-55 Now, how are we planted? We're planted in Christ Jesus. Now, I believe, just in my estimation of Him. He's the inexhaustible fountain of Life, that you cannot exhaust His goodness. Some people think, "Oh, I hate to call on God so much." That's what He wants you to do.
"You have not because you ask not. You ask not because you believe not. Ask abundantly that your joys might be full." That's what God wants: Ask big things. I'm asking for hundreds of souls in this meeting. I'm asking that every sick person enters that door will go out of here well. I'm believing it. I'm believing that till we go, that this won't be another gathering together, but it'll be a revival in Yakima here. Satan's kept me out of here long enough, and I believe the hour is here for a real sweeping revival in every church and around the country. [James 4:3], [I John 1:4]
L-56 Went out this afternoon, went to the different places visiting amongst the people, an old straw hat on, pulled down over my face, and so forth, I--just to see the attitudes of the people. You've got fine people here; you've got something to work on. That's right. Now, what we've got to do is get to work. We're here tonight to elect our Lord Jesus as our King in our hearts, our Governor, our faith Giver, our God, our Healer, our Saviour. Elect Him in our heart and go out here now and carry it to this great election that's coming at the judgment, when He will be crowned King of king, and Lord of lords.
L-57 Now, we're living in a terrific day, but all that you have need of is already supplied to you, when you believe. So many people, today, I find, when they join church, and here especially, in America, they just become drifters. They're just--"Well, praise God, I've met Brother Branham, and I--I got saved, and I put my name on the book, and that's--that's all I done." Just drifting, we don't want to do that. You never got saved just to be a member of a church. You got saved to work. We don't dress an army up just to lay around on the corner and flirt with the girls, with pretty uniforms on. We train our army to fight. And we're not at a picnic; we're on a battle grounds. We're right here facing the enemy of our Lord Jesus, and the enemy of our souls. Let us be up and doing with a heart for any strife.
I like that Psalm of Life, "Be not like dumb driven cattle," have to drive you in a little corral somewhere and over this way, down this way. Let's be a hero.
Lives of great men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime,
With partings leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of time.
Footprints, that perhaps another,
While sailing over life's solemn main,
For a forlorn and shipwrecked brother,
In seeing our footsteps shall take heart again.

Let us do something; we're written epistles.
L-58 Now, here some time ago, a few years ago, my wife--I was in the study and she come to the door and she said, "Billy, there's a--there's a bum at the door. He wants something to eat."
I said, "Feed him. Give him something; he's a man. I don't care what he is, feed him. Divide what we got with him. Man's hungry."
She said, "I'm afraid of him."
I said, "Oh, my, open the door and tell him to get something to eat. Fix him something and give it to him."
So she fixed on the table, then called him in, then she come in the room. So I... She was a little afraid of him, because he was kinda dirty looking, and I went out and I said, "How do you do, my good man?"
He said, "How do you do."
And he was eating his dinner, and so I said, "Where you from?"
He said, "Oh, just here and there."
I said, "Where you going?"
He said, "Oh, the same thing, just here and there."
I said, "What purpose do you have in life?"
He said, "None."
L-59 Well, that's just about the way that people gets in. We've got to have something that we got a purpose for. We've got to purpose in our hearts. We've got to do something. Now, you say, "Oh, we're having revival. Yeah, we're over in the Eisenhower School Auditorium." Don't let that be you, just a floater and a drifter. You can never amount to anything like that. Let's get up and do something about it. Let's put our shoulder to the wheel. Let's see that our church prospers; let's get the Kingdom prospering. Let's see that the sick gets in here. Let's see that God is laid down among the people, and great signs and wonders take place that'll strike the nation. I'm satisfied that there'll be things happen here that'll thrill this country, that'll shake it for the Kingdom of God, if each one of us will get behind it.
What are we doing? Building the platform for our Lord. We wanting to bring Him to Yakima; we're want to bring Him in a great revival. And we've got to elect Him in our own hearts. We got to purpose something, get something to do with it, something to do for, some purpose. You don't just, oh, join the church and drift on. You don't do it that way. You always, you've got to have a purpose in what you're doing.
Wife say, "Well, I'm just a wife."
Get on the telephone; do something. Do something to help the Lord Jesus now.
L-60 Now, there is a time that a man can come to a place where he can have a purpose. It's something that will change him. And that is, when a man meets God. A man can never be the same if he ever meets God face to face. It will change him in spite of anything you can do about it. A man can never be the same after he once meets God. Now, that's the truth.
Let us take somebody. Start with Noah. Noah had no certain purpose in life. He was a common farmer, out in the field. And one day God met him, and He spoke to him, and told him something that was impossible to ever happen would take place. Then from that hour on, while Noah purposed in his heart that he'd build that ark regardless of what all fanatics said... Why, it never rained from the heavens. They never had any moisture upon the earth. It was irrigated from springs. There'd never been in a cloud in the sky. How was he going to do it? Well, God said it was going to happen, and Noah purposed in his heart to achieve this something for God, and he did it. No matter how much they laughed at him, or how much they said, this, that, or the other.
"How's it going to rain? Where's it going to rain at, Noah?"
"I don't know."
"Well, show me where the rain is."
"I can't show you, but when the time comes, the rain will be there." That's right. He met God.
L-61 And when your doctor turns you down, and said, "Cancer's going to kill you." How in the world you going to live? I can't tell you how it's going to be, but God said, "The prayer of faith will save the sick. And it'll be that." That's right.
Someone said to me, not long ago, I was preaching on Elijah, and the crows feeding him. I made a little rude statement, and colored people excuse me for this. But I said, "He's a lot better off. They said he was crazy up there in that tree. He had colored servants to serve him every day. And when he wanted water, he'd reach down and get a drink. When it come time for a meal, a colored servant, a crow come brought him a sandwich."
And a minister from a certain church said to me, "You don't actually believe that those were sandwiches?"
I said, "I certainly do. The Bible said it was meat and bread and I believe it."
Said, "Then I want to ask you something: Where did he get it? Where did those crows get it?"
I said, "That wasn't up to Elijah to figure all that out. He just knowed God told him he'd feed him; the crows brought it, he eat it, and he's satisfied with it. And that's all that counted." [James 5:15], [I Kings 17:6]
L-62 That's the way it is about Divine healing or the power of God, no matter who tries to explain it and shove it away, God said it would be so, and it'll be there. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. His power is just the same.
He said, "He that believeth on me, the works that I do, shall he all--do also."
"How you going to do this?"
"I can't tell you, but God said it would happen, and it just takes place, that's all I know." I can't explain how a black cow can eat green grass, and give white milk, but I drink it all the time, just the same. I don't know the mechanics of it, but the only thing I know it's milk and I drink it.
That's the way somebody said, "Oh, you get them people worked up. They're all excited, that's..." I don't know about that. I can't say what kind of excitement it is. I know that something changed my life, when that excitement got on me.
Someone said, "You'll go crazy."
I said, "Leave me alone then, I more happier like this, than I was the other way." So I got salvation this a way. I hope I so excited till I die, because I'm having a wonderful time believing God's Word, and seeing Him confirm it with everything that He said He promised to do. There's Who our Lord is. That's that great One. Sure. We believe. [Hebrews 13:8], [John 14:12]
L-63 Oh, when God meets a man, he's changed. When Noah met God, his whole achievement was to build that ark.
People come out, "What are your doing, Noah?"
"Building an ark."
"What is an ark?"
"It's a boat."
"What's a boat?"
"It's a thing... There's coming water, going to fall down out of heavens, and God's going to destroy this old wicked world. And all that don't come in this ark is going to--going to be perished."
"Oh," say, "you all ought to take him down to a psychiatrist. There's something wrong in the old man's head." Well, what was it? He believed God. And a man that believes God, acts foolish to the world, because it pleased God through the foolishness of preaching to achieve this. Amen.
L-64 "All that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. Blessed are you, when a men shall revile you and make all matters of fun to you, and call you all manners of names, for My sake. (See?) Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, 'cause they persecuted the prophets preaching before you." It's always been there. When you get the spirit of the nation here on you, you really become an American. That's the good national spirit to have. But sometimes from the way things are going now, it's getting pretty bad. [II Timothy 3:12]
L-65 I was in San Angelos, just recently--recently at Rome, and a big sign 'fore you went into San Angelos said, "To the American women, please put on clothes and honour the dead, before you come in here." You think that's pretty bad, a great leader of a certain nation, after we got through, said, "Have you got any good women over in your country?"
I said, "Thousands of them."
"Well, what do you sing all them dirty songs about them. Every song that comes over, there's something dirty about the women."
I said, "That's just the other side. You don't know the good side of it. You read the blank page." As I said, "Sure, we got borned again Christian women, that's loyal and real ladies: young and old. Real, they're the kingdom people. In fact, I said, "I come to your nation to tell you about it." That's right. See? When you get a spirit...
L-66 Here some time ago, I was going to a store, my wife and I, and there was these ladies come with them little, bitty immoral clothes on, and I--and we didn't see but about one woman out of about several thousand that had on any other kind of clothes. And--and my wife said to me, said, "Billy, what is it? Is it a--a against them women all dressed like that."
I said, "Oh that's just American spirit."
"Well," said, "aren't we Americans?"
I said, "Yes, we are Americans. That's right. The greatest nation in the world. We love it. But yet, we're not exactly Americans."
Said, "What are we?"
Said, "We're heaven born." I said, "When we come up there, and I be just a--a Americans. We dress like the rest of them do, go right on the same, drift, float right on with them. But when your Spirit comes from up there, it's holy. Hallelujah! It's different. Makes you act like you do up there. That's right. So when you receive that Spirit, you become odd to these people here. See? You look different. You act different.
L-67 And that's the way Noah did. He had spoke to God and had been changed from just a floater in the antediluvian world; he become a creature of God that had been born into the Kingdom to bring the message.
Jesus said, "As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the coming of the Son of Man." Fanatical religion like, people's living holy, claiming there's something coming from above, and we believe it's not water, but the waters of God falls every night from above, from the fountain that's filled with Blood drawn from Immanuel's veins, where sinners plunged beneath the flood, lose all their guilty stain. Power and glory flows out of that fountain up there to His church. When He died, and rose on Easter morning, He had cut a hole all the way through the side of glory to let the glory fall down on His church that come on the day of Pentecost. It's been falling ever since. We believe that with all of our hearts. [Luke 17:26]
L-68 Now notice, as we're placing His platform. Let's take another man first. There was Abraham; he was just an ordinary man. He came down with his father from up at Babylon, and Shinar, down the valley and lived there in the city of Ur, in the land of the Chaldea. And the first thing you know, maybe he was a--oh a field man, or a sheepherder, or something, and one day he was out in the field when he was seventy-five years old, and his wife, Sarah was sixty-five, and God met Abraham and told him of another land that was far beyond that. And He told him he was going to have a baby by Sarah, and she was past the age of bearing, and had been sterile all of her life, and oh, he was too, but what was going to take place. God was going to perform something, and that man for year after year, as long as he lived, he professed that he was a pilgrim and a stranger, looking for a city whose Builder and Maker was God. Amen. It changes a man when he hears God speak to him. [Genesis 12:4], [Genesis 17:17], [Hebrews 11:10-11]
L-69 Oh, listen this week, listen for the voice of God to speak to you. It'll change you; it'll take all the doubt out of your mind, knowing the Lord Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. When we see Him come into the meetings, begin to do the same things that He did when He was here on earth, then you want to listen close for that little voice. That's something that'll change you, say, "Yes, God." That's exactly what the Scripture says. That's word by word what the Scripture says." Go home, take your Bibles, reason it out, see if it's right. Search through the Scriptures. Has to come from Genesis to Revelations, tie through the Bible. That's exactly your promise, and hear God; it'll change you. It'll give you faith to believe. Them crippled hands will come loose; those legs will come loose; that cancer will vanish away. Those blind eyes will open, and the things that God promised will be made manifested.
We're in a world who has been weaned away from those things, but we're building a platform tonight for a Man. Amen. Amen. As the woman said at the well, "Come, see a Man, Who told me the things that I've done. Isn't this the very Messiah?" [Hebrews 13:8], [John 5:39], [John 4:29]
L-70 Come, see the Man, the Man that we're building on tonight, Lord Jesus, upon Him, for upon all other grounds is sinking sand. All other grounds will perish, but that Rock, Christ Jesus, will stand forever. You believe that? Yeah.
Abraham confessed that he was a pilgrim and a stranger. All the days of his life he looked for that city, whose Builder and Maker was God. Always that way.
Moses had drifted away from Egypt and had got out in the wilderness, was living fine; he was living back behind the mountain, lovely wife, and little boy, Gershom, to fall heir to all Jethro's sheep and that. Why, he was all right; he was going, just drifting along with the eases of tide, Israel down there in trouble, crying, and God had elected him to deliver the people. But he had got away from it. [Hebrews 11:10]
L-71 Now, that's what's the matter with many of our churches today. God called us to a ministry. God called us to be His people. God called us to believe in signs and wonders. God called us to perform signs and wonders. He called us to do that, and we're drifting too far away from it. What we need is another visitation of God. Won't God send it here at this Eisenhower Auditorium? Send a visitation of the Spirit of God.
We're drifting too far away like Moses did. Moses was all right back there; he was having a good living. The church today has got bigger building than it ever had, better churches, better dressed people, better living people than it ever had. But, oh, brother, that's not the thing. Those things perish. We've got the victory; we've got to fight; we've got to do something for the Kingdom of God.
L-72 There was Moses back there, living luxuriously, walking down, one morning, and God spoke to him out of that burning bush. That man was changed from that time on. What a radical thing that causes you to do whenever you find God. Look at Moses, run, killed one Egyptian, and run from it out into the desert. And here he was the next morning, after he had met God in this burning bush, had his wife setting astraddle of a mule with that little Gershom on her hip like that, whiskers hanging about that low, with a stick in his hand, going yonder, just hopping along just shouting and praising God, leading his old mule with his wife on it.
"Where you going, Moses?"
"Going down to Egypt to take over." A one man invasion, but he done it. He did it because God said so, and he had faith.
L-73 When God speaks to a man, he has faith, and he has ambition, and he has a purpose. When God speaks to a man, He gives him a purpose. When God speaks to a man, He gives him ambition. When God speaks to a man, He gives him faith to do it, to accomplish, or achieve what his purpose in life is, what God called him to do. He's called us to be in the church of God. Amen.
L-74 Let's--let's just make it our purpose in life to see that we are the church of God. Let's have ambition, not set around because the Jones' want it or the...?... want. What do we care about the...?... if they don't do it, let's us do it anyhow. If the rest of the nation wants to sink, that's up to them. In Yakima we stand for God. We want God. We want to achieve. We want to have faith. We want to have ambition. Let's believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, for He said, "All things are possible to them that believe. Verily, I say unto you (not if I,) but if you shall say to this mountain, be move, and don't doubt in your hearts but believe, that what you said shall come to pass, you can have what you said." I believe that with all my heart. You believe that? [Mark 9:23]
L-75 He had an ambition. Never was the same after that. He had an ambition. He had something to work forward to, and he had faith to do it. All the days of his life, he served God to deliver those people. He wasn't concerned about... Long as he was getting along all right, what he cared about those people laying down there suffering. And God said, "I've heard the cries of My people, and I remember My promise which I had with Abraham."
And today when the church is sick, the sickness is piled up, and the people because of--of intellectual pride, and so forth, is getting away from Divine healing, get away from the Holy Spirit, God still hears the cry of His people. Somebody's got to go. [Psalms 105:42]
L-76 Yakima, let's rise and shine in the Name of the Lord Jesus. If you're sick... You say, "I'm sick in body." God has spoken. God said so. "These signs shall follow them that believe. In My Name they shall lay hands on the sick; they shall recover." God has spoken it. Have any ambition?
"Well, the doctor said I was going to die." That's the best the doctor knows. He's studied. Every medical research shows that he's done all he can do for you, so according to medical science you're going to die. "But the prayer of faith shall save the sick." Find your ambition; have a purpose that you're going to be healed for the glory of God. Then come with a faith that "I'm going to receive it." And you'll get it. Yes, sir. [Mark 16:17-18]
L-77 You say, "Brother Branham, I can't understand it."
Well, now, when I go--when I go overseas, and I go to... Here's a big ship setting there, a big airship. Seven times around, I--I've flew this thing around. I don't go say, "Hey, pilot, a-- before I go on this ship, you tell me how much scope them--each one of those props has, give me all the mechanics of how this plane will operate. In a time of a storm, what will it do? How much power do you have? How high can you climb?" All the mechanics. I don't ask all those things. I know the ship went across with someone else. If the ship went across with someone else, it'll go across with me. So I just climb aboard, and get me a seat, and set down. It's up to the pilot to see that it gets there.
That's the way on Divine healing. I don't know all the mechanics about it. I can't tell you the mechanics; nobody else can. How a man can die there and be striped across His back, if He's God Messenger to heal the sick, because he believes it. I can't explain that, I don't know the mechanics. I just take a hold of the promise and accept it, and say, "Lord, it's so." That settles it. You believe that don't you, brethren? Sure. Just accept it on the basis that God said so. That's the Man we're building a platform for Him.
L-78 Remark now, before closing. I'd like to say this: What about when you submit yourself to the doctor? When a doctor comes, and he says he has some medicine for you. And you take the medicine, and you say, "Now, doctor, set down here and you tell me what's all in this pill. I--I want the mechanics of it. What's all the analysis of this pill? What--what--what kind of a medical formula have you got mixed up here for me? How--how did you get this strychnine? How'd they do--how was that made? What did it come from? And who found it? And where did this glycerin come from? And where did this--all these other stuff that goes into the formula?"
He writes in Greek. Probably he don't even know it hisself. He just writes it out. All right. That's what he's been told to do. But the only thing you do, you submit yourself to the doctor and take the pills. That's all. And if you trust your doctor, chances are, it'll help you.
L-79 That's the same thing about taking this "gos-pill." I can't tell you all about it, but I know it works. I see it take others. When it comes to time to die, how you going to be translated, go over into another world, and become a new creature over there, and--and never get old, turn back to a young man again. How you going to it? I don't know. I just submit myself to my Pilot at the days of my going. He will see that I get over there all right. He will see about the rest of it. My shoulders will straighten back, and I'll become a young man, and--and I'll be different then. See? Because all the symbols of death will be taken from this old body, and I'll be made--have a body like His own glorious body, for I shall see Him as He is. I don't say, "Lord, tell me how You do it." I don't care how You do it, just so I got it. That's the main thing. And He promised it, and I believe it. Amen.
L-80 He promised us a revival. He promised that these signs shall follow them that believe. The prayer of faith shall save the sick. I don't know the mechanics of it. All I know, He promised it, and it's true. I've seen others step on it and go across. Then I can step on it too and go across, and you can step on it, and go across.
What if the doctor come and said, "You've got an appendix I got to take out there; I got take a--a blood clot off the brain."
"But doctor, tell me just what--how many nerves--what do you have to cut? How do you cut this? How...?"
You don't do that. You just--you're sick, and you want to get well, so you just submit yourself to the doctor and he goes on and does the work. That's all there is to it.
That's the same way about Jesus Christ. Oh, my. I hope tonight that He performs a great operation on all of our faith. Don't you hope so? Take all the ruptured appendix out, all the--all the other things, the little scavengers that's hanging around over us, the barnacles, and come on through disappointments and things tonight. Just let God operate on our faith and take all of it out, take everything away, and when we wake up to the fact to know that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, we'll have a perfect faith to work on through this coming week. [Mark 16:17], [Hebrews 13:8]
L-81 Do you believe that, church of God? Do you believe that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever? Are you willing to trust your case right into His hand? Will you do it? Will you do everything that you can now upon this platform with the Man I'm trying to speak about? He's your Saviour, Jesus Christ. Will you trust yourself? Will you--will you vote for Him, right now? Will you elect Him, your Saviour and your Healer, right now in your heart and say, "Lord God, I'm going to believe every Word of it. I'm going to work with all that's in me, and everything goes on. If I see something going on in the meeting this week, that I don't understand, I'll go right home and see if it's in the formula. I'll go right home, and see if it's in the Bible, and see if God promised it."? If He promised it, it's yours--it's your privilege to believe it. It's for you. It's--it's a formula that God gives you. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-82 The other night, I was preaching on the subject of "Why?" And why? Why? And I told them the Bible had a formula. In this formula there was in there the cure for sin and sickness. Would you like to look in Moses? Why, he had--Moses' satchel. He ministered to two million Israelites. And He kept them in there for forty years, and when they come out, there wasn't a feeble one among them. If there'd be a doctor here, wouldn't you like to see what prescription Moses had? How many babies was borned every night? See? What prescription did Moses give? He didn't have no blood transfusions, and things out there for these bad cases, and--and have to have a cesarean operations, and so forth. What was his formula that he had? You want to know what it is? It's written right here in Genesis, or Exodus, rather. It's written here, "I'm the Lord thy God, that heals all thy diseases." That was the formula he had.
That's the Man we want to elect in this--for our campaign. All that wants to elect Him in your heart, for to vote Him in as to be your risen Lord, your risen Healer, your risen God, that died for you and rose again on the third day and is alive... Will you elect Him, say, "Lord, come into this building in each night. Come into my heart. Give me faith and courage. Give me an ambition. Do something for me. I want to be blessed by Your power." Raise up your hands, if you'll take Him like that, say, Everywhere wherever you are. The Lord bless you. [Numbers 14:33], [Psalms 105:37], [Psalms 103:3]
L-83 Now, tomorrow night, the Lord willing, they'll be here to give out the prayer cards at six-thirty. And then we'll start the prayer line around about eight-thirty--about nine-thirty, I guess, or nine o'clock, and by nine-thirty we'll be out. Now, I thought tonight I'd say these things, build a little platform, let you know what we believe. We believe in Jesus Christ and every promise that He made. We believe that the New Testament is a--is an antitype of the Old, that it just takes from the Old. The Old foreshadowed the New, and the things that God did in both, is here today in the form of the Holy Spirit, the same Pillar of Fire, the same God, the same healing, the same blessings, the same saving power. Everything that He was, He is today, and will be forever.
And we do not believe that these things lay in man. We believe that man has gifts, but God has already purchased our salvation and our healing at Calvary, and I want you to elect Him in your heart tonight to say, "God, send Your power. Send Your blessings. I'll believe it and accept it as my own personal property from You. It's a promise that You give me."
L-84 May the Lord bless you. Now, I want you to lay your hands over on one another now, around through the building wherever you are. Now, if there be someone, here, who's sick and afflicted, the Bible has said this, "These signs shall follow them that believe."
The Bible never said, "These signs just shall follow Brother Branham, Brother Roberts, or your pastor, or somebody else's pastor. These signs shall follow them (plural)." Are you a believer? Say, "Amen." Then them signs shall follow you. "If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." Do you believe that? Then when I pray here for all of you, each one of you... Don't pray for yourself now, pray for the person you got your hands on. See? Say, "Lord, give to this person I got my hand on, give to them the desire of their heart." Say that. Say, "Give them... If they're sick, give them healing." If you know the person say, "Heal this person." And God's power will heal each one of you.
And tomorrow night you'll be back here, saying, "Brother Branham, before anything ever happened, before I ever see any great working of the Holy Spirit, I've already witnessed it in my life, that He's healed me last night, right when we were trying to elect Him, I accepted Him into my heart, and something taken place. I just--I just--He operated on me last night, and all my doubts are buried in the fountain, and now I'm a new creature in Christ Jesus." [Mark 16:17-18]
L-85 While we bow our heads. If there's a sinner here, remember your Creator now, while it is time that you can, for the hour will soon come, where you'll not be permitted this. There one backslidden? Make your way back to God, tonight. Won't you do it? Then go early in the morning to the church and say, "Pastor, I return now. I want to take up my fellowship."
If you're a sinner, make your way down to the church of your choice, and say, "Baptize me, pastor. I want to become a member of the church. I want to serve God." And then tomorrow night go get you four or five more sinners and bring them back. Watch and see if the Holy Spirit doesn't move into the audience, produce Jesus Christ just the same as He was yesterday, today, and forever. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-86 Our heavenly Father, upon the basis of Thy Word, upon the basis of Thy shed Blood, on Thy vicarious suffering at Calvary, Thy triumph over death, over hell and the grave, and over Satan, all the works of Satan, from sin to its all its attributes, to sickness, and to disappointments, and nervous flusterations, and all the gloomy wearies that goes with it, all the doubts and things...
We build Your platform here tonight for Your beloved Son, the Lord Jesus. We are elect in Him, Lord, for this campaign. And we're happy, Lord. There's no other One we want. We want no one but Jesus. We love Him. We believe Him with of all our heart. We've elected Him as our Saviour, no other saviour. There's no church, no creed, no denomination, no pastor, no pope, no priest, no rabbi, there's nothing that can save us outside of the Blood of Your Son Jesus. He's our Saviour. We love Him, and we know that Divine healing is Yours. It belongs to You. For we read in Psalm 103:3, "I'm the Lord that heals all your diseases." Therefore, Lord, we commit our case to You. You're our Physician, our great Physician.
You're here tonight. Your believing children is obeying Your Word, by putting their hands on one another, here from the minister all the way to the--the laity of the church, everyone, pastors, evangelists, all with their hands on one another, the housewives, the children, all with their hands on one another because they believe this One that we all elected, our Lord, our Healer. [Psalms 103:3]
L-87 Now, Satan, you know that you are exposed, and you're nothing but a bluff anyhow, and we're calling your bluff here. All of us elect Him in our heart, as Healer, as Saviour, as King, as Ruler, Lord, ownership, rulership. Now, you have to get out, Satan, you might as well get ready to go, because you have to. God's Word must be fulfilled. So I charge thee, by the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, through His vicarious sufferings, and victory, Who robs you of--or strips you of every legal right you had. You have no more legal rights. You are a defeated being, and we charge thee through Jesus Christ, come out of this people, leave them, as they have their hands on one another. In the Name of Jesus Christ, come out of them, I release them for the glory of God. In the Name of the Lord Jesus.
L-88 Your heads bowed. Feeled His goodness moving in. Believe it, no matter how funny it seems. We don't go by how funny it seems; we go by how real it is. It's God's Word.
Kinda funny for Noah to say it was going to rain, but it rained. Sounded funny for Abraham looking for a city, and saying he was going to have a baby when he's a hundred years old, but Sarah was ninety, but he had it. Funny for Moses saying he was going down to Egypt to take over, but he did it. God said so. Kinda strange for the Hebrew children to say, "Our God's going to deliver us from this fiery furnace." And He did it. Daniel come out of the lion's den alive, after he had being there with vicious lions, hungry all night. But he did it. John come out of...?... vat of oil after being burned for twenty-four hours, but he did it. Lazarus come out of the grave after being dead for four days, but he did it. Jesus rose on the third day after being crucified, and the body embalmed by a Roman spear. The witness of the earth said, "He's dead"; God said, "He's dead"; nature said, "He's dead"; the earth said, "He's dead"; the Romans said, "He's dead," and everything said He was dead, and He lives again forever more. How's He going to do it. But He did it. [Genesis 7:4], [Genesis 18:16], [Daniel 3:17], [Daniel 6:22], [John 11:39, 43]
L-89 God heals you now, it's God's Word that does it. So you have a right to it. Do you accept it? Do you accept your healing? I don't care how crippled you are, how blind you are, how--whatever's wrong with you, I don't care to know. Will you stand to your own... right now and say, "I accept my healing on the basis of God's Word." Stand to your feet, if you believe it. Amen. Amen. That's good. Wonderful. Now, good. Now.
Now, you that wasn't sick, and you that want to accept Him as Lord in your heart, believe the platform, want to elect Jesus to be the ruler of this campaign, to be the Healer in this campaign, to be Lord in this campaign. The rest of you stand on your feet, that'll do that. Say, "I accept Him to be my Lord, my Healer, my All, my Saviour, and all in this campaign." Wonderful. Everybody on their feet. That's fine. Oh, I feel--I...?... I believe we're going to see something happen here. How many feel that, believes that? I believe it with all my heart.
L-90 While they are praising Him, give us a chord, "I love Him, I love Him." You know that song? All right, everybody now together.
I love Him, I love Him,
Because He first loved me
And purchased my salvation
On Calvary's tree.
Let's hum it now. [Brother Branham and congregation hums--Ed.]
First loved me
And purchased...
Don't forget six-thirty tomorrow night, prayer cards. I'm expecting great things of the Lord.
On Calvary's tree.
L-91 As we bow our heads, going to turn the service to our campaign or your manager, Brother Roy Borders. Remember the prayer cards will be given out tomorrow night at six-thirty, here at the auditorium, and prayer for the sick will start tomorrow night. All right, the Lord bless you till I see you again. Brother Borders...

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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