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Prayer Line 57-16
57-pl-16, Prayer Line 57-16, 61 min

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57-1213 - Essex Theater, Newark, NJ,
L-69 Now, here's the showdown time. Here's a lady. I suppose we're strangers to each other, are we? We are strangers. I've never seen the lady in my life, and she's never seen me as I know of, 'less it was in a meeting somewhere. Have you ever seen? Never seen me no way. This is the first time we've ever--she's ever--we've ever seen each other any time in life. And that is true.
Then the lady standing here, there's... She's up here for some cause. I do not know. God knows that. She may be sick. I don't know. She looks like a healthy woman. I couldn't say. I don't know. She may be in financial troubles. It may be domestic troubles. I don't know. She's wanting something from God surely, or she wouldn't be standing here. If she isn't, God knows all about it anyhow.
L-70 If... She might be here as a critic. If she is, watch what happens. See? Now, we--we don't know. She's just a woman. Some of the boys, Billy, or Gene, or Leo, or ever who give out the prayer cards awhile ago, just give her a card and that's... She just--she's just called up here. That's all we know. Is that right, lady? That's all we know, this here.
Now, if I had power to heal the woman if she's sick, I'd do it. But I haven't the power. But if Jesus was standing here, wearing this suit of clothes that I have on, neither could He heal her. Did you know that? How many knows that? Kind of hard for you to raise your hands, but it's the truth. Why? He's already done it. He did it when He died at Calvary. How many knows that? Sure. Sure.
Then what would He do? He would do something to make her know that it was Him. He'd say something maybe like this, "Child of Mine... If she is a Christian. That I don't know. But if she is, He'd say, "Child of Mine, don't you believe what--that I--I died for this purpose?"
"Yes, Lord, I'll believe. Well, why would ask me that?"
L-71 But He might say, "Well, now, there's something in your life that oughtn't to be, or there's something that you have done, or haven't done," or something that way, that would cause her to know that Jesus was present. Is that right? If... Is that what He done in the days gone by? He told...
Here--here's to the newcomer. Here's a picture tonight, just like it was in the Bible time. Here's a man and a woman: Saint John 4. Everything that I try to do, the best of my knowledge, I place it in the Bible. If it's not in the Bible... Well, it might be God anyhow, but I just like to do what just He says to do (You see?), and then I'm--I'm sure. God can do things that's not wrote in the Bible, but I like to stay just with the Bible. Then I--I know it's right.
In the old Bible they had a... How many knowed how they tested a prophet, or a message, or a dream? It was said and told before the Urim Thummim. How many ever heard that? Let's see your hand. The Urim Thummim was Aaron's... The ministers raising their hands, of course. It was Aaron's breastplate. And always God has worked in supernatural. [Exodus 28:30]
L-72 And when the prophet went to speaking or the dreamer telling his dream, if it was of the Lord, a conglomeration of lights went to work, a supernatural Light worked on that Urim Thummim. Then it was God. It was true. But if it didn't work, no matter how well it seemed to be, it wasn't true. God refused it.
Now, that Aaronic priesthood ceased, but we have a new priesthood today. That Urim Thummim ceased, but we have a new Urim Thummim. And that's God's Word. What we do, or say, if it doesn't flash in the Word, I'd leave it alone. But it must come from the Word.
Now, this scene like Saint John 4, a man and a woman, which here we are before God, this pulpit, the Bible, that neither have ever seen each other in life. We're totally strangers. Now, if Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and will do the things that He did... Said, "I do nothing till the Father shows Me first." We all aware of that, Saint John 5:19. [Exodus 28:30], [Hebrews 13:8], [John 5:19]
L-73 Now, if Jesus will come and just take this body, my voice... Now remember, Jesus is in every way like He was, only a corporal body. Do you understand that? What are we? He is the Vine, and we are the branches now. The vine doesn't bear fruit. The branches bears fruit, but the energy has to come from the vine. The vine has to send forth the power to bear the fruit.
Now, if He is risen from the dead, which we know He is, and then if God sent me to do this... I'm not a preacher, as--as a preacher. I don't have the education to be a preacher. But if by a gift, if He lets me see visions, and say to this woman just like at the woman at the well, and will reveal to me something that's in your heart that you're wanting, would you believe it was Him? You know it'd have to come from some supernatural resource. How many knows it would be a supernatural resource? [John 15:5]
L-74 Now, if you believe that, then it depends on what you think it is. If you'd say, "Oh, well, he's a mind reader." Well that's your reward you'd receive. But if... But 'course, there you'd... I wouldn't say it in that way. You'd... It might be terrible, because that would be the same as they did, blasphemy of the Holy Ghost (See?) which is unpardonable.
Now, that's what, they blaspheme when they call the works that He was doing, Beelzebub. How many knows that? And Jesus said it would never be forgiven (See?) to call the working of God by the Holy Ghost, Beelzebub or some evil spirit. See?
Now, if the Lord Jesus will reveal it... I don't say that He will. But if He will, you'll believe? Will the audience believe if... Does anyone know the woman out there? I suppose you do, yes, plenty of you. All right. Now, if I said, "Lady, you're sick, and you're going to be well," you'd have a right to doubt that. If--if... Unless you--just depend on how much you believe my word.
L-75 But if the Holy Spirit will go back like He did to Philip, or like He did to the woman at the well, and tell her something that she's done, you know whether that's true or not. You'll know that. Then if He knows what has been, He surely will know what will be. You understand?
You say, "Brother Branham, are you stalling for something?" Yes, I am. I'm waiting for the Angel of the Lord, the--the anointing. It hasn't struck me yet exactly. That's right. That's the reason I keep talking to her. Our Lord kept talking to the woman...?...
But now, the woman is aware now, that there's something taking place. If my audience can still hear my voice, right over the woman is a Light. Lady, you're aware that a real sweet humble feeling has just come over you. If that's right raise up your hands for...?... See? Between you and I, I see that Light.
L-76 And the lady is very, very sick and shadowed with death. She's suffering with a tremendous nervous condition, a cancer of the nerve. And she has tumor on the brain. That is true. That is true, isn't it, lady? Wave your hand so the people will know.
Now, you see... I never seen her. And right now, I don't know what I said to her. Now, you heard a voice. That wasn't me. That was Him. See? That was Him. 'Cause I don't know what to say to her. Now, that the audience might know, see, more you would talk to her, more would be... We just got a few standing here. Let's talk to the woman a little more.
Just to speak to you, because that more I would say to you, of course, more, and of course weaker you would get. Visions make weakness. Do you remember the great prophet Daniel saw one vision, was troubled at his head for many days? See? Jesus was touched by a woman's infirmity and said virtue went from Him.
L-77 But why then could, would He let me stand and have even more in one night than we have record of Him doing in the Bible? Because He made a promise. "More than this shall you do," the same thing, but more of it. See? Me, a sinner saved by grace, and Him, the Son of Jehovah, but He made a promise. His words are true. "More than this shall you do, for I go to My Father." [John 14:12]
L-78 Yes, lady, I wanted--just wanted to see. Yeah, I see the woman, if the audience can still hear my voice, I don't know how loud I'm speaking now because the lady goes away from me, and she's overshadowed with death (That's true.), by a hideous black shadow which is cancer.
And also, she is concerned about someone else that she's praying for. And that is her husband that's here in this building. I feel his spirit moving. And her husband has tremendous pains in his back, and he's having some kind of a heart condition, a condition around his heart.
And I see you both somewhere. You're in some sort of a meeting, or doing something. There's a... You're raising your hand to... You are in a--some kind of a great meeting, hasn't been too long ago. And you raised your hand to be converted. And that was in a city called Triton, Trenton. Trenton, it is Trenton, New Jersey, and it was Oral Roberts meetings. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. Do you believe the Lord Jesus Christ is present? It may be your darkest hour, but Jesus has come along. Let us pray.
Most gracious Lord, I lay my hands upon this woman, because Thou has said, "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel. These signs shall follow them that believe; if they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." Lord, You keep all Your promises, and I pray that our sister be made well, and the spirit of evil sickness be cast from her, and the desires of her heart given unto her; for I humbly ask it in Jesus' Name, which cannot fail. Amen. God bless you, my sister. God's peace rest upon you now. Go, don't doubting nothing. You'll be well. God bless you. [Mark 16:15-18]
L-79 How do you do, lady? You're a stranger to me in a way that I don't know you, but yet you seem familiar. Just a minute. Oh, you have been in the meeting, and you were healed of a bowel condition. And you're here for someone else now. And that is a woman that's been burned with a... And you're a nurse. I see you in a hospital, nurse. And the woman is burned severely, and you're standing in her behalf. And I hear you call her name "Bethie." That is right. Now, the God that healed you will heal her too.
Father, in the Name of Thy beloved Son, the Lord Jesus, show mercy to this woman's request and may it come to pass that the things that she desires shall be given to her. This we ask in the Name of Jesus Christ, God's Son, Who said, "Ask in My Name, it shall be given." Amen. The Lord grant your request, my beloved sister. God be with you, sister, and grant to you... [John 15:16]
L-80 You have a prayer card? You don't? You... All right, sir. You give it to someone else. All right. If you'll keep believing... You want God to heal you of that nervous condition you have. That's right. If you'll keep believing, you can have it. You touched Him.
I'm a stranger to you, lady. And here's a beautiful setting of the Scriptures. Here's a--a woman, a colored woman, me, a white man. Then I come from the Anglo-Saxon; she came from Ethiopia. It was the same picture of Saint John 4, a Samaritan and a Jew.
L-81 And the question was, there was a segregation in those days like there has been in the south for years, but Jesus let them know that there was no difference in the color of a person's skin. That's right. They're all children of God. Just the country we was raised in, has nothing to do with our relationship with God. But it's the same picture.
Now, lady, we've never met in life before. This is our first time of ever meeting. If that's right, would you just raise your hands with me? It's our first time meeting. Now, if our Lord Jesus... When a Jew, He met a Jew and told him where he was under a tree, said He saw him. That was thirty miles around the mountain: Some eyes. But He said, "I saw you when you were under the tree." And he recognized that miracle to be only of God. And he said, "You are the Son of God, the King of Israel." [John 1:48-49]
L-82 The Samaritan woman, when He told her, a woman of a different race from He was, He told her where her trouble was, she quickly recognized that it was the sign of the Messiah. And if He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, between the races then that He went to deal with, isn't He the same today? If He manifested Hisself in that way to prove He was Messiah to them, isn't He obligated to us in this day to manifest Hisself in the same way? If He's the same, He will manifest Hisself the same. Does the audience believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] May He grant it.
The lady is not here for herself. She's here for someone else. That's a brother. I see you coming up together. And that brother is in a horrible condition right now. He's an alcoholic. He's laying drunk, and he was so drunk you couldn't sober him up enough to bring him to the meeting. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. Do you believe? Let us pray.
O Jehovah God, grant the request of this sincere woman who stands here. Let Thy Spirit come to her and give unto her the assurance in her heart, that she has what she asked for. Grant it, Lord. We bless her as laying hands upon her. In the Name of Thy Son the Lord Jesus, may she go, and what she's asked, may she receive through Jesus Christ. Amen. Don't doubt one bit. You shall have what you asked for. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-83 We are strangers to each other. The Lord knows the both of us. But if our blessed Saviour will reveal to me what you're here for, will you believe on Him, and accept Him, knowing that He will give you what you're asking? Let's say what you want in your heart, you pray, and ask God. And now, just be in your heart praying to God, and He will--I'm sure He will grant it to you.
Now, if the lady, and the people in the church can still hear my voice, the lady is suffering from a female disorder, a lady's trouble. That is right. This was caused by a birth of a child. The little fellow is at home, and he's got something wrong. The baby has got something wrong with it. It's all swelled up. It's got... Its jaws are all swelled out, and it's got something in the head, trouble in its head. That is THUS SAITH THE LORD.
You be the judge. Those words are true. God still lives Who made the promise by His Bible, "Ask and you shall receive." And O great Jehovah, Who cannot fail, I bless this Thy child in Jesus' Name, Thy Son. And may she receive that what she has come for. May she find it even so, for we send her to her home in Jesus Christ's Name for to be healed. Amen. The prayer of faith shall save the sick, God shall raise them up. [Acts 3:22], [James 5:15]
L-84 Be just as reverent. I know it's getting cold. It's cold here. But let's just try to get another one or two. How about in the audience, are you believing? [The congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Just believe; touch His garment; say, "Lord Jesus, I believe You. I believe that the Bible is right. And I believe that You've raised from the dead."
You say, "Brother Branham, these things ought to be before the whole world." I know it. But they'll not know it until we're gone. They never did know it through the ages. Even the disciples didn't know it. They said, "Must Elias come first?"
Said, "He's already come, and you didn't know him." Believe. [Matthew 17:11-12]
L-85 You believe she'd get well if I'd ask the Lord for you, you're friend that's got diabetes? You believe it? You got a handkerchief you want me to pray over, haven't you? The woman has one leg amputated. That's right. THUS SAITH THE LORD. Bring me your handkerchief. You brought it for that purpose. Take it from your purse and bring it to me. Have faith. Bring it right here, just right here. I knew it, lady, by the revelation of Jesus Christ. You touched Something, didn't you, lady? You seen you wasn't going to get into the prayer line, but you were praying. I seen your prayer. Now, not me... It's--it's Something; it's the Holy Spirit. (See?) I'm only talking to you as He would talk to me. Now, let us pray.
Now, heavenly Father, in the Bible we are taught that they taken from the body of saint Paul, handkerchiefs and aprons, because the people seen the Spirit of God working in this man, and they had faith to believe their apostle. And they sent these handkerchiefs to the sick and afflicted, and the Bible says that evil spirits went out of them, and diseases were healed. [Acts 19:12]
L-86 Now, we realize that we're not saint Paul, but we know that You're still Jesus, the same yesterday, today, and forever. And we're taught that when the Red Sea had the children of Israel cut off from the promised land, that God looked down through the Pillar of Fire, and the sea got scared, and moved back, and made a dry path for Israel to cross on towards the promise.
Tonight, Lord, when this handkerchief is placed upon the sick body of this one so desiring to be healed, I pray that God will look through the Blood of His Son; and may the woman pass from sickness into the promise of good health and be made well, for we send it for this purpose; in the Name of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Amen. Now, let no one handle it.
Now, do you believe with all your heart? Do you believe that the Lord Jesus is here to make well, to heal the sick and the needy? All right. I believe if we would pray right here now to each one, so you get out of the chill that... Do you believe that God would heal you? Do you believe He would do it? [Hebrews 13:8], [Acts 19:12]
L-87 Are you aware that Jesus is come along? Is that according... How many Bible readers know that God promised that, that Jesus promised that? That's the things that He did. Now, remember your brother has nothing to do with it. It's your faith in the resurrection of Jesus.
Is this a patient?... Is this... Oh, I'm sorry, sir. I wasn't to pass you, no. But being that you're standing here, we're strangers to each other, as far as I know, we are. Now, you're a man, and our friend by the name of Philip went and found Nathanael and brought him over where a man met our blessed Lord. Now, you and I, being strangers, would just be the same, that we don't know each other. But you and I both are meeting Jesus now.
And now, if He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, He could let me know where your trouble is. And if He does, will you be reverent enough to believe that you're in His Presence? You know that there's Something. Standing before me, a man, wouldn't make you feel like you're feeling now. You know that there's Something that's on... [Hebrews 13:8]
L-88 Why did I call you out of the sick to pray for the sick? The Light was already on you. And I know the Holy Spirit wants me to talk to you. That's the reason I did it, for I was fixing to pray for the entire audience. But when I turned and felt the Spirit of God this way, and I looked and the Light's all around you... Now, tears are running down your cheek, because you know you're in His Presence. I'd never make you feel that way. I couldn't, I'm a man.
I wish the audience could only know what this is, what I speak of. I know... You don't have to feel anything; you believe something. But it's because his faith is so anchored. Some way he realizes that he's in the Presence of Something besides a man. See? Watch the expression on their faces as they come forward and just get into the Presence of Him. Now, His Presence is there, of course, too. But...
If our heavenly Father, this being a man and us standing together that we have never met before in life, if God will tell the man what he wants, then surely God is interested in his desires. Is that right? Now, will the rest of you believe then with all with one accord?
L-89 Now, sir, the Lord Jesus grant it. I don't... It isn't necessarily that I would look at you or anything, but just to talk to you. I don't look at those people in the audience, and so forth. But... May the Lord grant the request. Now, if you're sick, you know I can't heal you. But it takes the Spirit of God to do that, and your faith in Him. Surely with the faith that you have, you would receive it.
My brother, you're not here for sickness. You're here with a desire in your heart to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. That's what you're here for. That's right. Also, your wife, she has some spiritual problems, and she has pain though; she's nervous and got pains through her body. That's right. You believe you will receive it?
L-90 I see you somewhere else. You have been at a meeting of mine before, but you didn't get in. That wasn't in this city either. It was a city where a large lake, and I see Joseph Boze standing near. It was in Chicago. You was in Chicago seeking the Lord for the baptism of the Holy Ghost. THUS SAITH THE LORD. That is true. Let us pray.
Blessed Redeemer, Thou has give the promise which can never fail. Let Thy Holy Spirit come just now, deeply, richly, and set the faith of the Lord Jesus in the heart of this man, and may everything that he has desired tonight be manifested to him, and given to him.
And may he go from this building down the street, rejoicing, saying, "Did not our hearts burn within us, for Jesus made Hisself real to us tonight." Grant it, Lord. I bless this my brother, in the Name of Jesus Christ, that he will receive that what he asked for. Amen. The Lord bless you, sir. You shall receive that what you have asked for. God be with you. [Luke 24:32]
L-91 Do you believe? All right. Will you come? Someone thought back there it was mind reading, just a few moments ago, or telepathy rather. To prove it to you, lady, don't look at me, but lay your hand on mine. If the Lord God will reveal to me what's your trouble, will you believe me as God's servant? You have heart trouble. That's right. You believe that God will make you well of it? Then go and be healed in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
Do you believe, sir, with all your heart? You believe that God will heal you? All right. Then the diabetes would leave you, and you can go be made well. You believe it? All right. See, it is not. See?
A lady's trouble, and also a nervous heart, that is right. Go and be healed in the Name of the Lord Jesus. It is not telepathy. It's the Spirit of the living God in these great days of this...?... Do you believe it? Then let us raise our hands to God, and I want you to pray with me this prayer:
L-92 O God, [Congregation prays after Brother Branham--Ed.] Creator of heavens and earth, Author of Everlasting Life, Giver of every good gift, send Thy blessings upon us, and heal us. I now accept Jesus Christ as my Healer.
Now, stay shut in with Him. That's your prayer. That's your confession. Just believe that that same great Light that's here at the pulpit is circling It's way through the building. Oh, how wonderful. Receive your healing. The Lord Jesus make you well.
O Lord God, Creator of heavens and earth, I pray for this people, that the blackness and shadows of unbelief might be...?... just now, Satan... rebuked.
L-93 Satan, you have lost the battle. Come out. In the Name of the Lord Jesus we adjure thee to leave this people that they be made sound and well; through the Name of Christ we ask it.
I believe as a servant of Christ, that every one of you is healed right now. I believe it. I believe all the of those that would like a close walk with Christ should come right down here tonight and stand. You penitent sinner, come down here to the altar just now. And if He can save you and... Come down here and ask a little word of prayer, and give thanks for His goodness. Will you do it? You that believe that you're healed, stand up to your feet; give Him glory.
Give us a chord, "I Will Praise Him." All the people with their hands up...
I will praise Him, I will praise Him,
Praise the Lamb for sinners slain;
Give Him glory all ye people,
For His blood can wash away each stain.
Let's lift Him up and sing it now.
I will praise Him, I will praise Him,
Praise the Lamb for sinners slain;
Give Him glory all ye people,
For His blood can wash away each stain.

57-1215 - Maranatha Temple, Brooklyn, NY,
L-43 Everyone just keep real quiet. Watch this a way, pray. Now, do you realize... How many Christians is here? Raise your hand. Do you realize what a challenge this is? Would you want to come and take the place? You're welcome. I'd be very happy, would set on the line here and watch, pray with you. Certainly.
What am I representing? What am I standing here for? Do I have to do it? No. I do it because God told me to do it. And I stand here with a Divine gift, not me but Him, to represent Him. Then at the judgment I have to stand with you. That's going to be the difference there. Now, and at the judgment I have to answer; you have to answer. I have to answer whether I preached it; you have to answer whether you received it or not.
L-44 Now, if any of you here... How many in here knows the Scripture says that Jesus now (right now) is our High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities? Do you believe that? The Bible said so. Then how would we touch Him, like the woman touched His garment? Yes, sir. She touched by the feeling of her infirmities. And she touched His garment; He turned around and said, "Who touched Me?" He didn't know, and didn't know who touched Him. And He said, "Who touched Me?"
Why, Peter said, "All of them is touching You."
He said, "But I got weak; virtue (strength) went from Me." See?
Now, think of one vision. That one woman touched Him and the Son of God got weak. How about me, a sinner, saved by His grace? What would one do to me? See? But why was--was it happening so many times. Look at this this afternoon, and here we start again. Why does it? Because Jesus said, "These things that I do shall you also; and more than this shall you do, for I go to the Father." It's His Word. [Hebrews 4:15], [Mark 5:30], [Luke 8:45-46], [John 14:12]
L-45 Now, you say, "Heal somebody." I can't, 'course not. Now, you just be real reverent. Don't move around; keep your seat. Set real quiet, pray. Touch Him. If you touch Him with your faith--faith, then watch and see if He don't turn right back around and touch you, talk to you and speak to you with a audible voice. He may have to use somebody else's voice, 'cause the only voice He has is mine and yours. Only hands He has is mine and yours. We are the--we are the vine, the branches.
L-46 Now, everyone reverent now just while we pray. Heavenly Father, I pray unto Thee tonight, myself with this audience I bring them in behalf of their sickness. And O merciful God, be kind to every one. And may their hearts be open tonight. May they understand. Anoint their eyes with eyesalve. And anoint mine too, Lord, that we might see the invisible God working among His people as He promised. He promised He would not leave us, Lord God, Jehovah. He promised He would be with us. And the Word said He was doing we would do like manner works, until He comes.
Now, Father God, I have did all that I know how to do, the rest is Yours. And now, we commit ourselves to Thee, and ask that You'll visit us tonight, and bring us joy to our hearts, healing to our bodies. For we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-47 The next is for God. As far as I know, the lady that stands by me now, is a stranger to me. I do not know the lady, as I made mention this afternoon. I guess we're strangers to each other? We are. This woman is a colored woman; I'm a white man. If this isn't a--a picture again of the woman at the well, a Jew and a Samaritan... Jesus let her know that there was no racial lines in God. Matter the color of your skin; that has nothing to do with God. We're every one from the same tree, exactly, yellow, brown, black or white. The country we was raised in has nothing to... the color of our skin's no more than the other, has nothing to do with God. By one blood God made all men.
If I was dying, this woman could give me a blood transfusion. But don't never put an animal blood in you, you'll die. Her blood's the same as mine. God created us both, and here we stand this afternoon, both strangers, never seen each other. Her a colored woman, me a white man, if that ain't a beautiful picture of the very Saint John 4. How many knows that that's true Scripturally. You've read where this woman went. Now, Jesus begin to talk to her, and He said... Till He caught what was wrong.
He said, "Bring Me a drink." And she didn't understand that.
She said, "Why You Jews don't have nothing to do with us Samaritans. We have a segregation, so why would You...?"
He said, "But if you knew Who you were talking to, you'd ask Me for a drink."
The conversation went at length about where to worship. After a while, Jesus found what her trouble was, He said, "Go get your husband, come here."
She said, "I don't have any husband."
Said, "That's right, you got five, and the one you have now is not your husband."
Watch what she said, "Sir, I perceive that You are a prophet. But we know, we Samaritans know, that when the Messiah..." []...?...
When Jesus told him where he was before he come to the prayer meeting, he recognized Him to be the Son of God. Is that right? The Messiah, how many knows that? Saint John the 1st chapter. That's what the Jew thought. What did the great teachers and scholars say? "He's a devil. That's a fortune teller." See?
What did Jesus say? "You say that about Me, I'll forgive you, but when the Holy Ghost is come and does the same thing, speak one word against It and it'll never be forgiven you, in this world neither in the world to come." Because they called the Spirit of God an unclean spirit. That's the...
How many ever knowed that that was the blaspheming the Holy Ghost? To call the very works of God, the devil. That's what Jesus said. That's the blasphemy, unpardonable, never can be forgiven for doing it. [John 4:7-10, 16-21], [Luke 12:10]

57-1222 - Branham Tabernacle, Jeffersonville, IN,
L-52 It's to my most humble belief, and the sincerity and the integrity of my heart, that if men and women out here who raised your hand to accept the Lord Jesus as your personal Saviour... I know it's customary to bring people to the altar. That's all right. I have nothing against it. But coming to the altar, you can only do one thing; that is, tell God you're thankful He saved you. For the minute that you mean what you say, when you raise your hands, God accepts you upon your testimony right then. You defied the laws of gravitation, and just the same as that Star defied the laws of the solar system.
The solar system moves according to a routine. That's the way it has to move. But this Star defied it, passed right over it all, because God was doing the leading.
L-53 Today the regular routine says that many of you here must die. The doctor's done all he can do. That's right. But the Spirit of the living God defies that, said, "I'll take you through." Don't... Might not happen in a second. They endured, as seeing Him Who was invisible. Abraham was given a promise, and waited twenty-five years before it happened, but he marched on and called anything was contrary to the promise as though it wasn't.
I would not stand here on this Christmas eve and say these things before this little group of people if I didn't know from what I was speaking of.
L-54 Yesterday... The woman may be present, her name is Mrs. Wright. Are you here, from New Albany, a Mrs. Wright? Many of you might know her. She's, I believe, a well-known woman in New Albany. The last healing service here, where... I didn't know; it was under the discernment. []
Next Sunday night, the Lord willing, we may try a discernment. We can't get it on Sunday morning good, because you seen last Sunday morning, it was a week, what happened. See? The people don't get in here in time to get lined up, and so forth, of a morning, 'cause you got your dishes to wash and so forth. But, on Sunday night, we're going to try it, maybe next Sunday night, the Lord willing.
While the discernment was on, just one case I want to mention, right after I tell you of Mrs. Wright.
L-55 She couldn't get here. The doctors of New Albany, I could call their names, but it might not be wisdom to do so, 'cause many times they don't want to, you to do that. We try to live with peace with all men, as far as possible.
And we love our doctors. Doctors, perhaps, setting here this morning... I have many doctor friends, good men, Christian men who trust God. They're not healers; they're just men. And what they can do, physically, they'd do it. They just aid nature. They don't... They set a bone, take out an obstruction, something like that. But God has to create cells. God's the only One Who can heal or--or build tissue; no medicine will do it.
Now, this woman had a blood clots laying at her heart. She was in her sixties. She was swollen so bad till she was again as big as she ordinarily was. And they called on the phone, and my wife brought me to the phone, and said, "Billy, they... A woman wants to speak to you in New Albany."
L-56 I said, "Well, sister, come on, this morning. We're going to have a healing service up at the Tabernacle."
She said, "My dear brother," she said, "I wish I could bring her, but she can't even move." And said, "She's dying right now." And said, "There's not a hope for her." And said, "We have heard of the great things that--that God has did by your prayers. Won't you pray for her? Will you come?"
I said, "I can't come. But can you put the phone to her ear?"
She said, "I believe I can move her bed over." And she moved the bed over and got the woman: couldn't hardly speak.
I said, "If you will believe..." Faith is the substance of things hoped for, not what you just think, but what you really know. Faith is... [Hebrews 11:1]
L-57 I said the other Sunday, "If I was starving to death and I asked..." One loaf of bread would save my life, and you give me twenty-five cents; I could rejoice just the same as I had the bread, because there's plenty of bread.
And there's plenty of power to heal. "If thou canst believe," that's the twenty-five cents. I can rejoice because, maybe the bread's a ten miles from me, but when I've got the twenty-five cents, faith is the substance of things hoped for. I'm just as happy with that twenty-five cents as if I was eating the bread, though I got a long ways to journey yet, go through creek beds, and cross the fords, and over the foot-logs, and down through the briar patch, and up over the hill. I may get hungrier all the time, till I get cramps I'm so hungry. But I'll rejoice all the time, because I'm holding the twenty-five cents, the purchase of the loaf of bread, no matter what the conditions are.
Abraham rejoiced for twenty-five years, holding the faith in his heart that God was able to perform what He had promised. And he got what he asked for. [Mark 9:23]
L-58 Dear darling there, sister. No matter what the circumstances are, take that twenty-five cents, that faith, f-a-i-t-h. Take that in your hands, take it in your heart; say, "No matter what happens..." Now, you can't make-believe. You've got to really believe. "My child shall live, because in my heart God has made a promise, and I've got faith to believe it." And then everything else becomes negative. See? God makes it move right into that--that realm.
L-59 That woman called me yesterday. Some of them answered the phone; she wouldn't take it. My wife went to the phone; she wouldn't take it. She wanted to speak to me. She said, "Brother Branham, I'm praising your name."
I said, "My name? What are you doing that for?"
She said, "Oh, if you could only see me..."
I said, "Then praise God; He was the One Who did it."
She said, "There here... The doctors can't even find a piece of that blood clot. It's scattered and gone. And I'm normal, walking around in good health, the best health I've been in in years." Her name is Mrs. Wright. She lives, and...?... (She told me her first name.) somewhere in New Albany, I don't know just now.
L-60 Under the discernment last Sunday, it was a week, standing here, I said, "I don't want anyone of the Tabernacle folks. I want those who are not of the Tabernacle. Let the Holy Spirit speak." But somehow, way back somewhere in one side or the other, there was a little fellow by the name of Hickerson, all of us know Brother Hickerson. He's a real genuine trophy of God's grace. And he scooted down under some people. I didn't even know him. But the Holy Spirit had it all ordained. He was looking through the arm of some man, setting back in there, and I didn't know who he was.
And I said, "The little fellow looking at me, through the arm of that man. He's praying about a loved one, I believe, a brother or brother-in-law, or something, that was in the insane institution, mentally gone, and no hopes for him to ever recover." And It said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD. He shall recover." And the little fellow believed it, yet I knowed nothing about it for days afterwards.
And yesterday they dismissed him from the insane institution in Kentucky, as, a perfect, normal, well man. And our little Methodist preacher brother, Brother Collins, another trophy of God's grace... He may be here this morning. Both of them, all of them, may be here. Come to my house last night, with Brother Palmer from Georgia, and was telling that this boy passed by on his road to Louisville, after being dismissed from the insane institution. He's been saved, also, and was going down to make restitutions for all his wrong that he had done: a trophy, God's immortal grace.
L-61 He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. Don't let the enemy cheat you. There's an immortal Light shining; that immortal Light is Jesus Christ, God's Son. Believe on Him. Anchor it in your heart. Receive it as faith.
Let us pray...?... lay hands on you, anointing you with oil, watch what God will do. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-62 No matter what the circumstances, Jesus said in Mark 11:24; He said, "If thou shall say to this mountain, 'Be plucked up and cast into the sea,' and don't doubt in your heart, but believe that what you say shall come to pass, thou shall have what you say."
Now, let me quote the lexicon, that's the original Greek. Here's the way it reads. "If thou shall say to this mountain, 'Be ye lifted up and thrown into the sea,' and don't doubt in your heart, but believe that what you have said is coming to pass, you can have what you say." [Mark 11:24]
L-63 When you said, "Mountain, be moved," and it still stands there, you say, "Well, it didn't happen?" Oh, it did happen. When you said, "Mountain, move," maybe one little significant grain of sand turned loose out of the hundreds of billions and billions of tons. One little grain moved, but it's begin to take place. Hold that faith and watch that mountain disappear. Certainly.
Thou shall say in thy heart, "Disease, move from my child. Disease, move from my body in the Name of the Lord Jesus," and don't doubt. Right there the good germs take on a new armor and a new weapon, and the enemy begins to back up. He's defeated because Christ, in the drinking of His myrrh at Calvary, defeated the devil and every one of his powers. And He stripped him of everything he had, and he's nothing but a bluff; he can go through with it, he will do it.
We are determined by God's grace to preach the Gospel and reflect His Light until He comes.
L-64 Now, Lord, the rest is to You. We shall now call these people, and may the Holy Ghost come to this little tabernacle and make a faith in every heart, as they stand and come by here to be prayed for. May they leave today and do like those wise men when they seen the Star again, after the spell of darkness, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy. And may these people, as they are anointed and prayed for... James said in the Gospel, "Call the elders and let them anoint them with oil and pray over them. The prayer of faith shall save the sick." May the people rejoice with exceeding great joy, knowing that the faith of God has broke into their hearts, and they shall have what they ask for.
Now, Father, You've done Your part. I've done all I know how to do, except lay hands on the people and anoint them. Now, the rest will belong to them. May it not fail. May every wheel of God's immortal clock work perfectly this morning, as the sick are anointed. For Jesus Christ's sake we ask it, in His Name. Amen.
If you can only believe, just only believe,
All things are possible, only...
How that song does something to me. Hundreds of languages... I've heard the heathens and the Hottentots singing that when I was coming to the platform.
This same woman, same pianist, far as I know, introduced the song to me eleven years ago before I left in the ministry. Paul Rader, my friend, wrote it. [James 5:14-15], [Mark 9:23]
L-65 Jesus, coming down from the mountain, He saw a boy with epileptic. The disciples could do nothing about it. He said, "Lord, have mercy on my child."
He said, "I can if thou will believe, for all things are possible, only believe." There's where Paul got his text.
... only Believe."
Now, look away from your sickness now.
Only be... (Can't you do that?)
All things are possible, only...
[Mark 9:23]
L-66 Just remember, He's standing here. He's lovely. He's promised it. He reflects His lights; look at others being healed. Sure, you can too. "Look at me," a blind man healed. Look at others, look at just how, my, what the Lord has done.
... possible...
How many believes that right now you got faith in your heart to say, "I believe it's settled. I believe I can accept Him right now. I believe I can say that I'll be well. No matter what takes place, I'm saying to this mountain of sickness, 'Be thou removed and leave me, or my loved ones, or whatever it is.' And I believe that it will come to pass."
Watch what takes place. That disease will start tearing. It'll start moving. The first thing you know, the doctor will say, "What's happened here?" That's right. If thou canst believe...
L-67 Would you come, Brother Neville? Now, let those that are in this aisle here, stand up to this side. And you that's in this aisle, go right around the back and come right around, if you will, so we can have one single line. We'd have the elders to come forward to stand with the people, as they're being prayed for.
Now, the little girl, we'll walk down and pray for this little child laying here. We'll just come right where she's at.
L-68 I want the ones who... Others are to be prayed for; go over on this side now. I want every person in here to be in prayer right now. You are a part to do with this. The ushers, standing up there will direct you in the line that you're supposed to line in at this time.
All things are possible, only believe.
Fear not, little flock, from the cross to the throne,
From death into life He went for His own;
In power on earth, all power in above,
Is given to Him for the flock of His love.
What's the Christmas star say now?
Only believe, only believe,
All things are possible, only believe;
Only believe, only believe,
All things are possible, only believe.
L-69 My dear friends, there's many in here praying for you now, good men and good women, saintly, godly women and men.
My Brother Neville stands here by my side, which I've knowed for years to be a godly person. People that comes here from out-of-town, they called me up on the phone, said, "Who is that little fellow is your pastor? Give me his address; I want to write to him. He seems like a very sincere man." I'm so happy that I can say, "one of the godliest persons I know." He lives what he preaches and talks about. He's got the anointing cruse in his hand. God's got the power in His hand. Have you got the faith in your heart? If you have, it's got to happen. Out across here, here's ministers, godly people setting here's going to be praying for you. Something has to happen now.
L-70 Something brought you this far; it was the Star, now--the Star, the Morning Star. Now, receive the immortal, eternal Light, just as you, we follow this routine, like baptizing you, or anything. See? "Anoint the sick in oil; pray over them; the prayer of faith shall save the sick."
Jesus said, the last words to His Church, "These signs shall follow them that believe; they shall lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." In other words, I'd say this, put it in words you know it, "Wherever this Gospel is preached in all the world, My servants shall lay hands upon the sick; they'll get well." Right. See?
Now, there's only one thing to condemn that, that's unbelief. You see, that doesn't lay... Even if--if a brother and I were--wasn't even fit for to preach the Gospel (which we're not, only by His grace.)... But no matter what we would be, it's His Word. He--He don't have to stick by us, but He has to stay by His Word, "If thou canst believe..." [James 5:15], [Mark 16:17-18], [Mark 9:23]
L-71 Now how many out there in the audience is going to be praying for these people? Raise up your hands. I want you people to look out there. That's where the prayers are going towards heaven for you now. Now, every head bowed and everyone praying as brother anoints.
L-72 Just a minute now, we will have this congregational prayer for these here.
Merciful Lord, we go forward now as Your servants to do the duty of ministers. There are many here, Lord, in the line, who's very, very sick, no doubt. Some of them are near death. And some of them are still in their seats; for instance, the little girl that's been come from Florida. There's some here from Georgia and from different places, from up to Indianapolis, some from over in Ohio, gathered in this little group this morning, been waiting here in hotels and everything, waiting for the hour to be prayed for. They've been in the meetings. They've watched Your hand move and work. And right here now the... Lord, take away the fiction of Santa Claus and bring to them the real Christmas gift. Give them good health just now, Lord, because they have come believing.
And we are coming, standing between them and the Lord God of heaven, to make intercessions for them, to pray and to give utterance of our own voice in their behalf. May not one of them, Lord, fail to have faith.
We know the Word says it. We know that we believe it. Now, Lord, may they believe it and receive what they've asked for. We go forward now as ambassadors of Christ, with this whole church body a praying in one accord for their healing. May it be so. And when they leave, may they go with exceeding great joy because the--the Dayspring has come upon us. The flood Lights of heaven has turned our way, and we see the resurrected Lord Jesus in His power and glory. Amen.
L-73 As she, being anointed in the Name of the Lord Jesus, we lay hands upon her, and ask that her sickness be cured by the hand of the Almighty God, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
God bless you. Go and receive it in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
As being anointed in the Name of the Lord Jesus, we ask for the desire of his heart to be granted, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
Being anointed with oil, we lay hands upon our brother, in the Name...

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