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May 2011 Newsletter - Subject of the Month

“Is anything too hard for the LORD? At the time appointed I will return unto thee, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son.” [Genesis 18:14]
“Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?” [Jeremiah 32:27]
“And he said, To morrow. And he said, Be it according to thy word: that thou mayest know that there is none like unto the LORD our God.” [Exodus 8:10] 
“Your intellectual faith will reason, and say, "Now, let's see. But my case is so hard there's no need to be trying to do it. My case is too hard." That's your reasoning. What's too hard for God? A long time ago, when I got saved, about twenty-three years ago, I made up in my mind right like this; I wasn't going to worry about anything God said, because God's able to keep His own Word, and anything that's... Any job that's too big for God to do, what's the use in me worrying about it? Amen.” [The Power Of The Devil, Chicago IL, 55-1005]
“And now, we see in the first part of this chapter, Abraham was setting in the door of his tent on a real hot day. It must have been a very hot day. Perhaps, lot of complaints had been coming in lately by the herdsmen, that the grass was all gone, the land was drying up, and that the cattle was becoming very thin, and also, that the water supply was just about all gone. They'd found the water holes in the land, and as the water got low, they would dig out and dig out till they got down to where the water was seeping through the rocks, and still the cattle did not have enough water to supply them. You know, sometimes when things are going wrong, dark... We know by nature that it's darkest just before day. And many times when we see disastrous things happening like that, especially to believers, we must bear this in our mind, that it's Satan trying to block the blessing that's on its road.” [Is There Anything Too Hard For The Lord, Tulsa OK, 60-0328]
Abraham knew that the time of the promise was coming close. It had to be; he was a hundred years old. He was expecting it any time. He watched every minute. When He run in, told Sarah, "This, I believe, is our day of visitation." And she kinda looked at him with them big eyes and thought, "Well, Abraham, you've said that a long time." But you know, there will come a time when it'll be so, if God said so. Then when the Angel took His chair and leaned back, He said, "Abraham, seeing that you have got favor with God, that you are an heir of the world, and--and you're going to be father of many nations, and you've believed that since you was seventy-five years old (twenty-five years), and otherwise you've waited for this promised child by Sarah, and now, I'm not going to keep this from you, what I'm going to do. I'm going to visit you, according to the time of life." And you know, Sarah in there, eardropping, kindly halfway in an upset mood from her condition that morning, she's thought in her heart, "Now, isn't that a silly thing. Think, in our day, me an old woman--as old as I am... Here I am ninety years old. There sets my husband Abraham, a hundred years old. Well, I--it's not been with me as women for fifty years, and Abraham... Well, we've been married since we were about seventeen, and him about twenty-seven... Well, how... How could that be? How could it be?" See? She had herself all out of condition to receive it when God brought it. Oh, my, don't never get that in your heart. Be open. Be ready. She missed it. She failed to see it. I--maybe if--if we don't watch, friends, the church is going to fail to see it. Let's not look for church hairdo's and new dresses. Let's look for the Holy Spirit to come in the supernatural and raise some things. The church don't need a face lift; it needs a birth, the Holy Ghost to come into the church, bring back people, and that believes the supernatural, and holds on and waiting for the coming of the Lord, as if it might be any hour, living in them conditions.” [Is There Anything Too Hard For The Lord, Tulsa OK, 60-0328
 “Any man that's ever had any, made any show at all in life, has been men who has trusted God and took Him at His Word. Right. Man that doesn't take Him at His Word never amounts to a hill of beans. We've had a George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and whatevermore, but the greatest man that the world has ever had has been those who put their simple faith in God. Come down through, if I could ask any man tonight, "What do you think about God?" If I could call the prophets up... The thing was asked one time, "Whose son is this?" And the Greeks come and Jesus asked them. He said, "Whose son is he?" And one said one thing and one another. But God was in His Word, and He was in His Son, and He is in His people.” [Show Us The Father And It'll Satisfy Us, Connersville IN, 53-0610]
“Times may be hard. God has not promised a flower bed of ease, but He's promised grace sufficient for every trial that can hit you. That's right. Yes indeed, grace is sufficient. Not he's on a flower, flower bed of ease, but He's promised grace to overcome in every temptation. When a cross gets heavy, Christ promised to be with you. Yes, sir. Some glorious day, when it's all over, we'll meet Him in peace. God, grant that every one of you will receive the same thing. [Acts Of The Holy Spirit, Jeffersonville In, 54-1219e]
“That's the reason God can't get them still. When God wants to do anything, He wants you to keep still. Stand still; believe His promise. Stay right with it. Don't be carried about by everything; stand still and watch Him. Oh, what a wonderful thing. Joshua, standing, calling to God, and the sun stood still while he went out to win the battle. And he did it. The sun, nature, had to hold its peace and watch God perform His work. Certainly it does. When they went around Jericho, they marched around the wall several days in full armor, sounding their trumpets and things. But one day when they stopped and let out the blast and stood still, God shook the walls down in front of them. Certainly. They'd marched several days around it, the tramp, tramp, tramp wouldn't do no good. But when they stopped and sounded the blast, then God shook the walls down.” [Stand Still, Saskatoon SK, 57-0518]
“But watch what kind of a miracle this Angel did that stayed with Abraham. He had His back turned. And told Abraham his name had been changed; called him "Abraham" instead of Abram. He could not have the baby till his name was changed, neither Sarah. He told them what their name was. The Angel told them that. And He said that He was going to visit Sarah according to the time of life. 128    And Sarah laughed about it. And when Sarah laughed... The Man with His back turned, the Man eating flesh of the calf, and drinking the milk from the cow, and eating bread; a Man, dust on His clothes, a traveler, was God Himself. And Abraham recognized it because He knew the thoughts that was in Sarah's heart behind Him. Said, "Why did Sarah say within herself, 'How can these things be?' Is anything too hard for God?" See? And Sarah run out and denied it. He said, "Yes, but you did." Now, He'd have took Sarah's life right there, for her to disbelieve, but, see, she is a part of Abraham. And our unbelief in His great manifestation in this hour; we're a part of Christ.” [The Presence Of God Unrecognized, Topeka KS, 64-0618]
“Remember, God tries His people who believes His Word. Where God is, there is always paradox, 'cause He does things that's incredible to the human thinking. Did you know that? We all know that. Incredible to the human thinking! And He tries those humans that are predicting this paradox. He gives them trials. Never does He omit or change His way. God never changes His system. Do you know that, brethren? Sure, you do. He never changes His system. He always keeps it going in continuity, the way He started. He never dealt with a world, only under preaching, with one man, Noah. He never had four to go down and deliver them, or an organization, in the days of Moses. He never had two on the earth at the same time. Each one of us different from one another, our features, our make-up. All He needs is one person that He can get in control; that's His example. He did it by Moses. He did it always. When Elijah and Elisha was on earth, they both couldn't stay the same time. One was taken, the other one got his mantle upon him.”[Paradox, Bakersfield CA, 64-0206B]
Be in prayer, be sincere, have faith and believe, and God will perform these things. But you must come reverent with spiritual faith in your heart, or God can't do nothing for you. The more humbler you get, and the less you know about the things of the world, the better off you are in the sight of God. The greatest success I ever had was amongst people who hardly could read or write. But now, I'm not trying to support my ignorance or prejudices. But I'll say: The biggest hindrance that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has ever had, has been this modern day education. That's exactly right. Even in the ministry, they've explained everything out of the Bible; the Blood, the days of the miracles, the powers, it's all explained out. And dear friends, don't you know that worldly wisdom is the thing that destroys the world? In the garden of Eden, there were two trees. One of them was the Tree of Life. When man eat from that tree, he'd lived forever. And the other was the tree of knowledge, which was the tree of death, which was the tree of sickness.” [The Pool Of Bethesda, Cleveland OH, 50-0811]  
How David could take that slingshot and knock down a lion! I've hunted lion. My! Set up on a hill here, one day, and, I guess, half a mile away... You've heard them growl around, in these circuses. But you ought to hear a wild one roar once, rocks roll down off the hill where that fellow roared. 125    And to see that ferocious animal like that, and this little boy, little stoop-shoulder, ruddy fellow, goes and kills that lion, with a slingshot. That's a paradox. 126    It was a paradox when a man, with fourteen-inch fingers, by the name of Goliath, a warrior from his youth, covered over with an armor; how that God took this same little slingshot and brought down that--that giant, because that he was protesting the armies of God. It was a paradox. And when we take our stand, today, when man say these things can't happen, don't be fussing with them. That's wrong. Don't fuss with them, but pick up the Sword. You look what's supposed to be this day, when God gave His promise for today. Pick This up and go, all the Goliaths will fall under It. It's a paradox. What God is doing today is a paradox. How He can, He, only God can do that.” [Paradox, Bakersfield CA, 64-0206B
“After he stopped Them, I can see him run in and grab Sarah by the hand and say, "Come aside, darling, just a moment. I want to tell you something. I believe we're getting our day of visitation right now." Out through the herd he went, and got a little calf, and dressed it, and brought it out, and fed the men. Two of them raised up their heads and went on to their appointed place to preach the Gospel to that country that was blinded by their preaching. How we ought to think today, that the preaching of the gospel blinds the unbeliever. No wonder they can't see: they're blinded. God says they have eyes, but can't see, ears but can't hear. God, if anything, I want Him to do for me, is open my spiritual eyes that I might recognize Him and look around and see Him, for He's everywhere. I want to see Him and be so acquainted with Him that I'll know Him on the very first sight. I'll recognize that It's God. That's my heart's desire, be as Abraham was. And remember, if we be dead in Christ, we are Abraham's seed. And Abraham recognized those Men as they come up as being Messengers of God. For the way he treated them, it proved that he knowed that They were God's Messengers.” [Is There Anything Too Hard For The Lord, Tulsa OK, 60-0328]
Our Bible Study Subject for May 2011:Is anything too hard for the LORD?
May the Lord open my spiritual eyes that I might recognize Him and look around and see Him, for He's everywhere. I want to see Him and be so acquainted with Him that I'll know Him on the very first sight.
Bro. Robert Wilson
LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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