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January 2011 Newsletter - Questions & Answers

Featured Questions & Answers

Does God condemn drinking?


“There will be one day you'll call on Him! You might not have no room for Him in your house. You're too busy, watching television, playing cards, drinking beer, attending rock-and-roll parties. But there's one time you are going to call on Him.” [The Handwriting On The Wall, Chicago, IL 58-0108]

“We want to be modern. You could turn on your television, and you find some woman smoking a cigarette, said, "Be modern, use Certain-certain cigarette." The next place is drinking beer, and saying, "Be modern, drink So-and-so." [The Reaction To An Action, Chautauqua, OH 59-0810]

“Rightly discerning, rightly dividing... whiskey, alcohol's, why, they say that it's harmful. All over your television screen, all over every billboard, in your newspaper is a big cans of beer with lovely young women drinking it. They show you when they start. Look at them a little later from that. It fills their mind with poison toxin. Its increase of insanity is terrible. It causes immorality among the young. And even the churches today are preaching and practicing, many of them, "drink moderately." You know that's the truth. Telling their young folks at home and the parents, "Let your children drink. They're going to drink anyhow, so just teach them to drink moderately." The Bible condemns it. It's not right. God help a man with no more discernment than that, or a church. Can't discern the right from the wrong.” [Discerning The Body Of The Lord, Chautauqua, OH 59-0812]

“Then my mind changed, when I stood and looked at the sons and daughters of God, who were borned to be sons and daughters of God, walking around dressed immorally, smoking cigarettes, drinking. It's more pitiful to see a son of God, that was borned to be a son or a daughter of God, slaved by the world, than it is to see the eagle in the cage. The world has caged people up. Denominational barriers keeping them from the thing that God put them on earth to be: sons and daughters of God. And that's a pitiful sight, to see human being that's helpless, seemingly, bound by sin, and merely beating their brains out flopping around from beer parlor to beer parlor, from place to place, and from amusement to amusement, trying to find satisfaction, when God alone has the satisfaction that can satisfy them.” [As The Eagle Stirreth Up Her Nest, Chautauqua, OH 59-0815]

“These men here, Lord, O God, have mercy on them. Many of them still walking out in the things of the world, still desiring and enjoying the things of the world, sin, smoking, drinking, sociable drinks, a little beer on the side, or--or something like that, or would lust, and hang little pinup, filthy-dressed young women. And them bodies that they're looking at on the street, and they almost run over people to look at them (calling themselves Christians), and know that that form of that woman's body, in maybe in twenty-four hours, will be rottening yonder in the grave, and bugs and worms crawling through them shaped and formed vessels of her body; and her soul yonder in a devil's hell, for the way she lived. And yet she'd stick up her little painted lips and snicker and laugh at you.” [Hearing, Recognizing, Acting On The Word Of God Jeffersonville, IN 60-0221]

“I was in Germany sometime ago in a great meeting where the Lord was giving us around--around ten thousand souls a night. And I was so amazed one night when I come from the meeting, and--and down the street to a place where I was invited for a little luncheon, and it was the closing of the meeting, and all the Christians setting around, drinking beer. Well, America, Canada, and England is the only nations I know that refuses the Christians to drink. They don't get drunk; but we Americans... Then when... I didn't drink it. So after while there come a question around the table, "What was the matter," that I wasn't drinking my beer, "was it because it wasn't good?" [The Oncoming Storm, Phoenix, AZ 60-0229]

“I think it's a ridiculous shame when I see King's daughters wearing the kind of clothes that they wear in these days. When I see King's sons smoking cigarettes, and drinking whiskey, and a little drinks of beer, how that's not becoming as the son of the King of heaven.” [Thirsting For Life, Phoenix, AZ 60-0304]

“At the same time, two clergymen setting there with the collar pulled around the other way, and was drinking martinis and wine. And when they finished their dinner with a big pipe and my little four or five year-old boy said, "Daddy, is that God's servant?" A five-year old kid knowed different.” [The Door Inside The Door, Klamath Falls, OR 60-0711]

“The Anglican church, the same thing off of Calvin, when they had a revival it was fine. (Brother Simpson, packing it in his pocket now, from Canada.) The Anglican church now, they've gone in, the ministers and all of them, to drinking. They mix their beer, gin, and stuff together right in the church, have parties and drink. What is it? It can never go back to its original again because it's hybrid with the world. It's lost.” [Condemnation By Representation, Jeffersonville, IN 60-1113]

“Why should we refer, or refrain from this, and go to smoking for joy, drinking for joy. Those things only bring death. That... Our joy is the Lord. So I'm so happy to be enjoying that.” [It Wasn't So From The Beginning, Shreveport LA 60-1127m]

“When television is becoming rotten, and radio and newspaper, all the outlets of advertising, the thing just constantly cigarettes, tobaccos, and whiskey, and drinking, and immoral-dressed women, dirty jokes, and jokesters on the television programs, and America falling for it like a big...?... like King Nebuchadnezzar's house of--of frolic that night when there come a mad rush through there. And they had a--a big wine party and dance, and their television, if it would've been in that day, their jokesters got out there, and there come a handwriting on the wall.” [The Uncertain Sound, Jerffersonville, IN 60-1218]

Bible References: Ezekiel 44:21; Daniel 1:8, 16; Daniel 5:1-2, 4; 5:23

[Answers provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister/Editor, Lynden, Washington]
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