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November 2018 Newsletter Subject:And When The LORD Saw That He Turned Aside To See, God Called Unto Him

“And Moses said, I will now turn aside, and see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt. And when the LORD saw that he turned aside to see, God called unto him out of the midst of the bush, and said, Moses, Moses. And he said, Here am I.” [Exodus 3:3-4]
“Turn thou us unto thee, O LORD, and we shall be turned; renew our days as of old.” [Lamentations 5:21]
“People are not looking for the coming of the Lord, and yet atomic bombs hanging in hangars everywhere, and things that would destroy the world at once. But people has lost their vision of the Lord, because they have set times, that the Lord would come at a certain time. And they've done all these things, trying to do it within themselves. We must turn loose and let God do these things. How can we do those things without the Holy Spirit? And now, Moses had been a bitter failure, but out there now, we see his attention attracted to a burning bush. And he looks to the burning bush to find out what the trouble was. And walking close to it... Fire usually brings an attraction. Usually the Holy Spirit when It comes in a manner of fire, attracts the attention of people. And when Moses turned aside to consider this burning tree that would not burn up, God spoke to him a fresh vision by an Angel. Now, watch faith take a hold, right quick. The old things are passed away, but Moses now has a new vision. He has a revelation. He has an experience. He had met God. He had talked to God. Before that, he had not met God, he'd only read and knowed what his mother had told him by--by hearing what his mother had said or hearing what the pastor had said. But now, Moses has a personal experience. That's what the church needs tonight, is just stop studying so much theology, and get down to the altar, and pray until a personal experience burns down into the human heart, and burns out all the dullness, and gives a new vision.” [54-0724 A Personal Experience With God, Chicago IL] 
Now, God through all ages has had a way of manifesting Hisself to each and every generation through the ages. He... There at the day of the judgment there will not be one excuse for anybody at any time. The infinite God has manifested Himself to every generation in some outstanding peculiar way. And God in sundry times, in divers manners spake to the fathers by the prophets, in this last days through His Son, Christ Jesus. He's always made a way, and it's always been the supernatural that has attracted the attention of the foreordained believer and blinded the eyes of those who are ordained to damnation. That's exactly right. You cannot believe unless God calls you to believe. That's exactly right.” [58-0107 The Queen Of Sheba, Chicago IL]
Now we find out here, the burning bush was a sign. It was given to attract the attention of Moses. Now that's what God gives a sign for, is to attract the attention of the people. That's what a sign is for, is to attract attention. And we go down through the Scripture here, as we teach It now for a few minutes, and find out if that isn't so, that He gives these signs to attract attention. And then when He gets the attention of the people, then the Voice of the sign begins to speak. Jesus healed the sick, to attract attention, see, then when He begin to preach. See, they always, it attracts attention.”[64-0214 The Voice Of The Sign, Tulare CA]
“The burning bush was given to Moses, to attract the runaway prophet's attention, and he turned aside to see what it was. Then the sign gave a Voice. The sign itself gave a Voice. Now these voices and signs are to alert the people of God's Word, is just about ready to be vindicated. Always a sign is to attract the attentions, people. Now many of you Bible readers, and are--are thinking now of different passages in the Bible, and we're going to come to some of them, that, when a sign is given, it attracts the attention of the people, because God is getting ready to speak. He wants an audience. He wants somebody that's going to listen to what He is going to say. See? Now, always does that. His Word alerts them of the... The sign is an alert, to attract the attention of the people, that the Word is getting ready to speak.” [64-0214 The Voice Of The Sign, Tulare CA]
“I imagine the Lord seen poor, old Moses going crippling along there, with his long, white beard and hair. "Well, years ago, I had a vision, and I thought the Lord would surely deliver the children of Israel, but God's done turned his back on me now. I'm back over here battling it out. So I guess I'll just have to stay this way." And I imagine God said, "Poor fellow, I--I just had to do that to let you realize... But I'm going to show you now that I'm with you." So He just attracted his attention over there. He wanted to get an audience with--with Moses. You know, God sometime has to get you sick and in the hospital, where the doctor says you ain't going to live to get an audience with you. You'll call for it; don't you worry. You just wait till the doctor says... Oh, you say, "I don't believe in Divine healing, no such thing. That thing's nonsense." Let the doctor say all hopes is gone. God gets you--an audience with you. So don't worry. He has a way of doing things. He does it in His own way. Hallelujah.” [55-0122 This Great Servant Moses, Chicago IL]
“What was the attraction one day; an unusual thing happened back in the wilderness, and it was a bush that was on fire. And a runaway prophet was standing down in the wilderness. He never heard no voice, he never heard no sound, but he looked and seen an unusual thing up on top of the mountain. God was trying to attract his attention. Same is it today! God was getting ready to fulfill His Word, by His prophet Abraham, "Your seed shall sojourn four hundred years in a strange land. I'll bring them out with a mighty hand." And He was preparing a man for the job, as He was preparing an ark for a safety place for all who would believe. God put this bush on fire, and this sheepherder, Moses, said, "I will just turn aside to see what this strange thing means." And when He got Moses up to the bush, He spoke to him.” [65-0725E What Is The Attraction On The Mountain, Jeffersonville IN]
“"Lord, I now forsake all my earthly pride. I turn aside everything and give to Thee myself. I have nothing to give but myself, but if You can use me, O God, here I am. And use me, and from this day henceforth may the Holy Spirit lead me, and guide me, and make me a Christian." O God, may that be the prayer of many people here today.”[56-0401M The Mighty Conqueror, Jeffersonville IN]
Our Bible Study Subject for November 2018: And When The LORD Saw That He Turned Aside To See, God Called Unto Him
Bro. Robert Wilson
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