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March 2018 Newsletter Subject: Why Stand Ye Here All The Day Idle?

“And about the eleventh hour he went out, and found others standing idle, and saith unto them, Why stand ye here all the day idle?” [Matthew 20:6]
“And Joshua said unto the children of Israel, How long are ye slack to go to possess the land, which the LORD God of your fathers hath given you?” [Joshua 18:3]
“Then she saddled an ass, and said to her servant, Drive, and go forward; slack not thy riding for me, except I bid thee.” [II Kings 4:24]
You can't stay empty; empty is idleness. That's what's the matter with the converts today. As soon as you get converted, you start idling around. You ought to be over there on your knees, seeking God for the baptism of the Holy Ghost to be filled up. Then you've got a wall, His blessed Presence with you. And when the enemy comes in like the lion in the den that night with Daniel, the Light of God shines out, and he gets away from you; if the good man of the house hasn't got it garrisoned. Certainly.” [58-0128 The Oneness Of Unity, Waterloo IA]
"Oh, she said, "all will be well. Let everything alone." I like that. Something settled down in her heart, that if she ever got to Elisha, she would find out just exactly why the baby had died, 'cause she knew he was God's servant. So they saddled the mule. And I like this commission she gave to the servant. She said, "You go forward; don't you stop, or slack, or anything, until I bid you." I think this. The Church ought to have a commission like that. Go forward; don't you stop; just keep moving on. When this revival closes, start another one somewhere. Don't wait; don't wait around; just keep moving for God. Just keep moving on 'cause people are dying. Every day, somewhere over a maybe a hundred thousand people die every day in the world. I believe a hundred and twenty-five thousand it is, dies every day in the world. And about a hundred thousand of those died without knowing Christ. We ain't got no time to hang around. We got to go forward and don't slack a bit.” [55-0301 Elijah, Phoenix AZ
“"Speak and go forward." That's right. That's God's commission to His Church. We have no time to slack. They say, "The revival's over." It isn't over; go forward. "It's time that Pentecost is played out." It isn't. It's time for Pentecost to rise in the Name of Jesus Christ and go forward. There's no retreat. There's no staying on the same ground; let's move with the Spirit, or the Spirit will move on to somebody else and leave you standing. You follow It. "Do all that's in your heart, for God is with you." When Jesus came, the Bible said Peter said on the day of Pentecost, "Jesus of Nazareth, a Man approved of God among you (How?) by signs, miracles, and wonders, which He did in the midst of you all. For you all yourself is a witness to this." What was He? He was a sign working One, anointed. Another place it said, "Jesus of Nazareth, a Man approved of God among you." God's approval was upon Him. How did He approve Him? By signs, wonders.” [59-1004E Why Cry Speak, Clarksville IN]
"That's what's the matter with the Church today. God calls you. And He wants to give you gift after gift, and power after power, and grace after grace. But you organize yourself. "Then I can't go any farther, because the church won't let Me." See, there's no halting place in God, no place for denomination. There's no place for any certain standards. The thing of it is, is go forward. Speak God's Word and go forward. Just keep on going. Keep moving. God says it's right, it's right. You've got your commission. If you say, "Well, I went to my church, and they told me I oughtn't to went up to that tabernacle. I'm all confused now about whether I should have the Holy Ghost or not." The promise is yours. It's to you and to your children, and to them that's far off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call. What? Speak the Word of God. "God said so." Go forward. Watch the enemy scatter. Watch the Red Sea open. Have a conference. Go forward. Sure it'll open.” [59-1220M  Conference With God, Jeffersonville IN]
“Now if you'd go out here and say, "Mountain, move! I want to show you I can do it." It won't do it.  But if it's in the line of duty, when God has commanded you to do something! Like He said to Moses, "Why cry to Me? Speak to the children."  People today is crying all the time, "Lord, what next, what next?" Just speak and go forward! That's right. God has commissioned us to do something, let's do it. Don't stand around and think about it, say, "How can it happen? Well, this is that." Makes any difference; if God said do it, do it anyhow. He is still the God of miracles.” [63-0801 A Paradox, Chicago IL]
“Notice, yes, sir. The day that we're living, the hour, the time the Church ought to be going forward, instead of that, It's going backwards. That's right. You can't go... If you're not going forward, you are going backwards. God don't want His Church to go backwards or set still; He wants us to go forward, and don't slack at all. The Holy Spirit don't say, "Slack up there, wait a few years." He said, "Go forward constantly all the time. Move on." Where was she moving? To the man of God, moving up the mountain all the time.” [55-0301 Elijah, Phoenix AZ]
“And God had called such a man, and that man was Moses. But Moses, a great deal like us, every time it come a place till something had to be done, Moses called out, "O Lord, what must I do in this place?" Now, isn't that just like we do? God had blessed him and anointed him above his brethren, give him a message and a ministry that had not been on the earth since that day--until that day. And yet every time something taken place Moses run off to God with it. "Lord, what must I do? What must I do in this case?" God got kinda tired of it, I believe. Said, "Why you crying to Me? Speak to the people and go forward."” [59-1004E  Why Cry Speak, Clarksville IN]
“Now, listen. Now, these... were examples, to the intent that we should not lust after evil things as they also lusted. What was their lust? Now, listen, I want to get just a little bit farther, if you excuse me. Neither be ye idolaters... Oh, you say, "I thank God that I'm not an idolater." Wait just a minute. Let's examine it by the Word. Say, "I wouldn't worship an idol." That doesn't altogether mean you worship an idol. You just have to be idle, doing nothing. Go to church. Yeah, that's all right, go back home, do nothing about it. Brother, a real borned again man or woman can't stand still. There's something in them. They've got to testify. They got to do something. They are bound to do something. They can't hold their peace.”[57-0414 Corinthians Book Of Correction,  Jeffersonville IN
Our Bible Study Subject for March 2018: Why Stand Ye Here All The Day Idle?
Bro. Robert Wilson
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