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“I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus [Philippians 3:14]
“Who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began,” [II Timothy 1:9]
“Look unto Abraham your father, and unto Sarah that bare you: for I called him alone, and blessed him, and increased him.[Isaiah 51:2]
“And many of us, my friends, has missed the mark of the high calling in Christ, is because we didn't recognize. Many times, at the judgment bar, there'll be a disappointment, when you realize that that religion of Jesus Christ, it brings salvation and happiness and gladness. Which is called, as Paul said in the days of old, "In the way that's called heresy." Heresy is "crazy," you know. "In the way that's called heresy, so worship I the Lord God of our fathers; in the way that's called heresy." Many times you see people that's happy, and rejoicing, and full of the Spirit of God, where Divine healing and powers and wonders and miracles are performed. They say, "It's hypnotism." They say, "It's this, that, or the other." But if you'll only read the Bible, it's the Lord Jesus Christ. You just don't recognize Him. You just don't realize Who it is. I trust that before this day is gone, before this day is gone, that He will do something in your life, that you'll recognize Him, and the resurrection will spring forth in your heart, if it isn't already.” [53-0405S Go Tell My Disciples, Jeffersonville IN]
“But I said, "Did you know God put you here for some other purpose besides raise hogs to educate your children? God put you here to be sons and daughters of God, and if you fail to get that, you fail to receive the very purpose God put you on earth to be." That's right. No, matter how honest, how decent, how moral you might be, how good you might be, what a fine sociable fellow you might be; you still miss the calling unless you serve the Lord Jesus and become a son and daughter of God. No, matter how good a neighbor you might be, how good a anything you may be, that's all good and we appreciate that. But my brother, until you become a son of God, you fail to answer the purpose that God put you on the earth to be. That's right.”[56-0902 The Handwriting On The Wall, Jeffersonville IN]
“Not my opinion; but the Bible says that gifts and callings are without repentance. There's nothing you can do about it. You can't make yourself with blue eyes when you got brown. You're just what you are, by the grace of God. You can't even come to God without God calling you first. You can't seek God without God seeking you first and calling you. "No man can come to me, except My Father draws him." So God is seeking. “[54-0404E  God Has A Provided Way, Louisville KY]
“Now we find that Abraham had that place. And God, in the Old Testament, worked out types and shadows, to show what He was going to do. Now we find here that God spoke to him. And the great thing, after God called him... The call that God gave was a supernatural call. But, yet, it never staggered Abraham, no time. He always knowed it was God. That's a great thing. God's callings are supernatural; there is nothing natural. God takes the supernatural and works it out in the natural, but the callings of God are supernatural. The Bible said, "Gifts and callings are without repentance." See, it's foreordained by--by God.” [64-0402  Jehovah Jireh 1, Louisville MS]
If you're a good housewife, if God has blessed you as a housewife and made you loyal and true, sister, you just continue to be that. Don't get thinking, you, God called you to be a preacher, or--or a deacon, or something else. And--and you do the same, man. Wherever God has blessed you, there abide, 'cause that's where He has set you at. You do just what He tells you to do, and see where He blesses you.[64-0315 Influence, Beaumont TX]
“Daniel had burnt all the bridges behind him. He wasn't planning on going back any more. He wasn't watching his back trail; he was looking... Forsaking those things which were in the past, he pressed on to the mark of the high calling. That's what we should be doing. That's what the Church should be doing. And as I notice then, God permitted Satan to give him a test. And, oh, they tested them by the fire. They tested him also by the lions' den. And in every instance God brought them out more than victorious. "Many are the testings of the righteous: but God delivereth them out of them all." How marvelous that is. How we appreciate that, trials, tribulations, tests, all working for the good. After while God can see then, and He can put His trust in you, and then He will do great things for you.” [55-0109E Beginning And Ending Of The Gentile Dispensation, Jeffersonville IN]
“There's only one Life, one Eternal Spirit, one Eternal Life, and that's God. God, alone, is the Eternal. And then we, being His children, are part of Him, that is, the attributes of His thinking. And the thought is expressed and becomes a word. Then, each individual in here, that possesses this Eternal Life, was before the foundation of the world, in God's thinking. It's the only way it could be, 'cause you're a attribute. That's an expression of a thought, has become a Word; and a Word has taken Life, and it's Eternal. That's the reason we have Eternal Life. In the same principle that the great Son of God, the Redeemer; we become sons and daughters of God, through that same Spirit, by the same foreknowledge of God.” [65-0410, The Easter Seal,   Phoenix AZ]
“Now, notice, the greater works was to have the power in the church, not only to heal the sick by prayer, cast out devils by prayer, but to impart Eternal Life to believers. The Holy Ghost was coming and given into the hands of the church to impart life. Oh, that's what Calvary meant. It took stooped, degraded men and women and lifted them into a place to be sons and daughters of God to heal the sick and to impart Eternal Life. By giving the Holy Ghost to obedient believers, men who were once unbelievers be made believers and impart spiritual Eternal Life. What is Eternal Life? The Life that He lived, the Life that was in Him: impart that to others. Can a man do that? A Son of God can. Jesus said, "Whosoever sins you remit to them they are remitted. Whosoever sins you retain, to them they are retained." Now, here's where the Catholic church and many of the others made their big mistake. They go out and say, "I forgive your sins." That wasn't it. How did they get sins forgiven in the Bible? Peter answered that question on the day of Pentecost. They said, "What can we do to be saved? How can we get this that you all got?" He laid down the prescription. He told them what to do. He said, "Repent, every one of you towards God, and be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ." What for? "The remission of your sins." There's the greater works.” [60-0925 That Day On Calvary, Jeffersonville IN]
“We may go through lots of troubles and trials. Just remember, there's Someone Who knows, lights the way, makes it real. I do not know what's behind the curtain, but I know one thing; I'm pressing towards the mark of the high calling, every day trying to live for that great event that will take place someday when I shall see Him face to face and tell the story saved by grace. That's the day I live for. Leaving those things behind, which are, I want to press on, just keep going.” [59-0712 A Total Deliverance,  Jeffersonville IN]
Our Bible Study Subject for May 2016 : High Calling Of God In Christ Jesus
Bro. Robert Wilson
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