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December 2011 Newsletter - Subject of the Month

“Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven[Matthew 6:10]
“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” [Luke 2:14]
“Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” [Psalm 37:4]
“Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.” [Matthew 7:21]
“God permitted Israel to take a law, in Exodus the 19th chapter. When grace had already give them a prophet, Pillar of Fire, a sacrifice lamb, a delivering power, but they cried out for a Law. It wasn't God's will, but it was injected because man wanted it. And he was cursed by the very law that he wanted. It's best to have God's will. That's what He taught us. "Thy will be done. Thy Kingdom come. Thine will be done." We must submit ourselves to His will and His Word. Don't question It. Believe It. Don't try to find a way around It. Just take It the way It is. So many wants to go around, get some other way. And when you do, you find yourself going on, you find God blessing you, but you're working in His permissive will and not in His perfect, Divine will. He permits it, as I said, but He will not--He will not let it be His perfect will; but He'll make it work to honor and bless His perfect will. And childbearing, by sex, is one of that.” [Does God Change His Mind, Los Angeles CA 65-0427]
“We try to make God like a--like an errand boy, "Lord, You do this for me! And You do this for me! And You go do that," tell Him what to do.  Jesus said, "When you pray, pray like this manner, 'Our Father Who Art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thine will be done.'" Who, find where we do that? We're always wanting God to run errands for us, or do something for us. But when we're willing to say, "Thy will be done," commit ourselves to Him, commit our ways to Him. All that we are, commit it to Him. That's when God will move, when you're willing to let Him work on you, not you work on Him. Let Him tell you, not you tell Him and twist it around. [The World Is Again Falling Apart, Shreveport LA, 63-1127]
“Now, you see, from as I said last night, any move from that original plan of God throws the whole thing out of cater. We can't move from that original Word. It's got... We talked on it last evening, or evening before last, rather, on Balaam. He got God's answer, straight and clear, "Don't go!" But He has a permissive will. And you can work in that if you wish to, and God will make it honoring, but still it's not God's perfect will. And that's what we should strive for, His perfect will, not His permissive will. The Kingdom of God, which is in the earth today, can never be set up, justly, on a permissive will. It's got to come back to His perfect will.” [The Seed Shall Not Be Heir With The Shuck, Los Angeles CA, 65-0429B
“Now, as I have done the work of an evangelist (And here's my plea.), if that is pleasing to God, and I've done the work all right, trusting that I've pleased Him, asking forgiveness for all my mistakes, then He may be calling me from the field of evangelism to be His prophet. Then if it is, I'll leave evangelism. But if He calls me to be a prophet, I cannot be an evangelist. If I'm to be evangelist, I cannot be a prophet. I'm mixing the two offices; that's where I've always fussed about. Standing on the platform... It's never been good, successful. God has used it, but I've never thought it was His direct will; it's been His permissive will. Stand on the platform, a vision or two will knock you out almost. See? And then if you tell this person how to straighten hisself up and what to do, and then the next person stands there, he's expecting the same thing, and you can't tell him 'less Something tells you to tell him. And then the other people feel like you're a traitor or a backslider or--or a--a demon or something because you don't tell them what they want to know. See, that's not the office, the way a prophet operates.” [Taking Sides With Jesus, Jeffersonville, IN, 62-0601]
“Notice here, God never changed His mind, His Word. But He is a good God, and He'll give you the desire of your heart, though it be against His will. You believe that? Look, God told Moses, "You go down there," this anointed prophet. Said, "Go down there and speak to that rock." It's already been smitten. Moses went down there in his anger, picked up the rod, and said, "You rebels, must we fetch you water out of this rock?" and smote the rock. The water didn't come. He smote it again; it come. It was against God's will. It broke every plan in the Bible; Christ had to be smitten second time. See? Christ was smitten once. It broke the whole plan. But He give him His permissive will. Then, after, he said, "See, we got the water for you. Yeah, I brought it for you, you bunch of rebels!" “[Does God Ever Change His Mind About His Word, Jeffersonville IN, 65-0418E]
“Therefore, all these things that had a beginning has to have an end. All sin has to come to annihilation. All sin has to be done away with. Therefore, in the great Millennium when the resurrection comes, we will not have to be reborn again by our fathers and mothers, but God like He did in the beginning will call man from the dust of the earth, and his helpmate with him. That's right. That's the way He did it at the beginning.  So therefore, God never changes His mind about anything, but He will permit you to go on. Now, this is a long ways around to get to what I want to say here about this. But, and, but, it's, you'll... I want you to understand it. See? God will permit you to do something, and even bless you in doing it, but still it isn't His perfect will. “[Does God Ever Change His Mind About His Word, Jeffersonville IN, 65-0418E]
“Now look. There is a perfect will of God, and there's a permissive will of God. And God permitted His prophet to go on, yet he... It wasn't His perfect will. It was His permissive will. And I feel this afternoon is the same thing on these--working these--this--for this miracle line. It is God's, maybe, permissive will, but it's not His perfect will. You are supposed to take my word, and if--if...” [The Children Of Israel, Phoenix AZ, 47-1123]
“Notice, it was his desire to curse them. The people that he classed as fanatics, he wanted to curse them. He wanted a position. He didn't want to fool with them, so he thought if he could do this little act for the king, then he would be promoted. God never changed His mind or His Word. But He will give you the desire of his heart, of your heart. He promised that. You know that? He promised to give you the desire of your heart. And let your desire be the Word of God. Let your desire be His will, never your own will. His will! You ask Him for something, He don't give it to you, say, "Thank You, Lord. You know what's good."[Does God Ever Change His Mind About His Word, Jeffersonville IN, 65-0418E]
 “O dear God, we don't want Your permissive will, Father. Let us walk in Your perfect will. Let us just--just not take a Word here and there, and make It to fit a dogma or a creed, or something. Let us take the Word as It is, believing the full Gospel, all that Jesus taught for us to do.[Does God Change His Mind, Los Angeles CA 65-0427]
Our Bible Study Subject for December 2011:Thy will be done in earth, as it is in Heaven
Our daily prayer should be to live God's perfect will, NOT His permissive. I don't want to live His permission, I want to live His divine will!
Bro. Robert Wilson
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