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Prayer Line 62-03
62-pl-03, Prayer Line 62-03, 58 min

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62-0123 - Full Gospel Church, Tempe, AZ (Paragraphs: 120 - 153)
L-121 Now, listen. It's true; don't come up here with sin hanging on your life. You'd better confess it out there to God. But if--if you have--if you've confessed your sins, come ahead. How many out there doesn't have a prayer card and you want Jesus to heal you? Raise your hand. How many would believe if Jesus Christ would do--if He... How many believes this?
Watch. I'm going to ask these ministers behind me. Brethren, is it true, as ministers of the Gospel we believe that the Bible, the New Testament, the book of Hebrews, says that He is a High Priest right now, a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities? Is that right, brethren? How many out there knows that the Bible says that? A High Priest. [Hebrews 4:15]
L-122 Well, if He's a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities... Now, how did He... If He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, then how did He act when somebody touched Him with the feeling of their infirmities? The little woman with the blood issue, who touched Him because she had a need to be touched, He turned, and looked around until He found her, and called her. Is that right? Is that right, brethren? Now, if He's the same High Priest, He will have to act in the same way, because He's--He is the High Priest. Is that right? Well, He will have to act the same way. [Hebrews 4:15], [Hebrews 13:8], [Luke 8:43-46]
L-123 Now, you don't need prayer cards. No, you don't need the prayer card. The only thing that you need is to have faith in God. You have faith and just believe with all your heart that Jesus Christ heals the sick and the afflicted, and He will certainly will do it.
Now, let's bow our heads just a moment for prayer. Now, again before anything is said or done... Now, I do not say that He will do it. I'm trusting that He will. But I believe, and I'm trusting that He will do it. Now, if He will do it, how many of you will believe? Raise up your hands. May He grant it is my prayer.
L-124 Heavenly Father, now I have said what Your Word said, forsaking all to follow You. Those who forsook all got to see You. And no matter what You would do, those who will not forsake sin and follow will never be able to understand. Those who do forsake sin, unbelief...
We know that sin is unbelief. No matter how holy we live, what all we do, if we still disbelieve, we are sinners. The Bible says, "He that believeth not is condemned already." So we know that we must believe every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. That should be our daily bread.
And I pray, Father, that (as I have quoted from the Scriptures tonight) Your promises for these last days, and what we would look for in these last days. If that has been right, Lord, then confirm these words with signs following. Grant it.
I commit myself to You, and the Word, and the people. I pray, Father, that You'll circumcise hearts out there to believe with all their heart, and especially these that's going to be in the prayer line. And then let the people see that the Messiah, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, is with us tonight. He's in the church, the elect church, the called-out, Abraham's seed by the royal promise. Grant it, in Jesus' Name. Amen. [Luke 8:22], [Matthew 19:21], [Mark 10:21], [John 3:18]
L-125 Now, now, let me just look a moment. Now, we're just going to take our time for just a few minutes just very few, about ten minutes. Do you love Him? Do you believe Him? Do you believe these things that I have read you out of the Word tonight is the truth? Do you believe Jesus did that when He was on the earth? Do you believe He promised it? Do you believe we're in the last days? Now, that's His promise. He must live it. "If ye abide in Me, My words abide in you, then ask what you will. It'll be done for you." Now, your motive and objective has to be right. You have to believe that with all your heart. [John 15:7]
L-126 Now, I don't believe that there's a person in the prayer line that I know. We're strangers. I'm a stranger, out there strangers. All of you that know that I know nothing about you, you that's in this little bitty prayer line here, raise up your hand, knows I know nothing about you. All right. All out there that knows that I don't know you, or know nothing about you, raise up your hand, just see. There you are. Then it's a hidden affair.
Here's ones with prayer cards; there's ones without prayer... The prayer card's nothing but a little card with a number on it. Just give you a number, the boy comes down and shuffles them up, and anybody wants a prayer card can have it. And he don't know. Nobody else knows where... Well, he wouldn't know if the cards all shuffled up from one place to another.
L-127 They never know who is going to be in the prayer line, 'cause we can't tell that. A lot of times we take them down there... When I first started out, we had a man down there selling prayer cards. Somebody said, "I'll give you five hundred dollars to put my wife in the line," See?
I put my own son... Then I said, "Son, to clear yourself with the people so they know that you wouldn't sell a prayer card, get up before them, mix the prayer cards up like this, then give them out to anybody that wants... And besides that, son, you'll never know where I'm going to call from till I get down there." How many's seen that in the meetings, time after time? Just every time I'll change, and go here, and there. And then besides that, where one is healed on the platform, there's a dozen called out there (See? That's right.), without prayer cards.
L-128 So it's infallibly the Lord Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever.
Will you forsake all to follow Him? Are you willing to forsake your unbelief to follow Him for healing? Forsake your--your worldly things to follow Him in holiness and move for Him? Do that now. I don't say that He will do it. If He does, then you'll know. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-129 This woman standing right here, this is a picture again, as I said last night, of St. John 4. Here's a man and a woman meets for the first time in life. And it was at a little bench... If you was ever over there in Samaria outside of Sychar there, there's the little well. There's a little panoramic, vines over the side of it like that. That's where the woman set, talked to Jesus. A man and woman met for the first time, and He told that woman what her trouble was. Her trouble was, she was sinful.
L-130 It might be her. She might be a sinner; she might be a hypocrite; she might be a saint. She might want healing for her body; she might want healing for somebody else. She might have finances. She... I don't know what she's here for. I just can't tell you. She's just standing there, a woman; that's all. That's the truth. We've never met.
But if the Lord Jesus will come here... Now, to heal her if she's sick, I can't do it. I can't do what God's already done. Now, the only thing... What if Jesus was standing here with this suit on? If she come up to Jesus and said, "Jesus, will You heal me?"
Why, He'd say, "My child, I've already done that. I was wounded for your transgressions. By My stripes you were healed." Is that right? It's a finished work.
You come say, "Jesus, will You save me? Will You save me?" That's not the question. He's already done it." Lord Jesus, I accept Your atonement. I'm a sinner." See? You were saved back there. You were healed back there. You just accepted it. [Isaiah 53:5]
L-131 By faith are you saved. By faith you accept your salvation. And anybody comes around and tells you they got healing power, and they can heal you, you be--you stay plumb clear of that, 'cause it's not... Healing power is in Christ already a finished work.
If a man tells you God has give him power to forgive your sins, and to do that, don't you believe it. They're already forgiven. Jesus standing here tonight... The only thing, it would declare that He was the Son of God. What if He was... What if now my hands was full of nail scars, and blood running out of them, and thorns across here? That still wouldn't make it Jesus. That would be my flesh. And we know that flesh is setting on the right hand of God, and when it comes, time will be no more. That's right. When Jesus descends, that's all of it. But He's here in the Spirit form, and then His life is in you and I, to give you faith and give me faith. [Ephesians 2:8]
L-132 Now, looky here. This--this microphone, if there wasn't a live voice here to speak into it, it would be a perfect mute. Is that right? Now, look--listen close, so you won't miss it now. This case, if God will do it, will settle it. Now, this microphone can no more speak than nothing, because it ain't got nothing to speak with. Is that right? Now, the only way that microphone can speak, is for something to speak into it.
Now, here I am. I don't know that woman, never seen her. That's my hands before God, and she raised her hands that we didn't know one another. I know nothing about her. But until something comes in here to speak what's wrong there, I'm a mute too, 'cause I don't know nothing. God knows that's right. See? It's got to be something do the speaking.
L-133 Now, you can take your choice. If you, like Philip, he said... or Nathanael, said, "Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. Thou art the--the King of Israel." See? Or you can be them saying it was Beelzebub. You see where they're at tonight? Wonder where Nathanael is tonight? Immortal. See? Take your choice. That's up to you. See? [John 1:49]
L-134 But now, I'm saying that, waiting to see if He will give me the anointing. If He doesn't give the anointing, then there's only one thing I can do, friends, is to apologize, that He hasn't met me tonight. And then we'll just lay hands on these sick people and pray for them, and ask the benediction, make the altar call, and go home. That's all we can do. That's all I know to do.
But if He does come, then I think each one of you that raised your hands that you wanted to see Christ, I think it's your duty just as soon as this is over, to come right down here and kneel down, and say, "Lord Jesus, I now surrender myself to You," because...
If I'm a liar... He will never vindicate a liar. He will have nothing to do with sin, God won't. But if I've told you the truth, then He's duty-bound by His Word to--to--to prove that it's the truth. God, grant it.
L-135 Now, just be reverent (See?), everywhere in the audience just be reverent. I might have to talk to you just a minute, lady, just something another. I do not feel the anointing upon me, and I--I don't know you, and so that's it. Now, only thing I want you to do, if I ask you anything, just say, "Yes," and "No," See? Now, the reason I'm doing this... Let's just take something, so that you.
L-136 We don't never want to leave the Scripture. Stay right in the Scripture. Then we know we're right. Now, for instance, Jesus... Now, He was down in another country, and He was on His road to Jericho, which was right straight down the mountain. But He had need go by Samaria, up this a-way. Now, the Father had sent Him up there.
Jesus said in the next chapter, the 5th chapter, when He healed a man that had a--some kind of a trouble... Thousands of people were laying there, multitudes of lame, blind, halt, withered, waiting for the moving of the water. And Jesus came by and He saw a man that had a retarded disease, maybe TB, or prostate trouble, or something. And He made him whole, because He knew he was there, He knew he was that way. Went on, left the rest of the multitude there, went on away. We know that's the truth. Is that right? They found... The Jews found Him, and questioned Him. [John 5:1-10]
L-137 They'd question Him again tonight. What is it? If He's got compassion and loves everybody, why did He leave that whole multitude of lame, blind, halt, withered, laying there? Just healed one man that wasn't very sick--wasn't going to kill him. He had it thirty-eight years. It--it was retarded. He could walk. Said, "When I'm going down to the pool, somebody beats me there," See? "Somebody steps in ahead of me." But He made that one man whole.
And when He was questioned, here's His Words. St. John 5:19: "Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing in Himself; but what He sees the Father doing, that doeth the Son likewise." [John 5:19]
L-138 So when He went up to Samaria. The Lord led Him up there. Now, the Lord led me, His servant, to Phoenix. He led me over here tonight. Now, here I am making these claims. Now, when Jesus went up to Samaria, the first thing He found was a woman come before Him. He talked to her till He found her condition. When He told her, quickly she recognized it to be either a prophet, or the promised Messiah. He said He was the Messiah. See?
So we know the prophets were in the days gone by. Today it's Christ. "God in sundry times and divers manners spake to the fathers by the prophets; in this last days through His Son, Christ Jesus," which is the Holy Spirit in us. [Hebrews 1:1]
L-139 Now, He's here. You recognize that. I want to ask you, as one Christian to another, just as soon as I looked over there you could tell something had happened--a real sweet, humble spirit. Is that right? Raise up your hand if that's true, so the people will see. See? Now, right now looking at the woman, if you could see her, see there? An amber light is moving around the woman.
Now, she moves from me. No, it's to somebody else. It's another woman. It's... You're praying for a woman, somebody else. It's your mother-in-law, and she's got a kidney condition. And--and she's only got one kidney, and you're afraid that it's cancer. And that's why you're here to ask me to pray for her. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. You believe? Go believe with all your heart, and they won't have to move it. Don't doubt. Take that little thing you got in your hand, place on her.
You believe with all your heart?
L-140 How do you do? We are strangers also, to one another, our first time meeting. And if God through His Son, Jesus Christ, has sent His Spirit... Jesus said, "Wherever two or three are gathered in My Name, I'll be in their midst." That's His promise, isn't it? Now, He cannot go back on His promise. The only thing that we're so dull in faith till we fail to see Him. That's the reason God sends prophets to the earth.
See, people won't read their Bible. And they--they don't... They just go... So God always sends them a sign, and usually a prophet is a sign. See? And today, the Holy Ghost is our sign, 'cause He's God's prophet moving through us. He's God's prophet, a sign of the last days. [Matthew 18:20]
L-141 Now, not knowing you, and knowing nothing of you... But if the Lord Jesus Christ, which I just said out of the Bible, would speak through me and tell me what you're standing there for, would it make you believe? Would it make the audience believe? Now, the Father's with me, I know. You're suffering with a nervous condition. That is right. If that's right, raise up your hand.
Now, somebody out there thought that I guessed that. And you can't hide it now, brother. It's coming in here. See? I got that. Don't you believe that. Don't you never believe that. That's sin; that's unbelief. God will condemn you for it. You'll answer at the day of judgment. I should call that, but usually I get in trouble.
L-142 I don't know what He told you. Just a moment now. There it is, a shadow. It's nervousness, weakness. Get weak by it, all upset--had it for a long time. You got some more trouble too. You got somebody you're praying for, your husband, in the hospital with a stomach trouble, and had an operation. Mrs. Goode, you go home, believe with all your heart, and put that on him, and he will get well. God bless you.
Does He know you? See? Sure, He does. I seen that. Don't you realize that the same Jesus that walked in Galilee is that same Jesus here tonight? Can't you realize that? Now, I don't know nothing about... I think that was the woman was prayed for just there. Is that right? Any of you people ever knowed that woman? Anybody knows that woman, raise up your hand. Was those things correct? Wave your hands, if it is. There it is. That's fine.
L-143 Come. Speak English? That's all right. Indian? I have a respect for you: a real American. I don't think... Me, just as one man, I can't make a decision. I can only make my one decision. I do think that you don't get the right deal. You know I don't. I think instead of sending millions, and billions of dollars overseas, they should take care of you people. That's right. That's exactly right. My heart always went for you. I was up on the reservation in San Carlos not long ago. How the Holy Ghost moved in there, healed them poor people.
L-144 I'm a stranger to you, sir. I don't know you. I've never seen you in my life. We're total strangers. That's right. We're two nationalities: I'm an Anglo-Saxon; you an Indian. I have a little of the blood in me from my mother. My grandmother was a Cherokee. I'm proud of it. But as my brother, I'd do nothing to harm you. I would only help you.
The Indian tribe used to be... If they had one among them that could predict, and show where the game was, he become a prophet among them. And they were... But if he predicted something that wasn't right, he had to die for it. He should've. That's right. They had no slip-ups with them.
L-145 If God is God... The nation might've give you a bad deal, but God will never give you one. He sent His Son for you. I just seen what's happened. You've just come from the hospital. You come here to be prayed for.
You got a stomach trouble, and up for an operation. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. Come here. Heavenly Father, I condemn this stomach trouble. Satan, you've hid from the doctor, but you'll never hide from God. Come out of him, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Don't worry about it. Go on. You'll be all right.
L-146 You believe? How do you do? This little lady setting right here praying, just behind this young woman setting in front, with a bladder trouble, you believe the Lord Jesus is going to heal you, lady? That's it. Tell me Who she touched. She's twenty feet from me. She touched the High Priest, (That's right.) that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities. Do you believe that?
You believe, lady? You believe God can tell me what your trouble is? It isn't you that's got trouble. It's your sister. She's got cancer. That's right. Don't... Believe; don't doubt. Take the handkerchief you got for her and place it on her. Believe with all your heart. She'll come out of it, if you'll believe with all your heart. Go on down the...?... Have faith. Do you believe it with all your heart? [Hebrews 4:14-15]
L-147 It's left the platform. It's in the audience. It's a little thin woman setting right back here that's got TB, setting back there praying. You believe God will make you well? You do? The little lady looking right straight through--way back at the back... Raise up your hand, back there, lady, right behind that man that's turning around. Believe with all your heart. Yes, little bobbed-haired woman. All right. That's it. Believe it, and it's over. What did she touch way back there in the back? I challenge you to believe it.
L-148 What about you, lady? Do you believe that back trouble left you since you've been standing here? Well, then, just go ahead. That's all you have to do. Just believe with all your heart. You had the same thing. So if you just believe it, just keep on marching on, saying, "Thank You, Lord. Make it well." Believe with all your heart.
You're afraid you're going to be crippled up with arthritis, aren't you? So if you believe with all your heart, go believe with all your heart and get well. That's all you have to do, is believe. You believe?
L-149 How about some of you people out there? Are you in faith believing? What if I told you Jesus healed you standing there, would you believe it? Just start walking on, believing with all your heart.
You want to go home, eat your supper? Believe that old nervous stomach's left you? Go ahead and eat what you want to. Believe. Do you believe?
What about that woman setting over there praying for that little--that child that's got a blood condition? You believe God will heal the child? All right, you can have it. That struck that lady...?... right next to you there. She's setting there praying for a nervous condition (That's right), next to you. Also, you got a brother that's got a mental condition. That's right. You got a mother that's got a bad eye. If you believe with all your heart, God will make them well. Amen.
L-150 You believe Him? What about you, over here in the wheelchair? Do you believe? That's your son, setting there that just said that then. That's your son. You got cancer on your face. You're hard hearing. You're seeking the baptism of the Holy Ghost. That's right. If you believe it with all your heart... You believe it for him, son? You believe it with all your heart? Tell him in his ear, lay your hand upon him, and let him receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost.
Do you believe Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever? Do you believe the Messiah, the great Messiah of God, moves among His people? Are you willing to forsake all and follow Him? If you are, raise up your hands to Him and say, "I'll follow Him. I'll follow Him. I'll believe Him. Every word that He says, I'll believe Him. I'll straighten my life. I'll work for Him. God be merciful." God bless you. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-151 How many believers are in here now? Raise up your hand. How many wants to get close to Him? Raise up your hand. All that wants to get close to Him and you accept Him right now... He's right here. This is His Presence.
That man back there with prostate trouble, it's over, brother. God healed you just then. Why, it's just going everywhere like that. There's a Light circling all around over the building. Anything can happen right now. We could have another Pentecost, if you'll just believe it.
L-152 Stand up on your feet, every one of you. Raise up your hands to God; give Him praise. Thank You, Lord Jesus. We worship You, Father, because that You are our Saviour and our God. You are here. You've vindicated the Word. You've proved it to be so. You're God, the Messiah, the same yesterday, today, and forever. Without a failure, without a doubt, You're the same Lord Jesus. Praise be to His holy Name.
L-153 Do you love Him? Say, "Amen." How many of you is believers now? Raise your hands. Now, Jesus said this Hisself: "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." I'm not the only one that's got the Holy Ghost. You've got it too. You are a believer, just the same as I'm a believer. Now, forsake all your doubts. Lay your hand over on somebody and believe that God's going to heal that person according to His Word. If He will keep this kind...
You lay your hand on somebody; go to praying for them. Say, "Lord, heal that person." Pray, and see what happens. You are a believer.
Almighty God, in the Name of Jesus Christ we've defeated the devil. We've rebuked him, and tore his power away from him. By the stripes of the Lord Jesus Christ we are made well. [Mark 16:17]

62-0124 - Assembly Of God, Phoenix, AZ (Paragraphs: 133 - 158)
L-134 All right. How many in the building now that does not have a prayer card and yet you want the Lord Jesus to make you well? Raise up your hands. Everywhere in here that's not going to be in the prayer line, raise up your hands who's sick. It's just all over the building. You could... Now, look, while they're getting the--the people's getting their places, I want you to do this. I want you to say like this now. Now remember, if--if that--if that isn't the Word of God, then I don't know it. That's--that's a promise.
L-135 Now, if Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, now, He's got to act the same as He did. He's got to be the way in every principle, only a corporal body. 'Cause His corporal body is still a Sacrifice on the throne of God. And He sets there and His--His bloody garment is the--the propitiation for our sins. He, Himself, is acting as a High Priest to make intercessions upon what we confess that He has done. See? Now, it's not by feeling; it's by faith. See? You could just beat, and cry, and everything else, it'll never work. It ain't... Jesus never did say, "Did you feel it?" He said, "Did you believe it?" See? "Did you believe it?" [Hebrews 13:8], [John 9:35], [John 16:31]
L-136 You've got to believe it, because (See?), He... You can't make the Word contradict Itself. It's got to run perfect, just like them blocks and things. See? It's got to run perfect. One dovetailing with the other and you lap them over. See? You can't do it. So Christ is perfect. So His Word's perfect. Now, He is a High Priest to make intercession upon our confession. We confess of anything that He did for us, He's there before the Father to make it right.
Look, if Jonah, in the belly of the whale, with his hands and feet tied, with all the seaweeds around his neck, the vomit of the whale, maybe forty fathoms deep in the water on a stormy sea, running from God, could turn over in that whale's belly and look at all that symptoms he had around him, and knowed his conditions, and still said they were lying vanities... "Once more will I look towards Your holy temple." And God kept him alive for three days and nights in that whale's belly. Do you believe that to be the truth? The Bible first says it, and Jesus said it was so. [Hebrews 4:15], [Matthew 12:40], [Psalms 5:7]
L-137 Now, watch, Jonah... Jesus said over there in the Scriptures that a wicked and an adulterous generation will seek after a sign. Is that right? And they would see a sign, the sign of Jonah. "As Jonah was in the belly of the whale for three days and three nights, so the Son of man will be in the heart of the earth for three days and three nights." Then Jonah came out of the belly of the whale. Is that right?
Now, is this a wicked and an adulterous generation? both physically and spiritual? spiritual adultery? physical adultery? "... wicked, adulterous generation will receive a sign." What was it? What sign was it then? "As Jonah was in the belly of the whale, rose up, so must the Son of man be in the belly of the earth, heart of the earth, and raise up." Then the sign that this wicked and adulterous generation would get, would be the sign of the resurrection. Is that right? Sign of the resurrection... Now, what would it be then? It would be Christ raised from the dead, and after two thousand years yet alive working with His people, same yesterday, today, and forever. Is that right? [Matthew 12:39-40]
L-138 Now, how many of these sick people... How many people in the prayer line knows that I don't know nothing about you? Raise up your hand, you that's in the prayer line, knows that I don't know you, or know anything about you. How many in the audience knows that I don't know nothing about you or anything? See? I don't know any of you... Not in this prayer line, I'll say first, out there.
Now, there's some people there that I do know. I know this... these... this... about from that--that--from that little red-headed girl there along this way, I know that row there. Brother and Sister Dauch. Them two behind them, I know them. Two behind them, I know them. Right here, in this row, right here. One, two, three, four back, I know them. Now, I believe, if I'm not mistaken, if that isn't Brother and Sister Outlaw setting right back here, from the Jesus' Name church. And Brother and Sister Sothmann, the deacon from my church in Jeffersonville, or trustee, rather, on the board.
L-139 Now, I am... I don't know; I believe right here in this corner, setting right here, this young man and woman, I believe that's Brother Norman's brother-in-law. I forget what his name is. That's right. Outside of that, I don't know. Brother Williams and Brother Rose, and just met this brother here. And outside of that, I don't know anyone. I believe you're Sister Ungren, aren't you? Downing, Downing, that's right, from Memphis. All right. I... Now, outside of that, and my son (I don't even see him now, so, ever-where he's at), that's all that I know of.
L-140 Now, which is the first lady in line? You right there? Oh, right here? You're the first lady. All right. Would you just stand up here a moment? Now, here stands a woman that I never seen in my life. Now, if I was to say, "Here sits a man setting here in a wheelchair. He's holding his arm. It looks like it's been paralyzed or something. See? I don't know what it is, but it's crippled." If I'd say, "That man's crippled" anybody can see that. See? But here's a woman looks healthy and strong. Now, where's her trouble? There's where your miracle comes. You see? That's it (See?), something.
L-141 Now, if--if... Well, I--if I'd see some person was all drawed in, their chest all sunk in, coughing, now I could say that was TB. That'd be a guess. See? That person might say, "Oh, no. I have not TB." See? And it might be proven that they haven't TB. See? You can't tell. But when God says anything, it's right. It's always right. It's always right.
Now, this woman might just be putting on. She might just be saying something. She might not even be sick, might there be nothing the matter with her. I--I don't know that. I can't say. If she's just standing there, don't worry, it'll be called out in a few minutes. You see? She'll know. She'll find out. How many's ever been in meetings and seen that done? Oh, mercy. I've seen over two or three hundred die over it.
L-142 I know a man tonight setting paralyzed, been that way for several years. When I was up there at Zion City, when that man setting back there, trying to hypnotize me before those people... And I just kept trying to run a prayer line, and he kept setting there. He'd go to the army camps, you know. He'd--he'd make the boys, hypnotize them, make them bark like dogs, you know, and act like that. I kept feeling that funny spirit. And they'd--they'd had him come in there, a familiar church.
The night before there there'd been a--a man come which belonged to a certain denomination. He come up there, and he'd wrote on his prayer card, "I have TB, so-and-so," and all like that. He thought it was a telepathy. So they handed the prayer card to the usher as he come up on the platform. The man come up there and I said, "There's nothing wrong with you."
He said, "Oh, yes, there is; look on my prayer card."
I said, "I don't care what the prayer card says. There's nothing wrong with you."
He said, "Well, look, I've got TB, and so-and-so," like that. "Look on that prayer card."
I said, "I don't look on that prayer card. I look towards heaven." See?
L-143 And he said, "Well, that's what's the matter with me."
I said, "Well, maybe... You might've had it down there. If you have, you haven't got it now, because you--it just isn't there. And he said... I said, "You might've got healed down there."
He said, "Uh, huh. That's what you think. I got healed down there."
I thought, "What's the matter with this man?" I turned and looked again. There was a vision broke before him. I said, "You deceiver. You belong to a certain church. Last night you set with that man right up there with a red suit on--with a red tie and black suit. And that's his wife setting right over on this corner, and your wife. And you set by a table that had a green cloth around it, and you made up that you was coming here to do that to prove that this was a mental telepathy." I said, "The things that you got on your card is upon you." He died about six weeks after that. Don't you never do that.
L-144 This man, a few weeks after that--a few nights after that, was setting there trying to hypnotize me, like that. And I kept feeling that odd spirit. I said, "Please, everybody keep your head down; be reverent." You've heard me say that many times. I'm watching a spirit. You see? And then he kept doing that, and doing that, and directly he turned around like that. I said, "Why has the devil put in your heart to do this?" I said, "You walked in, but they'll pack you out." And they did. That's exactly right.
He's still paralyzed. That's right. He just got up. He was stiff; he couldn't hardly move. And he's wrote letter after letter, calling, "Come." I can't do a thing about it. That's his own sin. He has to make that right with God. There ain't a thing... I wouldn't put my hand on it for nothing. See?
L-145 How about that man in Phoenix down here, when was first here that time? Remember over here in the place, that--that wouldn't put his head down? And they pulled me over him a dozen times in California, setting over there, beard all over (Official here in the city), beard all over his face, like that, setting there going, "Ugh, ugh," like that, no mind at all. A evil spirit was cast out of one and went into him. That's right. Right here in Phoenix, my first trip. Right. See, you just have to be careful, now.
We're not playing church. It's just like it was in the days of Gideon. Time of playing church is over. We got to get ready to meet God. Yes, sir. Going around, sign your name on a ticket, and join a church, that's all out. Remember these things will go from one to another. Certainly will.
L-146 The woman I know not. I've never seen her in my life, as far as I know. She--she's sick, I know nothing about it. If she's wanting prayer for somebody else, I know nothing about it. It's up--up to God to say so. But if He will say so, let her be the judge whether it's right or not.
Will you believe, then, that the coming of Christ is near, and that same Holy Spirit, that same God that was down there at Sodom, is the same God Who's appearing back here in men and women tonight? You believe that, the...?... Believe it; believe it.
L-147 Now, I want her to look the way she's looking, so you won't see, think I was reading... anybody... People say I read the people's mind. Oh, for... Anybody that even knows the first thing of that, knows that that's purely... Why, telepathy is you guess a number and let me guess at it too. See? And there--there's no such a thing as that. My. God's not no telepathy. They called Jesus Beelzebub because He did it, and said He was a fortuneteller, a devil. He said, "I forgive you for it. But someday the Holy Ghost is coming to do the same thing. One word against It will never be forgiven in this world nor the world to come." So you see where it puts us at? You understand that, don't you, sister? All of us do. [Matthew 12:24, 32], [Luke 11:15]
L-148 Now, I don't say that He will do it; I trust that He will, 'cause I don't know you, and you don't know me, and here we stand here tonight. And if I had power... If you're sick and I had power to heal you, I'd do it. If I told you, I'd lie. The only thing that I can do is tell you that the Word says that by His stripes you were healed. That's right. You were healed.
I can tell you now, the woman's not a sinner. She's a Christian. Yeah. She's got a fine vibration in her spirit. See? She--she's a Christian, and she's suffering with arthritis. That's right, isn't it? Yes, sir. And that operation was a gallbladder operation. Then when you had that, you was a little afraid that that operation had something to do with this, and you've been all troubled up ever since. You've got a lot of complications now. That is right. Now, do you believe that God's going to heal you and make you well? Just walk right off the platform and say, "Thank You, Lord." Amen. [Isaiah 53:5]
L-149 How do you do, lady? We don't know each other, God knows us both. But if God will tell me what's your trouble, will you believe me to be His servant? It's not for you; it's for somebody else: your niece. Go believe. You believe with all your heart? Just have faith; don't doubt.
Come now. Now, it's started in the audience. Now, your faith's beginning to lift up. You see, you can feel it. You just--just something goes to pulling. You see? Everything... I look out there and just look like the room begins to turn like a amber light, you know, just looking around.
Now, you say, "Brother Branham, that wouldn't affect you like that?" If one little woman touched the hem of Jesus' garment and made the Son of God get weak, what would it do to me, a sinner saved by His grace? Just have faith. [Matthew 9:2], [Luke 8:44]
L-150 We are strangers to each other. I do not know you. But if the Lord Jesus will reveal to me what's your trouble, will you believe me to be His servant? And you believe that what I've said is a confirmation of what God has promised? You do that? All right. Your trouble's in your side. That's right. You've had an operation: cancer. You're all run down. That is right. You wonder what's wrong. But you're going to be well now. Well, God bless you. Now, if He can tell you what has been... Was that true? Well, if He can tell you what has been is true, then what He says in the future's true.
L-151 How do you do? How do you do? We're strangers to each other. I don't know you. Is it for the boy? All right. Just a moment. Now, just be real reverent and believe with all your heart that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and He will bring the rest of it to pass, if you can just believe Him.
You wiped your eyes then, sister, praying. But the intestinal trouble has left you. Just believe now with all your heart. Have faith. Feel different already, don't you? If that's right, raise up your hand so the people can see.
I want to ask you, who did the woman touch? She never touched me; she's too far away. See? But she touched the High Priest, touched the High Priest. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-152 You're concerned about the boy. Kind of kidney, bladder... Has your husband prayed for him yet? He should, being a minister. He will be all right. Don't worry. Isn't Jesus the same yesterday, today, and forever?
You see that Light hanging over the man there that's praying? Them headaches will leave you, and you'll be all right now. Don't doubt; have faith. It'll all leave. You was praying for Him to do that, wasn't you? That's right, saying, "Lord Jesus, have Brother Branham call me." All right. That's right? Raise up your hand. It's all gone.
L-153 That caused the man behind you to believe. That trouble in your feet will leave too, brother, if you... He can heal asthma too, can't He, make it well? All right. Just go believe Him with all your heart. Have... Don't doubt. Just believe with all your heart.
All right. You believe out there now? Don't doubt. There's an odd spirit moving in here. I trust that the Lord Jesus will make it right. All right. All right. Go ahead believing now, sister.
All right, little boy. For him? What say? Yes, go right ahead and it'll leave him. He will get all right, and be well. All right.
You believe, sister? The female trouble's going to be all right. Believe with all your heart. Have faith now.
Come, sister. You believe God heals heart trouble? He can heal yours too, can't He? So just go believing.
L-154 How do you do, sir? You want to go eat your supper? Go ahead and eat. God bless you. All's gone. Nervous stomach trouble's gone, it's all been gone. Just have faith; don't doubt. Believe with all your heart.
You're a great big stout-looking man, to be suffering with nervousness. But that's what it is. It's going to leave you now. Go believe with all your heart.
That man setting back there with that dark shadow over him, and that young boy setting right back there with epilepsy: do you believe, son, that God will make you well? You want to believe it? All right. Have faith in God and it'll leave you. Hallelujah. You believe? Amen.
L-155 Praying for a little boy... No, it's praying, that Mexican woman, praying for a son that's got cancer, unsaved. If you'll believe, God will take care of it. Have faith in God; don't doubt. Uh-huh.
Bursitis, you believe that God will take care of the bursitis, setting right in front of the woman there that had the bursitis, two of you setting together, believe with all your life--with all your heart and you can have what you got. Believe with all your heart.
That boy over there with epilepsy, you believe that God will take care of that, that little fellow setting on the inside of that boy setting there? Lay your hand upon him, sir, believe with all your heart. In the Name of Jesus Christ, come out of him, Satan. You can't hide. Satan can't hide nothing now.
L-156 The Presence of the Lord is here. Do you believe with all your heart? Is Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever? What is it? Believe. Act on His Word if you want to see the miracles. If God be with us where's His miracles? Here they are. Amen. God is with us. Amen. God is with us. Here's the sign that He's alive, the same thing He done before He died. He's arisen forevermore.
Now, do you--are you believers? Raise your hands. Oh, my. Lay your hands on one another. Don't pray for yourself; pray for the next person. Just go to praying. Just pray, "Lord God, heal this person," the other person... That it; believe now. [Hebrews 13:8], [Judges 6:13]
L-157 Oh, Lord God, Creator of heavens and earth, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ we ask that the power of God sweep through this building now like a rushing mighty wind and fill all this house, and fill this people with the Holy Spirit of power to believe that God still lives and reigns.
Satan, come out of this place. Come out of these people. I adjure thee, in the Name of the living God. Amen.
L-158 Let it take a hold. Let it soak in. Believe Him. How can He fail? He can't fail. If He can stand here on the platform and do that, how much more can He do for you.
"Brother Branham, how do you do that?" That's His Word. That's the Word itself being made manifest. The Word will make itself manifest in you if you'll believe it. Take away the clouds of doubt, the sun's a-shining. The S-o-n is a-shining. His power is here in the room to make every one of you well. Amen.
Do you believe it? All your heart? Then in the Name of Jesus Christ stand up and accept it in the Name of Jesus Christ. Raise up your hands and praise Him. Give Him praise. All right...?...

62-0128a - Ramada Inn, Phoenix, AZ (Paragraphs: 100 - 112)
L-101 Now, how many in here that's never been in one of my meetings? Let's see your hands up...?... Many of you. I'm a man just like any other man. But I believe in Jesus Christ, believe that He raised from the dead. I believe that He is God. He's God in us now in the form of the Holy Ghost. And He said, "The works that I do shall you also." Now, to talk about it is one thing, but for Him to do it is another. "If thou canst believe, all things are possible."
Now, I want you to raise your heads just a minute. How many sick people's in the building? Raise up your hands. How many people's got someone sick that you could pray for? Raise your hand: sinner, whatever it might be. [John 14:12]
L-102 Now, there's a little woman one time touched the border of Jesus' garment and was made completely whole. He passed by, and all the people were touching Him, and--and He said... This little woman slipped through, and touched Him, touched His garment. He turned around and told her... Said, "Somebody touched Me."
Everybody... Peter rebuked him. "Oh, You know a thing like that..." He said, "The whole crowd's touching You. How could You do... How'd You know who touched You? All of them's touching You. Who touched..."
But he said, "But I perceive that I--virtue's gone out. I got weak." And the little woman that touched Him... He looked around in the audience till He found her. And when He did, He told her what her trouble was, and her faith had healed her. [Mark 5:31]
L-103 You believe that same God lives? Would it help your faith if He'd come today and do the same thing? What about you businessmen? You believe? You believe it? Will you pray for me? I'm not sure of this, friends. I never had a meeting like this of--amongst the Business Men here. I'm trusting. Be alert. Pray.
Now, the Word--the Word... If I've told the truth, and if God vindicates that truth, He will show us signs and wonders. He will show it Biblely, just what the Bible says. It'll have to be that kind of a sign and a wonder. Do you believe that?
L-104 If He will at least... Two or three people out there in the audience that's sick, or needy, or something, if you'll just pray. Now, look. If you'll look to God and say, "Lord Jesus, Brother Branham don't know me, knows nothing about me. But he's made a declaration, and I've heard him explain it out of the Bible, that You still live. And I heard him praying that You'd show us something just like You did before You was crucified. Therefore we'll... The great Holy Spirit that we believe we have, it'll prove itself, that it's God." Is that right? Prove it among us.
Now, you pray, and just believe now, and say, "Lord..." Now, does the Bible say this, ministers? All you preachers that believe this, look. "Jesus Christ is a High Priest right now, setting at the right hand of the majesty of God (Is that right?), a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities." Is that right? How many knows that's New Testament doctrine--New Testament doctrine. All right. [Hebrews 4:15]
L-105 Then how would that High Priest act, if you touched Him? If He's the same, He'd act the same way, like that woman that touched Him. You say, "I'd have been there, I would've touched Him." You can touch Him right now. The Bible said so, and that's what I believe, is the Bible. You believe it, all your heart; don't doubt it. Anywhere in the building...
Now, be real reverent. Just as reverent... I don't say God will do it. I don't know. How many ever seen that picture of the Angel of the Lord? Oh, sure. We got it. See? I had that in the notes this afternoon, not time for it. [Hebrews 4:15]
L-106 Just be praying. Now, Lord, this is... If You desire it, Lord don't let me tempt You. Father, never do I want to be a tempter of God. But, Father God, if it will glorify You, then let the people know that I've told them the truth. Speak that I've told them the truth. Grant it, Lord. I spoke of You the best I knowed how, Your Word. That's the Word. I stayed right with it, Lord, regardless of where it went, how it... whatever, I stayed with the Word. Now, Father, I pray Thee, speak back that I've told the truth. Vindicate it, Father, in Jesus' Name.
L-107 Just keep praying, saying, "Lord Jesus, I believe that. I believe it." I don't know, friends. It'll be up to the Lord now. See? I can't feel it, somehow. And I'm--I'm just like this microphone, a perfect mute, without something speaks through me. But that's a gift, a way to relax myself in the Presence of God, that He will show me visions. I trust that He would do it when I got down on those paradox. But maybe He doesn't desire to do it. I--If it is, I can't help that...?... I just have to wait and see what He says.
Just real quietly, everybody praying. I'm just watching across the audience. [Someone speaks with tongues--Ed.]
Still small voice, keep reverent. All right. You can raise your head. He's here. Now, I challenge any unbeliever. Now speak or forever hold your peace. You just only believe that... Anything now, seek God, and see if God won't answer back that it's the truth. [Someone speaks in tongues and interprets--Ed.]
L-108 Be real reverent. I want you to turn your head. A little lady setting right over here, she's suffering with a bronchitis condition in her throat. She comes from Flagstaff. If you will believe with all your heart, you can have what you ask for. Do you believe it, sister? Rise up on your feet and accept your healing then.
Now, let me repeat her prayer. She was saying, "Lord, I'm suffering so. Let Brother Branham speak to me." Wave your hand if those things--if you was praying for--for me to call you at that time? When I called you, you was praying for that. Is that right? Wave your hand like this, if it's the truth. Are we strangers to one another? Wave your hand back again. I don't know you. If that's true, wave your hand back again. All right. What did she touch?
L-109 There's a lady setting right out here that's praying for a friend that's got cancer. You believe with all your heart? God will answer your prayer. See a person, a man, very, very sick. If you'll believe it with all your heart (I'm looking into a vision.), God bless you, you can have it. I don't know the woman, never seen her. If that's right... The lady setting right through here, I'm looking at her. There you are. Wasn't you setting there praying, "Lord Jesus, let this..."? God bless you.
Somebody pray. Here--here's a--a person setting right in here. Don't you see that Light? Right over the top of a little gray-headed woman setting right down here, yes, the lady that raised her hand. She has diabetes. She is not a native here. She's from a mountain country: Switzerland. There's a whole group of you there from Switzerland. That's right. Believe, and you can go back home and be well. You believe?
L-110 Back in here, you people, here--here sets a lady setting right here. I never seen her in my life. But she's suffering with a trouble with her throat, trouble with her eyes; she setting right here looking at me. She's a woman preacher. Stand up on your feet and accept it, lady. Be made well. I don't know the woman, never seen her in my life.
You try to hide your sin now. Here's a man. He's been passing his opinion of me. That's right, sir. Your profession is a teacher. And you have spiritual problems you're wondering about. If that's so, raise up your hand. They'll all be settled. You accept me as God's prophet. I'm telling you the truth. THUS SAITH THE LORD.
L-111 Do you believe? Here's a lady setting right back here. She's suffering with a condition on her breast. She's had three operations. She's missing it. Let... God help me. Miss Alexandra, receive your healing in the Name of the Lord Jesus. If that's your name, and that--we're strangers, stand on your feet. Stand up on your feet, if that's right. I never seen the woman in my life.
Do you believe it? If that isn't the same Jesus that once lived, I don't know; I'm a man. Do you believe? Receive Him.
Here. There's a woman setting right down here: don't know her, never seen her. She's a nurse, and she's praying for her patient. Patient's suffering with a mental disorder. We're strangers to one another, aren't we? If God will tell me who you are, will it help you? Will it help the audience? Here's my hand. I never seen the woman in my life. If we're strangers, raise your hands, lady. You're Mrs. Brandon. THUS SAITH THE LORD.
L-112 Do you believe, all of you? Is that a paradox? Why, He's still God. The Holy Ghost is all around here now. Do you believe it? Now, the words that I've said's true. God's confirmed it.
Now, do you believe God with all your heart? Then put your hands on one another. Start praying to get the baptism of the Holy Ghost. How could you be any closer to Jesus Christ than you are right now? Lay your hands over on one another and pray the way you do in your own church, that God will fill you with the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and you will see a paradox like you've never seen before. Believe it. God will show you a real paradox.
O, Lord God, hear this prayer of Your servant, and may the devil turn this audience loose right now, through the power and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Amen. [Acts 19:6], [Acts 8:17]

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