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Prayer Line 58-11
58-pl-11, Prayer Line 58-11, 71 min

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58-0510 - Pittsfield High School, Pittsfield, MA (Paragraphs: 64 - 87)
L-65 Now, just see if He remains the same. What a challenge. Do you... Friends, I'm sure you don't get that. Do you realize what that means? And look here, there's not a person in this building that I know, not a person, but Mr. Sweet, Mr. Vayle, Mr. Goad, setting right here, and my boy was here awhile ago, he's gone. All right. That's the only persons I know in this building, but God knows you all.
Now, is this the lady? Here is a picture of St. John 4, man and woman. I suppose this is our first time ever meeting? It is. Can you hear the lady, or see if she nods her head? Would you just raise your hand, so they'd see.
I do not know her; I've never seen her in my life. She's woman; I'm man. Here we are standing here for the first time of meeting. Now, if there's something wrong with her, I do not know; she might be a critic. She might be here just bluffing. If she is, watch what happens.
L-66 How many's ever been in meetings and seen what happened like that? My, my. Some of them drop over, paralyzed, go insane, and everything else. He still, it stays the same God, the book of Acts 19, just the same. The Lord will decide that. Let Him say it.
She may be a sinner; she may be a hypocrite; she might be a Christian; I don't know. But here... Something's got to happen. Let her be the judge.
If I said, "Lady, you're sick, I'm going to lay my hands on you; you're going to get well. She could doubt that; she's just got my word. But what if the Holy Spirit comes and tells her something that--that she--she knows that I don't know? Then she'd be the judge of that. Then if He knows what was, He will know what will be.
L-67 Now, this is for you people in the balconies; you're not too far away, never out of the reach of Christ. You just believe where you are setting. How many up there's sick, and wants Christ to heal you? Raise your hands, anywhere around? Just believe; just have faith.
Now, here we are just like St. John the 4th chapter, man and a woman meeting, begin to speak, and Jesus found what was the woman's trouble. He told her where her trouble was, and what her trouble was. And she said, "You must be a prophet. Now, we know the Messiah will do that."
He said, "I'm Him."
And she run into the city and said, "Come see a Man, Who's told me the things that I've done. Isn't this the Messiah?" [John 4:19, 25-29]
L-68 I said this last night, I say it again tonight, "That woman knowed more about God, than eighty percent of our American preachers." That's right. Though a prostitute, she recognized that. She knowed more about God than them priest, and rabbi's, and things did.
They said, "He's Beelzebub, a devil."
She said, "He's Messiah." Now, He done it. Now, who was right? [Mark 3:22], [John 4:29], [Matthew 10:25]
L-69 All right, lady, being that I been speaking tonight, a little, just to carry a conversation with you, till I get the... Knowing that the Holy Spirit is anointing. Now, if He will let me know what you're here for, and you know I don't know. Then you'll--you'll accept it then? All right then.
How many out there'll say, "I'll do the same"? Is there anyone out there, knows this woman? Yes, there's quite a few. Well, you know your--your in city then, you know all about it. Now, so we're just... You be the judge.
Now, sister, just to speak to you as a man. The only thing I... This is to be for... God don't have to do this, but He promised He'd do it. He didn't have to heal when He was here on earth, but He promised He'd do it. The prophet said, "He took out infirmities and bore our sickness." He had to fulfill that.
And if the Bible said, "He's the same yesterday, today, and forever." And that's the way He declared Himself to the ending of that generation; He's got to do the same today to fulfill the Scripture. [Hebrews 13:8], [Matthew 8:17]
L-70 So here we are at the end of the Gentile age. The woman is a Christian, and she's a believer. That's right. She's not so much standing here for herself, although she has a gland trouble, that makes her overweight. But there's something else on her heart, that she's desiring. And she's been praying much about this, that she's desiring, and that is about her husband. That's right. Is it... That's the truth? Now, do you believe. Now, you be the judge.
Now, I don't know now what I said. See? It's on the tape there, if you ever want it. They have it on the tape. See? What happened? It's a vision. You're somewhere else, maybe, years back, or maybe ahead, or whatever it is. You're somewhere in another world. You just yield yourself; it's a gift. Yield yourself to the Holy Spirit. What does that prove? That the same Holy Spirit that was in the early church, and in Christ, is here in this church, will live through His body, as He promised. That ought to make belief, faith just rise to a place, where everything would happen. But why is it? We're so dead in spirit.
L-71 Now, if you think it was just guessing, let's take our time on the woman, and talk to her a little. All right, lady, whatever He said was the truth. Now, I don't know what it was, there the... And you realize that standing before a man, me, wouldn't make you feel the way you're feeling now. You're a very nice person. And you're in perfect contact with Something, a real sweet humble feeling. That's the Holy Spirit.
See that Light? That Light is what's making you feel that way. I'm looking right at it. It's right around us.
L-72 Now, if Christ was here, wearing these clothes that He gave me, if you need the healing, He couldn't heal you. He's already did it, when He died at Calvary. He'd do something to prove that He was the Christ, then you believe in His vicarious suffering, His death, burial, and resurrection, know that He still lives, if He still lives after all those years, and remains the same in every way. Now, healing and salvation was purchased; it's already been done. You just have to believe it. So He'd just... Only thing He could do, would be manifest Himself, that He's here to declare that what He did there, is standing good tonight.
L-73 Yes, the woman begins to come into the vision again. Yes, it's a gland trouble. She's overweighted; anyone can see that, and it's a gland condition. Yes, I see a man appearing again; it's her husband, and he's got something wrong. It's in his legs. It's phlebitis, both of his legs. And here, that man is walking out of the will of God. He had a call to the ministry, and he's putting something else before that; he's doing other work and not fulfilling that call. And the reason he's doing that, is because you are a woman preacher yourself. And he--and he thinks that one preacher in the family might be enough, but he's wrong. He... You're not from the city; no, you're not. You're from a city... You're from New York, a city called Schenectady. And your name is Mrs. Reed. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. Now, go back and find it the way you believed it. Have you believed it? It shall be just as you have asked. God bless you.
L-74 Do you believe the Lord with all your heart? Now, you in the audience, have faith. Now, don't doubt. Don't move around, set real still. Please. See?
Spirits, when they leave people, like evil spirits, they go from one to another. You know that. When you get an audience jumping and running, you can't hold it. You don't... There's no need of trying to take the time to explain it. You just believe it; that's all. You just believe it.
L-75 The lady here is a stranger to me, far as I know. I don't know her. Look like a healthy woman, but I don't know. God does know. If He will reveal to me what's your trouble, you believe me?
You think you'd get over them ulcers? You was praying for that, wasn't you, sir? I don't know you, do I? Never seen you in my life. That's right, raise up your hand. You're a nervous person, real nervous, which has caused you to have ulcers. Go on, and preach the Word now. You're a preacher anyhow, so you go preach the Word.
Got your arms around your friend there, what do you think about this, sir? Do you believe me to be His prophet, or His servant? You do? If He will reveal to me what you want, will you accept it? 'Course you're wearing glasses; a man your age should wear glasses; but that's not it. Your eyes are going bad. You want prayer for your eyes. That's what you want. You got arthritis too. You want prayer for that. That's right, isn't it? Are you accept your healing now? Raise up you hand, if you do. It's over; you can go home, be well. Your faith has healed you.
L-76 What did they touch? What... I ask you now, reverently, what did they touch? Before God, I have never seen either man, know nothing of them. But someone was praying. It was the big man there, was doing the praying. And because he was setting with his body around the other man as a contact, that's what done it for the next man. Now, ask them. God be the Judge.
Now, does Jesus Christ remain the High Priest, that can be touched with the feeling of our infirmities? Is He alive tonight? [Hebrews 4:15]
L-77 Now, there's faith in the audience, sister, I just... Wherever that Light goes, I just go with It. See? It's all I can do. Now, maybe He'd come to you. If the Lord will reveal to me what you want from Him, you believe? You know, if it's healing, I couldn't heal you. But I see something, you got a thing on your arm. Oh, it's a... You--you got low blood pressure. That's what it is, low blood pressure. Not only that, but I see a hospital. It's for someone else you're standing there for, and that's a friend of yours, that's in the hospital from an accident, got's bones in their body broke. You're a teacher yourself, a Sunday school teacher. Now, go receive it; just as you've believed it; it'll be that way. God bless you. God be with you. Be reverent now, please. Please, please.
L-78 I do not know you. God does know you. Do you believe me to be His servant? If He will tell me what you're here for, you'll believe it then?
Now, please, just set still just a minute. My son will come, get me in a few minutes, so be real reverent. Don't move around. Be real reverent. He... God is in His holy temple, and let's be reverent.
You suffer from a nervous condition. And you got trouble in your spine. That is true. How would I know that? It had to come from Something that's present here Who knows you. Do you believe it's the Lord Jesus letting me do this?
Now, just a moment if the audience can still hear me. There's a man coming up there. A vision's moving now; it's her son. And he's bothered with a nervous trouble. And you want prayer for him. That's right. He isn't here. He lives in New York. And I tell you, that you believe me to be His servant; that boy's a Catholic by faith. That's right. Do you believe now that he... God will make it well...?... to him, do you accept it? All right. Go over there, take that handkerchief, send it to him. It'll be over. God bless you. [Acts 19:12]
L-79 Have faith in God; don't doubt. There's a evil power keeps sweeping from that audience, somewhere.
God can heal epilepsy. You believe it? Do you believe He will make you well? Raise up you hand there, sir, if you believe it with all your heart, right here. Now, have faith in God, and it'll all be over.
That's the devil that usually gets away from us. He does evil, I... A disobedience audience, I've seen twenty-eight take it at one time, after it was cast out of a baby, and still got it too. Remember, when he come out of Legion they went into hogs. They got to go somewhere. [Mark 11:22]
L-80 The Holy Spirit still hangs there. It's a man setting next to him there. Something happened to the man. Do you believe He can cure heart trouble too? You had heart trouble, and was praying for heart trouble to be healed. That's right.
The lady setting there. There He goes; there's that Light right straight by the lady. He's... The woman's got cataracts on her eyes. That's right, isn't it, lady? Believe Him; they'll leave you. Oh, He is real. If thou canst believe.
You believe. I do not know you. But I see you; you're here for someone else. And you were setting in this audience last night, and the Holy Spirit called you, and you were healed with a throat trouble, last night, THUS SAITH THE LORD. And you're standing here for someone else, your brother. And he's not here. He's got cancer. And he's--he's in a place called Toronto, Canada, Ontario, up in Canada. That's right. That little handkerchief, or parcel, that you've wiped that tear from, send it to him, and don't doubt, he'll get well. Amen. Have faith in God.
Oh, does His presence make you recognize? Jehovah still lives, Jesus, the same, yesterday, today, and forever. [Mark 9:23], [Hebrews 13:8], [Acts 19:12], [Mark 11:22]
L-81 I do not know you, lady. You're a stranger to me. There's something on her heart. She is praying for someone else, which is an elderly woman. That's her mother, and her mother has paralyses; she's a crippled woman. You are a minister's wife, and you've got others on your heart that you're praying for. Don't doubt. Have faith. You'll receive what you ask for. Do you believe it? God help you then. Go, and receive it, my sister. All right.
The Lord God knows both of us, lady. I do not know you. But God does know us. If He will tell me what you're here for, you believe? Will the audience believe?
I see a boy, someone's praying about; he's drinking. The lady right there, that elderly lady. You're praying for a son of yours, that's drinking, gets drunk. Stand up to your foot just a minute, lady. Do you believe that God would sober that boy, and send him home to you, and make a Christian out of him? Lord God, of heaven, I pray for that dear mother and for that boy, may he come to himself like the prodigal son and return, in Jesus' Name. Amen. Don't doubt. If thou canst believe. [Mark 11:22], [Mark 9:23]
L-82 Had your head down, praying, high blood pressure is nothing for God to heal. You believe He'd do it, sir? Believe that God... You had your head down praying then, if that's right, wave up your hand like this. All right. I don't know you, do I, sir? God's healed you now. Just go believing with all your heart. God will grant it to you.
The little, pale looking, lady (That's the one you was talking to, sir.), asking for mercy, do you believe God could heal that gallbladder trouble, make you well? You believe it? Stand up to your feet. You know you feel different. It's gone from you now, can go on your road and rejoice.
L-83 You are here for a real good purpose. You're asking God something that's going to be out of the ordinary, but I seen the Lord do it. Even at your age, you'd still like to have a baby. You've been a mother, but not by of your own, mother of others' children, step-children, but you want one of your own. That's what Hannah come to the temple for. That's what was on your mind. That's what you prayed about before you left your home.
I see your husband, he's an Italian, isn't he? He's in trouble. He needs healing on his leg, on his knees, in his arm. That is right. All right. Go, believe it now, and you can have what you ask for.
L-84 Do you believe with all your heart? Would you like to eat again and feel good? That stomach trouble is so bad, a nervous condition that caused it...?...
There's so much of it out there, I can't even see which is which. You are believing now. A faith is striking the audience. Let me show you what I mean. Look... Watch here.
How many of you--of you out there, that's suffering with a nervous condition, raise your hands. I just want to show you. Pretty near eighty percent of the audience. Every one of you that suffers with a nervous condition, stand to your feet, right now, just a minute. You stand right here. I'll show you the glory of God, anywhere. Every person bothered with a nervous condition, stand to your feet. Come. Just remain standing.
L-85 If God will reveal to me, young woman, what's your trouble, will you believe with all your heart? If you do, you'll never have to have that operation. God can dissolve that tumor, just as well as you could be... Do you believe it? Accept it.
Anyone suffering with tumor or growth, stand to your feet just now. Come believing.
L-86 Hers is nervousness too. If God can do it here, God can do it there. How many is sick or needing healing out there, that'll raise to your feet just a minute. Stand up just a moment.
It is so lifelike over the audience. Do you believe me to be His servant? Then take my word. The Holy Spirit has just got the building completely covered. It just looks like a milky haze everywhere. This is the hour of your healing. There will not be a feeble one among us in a few minutes, if you'll only believe Him. Do you believe it?
Now, stand right here for your healing. No matter what your troubles, get ready, right now. Christ has healed every one of you. Are you ready to accept it? Then if He's already done it, there's one thing left. Raise our hands and praise Him for it. Let us raise our hands.
L-87 Lord God, Creator of heavens and earth, Author of Everlasting Life, and Giver of every good gift, we now pronounce curses upon the devil, he's defeated, and we ask healing for this audience, just now. In Jesus Christ's Name, let it be done.
With your heads bowed yet, are you aware that Jesus Christ, God's Son is here? If you are, and you've been doubting your experience, you have not the Holy Spirit, or you're a sinner, will you come up here right now, right in the presence of Him, right here now, right around the altar? Move right out and come here, just a minute. Move right out of your seat. Come right down the aisle, and come here just a minute. Stand right around the altar here a minute, for prayer. That's right, soldier, come right on. Now, the rest of you. Come right along. Move right out now, right out of your seats, right down the aisle here, every one. Give us the little chord on the... here...

58-0512 - Capitol Theater, Everett, MA (Paragraphs: 63 - 85)
L-64 Now, now, you may raise your heads, just a moment. The Light of the Holy Spirit, that in this (to you scientist), dimension, to you Christians, this atmosphere of the Holy Spirit which now takes me. You couldn't hide your life if you had to. I can't heal; God's already did that. But It's hanging over a colored woman, setting right here, with a little ball on her hat.
You're praying for something, aren't you, Auntie, the colored woman? Yes, Uh-huh. You're afflicted or something's wrong with you. You don't... You have a prayer card? You don't have a prayer card? You don't? You don't need one. If the Lord God will reveal to me here, Auntie, what your trouble is, will you believe me to be His Servant, telling you the truth out of the Bible? You will? You believe. The Lord bless you, sister. That's the reason It's hanging over you.
L-65 Now, just a moment. It's coming down; there It is. All right. The woman is suffering with arthritis. That arthritis is in her spine, and she also has--created from that a real, extreme nervous condition. That's exactly right, the colored lady setting there with the little ball on her hat. If that's right, lady, yes... Raise up your hand if that's right. I'm talking to the colored lady, back there, lady. All right. That does it. You don't have that now. It's gone from you.
I don't know why the grace of God, all you white people... I've just been talking about colored people and telling how they were saved. God loves them. That poor little woman there, may have less education than anybody setting here, but she knows God.
L-66 It happens to be, being that the Lord has blessed her; there's a colored lady setting right next to here there. It looks like, that there... It is forming around her. She shouted just a few moments ago. I don't know you, do I, lady? If the Lord God will tell me what you're trouble is, what you're suffering with, will you--you'll know whether it's the truth or not, won't you? You're suffering with sinus. That's right. If that's right, raise up your hand. It's gone now. God bless you.
L-67 You with your hand up there, the other colored lady, setting there waving your hand, do you believe me to be God's servant? The young woman, do you believe me? I don't know you, do I, sister? I've never seen you in my life. You believe me to the servant of Christ? And it's not me? This is a case like Jesus talking to the woman at the well. She was a Samaritan; He was a Jew. You are a Ethiopian woman, and I'm an Anglo-Saxon. It's two different... It's the same Spirit. Now, if Christ... The woman believed me. Now, Jesus didn't know what her trouble was, but when He found her trouble, He told her her trouble; she went to the city and said, "That's the Son of God. That's the Messiah."
If He'd tell you the same thing, working through you and I now, as total two different races of people, first time ever meeting. But you're aware that's something going on aren't you, lady, a real sweet humble feeling around you. If that's right, raise up you hand, the little colored lady with the pink shawl. You are suffering with heart trouble and with a tumor. If that's right raise up your hand. Jesus Christ healed you. If thou canst believe. [John 4:9-10, 29], [Mark 9:23]
L-68 Some of you white people believe, you newcomers in here. And just... Oh, isn't... You should be in a real spirit of worship. We're in the Presence of Jesus. Please, friends, if ever you believe, as your brother, let me enter my Bible on my heart, you believe right now. Just lay aside your theology. Just say, "Lord Jesus, I realize there's Something here. There's got to be."
Here--here it is right over a little man standing right here, right at the end of the row. He's suffering with a skin trouble, little fellow there. You believe in God? That's right, isn't it, sir? If that's right, raise up your hand. I don't know you, do I? All right. You're going to get over it now. Don't worry. The blessings of God is on you. Where it was dark, it's turned light. Have faith in God. Do you believe? All of you believe?
Here's... Now, here friend, get these people, these new comers, if we can, right in here, where they all held their hands... Or anywhere, I just have to... Wherever He calls, that's where I have to answer.
L-69 There's a little lady setting right here, looking right at me, second row. Yes. Do you believe the Lord Jesus would heal you? You were suffering, wasn't you? You are suffering. And you were setting there in your heart praying, "God, let him speak to me tonight. I believe You, Lord." Now, if that's true, raise up your hand. The lady...?... Thank you. If the Lord God will tell me what your trouble is, will you believe Him, that He wants to make you well?
I see you getting up kindly slow out of the bed, of a morning. You got rheumatism. That's right. Now, I want to ask you something, sincerely, you don't--you don't feel it now, do you? No, the Lord healed you. That's right.
L-70 The other lady setting next to you there, she's suffering too. The little lady with her head down, praying. You're praying, "Lord, let it be me next." That right? You believe me to be His servant? Setting right next to the little lady there, that was just called. Would you love to go eat your supper and enjoy a good meal again? You're suffering with a stomach trouble, aren't you? That's right. It's a peptic condition, caused from a--a deep thinking; you cross bridges 'fore you get to them, and things like that. It's a--more like a mental nervousness. You're not shaky nervous, but you're just--you're just, you get deep thinking. You oughten to do that, be happy. Now, your stomach trouble's gone...?... home now.
L-71 What do you think? The elderly lady setting next to her, looking around there praying? The Light's went right over on you, with the little rose on your coat. Do you believe me to be God's servant? Please, please, don't let...?... That's what does it, friend. See you rob the people of their healing. Please, please, be reverent, just a moment.
See, you've a soul, and when you move, it moves the Spirit. You say, "Brother Branham, it's psychology." What about Jesus then when He put them all out of the house, Jairus' house, when He went in to raise the daughter. Be reverent. Have respect at least for the sick, respect for Jesus. [Luke 8:41, 56]
L-72 Now, be real reverent again, now, let's see. What was it? It was a vision breaking? But I don't know what it was. Just keep praying. Seems like I was right down here in front, somewhere. God surely in His mercy will do it again. Where was It? It was... Here It is back.
It's the lady with a rose on her coat. That's the one it was. She has a hernia. That's right, isn't it, sister? If that's right raise up your hand. You believe God for your healing? Will you do me a favor? Lay your hand on that lady next to you; she has arthritis. She wants to get well too. Isn't that right, lady? All right. Good, now, you have it.
There's a lady setting next to you; see that dark spirit across there coming there? That's that spirit calling to this one over here for help. Lay your hand on the woman next to you; she has arthritis too. And that's the lady there. You have arthritis also, didn't you? You're both healed, so you can go home, be well. God has made you well. Have faith.
L-73 Back in this way, somebody. Have faith, friends, believe God. Don't doubt Him. Just believe Him.
Here It is. Look with your eyes, friends. Don't... You mean to say you can't see this Light here, right over the woman setting on the end. Yeah. You were praying, wasn't you? Sincerely. I do not know you. Is that right? You don't know me. This is our first time meeting. If the Holy Spirit will tell me what you're praying about, you believe me to be His servant then? You believe? You know now that you're in contact with Something. You are a Christian, a believer. You got trouble with your back. It's a back trouble. Isn't that right? That's what you was praying about. You're not from this city. You're not even from this State. You're from Rhode Island. That's right. Mrs. Leighton...?... L-e-i-g-h-t-o-n, Mrs. Leighton. Is that right? Raise up your hand. Now, you're going home well. Your back trouble's left you. Jesus Christ has healed you. Do you believe? Does the whole audience believe? Let's bow our heads, just a minute then.
L-74 Father, we're conscious we're here in Your Presence. Maybe there's...?... people here maybe never be back again. This may be their last night. While You're present, Lord, I pray Thee, in Christ's Name, be merciful.
And with your head bowed just a moment, the organ playing sweetly lowly... How many in here now, in the Presence of Christ, knowing that He's here, how many would like to raise up your hand, and say, "Brother Branham, pray for me, I want the real experience with God that you been talking about. I'm tired of living this half life, and I--I'm... Maybe you're a sinner, and you want to be saved. Raise your hand, will you to God, way, way up high. That's right. God bless you. Oh, my. Forty, fifty, hundred hands or more, up in the air. God bless you. I'm going to ask you something, if she'll play... While she's playing on the organ. If you believe God hears my prayer for the sick... 'Course, He heard me for this altar call. I want you to come here and stand right down here, around here, let me come down and pray for you. Will you?
L-75 Right--rise slowly now, we're going to sing, "Almost Persuaded." Now, I want each one of you, that wants God to change your life, right now... If He can change your body, He can change your life. And all that place that He made in you to be thirsting for Him, you want to worship Him, and Him to come in and take all the desire of the world from you. Will you come right down here for prayer? Will you do it while we sing, "Almost Persuaded."? All right, sister, on the organ, if you will give us a chord. All right.
L-76 Almost persuaded
Everyone be reverent...?... seat now...
Come right up close now, right here, right along...?... God bless you, sir. God bless you. That's right. Come right out, and come right on down. The Holy Spirit's calling you. Somebody will raise up and give you space to come. That's right. Oh, there's a great audience worshipping here. Come right down, will you.
Almost... (Be sincere now.) but to fail!
Sad, sad, that bitter wail:
"Almost," but lost!
Oh, there's many of you should be coming, come right up. come on. That's right, colored folks there, that's good. No matter who you are, Protestant, Catholic, Jewish...?... whatever, come on down. If you don't know God...?... Come right down now, won't you...?...
not away:
Oh, it seems now some soul to say,
"Go, Spirit, go Thy way,
Some more convenient day
On thee I'll call."

[Brother Branham begins humming--Ed.] hum...
L-77 Be honest now, there's more in here. Did you mean that that soul in you, that's really knows that under the message tonight, you been condemned, you're not living the way you should live. Then see that same Light, that you see here in the Bible, come down and produce the same things It did when It dwelt in a body called Jesus. He promised to be in His church. He comes right down in His church and does the same thing, proving that He's here, and your soul in you condemning you, Angels of God standing near, and saying, "You should go." This may be your last opportunity. You may not get home tonight. You may be laying dead in the bed in the morning. In a year from now, you may be molding into the grave. And now, you might not, I don't know, but I'm just saying you could be. Someday you will be. Why not now?
L-78 Do you know that old southern altar call, "Oh, Why not tonight?" Does the people know that? Give us a chord on it. And I'm going to ask you something. Come on, you lukewarm church members, you know that you've done wrong. You women, you men, boys and girls, stir yourself right... I feel led to do this, friends. Surely, God... Don't you know I'm telling you the truth? God's proved it. Now, I'm telling you the truth. There's loads that need to be standing here. Won't you come now?
Won't you come?
O do not let the word depart,
And close your eyes against the light,
This is the time, O then be wise,
O why not tonight.
All together...
O why not tonight? (not tonight?)
Oh, why...
That's right, get right out and come on. Come right down the aisle. Take yourself around here. God's ready to give it to you, if you'll raise up and say, "I need it." He can't bless you till you're--feel that you're needy. If you feel you're sufficient, okay.
... not tonight?
Tomorrow the sun may never shine,
To bless thy long deluded sight;
This is the time, O then be wise,
He saves all tonight. (I give you Jesus.)
O why (tell me why) not tonight?
(What reasoning can you give for not coming?)
... not tonight?
Just Thou be saved, and why
(That's right, come right on down.) tonight? [Brother Branham begins humming--Ed.] Hum.
L-79 What excuses can you give now? Now, let me say this to you that's back there, me knowing in my heart by the Spirit of God, you're grieving Him by doing what you are doing. Let me say with the Bible over my heart, the Angel of God is with me, "The blood not upon me, I've told the truth. You need a walk with God; you're walking out of the fellowship. Come on down. This is the hour for you. Come on now, while we sing once more. This is the last. Why? Give me the excuse, why? Why shouldn't you?
Say, "My job." Quit it.
"My mother, she'll drive me away from home." Many has walked alone with Christ.
"My father won't appreciate it." Your Heavenly Father will accept you. "I'll give you fathers, and mothers, and..." I had to leave my home too because of it. But God give me tens of thousands or fathers and mothers around the world. Greatest thing that any man ever did, when he--or woman when they come from their seats down to an altar of prayer. That's right.
L-80 I'm not asking you to come join a church. I'm asking you to come, receive Christ while His Presence here. What more could He do? If He healed the sick, still wouldn't be as great as this. He does heal the sick. He couldn't appear in a visible body, because when He does, time shall be no more then. But He's here in His Church, showing you that He's raise from the dead, trying to get you to come, accept as your risen Lord. Once more now, while we sing, "O, why not tonight?" All right.
O, why not tonight?
Church member, sinner, why don't you come? Remember in the Name of the Lord Jesus, I'm offering you Christ, if I never see you again till judgment, this is your time.
And why not...
When the rainbows are sweeping through the skies, fires are falling, the sputniks has done dropped their bombs, and the handwriting's on the wall, time shall be no more. They'll be one split second they'll not be... There'll be millions times millions in the New England States that's not here will be swept into eternity without a chance. Remember, He Who speaks tonight, the Spirit knows what's truth. Come.
L-81 All right. While the workers now come and stand around these people now, get in your positions around, these who are trained here to do personal work, make their places. The rest of you that wants to come with them, come at this time now. Those who... Have you got a--a room in there somewhere you're taking them, an instruction room? All right. Just one moment then, they're coming around now. Others are coming to be saved. Let's bow our heads, everywhere while... I want to pray as I offered to pray.
L-82 Dear God, be merciful to these people. This may be our last meeting time, dear God, until we see You standing yonder. Oh, if You're going to come for Your Church before destruction, before one drop of rain could fall, Noah and his group was in the ark. And the Angel of the Lord, Who went down into Sodom, His message was haste; it was deliverance and mercy.
The same Angel, Who had His back turned to the tent, and said, "Why did Sarah laugh?" O God, may the people realize, that same Angel's here tonight that knows the secret of the heart, the same as He knowed Sarah laughed back in the tent.
She said, "I didn't."
But He said, "Oh, yes, you did." What was that Angel's message just before the fire fell. Here you are again, Lord. [Genesis 18:13]
L-83 I pray now; there's nothing more I can do. They are the fruits of the message, Your message. They are Yours. They've come. "No man can come to Me," You said, "except My Father draws him."
Then God, You had to be here to draw them here. Many, many people, the altar's packed full, and up-and-down the aisles. And I pray Thee, God, that You have brought them up here, that You'll give them to Your dear Son, as love gifts. And then, we know that no one can pluck them from His hand. You said, "He that heareth My Words, and believeth on Him that sent Me, has Everlasting Life, and shall never come into the judgment, but has pass from death unto Life." [John 6:44], [John 5:21]
L-84 God, may this group of hungry people walk into this little room here now, and be filled with the Holy Spirit, for when hands is applied to them in there, according to Apostolic rules, may they be filled with the Holy Ghost, and that fountain of their heart that's been touched tonight, and all of the old tin cans and rubbish of the world has been cleaned out, make it a new heart for God to worship. Grant it, Lord. That thirst now coming for You.
Sanctify them at the altar, that when they walk in there, they may be filled with the goodness of God, and His Spirit take them in. Grant it, Lord. I present them to You, in Jesus Christ's Name.
L-85 Now, while you're here, workers are here, places are for you to go right here, so we can go in and pray with you, to be filled with God's Spirit. File right in now, as you're coming. While we keep--continue to sing, "O Why Not Tonight?" Again, the audience...
Oh, why not tonight?
Come right here, every one of you, standing around here now. You that want to come with them, and receive the Holy Spirit. Come right on in. Go right on it. This is your hour, your time. We're going right in to pray with them, going right in, lay hands on them. If God will grant... I done prayed for them. If God will grant this out here, what will He grant in there?
... tonight? (Come here, reverend)

O why (Will you take the service?) tonight?

(Come right on in now, as they go for prayer).

58-0515 - National Guard Armory, Fairfield, ME (Paragraphs: 50 - 70)
L-51 Now, the thing... If you don't get up here on the platform, you just look up to Christ and say, "Lord Jesus, if this man is telling the truth, which I believe he has, then You speak to him." And I'm not... Don't try to press yourself now;just relax and say, "Lord, I confess my sins; all that I've done wrong, forgive me for it. And heal me dear God. Grant that. See how merciful God is.
And now, that's... Now, everyone in here, as far as I know, is a total stranger to me, so that people that might be setting by. The only persons that I know in this building is Mr. Sweet, Dr. Vayle, and my boy, ever--I think that's him standing back there in the dark; I'm not sure. That's the only ones that I know.
How many in here's strange to me, raise up your hands, I don't know you, know noth--in the prayer line the same way? Now, all right.
L-52 Now, we're going to either find the Word to be the truth or It's not the truth. Means to be telling the truth or not the truth. God only deals with truth, you know that. A person can profess any thing they wish to, but if God don't back it up, and say it's the truth, then it's wrong. I claim that His Word is the same, and He remains the same, and can never be nothing else but the same God. And have to act the same way that He has always did. And if He will do that..
Here on the platform out through the audience, and declare Himself the risen Jesus, if you all will love Him and believe Him, say Amen to Him. God bless you.
L-53 Now, after speaking, I'm sure you realize that what I'm standing, what a position I'm in. And God, Who is my solemn Judge knows, this woman, or any of you people who I haven't called in the prayer line or something, I do not know you. Then something's got to act now, or the Scripture's wrong, because I've read these things out of the Scriptures, which is a promise of God. You believe that's the truth, say, "Amen." It's a promise of God. He promised He'd do it. He don't have to do it, but He has to do it in the way of saying He promised to do, that's what He does.
He do--He didn't have to heal when He was here on earth, but He did it that it might be fulfilled. That's what He's doing today. To end up the Gentile age, return to the Jews, the Church goes home, destruction comes to the world, There's your annihilation and gone. And you see, only thing that's supposed happen tonight, is if you drink some vodka, it's already changed. See? Nothing you can do about it. Course we got the same thing to shoot back that way. What does it do? Throw the world from her orbit, just like the Bible says, and away she goes.
L-54 You remember what Jesus said, "As it was in the days of Lot, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man." Anybody ever read that, say "Amen." What was it? Before Lot was destroyed or the--Sodom was destroyed, there was an Angel come to the Elected, which was Abraham, is that right?
And when He did, He set down with His back turned to the tent, and He said to Sarah, or said to Abraham, "About--according to the time of life, I'm going to visit you. Sarah's going to have this baby that you've waited for for twenty-five years."
And Sarah back in the tent, behind the tent, behind the Angel, smiled. And the Angel said, "Why did Sarah laugh?" How many ever read that? "Why did Sarah laugh?" What was He? A fortuneteller, telepathy? That He was... That Angel had the last message that Sodom received before she was destroyed. "As it was," said Jesus, "in the days of Sodom." [Luke 17:26], [Genesis 18:10-13], [Luke 17:26-28]
L-55 Now, remember, it's the Presence of the Angel of God, the Holy Ghost, that's here today with every scientific and sign and wonder, that is ever promised to present to you people. You Christians should be happy.
Now, I turn to the woman. Now, lady, you and I being strange to each other, and this is our first time meeting... I'm years older than you, and this is our first time of ever meeting. But this to the audience, when you read Saint John 4, look at this, exactly the same thing. Our Lord met a woman that He'd never seen before in His life. And as at a little panoramic, as I said a while ago, like this. Now, here she is, and He found where her trouble was, and told her what her trouble was. And she said, "This is the Messiah."
Now, me not knowing you, my sister, I don't know whether you're Christian, whether you're a infidel, what your life is, what it's been; I--I don't know; I have no way of knowing. I don't know nothing about you. But it's something the supernatural powers of God, through this Angel here, will come and... If I said to you, "Lady, you're sick; you're going to get well. Go ahead." You'd just have my word. That's all you'd know about. Which, that could be all right. [John 4:18, 25]
L-56 But if He comes and tells me something back in your life, you'll know whether that's the truth or not. You be the judge of that. So if He knows what has been, He certainly would know... If He could tell you what was, you'd have confidence to know that what He says will be, will be? Correct? Because it would be God. Would you believe it to be Him? You--you would believe it? May the Lord grant it, is my prayer.
Now, as the audience, stays reverently, and you are a reverent group of people, here is the hour. Now, if you, if the woman, honestly in her heart, she knows that something's going on. She could not feel the way she feels now, standing before a man. I'd be a man just like your father, brother, husband. But there's something that just begin happening, a real humble, sweet, feeling coming to you. That is right. If that's right raise up your hand. See? This Angel, you see His picture, between you and I, is this real Light.
L-57 The woman is not standing here for herself, she's standing here for somebody else, nothing wrong with the woman, outside of nervousness. She's a nervous type of person that worries about things, crossing bridges before you get to them. But you're here for somebody else. That's true.
If the Lord God will reveal to me what you're here for, would you believe Him to be the Messiah? And will go tell others the Messiah still lives? You will? You believe the little eye will come straight of the child? Crooked eye, crossed, you believe that He will make--He will make it well? You will believe? You got something else on your heart too, haven't you besides that child? Your mother, she's dying; she's got cancer. That is true. And you're worried about her salvation, because she's Catholic. That is true. Don't worry, have faith. Send her that handkerchief; don't doubt, you can have what you ask for. God bless you, go, and believe now and receive. God bless you, sister. [Acts 19:12]
L-58 Do you believe? Now, ask the woman, she may..?... Real reverent now, please. Do you realize, minister brothers, that the Christ that you and I have stood for, me as a Baptist preacher for twenty-seven years in the ministry, that's His Presence here now to confirm just exac... How many knows that's just the way He did when He was here on earth? Let's see you raise your hands, you people anywhere. The Bible, that's what God's Word says.
Then, if this is the Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel, if it is the One that was here on earth and said, "The works that I do shall you also when I'm gone... I'll be with you, even in you." That same Vine would bear the same fruit, would it not? Well, here It is, doing the same thing. Don't disbelieve. Every one of you, right now, should believe. [John 14:12], [Matthew 28:20]
L-59 We are strangers to each other, I suppose, lady? The first time ever meeting in life... If I could help you and wouldn't do it, I'd be a cruel person. But I--I got an old mother home tonight, and I--I love her. And I left family, mother, and all, to come here to try to help, to make life a little more pleasant to people, and do all that I could as His servant. If the Lord God would tell me what you're here for, would you believe me? And believe it was Him doing it? Would the audience believe it?
The lady, she's suffers with a nervous condition. She has heart trouble, and she's got varicose veins. That's exactly the truth. You believe now? You say, "Mr. Branham, you guessed that." I did not. God knows that. Let's speak to her a little farther. You doubt it? May the Lord grant it.
L-60 Yes, there's somebody else there, that he needs healing, that's your husband. He's dying, must die right away if God doesn't help him. He's got leukemia; that's cancer of the blood stream. That's right; that's right. Your name is Mrs. Harford. Your name is Rose and his is Robert. That's the truth. Go on your road, believe God and live, lady. Believe God, Jesus Christ He's present. You know that's Him here? Well, accept Him now as your Healer for both. You go on your road and may the Lord God richly bless you now.
Do you believe? Have faith. Don't doubt. Now, just believe, in the audience.
We're strangers to each other, I suppose, lady. First time we've met. It's... Now, you're--if you was sick, I--I couldn't do nothing about it because I'm just a man. But God can do something about it. Now, if Jesus was standing here with this suit on, you'd say, "Lord Jesus, heal me."
He'd say, "I've already done it." See, healing is something like salvation; it's past. "He was wounded for our transgressions, with His stripes we were healed." It's already finished in the atonement. We just believe it. [Isaiah 53:5]
L-61 There's nothing I could do. See? If you want he... He's already did. It's your faith that... Now, He might tell you something to make you believe that He was the Messiah. And then by that you believe His atonement was right. And here's what He promised to do, what about you? You are a believer. Listen, lady, you could been a infidel, critic, but you're not.
Same thing with this woman setting on--setting right down there in the seat. It just demon power. This woman's suffering from a real strange condition; it's exactly right. Nervous, and you're always scared. You got heart trouble, and that's right. And you're nervous and got a scary condition. And you're scared too; you've had a--something happen to you here some time ago, you had a knot taken, or a growth off from the head, and it's coming back again.
That little lady setting there is suffering with a mental nervousness. That's right. That's right young lady. You believe that God will make you well too? Yes, you believe it? You do? Raise up your hand if you believe it. You're both healed. Go on your road rejoicing. Jesus Christ makes you well. Don't fear about it no more; it's all over now, go home. He was just lying, that demon was, but he's gone from you now. Just go believing, having faith.
Do you love Him? He's the great Alpha and the Omega.
L-62 Now, something else happened just then. Be real reverent, please. There's a lady setting next to the end there with her hands up like this. She's suffering with eye trouble; she's got trouble with her eyes. And she's got heart trouble also. You was praying, wasn't you, lady? The lady setting right there next to the man, that turned around and look at his wife. Raise up your hand, lady. That's true. I don't know you, do I, lady? I'm a stranger to you. You believe now that you're going to be all right? All right. Go home, forget about it. Give God praise. Your faith makes you well.
I challenge you to believe it. Watch, be reverent now. Don't move around.
L-63 Lady, are we strangers to each other? You're worried, upset. Oh, it's about this lad. That's what you got him here for; you just brought him here. That is true. If the Lord our God will reveal to me what you're so worried about this lad, will you accept it and believe it comes from the Lord our God? The boy's up for an operation, and the doctor says there's a growth around his heart that must be taken out. That's true, isn't it? And you're worried about it. If God is here and knows about the child, is He interested in him? Will you accept him as your child to live, and you'll raise him for the glory of God. Let us pray.
Dear God, I claim the life of this child, through Jesus Christ, may he be well. May the mother be blessed. And may the community be blessed. For we ask this in the blessed Name of the Lord Jesus. Amen. Don't worry now, have faith sonny boy; you'll be all right.
L-64 Come lady. I do not know you. The Lord God does know you. If He will reveal to me what your trouble is, will you accept Him as your Healer? Be real reverent. You're suffering with a stomach trouble and a liver trouble; the liver's really causing it, draining out the gall into the stomach and throwing it into a spasm. That's right. And I see you doing something kinda ta... Oh, you haven't got any taste, you've lost your sense of taste. You don't have any taste or any smell, either one. That's true. You believe you have it now? Go home. God bless you.
There's many in this building is suffering with the same thing you are. But God lives in the heart. Do you believe He can heal heart trouble and make you well? You believe it? Let us pray.
Lord God, spare this woman for Your glory as I ask in Jesus' Name, Amen. Don't you fear. Go believing it now, with all your heart, don't doubt.
You had the same thing, so just keep moving, believing God.
L-65 Are you believing, out in the audience? Please, be just as reverent as you can. Reverent, please, everyone.
Do you believe God would heal you of that arthritis, setting there, sir, and make you well? The elderly gentleman setting there with the lady, you believe that God will make you well? You do? Say, to you that touched Him then. You're a fine man. You believe your leg trouble will get all right? Your name is Mr. Young. Now you can go home and be well. That is true, wasn't it? All right. That was just...?... slip up so that I could touch you and see you believe to begin with.
Are you believing?
The lady, setting down here, the second lady, kinda heavy set, suffering with high blood pressure, looking right at me in the first row there, you believe the Lord God makes you well, sister? You believe it? Could you accept it as your healing? Raise your hand up if you accept it. That's right. Wave your handkerchief way up high, don't be ashamed with faith like that, and to trust God. Have faith.
L-66 Way down at the end of the row, setting there between two men, the lady with high blood pressure, the second row back, the end. Do you believe that Jesus Christ can heal you of your high blood pressure? It happened to be; I seen a streak leave this lady and go to you; that's the reason I know that you can be healed, if you want to accept it.
I challenge your faith. Here's a dear soul setting here, right back there behind you. Setting there with that little black hat on, got trouble with your head, she's praying about it. That is right, isn't it, sister? Right here, the little lady with the black hat on and glasses. You're having trouble with your head. But you don't feel it now, do you? You were healed just then.
The lady setting next to her looked like that... You believe, lady? I just want to contact your spirit. Lay your hand on her and the lady next to you there. The lady that was just healed, lay your hand on the next lady. Yes. You believe the Lord God will heal you, lady? You have complications, many things wrong with you, such as diabetes, for one; heart trouble, for another. That's right. If that's right, raise your hand. All right, go home and believe it be over, it will leave.
L-67 That infection, the little lady setting below you there, you believe you'll be healed of that infection, lady? You believe, the little lady there? Mrs. Hunter from Caribou, raise up. I don't know you, do I, lady? I've never seen you have I? I know my voice is rebounding. We are strangers to one another, if we are raise up your hand. That's right. Are those things right which was said? All right, go back home and be well; Jesus Christ healed you.
What do you think about it, lady? Do you believe that you're healed now? Go on your road rejoicing; that's the way to do it. Amen.
Nervous trouble which causes your heart to flutter, and so forth. That's right. Really, which is an indigestion. There's a lot of that in here. How many suffer...?... How many in here suffer with nervous trouble, raise your hands just a minute. See, how you going to call that? See, it's just everywhere. All you with nervous trouble, stand up to your feet. Stand up to your feet if want to accept Christ right now. (Listen, stand right over here just a minute, please.)
L-68 Come here lady, or that man. Come here, sir, I don't know you, do I? We're strangers? Now, so that the people knows it's not reading your mind, lay your hand on mine. If God will reveal to me this way what's your trouble, will you accept it? You will? Stomach trouble. Raise up your hand if that's right.
Every person with stomach trouble stand to your feet. All over the building, stand to your feet, with stomach trouble. Stand right here a minute, sir. You'll see the glory of God. If thou canst believe.
Back trouble, stand right back there. All with back trouble get up to your feet. I don't care how long you been paralyzed, don't even know, stand up to your feet. You can see the glory of God.
Now, do you believe Him that His Presence is here? Do you believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is present? If you are, raise up your hands, everybody in the building. Stand up to your feet, each one of you; stand up, every one. I don't care if you couldn't get up a few minutes ago, you can now. Raise up. There you are. [Mark 9:23]
L-69 In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, I claim that Christ died for you at Calvary, which redeemed your sins and healed your sickness. His Presence is here now, He claimed that He has raised from the dead, has declared with infallible proof, that He remains today and cannot die. He's the same yesterday, today, and forever.
All that believe that raise your hand? The Bible said that promised that He would be here in these days to do these things. He said, "These signs shall follow them that believe." How many is a believer? "They shall lay their hands on the sick, and they shall recover." Put your hands on somebody next to you, if you're a believer. "These signs shall follow them that believe." That's what the Scripture says. [Hebrews 13:8], [Mark 16:17-18]
L-70 There you are, in a perfect unity of Spirit, perfect unity, with hands laid on you, perfect unity with the Holy Ghost, perfect unity with the power of God, perfect unity in the Scripture, then it's got to be over. Let us bow our heads now, we all offer prayer to God.
Lord God, we thank You for Your great Presence, the Holy Ghost that's now here to take over and to move every sickness from this building.
Oh, Satan, you have lost the battle, you deceived the people down through the ages, but the hour has come, for you have failed. Come out of these people, Satan, I charge you by the Name of Jesus Christ, Who's here to defeat you and has defeated you. Leave this audience in the Name of Jesus Christ, come out of the people.
All that accept God as your Healer, Christ as you Healer, raise your hands please. Amen. Give us a chord of "I Will Praise Him." Everyone now, just put yourself, and let's worship Him. All right.
I will praise Him (All together now.), I will praise Him,
Praise the Lamb for sinners slain;
Give Him glory all ye people,
For His Blood has washed away each...
Can you realize His Presence? Let's raise your hands as we sing.
I will praise (Remember, worship Him, we're in His Presence.) I will praise Him,
Praise the Lamb... (That's good.)
Give Him glory all ye people...

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