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Prayer Line 57-06
57-pl-06, Prayer Line 57-06, 77 min

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57-0310e - Madison Square Garden, Phoenix, AZ (Paragraphs: 55 - 85)
L-56 Heavenly Father, bless these handkerchiefs, as I send them out to the meetings; in the Name of Jesus Christ, may Your Spirit move upon them. Grant it, Father. I pray in Jesus' Name. For the glory of God I ask it. Amen. Is that little jacket to be prayed over there, Brother Brown?
All right, everybody be reverent. And we're going to pray. How many's never been in one of my meetings, let's see your hand? Just oh, there's quite a number. Well, Christian friend, it is been my motive always to try to get people to believe without even touching them. I want them to believe in the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And I want them to accept Christ.
L-57 Now, we believe that Christ died and rose again. You believe that? I believe the Bible teaches He's the same yesterday, today and forever. You believe that? Then if He is the same, He's got to be everything the same except the corporal body. Now, that Body, when It comes, time shall be no more, how many knows that? Yes, when Jesus comes in His literal Body... But He come now in the form of the Holy Ghost. And He lives in His Church. He--we said, "We are the branches and He's the Vine." He just stands in us in Spirit manner, and feeds the gifts of the church. How many knows that? And He said, "The things that I do, shall you also." Did He say it? What did He do?
He never claimed to be a healer. How many knows that Jesus never claimed to be a healer? All right. Jesus said, "It's not me that doeth the works; it's My Father that dwelleth in Me, He doeth the works." He said, "I can do nothing except My Father shows me first." How many knows that? That's right. [Hebrews 13:8], [John 15:5], [John 14:10-12]
L-58 Passed right through a pool where there's thousands of people laying blind, halt, and withered, never touched a one of them. What if He done that in Phoenix tonight? He'd be criticized. He was then. He found a man laying on a little pallet, and He said, "Will thou be made whole?"
He said, "I have no one to put me in the water." He could walk; he wasn't crippled, nor blind. He had some kind of a trouble, maybe a prostate trouble, or tubercular; it was retarded. He had it thirty-eight years, wasn't going to kill him.
So he said, "I have no one to put me in the water. When I'm coming, somebody else steps down ahead of me."
He said, "Take up your bed and go to your house." Watch, He was looking around there till he found that man. [John 5:7-8]
L-59 Why, the Jews questioned Him. And He said, "Verily, verily I say unto you," Saint John 5:19, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing." Is that what He said? Saint John 5:19, look in your Bible. Jesus never performed one miracle without God showing Him, first, what to do, or He told something wasn't right, and then He wasn't God. "Verily, verily (that's absolutely, absolutely), I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing: that doeth the Son likewise. The Father worketh, and the Son worketh hitherto." That's right.
And we want to believe. We want to have faith. We want to believe that God will grant these things to us. And if He will come and present His Life here to us again, just the way He did it when He was here on earth, how many will accept it then. Say, "I believe it." Now, what is it? [John 5:19]
L-60 Of course you've been here with me for two weeks now. I don't claim to be a preacher; I mean (what I mean) a theologian preacher. I just love to talk about the Lord. But my gift is seeing visions. It's nothing nobody laid hands on me for. I don't believe you do that. "Gifts and callings are without repentance."
When I was born, just a baby, not over three minutes old, that Light stood over where I was. My people are Catholic; you know that. I come from a Catholic family, Irish. Both mother and father, my mother was--the blood was broke there. My mother was almost a half Cherokee Indian. That's right. If you'd see my mother walk across this platform, you wouldn't know her from an Indian. That's exactly right. She shows it; anyone who knows her knows that's true. [Romans 11:29]
L-61 But her mo--her mother was an Indian; her father was Irish. And they come from a Catholic family. But my father and mother didn't go to any church at all. But when I was borned up there in that little mountain cabin, they pushed the... They didn't have a window like you got here, nice glass windows, just an old door like; they pushed it back at five o'clock in the morning, and that Light circled in and stood over to where I was at.
Brother, I know He's God. I make my mistakes; it's nothing to me. I couldn't do nothing; you know that. But I've certainly told the truth, and God has vindicated to the millions that It's truth. And now there's scientific records shows It's truth, 'cause they took pictures of It in the United States and foreign countries, and took it before the examiners and everything. And they say a supernatural Light become natural and struck the lens. Amen. That's science. It's in Washington, DC They got the picture up here with George J. Lacy, the head of the FBI in fi--a--fingerprinting and doc--documents. That's right, the scientific world knows I've told the truth. The Church knows I've told the truth. God knows I've told the truth.
L-62 Now, if you'll believe me, then you'll have what you ask for. If you can believe that Jesus died and rose again, and died for your sins and sickness, accept it, just on the basis that He did it, you can have whatever you ask for. God will give it to you. May the Lord bless you now, while I turn to the audience, or to the sick line.
It's not necessary for you to be here. That has nothing to do with it. You just look out... How many don't have prayer cards and wants to be healed, let's see your hand. All right, you just look and believe. Have faith, see if God don't call you. [Matthew 21:22]
L-63 As the--the woman touched His garment, she went off and set down. And when she did, Jesus said, "Who touched Me?"
They--Peter said, "Why everybody's touching you."
He said, "But virtue went from me; I got weak." He looked around till He found that woman that touched Him, and He told her she had a blood issue; her faith had saved her. Jesus never touched her; she touched Him. See what I mean? When Jesus did anything, the Father showed Him what to do, but the people could touch Him and draw remunerations by their faith on Who He was. So you do the same thing, for He is the same tonight, and can do the same. The Lord bless you. All right. [Mark 5:30-34], [Luke 8:45-48]
L-64 See you're an usher; that's mighty nice, sir. I suppose between the two of us we've never met before. I guess we're strangers to each other. You shook hands with me one time. I mean I don't know you. But there's Someone here Who does know you, besides your friends, or who--your associates, your people, or whoever that's here with you, or whatmore, your church. There's One Who knows you; that's Christ. And if Jesus is the same, I'm saying this for the audience who hasn't been here before.
There was a man came to Him one time, and He knew where that man was from. And He told him he was a believer, a Christian. Said, it was a guy by the name of Philip went and got a man named Nathanael. Jesus told him he was a believer, and he--he couldn't understand that, 'cause He told him he was a Christian, a believer, what we call a Christian today. And he said, "When did you know me, Rabbi?"
He said, "Before Philip called you, when you was under the fig tree there, I saw you." He recognized that to be the Son of God. Now, if He's raised from the dead, He's obligated to His Word to do the same thing. Is that right, audience? [John 1:45-48]
L-65 Now, here's a man... Anybody want to take my place? You're welcome. See? I don't know the man. He knows I don't know him, and God knows I don't know him. Now, if the man is sick, I couldn't heal him. I have nothing to heal him with. But I'm trying to tell him that healing comes by God. God alone does the healing. Doctors don't heal. They set bones and remove tumors and--but God does the healing, because healing is creation, developing cells. So man can't do that, if he could, he could build a man. He only keeps the place clean with disinfects, keeps the germs out of it, while God knits it together and builds the tissues back. Healing is alone with God. So if any man tells you he's a healer, he's not telling the truth. Let him be whoever he may be, preacher or doctor, there's no Healer but God. I'll admit that doctors are wonderful; they're God's servants. Some of them are staunch Christians; some of them are not. We find the same thing amongst preachers. I find more believing doctors than I do believing preachers on Divine healing. Doctors many times... Why, doctors come to my home, set there in the room, ask prayer, great doctors of the nations. Certainly, they believe.
L-66 Now, this man and I, we're probably, maybe born many miles apart. I suppose I'm a little older than he is, but we--here we are meeting for our first time face to face this way. And him knowing and witnesses himself, I don't have one idea what he's standing there for. He's just a man. Now, if God will reveal to me what the man's here for, or something he's done, or something another that he knows that I know nothing about, will you believe? You believe that God gives it to you?
Now, see, God don't have any voice on earth but ours. How many knows that? No hands but ours... We are the branches; He's the Vine. And He just energizes us, and we bear the fruit, the Vine, or the branch. [John 15:5]
L-67 Now, that we are strangers and do not know each other, but if God will let me know what you're praying for... Now, you just speak to God about that. Then you're going to believe that God will give you what you ask for.
My brother, I see the man going way, way from me; he's really not from Phoenix. He's in a country different from this country. I believe it looks to me like Montana, up in the range country. And he's seeking the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and that's what he wants me to lay hands on him for. And besides that, he's praying for somebody else. It's a man, and he's a relative to you; he's a relative to you by marriage. He's your brother-in-law, I believe. And he's got a skin condition that you want me to pray for. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD.
L-68 You believe now? You believe, all of you? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Then, heavenly Father, I pray that You'll honor the faith of this people, and give to them that what they have need of. Bless this man for whatever he needs, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, my brother. Receive what you asked for; find it that way.
Now, that's more weakening than all the preaching I've done this week. Hm.
L-69 Now, here is a woman. Here's a beautiful picture of the Bible again. Here's a colored woman to a white man. There was a Samaritan talking to Jesus, a woman. And He said to the woman, "Go, get Me a drink, or, bring Me a drink."
She said, "You Jews have no dealing with we Samaritans. And it's not customary for you, a Jew, to ask a Samaritan such."
Jesus said, "But if you knew Who you were talking to, you'd ask Me for a drink." He let her know that there's no difference in the color of people. Black, white, brown, yellow, whatever it may be, they're all God's children from one tree, Adam. [John 4:7-10]
L-70 Now, here's a colored woman and myself, another picture of the Bible. I don't know the woman, never seen her in my life; we're total strangers. Is that right, lady? But you have a right to the Tree of Life. And you know, one time, when Jesus was going up the mountain, dragging that old rugged cross, dragging out these bloody footprints, some of your people picked it up and helped Him pack it on. You know that; He knows it too.
Now, if the Lord Jesus, talking to the Samaritan woman, told her where her trouble was. And she said as soon as He told her, that she told Him, that she didn't understand how this was... But she said, "Sir, I perceive that you're a Prophet." She said, "Now, we know when Messiah cometh, He will do these things, do all things." But she couldn't understand...?... that's why she thought He was a prophet. So that was the sign of the Messiah. To the Jew, that was the sign of the Messiah, to the Samaritans. Is that right?
Well, would it be the same Jesus that's raised from the dead, wouldn't that, if He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, wouldn't that be the sign of the Messiah to us if He's the same? Now, may He grant it to the woman. I don't say He will, but may He'll do it. [John 14:19-25], [Hebrews 13:8]
L-71 The lady, for one thing, I see her; she's extremely nervous. And by being nervous, there has developed something wrong with her inward parts, which is in her stomach. She has ulcerated stomach; it's a peptic ulcer which is caused from nervousness: Causes your food to sour and ferment, belching it up, and so forth. And you've been in a hospital for tubercular. That's right. But you don't have to go now; it's finished. Your faith has made you well. God bless you, lady, and may His grace be sufficient to you. May the Lord add His blessing.
L-72 Now, His attitude here is His attitude to you. Be reverent. Don't doubt; believe.
Now, here stands a little lady. I guess this is our first time meeting in life. I don't know you, far as I know. You might know me, but I don't know you. We're strangers to each other. If that's right, raise up your hand. But God does know you, and if you... Both of us being, you a white woman, me a white man... You are a Christian, and you're suffering with a tremendous nervousness, which is, a lot, due to the time of life that you're living in. And you have just had a heart attack. And there's something about a--a hospital; you've been in a hospital. And you're something represented here. You know Brother Moore by some means. And you're formerly from the south anyhow. That's exactly the truth. Now, go home; it's over. God bless; your faith did it, lady.
L-73 Supposing us to be strangers to each other, sister... I don't know you and you don't know me. If that's true would you just raise up your hand so the people would know?
L-74 You believe God would heal you of that back trouble, lady, right there, the Spanish lady? Got spinal trouble. You did have it; you don't have it now. Your faith has made you whole. I want to ask you, if you'll raise up; she's well now. What happened? Who did she touch? The Bible said that He's a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities. She touched something. You can touch the same thing, the Lord Jesus. [Hebrews 4:15]
L-75 Have faith. Look, little lady; believe. I don't know you, but God does know you. You are suffering with something that's on your right side, right under the ribs; it's a gallbladder, with a liver, gallbladder, gallstones like. And you have... I believe you've come from somewhere else too, here. And haven't you been in a hospital? But they didn't operate, and that was up in California, San Francisco. That's right. And now that I've got your spirit, you flew down here; you flew in a plane down here to be prayed for. You're supposed to go back in about a month. But I don't think you'll have to do it. I believe your faith has settled it, lady, and you'll be well. O eternal God, bless this dear little woman and make her well through Jesus Christ. Amen.
L-76 Be reverent. I don't know you, of course, lady. But God does know you. But if God will let me know what you're here praying for, will you believe Him?
L-77 Little boy setting there has epilepsy. You believe the Lord Jesus make you well? You do? If you do it, little fellow, you can go home and be made well, in Christ's Name. What did he touch? Blessed be the Lord Jesus Christ.
L-78 You suffering nervously. And then in that it's caused a stomach condition in there, which causes a burning in your stomach. It's acid. Your nerves are such a fix, that jumps out from the pancreas, secretions of acid, and it's burning your stomach. And you're praying for someone else: a paralyzed friend. That's right. To heal, I can't. But a gift of God will make manifest every time. Come here. O blessed Jesus, I bless this little woman in the Name of Christ that she will receive that which she's asked for. Amen.
L-79 You Spanish? But you can speak a little English. That's what I knew, just a little bit. But you will be able now to understand it because the Anointing is on you. I am your brother, but that which is on you is your Saviour. You come for me to pray for you for a rupture condition. And that's the navel is ruptured. You're from--not from this city; you're from a city down south: Tucson. You got a little crippled girl down there you want me to pray for. O Jesus, Thou Son of God, be merciful and heal, in Christ's Name. Amen.
L-80 Cancer, skin cancer, but do you believe that Christ will heal you? If thou canst believe, you could be made well. In Jesus Christ's Name may it be so. Amen. Have faith.
You believe God heal you of that sinus trouble? You do? All right, then you can have what you asked for; just raise up your hand to God, setting on the end of the seat. All right, you can go home well.
And this lady has asthmatic trouble. That's right. Go home well too. The Lord Jesus bless.
It could cripple you, this arthritis, and put you in a bed or in a wheelchair. But if you'll believe with all your heart, God can remove that acid from the blood and make you well. You believe it? O blessed Jesus, I ask for the healing of my brother in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. God bless you now. Don't doubt; go, believing. [Mark 9:23]
L-81 You're a healthy looking man, but the heart is something that doesn't show whether it's healthy or not. But God can heal that. Do you believe it with all your heart? Then come here. Blessed heavenly Father, I bless this man in Jesus' Name, for his healing. Amen. God bless you, sir. Believe now with all your heart. [Mark 16:17-18]
L-82 Dost thou believe the Son of God could heal you from the lady's trouble and the arthritis too and make you well? Do you believe that? Then the Bible said, "These signs shall follow them that believe." Do you believe I believe Him? Then, "These signs shall follow them, they lay hands on the sick, they'll recover." Then I ask for her healing in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Have faith.
Wouldn't you like to eat again like you used to, that old stomach be well? You believe me to be God's prophet? Well then, go, eat in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
You're nervous? The nervous trouble is what you think. You're always crossing bridges before you get to it. In that it's create an acid condition, which make you have arthritis. That's right. You believe me to be God's prophet? Then go and receive your healing in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
Like to eat again like you used to? Go, get you a nice hamburger and eat in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
L-83 [Someone speaks in tongues--Ed.] Amen. If thou canst believe, all things are possible. Do you believe it, lady, look down at me with the high blood pressure, setting there. You believe it? The line cleared down; there you set. That's what you're suffering with. Now, if you believe me to be God's prophet put your hand over on the other lady setting next to you. Now, you want to get...?... varicose veins, lady, be made well? Raise your hand up if you do. All right, you can have what you ask for. [Mark 9:23]
L-84 Do you believe? All right, lady, look here just a minute. Do you believe me to be His servant with all your heart? I could not heal you, for I have nothing to heal with, but He's Whose Presence you're in can heal you. You're suffering with a trouble, nervousness, and you got a spine that bothers you, which is a slipped vertebrae. Also you have hemorrhoids. That's true. And besides that, you want me to pray for somebody else. That's your daughter. She has kidney trouble. She lives in California. And she's unsaved, and you got a broke up home. That's exactly right. You believe? Then go and receive what you ask for in Jesus Christ's Name.
L-85 You believe? O Lord, help our unbelief. This is a crucial moment. I love you with Christian love. I told you the truth by God's Word. And God has vindicated that it is the truth. Now, here's perfectly the truth. Jesus Christ has healed every one of you. You're every one healed, if you can believe it. What more would have to be done? Do you believe it? Stand up on your feet, and expect it'll be made well in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

57-0322 - Oakland Municipal Auditorium, Oakland, CA (Paragraphs: 71 - 98)
L-72 A little woman touched His garment (as I said awhile ago), and went and set down. And He recognized that somebody had touched Him. He got weak. And He went... If you want to know about weakness, read the 11th chapter of Daniel when you go home tonight, or over anywhere in the Bible, the virtue and the pool and so forth. And Jesus said, "I got weak. Virtue, strength went from Me." And He looked around over the audience, everybody denying it.
And finally He found the woman, and He said, "Thy faith has saved thee," knew she had a blood issue. And her faith touched Him, and not her finger, "Her faith touched Me." "Thy fingers touched...?" No, "Thy faith has saved thee." See? "Thy faith has saved thee."
Now, if Christ is raised from the dead, and a High Priest that can still be touched by the feeling of our infirmities, you look to the High Priest and pray and see what He tells you. And just do that once and find out. You without prayer cards that's not going to be called, you just look that way, and believe with all your heart, and see what the Lord Jesus will do for you. [Mark 5:30-34], [Hebrews 4:15]
L-73 All right, is this the patient? Now, be real reverent as we try our best now, to just submit myself to the Spirit, the Holy Spirit. And don't move around. If you'll just hold your place, just for a few minutes... Mr. Arganbright and them will be watching. I... It's in a--a different world; it's in another dimension, and it's going out to see visions. And anyone knows what affect that has. And just be real reverent. Keep quiet. Just look and live. Believe with all your heart and see what the Holy Spirit will say.
Now, isn't this a wonderful time? Now, it's either the truth or it isn't the truth. If Christ isn't the same, then that Bible's wrong and it's all wrong. But if it is, we ought to die by it. That's right. It's truth. Oh, America, America, wake quickly.
L-74 Now, there was a Jew one time went and got another Jew. And one that went was named Philip; went and found Nathanael under a tree, praying, brought him back in the Presence of Jesus; and Jesus told him he was a believer.
And he said, "How did you know me, Rabbi?"
Said, "Before Philip called you, I saw you when you were under the tree. How many knows that's true? St. John 1. How did He see him thirty miles around the mountain? But He had God in Him. He saw a vision. You believe that? [John 1:48]
L-75 The woman, so forth... He saw what the Father showed Him. And this man knowed that it was the Spirit of the Messiah. Would you believe the same thing?
The woman that He told at the well she had five husbands, she said, "Now, we know when the Messiah cometh, He will do these things. But Who are You?"
He said, "I'm He that speaks to you."
She thought He was a prophet. If that was the sign of the Messiah then, it's the sign of the Messiah today if He is the same Messiah. That's right. [John 4:18, 25-26]
L-76 Now, here's this man standing here. He's standing here, in his throat, praying. I never seen the man, don't know him. We're strangers to each other? All right. If we are strangers to each other, just two men met here on earth for the first time, then if our blessed Lord will come and anoint me with His Spirit, and will say to you something... Well, He... When Peter come to Him, He knowed Peter's name. And when others... He knowed other's name when the Father revealed it. And if He would... Or He knowed what the people had need of, what they were praying for as the Father showed Him.
Well, now, if He will come tell me something that you know that I don't know nothing about, would you believe that it was Him? You know it would have to be supernatural. But then, it's your attitude towards what it is. Now, you know that I never seen you and know nothing of you. This is our first time ever meeting. Somebody, either Leo, Gene, Billy, or somebody give you a prayer card and here you are; you're just called up on the platform, and that's all.
Now, believe now. In Christ' Name I take every spirit in here under my control for the glory of God. Now, the Angel that you see on the picture, He's here at the platform now. Now, if that isn't the truth it'll declare not to be the truth. If it is the truth, it'll declare to be the truth. [John 1:42]
L-77 Now, I'm just speak with the man as our Lord did with the apostles when they--He met them and with the woman. The man... It seemingly that he is going from me (if the audience still picks up my voice). And I see the man all disturbed about something. He's extremely nervous. But his nervousness is a worry that he's having. And that is because of a... Oh, he's shadowed, it's a cancer. That's right. It's a cancer. And that cancer is on your left shoulder. That's right.
You believe me to be His prophet. Then you're in the Presence not of your brother, but you're in the Presence of Him. Mr. Phillips, do you believe that? []...?... too, that's right, that's your name. That's right. You believe now? Then come and let us pray.
Blessed heavenly Father, in the Presence of the great Holy Spirit we bow our heads as believing children, and ask that this, our brother's life be spared and he be made well for the glory of Almighty God. We ask it in Christ' Name. Amen. Blessings on you, brother. Go believing now and be made well.
L-78 If thou canst believe... How do you do, lady? I suppose this is our first time ever meeting in life? It's our first time. But do you believe that you're in His Presence? You're aware that something is going on since you moved up here. If the audience can see the expression on the face of the woman... See? It's--it is--it is the Holy Spirit and His blessings.
Now, I have no idea what you're here for, after I have never seen you and know nothing of you. Then it would take God's Holy Spirit to reveal to me. And now, if He would say to you like He said to the woman at the well, where your trouble is, would you believe it? All right, may He grant it. I see you're nervous, and then you got a heart trouble that you're praying for. That's exactly right. Now, if that's right raise up your hand. [Mark 9:23], [John 4:17]
L-79 Now you see, now, He told her ever what it was. Now, that wasn't my voice... It might've been my voice, but it wasn't me using it, 'cause I don't know how to use it. It's Him. It's just submitted to Him. See? Now, more you talk to the woman, more He would tell. Let's talk to the woman just a minute.
Now, I don't know what He told you, but let's see now if He would say something. Yes, it is your heart trouble. That's right. Nervous heart, fluttering, especially when you lay down... That's right. It's a nervous heart. Gas backs around it and stops it off. That's right.
And you are... You're not from around here, I don't believe. You're from a way away from here, and you're husband's a minister. And that is from a country where it's real cold. It's... You've some connection... I see Ernest Fandler. You're from Alaska; Fairbanks, Alaska. That's exactly right. All right. Do you believe on the Lord Jesus? Then go; your disease has left you, and your faith has made you whole. God bless you.
L-80 How do you do, lady? You and I are strangers to each other, and here is a picture of St. John 4. It's a man and a woman. And the woman that came to our blessed Saviour, she was a Samaritan. And He was a Jew. And when He told her to bring Him a drink, she said, "It's not customary for you Jews to ask us Samaritans such. We have no dealings one with another." Now, there was a segregation like it is down in the southlands between the white and colored. But Jesus let them know right quick there's no difference; we're all Adam's race. But the same picture, as it were... [John 4:7-9]
L-81 Now, you're here for help. And if God will tell me what your trouble is, will you believe on Him with all your heart? Will the audience do the same? The lady has a tumor that she wants me to pray for her. You want me tell you where that's at? It's on the breast, and it's on your right breast. That's right. Now, go and believe and it'll leave you. You believe? Then go and be healed in Christ's Name. I want to lay my hands upon you. Amen. God bless you.
L-82 Come, my sister. You believe that God would heal this sinus trouble that you have, lady, setting on the front seat? You're healed. You're faith has made you whole. Oh, it's been bothering you for a long time. Now, you know you feel different right now. It's gone from you; just keep believing. It won't return if you'll believe. A...
L-83 We are strangers to each other, I suppose. We do not know each other. But this is probably our first time ever meeting in life. But our blessed Lord Jesus knows you. What do you think happened to that woman? What did she do? The lady's just setting there, just a woman walked in the meeting. And the blessed Holy Spirit... She just touched the High Priest. He just spoke back and I couldn't help it. I turned and seen that Light hanging over the woman. A vision broke, and I spoke what He said, and that did it. See?
She touched something. Not me, did she? She's too far from me to touch me. But she touched the supernatural, the blessed heavenly Father, the Lord Jesus, His Son. And if you will just believe the same way, you can do the same thing. You believe Him? You are here for me to pray for you for a condition of the stomach. And you've had cancer, and the cancer in the stomach... And you've had an operation, and part of the stomach and the intestinal tract has been removed. And the thing has come back again, and you're coming for me to pray. And you're afraid you're going to have to have another operation for this cause. And your husband needs prayer. He has veins trouble in his legs, varicose veins. That's true. THAT'S THUS SAITH THE LORD.
L-84 Now, you in His Presence and you've had an up-and-down life, too, as I noticed in passing. You've never come to the spot where you could feel exactly where you was satisfied with your experience with Christ. That... I'm not reading your mind. But that's true. And that's why you're here tonight. Now, will you accept Him in this fullness and believe Him with all your heart while you're in His Presence? You will?
O blessed Holy Spirit, come to this penitent soul tonight and give unto her the deep desires of her life, and may she be healed by Thy power and filled with Thy Spirit. I ask it in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, sister... be upon you. Go and live now. God be with you.
L-85 If thou canst believe, all things are possible. The man sitting right back here looking to me. He has been suffering from an operation, setting right here. You are a stranger to me. Do you have a prayer card? You don't? All right. Stand up to your feet just a moment. No, the man behind you, sir. It's the Angel of the Light is on him. You just come in and set down. And you've had an operation, and you got ill effects of that operation. It doesn't heal up right. You have like pus around it that it won't heal. That's right, isn't it? And you have come tonight that you would accept Christ for your Healer. If that's right, wave your hand. Now, go, and your faith makes you whole. God bless you...?... [Mark 9:23]
L-86 Do you believe on the Lord Jesus? Just look and live. Now, lady, we are strange to each other, I suppose. We've never met in life. But the Lord Jesus knows the both of us. And if the Lord Jesus in His blessed resurrection will let me know what you're asking Him for, will you receive me as His servant? Then His servant would be truthful. And then if I am truthful, God will speak back that it is the truth. That's right. That would be a vindication that Christ is raised from the dead. You're suffering... I see you moving from a table. You have a stomach trouble that bothers you. Then you also have a female trouble that causes a drainage-like, and that is a--some sort of an abscess or something inside. Then you also have an examination of little cysts, and they're on your right breast: Three of them on your right breast. That's right. Correctly. Then go on your road believing and receive your healing in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
L-87 How do you do, sir? I suppose that we are strangers to each other. The Lord Jesus knows us both. And if the heavenly Father Who knows you and He knows me, and if He will help us to become His children in a submitted way, that He can use both of us now... We're both men and life is dear to both of us. And if I could in any way do something to help you, sir, I would do it. But I--I can't do it being just a man. But He can as God. Then as I being your brother, and He will reveal to me what you're asking Him for. Then will you receive it? You will.
L-88 Now, there is a man praying that it appears here at the platform that looks something like you. The man's sitting right there; he just raised his head from prayer. Yes, you that straightened up: dark hair. You're suffering with a nervous condition and a throat trouble. That is right. And you're a minister of the Gospel. That's right. You're not from this city. You're from a place called Live Oak, California. And you're A. C. Schnelling. That's correct. Go on your road, brother, and be made well in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Amen. God bless you my Brother. Have faith in God.
L-89 You're a minister too. That's exactly right. And you're not from this country. You're from another state: Oregon. That's correct. And you have lost your--one of your senses, which is smelling. That's correct. And your wife there with you, she has trouble with her hip. That's correct. And your boy back there has gland trouble. And you were praying because this is an emergency; you've got to leave after tonight. That's correct. THAT'S THUS SAITH THE LORD. Go and be made well in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
L-90 Do you believe, sister, that He will make you well? Come here just a moment. Blessed Jesus, touch the woman and make her well. Amen.
If thou canst believe... You believe for the child? You believe the Lord Jesus take the trouble from its back kidney, make it well and make--and--and... Do you believe it, that you'll get well, sweetheart? Come here just a moment. O blessed Father, in the Name of Thy Child, the Lord Jesus, we pray that You'll heal the little girl and make her well. Amen. God bless you, honey. Don't doubt. Go on your road rejoicing and be made well. God bless you, sir.
L-91 What do you think, setting there on the end of the seat, sir, suffering with catarrh? You believe Christ will make you well? All right. If you believe it, you can have it. That scared you. You didn't know you had that much faith. Faith is an unconscious thing. Just have faith and believe. If thou canst believe... Your wife's deaf and you want her prayed for too. Isn't that right? Certainly is.
What did you think, lady with the red hat on, when you raised around? Would you like to get over that stomach and gallbladder trouble? You would? That's what you had. If you'll believe, you can be made well too. Just accept it and say, "Lord Jesus, I believe."
Do you believe, sister, too? Blessed Holy Spirit, bless her I pray in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Have faith now. Don't doubt. [Mark 9:23]
L-92 Lady, there's many out there suffering with your trouble: heart trouble. And do you believe that the Lord Jesus will make you well? Let me show you something. All that has heart trouble, raise up your hand out there. Raise up your hands. Go ahead. I want to show you something. See there. How are you going to divide which one is? See? It's just a massive pull now. You see? Just a constant... The Holy Spirit is here moving. That's the reason it's hard to catch one (See?) is because it's the Spirit of God pulling so hard. But if every one of you will believe when we pray for this woman, every one of you will be healed. You believe it? Let's pray. O blessed Jesus, we now condemn the devil because that he's nothing but a bluff, and we won't receive him. And we are charging in Jesus Christ's Name that he leave every person in here suffering like this woman. And her also, may he leave her in Jesus' Name. Amen.
"Prayer of faith shall save the sick. God shall raise them up." [James 5:15]
L-93 A lady's trouble, female... And now that the anointing has struck the whole building, it's just hard for me to see out there. But there's many out there suffering with the same thing. Ladies with lady's troubles raise up your hands, out through the audience, balconies and everywhere. See? If you can believe, each one of you will be made well. Do you believe? Let's bow our heads. Bring the other patients. Blessed heavenly Father, I pray that You'll bless this dear woman and all those who are out there. May they be perfectly made well as I charge the devil through Jesus Christ's Name, to leave this people. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go, believing.
L-94 Give me the baby. Oh, it's cross-eyed. Bring it here. My blessed Redeemer, as this little mother comes bringing her darling, and it looks up with its little eyes crossed, Thou art God and can heal. Now, the child is too young to have faith. It doesn't just know what faith is. But, Lord, we as Your servants, believe for the child. And I charge this evil thing that's crossed the eyes of this little baby to leave the child. Come out from it. I adjure thee, by Jesus the living Christ, that you leave the child, and I ask that these eyes be uncrossed in Christ's Name. I want every head bowed just a moment till I look at the baby first.
Now, you say, "Why did you pray for that baby different you did from the adults?" They can have their own faith; this is a baby.
L-95 I want to look at its eyes. Look this way, sweetheart. Look this... Follow my finger like this. Over here, look over this way. Now look back this a way. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. The little baby's perfectly normal and well. Only... His little eyes has been uncrossed. Let me show you. Look up this way, honey. Now, follow my finger. Look at my finger. Right here, look at my finger. Look this way; follow my finger. Now, look back this a way. Can you see it? It's perfectly nor... Look up towards them lights there, honey. Look up towards those lights there. The baby is perfectly normal, and its eyes are uncrossed. Oh, bless the Lord, sister. Your darling is yours now for good with good, straight eyes. Does that remind you of Africa, the little cross-eyed baby? Oh, isn't the Lord Jesus graceful and blessed?
L-96 Now, do you believe with all your heart that He's here and raised from the dead? Now, put your hands over on each other for a congregational prayer and each one of you will be healed. Don't doubt. Have faith. That's right. Now, you repeat this prayer as I pray it. You repeat it. O God, [Congregation repeats after Brother Branham--Ed.] I believe in God Almighty, Creator of heavens and earth. I believe in Jesus Christ, His Son, has raised Him from the dead and He is alive forever more. I now confess all my sins and ask forgiveness. And in the Presence of the Holy Spirit, I now accept my healing in the Name of God's Son, Jesus Christ.
L-97 Now, you just keep real quiet now. Just set in with God. Just keep thinking the goodness of God coming right into you, God projecting His love and power and healing right in you. Believe it. Now, I'm going to pray for you.
Now, there's only one thing to keep you from being normal and well. That's that little dark shadow hanging in the building. That's unbelief. If that can ever leave, the whole thing's settled. Do... can... What more could God do? Here's His Word. Here's His Spirit. I have spoke the truth. He's confirmed it tens of thousands of times without one error. He's here. He makes the blind to see, the lame to walk, the cross-eyes to be straight. He never fails. He can't fail. There's one thing God cannot do; that's fail. He cannot fail. So He's here. And I'm going to pray that God will make this unbelief leave the building and every one of you can rise in Christ's Name and be healed.
L-98 O God, they have... Their words are still moving through the air. If there was some kind of a screen could pick it up, and there is; It's a great screen of God's Holy Spirit. And you heared their confession. And now, the devil has trying to hold these people, and I take the authority of representing my blessed Lord, Who raised from the dead and is here tonight. And in the Name of Jesus Christ, I charge every doubt to leave this room, in Jesus' Name. And I pray that God Almighty will rush the faith into the people's hearts, that with one accord this entire group of people may be healed instantly right now. In Jesus Christ's Name may it be so. Amen. That's it. Stand to your feet and be made well in Christ Jesus' Name.

57-0323 - Oakland Municipal Auditorium, Oakland, CA (Paragraphs: 61 - 81)
L-62 That's the same way it is by Divine healing. We've got to come on His terms by faith. First it's by the Word: "Faith cometh by hearing, hearing the Word." Then the spiritual gift that's set in the Church to manifest the Presence of Christ. If they're a true gift they will manifest the Presence of Christ. And then that makes Him the same yesterday, today, and forever.
Now, D? Where we been calling? 1 and 50 and 100 and 85, somewhere? Let's call somewhere different tonight. Let's call from say 35. Who has prayer card D-35? Would you raise up your hand? We'll just get a few up here. You don't have to... Look around at your card now. []
Two people, perhaps, together. And when they went out and they couldn't give out prayer cards. There's no way of doing it. They couldn't speak them languages. So I just had a missionary go get two or three out of this tribe, and two or three out of that tribe, and bring them up. And the first was a Mohammedan woman. And It begin to speak and to tell her of what had happened. I asked her if she'd ever read the New Testament.
"Yes." [Romans 10:17], [Hebrews 13:8], [John 5:19]
L-63 And she was an Indian, and then I said, "Do you know what the New Testament says about Jesus?"
I said, "Did He claim to be a healer?"
I said, "Then what did He claim that He would do?" What... Just what I've just got through saying.
"I do nothing except the Father shows Me, and what He shows Me that I do." Saint John 5:19. She believed it.
I said, "Then the woman who was at the well, He reveal to her just her secret place of her sins, told her what her need was?" I said, "If He would do that same thing to you, you know we don't know each other, would you believe it?"
"Yes." She put up her hand. Just about that time what was I doing? Contacting her spirit. There when it was told to her that her husband had taken her to a doctor, or Indian doctor that had a black mustache and wearing a gray suit, told her he went two or three days before that whenever it was. And he waited in the hall while the doctor examined. And he found a cyst on the breast or something like that.
She said, "That's true."
And I said, "Well, why did you come to me? If you're a Mohammedan why did you come to me as a Christian?"
Said, "I'd..." She said through the interpreter; she believed I could help her.
And when God did that I said, "Now, do you accept Christ as your personal Saviour?"
L-64 She raised her hand, and condemned Mohammedanism, and accepted Christ. And ten thousand Mohammedans accepted Christ right there on the grounds. That's right. And at the end when others come, and when they seen the marvelous works of God... A little old boy standing there, He had told him, said, "You were born in a Christian home."
"Yes." I couldn't help him. He... The little boy cross-eyed. His little old eyes just as crossed as they could be, he was standing as far as the end of that platform.
There'd been a British doctor there, and he wanted to say that he knowed God was in them big lilies, great big calla lilies growed wild. He said, "God was in the lilies, but he couldn't understand how that God could be there to do anything, so he could imagine that I had a telepathy."
And I said, "Look, sir. This is not a telepathy. It is the power of the resurrection of Christ." And that little boy standing there, his little belly bloody from eating his little blood diet, I looked at him. I said, "He is a Zulu." And his mother, I seen when she showed him to the father, when he was born he was cross-eyed when he was born. Way back out, three times the distance of this almost, a couple stood up, there was the father and mother of the child. That was right. I said, "I couldn't heal him," certainly had nothing to heal him with. When I looked back and his little eyes was just as straight as mine. I said, "There he is. I never touched him, and he's healed." That's right.
L-65 This doctor said, "I can't understand." He asked me that, "How that that could be? What did you do? Did you hypnotize that child?"
I said, "No, sir. I wasn't even around him." I said, "Doctor, they give you license to practice medicine in England? And you don't know no more about hypnotism than to think that hypnotism would straighten crossed eyes? "Why," I said, "if hypnotism will straighten crossed eyes, you'd better practice hypnotism." That's right.
And he said, "What did it?"
I said, "The power of the Lord Jesus Christ."
L-66 And he went up there and said, "I want to accept Him as my personal Saviour." And when I was leaving at Johannesburg, that doctor had quit his practicing of medicine, and was going out on to the mission fields to preach the Gospel, and pray for the sick. And when he throwed his arms around me to kiss me good-bye, out there, on the neck at the--at Johannesburg, the man begin to speak in unknown tongues, a British doctor. Yes, sir.
There is power, power, wonder-working power
In the blood of the Lamb,
There is power, power, wonder-working power
In the precious blood of the Lamb.
L-67 You believe that? That day at Durban when they had seen those things, a woman come to the platform. I see it. Sometimes it turns dark around the people. I know they're not going to live. I don't say it because prayer could change that again, but this day the reason I said it, I seen the funeral procession of the woman. It was a past tense then. I said, "Lady, you're not very sick." Told her what was wrong with her. She was a Boer, white woman. And I said, "You're not very sick. You just have a "certain-certain."
Said, "That's right."
L-68 But I said, "You prepare for death, for you're not going to live but just a little bit." And she walked off the platform, walked out in the audience, and dropped dead. That's right. If I could've healed her, I'd have done it, but I can only say what I see. That's right. And now, I seen that procession going on, and that's the reason I pronounced it. A lot of times I see it turn dark under the people; I'll say, "Well, go, and may the Lord bless you," or something like that, because prayer could change it. You see?
We had time to go into it would be different, but I'm searching, brethren. I've got something in my heart. I know that the Pentecostal church is gone haywire on some things. And I started from New York and to the west coast to do my best to try to shake it out if I possibly can. And if that great, lovely church that I've stood up for, and being a Baptist has stood between the church, and tried my best to bridge that thing, and tear down them denominational barriers, and make us brothers in one great front to go forth for Christ... I've done my very best. But I've put it to God. I am at the end of the road. I've preached just as hard as I could.
L-69 A few weeks ago in Phoenix, when I had preached on Sunday afternoon, where there's divisions, and men wouldn't hardly speak to one another. I seen around two hundred ministers or better, walk down to the altar, and shake one another's hands, and cry over one another's shoulders, and say they'd never fuss or be different with one another again. Let that great Church of God take that attitude tonight, and I'll show you a revival that'll ought to sweep this nation and tear down every nest of hell there is. Brother, we can preach till we're hoarse and our lungs fall out, until the people make a move, you'll never do nothing. That's right. You've got to make them move and believe it. Brethren, do it tonight. Do it tonight. Stand up for the Word. Stand for the living Word of the living God. God will manifest it. Amen.
L-70 Sorry to hold you like this. Bring the lady. Now, you realize, friends... How many's been in my meetings before? How... I mean out here but way out of the city somewhere when the manager's used to speak, how much difference it was? Certainly. This is two different anointings. This is anointing now. I've been preaching, and now you have to change right back and yield yourself to a Spirit. It's the same Spirit, many gifts, the same Spirit, but now yield over. It's never like it should be when it's this a way. If I could come right from my room right here under the anointing, I could stay twice as long. But if I have to do my own preaching, and everything else, there you are. See? It doesn't, but the thing of it is...
L-71 Here's a woman standing here. The woman's totally a stranger to me. I never seen her in my life. Is that right, lady? Are we strangers to each other? You saw me before. Was it in a meeting? Oh, just you was out in the audience and saw me. Well, I mean: I don't know you, and you don't know me. And there's no way that I have of knowing you or anything about it, 'less you'd tell me something now. But if you are here and wanting something from God, and you a woman, me a man (And you are a Christian.), then if--if the Lord will reveal to me what you're here for, will you believe it, accept it, believe that you will receive what you ask for? See? Now, 'course, it's up to you. You're the one that's needy. It--it isn't me.
L-72 Every--every patient, it's--it's you all, friends. It's not me. You're the one. I'm just here yielding myself. And no matter how great this gift would be, it'll never work unless you work it yourself. Jesus came into a city. They said, "Now, we heard He done great works over yonder. Let's see Him do it over here."
And Jesus marveled at their unbelief, "And many mighty works He could not do..." Is that right? That was Son of God. Many works He could not do because of their unbelief. It's your faith in a finished work.
Like I tell the woman. I've watched them walk to the platform, and as soon as they're real spiritual catch that expression of that anointed Angel, when He's standing over. It just the Logos, the Son of God. Immediately they are under the anointing; they realize it. Watch the Spirit go to work then. Watch what happens. Then you hear them years from then testifying, "It's all gone. It's all over."
L-73 Some will walk through and say, "Well now, I guess so. Now, I hope so." Brother, you might as well kept your seat. That's all there is to it. It'll never do you one speck of good. That's right. It's your faith in a finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ. That's right.
Now, you without prayer cards, I want you to believe. I want you to accept the Lord Jesus as your Healer. I want you to look this a way, and I want you to believe it with all that is within you. I want you to believe, and may He grant the blessings that you're asking for, is my sincere prayer.
Now, just be reverent. We're in the Presence of God. And please for the next few minutes, don't walk around. Just--just let me stay ten minutes, will you? If you'll just set still that long, maybe God will do something that will confirm it. If He will do it to this one woman, it ought to settle the whole thing. How many believes that?
L-74 When Moses went down to do a sign before Israel, every time he met a Israelite, say...?... look here. "Watch how I can do with my hand, heal it with leprosy." See? Then "Come here, Israelite. I want to show you I can do this same thing." See? He didn't do that. He did it once and that settled it. See? If it's so, it's so.
If the audience now looking, believing... The woman is shadowed with death. Exactly. There's a black shadow hanging to the woman which means it's following her. It won't be very long; she won't be here on earth unless she gets help from God. The woman is extremely nervous. She's suffering with a heart condition, and another thing she has a cancer, and the cancer is in the womb. That's exactly the truth. That's right, raise up your hand.
L-75 Now, it's up to you. It's your approach. When Martha come to Jesus, look like she could've upbraided Him and say, "Why didn't You come to my brother?"
But she didn't; she said, "Lord, if You'd been here, my brother had not died. But even now, whatever You ask God, God will do it." And God rewarded her.
You believe now that--that God has done this for you so that you can be made well? You believe it, lady? Come here and let me pray with you.
Blessed heavenly Father, I lay hands on this dying woman, as the servant of God, I ask with all my heart that You'll heal this poor woman, and let her get well. I bless her in Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go, believe now with all your heart. All right. [John 11:21]
L-76 We are strangers to each other, are we, lady? You have on glasses, and that's one of the things you want to be prayed for is your eyes. That's right. Then you're a little nervous, and here's something I see show up. It a--it's something in your mouth, a sore in your mouth you want prayed for. That's right. That's a hidden thing. People would say, "Well, sure, she had on glasses." You believe me to be His prophet? Mrs. Phillips, if you would believe with all your heart, you could be healed. Do you believe that? Just...?... All right, return to your home now and be made well in the Name Jesus Christ.
How do you do, sir. We are strangers to each other, sir? I've never seen you in my life. This is our first time meeting. If the Lord God of heaven will reveal to me what you're here for, sir, would you believe it with all your heart? You're a preacher. I see you at the pulpit. And then you've got all mixed up with some kind of a spiritual problem. That's right. And you got gland trouble. That is right. That's right. And another thing you want prayer for your wife. And your wife's got throat trouble. That's right, isn't it? Go receive what you've asked for in the Name of the Lord Jesus...?... Amen. [Mark 11:22], [Mark 9:23]
L-77 Have faith in God. Don't doubt. Believe. What do you think, setting there on the end of the seat, sir, praying? You believe God would heal you with the heart trouble and make you well? You do? You were praying for me to call you for that heart trouble. That's right. All right. You can receive it. It's true. Go home and believe it.
Man setting next to you has got sinus trouble and something wrong with his chest. Is that right, sir? Raise up your hand. That's right. Now, isn't that wonderful? Who did you touch? Jesus Christ. That's right. Amen. He said, "If thou canst believe, thou can receive."
L-78 The colored lady setting right next to you there has got heart trouble also. That's right, isn't it, lady? That's right. Now, you haven't got it. You had it awhile ago, but you haven't got it. The white woman setting behind you on the next seat, do you believe me, lady, to be God's prophet? Yeah. You're looking at one another. Wonderful, isn't it? You both believe God? This woman on this side has a tumor, the one on the other side has heart trouble. That's exact... If that's right, raise up your hands. Now you haven't got it. Now, go home and be well. Amen.
You believe with all your heart? He said, "Thou... If thou canst believe..." I'm a stranger to you. I don't know you, but God does know you. If God will reveal to me what you're here for, will you accept it with all your heart? You're suffering with a lady's trouble, which is female trouble, and you have a knot, and that knot's in your right side. That's right, isn't it? Now, you believe me to be His prophet? Say, I see a little girl appear too. [] It's a little girl. That child has something wrong with his stomach, and it has kidney trouble. Isn't that right? Go home, and may it be that handkerchief put on it and be made well, in the Name of Jesus Christ. [Mark 9:23], [Acts 19:12]
L-79 "If thou canst believe, all things are possible." Are you believing? The Bible said, "If thou canst believe, all right, you can have it."
We're strangers to each other, I suppose. We've never met in life. God knows both of us. "If thou canst believe, all things are possible."
What do you think, little lady, with the red coat on setting there? You touched Him. You've been nervous, haven't you? That's right. You don't have it now. It's left you. Put your hand over on the lady next to you, because she's had sinus for a long time. That's right. Uh-huh. That's right.
What do you think about it, lady? You believe me to be God's prophet?
What about you, sir? You've had epilepsy. Do you believe God will heal you of epilepsy? Then believe with all your heart and you can have what you asked for.
"If thou canst believe, all things are possible." [Mark 9:23]
L-80 What do you think, little lady, with the dark hair, setting right back there? Believe with all your heart? God will heal you of heart trouble. You believe it? Put your hand on the man next to you. He has high blood pressure. You believe it with all your heart, sir, that you'll be made well? Then you can go home and be made well. Jesus Christ make you well.
I challenge your spirit, before Christ, to believe that I've told you the truth, because I've told you the Word of God. This lady's a stranger to me. I've never seen her. So are you strangers. I don't know you. Why do you have to wait? Believe on the Lord Jesus. Have faith in God.
Here's a lady. This will settle it for the whole group of you if you can believe. Lady, if we're strangers to each other, and God knows both of us, do you believe the Lord God can help me to know what's your trouble? And you would believe it? You're suffering with a nervous condition.
I've just watched something take place. You've had an operation. That's right. And it was a throat, goiter, and it never did do right. That's right. You live in a rural district, don't you? You want me to tell you what your number is? You live on Route 1, don't you? And your box is 480. That's right. Your name is Lillie Qualls. Isn't that right? Return home and be made well in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Do you believe? [Mark 11:22]
L-81 What about you, sir, setting there in the wheelchair? Do you believe? Would you obey me as God's prophet? You're going to die setting there. Do you believe me to be the servant of the Lord? Get up out of the chair, and take the chair and go on home. Believe with all your heart. Help him up. Amen.
You all believe right now? Stand up on your feet, every one of you, anywhere you are, and in Jesus Christ's Name be made well.

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