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Prayer Line 56-09
56-pl-09, Prayer Line 56-09, 71 min

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56-0428 - Abundant Life Center, Charlotte, NC,
L-77 Now, let me explain the best that I can. Gifts and callings are without repentance. How many people know that? The Bible said it. Nothing you desire to be, it's what God made you. See? And God don't make everybody alike., He don't make every thing alike. He hasn't got a "Harmony House," He's got... What He's got, He's got big mountains and little mountains; He's got deserts and oceans. He's got white flowers, pink flowers, blue flowers. And well, He's got red-headed men and women, and black-headed, and blond-headed, and some tall and thin, some short and fat, and some... He's just got them in all kinds of ways. That's what He likes; He's a God of variety. That's the way He made His creation. And He has different ministering offices. [Romans 11:29]
L-78 Now, you can't help because... You can't make yourself a great big tall man, when you're a little short man. Neither can you make yourself a little short man if you're a big tall man. The Bible said, "Who, taking thought, can add one cubit to his statue?" Can't do it. God made you what you are.
Now, He made... Here setting behind me is a bunch of scholars, ministers. I'm not... I'm a--just a spare tire. A spare tire is when you got a... Now, Brother Jeffries, excuse me, I didn't mean to say we have a flat. Now, don't--don't get that. See? No. But you use a spare tire for that purpose.
But, look, I am--I am here just... I--I'm not much of a speaker, but God gave me a gift: is to see visions. I seen them since I was a little baby. See? It don't have to be... It's not even questioned with the people. Call the mayor of the city where I live, any of the people, anywhere around you wish to. Examine it one time, find it; it's always perfect. [Matthew 6:27]
L-79 Now, I realize tonight, it's going to be hard. Now, these brethren can't help setting there. But that just tears me up, but I want them to set right where they are. Last night, what caused me, I lost two or three visions. See, people behind you, it's spirit everywhere. See? And each one of you has a spirit or you'd be dead. And those spirit is what we contact. See, we don't contact the growth called cancer; we contact the life that's in the growth that caused the cancer. It's a germ, a developing of cells, multiplication of cells just like you're a multiplication of cells. Cataract, tumor, anything is a germ, or why are they good germs...
L-80 That's all right, brethren, you don't have to do that. Set there. I don't mind that. Stay there. That's all right. I just kind of hoarse tonight, anyhow. That's what I call a loyal bunch of men, isn't it? I think we all ought to say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."--Ed.]
You people here, ought to appreciate pastors like that, that's sincere enough for your healing that they'd move off the platform to stand back for the healing service. You say, "Brother Branham, that's psychology."
No, it isn't. If it is, Jesus used it. He went into a house and put everybody out but Him, and Peter, and James, and John, and the mother and father (Is that right?) to raise the child. He led a man outside. What is it? It's spiritual contact. Now, God bless you. Sir... The ushers... [Brother Branham coughs--Ed.] Pardon me.
L-81 Here's a lady. Now, to you newcomers, this happens to be a good place to place a Scripture. See? Everything that we teach has got to come from this Bible or it's not right. It's got to be a promise of God or I wouldn't receive it. We'll never get from this Bible. If we do, you come show me. We never leave the lids of the Bible, and it has to be, not only the Old Testament, New Testament, they both have to blend together. Not just one Scripture and let it go at that; it has to be all the Scriptures together. That makes the... That's the--the Book of God just... He has hid it from the eyes and wise and prudent. Now, He said He would do that. You don't know it by scholarship; you'll never know it. You know it by knowing the Author. That's the only way you'll know His Book. [Matthew 11:25], [Luke 10:21]
L-82 Now, this picture tonight is the same picture... And I want to say this just before I...?... The obedience of that loyal bunch of ministers setting behind me... Each night, since being here, tired, weary and preaching, I've had to wait for the coming of the Angel of the Lord. You all know that, don't you? But right now, He's right here now. That's right.
That woman has already made a contact with the Holy Spirit standing right there, 'cause it's between her and I right now. Isn't that wonderful, how obedience... That's it; it's respect. What if Martha would've run up to Jesus, said, "Well, You hypocrite, why didn't You come when we called for You? We'll go back to the synagogue." The miracle wouldn't have happened. But she approached Him reverently. She said, "Lord, if You'd have been here, my brother had not died, but even now, whatever You ask God, God will give it to You." [John 11:21], [John 14:14]
L-83 See? That's what she was supposed to do. She contacted with reverence, not like the soldier who put a rag over His face and hit Him on the head with a stick and said, "Say, you're a prophesier; tell us who hit you." See? "Tell me who hit you." See? He didn't get nothing, neither will anybody else that comes criticizing. But those who come reverent, like those brethren, a few minutes ago, you'll get something from God. Not me, I'm just your brother. The rapture come tonight, all of you, perhaps, would go before me if it went according to honor, 'cause I was borned out of season to you. But I love Him.
Now, here is a lady that I don't know. I've never seen her in my life. And we're standing, both of us here before God, could be stricken down dead, paralysism could strike just right now. I've seen it happen in the meeting. How many ever heard of that happening in the meetings? How many heard of that guy come to hypnotize me that night, setting up there in the bal... Come down there, was going to make--hypnotize me, make me bark like a dog. And the Holy Ghost turned around and said, "You child of the devil." And he's paralyzed since that time. That's been about three years ago. See? They packed him out of the building. You can't play with God. Got to believe it. [Luke 22:64]
L-84 A minister brought a congregation. I asked them to bow their head on a epileptic child that's chewing its tongue, they had a stick in its mouth or a clothespin with a rag on it, Jonesboro, Arkansas. And he was trying to chew this tongue like that, and the child was having a fit on the platform. And I said, "Now, you all put your head down." And I started to pray, and they wouldn't put their head down. I kept looking around; I said, "Put your head down, ever who it is got your head up."
And I started praying and wouldn't put his head down. I turned around; there was a fellow setting there with his head back like that, about eight or ten people with him, or more than that. I said, "Sir, put your head down."
He said, "This is a public place and I don't have to."
I said, "All right, let it be unto you then." I said, "Father, don't let this innocent child suffer for that man's condition."
L-85 And ask Richard T. Reed, Jonesboro Tabernacle, Old-fashion Bible Hour Tabernacle at Jonesboro, Arkansas, if this right or not. Ask G. H. Brown, 505 Victor Street at Little Rock, was there present.
And the epileptic left the child and twenty-eight people of a certain denomination pastor and all twenty-eight of them took epilepsy and fell over on the floor frothing at the mouth, right there in the audience. As far as I know, they still got it. Several of them come, said, "I have nothing to do with that; that's a curse of God, so that's up to you. You was the one who disobeyed. I asked you if you didn't believe to leave the audience, and you wouldn't do it." I said, "Now, it's up to you. I have nothing to do with it. I won't pray for that sin. No, sir. It's up to you."
So here stands two people here tonight. There's a woman I've never seen. Are we strangers, lady? We're strangers. I just wanted to know if I was strange to her as she is to me.
L-86 All right. Now, this is a picture, to you people who's never been in the meeting before. Now, Jesus was raised from the dead. Let's give His drama. This happens to be the first one in the line being a woman. Now, Jesus was going down to Jericho, so He had to go up around Samaria. Why? The Father sent Him up. He set down on a well, and a woman come out which was of Samaria. And Jesus said to her, "Bring Me a drink."
And she said, "It's not customary for Jews to ask Samaritans such; we have no dealings with each other."
Jesus said, "But if you knew Who you were talking to, you'd ask Me for a drink."
And she said, "The well's deep, and You have nothing to draw with, how could You get any water?"
He said, "The water I give is Everlasting Life."
Why, she said, "Our fathers worshipped in this mountain, You say at Jerusalem."
And Jesus said, "Salvation's of the Jews, and the Father's seeking such who will worship in the Spirit."
Conversation went on at length. What was He doing? Now, you have to take my word for this. He was contacting her spirit. So as soon as He found what that woman had need of, her trouble, He said, "Go, get your husband."
She said, "I have none."
Said, "That's right; you got five." [John 4:7-11, 14-18, 20-21]
L-87 And she said... Now what? Listen. To you newcomers, what did she say to Him? She said, "Why, I perceive, Sir, that You're a prophet." She said, "We know when the Messiah cometh (That's Christ, is that right?), when Messiah cometh, He will do these things, tell us all things, but Who are You?"
He said, "I am He that speaks to you."
Now, that was the sign of the Messiah yesterday. And if He's raised from the dead, it's the sign of the Messiah today. He said, "The things that I do shall you do also." Is that right?
Now, many other places in the Bible, the same thing repeated. You know that, don't you? Many places. When Philip got Nathanael and so forth and a lot of places. He perceived their thoughts as He was standing on the audience. Said, "Why do you reason in your heart about such and such a thing?" [John 4:18-19, 25-26], [John 14:12]
L-88 Now, if this woman, being a stranger to me and I to her, then God will have to tell me something about her or I won't know. Now, lady, as you look this way just a moment, to have a conversation with you to... You're aware that something's going on. That's right. Ever since you just walked up to the platform, because I am not a hypocrite, lady. I'm--I'm a Christian. And that Light's been around you, the Light that you seen in the picture. It's there. Now, if He will tell me what you're here for, you'll be the judge of that, whether that's right or wrong, then will you believe His resurrection? And whatever you have need of, whatever you're wanting, if He will tell me what you're wanting, will, then, you receive it? You will.
Will the audience receive it and knowing this woman being a stranger?
L-89 Now, just look on me, just... I don't... I mean by that like Peter and John passed through the gate, said, "Look on us." You know, that is just to give attention (You see?), just a moment. 'Cause you're standing there weeping (You see?), and I--I don't want you to weep, but you can't help it just now, because you just feel a real meek, humble feeling. For the Angel of God is not here by me; It's over by you. And that's the reason you're feeling that way.
You are suffering with a allergy. Is that right? Raise your hand if that's true. That's right. Yeah, I heard what He said. That is true. You believe me to be His prophet? I believe you do. Now, you just feel way up, don't you? Nothing seems to be able to counteract that. They can't find nothing for it. But you're standing in the Presence of Him Who's got the remedy. Yeah, that's the re... He's got the cure. That's right. [Acts 3:4]
L-90 Do you believe that He--that's Him? Let me prove it to you, it's Him. You got a fine spirit, though you seek deeper things of God, deeper walks of God. You got a burden on your heart too. That's right. It's for somebody else. That's right. Your husband, he's bad, family affair, he's alcoholic. That's right. Fullerton, Mrs. Gene Fullerton. You come from a street called like, see what, Sycamore, and your number is 120 Sycamore Street. You believe He raised from the dead? The same One could tell Simon his name was Peter. You believe you're in His Presence? You believe you receive what you come for? Then you shall have just as you have believed. God be with you.
L-91 Have faith in God. Don't doubt. Believe. Just have faith. I only wish my audience could know what--what a feeling this is. Oh, what a wonderful, wonderful... How to know that the... You Christians, aren't you happy that your Lord... The only--only religion in the world that can prove that its Founder still lives, the only One that had power to lay His Life down and take it up again. Two thousand years has passed and He's just as live, standing here right now, as He was the day when He walked on the shores of Galilee. How it ought to make you love Him, and go to church, and quit the things you're doing, and try to get everybody to love and serve Him. [Mark 11:22]
L-92 Aren't you happy, young Christians? You who raised your hand tonight, and accepted Him as Saviour, raise your hand again that you're happy you did it. All around, everywhere, that raised your hands, put you... That's wonderful. See, see? Your Lord lives, He's here. It's not... This is not your brother now. I'm just your brother. He's your Lord. But it's just me yielding myself to Him that's doing it.
Is this the patient, or the lady? I didn't mean to say, "Patient." I--I... Some might not be a patient. But you seem to have a very fine welcome spirit, lady. And I--I appreciate your sincerity in Christ, your sincerity in me to believe that--that it's not by my choice, by God's election, a poor unworthy person was called, maybe, to deceive the rich, and wise, and prudent. Isn't He wonderful, how He does things? Looky, when He...
Nicodemus came to Him, the aged come to the youth, a--a rich man came to a pauper, Who had no place to lay His head. One who had a degree come to a Man that professed no degree, to ask for help. See how God does things? Isn't He wonderful?
L-93 Now, you're coming to the same Person, Christ; I'm just His representative. If He will tell me what's wrong with you, you believe? You'd have to believe it, wouldn't you, sister? Me not knowing...
Now, you have an extreme nervousness that's bothering you. That's right. And then you're lame, kind of... Oh, it's arthritis. You have arthritis. I see the way you're moving; it's got the arthritis, 'cause it's pretty good sometimes, and then it gets bad again. You have spells like, of it comes and goes. That's been for quite a little while too. I see you trying to get off the side of the street sideways, when you're stepping sideways to get off the side of the street. Oh, said, "It's and automobile." That's what it is. I see that you step sideways to get into the automobile. I seen it by the side... And then you got something wrong with your ear. That's the bad part; there comes a dark shadow. You're scared. Cancer on the brain. Don't be scared. Standing in the Presence of Him Who knows you, could you ever be afraid? That's what did it. It won't bother you now. Go on your road. You're going to be all right now. Your faith does that, sister. God be with you and bless you. Don't fear. Have faith.
L-94 Good evening. You don't look like a sick person. You can't always tell by looks. If I'd say to this man or this man setting here in a wheelchair, "That man's crippled." Anybody knows that. But to a healthy person, now watch... There's the miracle. You look healthy. Now, what's wrong with you? There's the thing. Anybody can see that man's crippled. That man's crippled, and perhaps the little girl in the wheelchair. They're crippled. But what about you? Is there anything wrong with you? May not be. It may be something that you're desiring of God. He knows it. You believe it?
L-95 One thing, your trouble in your back. You have a kidney trouble. That's right. Causes an agent, toxin poisons and stuff. That's bad. "Could cause you a lot of trouble," so he said; doctor. Then I see, for some time you're going to a hospital or something, back and forth. Oh, yes. It's your eye. You're to be... It was to be operated on, and you just keep putting it off, 'cause you're believing that sometime God will take care of it. That's right. All right, do you believe it now? Go and receive it then. In Jesus Christ's Name may you receive just what you've asked from Him, sister.
Surely, you're not doubting. Do you believe? If you can believe...
Lady, setting there next to that little girl, you got high blood pressure you want God to heal, don't you? You were praying for that, wasn't you? All right, you've received what you asked for; your faith touched Him like that.
See what I mean? You don't need a prayer card. You need faith. Have faith in God. Don't doubt. [Mark 9:23], [Mark 11:22]
L-96 Good evening. Somebody back in here pulling, it's a man. He's standing between some ministers, or he's sitting. Sir, you're having a very hard time. You have TB. And I see you've been to a hospital or something. They took one of your lungs out. You're a poor man. That's true. You believe? Your faith has touched Him. I can't heal you, but do you believe it? Then as you believe, so will it be to you. Lay your hands on him, brethren, as ministers of the Gospel.
O God, to that dying man, know that something's got to happen, Father, I join my prayer with those men. Spare his life, Lord. I pray in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
L-97 All right, sir. You have a prayer card? No, you don't have... Well, you don't need a prayer card. See? Your faith caught... You don't need a prayer card. See? It's your faith that done it. I was going to say if you had a prayer card, hand it over to some of the brethren. But you don't have one. See, you don't need one. You feel different now, don't you? Come here a minute. Say, "Amen." How do you feel now? [The man says, "Feel better. God bless you."--Ed.] Amen. Amen, Oh, God. He's so weak, you couldn't walk, is that right? He had... He couldn't even get his breath to stagger in the building, could you? Look at him now. God bless you, my brother. Go on your road rejoicing.
L-98 Let's say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."--Ed.] Ask him. Never seen him in my life. He probably come in the back way or something. I don't know what he was doing back there. Maybe God placed him back there. That's what it is, for them preachers. Amen. Do you see what it was all about? See how God works everything right? Oh, isn't He wonderful? How could you doubt your lovely Lord Jesus now? If thou canst believe...
You believe now, lady, with all your heart? 'Course I--I couldn't a heal you; I have nothing to heal you with. And if Jesus was standing here with this suit on, He couldn't heal you, 'cause He's already done it if you're sick. And whatever you have need of He said, "If you ask the Father anything in My Name, I'll do it." Did He say it? Do you believe that? Do you believe Jesus Christ to be the Son of God? You believe me to be His prophet, or His servant? Do you believe that the--the statement that I make about when I was born, that Light that you see on the picture, well, come in a little window and all these things that's been said and the book to always testify... You believe that to be the truth? Do you believe it's to confirm the Word of God? You believe that Pillar of Fire that you see in the picture, you believe that's the same Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel? You believe It's the same Pillar of Fire that met Paul that day, when Paul didn't know Who It was, It was a bright Light? He said Who is it that I persecute? He said, "I'm Jesus." [Mark 9:23], [John 14:14], [Acts 22:7-8]
L-99 Jesus said, "I come from God and I go back to God." Then here He is the same by scientific proof; He's the same Pillar of Fire today, the same Light that appeared to Paul, the same that was with Moses, the same that was with Paul, and the same's with the church today. The same yesterday, today, and forever, is that right? Then He's the same in power.
Now. I see a aged woman. That's right. That woman is your mother, and she's suffering with something like a--a bladder trouble, and she's a cripple, your mother; and you're standing for her. You want to put that handkerchief on her. That's right. I'm not reading your mind. I'm only saying what I see. You're the judge whether it's right or not. You... Is that right? Well then, if you believe what you've said, and it's honest from your heart, believe me to be God's servant, I'll tell you something else you desire. It's for someone else too: brother that's a dope addict. That is right. Now, do you believe? That He's standing here Who knows you, Who's fed you. Now, it turns light around you. If you'll just believe it, you can have it. Let me have your handkerchief. God, grant it, I pray. In Jesus Christ's Name, may it be so. Don't doubt now. Go, believing and receive what you asked for. [John 13:3], [Hebrews 13:8], [Acts 19:12]
L-100 Thanks be to God Who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Jesus said, "If thou canst believe, all things are possible." That is right, isn't it? But you have to believe. No one can receive anything without believing.
Sir, got your hand on him, don't weep; have faith. You believe God can heal heart trouble? You do? You want Him to heal you of it, don't you? If that's right, raise up your hand. I never seen you in my life, but you got a bad heart. The lady setting next to you, she wants to be healed of nervousness, isn't it, lady? Is that right? Raise up your hand. See? [Mark 9:23]
L-101 What do you think, young man, setting looking at me? Do you believe? You want to get rid of a habit, don't you? That's smoking, isn't it? You believe me to be His prophet? There's some connection between you and this boy in the wheelchair too. You're friends with one another. That's right. You know one another. I couldn't heal you, son. I can't do it. Neither can I heal them. But you got hurt, some construction work hurt your spine; it's caused you to become paralyzed in your spine. That's right, isn't it? I see you when you got hurt. But I can't heal you; you just believe, that'll just move right out. Take your wheelchair, push it on and go home, if you believe it, if you believe it. Do you believe? Have faith in God. [Mark 11:22]
L-102 You believe, lady, right next to him? Got heart trouble too. You believe God will heal you? What do you think, lady? You think God will heal you of phlebitis? Make you well? You believe that child setting there with epilepsy could be healed too? Lay your hand over on her.
What about the rest of you? Do you believe? Put your hands on one another.
O God, Who raised up Jesus from the dead, I pray in Jesus Christ's Name, that You'll rebuke every devil in here. Come out, Satan, and may the Kingdom of God be blessed...?...

56-0429 - Abundant Life Center, Charlotte, NC,
L-69 has prayer card E-75? It's a little bitty thing like this, a little white card, got a number and a letter. E-75? Would you raise your hand. Maybe I got the wrong... was it E's. Oh, I'm sorry, sister. Come up here. Right here at the bottom of the steps.
L-70 76, 77, 78, 79. 79? All right. 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100.
L-71 Now, be real reverent. I will not be responsible for critics or what happens. And I hope to see you again next year or whenever we can get the tent.
I want to thank the Christian Businessmen for their fine co-operation, for the pastors, their fine co-operation, for the custodians here, and whatever, and for the ushers. They've done a fine job, for the sister, organist here, and the pianist. For every one of you for your tape recordings, for your help, for your support, for everything. God richly bless you is my prayer. And I pray that He will pay you a hundredfold.
Remember. When you... If I can be of a favor to you, write to me. The night don't get too dark, and the rain don't fall too hard; I'll be praying for you. All right.
While they trying to line up the prayer line here for those who has the prayer cards, let's start the prayer line to save time. Will you brethren go ahead and... All right bring up some of the people there.
L-72 How many here doesn't have a prayer card and wants Jesus to heal you? Let's see your hand. Pardon me. God bless you.
My beloved friends, my most gallant people, do your realize what you done awhile ago when you put in that offering? You know what you did? You're helping me feed my children. If there's any left over that I don't... My expenses run me at home about a hundred dollars a day, my office and everything. Sending out anointed cloths, everything's free.
And I'll assure you of this brother, sister. They'll not be one cent of it that'll go for the wrong thing. Best of my knowledge it'll go the mission fields there and help me preach the Gospel to the unsaved and the heathen of the land. Then not yet... The steward over that... It's out of your hands. It's in my hand now. Might have been a hundred dollars; it might have been three hundred dollars. I don't know what it was, if it was a thousand dollars. I don't know what it was. But ever what it is, it's up to me now. I'll answer for it from here out. And I want to be a good steward to the Lord. I'll use it to the best of my knowledge to His glory. Thank you and God bless you.
L-73 And now, I wonder do you know right off hand "Abide with me" without the music to it? That song, "Abide with me." Just kindly a little loud if you will so the crowd can come... That's right, sister.
If you will come... I love that song. Let's get quietened down. It's in church. "Abide with me."
O God. If ye abide in Me, My Words abide in you, ask what you will and it shall be done. Abide with me."
Now, heavenly Father, be Thou with us, Lord. We realize that opposition stands close. Satan is raging. Unbelief is trying to settle in upon the people. Yet the Angels are at their position. They're standing ready. Even the black flags will wave, or the white flags of heaven will wave in victory.
God we ask it in Jesus' Name for the victory. Help us now. Forgive us of our sins. May we all meet at Thy home someday in peace. Until then help us as we go along encouraging others to believe. For we ask it in Christ's Name, the Son of God. Amen. [John 15:7]
L-74 Now, if the--if the engineer will watch my voice. Just slowly if you will. [Brother Branham speaks to the organist--Ed.]
Now, the lady here. First, all these people, I don't know them, you know that. I'm a stranger. I'm a stranger to you, I suppose. I don't know you. I never seen you, but yet God knows you.
But if the Lord Jesus will reveal to me something that you have need of. Just like this, to the newcomers... This happen to come to my mind. Here's a typical picture now. I'm talking to the newcomers here firstly. Here's a picture today, a Bible time again.
L-75 The Lord Jesus went He went about, He was the prophet of Galilee, and they... He claimed He couldn't do nothing Hisself, but just as the Father would show Him. So one day He went up to Samaria. He had need to go up on His road to Jericho, went up over the mountain. Wonder why? Said the Father sent Him up there, of course.
He set down on a well, and a woman come out to get some water. And He said... He sent His disciples away before that to get some food. And He said to the woman, "Bring Me a drink." Why would He do that? "Bring Me a drink." Maybe He's not thirsty.
She said, "It's not customary for You Jews to ask Samaritans such as that." Said, "We have no dealings with each other."
"That's right." Said, "But if you knowed Who you were talking to, you'd ask Me for a drink. And I'd bring you water you don't come here to draw."
She said, "The well's deep, and You don't have nothing to draw with."
He said, "But the water I give, is life bubbling up."
Why, she said, "Our fathers worshipped in this mountain and you say at Jerusalem."
He said, "Salvation is of the Jew, woman. We know that. We worship... We know what we worship. Salvation of the Jews. But the hour is coming when the Father don't--will not worship in this mountain, neither at Jerusalem, but in the Spirit and truth. And Father seeketh such." Is that Scriptural? And then what was He doing? Carrying this conversation with the woman, He was contacting her spirit. [John 5:19], [John 4:4, 7-13, 20-22]
L-76 The Father said, "Go up there." That's all He knowed to do.
Father told me to come down here. That's all I knowed to do. Here's the woman. I don't know nothing about her. But what am I doing? Contacting her spirit, same thing He did.
Now, Jesus said to the woman, "Go, get your husband." He found her trouble. Was that right. Said, "Go, get your husband."
She said, "I don't have any husband."
He said, "That's right. You got five." What did that Jew said when He told him of where he was.
He said, "This is the sign of a Messiah. You're the Christ, the King of Israel."
Watch this Samaritan now. What you going to say? Why, she said, "Sir, I perceive that You're a prophet." She said, "I know that when Messiah... We know (the Samaritans)--we know that when the Messiah cometh, He will tell us these things. But Who are You?"
He said, "I'm He that speaks to you." [John 4:16-19, 25-26]
L-77 What was that the sign of? Newcomers? Messiah. Is that right? It was the sign of the Messiah to the Jew. It was the sign of the Messiah to the Samaritans. The same thing to the Gentile, when Peter went up. Jesus was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.
Now, if the Messiah is not in the grave, but alive today in His Church, it's still the sign of the Messiah. Is that right? In the house of Cornelius, when Peter went in and showed him about the vision he saw from the housetop, seen Cornelius and them. He seen them. That was the sign of the Messiah, the resurrection.
While Peter spoke these words the Holy Ghost fell on every one of them that heared. Ain't it too bad today that our hearts are so stony. We can't tender ourselves up? You know why? I seen something just like... If the Lord does... It happened one time in India, thousands.
One time in Durban, South Africa, I seen twenty thousand raw heathens come to Christ at one time. I saw twenty five thousand people get healed at one time. They'd haul seven (the papers packed), seven loads, truck loads, of crutches, wheelchairs and things away from the grounds from one prayer. [Matthew 10:6], [Acts 10:44]
L-78 But, oh, we got so much doctrine. "Doctor Jones says it's mental telepathy like the Jews did." The other one says it's a devil. "Don't have nothing to do with it. Poor people, we're the..."
We need missionaries in America worst than all the world put together. It's a lot harder to deal with a educated heathen, than an uneducated one. Heathen means unbeliever.
Now, the lady... Sister, of course, me not knowing you. Never seen you in my life. They'd have to be some way I'd... If God will tell me what you're here for or something just like He did through Jesus to the woman, will you accept Him?
Will the audience re--accept Him with all your hearts? You believe you'll accept Him? If the... Watch here. The woman under oath as it would be (We don't believe in swearing.), put her hand up. We don't know one another, is that right, lady? Never met in our life. We don't know each other. Just... You been in my meetings? But you--you know I don't know you? That's what I meant. You see? We don't know one another. This is our first time meeting? All right then if something is revealed, it'll have to come through God.
L-79 Now, you could claim it telepathy, you can claim it the devil. Well, that would determine what you'd get out of it.
You know the woman touched His garment, she got virtue. But the man who put a rag around His head, that Roman soldier, the soldiers, and criticized Him, and hit Him over the Head with a stick and said, "Tell me who hit you; we'll believe you now," they didn't feel no virtue. They didn't get nothing. Condemnation and went to hell for it, if they didn't repent. So that's just the truth. That's wrong.
Now, if God will tell me what you're here for, you'll believe me to be His servant, the servant of the Lord Jesus Christ? But it's His Spirit Who's here doing the same thing He done in the Bible. Remember the whole audience claimed they would too. Now, you be the judge. See whether it's right or not. Let you judge it. [Mark 5:27], [Luke 22:63]
L-80 Now, the first thing the woman... I see her all upset about something. First... Yes, she's nervous. I see that. She's extremely nervous. Of course, that's the time of life that she's going through at the time. That's her age. Another thing, she has a growth, a growth on her back (That's right.), and one on your foot, too. That's right. If that's right, raise up your hand? You believe?
Now, can I take the growth off? No, Jesus did that at Calvary. You believe it? Got some more trouble you're into, too, aren't you? It's a relative of yours. Yes. It's a domestic trouble like. It's about a marriage or divorcing and so forth. It's your nephew. Is that right? Now, do you believe me? All right. Go, receive what you ask for. The Lord Jesus make you...
L-81 Thanks be to God. Now, He's here. I don't know how you judge it. That's up to you. Christ... I've preached His Word. Christ is here to confirm His Word, to fulfill His Word. Now, it's up to you what your heart is. I shall continue with the prayer line.
How do you, lady? I don't know you, lady. You know that. God only knows you as far--as far as I'm concerned. You may have lots of people know you, but I don't. But if God will tell me what you're trouble is, will you believe that it's Christ and not your brother standing here doing this? You will?
You're suffering with some kind of something that stiffens you: arthritis. That's right. You got arthritis. If that's right raise your hand? And you got a growth, too. And that growth is in your throat. That's right, isn't it? Now, you believe? Then just walk off the platform like a young lady. Arthritis is gone from you. Go on, go eat your supper and do whatever you wish to.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God."
L-82 How do you do, sir? We're strangers to each other, I suppose, sir. You're conscious that something's going on, aren't you? Yes, sir. The audience can see the expression of the people as they walk close.
How many seen that picture of the Angel of the Lord? Let's see your hand. That's what's right here by this brother now. That's right.
You realize something is going on? Let's... It stands between us at this time, sir. We'll stand before It someday for judgment.
I couldn't heal you if you're sick. You--you know Jesus did that. What He did, it's already paid for. We just have to believe it, accept it, have faith in it. Believe that God intended it for us. Which He did.
But you're suffering with a... I see it looks like a blood or something. It's kinda... It's diabetes, sugar diabetes. That's right. Isn't it, sir? You believe me to be His servant? You do that, audience?
Look on me just a minute, sir. You have a fine, a very fine spirit about you. I appreciate that. I've never seen you. I say this; you're not from this town. You're from about a hundred miles away from here. A place called King or something like that. That's right. And your initial is W. C. like Ceracy. That's right. That's right. That's right. You believe me now as God's prophet? Then go, be well. Jesus Christ makes you well.
L-83 You believe? Don't doubt. Have faith. If thou canst believe, all things are possible.
You believe, lady? I believe you're telling the truth. All right. May the Lord bless you and help you.
Now, the first thing, you're suffering with a trouble with your head, some kind of an injured nerve. You also got a bladder trouble, haven't you a bothering you? That's what your doctor told you anyhow. That's right. You believe you're healed? Then go and believe it with all your heart. And may the Lord bless you. God bless you. Amen. Praise the Lord.
Oh, if this didn't weaken me so... Just have faith. Audience, are you conscious what's going on? Do you realize that somewhere in the supernatural realm here stands the resurrected Christ? He's out there too. Do you believe it? Look this a way and tell Him you do. Anywhere in the building just look and say, "God, I believe it." [Mark 9:23]
L-84 What's you praying about, little lady, setting on the end of the... You believe me to be His prophet? You want to get over that nervous spell, don't you, you have? If that's right stand on your feet. The little lady right down on the end of... this little old elderly lady standing here. That's right. You were setting there praying, because you had a nervous condition don't you? It's a mental disturbance. You're always upset, isn't that right? If that's right, wave your hand like that?
Now, right now you don't feel it do you? It's gone from you. You're healed. Your faith has healed you. Now, you can go home a well woman glorifying God.
L-85 Look, sister. Don't weep; believe. Do you believe me to be His prophet or His servant? I couldn't heal you, you know, if I had to. But if God will reveal to me your trouble, will you--will you accept it? Your trouble is that you're real weak. That's right. You've lost a lot of weight. I see you a bigger woman than what you really are now. Why? You just come from a hospital. You had an experience in the hospital, and you're so weak you can't hold yourself up. That's right isn't it? THUS SAITH THE LORD. If that's right stand on your feet?
Now, your weaknesses leave you. You can go home and be a well woman. Your faith's made you well. Amen.
Have faith in God. If thou canst believe... [Mark 11:22], [Mark 9:23]
L-86 Are you the patient or the person? You believe? You believe what I preached about Jesus Christ being the Son of God? Is that right, lady? You are a believer. How do I know? You could be a critic, but your spirit is welcome. You're a believer. I'm just your brother. I never seen you in my life.
But now, if you're needing healing, I couldn't do it, you know that? If you're needing forgiveness for something, unless you've sinned against me... I could forgive you if you sinned against me, but God has to forgive you. But your life, you couldn't hide it now, 'cause you're already in contact. Amen. It's wonderful.
You're a nervous person, too, really all upset, weary. Then you got a--a rupture, too. That's right, isn't it? You believe me to be His prophet? You got more trouble than that, sister. It's a son you're praying about. The son is mentally retarded, your boy. And you're praying about him. You're not from here either. A place called Green Mill. That's right, isn't it? Take that handkerchief that you wiped your tears with; lay it on the child. He will be free. [Acts 19:12]
L-87 Yes, sister, you with the black gloves on and your hands like this. Raise up look this way at me. If I don't quote to you your prayer, that you were praying, that I heard in another dimension, another world, tell you what you're praying about, will you believe that Jesus heard you? And His... This is His anointing? Who hears prayer? Christ.
You were praying for a bladder condition. And you were praying for a colon condition, and asking God to have me to speak to you. Is that right? If it is, I want you to stand up to your feet just a minute so the people will know. Turn around to the audience.
Do you believe? Don't fear, sister. You're going to be well. Why do I say that? It turns white, a light around you. First it was a dark shadow. Then that light come down and you accepted it. That same angel that was over there, it went away. Now, go believing. Don't doubt, 'cause he will try to come back. And the last estate will be seven times worse. But you believe what you're told. If He knows what your past was, surely He knows what your future will be.
And look. Another thing, that deep walk with God you're seeking. That's right. It's true. You going to receive that now. Amen. Not reading your mind, just telling you what your desire is and what your prayer is. [Matthew 12:45]
L-88 How do you do, lady. What do you think about all this? Do you believe it's the Son of God, not your brother? You know that. My how could I do those things? I have no...
Sister, have faith. Now, I can't heal you, but believe. You raised up awhile ago, got the wrong person. It was a little lady setting here in front. But you wanted... You was nervous; that kept causing it. But your trouble comes from your back. That's right, isn't it, honey? The little girl there. Raise your hand up if that's right. See? You stepped up, just a little ahead. That's all right I seen what was wrong with you. Lay your hand over on the lady next to you, 'cause she's got arthritis. She wants to be prayed for. Isn't that right, lady?
The elderly lady, raise up your hand. You believe me to be His servant now? Have faith and believe. I see you having something around your arm. Oh, it's a blood pressure thing. And he says your blood's low. That's right isn't it?
Let me tell something else that might encourage you. Low blood pressure is worse than high. We realize that, especially at your weight. But I want to ask you something else. Let me tell you something so you'll that know that Jesus Christ is here. You got somebody else you was praying for. That's your daddy. He isn't here. But he's got a bad hip. That's right, isn't it? Now, go and take that handkerchief you wiped your tears from. You receive what you ask for. [Acts 19:12]
L-89 Come, lady. You know God can heal diabetes, do you believe that? All right, go tell Him, thank Him. Tell Him, "Thank the Lord." Believe Him now.
Come, lady. Do you believe me, sister? You're mighty young to have that kind of a condition. It's a female condition, a lady's trouble. That is right, isn't it? You believe He heals you? You're feeling something now you've never had before. Isn't that right? Now, go believing. It'll come to pass. If thou canst believe.
Sister, God... You got one of the worst diseases there is. Heart trouble. But God can heal heart trouble, can't He? You believe it? You believe it? All right, then go and receive it, and be made well with all your heart.
How you do, lady? Now listen, arthritis is bad. The doctors have nothing for it, but Jesus has. Do you accept it? Go, walking across the platform; receive your healing in the Name of the Lord Jesus.

56-0611 - Cadle Tabernacle, Indianapolis, IN,
L-45 While we have our heads bowed, our eyes closed, this may be the last time that God will ever touch at your heart. "Oh," you say, "I belonged to church for years, Brother Branham." That's not what I mean. "Oh, I have danced in the Spirit, Brother Branham." That's isn't still what I mean." "Brother Branham, I've spoke with tongues; I've had the interpretations. I've even prayed for the sick, and they got well." That's still isn't what I mean, friend. I'm meaning the love of God, something in your heart that just makes you just puts Christ first in everything.
If you haven't got it, will you do something tonight? Would you raise up your hand, not to me, but to God, and say, "God, give me the Christian love for the brethren, for the church, that that mother deer had in mother love for the baby?"
Would you raise your hand to Him? God bless you, lady. God bless you, sir. God bless you. God bless. That's right. Too innumerable to count at the time, hundred or more hands up in here of people. That's right, God bless you. God bless you, there, sure. Is there another? God bless you, you, lady, you, you. Yes, young man, God bless you, honey. God bless you, sir, here. God bless you, lady. You, brother. Be reverent, everybody. God bless you, lady. Let the Holy Spirit do the talking now. Same One that was here last night that knows the secret of the heart, is revealing it right into your heart now, telling you, "Yes, you ought to put up your hand. You know you've got enough temper to--it's spoiled you. You've never got rid of this. You've never got rid of your lust and love of worldly things. You know you don't put God first." That's your Teacher. That's your Teacher trying to tell you. Don't you want Him? Don't you want that kind of an experience with God, where love constrains you to do all the things for Christ?
L-46 Say, "Brother Branham, what does it mean?" God bless you, back there, son. "What does it mean if I put up my hand?" You know what it does? It breaks every law of science. By the gravitation of this earth makes your hands holds down. And if you raise your hand, it goes to show that there's a supernatural power in you that's brought you to a decision. And you've raised your hand towards heaven from whence Christ has ascended, and shall descend, to make witness to Him that something within you tells you you're wrong and you want His forgiveness. That's what it means to put up your hand.
We have had the altars. I love the altars. Of course, that started in the Methodist church. God bless you, sir. That started years ago, and I do not condemn it, but that isn't it. As many as believed was added to the church: not just mental, but really, in their heart believe. Jesus said, "He that heareth My Words and believeth on Him that sent Me has eternal, everlasting life, and shall never come into judgment, but has passed from death to life."
Just raise you hands to Him and say, "God, remember me. I want Your love in my heart." God bless you back there, brother. God bless you over here, brother, the aged man. God bless you over here, sir. Those who haven't put up their hand yet, when you raise your hands... God bless... I see a little girl that's trying to wave her little hand for quite a minute. Sure, honey, Jesus sees your hand. The Bible said, "Suffer little children to come to Me. Forbid them not." God bless you setting here, dad. God bless you, sister dear. You shall receive your reward. Back in the back, God bless you, sister. I'm just waiting a moment. God bless you, brother, to my left over here. God bless you, brother. God bless you, sister. That's right.
L-47 You said, "Does that mean anything?" God bless you, brother. Sure it does. Every time you put your... You can't make a move, you can't make a thought... What's in--what's entering your heart? That's your Teacher. Then you know you been wrong. Now, you know you been wrong; the reason I took and worked with you. God bless you, brother. God bless you, sister. That's right. Be honest. What do you care about what man says? You don't care; you want to be right with God.
"Father, I want You to take me out somewhere to... There place that love in my heart." Would you raise your hand? God bless you, young lady. God bless you, young man. God bless you, little lady, there. God bless you back there. Sure, God sees your hands, the young ladies in the back. God bless you, brother, and you, sister. See how the Holy Spirit's a speaking. Just keep praying; that's what does it. God bless you, sister.
L-48 You say, "Brother Branham, what do you say..." God bless you, little boy. "What does that mean?" Say anything to me, but the best thing that you could ever do, would say, "God bless you." If He blesses me, everything else is all right. God bless you, sister, dear. God bless you, sister. Certainly, that's my sincere prayer. God bless you, my sister. God bless you, sister dear. God bless you back there, sister. God bless you, brother. God bless you, sister. You, my brother. That's right. God bless you, sister. You brethren. You, sister. Whole family, as it was, coming to Christ. God bless you, little lady. God bless you, brother. Oh, what a time. God bless you. God bless you, standing in the back there, way back, mister, against the wall. You, over there, brother, coming. You down there also, and you, back there, little lady, God sees you; sure He does.
Just slip up your hand. Don't... No need... God bless you, lady. No need of doing anything else, but say, "God, be merciful to me. I'm wrong. Here's my hand, Lord. Here's my hand." Don't you think the recording angels don't put that right down. There's something in you; that's the Tutor, that's the Holy Spirit, saying, "Child, you're wrong. You know you're wrong. I'm tired taking this report to the Father. Let Me change it from now on." God bless you, brother. "Let Me change it from now on. Let Me say that you are a real son, a real daughter." God bless you, sonny boy. Certainly. Certainly, He wants to do it.
Is there another before we pray? I'm just going to offer prayer. God bless you, sir. Yes, God be merciful to you. If I've missed anyone... God bless you, little man. God will see you, surely. He knows all about it. All right, real quietly... God bless you, brother.
Let's quietly now as we hum
Jesus knows all about our troubles (God bless you, brother.)
He will guide till the day is done.
There's not a friend like the lowly Jesus. (God bless you, brother.)
No, not one. No, not one.
There's not a church, not a organization, not a bishop, not a pastor, not a prophet; not an angel; there's nothing could help you but the Lord Jesus. Slowly now. God bless you, my brother, right here in front of me.
Jesus knows all about our trouble
He will guide till the day is done.
There's not a friend like the lowly Jesus.
No, not one. No, not one.
L-49 Let us pray. Blessed Lord, You know all about our struggles. You're the One Who knows us. You knew us, Lord, before we were born. You know every nature and every thread that's in us. And as we're walking on this brittle threads of mortal life, not knowing what time they'll break and our soul will plunge into an eternity, be merciful, O Christ. And by the fruits of the message tonight, some two or three hundred or more has raised their hands. You know every one of them. You was the One Who spoke to them through the Holy Spirit, and they raised their hands that something within them had spoke to them, and they, with their own spirit, made a decision that they're through with a half-way life, or with rejecting Christ, and they want the real love of God in their hearts tonight. God, grant it.
This is a new birth place, and may each and every one of them receive the love of God in their hearts. Going from this building tonight, like those who came from Emmaus which said, "Did not our hearts burn within us as He talked to us along the way." And I raise my hands to Him, and said, "Lord, be merciful to me. I'm wrong." Oh, I know that You will, Lord, for I offer this prayer to You in their behalf. I may never get able to shake their hands in this life, but someday, standing yonder in the near future, when life is all over and the great table is set, and thousands of miles across the sky, and we look across the table to each other, and the tears running down our cheeks... Love to hear them say, "Yes, Brother Branham, that night at Cadle Tabernacle, it changed my being."
While we're holding each others hands and the tears of joy running down our cheeks, the King will come out and wipe all tears from our eyes, say, "Don't cry, children. It's all over now. Enter into the joys of the Lord that's been prepared for you since the foundation of the world." Keep them sweet, humble, full of mercy, being the salt of the earth until the hour that You come for us. I present them to Thee. Thou hast said in Thy Word, "No man can come to Me except My Father draws him first. And all that comes to Me, I'll give them eternal life and will raise him up at the last days." We know that that's the truth.
And now, Father, by the fruits of the message tonight, hundreds has raised their hands. And I now present them to Christ as love gifts of God, and no man can pluck them from His hand. Give them of Thy love, Lord. Make them blessings to lead others. For we ask it in the Name of Jesus Christ Thy Son. Amen.
L-50 [Someone speaks a word of prophecy--Ed.] Amen. And oh how blessed it is to feel the Spirit of God. Let's just raise our hands like this. Pianist, will you give us, "I Love Him." All of that love Him now...
I love Him. I love Him
Because He first loved me,
And purchased my salvation
On Calvary's tree.
Now, as we look to each other, let's just shake each other's hand. Methodists, Baptists, say, "God bless you," as we... Through the crowds you'll see those who raise their hand, say, "God bless you," as we sing again.
I love Him. (That's right.) I love Him
Because He first loved me,
And purchased my salvation
On Calvary's tree.
Don't you just feel real good? Oh, I... Love has been... I know I'm criticized a lot by that; but brother, let me tell you, you give me that real honest heart full of love; I'd rather have it than anything that I know of. Yes, sir.
L-51 Now, I was just looking at my watch. And I told my boy... I don't think he even give out prayer cards. I told him that I was going to start praying for the sick that exactly nine-thirty, and it's quarter after ten. I'm sorry. I was going... Maybe tonight, I'd better just call a few up here to the platform and pray for them, and just like I did last night. Maybe tomorrow night we'll start early. I preach tomorrow afternoon. Maybe I'll be run down a little more. And so...
Oh, you're such a lovely people. And I--I looked a while ago when I asked you to raise your hands, and just something in me just said, "Looky there, what it will be someday when you see those same hands raised to the God of heaven, when their crowning Him King of King and Lord of Lord. Think of it. When Jesus comes and the redeemed stands there, singing those redemption songs, angels will be circled around the earth with bowed heads, not knowing what we're talking about. They never need redeeming; they don't know what it means to be lost and be found. But we was lost, and we're found, and we sing the redemption story. Tens of thousands times thousands with their hands up, singing the redemption stories while we're crowning Him King of King and Lord of Lord, when the angels with their heads bowed around the earth, and... Oh, what a day, what a day. God, let me preach the inrichables--unsearchable riches of Christ until death shall set me free, is my prayer.
L-52 Honey, did you give out any prayer cards? Have you give them out? Now, what did you give out? B...
[] You got a recording that I like to hear it. In... I'll buy it. "In the Name of Christ, our Saviour, as a shield today..." I remember one morning, getting up in the room, little old stove... Meda and I had just been married a little while. We had a little old stove, little, what we call "monkey stove," just about this big, set up on a block or a little box, and had a pipe oven. We'd bake the bread or toast up in it. And the frost was all over the floor. And I was bare footed and my feet cold. And I couldn't the old fire to burn. And I--I would finally set down. I turned on the radio. I thought of Cadle Tabernacle; "That morning program isn't off yet," and I turned it on. And Mrs. Cadle, and I believe, Russell Ford was singing... No, I believe that Ms. Cadle by herself was singing, "I want to see Jesus, don't you?" Oh, my, I just fell over on the floor and started crying like a baby, just on my face. "When I reach the land of that far off strand, I want to see Jesus, don't you? That immortal soul of hers, rest in the bosom of Christ tonight. That voice will never be forgotten as long as there's a people here to remember it. God bless her.
L-53 We certainly want to cooperate with the Cadle Tabernacle with everything that we have. May it long stand till Jesus comes is my prayer.
Now, B's, did you say, son? B's, 1 to 50? 50 to a 100. All right, start off with 50. Who has B-50 raise up your hand? Prayer card B-50, we'll just start and take just a few up. []
... friend, a real Canadian brother. I could say something about him right now, but he sure don't want me to do it; I'm sure. But a real, genuine Christian, he and his wife and his family and his loved ones from Canada... His father-in-law has been my translator, Norwegian. However, Mr. Sothmann is not a Norwegian; he's a German. His mother is--wife is a Norwegian. His father-in-law is my translator for years and years in Canada. We been associated together for a long time, and very good friends.
All right. Now, after this... We got plenty of time to pray for the sick. The first thing, brother, is salvation of souls. []
L-54 Now, every one be real reverent. And as they bring the sick around in a few moments, I wonder how many here tonight, that doesn't have prayer cards and wants to be healed by the Lord Jesus, let's see your hands wherever you are. Just look. Isn't this a sick world? How God will surely grant this.
Now, look. If I found favor in your sight, let me say this to you. Regardless, regardless, you just have faith in God. What's He done? He sent His Son to redeem you. You accepted it by faith and you believe it.
Now, remember, any redemptive blessing could not be reproduced by Christ tonight, for when He once does anything, it settles it for eternity. How many believes that? Certainly, absolutely. Christ died, once for the sins and sickness of this world. That settles it. You are all... Every sinner, that was saved a few minutes ago, why, had been saved for nineteen hundred years. You accepted your salvation a few minutes ago. Every sick person was healed when Jesus died at the cross. How...
Is anybody here that's never been in one of our meetings before, let's see your hands: never been in one of my meetings before? Just look at the new people, each night.
Well, while the boys are getting the sick ready, I wished, if you would, if you can bear, just set still for a few minutes now, while this part of the service is going on. It won't be but just a few minutes and then we'll be closing it.

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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