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Prayer Line 55-08
55-pl-08, Prayer Line 55-08, 62 min

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55-0604 - Porter Stadium, Macon, GA (Paragraphs: 61 - 87)
L-62 Now, let's everyone be reverent and if you're... Now, wait just a moment. I want to look through this audience of people. Do you out there that's in the prayer line, would you look this way just a minute? Each one of you, are you all strangers to me, everyone? If you are, raise up your hands, if you all are strangers. All right.
Now, the only ones that I know in the--in the meeting are my associate here, Brother Wood, standing over here. Of course I know him. He's with us. He's the book salesman. Here sets Leo Mercier and Gene Goad down here, friends of mine with the my recorders. I... They bring; they have the tapes and so forth, and Brother Beeler here. I know him. He follows the meeting also, and Brother Thoms from South Africa.
As far as I know, that's the only people here that I know, outside of my boy standing out there with the sick people. That's the only ones on the grounds that I know of. I met a couple of fine ministers the other day here, brothers of this committee in here, but I wouldn't know them now, I guess, if I'd see them out there. I don't see them, and I just barely remember their--their face that's...?...
L-63 I want to tell everybody just to be real quiet now and keep your children near you, especially epilepsy. Epilepsy is one thing that gets away from me.
Do you realize you're dealing with demon spirits? How many realize that? Let's see. Put your hands up anywhere. In the Bible, don't you remember when the man had epilepsy; and somebody went over, and didn't have the authority, and said, "I adjure you by Jesus Who Paul preaches, come out." And that spirit come out and got on the man.
Here not long ago there was a certain minister came to a meeting. He had about twenty-eight of his congregation. A little baby was on the platform, and the little baby had epilepsy, had a rag wrapped around a--a--a stick in its mouth, or a clothespin it was. And they had a... The baby was having fits.
I couldn't get them to stop, and this minister setting out there kinda smiling unto himself, and I looked around. I told them all put their heads down. They wouldn't do it. This fellow just set there. So an usher went back to him. He said, "Listen, this is a public place, and you... I will do as I please."
I said, "All right. It's up to you." I said, "Father, don't let this poor innocent child have to suffer the sins of that man." "Now, Satan, you leave him, but you're at liberty to do what you want to."
And thousands of people setting there. There was a whole twenty-eight took epilepsy, and fell on the floor frothing, and everything and still got epilepsy too, and that's just one of the thousands of cases. So you be reverent. We're not playing church. You're in the Presence of God. See? So be reverent. Be seated. And just whatever's said, you do just exactly what the Spirit of the Lord says do.
L-64 Now, shall we just all sing together slowly, if you will, "Only Believe." Just all together now, together. All right.
Only believe
Now just sing and believe with all your heart now. That's right. There's something that's bothering you...?...
... things are possible, only believe (Each one confessing his faith.)
Only believe, only believe,
All things are possible, only...
I wonder how many will do this with Him? Put up your hand and sing it like this: Now, I believe, all right.
Now, I believe, now, I believe,
All things are possible, now I believe;
Now, I (Heavenly Father, come upon the service this time...?... Help us tonight, Lord, as You minister, may the Angel of...?... Presence of Thee in--in Jesus' Name.)...
Now, I believe. []
L-65 Now...?... you will. Now just look this a way. Believe with all your heart. Be expecting. Be expecting God to touch your body. He will do it.
Now, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I take ever spirit under my control for the glory of God. Mind the Holy Spirit.
Here, bring this man here. Now, be reverent as you just walk up this way a little closer, sir. That's all right. Now, to the people in the audience, wherever you are be reverent. Listen for your--for you, 'cause when It goes...
Did they show the picture of it here tonight? Did you see it, the Angel of the Lord on--on the picture? I... They'll probably get to it sometime. It--It's here. They taken it and got it in Washington, DC, and It is the only supernatural Being that's ever scientifically proven to be true. The copyright's right with it, the Douglas Studios in Houston, Texas.
L-66 And now, when It leaves, and I see It move over the audience, I have to watch where It is at. And when I speak, you listen for your name, listen for to who it is. Be reverent wherever It is. And when you're standing here, you in the prayer line, just listen to what He tells you; then do just exactly. And you'll notice now when It--when I come from... If He anoints me, when I come from It, if it's me speaking, it would be me, but if It is the Holy Spirit and something's to happen, It will say, "THUS SAITH THE LORD." Now, watch that, and you audience, and when It does, mark it down on a little piece of paper or something and watch it. If that don't come to pass, just that way, you send it to me.
The recorders here pick up everything. That's what the boys are here for, is to pick up those recordings, you see? We have every word; and not one time since I was a little tiny baby has it ever failed. It can't. It's God. See? If it would be mine, it would fail every time; but It's God, and He can't fail.
L-67 Now, this--a man standing here before me, probably a man my age, maybe a little older. As far as I know, he and I are strangers to each other, are we, sir? We do not know each other, but God knows us both. As soon as you walk up here, I perceive that you are a believer, 'cause your spirit feels welcome; and that's the way I know that. That's a...
When Nathanael came up to the Lord Jesus, He said, "Behold an Israelite." See? He knew that he--he was welcome. You see? And just as soon as I turned to you, if you'd been a critic or something, it would have been a dark shadow moving in there; and I knowed they'd been something wrong. But you are a believer, and between you and I now is Something, that perhaps maybe me going under this influence of the Divine Presence of God... I don't know what it... But you're aware that something's taking place.
Now, I as an honest man, if you're... Would you raise your hand to the people that they might know that you can tell that you're in the Presence of Something besides man that's Supernatural. [John 1:47]
L-68 Now, to anyone who stands this close, between me and the man is that Pillar of Fire like. It's just a circling between me and he. He knows... Now, It'll drop to either he or I in a few moments. He--he knows he's in the Presence, in Divine Presence.
I do not know the man. I have never seen him; but now if the Holy Spirit should anoint, why, He will tell you something that will encourage you or discourage you one. That I do not know. It'll have to take Him to do it, but if He does, you will admit it then; if it's truth, you'll admit it. And you'll be willing to do anything that He tells you to do? And if it's the truth what He tells you, then you know that His Divine Presence is here a telling me what to say to you. Isn't that right? Well, may He grant it, is my sincere prayer, brother.
You're the first patient here tonight. People with lots of faith in the audience, and they're moving from everywhere. Powers of sickness is moving in, and it's people's faith a doing it. See? It isn't me. It's their own faith pulls that. It wasn't Jesus healed the woman. He said, "Thy faith has saved thee." See? If wasn't--it wasn't Him. Her faith did it, and that's the same thing in here. Faith pulling from everywhere around now... [Mark 5:34]
L-69 But I see that between you and I there seems to be something like dripping. I see it moving between you and I, like drops of something a falling. It's a--it's a blood condition. It's something in the blood. It's--it's acids in your blood, I believe the doctor says. It's a... I see that kinda a thin fellow says, "It's a--a acid in your blood, and it's caused by a case of diabetes." It has been diabetes that's caused the acid to come into your blood. Is that right? [Man says, "That's right. That's the truth. That is the truth."--Ed.] Now, you--you believe?
Now, see, more you talk to the man... See? Now that you might know, now I could just pray for you. I don't know, but I turn around now while the anointing is speaking and talk to the man, He might... Just longer you talk with... Usually I don't say much to a person, 'cause there's others, and it just weakens so. But that you might know now. Now, we will just talk to the brother just a little bit longer, see if the Holy Spirit would say anything.
L-70 Would you desire to see that if it be God's will? Pray that it'll be God's will. That we might know just to--to talk to you now. Now, what It said was the truth. We will see just what He would say again, and if He should say anything, 'course it would be Him. It couldn't be me. You know that. You realize that, but ever what it was, 'course it seems to--a dream now. It's another world.
I see it moving between us again. I know it's a--it's another man, and the man's got something that's in his eyes, about a... Oh, it's a--it's a son. You got a boy or something or a son, haven't you? It's got something wrong with his eyes. And then you... I see a little girl. That's his daughter which is your granddaughter. She's got something wrong with her eyes. You believe? Now, as you have believed, go, and find it just the way you believe it. In the Name of the Lord Jesus, I bless my brother for the glory of God. May the Lord bless you, my dear brother.
L-71 Just have faith. Believe God with all your heart. You can have what you want if you'll just have faith to believe it. [] All right. Now, as far as that is concerned, the whole audience ought to have faith now to be healed. Isn't that right? Every one should have faith. Every one should believe.
I see the Angel of the Lord hanging over a little lady, looking right at me, praying. Got trouble with your hip, haven't you, sister? You was praying then. You said, "Lord, let him turn to me." You also have a hernia, don't you? That's right, and you got a tumor, haven't you? If that's right, raise up your hand. Now, you stand up on your feet. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, heals you, and you're a well; your faith has made you whole.
Just have faith. Keep praying; keep believing. Don't doubt. Believe all things are possible. Oh, how marvelous, how wonderful our Lord Jesus is.
L-72 Now, is this the lady? Is this the lady that they brought? I see you have a sign, "Personal Worker." Are you working in this meeting, are you, lady? All right. We're strangers to each other, I suppose. This is our first time ever meeting in life, but the Lord Jesus Christ knows both of us, doesn't He? He knows me; He knows you. He knows everything that I ever did do, all you ever did do. He knows what I will do. He knows what you will do. So our destination lays within His grips, in His hands.
And only He alone is able to do this. Are you aware of that, sister? Well, us being strange to each other and only God alone can do these things, then if I talk to you like our Lord and Master, which is present now, talked to the woman at the well... He said, "Bring Me a drink." And He begin to carry a conversation with her, till He found out just exactly where her trouble was. He found one trouble with her; that was: she was living in adultery. He said, "Go, get your husband."
She said, "I don't have any."
Said, "You got five."
She said, "I perceive that You're a Prophet." Said, "I know that when Messiah cometh, He will tell us these things." [John 4:7, 16-19, 25]
L-73 That was the very sign of the Messiah. Was that right? That's the sign of the Messiah today. Is that right? For the Messiah is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He's the same in principle, same in power, same in works. And the Messiah, Himself, said, "I do nothing except the Father shows Me first what to do."
But I'm talking to you just like He did to her, catching your human spirit, and us being strangers. Now, the first thing, I see the woman (if the audience, if my voice is loud enough now, as I hope it is) I see the woman moving away from me. She... There's something wrong with her spine. She's got a spinal trouble, and her spine is bad. That is true. Isn't it, lady? If that's right, raise up your hand. See how infallible our Holy Spirit of God is. There's your trouble. Just exactly.
Now, whether God can heal or not, that depends on her faith. See? These things are not to heal people. It's to bring you conscious of God being here. See? [John 4:25], [Hebrews 13:8], [John 5:19]
L-74 Now, you can say that man's a--a--anything you want to call it. Whatever you call it, it'll determine your destination. I say that. See?
Whatever... The man that smote Jesus in the face didn't feel any virtue. Certainly not. But the woman who touched His garment felt virtue. You touch Him tonight, not me. Not, oh, my, don't--don't think that: not me, Him. See? I--I'm just as you are. Now, worse than you are, lower, 'cause you people's been in this way a long time. I'm just a baby in it (See?), and you just call me your brother, and I come to you.
But some of you old saints of God here's been in these old churches around here, carrying their cross for years and years. I feel honored to stand before you, so I'm sure without a shadow of a doubt, I'm presenting the Lord Jesus Christ to you. That's right. Now, if you believe it, I hope you do. [Mark 5:27-30]
L-75 Now, the lady. Let's see what--what did--oh, it is, spinal trouble, I believe it was. All right. Now, that's what is wrong. Now, if I'd talk to the lady a little longer, it would keep telling her more things or whatever. It might. I don't know. We will just talk to her a minute and see what the Holy Spirit would say. So that you can see, that it's just not something you're guessing. It's a reality.
Now, it just... He's such a marvelous Lord Jesus, so wonderful. Now, it left me just then. It moved out from me. I felt It go. It went to someone. Now, just as sure as anything. It left some--went to someone. The Anointing left me; Life went out. Look at the perspiration breaking on top of my hand. See, see? It went from me. Somebody in the audience... Let's see.
L-76 Now, here... Now, if you that feel that you're in the Spirit... Now, look standing right here. Do you see that Light? It's hanging right over a little lady setting here, looking at me. She's been suffering. I see her going about something, holding her head. She's having headaches. Been having headaches. She's setting right in here. Do you believe that the Lord Jesus heals you? Will make you well? You accept it and you believe it? If you do, you may have it. The Lord Jesus bless you. See?
You don't need prayer cards. See? You need faith. Faith does the work. See, how faith makes you whole.
L-77 Now, this is the patient, I believe. So we will... what... If we will just... He just spoke to you, didn't He, telling you something was wrong with you.
Now, do you believe Him with all your heart that He will heal you? With all your heart, you believe you'll get... I see you--you've been... I see some building, a kind of a building you've been into or something. You was com... It's a--it's a--it's a hospital. You've just come from a hospital, and it was a--a... You--you've got a blood pressure. I see them taking your pressure like this, and it's dangerously high, ready for a stroke.
That is right, and they's--they's a little girl with you, and that little girl has something wrong with her foot. It's crippled in its foot, the left foot I believe it is. I see it as it throws its left foot, and that little girl is the daughter of your niece. That's right, and that lady, the mother of the child, works in a hospital. That's the truth. Now, go lay your hand on the child, and may the Lord grant unto you the desire of your heart.
L-78 Let us say, "Praise be to God." God is a worship an object of worship. "They that worship Him, worship in Spirit and in Truth." You believe with all your heart? If you believe, you can receive whatever it is. Just have faith in God. God will grant to you the blessings if you'll believe it.
Oh, my. This lady setting right here having, looking around this a way, do you believe with all your heart that God will heal you of that hay fever? You believe that God will make you well? Kinda shocked you a little, didn't it? You believe that He will make you well? If you do, you can have what you ask for. Amen.
High blood pressure? You believe that God will heal you of that high blood pressure? If you believe it, you can have what you ask for. That's right. God bless you. Amen.
L-79 How do you do, lady? We're strangers to each other, aren't we? Now, we being strangers to one another, but yet, you know that you're in the Presence of something besides your brother, don't you? See? It's His Presence. You see? Isn't that a wonderful feeling?
See, It just settling now, coming between me and the woman. She moves way back. A dark streak follows her. I see her many years ago. She's much younger than she is. You were stricken with something or other that looks like that they couldn't... You was asleep, or you--a sleeping disease. That's what you had, and it's come back on you again, and you're getting to a place where you're all excited. I see you wondering about whether you should drive a car and things like that. You're being worried about those things. Isn't that the truth? You believe that God's going to make you whole this minute? Come here.
And heavenly Father, as Your Spirit here that knows all things, I pray God that You'll bless this woman, who I bless in Thy Name; and may she go and be whole in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, sister. May His mercies rest with you and be upon you.
L-80 How do you do, lady? We are strange to each other too, I suppose? And we do not know each other, but God knows us both. Isn't that right? If He knows us both, He knows all things. He can do all things. He's omnipotent, omnipresent. So He's all present, all omnipotent. He can do all things.
I see you not sometime ago. You was going; you went for an examination and was examined for cancer, and you're going back again. Have to go back soon to get a examination to test again to see if it's cancer. That's right. That you might know that I am your brother and telling you the truth, you got someone you're interested in. That's a blind person. That's your daughter, and she's a blind person. The handkerchief that you have in your hand lay it on her, then bring us word what your doctor tells you about the cancer. You'll find that it's all right. God bless you, my sister. May His mercy rest upon you.
Praise be to God Who gives all things freely. Whosoever will may come and drink from the waters, the fountains of Life freely. Praise God. Every spirit's subject. See, I... He... You couldn't hide yourself now. He's here. If you'd look this a way I pass my... I couldn't heal you, but you couldn't hide your life. That's right. [Acts 19:12], [Revelation 22:17]
L-81 Here lays an elderly lady looking at me. I know what's wrong with her. She has palsy. Her husband setting by her is hard of hearing. Here's a lady setting here with a gallbladder trouble, just come from a hospital. The little girl over there in the wheelchair's got polio: stricken. Have faith. Believe. That's what it takes. I can't heal. God never give me something to heal somebody. He give me a gift to--to stimulate your faith in Him, to know He's present.
What do you think in there, lady, setting there on the end of the seat, setting there with that liver trouble? Do you believe that Jesus Christ heals you then? You felt something went over you, wasn't it? That's It. You were healed. Amen.
That lady that laid her hand over her, she got a blessing too at that time, because she had a--a bladder trouble; and she was healed then. Amen. That's right. That's exactly right.
L-82 The lady setting next to her, hugging up against her shoulders, you--you got a rupture, haven't you, lady? That's right. Amen. See, you can't hide His Presence. He's here. Amen. Hallelujah to the Lamb of the living God. "I'm present. Wherever two or more are gathered in My Name, I will be in their midst. Whatsoever thing you shall ask in prayer that will I do." Listen. I am not a fanatic. God knows that.
Our heavenly Father, Who looks down in heaven, I'm looking at that audience back in front of me there; and the God of heaven Who will judge me at this day of the judgment when He comes, constantly the Light of God is flashing from that audience back in there. You're--it's bending out. I'm getting so weak I can hardly stand here, but many people back in there are getting healed. [Matthew 18:20]
L-83 Now, you're too far back for me to just see exactly who you are, but God in heaven knows that. Many times has It flashed over the people there, and I know It's God's sign to me that them people are being healed right along through there, and God knows that's the truth, as I stand by His sacred Word. Amen.
Watch. Long time after I'm gone, you'll find out that that's the truth. Amen. It's your faith a doing that. Praise be to God. I love Him. How wonderful He is. We just thank Him with all our hearts for His goodness, don't we?
Just waiting a moment, friends. Just, you don't realize what it is. You get into a... Oh, He is so wonderful. You just feel like you're going to take a rapture just... My, how great it is to know that the Anointing of the Holy Spirit that will take the Church in the rapture someday is present.
Now, the people that's called the people that believes in God fanatics and holy-rollers, you ought to be ashamed of yourself, for God is with them a vindicating He's here. Look at when Israel come up out of Egypt. The sign was before them to prove that God was with them. Amen. How we love Him. How we praise Him for His goodness. He's from everlasting to everlasting. He's God.
L-84 This man standing here, is this the patient? Excuse me, sir. We're strangers to each other, I suppose. I do not know you. But just watching... I didn't mean to make you wait, sir, but just... I can't explain it. See? You're here. I don't know why. He knows why you're here, and He's the only One that can heal you if you're sick. If it's financial troubles, He's the only One that can support it. If it's domestic troubles, He's the only One Who can clear it up. The only thing I can do, is just by a Divine gift. if He will, say the same thing like He did to the woman at the well... He knew where her troubles lay.
Now, I want to ask the audience. A man standing here, total stranger...
Something happened in the audience just then. It went out to the audience. If the Holy Spirit, this strange man to me, will reveal what he come here for, will every one of you accept it now that you... Will you believe that I--I have told you the truth about the Lord Jesus. Will you? (See?)
L-85 Is it true, sir, we are strangers to each other? We never met before in life. This is just our first meeting time. I know nothing about you? Then if anything, if there's something wrong with you, and God would let me know about it, then it'd have to come from the hand of God, wouldn't it?
And now... See audience, this now... I want you to keep the Word. You on these cots here that's sick, wherever you are, and if I could only do something for you to heal you, how I would love to come down there and do it, but I can't. I can't do it. No other man can do it. It's your faith in God.
Every sinner here, how I'd like to come out and save you, but I can't. It's your own faith in God. Your--your--your salvation was paid for at Calvary. You've been... Ever since Jesus died, you've been saved, but it'll never do you any good till you accept it. Your healing was paid for at Calvary. Can't you accept it now?
See, a man can come through here saying anything. That don't make it so, but when God says it's so, then it's--it's--it's so. What that was, I could feel it. My brethren here, it's time to leave this stadium about, and that's the reason I'm trying to get the crowd into a position where I can feel that the Anointing is correctly over ever person. I'm interested in you, friend. I want you to be well.
I--I--you're just--you're somebody's mother. I got a dear old mother praying tonight. You're somebody's wife. I got a wife praying tonight, somebody's father. My father's gone on tonight. Somebody's brother and sister... Oh, may God help you, friend.
Now, through preaching the Word, through seeing God moving, won't you believe? I persuade you to have faith in God. Now while I try, as the crowd is getting dim. I can't explain it, or can't even know where my voice is coming to you correctly or not, but I trust that it is.
L-86 Now, to the man, if he will just step this way just a little closer, sir. There's somebody behind you pulling the same way. So we being strangers to each other, as I have said, God knowing both of us, knowing all about us...
Do you notice just how many in audience gets healed to one at the platform, is because of their faith. You see? Their faith does that.
Now, you're not from this city. You've come here from another city, and your trouble lays in your back; and he told you that it was a ruptured disk in your back. That is right. You believe the Lord Jesus can make you well? I hear somebody call you by name out--Hugh and your other name is Martin. That's right, isn't it? All right, go ahead. It's--it's over now. God bless you.
L-87 Let us say, "Praise be to God." Do you believe Him with all your heart? Now, let's us just where you're standing. I want you to do something for me. Will you, everybody sick, just put your hands over on each other just a minute, will you? Everywhere, all the way around. That's right. Now, I know God... Glory. All these things...
God just healed a man setting there. Your hands... "They shall lay hands on each other."
Our heavenly Father, we rebuke all the powers of darkness. Satan, you are defeated. We come against thee tonight in the Name of the Lord Jesus, and by the authority of the Holy Ghost, and the power of the resurrected Lord Jesus. This group of believers comes into the Presence of the Almighty. Come out, Satan, I adjure thee in the Name of Jesus, leave every person in Divine Presence. You're defeated. Leave them in Jesus' Name. Amen. Stand up now on your feet and give God praise for His great glorious power. [Mark 16:18]

55-0606 - Porter Stadium, Macon, GA (Paragraphs: 54 - 57)
L-55 Now, let just sing a song, if you will. You know in the disciples time, the time of the Bible, they sang a hymn. Let's sing: "Only Believe." If you give us a--a chord on--a chord, you will. This is something new; I never do this. But I don't know if it'll even be. If it don't, I'm going to have some ushers, and so forth to get together in a few minutes and form a prayer line. If it can be, if God will grant it, amen.
While Paul spake these words, he looked upon a man, and fastened his eye upon him, said, "Sir, I perceive," is that right? See? Scripturally... Uh-huh. Now, may He add His blessings. Oh, what a time. I--I...
Someday, I got to meet you, every one. And Almighty God knows that that Light, that you see on that picture, is standing not two feet from where I am right now. That's the truth. It's moving into my right side, right here: His grace, His mercy. I'm asking Him if He will, vindicate truth.
L-56 Truth, Lord, Thy Word is Truth. O Eternal God, Who formed the heavens and earth, Who made all things by Jesus Christ, Who we love and appreciate... O God, this dark day that we're living in, men, going through the earth, not knowing You, teachers--"heaping together teachers with itching ears, be turned from the truth to fables, heady, highminded, having a form of godliness and denying the power thereof." O God, have mercy tonight. Manifest Yourself, Lord Jesus. You're here. We love You. We believe You. And I know You're here. Make Yourself known, Lord, to this audience. Thou knowest this audience. I know them not. But that they might know that You're servant has told them truth about Thee, I pray this through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Have faith in God. Jesus, passing by a tree one day, He didn't see no fruit on it, and He said... He never had to stomp it or kick it. He said, "No man eateth from thee from here on." And there was no one eat from it. It dried up. Said, "Have faith in God; for if Thou would say to this mountain, be moved, and don't in your heart, but believe that what you say will come to pass, you can have what you say." [II Timothy 4:3-5], [Matthew 21:19-21]
L-57 God, that's the faith we want, the faith that was once delivered to the saints, the faith that our Lord Jesus looked out and seen a woman with a blood issue. Her touching Him with her faith, said, "Be of a good cheer. Thy faith has saved thee."
I see... Yes, thanks be to God. I see a man setting, looking right at me; he's in prayer. Between he and I, becomes a Light, streak moving. The man's a heavy-set man. He's looking right at me. He's suffering with heart trouble, the man setting right back there. That's right, sir. You can go home now a well man. Your faith has healed you.
That poor woman setting right next to you there, look this way, to me, sister. You believe me to be God's prophet, or servant? With all your heart you believe that? If God will make known to me what you're here for, if you're--got troubles, if He will tell me what your trouble, will you believe me as His servant? You will?
Your trouble's in your leg? Isn't that right? Now, isn't that the truth? You can stand up on your feet then. Jesus Christ makes you well. Amen. [Jude 1:3], [Mark 5:25, 34]

55-0607 - Porter Stadium, Macon, GA (Paragraphs: 73 - 94)
L-74 Now, He said, "The same things that I do, you'll do also. Even more, for I go to My Father." Is that right?
Now, Jesus would do the same if He was here tonight. He would be able... Now, as far as healing, He paid the price of that at Calvary. Every person is healed already, as much as God could do for you. Only if you preach the Gospel, or some sign or wonder has already been done, it's up to you to accept it. Do you get it? It's up to you to accept it. Then, if God will come down and preach it in the Word, and you won't believe His Word, then if it'd be me or you, we'd say, "Let them alone," but not God. He's not willing, no. He comes on down, after He sends the Word, then He sends signs and wonders, and prophets, and visions, and everything else, trying to get the people to Him. Is that right?
Now, if He will come tonight and perform the very same thing here in this church, in this group of people, that He did when He was here on earth, will you believe He raised from the dead? Will you do it, will you accept it on the same ground? [John 14:12]
L-75 All right, is your? All right bring the--the lady here. Now, if--if the engineer will watch these microphones... See, my voice out there, 'cause I don't know sometimes, how loud it is or how--how it is as it goes on, you understand, I suppose. You just regulate accordingly.
Now, here stands a lady, standing here by me. I'm just... I'm a man, she's a woman. I've never seen the lady in my life. And--is--Probably, she has never seen me in her life, 'less it was setting out in the audience somewhere--she looked up. So I suppose we're strangers to one another are we, lady? We are strangers, yes. And born probably miles apart, many miles and many years apart, and here we are tonight, met for our first time.
Now, what would Jesus do if this woman... I don't know what she's here for. God knows but I don't. If Jesus was here, what would He do and what would He say to the woman? What do you think would be His attitude? Now, she may be here. She may have domestic trouble. She may have a financial trouble. She may be sick. She may be seeking God. She may be wanting to know where something has happened, or something, or what about--I don't know. I can't tell you. But He does know.
L-76 Now, the only thing that God could do, if it's for healing. Well, He'd say, "I did that when I died at Calvary for you." Is that right, clergymen, you--you ministers? He... There's where He done all the healing that ever was--could be done, is right there. The--the price is already paid. It's just something now to make people to believe that. Is you... All of you around the rim understand that? If you do, raise up your hand, if you understand? It's just something to make people realize, (thank you) that He, that He is here. His Presence is here. Only by preaching the Word, maybe by some other gift or something or another...
L-77 Now, if He was standing here, He would know this woman, if the Father would show Him. Now, what would He do? Now, I'd imagine, if He would do just like He did at Samaria when that woman come out at Samaria. He went up and set down on a well. She come up to Him and come up and started to get a bucket of water, and He said, "Bring Me a drink." Wonder why?
She said, "Why, it's not customary for you Jews to ask we Samaritans such."
He said, "But if you knew Who you were talking to, you'd ask Me for a drink." See? I'd give you water that you don't come here to draw." She went ahead and carried on a conversation.
Now, to my honest opinion, here's what He was doing: contacting her spirit (See?), finding out what her spirit was. So He talked to her, till He found where her trouble was. Then, when He found the trouble, He told her what it was. He said, "Go get your husband."
She said, "I don't have any husband."
Said, "You got five."
Why, she said, "Sir, I perceive that You are a prophet. Now, I know; we're taught that when the Messiah cometh, the Messiah will do these things, but You must be a prophet."
He said, "I'm He that speaks to you." Is that right? "I am He that speaks." [John 4:7-9, 16-19, 25-26]
L-78 Now, what was that sign? To tell her what was wrong with her, where her trouble was: it was the sign of the Messiah. What is it amongst the better scholared, educated preachers today? Mental telepathy, fortunetelling, Beelzebub. Just the same thing amongst that kind of class on the street that day. They looked around and said, "Well, I--we can't deny that he knows their thoughts."
Jesus--Did He read the people's mind? Be careful. Yes. If you'll tell me the difference between perceiving a thought and reading a mind, I want you to lay it up here on the platform and tell me what's the difference: perceiving a thought or reading a mind. Not like the devil does now, some of these here devil works... Setting right here with a palm reading and guessing a whole lot, like that, that's the devil. Everything the devil's got, he's copied off of God. [John 4:18, 25]
L-79 But God, in His prophets and in His seers and so forth, absolutely knows that these things as God will reveal it.
There's many things He don't reveal to His servants. Look at--look at old Jacob setting on a stoned. Setting up there and brought his boy's coat back... And you knowed he was a prophet. Brought his coat back and said, "A beast killed your boy." That was wrong. He didn't know the difference for forty years.
Look at Isaac, setting up there total blind, and here come Jacob up and said, "I'm Esau." He blessed him, for Esau--and a prophet...
Look at the--this Elijah, setting there and--and here come the Shunammite women and fell down by him like that. Said, "God's troubled her heart and kept it from me." They don't know all things. They just know as God will let them know. They're not infallible people.
The Bible said, "Elijah was man subject to like such passions as we are," his up and downs, and differences. [Genesis 37:20], [Genesis 27:18], [II Kings 4:27], [John 5:17]
L-80 Now, if Jesus has raised from the dead, He's anointing tonight--and I contend for that, that He is risen from the dead, then He will come and manifest Hisself just like He did here on earth. Then it's up to you from then on, whether you'll believe it.
If this woman, knowing that she's a total stranger to me and me to her, and if Something will come here, and anoint me, and tell me what she wants to ask me or whatever it is, then it's going to be up to you. You know it'd have to come through supernatural power. Then it's going be up to you whatever you believe about it. That what--what you have--how you approach it, that'll be the determination of what you get out of it. That's right.
L-81 Those who thought He was Beelzebub, smacked Him in the mouth, and felt no virtue. But woman who touched the hem of His garment, and run out, she got healed. It's just your approach to it, that's right, the way you approach it. Now, may the Lord Jesus add His blessings.
Say, "Brother Branham, you're stalling for something." Exactly I was. Sure, I was stalling till this anointing comes, but He's here now. And in the Name of Jesus Christ, I take every spirit under my control for the glory of God.
Now, be reverent, set still, because there's foul, evil spirits in the meeting tonight. See? And set still now, 'cause you remember, when they leave one, they can go right straight to another. So now, be reverent and be quiet while I talk with the woman just a little while, to see just what her trouble would be and what she's here for.
Now, sister, not knowing you, I turn to you now as a single individual. After talking to the--the audience, I turn to you as a single individual, just to talk to you like our Master did to the woman at the well. A picture again, a man and a woman (See?) the same way. [Mark 5:27]
L-82 Now, you remind me a whole a lot of my mother. What do you think about that Leo? Just about a--about like my--my mother, about that size, a little irish woman. Perhaps praying for me now, for she knows I go in the meeting about this time. And she's praying for me.
And if I was any kind of a deceiver, I'd be a heartless brute, to try to deceive a--a--a some--somebody, and impersonate or throw off on the Lord Jesus. I wouldn't do that, lady. You don't believe that of me, of being a--a... [The lady says, "You're a man of God." --Ed.] Thank you, my sister. Thank you. Then with that saying, surely God will honor what you're here for.
L-83 Now, you just look to me as your brother, and knowing it's--that I am your brother. And thank you for that compliment, "being a man of God." I'm not worthy of that expression, but I--I believe that God will honor you for saying that, 'cause He has made them statements.
Now, not knowing you... And if the Lord Jesus, His holy Presence which we're now in, will let me know what you want here, what you you come up on the platform for, well then, He will--you'll know whether it's true or not. Then you'll be willing to accept it and say, "Yes, I believe It comes from God, 'cause I know that little man standing there wouldn't know nothing about me." So you believe now, with all your heart, as I look to see, what I can see for you--see if He would tell me anything. He may not. But He may. And then if He does, I will be very thankful to Him.
L-84 But I see now, to this women that's standing near, she has a real dismal funny spirit. It's a spirit of worry, fearful. She's all nervous and upset. And she's bothered a lot with a nervous condition. And she's... It's about a condition of her body, that she's worrying about, because she's planning on a--an examination, at a clinic, kind of a hospital clinic of affair, for cancer. It's a cancer that you're worried about. And you was praying, just before coming. And you was--revealed to you as you was praying, that if you would come here, and I would pray for you, that they'd find no cancer. You come up here, and you're not from this state. You come from Florida, up here, isn't that the truth? You're going to get the desire of your heart. You have it right now in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ may it be received, in Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go happy, rejoicing.
Go this way if you want to. Brother Wood if you'd come and take...
Do you believe? All things are possible to them that believe. Oh, I just wish you could understand, right now, what it means, what it means to--to be here in the Presence of the Lord Jesus. What a different looking audience it is, from five minutes ago. You may think that I'm just saying that, but that's between you and God. The Lord Jesus' Presence is right here now. [Mark 9:23]
L-85 Now, there's an evil spirit moving in the audience. It's coming to this woman setting here, standing here. Now, just a moment. It's a spirit screaming for help. The woman who is standing here... It's this women setting right here with her foot up in the chair. Now, look this way just a minute, the both of you, while this dark streak is settled between you. This lady here, cancer condition, and operation from the throat. That woman setting there has cancer. She has something wrong with her foot, and she has a cancer on her breast. And only God can make either one of you well. You believe?
Now, to you, them spirits are pulling one to another. Now, being that you're closer to me, I want to talk to you just a minute. Now, it's still moving between the woman. Now, have faith, lady, both of you, 'cause you're right now on the decision ground. You're very nervous, too. You had an operation. I see they--you talk through this place in your throat, like your voice comes through it where they cut for cancer. And you're--you're not from this country, either. You've come from below here, from a place, Florida. And you've come from a city called Melrose, Florida. And your name is Mrs. E. M. Robison, you come from Melrose, Florida. And you want me to lay hands on you that you be healed.
Almighty God, in The Name of Thy Son the Lord Jesus... Satan I rebuke thee, come out from these people that they may go and be made whole through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Go. Amen.
L-86 Have faith; you believe? All right, lady, do you believe with all your heart? I'm a stranger to you, but we're neither one strangers to God. Oh, my. Oh, how wonderful He is, how marvelous: the Prince of Peace, the King of kings, the Everlasting Father, the great I Am, the Rose of Sharon, the Lily of the valley, the Bright and Morning Star. All powers in the heavens and earth is in His hands. He stands among His people, outstretched arms, that whosoever will, let him come and drink freely.
Little lady, setting looking at me, right here on the end of the row, you've got a--a gallbladder trouble, haven't you? You believe that Jesus will make you well? You got a bleeding on the inside too, of the gallbladder. You believe God will make you well? You accept it with all of your heart? Shake your handkerchief up there, lady. Yeah, there you are; that's right. Stand up on your feet; Jesus Christ healed you. Amen, amen. [Revelation 22:16-17], [Song of Solomon 2:1]
L-87 Sister, you got a cancer. That cancer is on the breast. Isn't that right? I see your examination, and I see it's on your breast. Do you believe Jesus is here to take it off? Come near. Look, there's something here know you isn't there, of just knowing standing present.
Jesus said, "These signs shall follow them the believe. If they lay hand on the sick, they shall recover." Do you believe that we are believers? Then, in the Name of Jesus Christ I condemn this devil that's taken the life of my sister. And I adjure thee by the living God, that you depart from her, Satan, in Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you, lady. Go have faith and believe with all your heart. Oh, how wonderful. [Mark 16:17-18]
L-88 Look this way just a moment, lady. We are strangers to each other. We do not know each other, perhaps our first time ever meeting in life. God knows both of us, doesn't He? Now, do you believe that the Lord sent me; the things that I have said is the truth? With all your heart. Then, if I could do anything for you, you know I would do it, if I could do it. If you believe in me like that, as God's servant, I'd do anything I could for you sister, but I'm just limited to a gift. That's all. But the gift declares that God is here and willing. Surely, I'd know of some conception of Him if He'd let me do these things, wouldn't I? I'd know to have some conception of God, have to, for we being strangers to each other...
But here, I see you're not here for yourself. You're here for a--a boy; it's your son. And it's something... I see him examine his head. It's a... The doctor said it's a retarded cell or something other in the brain. And you're a preacher's wife. And your husband, kind of turning gray, and kind of got his teeth setting wide apart... Isn't that right? Almighty and omnipotent God, the Author of Everlasting Life, send Thy blessings upon the woman who I bless in Thy Name, and may her desires be fulfilled, in the Name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen. Amen; have faith; don't doubt. Just believe with all your heart.
L-89 What do you think, sister? Do you believe with all your heart? All right, if you believe, it's for you. God honors believers. Isn't that right? "But to him that believeth..." If I didn't say one thing to you, and laid hands on you, do you believe you'd be healed anyhow, don't you? See? I like that kind of faith. Have faith in God.
Now, the--it makes me weak. You see? I'm not beside myself, but I--I--I--I can't--I can't explain it. You see? Now, that which is on me, I never put my hand over that microphone just for this. See? You're just a little shook, you know. So I want you to come reverent (See?), just believe.
Now, look this a way, so that God might be able to tell you what--something that would encourage you. Your trouble is in the head; you have a head trouble. And then you've recently had something wrong with you like a--sort of like a heart attack. You had a heart attack, just had a heart attack, recently. You believe He's going to make you well? Come here. O God, Prince of Peace, Everlasting Father, send Thy blessings upon this woman who I bless in Thy holy Name, for her healing. I ask for Jesus' sake. Amen. [Mark 11:22]
L-90 All right, have faith now; believe with all your heart. Come, sir. Believe, every one of you? Just have faith back there, now. If thou canst believe, you can receive.
Little lady setting there with that colon trouble, you think the Lord Jesus will make you well? Do you believe it? You can be healed then. Jesus Christ make you well.
What do you think--of the lady setting there; you got a tumor under your arm, haven't you? Yeah, and you got a heart trouble too, haven't you? You all put your arms around one another, Jesus loves you, and He will make you well. God bless you.
Praise be to the living God. See, you don't need a prayer card; you need faith. Amen. I challenge you to believe that I've told you the truth now. You look and believe. Look to Him, all the ends of the world.
Now, sir, we're strangers to one another. Do you believe me to be His servant, the Lord's servant? Between me and you comes a table, you back off from it; you got stomach trouble. You believe that Jesus Christ will heal you? Kind of a burning in your stomach, ulcerated like. It's a peptic ulcer. They say it lays at the pad of the stomach, the bottom part of the stomach. You're nervous, upset, worried all the time. You're a person of deep thinking; you're always crossing bridges, 'fore you get to it, planning things that never happen. That's your nature. In your stomach, you're healed. Go get yourself a supper and eat it, 'cause your faith has made you whole. Praise God. Amen.
L-91 That's the way to have faith. Sir, do you believe with all your heart? You have a disease that killed more people than anything: heart trouble. But do you believe that God will heal you of that tonight? Raise up your hands, say, "I accept the Lord Jesus." Come here to me. And devil, I adjure thee, by the living God; you're exposed, come out of the man. May you go in peace through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, brother.
Look this a way, lady. You believe, with all your heart? We are strangers to each other, but you suffer with a lady's trouble, the female trouble. It's caused a lot of discharge, mucus, and that's caused from, 'course that only could be seen (you know where that was done, that's at the--in a secret place) only God would know it. What it is, you've got an abscess in the abdomen. You were hurting mainly is on the left side. So, Jesus Christ makes you well. Your faith heals you. Go on your road now and rejoice and say, "Thank you, God."
L-92 The little boy, you believe that God will heal you? Then go eat your supper. Your stomach trouble's gone. Yours too, mother. Just go travel right along with him and praise God and believe with all your heart.
Do you believe with all your heart? You believe God can heal that kidney trouble and make you well? He has, just keep walking on, saying, "Praise be to God" Who gives us the victory.
Your nervous for one thing, been always upset. And you have a stomach trouble, also. Now, go on your road rejoicing, saying, "Thank you, Lord Jesus" and be made well. All right.
Come, lady, do you believe with all your heart? 'Course you're bothered; I see when you get up of a morning, kind of a little stiffness which is in an arthritis that's coming on. And it's stomach trouble also; it's a nervous upset causes that, causes you to belch and acid comes up in your mouth and things. That's the truth, isn't it? Father God, I lay hands upon her in the Name of Thy Son The Lord Jesus and rebuke this devil, and say for him to go in Jesus' Name. Amen. Go, thanking God and rejoicing and being made happy, sister, and praising God. Amen!
L-93 Do you believe me, my brother, as God's prophet? If God will tell me what's your trouble, and will you obey as His prophet? I see you trying to step off the side of a street with arthritis; you got arthritis. Raise up your hand. Raise your hands up--feet up and down like this. Now, go on off the platform, rejoicing and be well in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Go... Yes, brother, God bless you. Let's say, "Praise the Lord."
All right now. How do you do, lady. I see you're going--you're blind condition--blind spirit striking your eyes. You believe that God will restore your sight and make you well? Bow your heads just a moment for this. Almighty God, have mercy upon the blind. Restore the sight to this woman, Lord, knowing that these eyes, if Satan can do it, will soon be made blind. But I ask now, with mercy, with my hands upon her Lord, as Your representative, I ask for her sight to come to her in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, sister, on your road rejoicing. Look out through there. Now, you see now? Just raise up your hands and praise the Lord for it. Amen.
L-94 Would you come, lady. Epileptic... The little lady. God bless you, sister, it left you then. Have faith in God; it won't come back. Believe Him; your faith touched it then, sister. Have faith in God; believe. [Mark 11:22]
Do you believe, lady? Would you obey me as God's prophet? If I tell you what's wrong with you, will you obey me as His servant? You have arthritis. Is that right, is it the truth? Raise up your hand if it is. Go off the platform rejoicing; Jesus Christ to make you well. Amen. Have faith.
How do you do, sir. You and I are strangers to each other, I suppose; we don't know one another. I, perhaps, never seen you in all my life. But God knows you, isn't that true? If God will reveal to me what your trouble is, will you accept your healing from the Lord Jesus? Will the rest of you do the same? I want to look to the man a minute.
Look, not knowing you, never seeing you, but knowing you are bound to be a sick man or you wouldn't be in this condition: you look thin and poor. But I see a spirit of blackness moving over you; it's cancer. And I see one, two, three--three operations you've had--three operations for this cancer. That's truth. And it hasn't done you any good yet. And you're falling off, getting poorer and poorer. Let me tell you your trouble. Will you receive me as God's prophet? You got a habit, smoking cigarettes, and that's the thing that's give you cancer. Throw the things away. Don't never use them no more, and go home, and get well. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke this devil. Hallelujah!
Do you believe? Then stand on your feet in the Name of Jesus Christ, every one of you. Almighty God, in the Name of the Lord Jesus I rebuke every devil and unclean spirit, and cast them away in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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