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Prayer Line 54-03
54-pl-03, Prayer Line 54-03, 62 min

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54-0301 - Assembly Of God, Phoenix, AZ (Paragraphs: 64 - 83)
L-65 Now, how many in here that does not have a prayer card and wants to be healed, raise your hand. If you notice, in every meeting, there's ten healed out there to one at the platform. See? Only thing I ask you to do is pray and believe with all your heart that the things that I'm telling you is the truth. That God has--has did this. And I believe that with all my heart, that each of you will be healed. May the Lord God bless you and grant.
Now, I'm going to ask each one, if you will, especially the little ones, be just as... keep your seats just as quietly as you can. Because this is a service of the Lord. All right, would you give us a little chord, if you would.
L-66 How Christians... I'm sure you'll understand. I'm your brother. And in these meetings, you're laboring against everything. Here you are standing on the platform and a bank of spirits... When you break into a--a channel of spirit for a vision, everybody praying, some doubting, some this way, some that way. You just don't realize...
Jesus one day hit a crowd like that. And He just took a man by his hand and led him outside of the city. And spit on the ground, made mud, and put it one his eyes and told him to go wash. And the next day, he come seeing. See?
He went into a place where they was all screaming, on account of a little girl had just died, laughing at Him, 'cause He said she wasn't dead. And He put them every one out of the house, went in. See? You got to have unity, harmony, everything in one accord. Then the Holy Spirit should never have to have but one prayer here at the platform, everything would take place. Just that would end it.
L-67 I trust that you believe I'd tell the truth. God knows I tell the truth. I've seen meetings where they'd be piled several deep with wheelchairs and cots and stretchers. And just stand at the platform.
In Africa, making one prayer, one afternoon, one prayer, twenty-five thousand people were healed in one prayer. When they seen something happen on the platform, that settled it. They said, "If God is up there, God's out here."
Why, they couldn't even haul the crutches, and cots, and stretchers, and--and devicities they had away and off. They had trucks out there to pull them off the ground where they just left them and things like that, just laying the piles: twenty-five thousand healings, one prayer.
Now, as they're getting the people lined up to come, I want each one of you to be real prayerful. I want you to believe with all your heart now. Believe that God is going to make you well. God will do it.
L-68 My, I hope we have this faith all the time. I seen a lady healed just then (That's right.) out in the audience. May the Lord Jesus bless us now.
And I want you to be just as reverent as I--I say. Just as reverent... And believe with all your heart that Jesus Christ, the Son of God is here to make well, all those who are needy. Just what He could do...
Now, at the day of judgment, when the secrets of all hearts shall be disclosed, the Almighty Who's present, that Angel that you see on that picture, isn't standing two feet from where I am right now.
And now, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I take every spirit in here under my control for the glory of God.
L-69 Now, be reverent. I must talk to the woman just a moment. Beyond the strangers here in the gates... If Jesus was here, what would He say to the woman? Would He say, "I'll heal you?" He couldn't, for He's already done it.
But He talked to a woman at the well one time about a subject. And He caught what was wrong with her and told her. And if He... He could only do what the Father would show Him, is that right? That's what the Scripture says.
Now, as He was here today He said... He's not dead, He's a living. And He is here, but He's in a Spirit form. And this is Him you see in the picture there. See? It's He, the Lord, the Logos, the Angel of the Covenant. And He's standing present.
Now, I will speak to our sister just a moment. I believe you're a stranger to me, are you, lady? We're perfect strangers, don't know one another? All right.
I just want your attention, not that I... for no other purpose. But just like our Master called the woman at the well, and said, "Bring Me a drink."...
She said, "The well's deep. You have nothing to draw with."
L-70 He said, "But if you knew Who you were speaking to, you'd ask Me for a drink, and I'd bring you water you didn't come here to draw." You're acquainted with the story, I suppose. Wonder why He was doing that? Now, to my honest opinion, after being acquainted with the Spirit, He was contacting her spirit, her soul, find out what was wrong.
Now, if He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, and I just speak to you, and if that Pillar of Fire is here, and us being strangers and know one another not... And I know nothing about you. You know that. Well then, if the Holy Spirit will come and tell me what your trouble is or something in that manner...
L-71 Like Philip, when Philip come to Him, he said... went and got Nathanael, and he said, "Could anything good come out of Nazareth?"
Said, "Come and see."
And He said... When He saw Philip coming, He said, "There's a Israelite in whom there's no guile."
He said, "When did You know me?"
Said, "Before Philip called you, when you were under the tree, I saw you." That settled it, didn't it? Just when He said that, that was enough.
That would be enough for you tonight, would it, to make you believe? Well, I trust that He will. And just the same thing, a man talking to a woman, like it was at the well. That's the way it starts again tonight, a man talking to a woman.
L-72 And the woman was a believer. She said, "Our father Jacob dug this well," and so forth. "His cattle drank from it." And you're a believer. And I'm your brother. And now, God Almighty will have to reveal, if He will, your trouble.
It's not exactly a trouble. You do have trouble with your eyes. You had that for some time. That's astigmatism, of course. But you're trying to represent somebody from another country. It's in a country where there's a... It's a great rolling country, a lot of lakes in it. It's Minnesota. Is that right?
And it's... They've got a real rare disease. And I see the doctor, a tall thin man, waiting on her. Is that true? And she has something like the blood ain't going through the arteries or something. I see him with something in his ears, touching it like that and shaking his head. Isn't that true?
L-73 Was those things true? Now, that wasn't me talking. That was someone else. Is it the truth? Then if He knows what is that's wrong, He knows what... If He knows what has been, He knows what will be. Is that right?
I believe it was for a friend, was that right? Give me your handkerchief and come here.
Dear heavenly Father, for one who is laying, which is dear, I pray that You'll heal with Your mighty power. May the Holy Spirit of God go forward now. And may the person be healed, and this woman healed, for the glory of God. In Jesus Christ's Name I ask it. Amen.
God bless you, sister. God bless you. Come.
L-74 How many believes with all your heart? Now, every one in here ought to say, right now, "I believe the Lord Jesus Christ is present. He rose from the dead. He's not dead; He's living." And He's living here tonight in you. See? It's only a vindication of His Presence. He just does this to stimulate your faith.
He preaches the Word. Then He comes and makes manifest the Word. He's declaring... miracle. Whatever the person was and whoever they was, I know not.
Frankly, right now, I--I couldn't tell you what with the person... was wrong, or ever who's passed through. That's absolutely the Spirit of God in the supernatural.
Now, come. 'Course anyone can see the man's got a trumpet in his ear. Let's bow our heads a moment till we get... And don't raise your head till I ask you.
O kind Lord, Who brought Jesus from the grave, as David said, "The Lord said unto my Lord, 'Set Thou on My right hand till all the enemies would be made the footstool.'"
L-75 I pray Thee Father, to be merciful to this man, standing here with this big trumpet sticking in his ear. Satan has did this evil so that he could run him before a vehicle somewhere and kill him, send him to a premature grave. That enemy, he's a horrible fellow. But Thou art the glorious Son of God Who stripped him from all of his powers at Calvary.
And Lord, I pray that You'll give us that which You promised to this very night. That you said, "Whatever you ask in My Name, that I'll do." And I ask that this evil deaf spirit that's binding the man come out him. In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, may it leave him.
How long have you been that way? [The man speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] Do you--you believe that the Lord Jesus... All right, you can raise your head. All right. You can hear this sounding. So you believe with all your heart? And you know He loves you, don't you? Yes, yes. You hear me?
L-76 Now, of course, you got a eye trouble that's bothering you too, is that right? It's your eyes. And you also have a blood clot in your leg. Is that right? It's gone from you. Yes, sir. It's been there a long time, but it's leaving you now.
And another thing, you're fixing to take a trip, an airplane trip. Yes, sir. You're father-in-law just died and your father-in-law lives in Idaho. that's where you come from. And he just died and you're going in the morning. You got the message today, so go on your road rejoicing and be happy. And the Lord... Yes, sir, and the Lord God bless you and make you well.
Just have faith in God. Believe with all your heart and you shall have what you ask for.
L-77 You believe that arthritis would leave you? You got a high blood pressure too, don't you? Yes, high blood pressure and arth... and--and--and you got asthma, asthmatic condition. Is that right? All right, raise up your hand and say, "I accept it." God bless you. May the Lord Jesus make you well. Amen.
Have faith. You don't need your prayer card now. Have faith in God.
Got a hernia, haven't you, mister? You want to get over that? You believe that God will heal you of that hernia? You do? God bless you. May you receive it.
What do you think, lady, setting there? You believe with all your heart? You do? You want to be made well? Yes, sir. The gallbladder trouble and things, isn't that right? Well, you're healed. God bless you. You can go home and be made well.
L-78 Now, have faith out in the audience here. See? Just out in the anointing of the Holy Ghost is everywhere now. See? If you'll just have faith and believe, that's all you need. Have faith in God. Don't doubt. Believe with all your heart and God will bring it to pass.
All right, bring the patient.
Trying hard, brother. Just keep believing.
Come, lady. Are we strangers to each other, sister? I never seen you in my life. Now, to heal you, I couldn't, if you're sick. But your life could not be hid from me now. See? Because it's not me; it's the kindness of our heavenly Father by a Divine gift. See? I see a sign marked up says, "Nine A.M." It's an operation. That either comes Sunday or Monday, one. It's for tumor, is that right?
O God, Who made mercy, grant mercy to our sister and may it be successful, and may she be well through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you. Go believing, you...?... God be with you.
L-79 Have faith in God.
You're trying to have faith. The lady setting next to you can be healed of that high blood pressure, if she wants to be. You want to be healed with your high blood? You believe He healed you? Raise up your hand and say, "I accept it." God bless you then. Go home, and may it drop in the Name of Jesus Christ and may you be made well.
All three of you need your healing. Believe with all your heart and you can go receive it. God bless you.
L-80 How do you do? I suppose we're strangers? God Almighty, Who created the heavens and earth, Who His Presence I stand in now, knows that your life could not be hid as far as His will would be. He could reveal it. And now...
Oh, my. I just wish that I could get... Wish I could explain what I--what I mean now. Don't doubt.
Your prayer is answered, lady, setting there with the red coat, that's got that high blood pressure, that... God bless you. God be with you. You go home, and may the Lord God bless you.
You got a liver trouble, haven't you, setting right there? You want God to heal you? You believe He will? All right, accept it.
There's an accident. I see a car running through here. It's--it's an accident. Somebody is in a accident. No, it... They've hurt their hip. Raise up, accept your healing. God bless you. Be made well.
L-81 Come. Do you believe with all your heart? All right. You're here for the little girl. And the little girl has... She's anemia. And she has leukemia. The doctors has give her up. You have asthma yourself. You're a nurse. You was in the--sick in the hospital. You were healed. And you've backslid. God bless you. Give your heart to God, and the baby will get well, both of you. Go and God be with you.
Have faith. Believe with all your heart.
Come. How many believes? Be a wonderful time... You want to get over that arthritis, lady? Go, believing God with all your heart and receive it.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord."
L-82 All right, come, lady. Let's... God bless you, lady. Realizing your stomach trouble has turned to cancer, so do you believe now with all your heart He will heal you? In the Name of Jesus, go and be made well, in Jesus Christ's Name. All you have to do is to believe.
Come, lady. You believe? You want... Will you obey me as God's prophet? You believe it? Stomp your feet, and the arthritis will leave you. Go in the Name of Jesus Christ. Be made healed.
Come. You believe me as God's prophet? Catch your breath real deep. You're not coughing now. The asthma has left you. Go in the Name of Jesus be made whole. All right.
You was healed while you were setting there, lady, just keep moving, thanking God, blessing.
L-83 Let's say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."--Ed.] Believe with all your heart, you shall see the glory... Go shouting and praising God. I believe every person in here can be healed at this time. The whole building's becoming milky. I can't even see where I'm looking at hardly.
You believe, lady? You believe here, all you? Every one of you that believes that Jesus Christ is here in the building now, stand up to your feet and accept Him as your Healer and you shall be made well.
Almighty God, in Jesus Christ's Name, I cast away every evil spirit. Free the sick and the afflicted and make them well. In the...

54-0302 - Assembly Of God, Phoenix, AZ (Paragraphs: 54 - 71)
L-55 So, may the Lord bless you while we once more... Let's sing this slowly, like this, now, "Only Believe." Let's just raise our hands and say, "Now, I believe." All together now.
Now, I believe, now, I believe,
All things are possible, now, I believe;
Now, I believe, now, I believe,
All things are possible, now, I believe.

Grant Lord, just now, that the Word of God might be fulfilled, which was spoken by our Lord, "The things that I do shall you do also and greater for I go unto My Father." In Jesus Name I ask this. Amen.
Now, be reverent. Don't move around. And do just as you're told to do. Remember that. I'm not responsible for critics. Anything that happens to a critic, I'm not responsible. To a Christian believer, yes, I am.
Now, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I take every spirit in here under my control for the glory of God.
L-56 Now, far as I know, there's not a person in the prayer line that I know or have ever seen in my life. I don't know of any out there that I know anything of. How many in here that's sick tonight, hasn't got a prayer card, and yet you want God to heal you, raise your hand. Just ever... Why, it's just everywhere.
Now, the thing I ask you to do is believe this: Believe that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And what He did then, the--the things that He did then, He promised that them would follow His Church until He returned again. And believe that I'm here tonight as His servant, not worthy, unmerited grace, why I'm here tonight. But by sovereign grace and election of God, God has sent me as a witness of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Then believe Him.
And if a word that I would say, if I've told the truth, God will testify of the truth. That's right.
L-57 Now, I must talk to the woman. Because there's spirit all around. And I'm conscious now that the anointing of the Holy Spirit in near where I'm standing. The Angel of God that you see in the picture here, is just real close to where I am right now.
And now, if Jesus of Nazareth was standing here with these clothes on, could He heal anybody? No. The only thing that He could do, would say, "I healed you when I died for you. I did everything that I could right there."
But now, to this woman, if He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, and He... To this woman here, He'd talk to her, like He did the woman at the well.
L-58 Why do you think Jesus talked to the woman at the well for? To contact her spirit. He said, "Bring Me a drink."
She said, "Well, it's not customary for Jews to ask Samaritans such."
Said, "But if you knew Who you were talking to, you'd ask Me for a drink. I'd give you waters you didn't come here to draw."
And she said, "Why, the well is deep..."
And the conversation went on till Jesus found where her trouble was. Said, "Go, get your husband."
She said, "I have no husband."
Said, "Right. You got five."
She run, said, "See a... Come see a Man that told me everything I've done." She said, "I perceive that You're a Prophet." See, she said, "Messiah is coming, and He will know those things. He will be able to tell us those things. I know You're a Prophet, but when Messiah comes, He will tell us all things."
He said, "I am He that speaks with you."
L-59 Now, if He's the same yesterday, today and forever, and His anointing is with His Church, unworthy, yet to fulfill His Word, then talking to you would be contacting your spirit, is that right?
Then you know sister, if I could do anything for you to help you and wouldn't do it, I'd be a brute. But it... Only thing that I could do would be to help you in some way, like preach the Gospel, that's the way... God's set some to preach the Gospel, some to teach the Gospel, some to play music, some to be deacons, some to speak with tongues, and some to interpret tongues, and some to--to pray for the sick, and some prophets, is that right? All those are set in the Church for what? To edify the Church, to bring the Church together.
Now, we're living in the closing of this world's history. The time is at hand. The Gentile dispensation is winding up. Just like He did with the Jews, He's showing a great measure of grace to them, making His last call, so that the unbelievers will blaspheme the Holy Ghost and be worthy of the con--of the condemnation they're fixing to receive.
But how blessed those will be that'll stand out and outshine the stars, that'll believe on Him, and His great works of this day.
L-60 Now, I'm not standing here to read your mind, sister. I'm only standing here to see what He will tell me. If He will tell me... We're strangers, aren't we? I guess this is our first time ever seeing each other in all the world. I don't know nothing about you and you know nothing about me.
But now, if Jesus has raised from the dead, then if He was standing here (which He is), why, He would know what was wrong with you, and what you've done, and what you should do. And anything. Like He said, to Nathanael, "I saw you when you were under the tree." He believed it.
Now, if God would come here to me, and us perfect strangers, and say something like that through me, the same Jesus, say something like that through me to you, you'd--you'd have to believe Him, wouldn't you? You'd have to believe Him. Well, may He grant it.
L-61 The first thing, you are--you're suffering with a--an arthritis. Isn't that right? I see you trying to get up when it's worst of ever, of a morning. You have to turn some way that's easy, to get out of the side of the bed. I see you moving out. And you're a pray-er. You try to pray then... stiffly. God bless your heart. That's the truth, isn't it?
Now, that wasn't me. That was Him. Now, I could do no more about it. Now, I never seen the woman, yet in a vision. The best I remember of what happened, seeing her in a vision, that she was in a room and she was trying to get out of the bed, sideways. And there's something wrong with her with stiffening in her body. Now, that's true.
Now, that's just what our Master said to the woman. He found her trouble. Now, she's to believe, is that right? Well now, if I'd talk to her more, just stand and talk to her a little while, and He--He might say other things. But to save all the prayer line or something like that, well then, it just weakens you more and more.
L-62 Now, it's just the anointing, it's just begin to moving right now. See? I'll just talk to her a minute. Look here just a minute, lady. I want--I want to talk to you again just a moment for God's glory and see...
I believe it was something stiffening in your body, was wrong. Do you--you... You're a believer. And you are healed of that. But it's something you've had... No. You have been. You--you've been seriously ill.
I see doctors around you, some reason. It's a--it's a gland trouble, a serious... And I see them walk away shaking their heads. And they've give you a year to live. That's a... Is that right? But say, that's been long ago. You wasn't quite as gray as you are now. And it was a... Must've been about two years ago. Is that right? Is that true?
You're not from this city. But you're from near here. It's a place where... It's got something like a dale or Avondale. Is that right? Return to Avondale and get well in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, thy Master.
L-63 Have faith. Believe with all your heart; you'll see the glory of God. As Jesus said, "Did not I tell you, only believe?"
How do you do? Now, this would be a perfect example of the repeat of Saint John the 4th chapter. When Jesus came to a--a Samaritan woman. It was a racial affair, as they have now. The Samaritans and the--and the Jews, they had kind of a little racial affair like white and colored.
But Jesus let her know quickly that God was with those who worshipped Him in Spirit and truth. The middle wall was being tore down. That's what it is today. And the same Jesus that saves me, saves you. The same heaven is open for all tribes of the earth. That's right. There's no middle wall of partition.
And we stand this night, as it was then. And you stand... And I stand as His servant to represent Him to you, in a way of increasing your faith for your healing. And I trust that God will do something that'll increase your faith so you--that you'll get healed and be made well.
L-64 But I see now, I see a--a boy and a girl. It's a--it's a brother and a sister. And there's something has happened to them. They're--they're away from you. It's in an institution. It's a mental condition. And they're in another country: California. Is that right? Come here.
O God, Who created the heavens and earth, let it be known tonight that Thou art God, and I pray that You'll deliver those people from the powers of Satan. And I pray that You'll grant it. And in Jesus Christ' Name, may it be done. Amen. God bless you, sister. You believe with all your heart and you shall have what you've asked for. Amen.
Have faith in God. Believe with all your heart and God will grant it.
L-65 Was that your friend that held your pocketbook? What do you think about that, lady? You think that's wonderful? You do. Do you believe me to be God's prophet? You're suffering too, aren't you? If I can tell you what's wrong with you by the power of God, will you accept God's Son as your Healer? You have gallbladder trouble, is that right? If that's right, raise up your hand. Then stand up on your feet and be made well in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Have faith. Jesus Christ, the Son of God raised from the dead. You say, "You read that woman's mind." Well then, Jesus perceived their thoughts. He did the same thing then, didn't He? Amen. Have faith in God. Believe God.
L-66 (Is this the patient, Brother Moore?) Come here, sir. Suppose we're strangers to each other. We do not know one another. But you're a believer; I can tell it just as soon as you come here. Your faith is welcoming to me. I know you're a Christian.
If you're a Christian and my brother, I'm your brother with the--by the same merit of grace, Jesus Christ. If I could heal you, I would do it. I cannot. Because that only lays in Jesus Christ. But as God's servant, with a Divine gift that was ordained of God at... When the world first started, God ordained that I should come and pack this Gospel in this last day. Believe this? God bless you.
You're from away from home too. You're from California: Long Beach. And you have lu--something wrong with your lungs and your liver. Ain't you got a handkerchief you want to give me from some woman? And she got heart trouble, hasn't she? Aren't you a minister of the Gospel? Take that to her in the Name of Jesus Christ and be made well. God bless you.
Have faith in God. Just believe Him; He's here, Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever.
L-67 Sister, you just waving your hands. Because you have been reverent to God, your arthritis has left you. Stand up on your feet. Stomp your feet up-and-down. It's all gone. The stiffness is gone from your legs. You're healed. God bless you.
Let us say, "Praise God," and give Him praise. We thank Thee, heavenly Father, for the magnificent works of the Holy Ghost, which is now present to do the exceedingly abundantly, above all that we could do or think. Blessed be His Name. Amen.
Oh, He is so wonderful. Just have faith. What did you jump up for just a minute, mis--awhile ago, mister? You know you were healed, didn't you? Isn't that right? Yes, sir. That's right. You had; you had a stomach trouble and a heart trouble too, isn't that right? If that's right, raise up your hand. He healed you then. God bless you. You was healed. I just wanted to confirm it to you. Now, you can home and be well. God be with you.
L-68 (Is this the patient? Uh-huh. Well Brother Moore, excuse me, I... ) All right come, lady. Do you believe me to be God's prophet--not--servant? Or whatever you want to call it? I'm just His servant, a nothing, I am. It's just Him now. I'm... I've... Well, He... It's Him.
And you're--you're conscious that you're in the Presence of Something. You know it's not a man. And if I could heal you, I would do it. But I have no way of doing it. But our Lord Jesus Christ has a way of doing it. Now, look on me just a moment. And like Peter said, as he passed through the beautiful gates to the crippled man, "Look on us." Or Elijah said, to Jehoshaphat, "If it wasn't for the presence of Jehoshaphat, I wouldn't even look towards you," the king of Judah--Israel.
L-69 You've had trouble. You've had an operation. And that was something in the back, like a kidney. And it wasn't successfully. They tied that kidney to something. And it was altogether a mistake. And the doctor that performed that is in an institution, mentally upset and gone. Come here.
Great Jehovah God, have mercy. I pray that You will heal this woman and heal the doctor. He didn't aim to do it, Lord. I pray for them both, that through one trying to help the other, now Lord, help them both. And, Satan, you hid from the doctor but you can't hide from God. Come out of her. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may she go and be made well. God bless you, sister. Go, and may...?...
Have faith. Just pray. Just believe. You can see the glory of God.
L-70 You that put up your hand there, sir, leaning up like that, you want to get over that high blood pressure? You believe that God's going to make you well? You believe that God's healed you? You was praying then, wasn't you? You was praying for me to speak something to you. He heard you. You're healed now, and you can go home, be made well.
The little lady there, was praying also, next to you. The one that believes there, with lung trouble. He--He healed you too, so you can go home, be made well also. God bless you.
Come, bring--bring the man. How do you do, sir? I suppose that we are strangers, sir? I have never seen you in my life, know nothing of you. We're just two men that's met here in this world, standing here before this audience of people. And the God of heaven knows both of us. He's fed us all the days of our life.
L-71 If--if Jesus Christ, His Son, has risen from the dead and been made manifest and is in the--His Church to perform the things that He did in the days gone by, then if I am testifying truth, then He knows all about you. Is that right?
I see the man going away from me. You've had a trouble--a paralysism in your face. Since a child you've had that. Little boy, dark hair, paralyzed in the face. You're suffering now with an ulcerated stomach. That's caused from smoking cigarettes. You smoking cigarettes, you shouldn't do it.
Say, by the way, I see you with a rosary or... You've been a Catholic and just recently converted, is that right? And you're concerned about your father and mother. They're Catholic yet. They're not here, are they? Your mother has varicose veins in her legs and your father has heart trouble, is that right? Go take the Gospel to them in the Name of Jesus Christ and may they be made well.

54-0303 - Assembly Of God, Phoenix, AZ (Paragraphs: 59 - 86)
L-60 Have a glorious vision that came to me a few mornings ago I want to tell you before I close the services. That same thing...
And now, in the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God, I take every spirit in here under my control for the glory and the a vindication of the resurrected Jesus Christ.
L-61 [Brother Branham speaks to Brother Moore--Ed.] Brother Moore, you bring the people here now. Now, He Who you see on this picture (At the day of judgment when the secrets of all hearts shall be disclosed, you'll see this to be truth.), He's not standing two feet from where I am right now. I wish you could feel or know once the sense, that sixth sense, when you're breaking from one into another: from one dimension, one category, into another and know the feeling of the assurance of His resurrection and His power. Everything becomes little to you then. His glorious, wonderful, magnificent, lovely Lord Jesus Christ, praise be unto Him now and forever. The Rose of Sharon, the Lily of the Valley, the Morning Star, the Fairest of ten thousand; He is the one.
All other religions are bogus. All other religions are false. Only Jesus Christ has the right. And He is the Son of the living God.
L-62 How do you do? Well now, if you'll step that up. I don't... Some of them said the other night I wasn't talking very loud when the Anointing come... I don't know. I suppose, sister, you and I are strangers to each other, are we? We don't know each other. Far as I know, I never seen you in all my life. So therefore, we just a man and woman that's met here in this--this journey. And someday we're going to have to meet again (if never again on earth). We're going to have to stand in His Presence and give an account for everything. God have mercy on us is my prayer.
L-63 When our Lord Jesus was here, manifested in the flesh, He walked about as an ordinary man. He eat, drink, slept, got tired, like other men. But when He come from that, in His Divinity He was more than a man. God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself. And God gave Christ the Spirit without measure, but He gives us the Spirit by measure. Then I--I believe that He rose from the dead.
L-64 And when he stood here on earth, He talked to a woman one time. And He, perhaps I don't know why He did it, but I have my idea. She come to get water out at the well. And He said, "Bring me a drink." I think He seen the woman had a need of something or just felt sorry for her. He thought if He could contact her spirit, He might find where her trouble was. Or maybe God had showed Him a vision that she was coming there. I don't know. But anyhow, when He contacted her, He went to talking with her, and after while, He seen where her trouble was, said, "Go, get your husband."
And She said, "I have none."
He said, "You had five."
She said, "You're a prophet." And she went into the city and said "Come, see a Man Who told me these things."
Now, if He rose from the dead, promised that the things that He did, we would also. Now, that was absolutely a miracle, wasn't it? Perfectly, a miracle, just as great a miracle as He ever did, as even raising the dead. Yet, being a stranger to the woman, and yet, proved His Divine Being, because He knew what she was, and that she'd been married five times, or had five husbands.
L-65 It was just as much a miracle when Nathanael came to Him. And He said, "Behold, an Israelite (or a Christian, truthful)."
He said, "How did You know me?"
He said, "Before Philip called you, when you were under the tree I saw you." That proved a miracle.
L-66 Then if He is the same miracle working Lord Jesus, He could tell me, what's your trouble, and go right straight to it. Is that right? Would you believe it? Would the audience believe it? May He grant it.
You've got a heart full of sorrow for somebody else. And that somebody else is unsaved. There's a black spot hanging around a--a boy. It's your own son. And he's got both of his legs broke. Is that the truth? It's true. Our Lord Jesus lives, doesn't He? God bless you. Yet there's somebody else that you're concerned about. It's the--someone... I see it coming up from a little girl. Oh, it's--it's your sister. And she's got something wrong with her eyes. And you've got another sister, and she's got something wrong with heart. Go, Jesus Christ is going to make her well. May the Lord God grant it in the Name of Jesus Christ.
L-67 How many out there wants to be healed, that hasn't got prayer cards now? you haven't got prayer cards and want to be healed? Now, just have faith. All I ask you to do, just believe with all your heart.
L-68 How do you do? You give Mr. Moore your prayer card...?... Now, just every one don't be in any hurry. Just take your time and be just reverent. Just keep Christ on your mind, as imagine Him standing right here in the air, looking down this way and directing what I--the thoughts, and what we're saying.
L-69 All right. We're strangers too, I suppose, are we, lady? [The Sister says something to Brother Branham--Ed.] Oh. And so I wouldn't know you no more then just... If you seen me six and a half years ago, I wouldn't know who you were or nothing about you. It'd just be--have to come from God, would be all.
But you're--you're sick now. And I see somewhere, at a--at a doctor's place or something... It's--it's... Oh, it's the... Your trouble is something about the stomach or adhesions. Foods won't go down. I see it coming back. Is that true? Then there's something wrong in the liver. I see it through an X-ray, that he's pointing to it (Kind of a short doctor with a stick, on the side). And you're up for an operation. Well, may God bless you. Come here.
Father, Thou hast said in Thy Word, "Whatever you bind on earth, I'll bind in heaven. What you loose on earth, I'll loose in heaven." And may this woman, Lord, undergoing an operation, God, may the--the operating knife of the Almighty God, the Holy Spirit, come down and perform this miracle. I pray, heavenly Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ, that You'll grant it. Amen. God bless you.
L-70 Just be reverent now, every one. Just--just love the Lord Jesus and say, "Lord, I'm just so grateful that You're with us tonight." God will be with you and will help you, I'm sure, if you'll just have faith. How do you do, sir?
L-71 Bless you, sister. If you keep believing... I know you're troubled, but just keep having faith. I can't say it, until He lets me say it. Tell him to have faith.
L-72 This is the patient. How do you do? All right. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, has raised from the dead. And He lives in His Church tonight, moving with His people. And He loves His people. And He loves every one, even sinners He loves. And He loves us. He loves you. He loves me. We're strange to each other, yet God knows both of us, and has fed us all of our lives and brought us to this spot in life. Only He can help us and do us good. And if I, your brother, and could help you or do anything for you, well, and wouldn't do it, I would be an un--I'd be unhuman. Just... A animal would almost help another. But if I could help you, sir, I'd do it. But I... There's nothing for me to do, only just do as... I can only say what I see. You understand that, do you?
But you--you got some trouble with... There's something about your speech, or... It's in your tongue, some way. You don't talk plain. Sir, I hate to tell you, 'cause it's a strange thing to you. But you're not a hopeless case. But you're a very sick man. And you don't know this, but that's a pressure that's doing that, which is a tumor on the brain, that's a doing that. And you're not aware of that. But that's the truth. And you're a... Say, I see a dark headed woman standing near you. She's a... She's been a nurse or something. Yes. You've got a child that's sick with... It's leukemia or something. I see it being examined by a...
Say, I've been to your... Something that you... You've been healed before. I... It was me. I see when I prayed for you; I had on a gray striped suit. And you were healed with a cancer. And the cancer was in the stomach. And I prayed, and you receive the Holy Ghost. And you're teaching or trying to preach now, or something. Is that right? Come here.
Merciful, heavenly Father, I pray for the--God's grace, mercy and grace to be showed to the man. And I condemn the enemy that's taking his life. May it leave him and come out of him. I adjure thee, Satan, by the living God, who we take charge over thee tonight through the Name of Jesus Christ, that you depart from this man. And may he go and be made whole. Amen.
God bless you, brother. Go, rejoicing, happy, thanking and praising the Lord Jesus for His good, kind mercies to you.
L-73 Just only believe is all you have to do. Just have faith in God. You believe that, lady, setting there with the arthritis? That little lady setting there, yes, you believe that God has made you well? Put your hand over on your little friend there too. She has tumor on the breast, and God will make her well.
Heavenly Father, I pray that You'll rebuke those spirits. They thought they were hiding, but they can't hide from You. Come out. In the Name of the Lord Jesus, I adjure thee to leave the woman. Amen.
God bless you. All right. Go home now and get well in the Name of Jesus, the Son of God.
L-74 It's rheumatism that's got you crippled up like that, isn't it? Sitting there on the end of the seat, rheumatism, you got stomach trouble too. You believe with all your heart, Jesus Christ make you well. But you'll have to believe. See? It's the only thing I could do. God be with you.
L-75 Is this the patient? How do you do? Just have faith. Excuse me, sir. I suppose we're strangers, are we, mister? I never seen you in my life, as I know of. But God knows you, and He knows me. And Jesus, His Son, raised from the dead. You believe that, don't you?
You can quit praying, mother. The high blood pressure you've been having, it's going to drop down now. You see? God bless you. Yes.
L-76 Just have faith. Now, you setting there in the chair, don't think your case is too bad. Just keep believing, looking this way and believing with all your heart.
You love Him with all your heart?
L-77 Well, excuse me. Now, say, we're strangers to each other, are we? I've been several weeks in meetings, and I just... But the love of God... God knows you. He knows me. He knows everything about us, doesn't He? And He can reveal to me what your trouble is, if I have told the truth. Do you believe I have? You're a very sick man. Your trouble's in the lungs. I see you somewhere at a doctor's office, and I see him making a mark across the X-ray picture. I believe it's black (one of them); half of it's black. And then the other one is... He said it has pus, I believe, in it. Is that right? You've--you've been away to a doctor or something. It's a place where there's a... I see some hardwood rolling, like that. There's a big lake at the end, that you rose up, to a great big... It's Rochester. It was Mayo Brothers. Is that right? That's right. I could see the big clinic, as it moved. Come here. Although they have failed, God cannot fail, my brother.
Our heavenly Father, grant the blessings of the Holy Ghost upon this poor, little, frail brother. And may the Spirit of Almighty God make him every whit whole. Through Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I ask it. Amen. God bless you, brother.
L-78 Think the Lord will heal you of that lung trouble, the same time there, brother? You believe that He makes you well? Think that God would heal you? If you do, and believe it with all your heart, you can be made well. Do you accept it? Say, "Praise the Lord." Just raise up your hand, say, "Praise the Lord." That's right. That's right. God bless you. It was hitting him and you, the same time. So, I knew that's what it was. You see? And He's there. God be with you and help you.
L-79 How do you do, lady? My, are you aware of what's wrong? Stomach cancer. That's right. Mother, you may think you're old and maybe not much good. But Abraham was older than you when God gave him a promise. Come here. You believe with all your heart? If the power of Almighty God is here, that knows your life. While the Anointing is here, not me but Him (it's not the bulb that's giving the light; it's the current in the bulb), lay hands and ask, "Will He do it?"
Kind, heavenly Father, I rebuke this enemy. And may it leave from her in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. May it come out of her. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go, and may the Lord be with you and help you.
L-80 Had a real funny feeling when she was being prayed for, didn't you? Same thing. Both of them left you at the same time. Just go right ahead rejoicing and thanking God. Amen.
L-81 You believe the Son of God is here to make you whole? With all your heart, you believe it? You have a hard coughing, don't you, especially when you get up? It's asthmatic. So just thank God for your healing, move along just rejoicing, saying, "Thanks, praise be to God."
L-82 Come, lady. If Almighty God is here, that will know exactly where your trouble is, and will point you to it, will you accept Him? I'm getting awfully weak (You see?), is the reason I don't look--just to see what's wrong if I can. All right. You'll accept it, will you?
L-83 Praise be to God. You believe God healed you of that tumor, setting there, lady? Yes. Do you? Amen.
L-84 You believe He healed you of the stomach trouble? Go, eat your supper.
L-85 God bless you. Come back and lay your hand on that baby for kidney trouble, setting there by you. The little fellow with kidney trouble, lay your hand over on him; he's healed.
L-86 Believe with all your heart. You believe that God's here to heal? Why don't you accept it then? Stand up to your feet now, every one of you. Get up out of your wheelchairs, everybody wants the...?...

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