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June 2010 Newsletter - Subject of the Month

But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us, Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved;)” [Ephesians 2:4-5]
“For God hath concluded them all in unbelief, that he might have mercy upon all.” [Romans 11:37]
“O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.” [Psalm 136:1]
"You once, in times past, dead." You were dead. Even many here tonight, one time, can look back and know that you were dead. But now why aren't you dead tonight, as you were then? You deserve to be that way, because you was a sinner, "but God Who is rich in mercy." That's the--that's the thing, "God Who was rich." All these things that we were, "but God"! That made the change right there, "God Who is rich in mercy"! Oh, I'm so glad for that, that He being rich in mercy. If He was just rich in money, if He was just rich in materials, which He is, but yet the greatest thing is being rich in mercy. Oh, what a great word that is, how that we were once dead.” [The God Who Is Rich In Mercy, Phoenix AZ, 65-0119]
"He that's born of God, doth not commit sin. The worshiper once purged has no more conscience of sin, no more desire to sin." The sin question is over. You become a part of God, in Christ. Christ died to redeem you. Now just think of all that we would have been if it hadn't been for God. But God, in His rich mercy, how He has redeemed us tonight! Where would we have been tonight if it hadn't been for God's rich mercy upon us? Once the world was so sinful, that man had caused corruption to come upon the earth until it even grieved God that He ever made man. The whole head was a putrefied sore, the whole body, and God even grieved that He ever made a man. So He said, "I will destroy man who I have created." He will destroy them because he has nothing but just a bunch of corruption. And the whole human race would have been wiped out at that time, but God, rich in mercy, would not let the innocent perish with the guilty. And He went away and made a provided way for the ones that wanted to come in, that wanted to do what was right. He, made a way of mercy for those who desired mercy, and He prepared an ark. In other words, He put some wings on His eagles, that they could fly above the judgment, and not drown with the chickens. But He--He made a way of an escape, in the days of Noah. This caused Him to do that, to provide it, because He was rich in mercy.” [The God Who Is Rich In Mercy, Phoenix AZ, 65-0119]
“Jesus said, "When the Son of man is revealed from heaven." Let me close by saying this: that the Son of man is now being revealed from heaven. "Will it come after while, Brother Branham?" It is now. And I hope I won't have to make this so personal of this own meeting, but that your spirit within you that's give you by God, can read what I'm talking about. The Son of man has already come from glory and is revealing Himself for the past few years to His Church in mercy, showing them His great Presence, doing the same things that He did when He was here on earth, revealing Himself like He did to Abraham. Before the destruction, He has come now in mercy, revealing Himself to the Church. It's being laughed at and scoffed at. The next time He reveals Hisself, it'll be in judgment on the world and the nations that's forgot God and sinned their way of grace--their day of grace, rather, away. Because they have forgotten God. And they're doing the same thing that they did to the Angel of Lord back there, mocking and making fun of it. But He's here now in mercy.” [The Called Out, Chicago IL, 58-0109]
Now if you've got Eternal Life tonight, if we have Eternal Life, then we always were, because there is only one form of Eternal Life. We always were. And the reason we were, because we are a part of God. And God is the only thing that's Eternal. And like as Melchisedec received tithes from Abraham, and it was lotted to his great-grandson, Levi, who was yet in the loins of Abraham; paid tithes, for he was yet in the loins of Abraham when he met Melchisedec. I want to speak on that over at the other place, one morning. Who Is This Melchisedec? Now notice that. Way back, God knew this boy coming down. He knowed all things. Now we are a part of God. You always was. You don't remember it, because you were only an attribute in God. You were only in His thinking. Your very name, if it ever was on the Book of Life, it was put there before the foundation of the world. He knew what you were.” [The God Who Is Rich In Mercy, Phoenix AZ, 65-0119]
“Then when the prophet destroyed this, it left them without any sign of healing, of an atonement, because their idol was destroyed. But God, rich in mercy, made them another one. And what did He do, that? He troubled water at the pool at the temple, and many come and was healed, by stepping into this water. Jesus came down to this same pool, and saw a man that had been laying there for a number of years, waiting for the troubling of the water. See God, rich in mercy! Although they idolized that thing, although the prophet had to tear it up, God made another way for them, 'cause He's rich in mercy. He wants them to be healed, and He made a way for their healing. Now, then that went on, the world become more sinful and more sinful, all the time. And finally the world got so sinful that God could have destroyed it, He said in Malachi 4, "unless I come and to smite the earth with a curse." He could have done it; just the question.” [The God Who Is Rich In Mercy, Phoenix AZ, 65-0119]
“Come out from among them, separate yourself, be aligned with the Word. God is with us. God is showing His hand in mercy. Friends, I think what we need to do is a solemn old fashion breaking down before God, and saying, "God, I repent for all my evil; and now forgive me and help me to be a real Christian." Let us not with--not with no other way, but a broken heart of our evil, while that God is in our midst maybe for the last time for a long time. If He is in our midst now to give us this time of repentance, let's us repent with all of our hearts, and give God glory, and take a new hold today and serve Him and come out. You women, clean yourselves up. You men, be Christians. You preachers, go to your pulpits preaching. God is with us.” [Father The Hour Has Come, Chicago IL, 56-1002A]
“And today, friend, the only way that we can ever have favor with God; God is rich in mercy, today, but we've got to respect what He said about it. You just can't take what somebody else said. You've got to take what God said. He said, "Let every man's word be a lie, and Mine true." Today we are told that, "All you have to do," in many places, "is join church, have a creed, or something like that; or say a prayer, or put your name on a book, or be sprinkled or baptized a certain way, or something like that. That's all you have to do." But that's wrong. To be an eagle of God, you've got to follow the Word, day by day. You've got to continue, feed upon the Word.” [The God Who Is Rich In Mercy, Phoenix AZ, 65-0119]
“You can talk to people sometime on the streets, talk to them about the Lord, they laugh right in your face. Well, we're supposed to do it, anyhow. But listen, "There is no man can come to Me except My Father draws him first." God has to do the drawing. There has to be a Life. "And all that He has given Me, will come to Me." He made a provision for those who wants to be redeemed. He made a provision for those who wants to be healed. And then because that He did this, makes Him rich in mercy, as He has always been rich in mercy. It must be, if you refuse This, there is nothing left but the Judgment, because sin must be judged. Pharaoh, when he went into the--the sea, as an impersonator, seeing that he could go in like Moses did. Moses with his army, and Pharaoh with his army, both of them should have perished in the sea, looked like. But God, rich in mercy, made a way of escape for the Hebrew children, (why?) because they were following in the line of duty, they were following in the Word. Now that's the only way to obtain mercy, is to follow the instructions that God has give us to follow in. That's the only way He can show mercy, is when we follow what He said do.” [The God Who Is Rich In Mercy, Phoenix AZ, 65-0119]
“Lord Jesus, Most Gracious One! When the world was in sin, and no one could help, God, in mercy, foreshowing, by a type, that there was coming a Token that could take away sin; not just cover it, but could take it away. And Jesus came in the right time, and He shed the Blood, His Own Life, taking... making us an atonement for our sins, and then presenting Him back in the form of the Holy Ghost, which is now a Token that's to be kept to the Church until He comes. For the Apostle Peter said, "The promise is unto you, and to your children, and to them that are far off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call." Lord, by Your grace, Your help, I claim every one that hears this Message. I claim them for God, I pray Thee, Lord, both here this morning and those that will hear on tape. And if there be a Seed anywhere, that's predestinated, Lord, to hear the Word of this last day, may they come now, sweetly and humbly, and lay their trophies down at the cross, or theirself, as a trophy of the grace of God that's called them. And may they be filled with the Holy Spirit and display the Token of the Life of Jesus Christ in His resurrection, as long as they remain here on earth. Grant it, Lord.” [Token, Jeffersonville IN, 63-0901M]
Our Bible Study Subject for June 2010: But God, Who is Rich in Mercy
Lord, by Your grace, Your help, I claim every one that hears this Message. I claim them for God. And if there be a Seed anywhere, that's predestinated, Lord, to hear the Word of this last day, may they be drawn to your end-time truth. And may they be filled with the Holy Spirit and display the Token of the Life of Jesus Christ in His resurrection.
Bro. Robert Wilson
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