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Private Interview
64-0705X, Private Interview, Branham Tabernacle, Jeffersonville, IN, 7 mins

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L-1 [The following is a personal interview Brother Branham had with Sister Georgia Bruce during the song service preceding the Message, "The Masterpiece" during which he refers to this interview in paragraph 57--Ed.]
I visit you in the hospital that time. And I prayed, constantly, God wouldn't let you die, 'cause you're a value to the church. Now, I know you. I know you're going to be all right, Sister Bruce. I believe that with all my heart, see.
[Sister Georgia Bruce says, "Brother Branham, most of all, I want the experience that I been sealed in the Holy Ghost. And if God will reveal it to your heart!"--Ed.]
I believe, with all my heart, that you are a real born-again believer, Sister Bruce. How could that Spirit just leave? When you get sick, you get weary. And you're a nervous-type person. [Sister Bruce says, "Yes."--Ed.] See? And--and you get things on your mind, see, little bitty things. It just keeps building up, both ways. You'll get somebody on your heart, you want to pray for them, get up and pray for it. You can't rest till you get that person prayed for. That's you. Then, take on the other side, Satan maybe might present something that you... and out this way. See? Then God... You, you're a nature. And God works. And Satan works, then when Satan tries to make you believe that you are not. See? You keep building This, and maybe this and this. See? Don't look at yourself, Sister Bruce. Remember.
L-2 I'm fixing to pray for you. I'm not worthy of that. I think, "What would I do if Jesus Christ was sitting here now? And what would He do if He was sitting here?" He'd lay His hands upon you, and with His great faith, see, you'd get well. "Well," I think, "well, I'm a sinner. I'm not Him." But I come to represent Him. But, remember, me being a sinner; and before God, I'm not a sinner, neither are you. We got a Blood Sacrifice laying There. God don't even see us. He hears our voice, but He sees the Blood of Christ. That's it. See? He sees the Blood of His Own Son. It's our voice; Christ's Blood; then it's Christ that's talking through us, to God, so therefore we're not sinners no more. We are Christian. I believe you to be a genuine Christian woman. I remember the thing...
L-3 [Sister Bruce says, "I make so many mistakes, and I fail so many times."--Ed.]
That's why Christ had to die, so that you, with your mistakes, wouldn't be lotted to you. See? He took your mistakes. Your desire in your heart is to serve Him. [Sister Bruce says, "Yes."--Ed.] All right. That's what He died for, so you could serve Him. See? Not... Your mistakes are not looked, not lotted to you. See? He is your propitiation. See? He is your sin-offering. Your sins are not known. You're not a sinner, before God. Christ took your sins, and became you. Cause, your desire is to serve Him.
L-4 [Sister Bruce says, "But I've never had an experience that I have been filled the Holy Ghost, that I could put my foot on."--Ed.]
All right. Notice this. Ordinarily, a human being is born in sin, shaped in iniquity, come to the world, speaking lies. That's the nature of a human being. [Sister Bruce says, "Yes."--Ed.] That was your nature. It changed once. But what changed it? ["Christ."] There you are, sister. See? That's it.
"He that heareth My Words, and believeth on Him that sent Me, hath Eternal Life, and shall not come to the Judgment; but hath," past tense, "passed from death to Life." Saint John 5:24, Jesus speaking. See?
So, you, you're--you're a Christian, Sister Bruce. I've watched your life. I've watched you, under vision, and I know you're a Christian. See? Not one speck of... See, I am your shepherd, as it was, [Sister Bruce says, "Yes."--Ed.] somebody to help. See? If there was any doubt in my mind, if I thought you was something was wrong, I'd tell you, Sister Bruce. ["I believe that."] But if there's anything wrong, in your experience, anything wrong between you and God, as far as I know anything about it, Sister Bruce, there's not a thing. There's not one thing.
We're going to pray. [John 5:24]
L-5 [Sister Bruce says, "Course, I'm going to die, unless God undertakes for the heart."--Ed.]
You're not going to die, I don't think, Sister Bruce. If it is, it's hid from me. [Sister Bruce says, "Thank you, brother."--Ed.]
Dear God, this little woman has constantly, constantly done good. [Sister Bruce says, "O God!"--Ed.] She is tried, like Dorcas of old. And now she is getting this time of her heart is very bad. ["Oh!"] But did not Your Word, that we put our whole soul and mind in, say that all things will work together for good to them that loves You? Then it must be that You're working something that we know nothing about. ["Thank God!"] It's all for the good, for she loves You. Now, to the great Shepherd over all of us, the Lord Jesus Christ, and in His Name, I lay my hands upon my sister. May the God, Who made her and brought her to this earth, may His Spirit that sealed her away from the things of the world, to be Your servant, may It heal her sick body and make her completely well. For we need her in the service, Lord. I commit her to You, with this prayer of faith, my hands laying upon her, to identify myself with the prayer, and say to this mountain, "In the Name of Jesus Christ, be moved," that our sister may live to the Kingdom of God, and for the glory of God.

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