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Prayer Line 62-15
62-pl-15, Prayer Line 62-15, 40 min

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62-1124e - Life Tabernacle, Shreveport, LA (Paragraphs: 55 - 67)
L-56 Now, to you who feel that you have been to Calvary, and you believe this to be the truth, and you have never had Christian baptism yet, the services will be going on just in a few moments downstairs.
But it's later than I thought it was going to be. And yet I've quoted in Isaiah 50--53:5 that He was wounded for our transgressions. You believe that? He was bruised for our iniquity. You believe that? The chastisement of our peace, where we ought to have been chastised, but now we have peace, because He was chastised for us, and our rebuke was upon Him. And with His stripes we were healed, physically healed.
You believe that? Do you accept it? Do you believe that He remains the same yesterday, today, and forever? Do you believe the God that wrote the Word always follows the Word, watches over It to confirm It? He keeps It. Will you believe It? Then you look to Calvary. Where you looked a few minutes ago for salvation, look to Calvary for healing of your bodies, and you believe. [Isaiah 53:5], [Hebrews 13:8]
L-57 Here lays on a cot a child. I wished I could heal it. I can't. It's already. Here sets a fine looking man, young fellow, setting in a wheelchair. I wished I could heal him. I can't. There sets a lady setting in a wheelchair. I--I don't know what's wrong with them, but I--I can't do it. It's already done. See?
There's people out there with heart trouble, cancers, going to die, something isn't done. Wished I could help you. You believe I would? Sure would. If I could take a quarter, and lay it out on the street, and push it around the city with my nose, and everybody laughing at me, see you get healed, I'd do it. God knows that. I certainly would. But I can't do it, because you're already... But God has sent me to point you to the place where it was done for you.
L-58 Now, with sincerity come to it. With sincerity the woman at the well looked upon Jesus when He said, "Go, get your husband."
She said, "Sir, I don't have a husband."
Said, "You've said the truth, because you've had five. And the one you have now is not yours."
She said with sincerity," Sir, I believe that You are a prophet. Now, we know when the Messiah cometh, He's going to do these things, show us these things. But Who are You?"
He said, "I'm He." Not... With the deepest of sincerity she accepted it. [John 4:7, 16-20, 25-26]
L-59 The little woman with the blood issue had spent all of her money. She just wasn't going down haphazardly. She spent all of her money on doctors, and none of them could help her. And she come believing sincerely, not just say, "Somebody else done it." As far as we know, nobody else had ever done it. She started something. She said, "I believe that Man so much, that if I could touch the border of His garments I'd be made whole."
She just wasn't saying that; she believed it. She was sincere in it. No doubt it cost her her membership in the church. It cost her a lot of things. But she was sincere. She was--she was determined to do it. And her sincere touch on the border of His garment stopped Him in His track. And He looked around, said, "Who touched Me?"
When Peter rebuked Him, said that "All the multitude's touching You"...
He said, "But I got weak. Virtue's gone from Me." And He looked over the audience till He found the woman and told her about her blood issue. And she felt in her body it stopped, and she was healed from that hour. [Matthew 9:20-21], [Luke 8:45-46], [Hebrews 13:8], [Hebrews 4:15]
L-60 Now, that's the One that gave His Life and was striped for your healing. The price is already paid. God accepted it. Their sins are gone. God accepted it, justified us by raising Him up, and proving He accepted it, not only His death at the cross, but His resurrection, and now sends His Spirit forth, to witness His Word. How could we doubt it?
If you're sick, our Bible said that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He's a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities. In this great moment... I've suffered with sickness. I'm your fellow citizen. I'm your brother, and I know what it means to be sick. And I know a place to go, in that hidden place of faith to touch His garment and say, "Lord Jesus, sincerely I come now. I'm sincere in this, Lord. You know my heart. You told me I could touch You; you was a High Priest. I'm coming to touch You. Let me just have a touch, Lord."
Something anchors back, said, "You got it."
"Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Sir, my Saviour. I believe it."
Don't you never leave that post. It's yours.
Then if He's risen, would He do the same thing today if He is alive? You believe He's alive? "Because I live, you live also." Then He is alive. Then if He is alive, then He will be the same as He ever was. Is that right? Now, you believe. [Hebrews 4:15], [Revelation 1:18], [John 14:19]
L-61 Now, don't... Now, I'm going to tell you to look on--towards me, but I don't mean that in a way in... I mean it in the way like Peter and John said to the man at the gate, "Look on us." See? That means, give heed to what I'm saying. You believe that I've told you the truth.
Let's put this thing to a test and see if it's right. "Prove all things," the Bible said. I can't make Him do it, but He promised to do it. That's where I hold it. He promised that He'd do it. "The works that I do shall you also. He that believeth on Me..." And God knows I believe I've been to Calvary years ago. I believe He keeps His Word, and you believe it too. [Acts 3:4], [I Timothy 5:21], [John 14:12]
L-62 If I could heal that child, I would do it. But I've told you... (Your child?) I can't heal it. And if Jesus was standing here with this suit on, neither could He. He'd ask you if you'd believe this Word tonight, "By His stripes you were healed."
Say, "I haven't got much faith, Brother Branham." Did you hear Him say if you got faith the size of a mustard seed? A mustard seed faith won't perform a miracle. But if you'll hold to it, it'll bring you out. See? Just anchor it. That's it.
The spastic, if you'll believe that God will make it well, He will do it. Will you believe it? Will you accept it? God, grant it.
You, you got a broken bone in the back. Never seen you in my life, but that's what wrong. I can't heal you, but you couldn't hide your life. Do you accept it? If He knowed what was wrong with the woman, if He knowed what was wrong here and there, He's still the same thing. You believe it? You accept it?
What about you, lady? with multiple sclerosis. Do you believe that God will make you well of it? Now, you could have rheumatism or anything. Your life you couldn't hide. You believe it, for He was wounded for your transgressions; with His stripes you were healed. You believe it? That's exactly what He said. [Isaiah 53:5]
L-63 Man setting over here in the corner, he's suffering with a stomach trouble: got complications with it. He isn't from here; he's from Texas. You believe God knows you? I don't. Would it help you, if the same God could said, "Your name is Simon,"
Mr. Summoned? Now, you can return to Texas and get well of your stomach trouble, if you believe it.
There's a man setting here's bothered with sinus. I don't know him, never seen him. He's from Shreveport. Mr. Wallace, you believe? Is that true? Raise up your hand. Your faith makes you whole, if you'll believe it.
Lady setting back here, she's got a rupture. She's got a child with her that's retarded. I don't know her. I've never seen her. But she's not from here. But she believes me and believes the word that I'm saying. She come from Arkansas, from Hope, Arkansas. Her name is Miss Jackson. Believe it, lady? Go and be healed.
That struck far way in the back of the building, a lady with a little boy that can't learn in school. She's not from here either. She's from Mississippi. Miss Stringer, believe with all your heart, and the little boy will get well. If thou canst believe, all things are happening.
A little aged woman setting right here, got cancer, dying. Minnie, do you believe you'll get healed? Believe on the Lord. I challenge you to believe it.
Mr. Grigsby, coming from the hospital with TB, believe with all your heart. Be healed. I never seen the man in my life as I know of.
L-64 What is it? Apply your name. By His stripes we were healed. Do you believe it? Then it's His Presence. He was wounded for our transgressions. Then if He can do that, it proves that He's here with His Word. Now, our transgressions in sincerity is forgiven. Our iniquities are gone. We have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. His stripes heals us. He's proves it to us; we are forgiven.
What does He do? Pick out that sincerity. Watch that person anchored to the cross. Visit these people, whoever it was. I see another one. Just keep on believing.
Let me ask you something. Do you believe it with all your heart? Jesus said, "These signs will follow them that believe." How many believes? Then lay your hands on one another if you're a believer. You're as much His child as I am.
What is it? It's a vindication that He's here. Oh, can't we come in sincerity now, after His Word, after His Presence? That's the very God that'll judge you on the judgment day. [Isaiah 53:5], [Mark 16:17]
L-65 O God, have mercy tonight. I pray, heavenly Father, that the blessed Holy Spirit, the living Christ, not a idol, not a city, not a tradition, but a living Christ that's raised from the dead, honored His Word when He's preached in the power of His Blood, and His resurrection...
These are believers. The last commission You said, "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." Lord Jesus, I'm praying with them. I'm at the cross. They're at the cross. We got everything in common. Here's the Blood of Jesus Christ. Here's the Son of God with us, proving Himself to be here. We put our hands upon His quivering body. We accept our healing.
And now, Satan, we adjure thee in the Name of Jesus Christ, come out of here and leave these people that they might go and be made well through the power in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. [Mark 16:17-18]
L-66 I believe Him. Let's say it together. I believe Him. I accept Him. Now, call your name. By His stripes... Say it with me. By His stripes (now your name) William Branham was healed. It's over. It's finished. The God that made the promise is here to confirm the promise.
Jesus said, "As the Father sent Me, so send I you." An the God that sent Him was with Him and in Him. He said, "If I don't do His works, don't believe Me." And if I'm not telling you the truth, He won't back it up. But the God that sent forth His disciples, has sent this move of God into the land. He's with it to prove that He's with it. The very signs that was promised are vindicating His Presence. We're in the Presence of Jesus Christ. [John 20:21], [John 10:37]
L-67 I accept your healing. I accept it. I don't care what happens now. I'm not looking to that. I'm looking to your faith anchored yonder, anchored at the cross, where you placed your hand on your sacrifice. Go and believe it. You'll have to get well.
I love Him, I love Him,
Because He first loved me; (Keep your hand on your Sacrifice now.)
And purchased my salvation
On Calvary's tree.
Let us stand now.
I... (Raise your hands and your hearts now.) I... (What do you love Him for?)... love (Our Sacrifice, our Propitiation),
... cause... first loved... (What did He purchase? Your completely deliverance now.)
And purchased my salvation
On Calvary's tree.
I love (Oh, I just can't quit singing it somehow.)...
... cause... first loved me,
And purchased my salvation
What do you think of that, sonny? You believe it, believe that old stomach trouble's going to leave you? Huh? Knot in the stomach's going to leave? All right. It will.
I... I...

All right.
Lord Jesus, grant the healing of these people whose handkerchiefs in Jesus Name...?... You, Father...

62-1125e - Life Tabernacle, Shreveport, LA (Paragraphs: 56 - 70)
L-57 Now, how many sick people's in the building? Raise up your hand, say, "I'm sick. I need healing." Just wherever, all over the building, or need... Well, it's pretty near everywhere.
Now remember, from this time on I'm not responsible for critic, or anything that would happen. So if you don't believe, this is your time to leave (See?); because remember, these go from one to another. How many times that we've seen it, one to another? I've seen them fall with epilepsy, take cancer, die, paralyzed in their seats. You know that. How many knows that and knowed about it? And see, it's all over everywhere. So it's your time to leave, if you are a critic. Don't set here now, 'cause you'll certainly be in danger.
Believers, remain in your seats. Be humble. There's not many people in this building that I know. I know my church. There's some of the people from my church. Sister Lyle, Brother Moore was here. How many in here that knows that I don't know nothing about you, raise your hands. There, you see, it's practically everyone.
L-58 Now, if Christ was standing here, and you were sick, how would you... Would you ask Him for healing? Certainly you would. Could He heal you? He'd tell you He'd already done it. By His stripes you were healed. But by His Messiahic sign to show that He was what Moses said, and what God said... "If there be one among you who's spiritual or a prophet, I, the Lord, will make myself known to him. And if what he says is the truth, then hear him. If it doesn't, don't listen to it. I'll speak to him in visions. If what he says comes to pass, then that's truth. But if it doesn't, then don't believe it."
Now, I predict, and tell you, that Christ is present. Scientific world has proved it in the pictures. And we're near now. Now, you with a trouble, I want you to be just as humble as you can be, and just bow your heads for a moment, and pray all together. And just believe now with all your heart that Christ is present. [I Peter 2:24]
L-59 Just have faith. Don't doubt, everywhere around. Be in prayer. Just pray humbly, say, "Lord Jesus, be merciful to me. I'm trying to believe." As we set communing with Christ, God help us. God, be merciful to us to draw nigh unto us, as we--thinking like the disciples thinking, talking... "While he thought on these things, behold, the Angel of the Lord appeared to him," the Scripture says.
Just be reverent in your hearts, looking, believing. Now, as you raise your heads after prayer, now look this way. And you believe now that Christ lives. Confess all your wrongs and believe that Christ lives.
L-60 And now, if He is a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities, then if He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, how would He act if He was touched? The woman that touched His garment, He physically didn't feel it, 'cause He--the Palestinian garment hangs loose with a underneath garment. And so Peter rebuked Him, said, "Everybody's touching You."
He said," Yes, but it was a different touch." Virtue, strength, went from Him. And He looked over His audience till He found the little woman, and He told her she had a blood issue, and her faith had saved her. Now, that's the way the High Priest acted yesterday. And if He's the same High Priest, He'd act the same today.
Now, being that He don't have a corporal body on earth but just His Bride, He works through that: man, He's always... It was God in Elijah, God in David, God in Christ, always. See? He's got His Body on earth.
Now, no matter how much He would anoint me, He's got to anoint you too. Many things Jesus could not do Himself because of their unbelief. We know that. See? They said, "He done this in Capernaum. Let's see Him do it here." And He was astonished, and walked away, and left them (See?), at their unbelief. [Luke 8:43-48]
L-61 Now, you believe Him. And if you could see the visible appearance of Him, wouldn't it help you? Certainly. Well, now, He can't appear in a physical body. If He does, the astronauts are done gone. See? He... When He comes, the church is gone. See? We know that. You could see a vision of Him, but His life is in here. Now, if there was a man standing here had nail scars in his hands, and thorn prints, any hypocrite could do that. See? But you judge by what life he was. Watch what He...
They... The Jews told Him, said, "Why, you're a man making yourself God."
He said, "If I do not the works of My Father, then don't believe Me. But if I do the works of My Father, then believe the works; for they testify of Me." Same tonight... [John 10:37-38]
L-62 Let's take it row by row. It's just everywhere. Believe now. In these rows here, how many over there is sick now, knows that I don't know you? Just raise your hand, say, "I'm sick. I--I pray, God..."
Just watching... I cannot make it happen. It's just like... I can't explain it. It's just like a dream, only you're--you're not asleep. You're--you're built, born that way to see visions. If I told you, "Dream me a dream," you couldn't do it. It takes somebody who make--who gives you the dream to do it. I can't see a vision for you unless God shows it to me. If you'll just have faith and believe that what I've said is the truth... That's what He told me when that Light stood there, where there was everybody looking at it, when they taken the picture. It's in Washington, DC, copyrighted, the Angel of the Lord. You just have faith to believe it.
L-63 Here's a lady. Now, I want you all look here. Can't you see that Light hanging over this lady here, little lady setting right back here? Now, try to hide your sin now. I challenge that to a showdown.
Can't you see that Light right here? Now, look real close. Ask the Lord to show you, right here: emerald, circling, the same One... How many's seen the picture of it? Let's see your hand. Sure. Well, here It is right here. See, what is it? We're in a dimension now.
I've never seen that lady. But look to me, sister. We're strangers one to another. I don't know you; God knows you. If the Lord Jesus will reveal to me what you're wanting, or something that you've done, something you ought not to have done, or something that's wrong with you, something that you know that I know nothing about... And if He knows what has been, He surely will know what will be. You'll know whether that's the truth or not. If He will tell me that, will you believe me to be His servant and believe His Presence? Will the rest of you do it?
The lady's suffering with a heart trouble. That's right. She has a gallbladder disorder. That's what the doctor told her. I've never seen her in my life. That's right. You got someone on your heart you're praying for. It's a boy, and he's in the service, and he's not here. He's in a place where there's near a mountains: Denver. That's right. Right. And he's bothered with a nervous condition. That's right. Do you believe God can tell me what your name is? Mrs. Radcliffe. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever, you see what I mean by astronaut?
L-64 Now, here, there's a man pulling off his glasses, wiping the tears from his eyes. He's putting his glasses back on. The Light hangs right to him. He's a stranger to me. He's suffering with arthritis though. I don't know you. We're strangers. Is that right? You're not from here. You're from Arkansas. You believe God can tell me your name, just like He told Jesus who Peter's name was? Mr. Vaughn. That is correct. Go back believing.
Here's a lady setting right back here, looking right at me. Don't you see that Light over that lady there, there? Look at... See? She's a stranger to me, but she's touched Him. She's in contact. He's moved right over where she's at, the Spirit of God. The lady's suffering with a lump in her breast. That's right. She's not from here either. You're from Arkansas. You believe God can tell me who you are? Mrs. Sytack. Astronaut...
Praying for a loved one, aren't you? Got cancer. Dorothy Driscoll, just believe and have faith. It'll happen.
Tumor on the breast, lump. Miss Dickerson, if you'll believe with all your heart, God will take it away from you. I don't know her, never seen her in my life. That's right, isn't it? You see what I mean? You believe?
L-65 Azusa street never seen those things. That hasn't been since Christ was on earth. And Christ is on earth now in the form of the Holy Spirit in Its Fullness, trying to get you away from these earth-bound things, to lift you up into His Presence. "He that believeth in Me, the works that I do shall he do also." Do you believe that?
How many of you are holding prayer cards to be prayed for? How many of you got confidence in these minister brothers? How many ministers are here? Raise up your hands. I'd like to have some of you come here, stand with me just a moment, some of you brothers who believe in Divine healing.
I want those who've got prayer cards to line up over on this side. We're going to pray for the sick while this anointing is moving. I don't want it to leave. See? I want to lay hands on you right now. You with prayer cards, line up right over here. Just come right down this way. Let some of the ministers of the Gospel come here to me just a moment. [John 14:12]
L-66 If you die in your sin of unbelief, God is not responsible. If you die in your sin of unbelief, in the Presence of Almighty God... How could you do it?
Come here, minister brethren. Any minister want to come to stand with me, I'm happy to have you. You're a son of God. Come stand with me and help me pray for these sick people. Come, brethren. Stand right here while they make this line form right here. Billy, would you catch down there? All along there...?... You with the prayer cards now, stand right out in the aisle. The rest of the church, put your head down now in prayer.
Minister brothers, would you come right around, across from here, around here, right around here. Make a double--a double line, so we can pray, make room. God of heaven be with you down here. God of heaven...?...
L-67 Everybody together now in solemn sacredness come to this hour. Some of your people will be standing in this prayer line. Remember, that if the Spirit of Christ will do the works of Christ, and if the Spirit of Christ has proved Hisself continually through the week, through the time... Never has it ever failed one time. These missionaries here with me know this. Foreign fields, where a half a million people standing, can't even speak their language, and tell them just the same, things to do, and should not do.
Is that all there is, that's going to be prayed for? All right. The rest of you bow your head now. And I want Don, if he will, to come here and lead the song, "The Great Physician Now Is Near." Please don't move around 'less you're coming through the prayer line. "Great Physician." Everyone bow your heads in prayer.
L-68 Heavenly Father, now we want the anointing of the Spirit, as we lay our hands upon these sick people. May they pass by here not as they're passing by their brethren, may they pass by knowing that Jesus Christ is here in our midst, and we're only carrying out His wishes and His commandments.
Let it be, Lord, that this night, let every person that comes by, may they be healed. Bless these ministers of the Gospel here. May the power of God be upon them, and as they fulfill the commission...
The last Words, Lord, that You told us when You were here on earth, You said, "These signs shall follow them that believe: In My Name they shall cast out devils. They'll speak with new tongues. If they take up serpents or drink deadly things, it won't harm them. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." That's what You promised, Lord.
We're here. We're in a critical age. We're in a critical time. It's always been that way against the truth of the Gospel. Now, let it happen tonight, Lord. Let them who are innocent, and are ready for healing, may they come and be healed in Jesus' Name. [Mark 16:17]
L-69 Now, while the rest of the church, everybody praying as the line files in, be in prayer now. And, brethren, just as they come by, pray, lay your hands on them, each one passing by. Go off of here thanking the Lord Jesus for your healing. All right. All right, Don, if you will. [Congregation sings "The Great Physician."--Ed.]
Was that all was to be prayed for? Is anybody else to be prayed for? Was a very short line for a... Did I get them all the other night? Okay. They got some people setting in the wheelchairs. We want to lay hands on them. Just continue singing and praying while we go down to minister to these.
[Congregation sings "The Great Physician"--Ed.]
Sent some more... In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, let Thy Spirit come upon these, Lord, and heal them. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.
L-70 Let's stand up on our feet now and give praise to God. Let us... Let's raise up our hands and say, "Heavenly Father, in doing this we give thanks and praise to You, for You are our Strength. You help us, Lord, and do these things because that You are God and keep Your Word.
We love You, and honor You, and praise You with all of our heart. God, take this service into Your hands now. Give faith to every one through Jesus' Name. Amen.
Drive your post down now. Drive down your post of faith and say, "Right here I accept it. Here I believe it. Right now it's over. I can. I know it's done, in the Name of Jesus Christ." Raise up your hands, give praise, and say, "Thank You, Lord Jesus, for Your goodness."
All right, Brother Don. God bless you.

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