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Prayer Line 60-04
60-pl-04, Prayer Line 60-04, 75 min

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60-0326 - Municipal Auditorium, Tulsa, OK (Paragraphs: 36 - 41)
L-37 Let us pray. O Lord, there's somebody there suffering. No doubt, some people are in need. I pray Thee, Father, to be merciful and just let it be known that Thou art God. Just speak the words, Lord. And I pray that some poor soul in here, that's seeking You, that they'll be able to touch the High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities. Just grant it, Lord, at least one or two, that the people might know in a mouth of one or two witnesses, or two or three witnesses, may every word be established. Grant it, Father. I asked it for God's glory, and for the sake of the Message tonight, Lord, and Your Word that declares it to be so, that the people might know that the time of unfolding and unveiling is at hand, that You're here the same yesterday, today, and forever. Amen. [Hebrews 4:14-15]
Now, I want you to pray. I want you to believe with all your heart and all that is within you to believe that Jesus Christ the Son of God is here.
How many strangers to me out there, that I don't know you? Raise up your hand. All out through the building, no matter where you are.
Now, perhaps you have never known this. Now, if... I'll have to follow the Holy Spirit, and if It speaks, you answer. I don't say that It will. I'm just saying I pray that it will (See?), that it will. I have no right to say that, only by His Word. He said that He would grant it, and we believe that it will be granted. Now, you pray. Now it's your faith. You can do nothing till you touch Him; then He speaks to me. If you can believe... If thou canst believe... [Mark 9:23]
L-38 Yes, here it is. Just a moment. Right over here to my left, there sets a woman sitting there, kind of heavy set. She's real seriously sick. She has heart trouble, shadowed by a cancer, spiritual demon depression--oppression, rather. The lady sits right here with her head bowed, looking right this way at me. Do you believe, lady, that Jesus Christ will make you well? Do you believe it? Do you? You accept it? Lost it... Now, you'll have to beat that.
Lord God, Creator of heavens and earth, let it be known, that the people might understand, Lord.
Have faith in God. Here's a man sitting right back here, praying for his wife. He's got his wife on his mind. He's praying for her. She's had operations and so forth, and it doesn't seem to help her any. That's exactly right. That man's a minister. Reverend Nathan, Jacob Nathan, your wife sitting next to you. You believe that Jesus Christ will make her well? You accept it, sir? Raise up your hand if you accept it. God bless you, go on. [Mark 11:22]
L-39 I never seen the man in my life. Have faith in God. Let that pass you. He is God forevermore.
Here sets a woman. She bowed her head right there. She's sitting there, looking to me now. The woman's lame; somehow. She's got beneath her a crutch that she walks on. Do you believe, lady, that Jesus Christ will let you walk out of here without them crutches tonight? You believe it, sitting right there looking at me? Will you accept it, your healing? Raise up your hand. I've never seen you in my life. But if you'll believe it, you'll leave them lay there, and walk out, and be whole. I challenge your faith to believe it. "If thou canst believe."
What about back here now? What about you ministers? You brothers believe with all your heart? Now, you're, every one, strangers to me, besides Brother Williams. God loves you. You're His servant. I'm here to be your brother. The Spirit of God is here. I boldly say it in Jesus Christ's Name. You just have faith and believe. If there's something wrong, ask Him. [Mark 9:23]
L-40 This man sitting right here looking at me. It's not exactly you. It's your dad sitting out there. That's right. Do you believe God can tell me what's wrong with him? Would you believe it? In his feet? That's right, stand on your feet. There sets his daddy sitting right there, an old man, kind of bald-headed, setting there, looking right at me now.
Here, look here, don't you see that Light? Look at that Light over this little woman here. He's praying also. He knows that woman setting right there, that little woman. Do you believe God can tell me what's wrong with her? Will you believe? It's in her legs. That's right. You believe God?
Do you believe that the Angel of the Lord, the same Jesus yesterday, today, and forever? He remains God, and there's nothing that can harm, nothing can hinder. Jesus Christ, God's Son, lives forever, ever alive to make intercessions. If we will only believe, have faith, God will perform the rest. Do you believe that with all your heart?
L-41 Now, do you believe that the coming Messiah is at hand. What is those people? I never seen one of them in my life, and God knows that to be true.
Now, you got it started. Now, it's just going around all over the building. Right now is the time. Now, is the time to receive your healing. Lay your hands on one another. Put your hands over on one another and believe now. Now, you got it. Now, your--your coming into faith.
O Lord God, Creator of heavens and earth, let it be known tonight that Thou art the Son of God. You have made it known; You are God. And let Your Holy Spirit fall in this, among this people, and prove to them that Thou art the great Jehovah God, that You remain the same yesterday.
Satan, you are defeated. Come out of this people; I adjure thee by the power of the living God, that you come out of this people, in Jesus' Name.
All right.

60-0328 - Municipal Auditorium, Tulsa, OK (Paragraphs: 29 - 38)
L-30 People are setting here tonight; we're to call this prayer line in a few minutes, and people will come through the line. I pray Father, that You'll wake people up, to let them know that we're living in the--like a modern Sodom and Gomorrah. Grant it, Lord, that they'll see that that Angel that was promised to visit, through human flesh... And Lord, we know that that Angel is a Messenger from heaven which is the Holy Ghost. It's Him, that wants to work through us the will of God, to call the church. Grant it, Lord. Send Him again tonight. Send that great Elohim that come down in dust and made Hisself known, because He could talk to man through the dust. Use the dust that's in here, Lord, that's been consecrated to You, this sanctified dust by the Blood of Jesus. Use them, Lord. And let...
If there be an unbeliever here Lord, let them see that the hour is approaching. They see it in the newspapers. They hear it on radios and televisions. And now may they see the sign of God, that He is calling His church, giving her that final, last call, that final, last sign that she would receive. We've had healings, and speaking with tongues, and miracles, and so forth; but that visit is what we are looking for tonight, Lord. Grant it, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
L-31 Sorry, I took you so long. Brother, sister, I'm just a lump of clay. Don't you pay any attention to me, but you listen to what I'm saying. The coming of the Lord's drawing near. I don't know how near; no one knows, but I believe it's real close at hand. I see everything just a happening. I want you to be ready. I want you to be really cut loose of--"Lay aside every sin, every weight, and the sin that doth so easily beset you, that you might run with patience the race that's set before us, looking to the Author and Finisher of our faith, Jesus Christ." Look at His... Look at His meekness and lowliness. Look at His kindness and mercy. Look at His Spirit coming back to the earth. That proves that He's alive. He isn't dead. They couldn't even kill the body. They killed It, truly, but God raised It up again, and It's alive forevermore, setting at the right hand of God. The Spirit that was in It, is here in the church tonight. Promised it... We're in the end time. [Hebrews 12:1-2]
L-32 Now, I don't remember just where we left off the other night, calling in this prayer cards. We had some left. We called some and then the... [] Amen. Amen.
May it be so. God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform. Remember, the Holy Spirit that wrote this Book, the Holy Spirit that was in that dust down there at Sodom, is the same Holy Spirit that's in this building tonight. He can do the same thing. Do you believe that? If thou canst believe, all things are possible.
I want you to pray, as I... I--I'm a stumbling for words--I... He wants me to do something. I don't know what it is. So just pray with me, and then the Lord's trying to do something different; I don't know what it is. Just be reverent and everyone keep your seat. Just be... We don't know what something might happen here in a moment. I never had this before, just like this. Just be in prayer and may the Lord God reveal to us... [Mark 9:23]
L-33 Yes, here it is. I'm going to turn my back to this audience, let you know that the same Angel that was there at Sodom, that gave that sign with His back turned, is the same Angel that's here tonight. It's not your brother. It's your Lord, the Holy Spirit.
Now, you people in these sections of these churches here tonight, I don't say it will... Something made me do this, but if the Holy Spirit will come here in this building, and perform, and do just as he did there at Sodom, to a elected Church, a called-out people, separated from that bunch of people down there... That's where He come to, Abraham... The--the Angels, Messengers, went on down into Sodom and preached, but this One stayed behind, to the Church, the called-out Church. And He gave them a sign that He was... [Genesis 18:1-21]
L-34 Now, if the Holy Spirit will do that, and you'll pray in your heart and believe God, say, "God, I'm a child of Abraham, and I believe with all my heart," and let the Holy Spirit come and perform here tonight, as He did down there, will all of you believe on Him, with all your heart? Let's just... On the piano--ever-who's the pianist there, if you will, sing "The Great..." just play slowly, "The Great Physician Now is Near," if you will, while we just pray. Now, this is spiritual.
I remember some time ago, that was playing: Fort Wayne, Indiana. Something happened, a Dunkard girl, who didn't have the Holy Ghost, she got filled with the Spirit, and jumped up from the piano, and run away. About five thousand people setting there seen that piano continually playing, "The Great Physician Now is Near," people just raising up everywhere, being healed. As much... a bunch of Amish and Dunkards... Fort Wayne... "The sympathizing Jesus."
L-35 I'm going to look at my brethren back here. You pray. Brethren, we're all going to meet someday in the land beyond. And we'll have to give an account for our ministries, what we do with Jesus, called Christ. We teach our people that He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. You believe that, don't you brethren?
Now...?... Now just a moment. There's someone to my extreme right, praying. It's a man. And he's praying, because he's in a serious condition. He's suffering from a--like a bladder trouble. He's got tumor. He's had an operation. And it--he's up for another operation. That's the man setting right there with his hand up. That's true. If that's true, stand on your feet. If we're strangers to one another, wave your hand. Do you believe the same Angel of God is in the building? God bless you, brother. Accept... What did you touch, sir? You were praying, wasn't you for your healing? Well then, if me standing here with my back turned to you, that same Angel that declared this at Sodom, that Jesus said would be here in the last days, just before His coming, then folks, He's on His road here. He's coming. That's right. Pray. [Luke 17:29-30]
L-36 Now, setting close to him, right behind him, is a woman. She's got trouble with her side and she has headaches. Mrs. Arnold, if you believe with all your heart... All right. I do not know you, is that right, lady? We're strangers to one another? Is that your name? Is that your condition? You were praying, wasn't you? You touched something.
The man setting right back there with high blood pressure, if you will believe, sir, will you accept it as your healing? You do? Looking at me, gray-headed, sir...?... you can believe with all your heart? Do you sir? All right, then the blood pressure will leave you. I don't know him, never seen him in my life. Is that right, sir, raise up your hand, if we're strangers to one another? What are them people touching?
L-37 And in the midst of this all... I feel doubt moving in. Why do you do it? God be merciful. Don't do that! The Holy Spirit is here, THUS SAITH THE LORD!
I see before me, a woman. She's holding a waterheaded baby. The baby has had surgery. It's got water on the brain. She's setting right down here, holding the baby. You know who I'm talking to? Mrs. Yeager, Stand up and believe for the baby.
Do you believe on the Lord? If thou canst believe... How about over in this section here, so that you'll see it... just stays in one section... You believe over here. Do you believe it?
L-38 A lady setting here... High blood pressure... If you'll believe, lady, a... Lord, who is she? Mrs. B--B-i-r-l-e-y. Birley, believe with all your heart and you shall have your healing also. You believe it? All right.
What about this woman laying down here on this cot--stretcher? Look over this way, lady. You have a prayer card? I guess you don't. Well, I won't--I don't think--I done forgot to tell you about prayer cards, I guess, none of you... You don't have no prayer card. I can't heal you, lady. But do you believe if God can tell me what's your trouble, will you accept it? You're going to die laying there. That's one thing sure. You've got a over-fluided body, that's fluid and everything backing up on you. Is that... That's the truth, isn't it? Now, I never seen you in my life. This is the first time, and if you'll believe it with all your heart and don't doubt, that fluid will leave you, and you'll go home, be well.
Do you believe? Do you believe the Angel of the Lord's here? How many of you is believers, raise up your hand. Well now, lay your hands on one another. Put your hands on one another if you're believers.
Oh, God, Holy Spirit that's present, the Angel that was promised, that Jesus said would be here as it was in the days of Sodom... Lord God, make Satan leave this people. I hold them before You and zealous of them.
Come out of that group, Satan, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Move away from those people and be dispelled from this building, and Jesus Christ take glory and power forever.
Now, if you believe Him with all your heart, believe that He heals you, the Bible said, "These si--" That's right, lady, get right up off that cot and go on home. That's the way. Do you believe? Stand up on your feet then, everywhere; accept Jesus. The Angel of the Lord is here. I pronounce the healing blessings and the power of the Almighty God into your hands...?... [Luke 17:29-30]

60-0329 - Municipal Auditorium, Tulsa, OK (Paragraphs: 45 - 60)
L-46 Now, you pray and see if the High Priest still lives to make intercession. See if you can still touch Him. You do that. Then it'll take all suspicion from you. Just pray. We got the pictures of it here. It's been took the world over in Germany, and America, and Canada, and everywhere. Scientific, it hangs in a religious hall of art up there, scientifically proved. George J. Lacy the head of the FBI for fingerprint and documents said--signed the document himself. The light struck the lens. He said, "I used to disbelieve it too, but the camera won't take psychology." It's not psychology.
Here. This lady sitting here with her head down praying, setting right in front of me, you want to get over them hemorrhoids, don't you? Yeah. And you got little winds on your head, haven't you? All right, it's finished now. Go home and be well. Do you believe?
This woman sitting right out here at the end with her hand up to her mouth like this, you want to get over that diabetes and be made well? You believe that Jesus Christ will heal you? All right, then go home and be healed. Jesus Christ will make you well.
L-47 This man sitting here with high blood pressure, you believe that God will make you well, sir, setting back there? You believe it? All right, stand up on your feet.
I'm... This man right here with the red tie on there, I don't know you; you're a stranger to me, but go home and be well. Christ makes you well.
Now, do you believe, you people here that for your first time?
Here. Bro... Which is the, which is the first? Which Is--is this you, lady? Come here just a minute. Stand right there just a minute.
Are you and I strangers to one another? God knows us both, and we're strangers. Now, here's a woman here's my hand. I never seen her in my life, as I know of. So that you'll see that the infallible proof that Christ, the Holy Spirit, is here... See?
Now--now if--if the Holy Spirit will reveal to me... If I'd say, "Lady, you're sick." Well, that's all true. You--you probably are sick. But if He would say to me... I'd say... Come, lay my hands on you, and I say, "God will heal you. I lay my hands on you." You got a right to believe that. That's true. That's right. I'd say, "The Holy Spirit's here." That's right; I believe that. But now, if He would tell you something that you've done or something like I talked about Him doing tonight in the Scripture, then you'd know it would have to be some power, 'cause I don't know you. I never seen you. Would that be right, audience?
L-48 To you people that's never been in a meeting before, raise your hand if that--that'd be right, you think that'd be right. Now, here's my hand. The lady don't know me; I don't know her. We're just standing here. This is just the picture of Saint John 4. When you go home... Jesus and a--met a woman at the well, a Samaritan woman, and told her what was wrong with her. Anybody remember that? We had it in the message tonight. Here it is again, right here tonight, right here the same.
The Holy Spirit... The woman, I don't know. She might not be a Christian; she might be sick; she might be in financial trouble. I do not know her. I never seen her in my life. But if something speaks to her, then you'll know it's some power. Now, it's up to you to believe what it is. It's up to you. Remember, if you doubt It, then keep It to yourself, because, "One word against It will never be forgiven," said Jesus, "in this world, nor the world to come." I don't know that He'd say it. But if the Lord will, will...
You'll know whether that's the truth or not. You'll know. Now, you are a Christian, and I'm not saying that because you're standing there saying something with your lips, praying. I'm not saying it that way. Because if... You could be saying that and still just be putting that on. But you are a Christian. That's right. Because I know that your spirit feels welcome. And you're aware that something's going on right now, a real sweet humble feeling. Between you and I stands that Light moving.
Now, you want me to pray for you for a growth. And that growth is under your right arm. It's a knot like. That's right. Do you believe God can tell me who you are? Miss Lindsey, you can go home and be made well. Jesus Christ...?... [Mark 3:29]
L-49 Do you believe now with all your heart? Now, let's just all be praying. Be in a mood of prayer.
Come, sister. Now, heavenly Father, I pray that you will make her well in Jesus' Name.
Now, you're aware that I know what was wrong with you besides your goiter and things. You believe that God will make you well?
God in heaven, have mercy and heal... []
Would you want me to tell you what's wrong with you? You want me to do it? It's a lady's trouble, female trouble. That's right, isn't it? Now, just go on your road believing. See, just have faith.
Now, come...?... O Lord, I pray that You will help our dear brother and make him well as I lay hands on him, in Jesus' Name.
L-50 Come my, brother. Father God, make our brother well; I pray in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Come, sister. You believe that God will make you well now when we pray? Now, don't doubt.
Now, heavenly Father, I pray that You would heal her...?... well...
Come, sister. []... telling them what's wrong... The vision doesn't heal you. It's your faith in God that heals you. See, He's still here. He didn't just hit that one and--and leave.
Here. Come here, sir. You believe if God can tell me what your trouble is, that--that you--you believed it would be God, would you sir? All right. 'Course, now what you're wanting me to pray for is that growth on your face. That's what you're wanting for. Now, wait just a minute and see if the Holy Spirit would say something else. See?
Now, just... 'Course, you see the growth on his face. Just as soon as he stood here I seen that's what he wanted (See?), the growth on his face. All right, sir. Yes, sir. That's what you're wanting pray for, is a growth on your face.
L-51 You seem to be a nice man: yes, a minister. Amen. That's right. You're not from here either. You're from another country. It's a wooded country, all around. You're from Arkansas. And you... You're praying for somebody in Arkansas. That person has a cancer. You was once healed with a cancer, and the cancer's on your neck. Prayed for it, it dropped off. That's right. That's at Jonesboro. That's right. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. That's true.
You believe God can tell me who you are? Reverend Mr. Shepherd, that'll leave your face if you'll believe it. Go, and have faith in God, and believe with all your heart. God bless you. Have faith for it, that's all, ask God.
L-52 Just everybody be in prayer now, everybody praying for these sick people. What if it's your mother and so forth coming forth?
I pray that You'll restore the sight of our brother and let him be made well, in Jesus' Name. Amen. [] God lay hands upon the woman. May she be healed in Jesus'... []
The boy with the blinded eyes come open as he went down the steps. Let's give God praise, everybody.
Bring the little boy. If you can only believe, all things are possible. You believe if I'd ask...?... you are, in Jesus' Name...?... God bless you, friend. Believe now.
Come, mother. God is a great God. Father, in Jesus' Name...?...
Come believing. How do you do, sister. You believe he will get well if I'll ask? Kind heavenly Father, I pray in Jesus' Name, if you can restore the sight to blind...?... I pray in Jesus' Name. Amen. Don't doubt...?... []
L-53 Believe all of you with all your heart? Do you believe? [] Was she prayed for? That could be... Look, if...?... You believe God can tell me something else about you? You believe? Would that make you believe more, 'cause that's a serious thing? You got to have just a little boost of faith. Do you believe that He can tell me? That growth is what you want prayed for, of course. You have a weakness, and then you're all nervous about something. It's about... Yes, you got a loved one you want prayed for. That was your husband. He was here in the meeting, and he had to leave to go home. That's right. You believe God can tell me who you are? Mrs. Austin. And you can go home and be well. Believe it with all your heart...?...
Don't doubt. Have faith. Believe. Everybody believe now with all your heart.
[] pray that she'll receive her healing too as she passes through this line. May the curse leave her in Jesus' Name. Amen. All right. Now, believe.
That's right, brother. Go, believing...?... believing.
L-54 Come, sister. Just believe with all your heart as you pass. Now, our kind heavenly Father, I pray that You'll bless our sister and make her well in Jesus' Name. Amen.
[] as you pass through the line just like you're under the cross, believe that you're passing under the prayers of these people. Father, in Christ Name may our sister be healed.
[] or you'll die with that cancer, but do you believe that God will make you well? Now, it's a frightful thing, but the darkness has left you. That's gone from you now. If you'll believe, the cancer will never kill you. Go on your road.
Come, sister. [] praying for mercy for her. Amen. I believe the woman... []
Are you... Is this...?... Excuse me, sir. I thought they was all over. I was coming down to the lady.
L-55 Sometimes those visions make me weak and it. Well, you just is pulling from the audience and everything so--so much. Do you believe? That's very fine. That's very fine. That's a... Your diabetes has bothered you quite a bit. You believe that Christ will heal you of that diabetes?
You have a habit you've got to give up too: smoking cigarettes. That's right. And another thing, you need Jesus as your Saviour. It's dark around you; you're not a Christian. Will you except Him now as your personal Saviour? You accept Him as your Saviour? All right. Mr. Perry, that's your name, Mr. Perry. You're saved now. Christ forgives your sins, heals your sickness. Go on your road and be made well in the Name of Jesus Christ.
L-56 You believe with all your heart? Everybody believe? Now, I wonder if them people that raised their hand a few minutes ago, do you believe that God hears prayer? Would you come here and stand right here just a minute? Would you want to make your way right down here while in the Presence of the Holy Spirit, that you'd like to come right down here while we sing a song? All you that has need of Christ, would you come right here just a minute, that you want to accept Him as your personal Saviour? Come here. In His Presence you'll never be any closer.
I tell you, friend. I hope you don't count me a fanatic. I'm telling you the truth. The Spirit of God is in the meeting now. You know it beyond any shadow of doubt.
Now, while we sing a song. What are we going to sing? What say? "I Love Him." While we sing, "I Love Him," from the balconies, we'll wait for you, come down here and stand here just for a little personal prayer, if you will, right down here. Come, let the people know that you really believe Him and you want to accept Him. Right in His Presence now, come right down and stand here in this--this pit with me just a few moments, will you do it now while we sing, "I Love Him"? All right there, everybody.
I love Him, I love Him (Will you come right on now, you that raised your hand?)
'cause He... (Come right out of the balconies. That's right.) first loved me
And purchased my salvation
On Calvary's tree.
L-57 Friends, I want to ask you. Do you ever think you'll be any closer than you are right now, until you see His visible form? He's here.
I'm your brother. I'm just a man as you are. But just being able to submit myself to the Spirit and relax, He does those things. Now, I'm real weak, as you can see the perspiration running from my hand... []... salvation on Calvary. Won't you come now?
I love Him, I love Him
Because He first loved me
And purchased my salvation
On Calvary's...

The Lord Who knows the secrets of your heart can make the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the dumb to speak. His loving Presence is here. Won't you come out now? If you are backslidden, far away from God, cold in your heart, want a new experience with God, won't you come forward? Or even if you haven't received His Holy Spirit, why don't you move up right now? Come up here and...
[]...?... I don't know the Scripture. Don't apply the miracles of Revelations 11 in the Gentile age; that's to the Jews. And one of these days God's going to let me go to Jerusalem. That will be it. Just remember. If you believe me to be God's servant... When the Jews receive Christ as Messiah, the Gentiles are finished. It's your hour. You better come. Want once more, so I'll be sure that I won't have to answer on that day, once more.

I love Him, (Minister brothers, come out and come here will you?) love Him
Because He (That's right.) first loved me
And purchased my salvation
On Calvary's tree.
[Brother Branham begins humming--Ed.] Oh, the Presence of His Being... Come right on down. That's it, sister. Come right on, brother dear.
On Calvary's tree.
L-58 Heavenly Father, we now bring to Thee in the Name of Thy Son, the Lord Jesus, these penitent ones who stands facing the audience. They are sorry for their sin. They are the trophies of this meeting, the trophies of Thy grace and Thy Presence.
It is written in the Scripture, that "No man can come to Me except My Father draws him first." And then it is also written, "All the Father has given Me will come to Me."
What a privileged people this is tonight to know that God Almighty has drawed them to His Son, Jesus. They are love gifts that God is giving to His Son, Christ Jesus.
"No man can pluck them from My hand," said Jesus. They are there safely secured. They come up on the conviction of their spirit, Lord, the Holy Spirit bringing them into Your Presence. They are convinced that they--they're wrong and they want Eternal Life. [John 6:37, 44], [John 10:29]
L-59 You said, "As many as believe, they received this Eternal Life." And You said that You'd raise them up at the last day. And to think that as the warm sun has begin to bathe the earth, the little hidden lives of those flowers laying in the dirt, that no scientist could ever find that germ of life, but it laid in the dust. And just the right atmosphere of that sun brought forth the little flowers. They're coming everywhere.
That's when the sun, the s-u-n that raises botany life brought forth the flower. Someday the Son of God will come. And these people tonight who are standing here to receive Eternal Life, before this audience, before Your servants, these ministers, they are now standing here to accept Eternal Life. And someday they may be--go to the dust. There may be a casket that they lay in, a mud be poured over their body, a tombstone erected. But they cannot hide Eternal Life. When Jesus comes, they will come forth because You promised it.
We give them to You, Lord, and they're trophies. May they live a long life here on earth full of joy and peace. May they find a good home, a good church home, and there remain faithful at the post of duty until death shall set them free from this earthly course. Grant it, Father. They're Yours in Christ's Name. [John 3:15]
L-60 You that's standing around the altar, you that come up to repent, do you now believe and accept Jesus as your personal Saviour, believing that you, that all you can do is to be sorry for your sins. He that asked received. If you believe it, would you raise your hands that you now will forsake your sins and accept Jesus as your Saviour? Raise up your hands, all along the altar. Wonderful. The Lord God bless you.
Now, minister, brethren, I want you to come up around them, where they are. Lay hands upon they, and we'll pray for them that they receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost right where they're standing. Come right up around them, each one of you. Come up around everyone. You ministers here, gather up around and lay hands upon them that they will receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost.
Now, the rest of the audience, bow your head in prayer while they are praying also.
Brother duPlessis, you come here and lead this prayer if you will while we pray with...?...

60-0330 - Municipal Auditorium, Tulsa, OK (Paragraphs: 50 - 55)
L-51 Now, be reverent. How many is sick out there? Raise up your hands. Ever where you are, just raise your hand, everywhere in the building. Now, be reverent.
Now, what a time. Breathless... Something's got to happen. Something's got to happen, or the Bible's found wrong and me a false pretender, or It's going to be found true and our faith confirmed. Don't worry. Christ is here. He always... He promised it; He cannot do nothing but keep His promise. If you'll believe with all your heart now, just have faith. Don't doubt.
Do you see that? A Light hanging right here over this man right here? Got trouble with His eyes. That's right. You were praying. Your son sets next to you. You believe God can tell me what's wrong with your son? You believe it? It's a nervous condition. That's right, isn't it son? Uh-huh. Do you believe God can tell me who you are? Would it make you feel better? Mr. Cullum. That's correct. See that Light? Now, you receive what you ask for.
L-52 []... Same one... Here, right here a man setting, looking right at me, he's suffering with arthritis. He's had a heart attack. He's a minister. He isn't from this city. He's not even from this state: he's from Kansas. You believe that God can heal you, sir? You go back to Coffeyville and feel real good about it, would you? Your name is Reverend Midland. Go back and be healed, sir. I do not know you. If that's right, wave your hands like this. I'm a stranger to you. Your faith has saved you, sir. That was not me, my precious friend. That was the Lord Jesus Christ. He's out there among you. I'm just His mouthpiece, seeing with my eyes, what He's doing. I wish you could see what I'm looking at now. See? It's His goodness.
A man setting right out here on the end, kind of a T-shirt or sleeves--short sleeves... He's praying for somebody else, though. He's praying for a man that's setting right here. Looks like a Mexican man. You got stomach trouble, haven't you, sir? They haven't told you how... You believe God can tell me who you are? They call you Joe. They didn't tell you how bad you were, sir, but go believing, now. You can be well. Have faith in God. [Mark 11:22]
L-53 Back in this section, if thou canst believe... Here's a woman setting right down here, setting second one in. She had her head down. She's praying, "O Lord God, let him call me." She ain't praying for herself. She's praying for her husband. Her husband's had a nervous collapse. He's been attending the meetings, but he just couldn't come back. He's bedfast. And she's weeping over her handkerchief now, in her eyes, for her poor husband lays just at the point of death with a nervous collapse. Fear not, sister. Take that handkerchief you're crying in, and lay it upon him. Don't doubt. He will come out of it. If thou canst believe...
Here's a little woman setting right out from her. That just struck faith with that little woman. She's praying also. Her trouble, she's got trouble with her head, and with her eyes, and she's got a stomach trouble. It's the little woman... Wait a minute. Her name is Annie. Annie, stand up on your feet, Jesus Christ makes you well. [Mark 9:23]
L-54 Do you love the Lord Jesus? Are you ready to receive His blessings? Do you believe me to be His servant? I've told you the truth? Now, I'll tell this... Will you lay your hands on one another across there? Minister brothers, some of you faithful preachers, there, come down here and lay hands along these people here. I want you especially on this woman here. You lay your hands on one another up in the balconies, wherever you are.
Now, is Jesus... That man there, with that prostate trouble... Forget it, sir, Jesus Christ makes you well. Go home.
L-55 You have been having pains in your lungs, setting right back there next to that post. Don't have no fear. It's left you--tubercular. You can go home and be well: Christ Jesus makes you well. There it is. It's just all over the building, everywhere. Everywhere. Can't... Oh...
Pass me not, O gentle Saviour,
O Hear my humble cry,
While on others Thou art calling,
Do not pass (Pray now. Put your hands on one another and pray.)
Saviour, Saviour,
Hear (Don't be carnal. Pray. Pray. Get your mind on God. Don't look at the next fellow. Get your mind on God, Everywhere.)
While on others thou...
(Thou Son of David, have mercy on me.)
Do not pass me by.
O Saviour, O Saviour, (Raise up your hands now to God. Say, "Thank you, Lord Jesus.")

Heavenly Father, we now challenge the devil and rebuke him in the Name of Jesus Christ, till every power of sickness, every darkness leave the place, and may they be healed just now, through Jesus' Name. Give Him praise, all you people. He will not pass you by.

60-0331 - Municipal Auditorium, Tulsa, OK (Paragraphs: 46 - 54)
L-47 Now, just pray and say, "Lord God, Brother Branham is a man. He doesn't know me."
[] And of course you all knowed the great visions that's went forth, been told. Never one time, did ever one fail. First vision come, I was eighteen months old.
Now, if you'll be real reverent, the Holy Spirit is begin entering into the room. I'm looking now to my left, from me. I see a man praying. That Light is over him. He's setting to my left on the end of the row out there. He's got a rupture. He's got nose trouble and arthritis. And he's praying for deliverance. Do you believe, sir, that your faith has touched His garment now and you want to be healed? Will you accept it? If you will, just raise up your hand, say, "I accept it." He's setting right back here to my left. Hands over your face there, praying. All right. [Mark 10:46-52]
L-48 There's a man right behind him, praying also, but he's not praying for himself. He's praying for his little girl there. That little girl has low blood pressure. Your wife setting by you, also has trouble with her limbs, doesn't she? You believe that God will make them well? You believe it? Raise up your hand then, say, "I'll accept it and God will make them well." God bless you. All right.
Back over here in this center aisle, somebody down through here believe, and may the Lord grant the blessing. Now here, right--right in the center aisle, on the outside, to my right, there's a woman setting there, she has gland trouble she's praying about. That you might know what I'm--who I'm speaking to--you got a husband at home you're praying for and he has a hernia. You believe that God will heal him? Do you believe it, sister? Raise up your hand if you'll accept it with all your heart. You believe it? All right.
L-49 Here's a woman setting right out here from me, in a aisle. She's praying. She's praying for her son. Her son is in a bed of affliction. He isn't here. He's not even in this state. He's in Arkansas. His--he's an alcoholic. Miss Kelly, that's who I'm speaking to. Do you believe, Miss Kelly? Stand up on your feet so I... Get up. Stand up, Miss Kelly. Now, I don't know you. I've never seen you in my life. Is that right? Now, now you go find him the way you have believed. God bless you.
A--if you believe, friends, just have faith. Are you believing God now? Have faith now. Just believe with all your heart.
L-50 Here's a man setting right down here, right to my right again. He's setting out here on the end. He's got lung trouble, very bad. Do you realize that that's cancer, sir, in your lungs? I don't know you. Is that right? If the people will just raise their head, it's all right. I don't care when you're--when I'm talking to someone. I'm a stranger to you, is that right, sir? I do not know you. Do you believe that God would heal you and make you well? Got cancer in the lung. You're a minister too. That's right. That's... You are a minister of the Assemblies of God. And I'm a stranger.
You believe that God knows who you are? You believe He could tell me who you are? Would you believe--make you believe now, 'cause you've got to believe or you're going to die? Reverend Lee Hildreth, that is your name, isn't that right? Raise up your hand. All right. I never seen him in my life. If that's right, raise up your hand? The Holy Spirit, He wants to spare your life, sir. You believe with all your heart.
L-51 Do you believe now, all of you, with all your heart, all that's in you? Everywhere, do you believe? Somebody else want to believe?
Here, I see another minister. No, it's his wife praying for him. He's got stomach trouble. He's not here, but he's home. Mrs. Philips, believe with all your heart. Jesus Christ will make the brother well if you'll believe it. Amen. Do you believe with all your heart? All right.
L-52 You believe the Holy Spirit is here now? All right. Then I want you to do this. How many believers that's here, raise your hands. Now, how many believes that that's the sign that Jesus gave that He was Messiah? That's what He give to the world. That's what the Bible said. That's what He promised: "as it was in the days of Sodom..."
What was the Sodom sign to the elect church? They found--there was a great revival went on down in the Sodom, but up here, in the elect church (Abraham), there was an Angel Who knowed that Abraham was married, had a wife, her name was Sarah, and He asked where she was at.
Said, "She's in the tent behind you." And she laughed.
And He said, "Why did she laugh?"
Jesus said, "As it was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be in the coming of Son of Man." Is that right? Well then, that makes Him here. [Luke 17:29-30]
L-53 If you're believers, with all your heart believe Him, raise up your hand, each one that's a believer. Now, you lay your hand over on somebody next to you. Just lay your hand on somebody next to you. I'm going to quote to you a Scripture. Jesus said, "These signs shall follow them that believe." Is that right? Now, don't you pray for yourself. Let that person that you're praying for pray for you. And now, you pray for one another, and God promised "the prayer of faith shall save the sick." And the whole group of you, the Holy Ghost is out there. He's right over you now. Now, bow your heads. And there's only one thing to keep you from receiving it, that's that little shadow of darkness. I'm going to ask God to make that devil leave here, that devil of unbelief. And each one of you can be healed. Now, you pray for the person that--that you got your hands on. [Mark 16:17]
L-54 Heavenly Father, we bring this audience to You now, seeing that You have proven Yourself alive after nineteen hundred years. Your Scripture says, "These signs shall follow them that believe." O Lord, You are here. Your power is here. Your children is praying. Your Spirit is here. We cast out this doubt. We defeat Satan by the power of God. In the Name of Jesus, may the devil turn these people loose, every one of them. And may the power of God fall into this building. May every person here be liberated from the powers of sickness and the powers of darkness. May the Holy Ghost have the right-of-way in every heart. Grant it, Lord. We give them to You. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I cast out the evil powers of Satan. May he leave this audience and each of them be healed.
Do you believe Him? You believe you're healed? I don't care how crippled you are, how bad you are, I command you, in the Name of Jesus Christ, in the Presence of Him that knows all about you, stand on your feet and receive your healing. I don't care what is wrong, stand up. Amen. There it is. Praise the Lord. You are healed. God Almighty makes you well. I pronounce it in the Name of Jesus Christ, as I turn this service to Brother David...?... [Mark 16:17]

60-0401e - Municipal Auditorium, Tulsa, OK (Paragraphs: 64 - 84)
L-65 Have faith. Sweetly, have faith. Now, just... I want you in the prayer line, now, watch the audience. See? And you pray and just ask the Father, "Father God, Thou knowest my need. And You know that I have need of healing. Will You help me?" Just humbly, just come like that poor little woman with that blood issue, and she touched the border of His garment and was made whole.
Over here in the corner, did you raise your hand awhile ago? You want--you--want to be healed? You think your heart's going to be all right now, you're going to be healed? You had heart trouble, didn't you? Wasn't you praying, "Lord, let it be me"? Raise up your hand it that's right. All right. Your heart trouble's finished now. Now, I do not know the man, but watch. What? Did he touch me? He's thirty feet away from me. See? He touched something, and something spoke through me, that was all. Wasn't me. I'm just like... This here microphone's a complete mute without there's something to speak through it. And that's the way we are. How do I know that man? I never knowed what... How would I know was wrong with Him? I don't. [Matthew 9:20-22], [Mark 5:22-34], [Luke 8:45-48]
L-66 Right here, that you might know again. Here sets a man setting right back here, suffering with heart trouble, little blue looking coat on, his shirt open. That's right, isn't it, sir? All right. He healed you right then. Your faith made you whole. See? What did he do? He touched, not me. I don't know the man; I've never seen him. But he was disparately; and he was praying, "O Lord, let Brother Branham speak to me." Ask him if that's right or not. Raise your hand if that's right, sir. Raise up your hand if you was setting there praying for me...? See?
Now, a God that can hear a prayer, can answer prayer. Don't you think so?
L-67 This lady, setting right back here, got something wrong with her hands. You believe that God will heal you, lady, with something wrong with your hands, setting there? You want to be healed? All right. Your faith touched Him then. Your hands will get well.
That lady setting right behind you there; she's had an awful operation, and she's praying also for her to get over that. Is that right, lady, raise up your hand? All right. You're going to get well. Where the doctors fail... Satan hid from the doctors, but he can't hide from God. He knows right where he's at. So he's gone. Have faith in God. [Mark 11:22]
This lady setting right over here close to where that baby's being rocked back and forth there, she's praying about a foot trouble. But you believe that God will heal the feet? If you believe it, all right, stand up, lady, so that they'll know who I'm talking about. That's it, you, right there, sister. Just tell God that you love Him. Do you love Him? All right, then you can go home and be well. The Lord bless you. That's very fine.
L-68 And by the way, when you set down, that lady right next to you was so thrilled. Having that bladder trouble, but it's gone too, sister. You can stand up on to your feet and accept it also. So you're healed.
You believe with all your heart? Now, you see, now we know His Presence is here. Now, be reverent.
Now, if anyone knows that when a vision strikes, it weakens you. How many knows that? How many knows that the Son of God said, when a woman touched His garment, He said, "Who touched Me?" and He looked around and said, "I perceive that virtue (That's strength.) has gone from..." Him. And that takes strength. What, would all these people here...? If the Son of God, one woman touching Him, and there's seven or eight people across there, then... See? And you're still touching, if I just speak, you see. It's your--it's your faith. [Mark 5:30]
L-69 But now, this line here, you believe. Now, Jesus said, "These signs shall follow them that believe."
Look, the other night, coming by, I laid hands on a little boy, blind. Walked right up there, and started down the steps, and received his sight. How many was here when that happened? Sure. Little boy, born blind, about sixteen, seventeen years old. Begin to scream back, "Oh, Brother Branham, I can see." Sure. I can't heal. I can just obey a commandment. See? That's what I do here. When He told me that these things would come to pass...
And let me tell you something now. The new ministry that's coming up, will be so far beyond this, till you... It's all... I've already seen it working four or five times. They's many of the people that's with me knows that to be true. We're facing ready for a great hour. [Mark 16:17]
L-70 But that you might know, here's a fine person standing here. We're strangers to one another, are we, lady, you and I? Well, He don't... But it... I have no idea what's--the woman. I... You said something, sister, I didn't... Oh, I've prayed for you before. Uh-huh. Of course I wouldn't know that. My... I don't know what's wrong with you now. God... Or if I... God knows that I don't remember you. See? But just that the people might see that God's just as great here, out there; it's just wherever your faith is.
Right now, just to settle down... See, I'm trying to throw myself off from you, to keep from your faith pulling this a way. And the first thing you know, I just wilt right down. You just can't stands too much. Pray for someone; then turn around and change the subject, and pray for someone again just to keep strength up, to keep my promise to lay hands on the American people.
L-71 We never have to do it overseas. Just one thing to be spoke out like that, the whole group just raises up, leaves wheelchairs and everything else, and goes on home. That's all over. See?
But there's so many confusions of different teachings here in America, they don't know what to believe. That's right. One says, "Oh, telepathy." The other one, "The devil." One says, "Do this." One... Poor people. Listen. You... "Let every man's word be a lie and God's be true." That's just the only way it's at. He's here. He's already healed you. You just accept it. [Romans 3:4]
L-72 Now, look lady, if the Lord Jesus will reveal to me something of you, that you know I don't know nothing about you, and if the Lord Jesus will reveal something to me, that you know it has to come supernatural, would--would it make you believe better? It would? Would it make the audience believe better? Now, she's close to me, here (You see?), just real close.
Now, this is the same picture of Saint John 4: a man and a woman meeting for the first time, setting here. It's just a... Maybe the little well was a panoramic like this. Now, Jesus begin to talk to her. Now, you're not the woman, and I'm not Him, but His Spirit still lives. See? In that time it was in the flesh called the Son of God. And now, we're adopted sons of God, by His grace, so that His work can carry on (See?), and still declaring.
L-73 The lady is very, very sick. She's got a female trouble, lady's trouble. That's right. And if that's right, raise up your hand. You believe now?
I keep feeling somebody saying, "He's guessing that." Stop thinking that. You hurt the meeting. I'm not guessing that. That's the power of God. Here stand still a minute. See now, just so as get that out of their mind.
Let's see, I don't know what it was, but just a minute till I finally... Yes, you've been to a--a doctor. It's a female... Yeah, not only that, you're up for an operation. That's right. And you have a kidney trouble. You have a bladder trouble. You're not from this country. You're from Missouri. You're name's Miss. Hildreth. Now, go back up there and be--and be made well in the Name of the...?... God bless you, sister. Your faith has made you whole. Just believe with all your heart...?...
L-74 You believe now as you come? If I don't say one thing, will you believe to lay hands on the sick? The rest of you going to believe it now? Come right on here. Everybody pray now for these people. Father in heaven, may the power of Almighty God rest upon the woman and heal her. Amen.
All right, come. You believe, sister? What if I told you you was healed while you was setting in the chair when That come upon you? It's gone...?...
You believe now, sister? Let's--whole church is praying for you. Now, heavenly Father, I lay hands upon her and ask for her healing in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Come. Now, you know that I know what's wrong with you. But if I don't say nothing, would you believe anyhow. Then go eat your supper. Your stomach trouble left you, you can go eat. Lord Bless you. You believe, sister? In the Name of the Lord Jesus, may she be healed.
L-75 Come, sir. You believe the heart trouble left you when you come up step a few minutes ago? If I told you it did, would you believe it? Go on your road. Say, "Thank you, Lord Jesus."
Come on. You believe with all your heart, sister, and that arthritis will go away, and you'll be made well. Lord, I pray that You'll grant it in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Come, sister. Now, I... You know I know what's wrong with you, don't you? You want me to tell you? I believe you do. All right. Now, you're awful young for that, but you got a nervousness. Now, that's right, a mental nervousness: upset and you're, get real weary late of an afternoon and drop things. That's exactly what you do. Got a mind that thinks; you're always crossing bridges before you get to them. Forget it. Go home, Jesus Christ makes you well. Believe with all your heart.
Come. Father God, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, I pray that You'll heal and make well this woman. Amen. Go on...?...
L-76 Father, I pray that in Jesus' Name that You'll heal...?... You going to believe now, sister for him?
Come, sonny boy...?... Don't doubt. You going to believe for him with all your heart sister? Our heavenly Father, You took the little boys and put Your hands upon them and they were healed. I do this in Jesus' Name. Amen. Believe now.
The Holy Spirit's here, just the same Holy Spirit that knows all about things. Now, if you don't doubt at all, you'll get over it; you'll be all right. So just go believing. See?
Now, you people coming through, when you're--you know--you keep thinking; you keep wondering, watching, see if I'm going to tell you. If I'm... They'll come get me and take me out of the line, the rest of them won't get through the line (See?), so don't do that. See, He's still here. He knows--He knows all about it. He knows everything. Don't you believe that?
L-77 Do you believe that, lady? Are we strangers to one another? God knows us both doesn't He? You believe God can tell me what your trouble is? If He will do it for this woman, will the rest of you believe for the rest of the night with all your heart? Raise up your hands if you say you... Here's my hands. I don't know the woman, never seen her. All right. Just have faith.
Got broken ribs. That's right. It's what's wrong with you. Exactly right. You got a burden on your heart for somebody else you're praying for. That's your father-in-law. That's right. And he's blind, got cancer of the stomach. You mind if I say the rest of it? He was too poor to come to the meeting. He didn't have money to--for him to come to the meeting. Here. Put that on him in the Name of the Lord. Take my handkerchief, and tell him he will get well...?... In the Name Jesus Christ...?...
Father, I...?...
L-78 Nervousness did it, made a peptic ulcer, like, caused that acid in your mouth and things after eating. Go get you a hamburger. Your faith makes you well...?...
Our heavenly Father, I pray for this boy that the power of God will make him well. Amen. Mother, you're passing under the cross for him. Believe with all your heart. God bless you...?... Have faith.
What do you think about the little baby? You... That's what you want prayer for. You believe God could--could tell me what's the matter? Would it help you? I see it's a serious thing. It's a brain trouble, kindy a like mental retarded like. It's had three operations of no good. You believe God can hear my prayer? Then I cast the...?... Jesus Name...?... Don't doubt; he will get all right.
L-79 Lord, I pray that You'll heal this woman in Jesus' Name...?...
Come, sister,...?... In the Name of Jesus Christ may she be healed. O Lord...?... Don't doubt...?...
In Jesus' Name may you be healed.
Come, sister dear...?... hand. In the Name of Jesus Christ may she be healed. Don't doubt. Go, believing.
Coming like you're coming...?...
Go--go believing with all that's in you, now...?...
Something happened in the audience. Somebody was healed in the audience. Just a moment. I'll get it.
Are you the one to be prayed for? Do you believe God? Something wrong with your lungs, got a trouble in your lungs. You just had a nervous breakdown. You're not from here. You're from California. You're a minister, Mr. Alsup. Go home, be well.
L-80 O Lord, come, I pray in Jesus' Name that You'll grant it, Lord...?...
Come, sister dear. Everybody pray now. It's weakness. You pray, pray, pray. In Jesus' Name I pray Father that You'll heal...?...
Come, sir. Believe with all your heart and you remove your trumpet, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Yes, I know you can. I know you can. Believe now.
This little crippled boy. O Lord, I pray that you'll heal the little lad. May he return back, walking and rejoicing, in Jesus' Name. Amen. Don't doubt...?... You believe with all your heart. See?
All right. Come, sister, here. Believe with all that's in you. In the Name of the Lord Jesus may she be healed. Amen.
Come brother, with all the faith that you can, would you believe. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may you be healed. Amen. Amen.
Come, lady. O Father God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, may she be healed. Pray, all the church pray together now. Just, what if this is your children passing through here?
Come...?... O God, I pray that You'll heal the little lad and make him well in Jesus' Name. Amen...?...
L-81 Come, sir. Lord, in the Name of Jesus Christ, grant his request Father...?...
Come, sir. Heavenly Father, grant this request, and may she be healed for the glory of God. Amen. God bless you. If you won't doubt...?... God bless you...?...
Father God, I pray that You would grant his request to him that he's asking. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may it be so. Amen.
Come now, believing with all your heart. Are you believe with all your heart? Come here just a minute. O heavenly Father, I pray that in Christ's Name that You'll grant this request, and may she be healed for the Kingdom of God's sake. Amen.
In the Name of Jesus Christ may you be healed, Father, for the Kingdom of God's sake. Amen. Look how many people's praying for you out there, dad. You've got to make it. You've got to do it. Father God, in the Name of Jesus Christ grant her healing for Your glory. Grant it.
You believe for the little one? Bring him here. O God, don't doubt no more. See? Let... You--you try, but don't do that. Father, cursed be the devil that's done this evil. May the child get well. Do you believe that God heard that? I tell you, to be sure that you'll know, you put a string around its head. And then you measure it tonight; cut the string off. Then tomorrow morning, or tomorrow night 'fore you come back, measure it again, and then show me how much it's shrank and lay it up here on the desk. And watch how much it shrinks between now and the morning...?... He loves you...?... Have faith. You going to believe, laying there? Going to believe, all of you? Have faith now. It's just whatever you believe.
L-82 Now, are you the--you to be prayed for? Do you believe the Lord Jesus? Do you believe me to be His prophet--or His servant? You believe me to be His servant? Prophet staggers the people See? I know somewhere they're listening at me. Very weak... But do you believe that God will hear prayer? All right.
Listen. Your trouble is in your side. That's right. You've got a loved one you're praying for, and that loved one's in kind of a mental case. That's right. You believe they'll get well? You believe that handkerchief you've got will catch it? Mrs. Hammer? That's your name. You're not from here. You're from Oklahoma, Wagner. Now, return back and take that handkerchief. Believe with all your heart and Jesus...?...
L-83 Do you believe, out there, with all your heart, each one of you? Do you believe, everybody? I'll tell you what you do, if you can. Reach over and lay hands on somebody. Lay hands on. Young man, lay your hands on little one. Raise...?... Lay your hands right upon that little girl. All right. Someone walk over there and lay their hands on this lady on the cot. All of you, are you believers, say, "Amen."
Come here, brethren. Take one of these mikes, each one of you. Bow your heads. Jesus Christ the Son of God, Who is present now, knows your heart. (I am so weak I can't hardly stand it, now. You can realize the condition.) Jesus said, "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." If you're a believer, just lay your hands on somebody and pray for them, and they'll pray for you. Now, I'm going to pray for all of you. And God will hear my prayer. God will hear your prayer. And I don't care what's wrong with you, you just believe right now and you're going to get well, everyone. [Mark 16:17-18]
L-84 A little girl there was crippled, setting in a wheelchair, and has raised up. In the Name of the Lord. Now, Lord, I pray that Your power and grace will be sufficient at this time into the people's heart, like the queen of Sheba, may they stand today, proving God is in the midst of His people.
And Satan, you who's bound the people, I charge thee as a deceiver. I charge thee as having no power. You're only a deceiver. Jesus Christ triumphed over all the powers you have and stripped you from every power. You're deceiving the people, and you've been exposed tonight. Come out of this audience, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Leave them people...

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