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Prayer Line 58-15
58-pl-15, Prayer Line 58-15, 64 min

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58-1004 - Branham Tabernacle, Jeffersonville, IN (Paragraphs: 66 - 80)
L-67 You might say, "Brother Branham, what are you doing?" Just getting myself yielded. Now, that's... I--I'm just standing here. This is not a show now. No, sir. Don't you think that; you'd be on bad ground. It's trying--trying to press into somewhere. God's Word's at stake. I've said, "That He was." What if it isn't? He always will keep His Word. I'm not afraid of that. Someone, somewhere will strike that hem of His garment.
The Bible said, "He is now (right now) a High Priest, that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities." [Hebrews 4:15]
L-68 You're looking at me so sincere, lady, setting there with that blue dress on. I don't know you, I don't believe. I can't seem to get a contact, anywhere, with someone's faith. Maybe it would help... You have need of God? If I'm a stranger, you raise up your hand. I don't know you, but you know me. All right. Have no idea what you're here for; I've never seen you in my life, as I know of. You probably been in my meeting somewhere. If the Lord Jesus will tell me what your trouble is, you believe it? You'd have to believe it, if it's the truth. And maybe that'll give faith to others to go to work. See? I don't know. I just seen you setting there looking at me. You just haven't hardly taken your eyes from me. You're close.
This woman setting in front here, I know her. These people here, I know. I didn't think I knew you. I don't, but He does. And if you have a need, just like you've been standing here on the platform... Yes. Now, if anyone can see; I hope you can. It looks to me that the woman is getting real dim, but she's--something or other wrong, she has a skin disease. That's right. Raise up your hand, if that's true. It's on her body that doesn't show, but she has. That's correct. See? Just a contact, while... He said, "Look on us." And while they looked stedfast on them... Paul said, "I perceive that you have faith to be healed." [Acts 3:4], [Acts 14:9]
L-69 How about the little lady setting next to you? It kindy broke through a barrier to her, because she was praying also. I don't know you; we're stranger to one another. That's right? If the Holy Spirit will reveal to me what your trouble is, or what you're here for, or something in your life, that you know I do not know, will you believe that it--the--that that Power, unseen Force comes from Christ? I want to ask you something, right now, you have a feeling on you, real sweet, meek, humble feeling. If that's right, raise your hand? See? That's it. Right above you stands that Light. And you're suffering with trouble from your feet and legs, that's right isn't it? Wave that handkerchief to the people, if that right, so they'll see. I don't think you'll ever be bothered with it again.
That's... What's doing that? What's... There's people I never seen in my life. What's doing it? That's two.
L-70 There's a young man setting right next to the woman, right there now. And he started weeping as soon as that struck; it's something or another about that woman. No, it's the young man, himself. He's bothered with his throat and head. That's right. I believe you're a stranger to me, young man? I never seen you. That's right. That's right. If that's right, raise up your hand.
There's three people setting in a row; I never seen, no contact in my life, to those people. Will you believe?
Somebody in this direction, now, that's in here. How many's sick and needy in this direction? Raise your hand, every one in this direction, that's needy. Oh, it's just everywhere. All right. Now, just keep believing.
L-71 The man setting looking at me, you must find Christ or die. Cancer would kill you. God's the Healer.
This elderly lady, setting here, right here on the seat. She suffers with a stomach trouble and arthritis. That's correctly. Do you believe it's done?
You looking around at her, you believe? You have a need of Christ? You believe me to be His servant? That growth that you want taken away, do you believe God would do it? I don't see the growth, but it's there. It's on your neck, in the back. Maybe if I tell you, your name is Mrs. Welch, will you believe me then as you...? That's right, isn't it? All right. I've never seen you in my life; you know that. You have faith in God.
L-72 There's a death sign over the little woman setting there, cancer also. You believe, lady, that God will make you well? You do? Suffering with cancer, it's a black shadow hanging over you. I tell you now; it's gone. If you'll believe. I don't know the woman; I've never seen her in my life. I don't know any of these people, as far as I know. Will you believe?
I'm looking at a man, I don't guess I ever seen him before in my life. He suffers with a hernia. Do you believe the Lord will heal you, sir, of that hernia, make you well? You're wife has a nervous and a weakness. Reverend Reed, that's your name. I don't know you. You're not from this country anyhow. You're from Ohio. That's correct. If that's right, raise up. It's all over now, for you and your wife both. Believe with all your heart. Can you now, believe?
L-73 Way back down this line, back towards this way... Can't you see that Light hanging right there? It's a woman suffering with a virus infection, right down on this line here. You're not from this city. You're from a place called Columbus, Indiana. Your name is Elizabeth. You live on a street called Ohio Street. Your number is 1932 Ohio Street. Go, believe, it's left you now. Have faith.
And now that Spirit moves; It goes this way over here to a man. There's some connection. No. It's--he's from Columbus, and he suffers with an eye condition, and a--a ulcer. Do you believe the Lord Jesus will heal you, sir, make you well? And your little nephew setting in front you there, your sister's child. It had some kind of a bone disease, and it won't eat now, it makes kind of like a complex to it. If you'll believe with all your heart, you may be made well. Have faith in God. How many of you believes now?
L-74 I see another shadow of cancer setting there; if you'll believe with all your heart, sister, it shall be done. Can... Is your faith passed that doubting line, now? How many believes your faith surpassed the doubting line? Raise up your hands. Then what's left but run free? It's all over.
These little girls, setting here in the chair, I know you. I didn't know you from last night, but I do know you now. I learned of you today, from my wife. Your mother's name was Falkerson before she was married. And that's a disease that nobody knows nothing about it. Your fingers just get infection, and you get blood disease, like or something in your hands, and the first thing you know your fingers come off and so forth, both you little girls. You're two beautiful little ladies; I know your mother. Your grandmother was healed one night, when I went to her twenty something years ago, with TB. That's right. Mrs. Falkerkson. God rebuke that devil, that's hindering you, beautiful little girls; may the power that raised Jesus from the grave, cast that thing away and never bother you no more. I say that on the authority of God's Word. You have to get angry with the devil. God gives us the victory; we've got it right now. "This is the victory that overcomes the world, even your faith." [I John 5:4]
L-75 All you that believe that you're healed by His power, stand up on your feet and give Him praise, everywhere in the building. Raise your hands now, and let's praise Him. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for Your healing power. This is the faith that overcomes. This is the victory, even our faith. We now pronounce them healed in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Grant it, Lord.
"I will praise Him," Gertie, "I will praise Him." Have you passed the barrier line?
Praise the Lamb for sinner slain;
Give Him glory, all ye people,
For His blood has washed away each stain. (All right. Come with it now.)
I will praise Him, I will praise Him,
Praise the Lamb for sinners slain:
Give Him glory, all ye people,
For His blood has washed away each stain.
L-76 Listen. I still believe, friends, that you can't climb into that place. I ain't going to let the devil defeat this type of a meeting. There's no reason for it. The Gospel has been preached, and Christ is here to confirm it. The devil's a liar. You're every one healed by Jesus Christ...?... out with that faith there; there it is; it's yours. Don't float any longer; be stabled on Calvary and give Him praise and glory. Tell Him you love Him; tell Him you appreciate Him, and pass that separating line, and God will heal you and make you well. Really mean it, don't just say it, mean it from your heart and give Him praise.
I will praise Him, (From your heart now, way up.) I will praise Him,
Praise the Lamb for sinners slain;
Give Him glory all ye people, (Give Him praise)
For His blood has washed away each stain.
L-77 What kind of stain? Stain of doubt. "I am now healed; by His stripes I am healed. I belong to the Lord; my diseases are gone. I will praise Him. I'll praise Him. I'll give Him glory. I'll shout the victory. I'll tell Him, I love Him. I'll believe Him. I am free." Hallelujah!
... people,
For His blood has washed away each stain.
I will praise Him, I will praise Him,
Praise the Lamb for sinners slain;
Give Him glory all ye people,
For His blood has washed (That's it; break into it) each stain.
I will praise Him, I (Hallelujah, Hallelujah!)
Praise the Lamb for sinner slain;
Give Him glory all ye people,
For His (That's it.) has washed away each stain.
I will praise Him, (Just continually. Washed in the Blood.)... Him,
Praise the Lamb for sinners slain;
Oh, give Him glory all ye people,
For His blood has washed away each stain.
L-78 Glory! Praise the Lord! Do you love Him? Praise Him! Praise Him! Glorious Lamb...?... living, ever present now, the Jehovah God of the Old Testament present in this day. How wonderful and marvelous is His works. His signs and wonders are a past finding out. Oh, how wonderful. Oh, He's glorious.
How many of you feel the Presence of God, right now? Sure. Now let every doubt fade from you. You are healed. By His stripes, you are healed. It's over. Praise and give Him glory. The Holy Spirit's falling all around in the building. The great halo of light circling the place. How wonderful. How we love Him.
And when the battle's over, we shall wear a crown!
Yes, we shall wear a crown! Yes, we shall wear a crown!
And when the battle's over, we shall wear a crown
In the new Jerusalem.
Wear a crown, wear a crown,
Wear a bright and shining crown.
And when the battle's over, we shall wear a crown
In the new Jerusalem.
Wear a crown, wear a crown,
Wear a bright and shining crown.
And when the battle's over, we shall wear a crown
In the new Jerusalem.
L-79 This is, in my opinion, just like the Holy Spirit that fell on the day of Pentecost, that cut loose the fetters. I just happened to notice, standing here, in the meeting is a Mennonite brother, at Indianapolis. He's come in and been having epilepsy for many, many years. And the Holy Spirit called him out in the meeting, I believe it was, and he's never had a spell of it. The Lord God healed him and made him perfect well, a Mennonite preacher. Oh, isn't He wonderful? No one knows but those who have tasted His goodness, knows how good He is.
L-80 Now, friends, to my opinion, this is the old-time religion, when the Lord Jesus Christ comes into our midst and blesses us. We're so happy you're here. I believe that every person that's in Divine Presence is right now, if your faith is sunk all the doubts behind, you're free now. Just don't never claim any sickness from now on. Go on. You've committed your case to one doctor, commit it to Jesus now. He's operated on you and taken all the doubt away, so we can have it. The Lord bless you.
Tis the old-time religion,
And it's good enough for me.
'Tis the old-time religion,
'Tis the old-time religion,
'Tis the old-time religion,
And It's good enough for me.
Makes me love everybody,
Makes me love everybody,
Makes me love everybody,
And it's good enough for me.
Oh, it's the old-time religion,
It's the old time religion,
It's the old-time religion,
And It's good enough for me.

58-1005E - Branham Tabernacle, Jeffersonville, IN (Paragraphs: 86 - 111)
L-87 No, you have to hold it and listen to the instructions. We'll get the baby anyhow. See? You just come when your number's called. The baby can come when it's called. See? It's all right.
Number 1, 2... Who has number 3, raise up your hand. Number 3, number 4. Well, that's mighty lovely of you sister, ever who that was, that lady that wanted to do that. See? But, see, if--if they're number's called, they'll come just in... If they're not called, we get them anyhow. See, we want you just in your place, so you can have your place too. You see, see?
L-88 All right, number 3, number 4, number 5, Q-number-5, raise up your hand: way back, a young woman. Number 6, all right, the young man. Number 7, the man right here. Number 8...
30-1c We have to do this. You see, you can't do it; you just get all jammed up. You say everybody wants to be prayed for. Let me show you something, if you want to see why we have to line them up.
Everybody in here would like to come up and be prayed for, raise up your hands, everybody, no matter who you are. Looky there. Who's going to come first? See? There has to somebody.
L-89 Billy comes down here, takes these cards, and mixes them all up before you, and he gives anybody a prayer card that wants one. You might get 5, 6, and sometimes we start somewhere else. And it don't make any difference where we... It's... And then them out in the audience really get healed before these on the platform sometimes. How many knows that, both strangers and... Why, sure, has nothing to do with it.
30-1d Number 6, that one come? Number 7, number 8, who has prayer card 8? Already got it? Number 9? 8, number 8, we want you get it now. Maybe somebody outside, if they are, somebody raise their hand or some somebody outside who couldn't get in. Number 8? Brother Collins, is there anybody back there, prayer card number 8 trying to get in? All right, prayer card number 8. All right number 9. Prayer card 9, raise up your hand. Maybe they went out, couldn't get in. If they come in, put them in the line.
Number 10, raise up your hand. The man way back in the back. Come, sir. Glad to see you called into, standing back there, limbs cramping and... Number 10, number 11, raise up your hand ever who has prayer card Q-number-11. All right, 11, 12, Q-number-12, way... All right, 12, 13, 13, just raise up your hand, please so I can see you. Prayer card 13, Q-13? 14, 14, 15... How many cards you give out, Billy. Hundred? 13, 14, and 15 is missing. Prayer card 13, 14, and 15, are you here? 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20? Q first, then they get J, and then just go on down the line. I think they're trying to get these through first, they... After we call that, we'll get into the others just as we come.
30-1e What say? That's it. You see, we give the cards out this morning, and the people didn't get back maybe. See? All right. Let's start on that little... How... You're just about level with your line there now? All right.
Now, who has 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 in Q's? 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, now just be ready just as soon this over. We got a line full here now, and then we'll come right to them. Go right on down the line then jump right into the--the rest of the cards is J's where we left off, and right on down till we get to the end of them out.
Now, just be real reverent for a few moments. Now, I wish we had seating room. I wish there was some way that I could do that, but we haven't got it. But...
L-90 Now, I want you to be just as reverent. Now, it's early yet. It's ten minutes till nine. The service will be out in another half hour; so this is the closing of the service. And so now be real reverent; be real quiet; don't move around. And how many in here does not have a prayer card and yet you want to be prayed for, raise up your hand. Well, they're just everywhere. Now, if you don't have a prayer card, I want to give you some Scripture.
L-91 One time our Lord was going over to raise up a little dead girl, which wasn't dead, yet. That's Zacchaeus's daughter. And a woman said in her heart, "I believe Him to be a holy Man; I believe Him to be the Messiah," and she'd had a blood issue for many years; and she slipped through the crowd and touched His garment. Ever read the story?
And Jesus stopped and said, "Who touched Me?"
And Peter rebuked Him and said, "Well, all of them is touching You. And why do You say, 'Who touched Me?'"
He said, "I have gotten weak; virtue, strength has gone from Me." See what it does to you? Visions ..."I have gotten weak; strength has gone from Me." And He looked around over the audience until He found the woman. She was scared. She thought she'd done something wrong. But He looked at her and He told her about her blood issue and said, "Thy faith has saved thee." How many knows that's the truth? [Mark 5:25-27, 30-31, 34]
L-92 Now, to you Bible scholars. Does the Bible say that Jesus Christ, right now, is a High Priest, our High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities? How many knows that? Well, if He is a High Priest now, that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities, how would He act if He's the same yesterday, today, and forever? He'd have to act the same way He did then. Is that right? Well now, He hasn't got a corporal body now, for it's at the right hand of God. But He has our bodies that He works through, and it's His Spirit working through us, like He said it was: "I'll be with you, in you. the works that I do, shall you do also. More than this shall you do, more for I go to the Father." He'd stand in our place. See? But He would anoint us with the Spirit. [Hebrews 4:15], [Hebrews 13:8], [John 14:12]
L-93 Now, you out there in the audience, you just look this a-way and just don't look at me as Brother Branham. You just say, "Lord Jesus, You're a High Priest, and You're in this building, and I want to touch You with my infirmities." Tell Him you're... "I'm sick, and You confirm it with me, and just let Brother Branham turn around like, by Your Spirit, and tell me like You told that woman; that'll settle it." I challenge your faith in the Name of the Lord, to do that.
Now, see if it's right or not. You ask God that and see if it comes out just that way. Now, be just real reverent. [Hebrews 4:14-15]
L-94 Now, you can bring your patients there who's... Oh, is this the man? All right. First thing in the line, this part of the line...
Now, there's a lot of people in here; we try to keep the people away (the Jeffersonville people), just let... The out-of-town people are pressing to get in, because in this kind of a line, if the persons was from here around Jeffersonville, they'd say, "Why, Brother Branham knows them people. Sure, that's what it is." But 'course, they've never been in Africa and India and Asia and Europe and all around the world in other places. But I don't know that...
L-95 I believe all these people in this line here now looks to me like they're strangers to me. Are you all strangers to me? Just raise up your hands if you are. All right, that's good. How many out in the audience are strangers to me, or you know I don't know what's wrong with you, just anybody, don't matter who it is? Sure you do. See? But He does. Now, I don't say that He will, but if He will, then that makes Him present right here.
Now, this man here, I believe, raised his hand that he and I were strangers to each other. We are strangers. I've never seen the man in my life. I have... He never saw me in his life till just now. We come into the building, and we've seen each other now for our first time.
L-96 Now, here is a perfect picture of Philip going, getting Nathanael, and Nathanael coming before Jesus. Now, not that he's Nathanael or me Jesus. Now, don't think that. But it's years later by a promise that was made then. And here's two men that's never met in life, just like them two men were then. And if Jesus remains the same, he can yield his spirit to faith and I can yield my spirit to faith to Christ by a Divine gift of the Holy Ghost, that can perform the same miracle. Is that right? And it's supernatural.
Say, "A miracle?"
Well, how would I know it if I've never seen him? Here's my hand. We've never met before. We... Here we stand for the first time. God knows him; I don't. Now, remember, be praying for me.
Now, sometimes in these... in these... The time the Spirit anoints, and been doing it so much now, till it's kind of... Well, I... I just want you to set still. Be real reverent; watch; be in prayer. [John 1:42-51]
L-97 Now, I just want you, sir, not knowing you, but you're here for some reason; I don't know. But whatever it is, and the Lord Jesus will tell me what you want of Him without you telling me, that would make Him just what I said He was--the same yesterday, today, and forever. You believe that? All right. He believes that. And now, the audience believes that. And the Lord has said He would do it in His Bible.
Now, here's where I'm found either telling the truth with God's Bible, or the Bible's promised something that It can't stand behind, or I'm a hypocrite, one or the other. See? That's right. See where you put yourself. I've did that before many, many thousands of people, critics and all. But I know that He promises, and He keeps His promise.
I see it begins right here now. I see people around you on the platforms. And in outside meetings we never have nobody around. See? There's sick people here. Just as soon as it starts, you can feel it. See? It's the Holy Spirit. Be real reverent now; just reverent now, as we can speak. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-98 Yes, sir, the Lord Jesus loves both of us, for we're two men that which He died for. And our first time meeting... And if you're in need, now God is able to supply that need, because He promised He would. But now the man is honest in his heart; he's aware that something's going on. He can't just exactly think what it is. But that Angel that you see on the picture is coming nearer and nearer to the man, and he's fading away from me. And the man is suffering with a heart trouble, and he has diabetes. That's right. That's THUS SAITH THE SPIRIT. If that's right, raise up your hand.
L-99 Now, if I never seen you, how would I know anything about you? Some way, the same way He knowed there. Is that right? Does the audience believe that? Now, why--why not just take our time just a little bit so that you see that it just wasn't a guess something. Let's take something else, and just see if the Holy Spirit would reveal something else to us. Let's just talk to the man standing there, just a minute.
Maybe there's something else in his life, maybe something else wrong with him; I don't know. I really don't know what I said. I'd have to see it on the recorder here, 'cause, see, it's a vision; you see where he was at. Yes, I see it now; it's something about His Blood. It's sugar; yes, diabetes. He's got sugar diabetes, and it's developed to a heart trouble which is caused a nervous heart. He's had that for some time. And he's not from this city, but he's from Indiana, from a place near a place called like Borden, yeah, I see--Borden. You're from Borden. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD.
L-100 And there's something wrong in your life. Here's another thing. I see a woman appearing here in the vision, because you're in... It's your wife, and she needs some healing. And she suffers with some kind of a coughing... It's asthmatic, she has.
And you have something wrong in your life that you've been trying to do. By faith, you're Pentecostal, 'cause you see at a Pentecostal meeting where they're shouting and clapping their hands. And you're trying to lay down... You smoke. That's what you're trying to get rid of: smoking cigarettes. That's exactly right, that's THUS SAITH THE LORD. That's the truth, isn't it? Do you believe He's here now, present? Are you ready to accept your healing? Let's bow our heads.
Lord God, Who raised up Jesus Christ Who is present now, this man, Lord, who is here for the blessings of God to rest upon him, we pray that You will give him the desire of his heart, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Return to your home; find it just as you have believed. That's the way it's going to be. God bless you.
L-101 Do you believe? The Almighty God Who wrote this Bible, Whose Spirit is present, know that I never seen the man in my life, knowingly, till this very minute. But I know one thing; the Holy Spirit is right here. I don't know what He will do, but I know that He is here.
Is this the lady? All right. Are we strangers to each other? Oh, you... You saw me at meetings, but I don't know you. That's right. All right, then you're here for some purpose. Now, the woman might be here... She may be a Christian; she may not. She may be a critic. If she is, just watch what happens. See? And I don't know what she's for.
L-102 My mother's setting somewhere in the building, an aged woman. Would you think I'd try to harm that poor thing? Think I'd come to her as a deceiver? I certainly wouldn't. I'd rather just walk off the platform and go home. I done preached the message, but that's not all goes with the message. Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Don't care what the world says about it; we got to stand for it anyhow. God said do it. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-103 Not knowing you, and of course you setting in the meeting perhaps where there's hundreds and hundreds of people, I'd have no way of knowing you. But here's the picture now of Saint John 4: a man and a woman meeting for the first time our Lord and the woman of Samaria meeting again. Now, they talked. He contacted her spirit, knowed what was wrong with her, and told her, and she recognized Him to be the Messiah. Would you do the same thing? You would. Would the audience do the same thing, every woman out there? May God grant it.
L-104 Yes, the woman is suffering with an--a nervous condition. She's had that for a long time, many years back. I can see her yet as a young woman, but that's not the main thing she wants me to pray for. It's arthritis that's crippled her up. That's what you want me to pray for.
Now, do you believe? Let's talk to her a little more. May the Holy Ghost grant this. The woman is actually of a--a foreign 'escent. Her name's Hanson. That's true. Norwegian or Swedish, one... You're not from this city. You're from a place called Canton. And that's in a great country where there's a lot of wheat, and it's Minnesota. That's where you're from. That's true. Now, go back home; you're healed. Jesus Christ makes you well. Tell the people what good things the Lord has done to you.
L-105 I do suppose that we are strangers to one another. I don't know you, (No, ma'am.), but the Lord does know you. You're here for some purpose I do not know. But if the Lord Jesus will reveal to me what you're here for, you'll know whether that's the truth. If I come here and said, "You're sick, woman." Sure, you're standing in the prayer line and that shows you're... []
L-106 Your examination shows that you got something wrong with the liver. He said it was cirrhosis. That's right. (Just talk to her a minute.) Just do you believe that the Lord Jesus that talked to the woman at the well is the same Jesus today? You do? Have... Seem to have a fine spirit. You're not from here. You come from the east: from Ohio (That's right.), Dayton, Ohio, to come here. That's right. I see a... You're praying for somebody else; that's a boy. He's got heart trouble. He has ulcers also: a nervous type of boy. That's right. And you're praying for his soul, because he's unsaved. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. That's true, isn't it? You're healed. Go on back. Tell him to be of a good courage, Jesus Christ...
L-107 Not knowing you, lady. Not knowing you, God does know you. If God will tell me what's your trouble, you believe me to be His servant just vindicating Him. See, what I want to do is get these people that's coming up in the prayer line to see that He's here.
Something happened in the meeting. There's two women standing there with both glasses. Somebody touched Him with the feeling of their infirmity. If I can just see the woman, what... Your ear trouble, it's gone now. Look at the lady, how much she looks like this one. They were standing there. And I could see them, but one was doing this, and there was nothing to this one. The reason of it is, this woman's standing for somebody else. That's right. And that woman's your neighbor, and she's got arthritis, and you're standing for her. And I see you praying for her, because she's not saved, and you're praying for her. That's a gallant thing. Put that handkerchief on her that you have in your hand. Tell her not to doubt and to surrender her life to Christ and her arthritis will leave her. [Acts 19:12]
L-108 []... weeping for sister? You believe God? You believe me to be His servant? You believe God can tell me what you're weeping about, and what you're desire is? If you believe that, raise up your hand. You believe that rupture will leave him? If you'll believe it, it'll go. Just have faith; just don't doubt.
How do you do. Guess we're strangers to one another. The Lord Jesus knows us both. You're mighty young woman. But you're not here for yourself. I see a hospital coming up, a bed; that's your mother you're praying for. And she's shadowed of death. She's suffering with gallbladder, tumors, and she's got cancer too, a black shadow of cancer. Take that handkerchief in which you're weeping over, lay it upon her and call on the Name of the Lord and don't doubt. If you won't doubt, God will bring her out of there and make her well. Don't doubt now. Go in the Name of the Lord and believe.
L-109 Are you convinced that Christ lives? There's something right... Oh, it's the woman setting right back behind there in that seat. She suffers with headaches, and she's been praying to the Lord. They're trying to take care of that child. He heard you, sister. It's all over now. Just stand up to your feet to God praise for it, lady. Just give God praise for it. See? What did she touch? She never touched me, but she touched that High Priest. I don't know the woman. I've never seen her in my life, but God healed her just then. Does that make Jesus the same yesterday, today, and forever? Sure, it does. If thou canst believe, all things are possible to them that believe.
It hits the audience, somebody praying. See, it depends on where the strength is predominant, where the Spirit... I can only follow and say as He says; I don't know. Oh, it's the woman putting on her glasses from weeping. The reason she was weeping, because the Spirit's on her. There It is. That intestinal trouble that you been suffering with, have faith, it'll leave you and never return. I don't know the woman; I've never seen her. She never touched me; she touched the High Priest. If thou canst believe... [Hebrews 13:8], [Mark 9:23]
L-110 It struck another woman. I want anybody that wants to, looky here. Look at the woman weeping. Look at the other woman setting normal. Look at the other woman next to her weeping. She had heart trouble; the little lady setting right there, looking at me with your fro... Yeah, that's right, you had heart trouble, didn't you? It's gone from you. Your faith struck fire with God and you touched Him. Oh, this is wonderful.
See that lady setting right there with her head down, praying, gray headed woman, stranger to me setting there? Yes, you turned around and looked at her. She's got a gallbladder trouble. She's been praying for God to take it away from her. And you was praying then, "Lord, let him call me." It's right. If that's right, raise up your hand. How'd I know your prayer? It's gone from you; your faith has healed you. Go home and be well. Do you believe? If thou canst believe, all things are possible, but you have to believe. [Mark 9:23]
L-111 Still moves in that district or that setting in there. Right here, second from the end: high blood pressure. If you'll believe with all your heart, sister, it's over. Do you believe God, take Him at His Word? All right, just raise your hand up. That's what you was praying for; "Lord, let him call me next with this high blood pressure." I'm a stranger to you. If that's right, wave your hand. All right, it's gone from you. Go home and be well. You see what it is? It's faith and if you can believe it... Do you believe? See, those people out there, no prayer cards or nothing. Are you ready to believe? Is that the way the Lord Jesus did when He was on earth?
Here, is this--is this one man coming? All right. You don't know what that does to you though. To the Branham Tabernacle... I was looking here on top of the hand. See? You know I don't get like that. What is it? The Spirit of the Lord. It's anointing. Many people don't understand what anointing means. They think it means to shout. That's joy. Power comes solemn. That's the joy of the Lord; this is the power of the Lord, healing, making well. Look what He done to the little girl setting the other night, crippled up. To the blind man, to the others, throughout everywhere...

58-1221M - Branham Tabernacle, Jeffersonville, IN (Paragraphs: 94 - 108)
L-95 Right at the end of the row there, sir, looking at me with glasses, I suppose we're strangers to one another. God knows us both. But you're aware that there's some mysterious something going on. If you could see what I see, right above you is that Light. If God will reveal to me... Now, you're in contact with Him. He'll have to use my voice and my eyes. But you're in need of something. I don't know you. You know I don't know nothing about you. If that's right, raise up your hand, sir.
But you realize you got like a feeling on you, real sweet, humble-like feeling (Isn't that right?) right now. That's the Angel of the Lord. It's right above you. If God will reveal to me what your trouble is, just like He did through His Son, the Lord Jesus... And He came to sanctify my heart, that He might live here to speak back to you; would you believe it's the same High Priest that you've touched? You're in contact with Something. That's Him.
Your trouble is in your lungs. If that's right, raise up your hand. It's so bad you can't work. If that's right, raise up your hand. I do not know you. [Hebrews 4:14-15]
L-96 How many believes now? Look here. You think I guessed that. The Spirit's still over the man.
You believe the God of heaven knows you? You serve Him? I say you serve Him. Yes, sir, you are a Christian. You come here for the purpose of being healed. You're going home well. Your name is Mr. Raney. That's exactly right. Raise up your hand if that's true. You can return home. You're healed, sir. Your faith's made you well. God bless you.
I've never seen the man in my life; here's my hands, perhaps our first time. It's God. Now, set still; everyone be in prayer. You know that there's Something here doing that.
Now, the Pharisees said, "He's the devil." Then they got his reward.
Philip said, "It's the Son of God." He got His reward. Whatever you think about It, that's up to you.
L-97 You that's weeping there, you was aware that Something struck you, wasn't you? If that's right, raise up your hand. The man that's weeping, setting right here, we're strangers to one another. That's right. I do not know you. But God does know you. If God will reveal to me what's your trouble, will you believe with all your heart? If you will, wave your hand back and forth. All right.
You suffer with stomach trouble. That's right. You believe God will heal you? All right, you do? You believe God knows who you are? If He'll tell me who you are, will it strengthen you? Keep your hand up if you do; wave it back and forth. All right, it'll strengthen you? Mr. Fred Moore. That's exactly right. Go home, mister, that ulcer in the duodenal of the stomach has left you. It's caused a nervous condition that did it, but Jesus Christ healed you when He touched you there.
L-98 The lady setting next to you there, oh, I know who that is. I know that woman, which her name is... I'm not mistaken; I believe it's a Mrs. Greene, isn't it? I can't call you, Sister Greene, because I know you. But here, wait a minute. No, it's not for you. You're praying for somebody else. That's right. And that person is in a great country away from here, where there's a lot of snowing going on. It's Nebraska. It's a lady with cancer that you're praying for. If that's right, raise up your hand. It's a person with cancer, that you're praying for in Nebraska. All right. God bless you.
Have faith. Believe. The lady setting there, wiping the tears from her eyes, she's a stranger to me. I do not know the lady. That's her husband setting next to her, the big man. Being strangers...
You believe that God hears prayer? You believe that this is the Spirit of God, lady? You're shadowed with death, aren't you? It's a cancer. We're strangers. If that's right, wave your hand back. That's right. I never seen you in my life. You're not from this city; you're from across the river somewhere. That's right. Mrs. Sanders is the name. That's right. Hilda's the first name. That's exactly right. Stand up on your feet, lady, and accept your healing from Jesus Christ. God bless you. You see?
L-99 Have faith in God, don't doubt. Some of you all over in these rows here, believe on the Lord Jesus and you'll be made well.
Now, it's Him. Do you believe that it's Him? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] See, I don't know you. "If thou canst believe..." It's up to you.
You seem to be praying, setting right here, sir. You believe me to be His prophet? You believe that it would be Him? I'm a stranger to you; you're a stranger to me; this is our meeting time. But God knows both of us. You believe that? If those things is true, raise up your hand. You believe that you're going home without your back trouble, God's going to make you well? You do? Going back to Ohio, Hamilton. That's right. Your name is Mr. Burkhart. That's true. Jesus Christ has healed you now, and you can go home, be well. Amen. Someone else believe. [Mark 11:22], [Mark 9:23]
L-100 Oh, are you aware of His Presence? Do you realize that Something has to do that. That's exactly what the Bible said He did first, and promised... He did it before the Jew, before the Samaritan, and promised to do it before the Gentile. This is the hour. Not some historical God, but a God Who keeps His promise, that's living right now, the Lord Jesus, the same One Who heals the sick, the same way He did it, the same method, and promised it in the last days. This is Christmas again, His guiding Light. "What are you watching, Brother Branham?" I'm watching Him. It's another world; it's another dimension, if you want to call it that. It's in the spirit world.
L-101 I see a man, real heavy-hearted, but I know him. Brother Funk, I didn't know it till just now; you're in trouble: real dark shadow over your mother. And you know I don't know that; I just come in. But your mother's had an operation, with malignancy, cancer. And you are worried about her, and you're praying. The God Who restored your daddy to his right mind, give him back his health, can restore your mother. Do not fear. "If thou canst believe, all things are possible to them that believe."
There He is over another person, but I know her. But she's praying for somebody else. Mrs. Arganbright, if you'll believe that that cancer will be healed... It's for some other person. You believe.
L-102 What about you? You believe, lady, that me be His prophet, His servant? You're suffering with the same thing the woman did: a blood issue. That's correct. You're not from this city. You're from Ohio also. And you just been healed in one of my meetings of something yourself. You had cancer; you was shadowed by death, and it's gone now. That's right. That you might know that I be His servant, the issue of blood is from your age. But you also have a rheumatism, or like an arthritis, it is, when you're getting up. You're stiff of a morning. You have trouble with your throat also. You believe me to be His servant?
You got someone else on your heart you're praying for. It's your daughter-in-law. She's got varicose veins. She's a mother of a big bunch of children, isn't she? That's exactly right. Your name is Mrs. Alice Thompson. That's exactly right. Return, receive what you've asked for. So shall she be healed, because you have believed on the Lord Jesus. Now, if we're strangers to one another, wave--wave your hand back and forth like this. I don't know you, know nothing about you.
L-103 I challenge your faith. I challenge any person in here, in the Name of Jesus Christ, to believe in His Presence is here. I don't care what's wrong with you, if you'll believe It...
Remember, this is the last thing that He'll do before His coming. You remember what He said, "As it was in the days of Sodom and in Gomorrah, so will it be in the coming of the Son of man." What was the message?
There was three Angels went down. Two of them, a Billy Graham and a Jack Shuler went down into Sodom and preached just the message of Gospel deliver--deliverance to the people. But one Angel stayed behind with the elected, Abraham and his group. [Luke 17:26-28]
L-104 And the Angel had His back turned to the tent. And Sarah laughed inside the tent. And the Angel said, "Why did Sarah laugh?" How did He know she laughed in the tent behind Him? That was the last message that Sodom had before the destruction. And here's the last signs that God will show before annihilation. Receive it; believe it, and be saved. Let's bow our heads just a moment. [Genesis 18:9-12]
L-105 Are you aware of His Presence? Do you want Him now, after He, after you've... I have preached the Gospel to you, and you have heard His Message. Then you see Him come down and speak, Himself. A man can say anything; but unless God speaks and confirms that, it is no good. But when He comes, God, and makes the Message real, and living again, then it's God. Do you want to accept Him now in full surrenderance of your life? Will you raise your hands just a moment, say, "I raise my hands; I now surrender my all, my all to Him"? God bless you. God bless you.
All that's needy for prayer, for healing, I believe that every one of you will be healed. Let us pray for the sick.
L-106 Lord, that none might be left out, that all might receive... We are aware, Lord, as I'm stand here weak and trembling, You are here. It's beyond any shadow of doubt. The people become stricken with the aweness of God's holy Presence, another Christmas, the same supernatural Light shining. It's led many from different walks of life. They have heard Your Word read and preached, and now see You come and confirm the Word.
The Bible said, "The disciples returned and preached the Word everywhere, the Lord working with them, confirming the Word with signs following," the last things that was written in the Scriptures, outside The Revelation. Now, we see it again. It's near the coming, Lord. Be merciful. Heal all the sick that's here this morning. Thy Spirit is right; It's powerful, and It's here. [Mark 16:20]
L-107 And there is many here, Lord, who are people of the Tabernacle, who come here. Thou has been merciful to them to call them.
And yet, Lord, It's over the whole audience just now. The great Shekinah Glory, the great power of the resurrected Christ, the Rainbow of many colors, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Morning Star, the Rose of Sharon is present. Heal, Lord. We pronounce them to be well through Thy grace. Give them faith to believe it, Lord, and accept it just now, for the glory of God. May every sick person be healed.
And every person that's wrong, lived unwrong to their companion, may they be forgiven. Every person that smokes or drinks, may they be forgiven. May their sins be under the Blood, by the omnipresent God Who's here now, probably the closest they ever was to Him, in all their life. Grant now that this will be received. [Revelation 1:8]
L-108 Hear us, Lord, O God, our great King, as we call on Thy Name in this yuletide season, not a Santa Claus, but a Jesus that has raised from the dead and is a-living, showing Himself among His people. O Lord, Thou art God and God alone, and there's no other but Thee. And we thank Thee that we have the privilege of setting in His Presence, in this little, humble place. He humbled Himself and come among us. We are so happy for this. Blessed be His holy Name. We give Him praise from morning until night, and all through the night seasons our hearts sing the songs and the praises of Jehovah. Thanks be to Him forever and ever.
Take these, Thy children, Lord, under Thy wings, hover them as a hen does its brood. Lead them into deeper Life, and to happier life, and to more fuller life, give them the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Regenerate their souls, Lord, into new creatures in Christ, that You might live, and dwell in them, and work through them, as Your disciples. Grant it, Lord. For, we are believing that soon the sky shall break and our Lord shall come and we shall see Him Who we love. We thank Thee for this, through Jesus our Lord.
Now, with our heads bowed, I turn the service to the pastor.

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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