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God Keeps His Word
58-0328, God Keeps His Word, Middletown, OH, 53 min

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L-1 ...standing just a moment for prayer.
Blessed Lord, it's with grateful hearts that we bow in Thy Presence, to thank Thee, for the faith of our fathers is living still, instead of dungeon, flame, and sword. In spite of all of this, the great faith that was delivered to our forefathers still lives in their children; and we are so happy for that. Now, we would ask You to bless us in an outstanding way tonight. As we wait humbly for Your blessings upon us, we commit ourselves and the service to Thee, in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Amen.
You may be seated.
I'm just a bit late. I have... Police was calling me for a emergency at St. Louis
L-2 Brother Vayle, being he wanted to--to let him speak awhile tonight. Then I leave just immediately after the service for my home, to pick up my wife and children for tomorrow, to bring them back to finish up the services.
And now, no doubt but what our dear, beloved, Brother Vayle has just brought a great outstanding message. And now, I would not try to add anything to what he said, but just before calling the prayer line, I would like to read just a Scripture and comment a few words in order... I been pretty bothered in the last two or three hours, so I would like to get the feel of the Spirit on myself before we start into the service.
L-3 Tomorrow night, God willing, I want to preach on the subject of The Mighty Conqueror, since He rent the veil in two. Now, I promised to speak on The Handwriting On The Wall, but I'm a bit hoarse to preach, so, I just have to bypass that, I suppose, at the time. And, because it's quite a lengthy, forty-five-minute-to-an-hour subject, if the Lord blesses in the way of teaching it.
So, I have not got a bad cold, it's just, I was thinking a while ago, this is eight services, eight revivals since the first of the year, constantly going. Hardly a day, but what it's always in a meeting preaching, sometimes two and three times a day. So, it makes your voice a little weak.
After this service, I have just a little service, a little time of rest. Easter Sunday is my birthday. And, let's see, I was born in 1909; that makes me twenty-five, or something like that, Sunday. So, I'm just a boy in an old house, but, I... This is the first time it's come on Easter Sunday for some time. And so, I'm going to be at my little tabernacle at Jeffersonville, my home, for Easter sunrise service. Then immediately after that, a baptismal service, and then the message and a healing service.
L-4 Brother Neville, which I'm sure has been introduced, our pastor, sitting here in our audience tonight. Now, this is what kind of fellowship we have down in Jeffersonville: Brother Neville is a Methodist preacher, from Asbury College, and I'm a Baptist. So, we have real good fellowship, don't we, Brother Neville? That's right. I'm a Baptist that received the Holy Ghost. Brother Neville is a Methodist that received the Holy Ghost. So, that makes us brothers, and we have fellowship one with another, while the Blood of Jesus Christ, God's Son, cleanses us from all unrighteousness.
L-5 In the blessed Bible tonight, in the Book of Luke, we read a few verses, the 2nd chapter, beginning with the--the 25th verse. []
...-hold, there was a man in Jerusalem, whose name was Simeon;... the same... was just and devout, waiting for the consolation of Israel: and the Holy Ghost was upon him.
And it was revealed unto him by the Holy Ghost, that he should not see death, before he had seen the Lord's Christ.
And he came by the Spirit into the temple: and when the parents brought... the child Jesus, to do for him after the custom of the law,
Then took he him up in his arms, and blessed God, and said,
Lord, now lettest... thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word:
For my eyes have seen thy salvation,
Which thou hast prepared before the... people;
A light to... the Gentiles, and the glory to thy people Israel.
And Joseph and his mother marvelled at these things which was spoken of him.
And Simeon blessed them, and said unto Mary his mother, Behold, this child is sent for the fall and rising again of... Israel; and for a sign which shall be spoken against; [Luke 2:25-34]
L-6 I wish to take just a few moments now, just to feel the Spirit of the meeting on myself, of this subject: God Keeps His Word.
There is one thing that we can surely rest upon, that is, that God keeps every one of His Words. He watches over Them, day and night, to perform Them. And every promise that He made is true. And that gives us such a blessed hope, when we know that what we read out of the Word, God, the All-sufficient One, will keep that Word. Not one jot or one tittle shall fail. What a perfect assurance, as we read where others have taken Him at His Word, and to see that sometimes it looks very critical, it looks like, sometimes, that It's going to fail, but It just don't fail.
I'm thinking just now of the Hebrew children, when they went into the fire of the furnace. It seemingly, God was going to let them down, but He can't fail. [Matthew 5:18], [Luke 16:17]
L-7 And of our Scripture, Simeon, an old sage at the temple; and those men had reputation, and those reputation was the respects of the nation: How that a man to hold the office that Simeon did, must be found blameless, and he must be found mentally right. He must be found alert and learned, and in a perfect spiritual condition, for the priest was blameless. And this old man, at about eighty-five years old, one day the Holy Ghost come upon him, and revealed to him that he was not going to see death until he seen the Lord's Christ.
Now could you just imagine how the people took his testimony? An old man ready to die, and yet, said that he was not going to die until he saw the Christ. David looked for the Christ. Elijah looked for Him. All the prophets looked for Him. The kings, monarchs, potentates, and the great men of Israel all looked for this Messiah. And it seemed like He was farther away than ever. They were serving under the Roman Empire; their nation was scattered; the church was in a cold condition. And yet in the face of all this, that old man had a testimony that he was not going to die till he saw the Lord's Christ. Could you imagine what his fellowman thought?
I can just hear them say, "The old man's gone off on the deep end, or perhaps, his mental conditions is failing because he's old. So, we won't excommunicate him from the fellowship, but we'll just let him blow off, because we know that it's not time for the Messiah."
But God has always had a remnant who was waiting on His promises. And thank God He's got them yet tonight, that waits on His promises, and resting on the same assurance, because it's revealed by the Holy Ghost.
And as Simeon, in and out the temple; and the other young priests would say, "Well, I guess the old man is just about ready to crack up." But yet he knew what he was talking about because he knew Who had revealed it, and God cannot tell anything wrong. He keeps His Word. [Luke 2:25-35]
L-8 So, in that day there wasn't any radio, or television, news press. So, the only way they had to bring the message was just from lip to ear. But, over in Judaea, Christ had been born. After eight days it was a custom that they would bring the male children to the temple for circumcision; and also an offering for the cleansing of the mother for her purification. The offering was either a lamb or two little turtle doves. Now, the lamb was for the rich people. The turtle doves were the poor people's offering.
And it come to pass, let's say about, one morning, on Monday morning. Oh, it was busy around the temple. And there would stand a line of women, all lined up with their little babies, every day. For Israel ranked about two million at that time, so, you can imagine how many children would be born in one day and night. So, on the eighth day, they had to stand in this line for purification and for circumcision to the males. [Luke 2:25-35]
L-9 And let's take now, being that we have to hurry, and imagine it's Monday morning. And old Simeon, our character tonight, Something told him just to sit down a little while.
Oh, you know, we are going so fast, sometime we ought to sit down just a little while. We run and say a little prayer for me, mama, papa, and the children; jump up right quick, and we don't stay down there long enough for God to talk back to us. We do all the talking, and we don't give God a chance to talk.
But, Simeon just waited; sat down over in one of the priests' office, closed the doors and locked hisself in. And all at once, I can see him reach down into the--the little holder, and pick up the Scripture. [Luke 2:25-35]
L-10 You know, the Holy Spirit feeds on the Word. Jesus said, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." That's what's the matter, one of the things, today, that makes the church in its anemic condition, is because it doesn't take time to feed on the Word. The church is hungry.
If I was a doctor, and a great big stout-looking man come to me, and said, "Sir, I'm sick."
I'd say, "What is your symptoms?"
He would say, "I'm so weak, I can't hardly pick my hands up."
Well, I would say... ask him a few physical conditions.
"Yes, that's all right."
And I would say, "Well, sir, have you been eating regular?"
"Oh," he'd say, "I eat a half a cracker day before yesterday."
Well, I'd say, "You're just hungry. You need strength, and you need to eat."
That's what's the matter with the church: just read a Scripture, one little verse on Sunday morning. We ought to have our head in His Word every minute we have to spare! And take, a lot of times, and lay something else aside to read that Word. "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceedeth from the mouth of God." [Deuteronomy 8:3], [Matthew 4:4], [Luke 4:4]
L-11 And he picked up the Scroll, maybe the Writing of Isaiah, and he begin over about 9:6. And I can see him as he begins to read. And It reads something like this: "Unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given: and the government shall be upon His shoulders: and His Name shall be called Counsellor, Prince of Peace, The mighty God, and The everlasting Father."
And I can see the prophet, as he, or, the priest, as he said, "Oh, I wonder Who He could be talking about." Remember, Simeon has the promise.
And about that time out in the building, the Messiah entered the building. If God made a promise to Simeon, God has got keep that promise to Simeon. [Luke 2:25-35], [Isaiah 9:6-7]
L-12 And they line up. And I notice as they line up, there's, oh, ladies with their little babies, the rich ladies; the little male babies with little blue needlework, little booties, and little bonnets; and the little girls in their little pink. And they had little white fleecy lambs to offer. And they were chattering one with another as just ladies can do.
And way down the line, I see a strange-looking sight: a little girl, not over about eighteen years old, standing with a little Baby in her arms. And It doesn't have on little blue booties. It's got swaddling cloth wrapped around It.
Now, if I understand what swaddling cloth is, it's what they put on the back of a yoke of an ox when they were plowing with him. And He didn't have any clothes when He was borned. And who are we then? But, the King of Glory had to come in such a condition as that: not in a fine hospital room, but in a stable; and no clothes to put on Him. And then we complain. [Luke 2:25-35]
L-13 And here He was with the swaddling cloth. Not only that, but I can see the rich women saying, "Say, don't stand near that girl. Don't have nothing to do with her, for that baby was borned out of wedlock. It's a illegitimate child."
Just about the same they say today about a real Christian that won't tolerate with some of their man-made religion. They say they were borned out of holy wedlock. But Mary knew Who that Baby belonged to; she knowed what, the reason of that birth.
And every borned-again son and daughter of God, though you may have to be called bad names, like fanatic, or holy-roller, or something like that, but if you were truly borned of the Spirit of God, it doesn't matter what the rest of the world thinks. They might say that you might not be bright or something.
But Mary knew what, Who that Baby belonged to, so she just didn't listen at them. Let them say what they want to. She was hitting Him on the cheek with her finger, as His little toothless mouth would grin. He might not be dressed like the rest of them.
But, O God, I'd like to take His place.
And there He was. You see, the true Spirit of God has never been welcomed by this world, and It never will be. It's always kind of on the downcast, like It's a little shadowy or something. [Luke 2:25-35]
L-14 Well, if the Messiah was in the temple, and Simeon had the promise, then the Holy Ghost is obligated to bring Simeon to the Promise. Blessed be His Name! And he, all at once, while he was reading in the Scripture, I can hear the Holy Spirit say, "Simeon, lay your Bible away for a few minutes and follow Me: there's a meeting going on; I want you to attend it; it might not be your denomination, but there's something going on; I'm going to show you Something."
Well, men of God are led by the Spirit of God. God leads His children by His Spirit. And when God makes a promise of a gift, God speaks to His children of such, because the--the gift is to the Church, and Christ was sent to the Church.
And Simeon had the promise. And the Holy Spirit... Notice, here he come, not knowing exactly where he was going, but he was just on his road. That's the way real Christians are led. If God said do something, go ahead and do it. [Luke 2:25-35]
L-15 Down south, one time there was a--an old darkie who really loved the Lord, and he believed all the Word. And his boss said to him one time, he said, "What would happen if God said something about..." or, he said, "What--what do you carry that Bible for?" first.
He said, "Boss, I believe It."
Said, "You can't read," said, "well, what do you carry It for?"
He said, "I carry It because I believe It from civer to civer." And he said, "I believe the civer, also," said, "because It's got 'Holy Bible' on It, somebody tells me. And I know that It can't fail for It's God's Promise."
Said, "Do you believe He'd keep all those promises?"
He said, "I most certainly do!"
He said, "What if God would tell you to jump through that stone wall? What would you do?"
He said, "I'd jump."
He said, "How could you get through it, if there no hole in it?"
He said, "If God told me to jump, He'd have a hole there when I got there." That's right. God keeps His promise!
L-16 Simeon come out, looking around through the building. He didn't know just where to go, but he was going. God made the promise; it's up to God to keep the promise. If God promised you healing, don't make any difference how you feel, just keep moving. He will have it, just in time. He did for the Hebrew children. He does for all of His promises.
Here he comes, walking through the building, not knowing where he was going. All of a sudden, he seen that long string of women, and that little, shyish, blushing girl standing there with the husband, in middle age, with four other children; looking at her, as she held this Baby, little, draped, the swaddling cloth, around Him; and the Holy Spirit said, "Go down there, Simeon."
He didn't question the Lord. He just started walking. Why? Someone would have questioned, but remember: before time, he had been talking to the Holy Ghost; and the Holy Ghost was upon him; and when the Holy Ghost comes on a man, he don't question, anymore, he just goes and does what the Spirit says do. Because he knowed the Scriptures, was time for It to be fulfilled; so he was Scripturally, and he was right in every way. [Luke 2:25-35]
L-17 And he goes down along the line, until he comes to this pitiful sight. Could you imagine? The Creator in the very building that He made, and not even clothes enough to look honorable; had to take the swaddling cloth from a ox's neck.
And Simeon come down. Just as soon as he looked into the face of this Baby, he reached into that little mother's arms and took the little Fellow, and with tears running down his white beard, he lifted Him up, and he said, "Lord, now let Your servant depart in peace, it's all right now: for my eyes have seen Your Salvation."
What was it? What everybody else was laughing at, what everybody else was making fun of, Simeon recognized It by the Holy Ghost to be God's Promise. You don't have to be blind to see that, or know what I'm talking about. What the world calls foolish is God's Plan of Salvation to take the Church to Glory.
"Let Thy servant depart in peace: for my eyes have seen Your Salvation." And he said to Mary, he said, "This Child was sent (to you, to pierce your own heart) that the thoughts of many might be known, made manifest." [Luke 2:25-35]
L-18 And notice, to you, my Jewish friends, and I have one that I just met today, sitting here on the front seat, or, just behind Brother Kidd, Russian Jew, my heart goes to Israel, for it isn't long now: Their day is blooming. The sun's coming up. The old six-point Star of David hanging over Jerusalem, tonight, the oldest flag in the world; and the first time they been a nation for twenty-five hundred years. The fig tree is budding. Gentiles are finished. Uh-huh. Just about over.
Oh, how I would love to stay till midnight on that. The day they become a nation, the same hour they become a nation, not knowing it, the Angel of the Lord was back there vindicating this ministry to me, at the very same hour, not knowing it.
I was at Cairo recently, going in. Jews seek signs. They said, "If This be the Messiah, let me see Him do the sign of His resurrection. We'll believe it."
But the Holy Spirit said, "Not now." So, I turned and went back up to Mars' Hill, then on down to the Vatican. Oh, we're at the end.
L-19 And notice what taken place. He said, "This is the Sign. This Child has been sent for the fall and the rising again of Israel; the fall and the rising again. And this Sign will be evilly spoke of. Evil will be spoke against this Sign."
Notice. Oh, the rest of them were chattering, and, "Hello, Dr. double-L.D. Jones. Will you come over and have chicken with us for dinner?" "Oh, Rabbi Levinski, how are you doing?"
But, way back over in the corner, at the other side of the temple, sat an old, blind prophetess; she was eighty-four years old. And she was a prophetess. And she stayed in the temple and prayed. At that very instant, the Holy Ghost come on her; and here she come, blind, making her way through people that had good sight, but led by the Spirit. Moving around the bli-... the... all the dressed-up, and the good eye-sight, and moving through them. She could see more than they could see, for she was led by the Spirit. She maneuvered through the building until she got to the Child, and there she offered praise to God for Him. [Luke 2:25-35]
L-20 Friend, that same Holy Spirit is here tonight. There's not two Holy Ghosts, there's only One. And you've read in the Bible where that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. The promise is unto you and to your children. You've believed Him for Divine healing. [Acts 2:37-39]
And that same Holy Spirit that you've trusted in all these years has led you across the country, through the snowdrifts, down through the fog, around the corners, down the streets, until finally we've come into the Presence, tonight, of the same Holy Ghost that made the promises here tonight, to fulfill everything that He promised, because God keeps His promise, regardless. He will do a work. He will show a sign. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Do you believe it? [Hebrews 13:8]
L-21 Oh, I wish we had just a little more time, but we haven't. Let us bow our heads just a moment for prayer. How many in here, tonight, believes that you have been Divinely led to this school auditorium, the same Holy Ghost has led you here? That's good. I wonder if there's some here, tonight, that doesn't feel so good in your soul? You feel as though if Jesus should appear tonight, you'd feel unworthy, a bit, to stand in His Presence; and you'd like for Him to remember you now, and forgive you of your sins. Would you raise your hands? Oh, my, there's no way of counting them.
Sinner friend, I wonder tonight, though you be a sinner, have never made any confession, but you truly believe, before you seen Him do one thing, you believe that the Holy Spirit led you here tonight. Would you raise your hands for mercy? God bless you. God bless you, you, you, you. God bless you, lady. You, lady. You. That's good.
Up in the balconies to the right? Oh, God bless you around there. That's right. Eight, ten.
Way up in the second balcony. Raise your hand and say... Yes, God bless you, lady. God bless you, back here. That's good.
Balconies to the rear, would you raise your hands? God bless you, sir. God bless you. Bless you up there, way at the top, with the red sweater, yes, bless you. Balconies...
The second balcony to my left, God bless you way up in there. God sees your hand.
Balcony lower to the left, raise your hand.
"God be merciful to me," say, as you raise your hand, "I believe. I believe the Holy Spirit led me." God bless you, sir. That might have took a lot of courage to do that, sir, but it's the greatest thing you've ever done.
The floors to my left, would you raise your hand to Christ? Just say, "Lord God, be merciful to me; I believe I'm Divinely led here tonight, by the Holy Spirit." God bless you. Floor to the right? God bless you. That's good.
Now, before we make an altar call, let's call the prayer line. But let's pray, first, that God will bless these people.
How many would like to have just a little closer fellowship with Him, that you could feel that the Spirit leading you like He did Simeon, and He will bring you at last to His bosom? Would you raise your hand? Oh, just... I guess there's two thousand or more, three thousand. Let us pray. Now, just ask Him in your own way.
L-22 Lord God, You are our God. And we are so glad that You are the only true and living God.
There is many gods in the earth today. Some of them is the god of pleasure; some are the god of flesh. They make most any worldly pleasure a god. And there is false gods, but they neither speak or can they speak. They can't think. They can't answer. They can only be worshipped by those who walk in ignorance of the true and living God.
We are privileged tonight, we, who have passed from death unto Life, to know that our God lives. And He is not deaf, neither is He dumb. His hand is not too short, but what He can reach down and give to us any little blessing that we would desire; for He keeps His promise. He's a God that can speak, and a God that can answer, and a God Who keeps His Word.
Now, we would ask, tonight, dear God, that You would bless those who raised their hands as sinners. Some may be... Oh, I would not know, Father, how to say how many, for I do not know, but You know every one of them.
And maybe this is the first time that they've ever been in one of the meetings, but they are convinced right now by the Word, that the Holy Spirit led them. Save them, Lord.
L-23 And I pray for those who wants to be so filled with Your Love until they will not miss the leading of the Holy Spirit, when He draws them. For the days are dark, and men are running to and fro to hear the Word of God, as the prophet said they would, and would fail to hear It. We're so thankful for a little crack in the storehouse of God, yet.
And we pray, now, that You will manifest Yourself in the power of Your resurrection, in the presence of Your Church. Sanctify my heart, my soul, and my Spirit. And sanctify the heart, soul, and spirit of this audience, that we together might enjoy the fellowship of the blessed Lord Jesus. And may, then, we, with strong arms of faith, embrace Him, and make ready for His Coming. And like Simeon, in the temple, saying, "Lord, let Thy servant go now in peace: for we have seen the sign of His resurrection, and we long to see Him come." Grant it, Lord, for we ask it, in the Name of Jesus, Thy loving Son. Amen. []
L-24 Now remember, I'm on record with that. There is no medicine that says, that heals your body. A medicine keeps the place clean while God heals. A doctor can remove a--a obstruction, but what about the hole that he cut in you to take it out? Who heals that? Healing is developing of cells. And take my word: there is no healing power in the devil. And a preacher that would say that, shows he doesn't know the Bible, or his God. Jesus said, "Satan cannot cast out Satan." Psalms 103:3 said, "I'm the Lord Who heals all of your diseases." Is that right?
Satan cannot heal. If Satan can heal, he can create and then he's a creator, then he's a god. If he's a creator, he can make hisself a kingdom, make hisself some people. Not to be different, but I certainly differ with Dr. DeHaan, a wonderful teacher, on the serpent's seed, too. Thinking that... Or Josephus, either, that said the sons of God pressed themselves into flesh. Maybe we can get to that before we leave. Was no such thing. Satan can do that, then, he's a creator. If he's a creator, he's a god; he can make himself a earth, make himself a universe, he can make himself a people, have nothing to do with God's. But, he has to pervert what God has created. And righteousness is... Unrighteousness is righteousness perverted.
L-25 Billy, have you got all that I called in the line? Leo, watch them back there, now.
How many doesn't have a prayer card, raise your hands, and wants God to heal you? []
Good friend, Brother and Sister Kidd, sitting here, right here on the front seat. And also, this little Jewish brother here, Joseph, that I was with this morning. And Brother Neville, and Brother and Sister Wood, sitting right back here, about middle ways.
Brother Wood was a Jehovah Witness. They had a crippled boy, legs drawed up, polio. And in the meeting the Holy Spirit spoke back, farther than what this building is long. Said, "The man sitting back there..." and told him who they was and all about it. The boy is healed. He don't even know which leg he was crippled in, now. Is that right, Brother and Sister Wood? Raise up your hands if that's right. There you are.
We just got some great testimonies for the Lord. We just don't have time to do it.
L-26 All right, now, just be real reverent. Pray, now. Now, the next couple of moments... []
...Jew and first, an infidel, and then converted sweetly to the Lord. Do you believe that to be the truth? You believe Jesus be Messiah? Sure, you do. Amen. God bless you.
Now, this may be your first time. Here's what I hope to go to your people with, someday, in Israel.
For you say, "Brother Branham, you seem to be so sure of yourself." I am because I know He's here, and He made the promise, not me. It isn't me to keep my promise; it's Him to keep His promise. Just put Him to the test.
Now, if the Lord Jesus will perform and do the same thing that He did in Saint John the 4th chapter, between Man and woman, will you all be happy and know that Jesus is raised from the dead, and He's in the Gentile congregation, tonight, giving His sign and wonder, just before His closing to the Gentiles, will you believe it? []
L-27 ...Not from this state, nor from this town; she come from another city, and she's from Kentucky. And the city you come from is a city called Brooksville, Kentucky. Your first name is Ella. Your last name is Todd. You are here because that you're suffering with a nervous condition, and you have a heart trouble, and you got high blood pressure; 'cause I see the doctor put something around your arm. Not only that, but I see you with a boy, trying to direct him around in the house. The boy is your son, and he has a mental condition. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD GOD. [] ...Something here that knows you. Do you believe He has give you your request? With all your heart? Then go and receive it. You can have everything you ask for, if you just go believing. []
L-28 How do you do, sir? We are strangers to each other, I suppose. If it is, will we just raise our hands? Now, here is a case like when Philip went and found Nathanael. It's a man. If the Lord God will tell me what your trouble is, or something on that order, will you believe and accept it?
Your main trouble, sir, is a nervous condition. That nervous condition has got your stomach all bothered. And also, you got trouble in your back and in your head. That is true. [] You're from a city called Hamilton, Ohio. You're Mr. Parker. That is right. Your first name's Harding; Mr. Harding Parker. Return home, Jesus Christ has healed you.
Now be well, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
L-29 We are strangers to each other. The Lord God does know us both, in Whose Presence we are now standing. If the Lord God will reveal to me what you're here for, will you believe Him?
The first, you have a nervous condition and it's... you got a--a growth in the neck. Besides that... See, I couldn't see it. It's under your skirt. Well, that you might know that I be the servant of the Lord, you got heart trouble, also. That is true. And you're interested in someone else you're praying for, and that's your son. And that son, you don't know what's wrong with him, neither does the doctor know. But he gets real sick spells, real sick. The doctors wants to take his tonsils out, but you're a little skeptic of that, because really, it's a nervous spasm that's causing it. Don't fear, he will get over it. Go.
And in the Name of the Lord Jesus, may He grant it to you.
L-30 We are strangers to each other. The Lord God does certainly know you. You're not from this country, either. You are a Kentuckian. And you are suffering with a stomach trouble. You also have heart trouble. And you got a thyroid gland trouble, like little tumors in the throat. Do you believe the Word of the Lord? Do you believe you're standing in His Presence? Then, accept Him as your Healer, and go on your road, and be healed, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
L-31 We are strangers to each other. I do not know you. You're neither from this country. You are from Michigan. And you're not here for yourself. You're here for someone else, which is a man. It's your nephew and he's in Michigan. And he's just had an operation; and an operation was a blood clot. And the doctors operated for the blood clot, and it's almost made him helpless and you want me to pray for him. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. Don't doubt, he shall come out of it. Believe with all your heart.
L-32 Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. How many of you...?
What about you in the wheelchair there? You all, will you believe It?
What about the rest of you? Will you believe it? Put your hands over on one another, and you'll see the Kingdom of God come upon you. The Holy Ghost led you here. Rise up to your feet, now. Give God praise and glory.
Lord God, Creator of heavens and earth, send Thy Spirit, and heal this entire group.
Satan, you are licked: cast out, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
L-33 Way back, on the outside row, there's a lady sitting looking at me. She has anemia condition. Do you believe, sister, the Lord God heals you of that anemia condition that you're praying about? All right, raise up your hands. That's it.
Way back towards the back, that you might know, just behind you is a lady suffering with intestinal trouble. You raise up.
All right. The lady just beyond that is suffering, way back towards the back, with a stomach trouble. Raise up, lady, back there and receive your healing, with the little hat on with a feather on the side of it, a thing. You are healed. Jesus Christ makes you well.
L-34 Come. Do you believe me to be His servant? I am a stranger to you. God does know you, I don't. You are suffering with a nervous condition. That nervous condition is because of a irritated female gland. That's exactly the truth. That you might know that I be the servant of the Lord and it's not me speaking, although it be not... my voice: You also, you have a son that you're concerned about. That son has had an operation. That was on the mastoid. And they're ready to operate again. Lay that handkerchief on him, and don't doubt, and he will recover.
L-35 Do you believe? Have faith in God. Just don't doubt. If thou canst believe. [Mark 11:22]
What do you think, sitting here on the seat here? The man, looking at me there, with the glasses on, that the woman's passing: Do you believe me to be His servant? Do you believe that God can reveal to me what your trouble is? If we're strangers to one another, hold up your hand. All right, you can get over your arthritis now. See?
L-36 I want the audience to look this way and believe.
119 The man sitting next to you there, I see a hospital bed or something move up; by, the man sitting next to you. There's a white bed. He was operated on. It was in his stomach. That's right, sir. You, sitting next to him. That's your wife sitting next to you, because I see you coming together. That's right. And she's suffering with a heart trouble. That's exactly right. Lay your hands over on one another there, husband and wife.
O Lord God, the devil thought he could get by with that, but I rebuke the devil.
Come out of them, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
L-37 Here, right over here. Here is a lady. She's praying. Can't you see that Spirit, that Light hanging over the woman? She's praying and she is... she's got a female trouble, she's got heart trouble, she has dizzy spells. You got the wrong person there, just a minute. Here, wait a minute. Her name is Pauline Shepherd. Rise up, Miss Shepherd, and be healed in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
Oh, can you doubt Him?
L-38 I challenge this audience, in the lovely Name of the Lord Jesus.
What do you think sitting here, young lady? You got heart trouble and epilepsy. Do you believe the Lord God will make you well? If you do, raise up your hand. All right, you can have it, the little redhead. Believe it!
What about over here? Look at this lady sitting here praying with her head down, her hand up, little red jacket on. You believe me to be His prophet? You got trouble with your neck and with your jaw. It's left you now. You can go home and be well.

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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