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Prayer Line 54-16
54-pl-16, Prayer Line 54-16, 31 min

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54-1206 - Faith Tabernacle, Binghamton, NY (Paragraphs: 75 - 81)
L-76 How many in here that don't have prayer cards, wants to be prayed for? I want somebody that ain't got prayer cards. Raise your hand. All right. You ain't got a prayer card, lady? You want to be prayed for, setting right there. I don't...
Stand up to your feet just a minute. I don't know you. You're a perfect stranger to me. God does know you. Isn't that right? You believe me to be His servant? With all your heart? If our Lord Jesus is raised from the dead, I testify the truth. And if the truth is... The truth is the truth. God's obligated to give the truth. You're suffering with high blood pressure. Isn't that right? If that's right, raise up your hand. Here's another thing. You're not from here. You've come from New York City, somewhere up in that country there; you come this way. You've been in the meeting before. You were in a meeting, and that was... I see Mrs. Brown, an old woman, standing... It was in a New York meeting. It was my meeting. And you were healed. And you had cancer, didn't you? And you're healed of high blood pressure now. Go on your road rejoicing. Jesus Christ makes you whole.
L-77 You believe Him to be the Son of God? Hallelujah. Amazing grace how sweet the sound.
Have faith in God. Don't doubt. Believe all things. If you can believe it, God can do it.
That little girl setting there has kidney trouble, doesn't she? You're her grandmother, aren't you? There's the other one right behind you there, that has kidney trouble too, is that right? You're the grandmother of the child. Put your hands over on them.
Almighty God, I condemn that devil. Come out of them in the Name of Jesus Christ, they're babies. You leave them.
Don't fear. Have faith. Believe. [Mark 11:22]
L-78 Lady setting right there has a back trouble, don't you, lady, setting right here, right in there? Have a back trouble. Jesus Christ makes you whole now, you can go home. You don't have no prayer card or nothing else. You don't need any. Just go home and be well. Jesus Christ heals you.
Setting right here, you have--you have a kidney trouble, also. The lady had a heart trouble with it, that lady with the feather in her hat. Isn't that right, lady? A kidney and heart trouble, if that's right raise up to your feet. You accept Jesus as your healer? It turns light around you.
How am I knowing these things? There stands that Pillar of Fire. Looks like all of you could see It; It's right above the lady's head. There It is, standing there. Go home, lady, believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and get well. Hallelujah.
You see what I mean? It's nothing vulgar, it's the power of the resurrected Jesus Christ. Look and live. Believe with all your heart.
L-79 What do you think about it, lady, setting there with the read dress on? You... There's a dark shadow between you and I. The Holy Spirit's speaking to me. It's positive. It's true. You're bothered with a nervous condition. Isn't that right? You was a... Yes, sir. You know what it is? It's the change of life; it's menopause, or at least that's what your doctor said. If that's right raise up your hand, like this and shake it. That's right.
You're healed. Jesus Christ makes you whole. Your faith touched Him, like the woman with the hem of the garment.
Oh, challenge your faith. Look and live. Praise be to God.
There He goes, moving right over to this corner, there's a lady standing there. You got something wrong with your back, lady. It's in your spine. Stand up to your feet just a minute. I say, it's in your back. It's in your spine. Isn't that right? You believe me to be God's prophet? You do? Doctor can't do nothing about that, can He? He's tried, but he has failed. There's nothing could be done.
L-80 Here, that you might know I'm God's prophet, you are... You got a mother. And she has something wrong with her eyes. It's cataracts on her eyes. She's setting in front of you. Isn't that right? It's your mother. Isn't that true? That's right.
Say, you answer, your name is Maggie, your first name. Your last name's Hall, isn't it? Yes, sir. Don't you live 74 Broad Street, here? All right. Lay your hands over on your mother. Satan, you're defeated in the Name of Jesus Christ, come out of the woman.
You think I'm crazy. I'm not. The Holy Spirit is here predominating.
L-81 What do you think about it, lady? You had your hand laying on her then, on your friend there, setting next to her. You have headaches all the time, don't you? Stand up on your feet. You had your hand on the woman; I seen that Angel jump from her to you. That's right. You have persistent headaches; starts in the back of your neck, coming up. It's the time of life you're going through also. Don't worry about it. It's going to leave you. I see you later on. You're not--you're not... I ain't got nothing over your head then. You're all right. You're going to be well. That's right. You believe it?
I see you're going into a house by the number of 110, that's your tel--that's your number, 110 Moore Street, or something like that. Isn't that right? You answer by the name Alice, don't you? Raise up your hand and answer to Jesus Christ, as His servant healed. Hallelujah.
Do you believe Him? Stand to your feet every one of right now. It's moving all over you. Everywhere, accept your healing right now.
Lord God, in the Name of Jesus the Son of God, I cast out every unclean...

54-1207 - Endicott Johnson Recreation Center, Johnson City, NY (Paragraphs: 93 - 117)
L-94 Now, may the Lord Jesus bless you. Now, be reverent. Now, mothers, keep your babies near you, especially in a case of epilepsy. That's the one thing that's--that's... I've been just... It's got away from me so many times. And I seen it strike as many as twenty at a time in a building. And so I'm--I'm not responsible for critics. That's state law. See? I have to say that.
If you're here and a critic, don't you stay in the building now. Remember, if you come up with something wrong with you, why, I'm not responsible. But if you are a Christian and a believer, and will stay humble, and obey what He says do, then you're always welcome.
L-95 Now, let us pray again. Now, heavenly Father, I have told these people that You have raised from the dead, that You are the same yesterday, today, and forever, that Your power is just the same. The same things that You did when You were here in flesh, You promised to do it through our flesh, for You said, "The things that I do shall you also." And we see the ministry that You had, not a great boaster to go around and claim to be a healer. But You walked before the Father. And You did just as He told You to do. [John 14:12]
Now, Lord Jesus, this poor unworthy servant of Yours... But for Your glory and for the sake of the Gospel I submit myself to Thee. Now, let the Holy Spirit, the Angel of God come to Thy servant and use me, Father, and speak the ministry of Your resurrected Son, that the Word of God might be fulfilled; that when the day of judgment comes that this group of people in New York here, will not have an excuse; but they'll know that You've raised from the dead. And Your Gospel says that You're coming and we believe it. And the things that You said that You'd do, do it now, Father. And we'll praise Thee. For we ask it for God's glory in the Name of His Son the Lord Jesus. Amen.
Now, I would that everybody be just as quiet as you possibly could be. And don't move. My boy, he's here somewhere, standing back in there with Brother Gardener and them, he will know when to take me, and I... from the meeting. And I want you to believe.
L-96 Now, this lady here. Come, lady. Now, let me say this, with--with a solemn warning: be seated, keep quiet. For I'm not responsible from here out, of what happens to unbelief or disobedience. No matter what He tells you to do, do it right then. See? Just be reverent now.
Now, I believe this is the patient here. I am waiting for His Presence to come to me. 'Course I'm just a--a man. You know, I'm-- I'm talking much that way. Usually the managers does the talking, and the platform man. And this--this little meeting, I taught myself and the first thing you know I... You have to wait a moment maybe sometimes on the anointing of the Holy Spirit, for Him to move.
L-97 Now, the... I guess the engineers can...?... I don't know how loud I talk. So they'll probably regulate so that you can hear. When... If one strikes it's just about over then. And I pray that He will for God's glory and for the glory of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, that He will help tonight, and help me, and anoint me with His Spirit, that's for the glory of God. And may He grant it.
Now, slowly let's all just hum this like this, not "Lord, I believe" but "Now I believe." Let's sing it quietly.
Now I believe, now I believe,
All things are possible, now I believe;
Now I believe, now I believe. (Father, I pray...?...)
... possible, now I believe.

Now, the Holy Spirit is here. I take every spirit here under my control in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, for the glory of God.
L-98 Now, I suppose, lady, you being the first patient here tonight, I want to talk to you just a moment. And see now that you are a Christian, for your spirit comes in welcomed. Now, you could've been an infidel, or you could've been a critic. If you was, I'd have knowed it. But you're a believer and your spirit comes to me now.
But now, our Master talked to the woman at the well until He found where her trouble was. And then when He talked, He found her trouble, He revealed what her trouble was, and she believed right then that He was the Messiah. Now, you and I are strangers, are we? We don't know either... Is that right? If it is, raise your hand so the audience can see that we're perfectly strangers to each other. I know nothing of you, never seen you in my life or knowed of you. This is our first time to meet, but yet I know that you're a Christian. Quickly that detects one thing.
L-99 The same Spirit that was upon our Lord that said to--to Nathanael when he come, "Behold, an Israelite in whom there is no guile." Now, if our Lord Jesus will... Does anybody in the audience know this woman? Does anybody here know her? All right. Well, then you know whether she's a truthful woman. And she is. That's right.
Well now, if the Holy Spirit will let me know what that woman is here for, how many out there will believe at that minute, believe right then, and say, "I'll accept it."? May He grant it, sister. That's my--my trust is in Him, that He will do it. And you--you like to live here? Just a conversation. Yes, it's a...
L-100 Now, you are aware, now that there's--there's something going on. Now, if the audience could only see at this time, His Presence that's coming between you and I, a Light. And you are suffering with a--a--an asthmatic condition. You have... You--you do a lot of coughing, and--and it was an asthmatic, a dry cough. And you've just had some troubles just recently. It was a... It's been about a year ago. You had a hemorrhage, a brain hemorrhage.
And you've--you've--you've been a believer for a number of years. I see you go back to a young woman. And you've had some healings back. It was a man. It was a... It's a man who's dressed kind of odd to the dress of today. It was your husband; he had a kind of a... It must have been a rheumatism or something. He... a crutch or something look like. And you--and you've been a believer for a number of years. And you--you're healed. God bless you. You may go on your road rejoicing; Jesus Christ makes you well.
Come, will you, sir? Do you believe? You believe with all your heart? We're strangers to each other, I suppose, sir. Oh, you was in a ten cent store in Erie. Well, you spoke to me. Well, I wouldn't know nothing about you. We're just strangers that much. Do you believe that God can tell me what your trouble is? You do. Well, if He will do it, will you accept Him then as your Healer?
L-101 You're trouble is a growth. And the growth is on your leg. It's on the left leg just above the knee and... Is that right? You accept Him as your Healer? Then in the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God, I rebuke this growth. May it leave you and go out. Amen. God bless you, brother. Go, rejoicing, happy, praising God for your healing.
You believe Him? Only have faith. Don't doubt. In the audience now, It left me and went over the audience. Hanging over that lady setting there in black, looking at me. You're suffering with a--an--a nervous condition, isn't it? 'Cause you to have a stomach trouble. Your food sours in your stomach and things. Say, you've had lot of trouble too, some sorrow. You just lost a loved one. I believe it's a husband or something that's been killed or something. And that's what is making you nervous. That's true. But your stomach trouble has left you, sister. You're healed now. Your faith has saved you. Now, go on your road now and rejoice.
L-102 Lady setting back there was nervous too, looking this way, a nervous trouble. Don't fear, sister. You're going to be all right. And you standing with like got a feather in your hat hanging, you suffer with a nervous condition too. Don't fear. You're going to get all right. See?
Have faith in God. Just be reverent; believe with all your heart; you can have what you ask for.
Now, I suppose we're... Is this the patient, Billy? We are strangers to each other, lady? I do not know you. I've never seen you in my life. And 'course you know, standing here talking to you, you're aware that you're in the Presence of Something besides your brother. If the audience would look at the patient when they come, watch when It strikes them. [Mark 11:22]
L-103 The lady realizes. Now, more I would talk to you, the more He'd would reveal to me. But if the Lord Jesus will just show me what your trouble is, will you believe on Him with all your heart? You suffer with a heart trouble. You have heart trouble. And you're not from this country. And you've got a husband that's a black-headed man. He parts his hair... combs it back like that. And he's a minister. And his name is Harry Young, Reverend Harry Young. And he's suffering with a back trouble. And you're from--you're from Canada. Take that handkerchief that that tear dropped on just then, and lay it on him. You're both healed in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Go home and be made well.
L-104 Have faith in God. You believe with all your heart, all your soul? Just have faith now. Don't doubt, but believe with all your heart; and you will certainly can receive what you ask for if you'll just have faith to believe. You should not need anything more. His Presence is here.
I see a black spirit hanging right there. You have epilepsy, don't you? That lady setting there with a red thing around... He's pulling at it. You've had those where you've had spells of falling out. You're a stranger to me, but that's right. There's that dark evil spirit. Bow your head, everybody.
Lord God, Creator of heavens and the earth, he knows his time's come. Come out of her, thou evil spirit. I adjure thee by the living God that you torment her no more. Leave her in the Name of Jesus Christ. Come out of her.
All right. You can stand up to your feet, lady. Accept your healing. Now, the rest of you can raise your heads if you wish to. All right. God bless you, lady. Go home rejoicing and praising God. [Mark 11:22]
L-105 Now, if the audience wants to say, "Praise the Lord," why just... God is the Spirit of worship. Give Him praise. He's worthy. He wants to be praised. There's no reason for any person going out of here tonight without being made perfectly whole.
Do you believe, lady? With all your heart? You believe me to be His servant, His prophet? If I wouldn't even say one thing to you, what's wrong, just pray for you, lay hands on you, you'd believe it any how, wouldn't you? You'd believe it anyhow.
But you're wanting me to find out what's wrong with you, 'cause you don't even know yourself. That's right. And so they can't tell what's wrong with you. You got something wrong with your liver, and you're afraid it's a cancer. And that's exactly what it is. Isn't that right? That's exactly what... That's right. Well, what if I tell you Jesus Christ has healed you? Would you believe it? Would you accept it?
L-106 In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Satan, you come to send this woman to a premature grave, come out of her. In the Name of Jesus Christ go from her. Now, sister, just return happy, rejoicing. Eat what you want to and... Go ahead. The Lord Jesus bless you.
Oh, how I love Him, how His Presence, His great anointing, blessings, and power upon the people. Now, I wish if you'd just all stand and see what's going on now. It's just all over the audience. Surely you can believe.
L-107 Amen. Oh, my. Remember this, that I say this in the Name of the Lord, you pastors here tonight, that there'll be days after this, even weeks, that some of your congregation will be coming to you and saying... Women saying, "The female trouble left me. I don't know. It just left me." People with stomach trouble and other diseases will come, say they were healed. They were healed, but just it's moving through them so fast I can't see where it's a going. Their faith is being--making them whole.
Surely you can believe me. I speak the truth and God testifies that I'm telling you the truth. Oh, don't set back in a shell. Let your faith be known to God. Believe Him. Why, you used...?... We're before His Presence, His Majesty, the King of heaven. May His blessings be upon you all, after you have faith.
L-108 In the... Or is this--is this... You're the patient, sir? Well, excuse me. I'm not beside myself. But it's... We're strangers to each other. But neither of us stranger before God. God knowed us both since we were born. He fed us every bit of the food we ever eat, put the clothes on our back, give us the water that we drink, and the air we breathe.
Now, we being strangers, born miles apart, perhaps... And oh, God can reveal to me, though, if He so desires, something... Now, He, if He was standing here with this suit that He gave me, He couldn't heal you if you're needing healing. I don't know what you're needing. But if... He couldn't--He couldn't heal you if He was standing here, 'cause He'd tell you, "I did that at Calvary."
But the only thing that He could do to let you know that it was Him... He would who you was, or what about you, and all like that. Isn't that right? As far as knowing who you was that... Now, that sometimes strikes people. Said, "That ain't Scripture." Oh, yes it is. Didn't Jesus say, "You're Simon. And from this on your name will be called Peter." Is that right? Sure, well, my... Don't put things suspicious. You--you--you hinder the service.
L-109 Now, if God will reveal to me what your trouble is, will you accept your healing, if you need it, or if it's whatever you need, if it's domestic, finance, whatever it is? You have to... if you've got a good reason for it, God will hear the reason.
You're a believer. You're not a critic. You're a believer. And you're suffering with a heart trouble and a nervous condition. That is right. Say, there's been some contact. You got a wife, and she's real nervous. And there's some way... I see you sending something. It's a message. It's a telegram, or some message you sent to me. And I've sent you a... You had a real bad spell. And I sent you a little cloth or something that--that--that you wore on you.
That's the truth. That wasn't me. That was Him. Now it's me. You hear that voice just then? That wasn't me. That was Him. Whatever He said is the truth, isn't it? It's the truth.
I see your--your name is Arthur. And your last name is...?... something like that. And you live at 150 Muller Street. You live in an apartment. And your apartment number is 9-B. Is that right? Go home. Lay your hands on your wife also. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may the man be healed.
L-110 Have faith in God. Don't disbelieve. But believe all things are possible.
What do you think about it, little lady, setting there with your arms folded? You're suffering with a bowel trouble, aren't you? What about... If God... If your faith could reach up here and touch me, to know what you are and you setting there impossible for me to know you... You got eye trouble and bowel trouble. Isn't that right? Jesus Christ heals you of it. Stand on your feet and accept it in the Name of the Lord Jesus. [Mark 11:22]
L-111 Blessed be the Lord Jesus. What do you think setting there, sir? You set with a--a rectal trouble. Isn't that right?
Just a moment. There's a dark streak running from the man. Now, wait, there's something else in the building that's wrong there that's... Why, it's coming over here to this man with his hand up. That's husband and wife setting there. And you both are bothered with rectal trouble. Isn't that right the both of you? Raise up your hands if that's right. Now, you all three can go. Jesus Christ makes all three of you well. You can go home and be well. Praise be to God Who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Sister dear, come here. Do you believe with all your heart? You believe this trouble will leave you? Almighty God, Author of Life, Giver of every good gift, send Thy blessings on sister and heal her in Jesus Christ's Name I ask it. Amen.
Now, if you believe me to be His servant, go thanking God. It's gone from you. Go, saying, "Praise be to God."
L-112 All right. Will you come, lady. You believe me to be His servant, the servant of the Lord? We're strangers to each other. If God will let me know what's wrong with you, you accept your healing? It's your back. Isn't that right? Then you're healed, aren't you? Go on your road rejoicing, saying, "Thank You, Lord Jesus. Thank You, Lord Jesus."
L-113 Come lady. If God will tell me what your trouble is 'fore you get here, will you accept your healing, lady? You will? Heart trouble is what's a bothering you. Is that right? You got complications too, other things. You believe that Jesus Christ will heal you?
Father, in the Name of the Lord Jesus may this number one enemy of human life leave this woman. For Jesus Christ's sake, I ask it in His Name. Amen.
Go happy, rejoicing. Write me and tell me about your healing, how God has made you well. All right.
Lady, I want to ask you something. Stop there just a minute. When I mentioned heart trouble to her, a funny feeling come over you, didn't it? 'Cause you're suffering the same thing. Now, go on your road rejoicing. You was healed while you was setting in your seat there.
L-114 Have faith. Believe with all your heart now. All right. Come this way, lady, if you don't... You believe that God will heal you of diabetes and let you go home and be well? You believe with all your heart? Then in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, go to your room rejoicing. Amen. Believe now with all your heart.
Arthritis is an awful thing, isn't it? So is stomach trouble, but God's the Healer of all of it, isn't He? Then in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I ask God to make you well. Amen. Walk across the platform saying, "Praise the Lord for my healing." All right.
When I mentioned arthritis to him, a funny feeling come over you, didn't it? Them demons sympathize with each other. You're healed, too. Go on your road rejoicing. You don't even have to come here. Your faith has made you whole.
L-115 Lady, you're coming here about your eyes. You're going blind. It's getting worse all the time. Isn't that right? You're healed now. Go on your road rejoicing, praising and thanking God. Believe with all your heart.
Do you believe, my sister, as you come? If God will reveal to me what's your trouble, will you accept your healing? You have high blood pressure for one thing, is what's bothering you. You believe that He will make you well of it? You do. You have trouble on your heart too. You got something on your heart. It's some loved one, isn't it? It's a sister. Isn't that right? And she's in the hospital under an oxygen tent with a heart attack. Go home, lay your hands on her in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
You know, if you don't believe, you're never going to believe. The Lord Jesus Christ is here to heal every person in the building. You believe that with all your heart? Do you believe His Majesty is here now?
L-116 This could go on for hours. Every person that's got high blood pressure, stand to your feet, every person with high blood pressure. Every person bothered with nervousness stand to your feet right quick. Every person with cancer stand to your feet right quick. Every person with a sickness of any kind stand to your feet right quick. You believe me?
Can't God... If He can cast out demons and them standing right here on the platform, can't He cast it out there too? Here He is just moving. Can't you see that Light moving around over that building like that? Raise up your hands and give Him praise.
I'm going to ask God to cleanse every thing in here, that you can go home perfectly normal and well. Do you believe it?
L-117 Almighty God, in the Name of Thy Son the Lord Jesus, I cast out every evil spirit that's in here, on the authority of Your Word. Satan, you are a loser. You can't hold these people any longer. You're exposed right here tonight. And you can't hold them any longer. Come out of them. In the Name of Jesus Christ, leave every one of them.
Everybody in here, raise up your hands and go to praising God and thank Him. Cripples, get up off your feet. Get up and walk, you crippled. Blind people, look up; you can see. The deaf can hear. Praise be to God. He's healed every one of you in the Name of the Lord Jesus...

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