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Diseases And Afflictions
50-0100, Diseases And Afflictions, Church Of The Open Door, Louisville, KY, 64 min

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L-1 I want to explain something... [Public address system causes loud feedback noise--Ed.]... some vital things that you should know. My voice is not very loud, so I probably have to get over here. If the Lord permits, Sunday afternoon, I want to speak to you in a evangelistic Gospel sermon, for Sunday afternoon. And we are expecting some great things for the Lord to do for us this week.
One thing is concerning... Many here would not hardly understand just how that these prayer cards are--are given out to the sick and the afflicted. In three years of trying, this is the only program that I've ever found that was really looked like was blessed of God.
L-2 First we would just go in and have no cards at all, and just let the people line up. It was such a congestion to... Then I'd get to pray maybe fifteen, twenty minutes at a time; the crowds would get on me, and they'd have to pull me out.
And then the next, started, we would send the prayer cards ahead to the ministers. And each minister sponsoring, maybe there'd be fifty or more churches throughout the area would sponsor the meeting, and each minister would have at least a hundred cards. Every minister wanted his congregation first. He would give them to his congregation and probably the entire four or five nights, just one minister's congregation would get in, the rest of them would feel very bad about it.
Then we thought about having the local people, just the local people in the community; and sometimes people come for as many as seven, eight thousand miles to the meetings. That wasn't right.
L-3 And the only way that we found that we could be really... let the Lord make the way, is to come and take prayer cards, about fifty of them, and just give them out to the groups of the people, and no one knows just who is going to be in.
I seen the time that I give out fifty cards and not one of them be called. Start into the meeting, and the Spirit of the Lord lead me right out amongst the people, like that, never even use the prayer cards.
I seen the time I'd sit on the platform, and I'd just start to speak, and I'd just lose my whole self for an hour or more, time, while calling the first one, and then the other like that. I'd... Every one healed.
Many people rally for the--the line then. I've made this remark; it's the truth; it's been good for five year... for three years now. Pardon me. Every person comes to this platform is healed. There's never been nothing, no matter how bad it was twisted, and crippled, or afflicted, it's always healed. There's been some hideous cases. But I... Maybe, in one night's time, I'd just be able to get maybe three or four or five. Maybe sometime...
L-4 I seen once at Calgary, Canada, where only got two, where twenty-five thousand people had gathered: two.
One was a boy been afflicted for eighteen years; his hand was drawed under him. He was in a wheelchair. His mother had pawned her wedding ring to keep him. He had been in about seven or eight meetings, never could get a card. Finally his time arrived for him to be at the platform. Boy walked off the platform. Next morning, he shaved himself for the first time in his life. Met me out there on the ramp when the plane came down at Vancouver to shake my hand.
The little girl was the next. The little girl, Catholic by faith, one leg was four inches shorter than the other. We had about a hour and something with that little girl. And this same Bible... When they brought her there, she would go way down to the side. I laid this Bible on her head; she walked just as normal as any child, back and forth across the platform, when--when the twenty-five thousand people setting, looking on. But those things, we just say...
L-5 I don't know no one in here who has a prayer card, or who will be first. We give out those cards and then we come in.
I will try and give you an idea. My brother says, "I gave out fifty cards."
I come into the building; I might meet a little child. I'd say, "Can you count?"
Say, "Yes, sir."
I say, "Start counting."
Maybe he'd count up to ten, fifteen or twenty, and stop; wherever he stopped, I'd start the prayer line. If he stopped at twenty, I'd start the prayer line at twenty, and maybe go forward or backward. Maybe the next night I would count off so many people in a row and divide it by two, and see what number it is, or something like that.
L-6 No one knows yet tonight, where the prayer line will start; just wherever it seems like. Sometimes it falls right among the cripples. Sometimes it falls among the sick. I don't know. No one knows. We just give out the cards and then let the Lord lead for the rest, and it's always worked successfully that way. Be in prayer.
L-7 I believe this is all new to you people here. In all the meetings I've ever been, this is the smallest second night meeting I ever had in any meeting since I been in the field. Usually, on the second night, at any auditorium, or been announced any way, usually runs seven, eight, ten thousand by the second night. 'Course, it's just locally advertised. What makes the crowd, because it's internationally advertised, and so many hundred come from one state, and the other states, to make up the group.
My next meeting after here will be in Houston, at the coliseum. I think it seats seventeen thousand, I believe. It's already in about four or five international papers. That's where the people come, from across the seas and all, everywhere...?...
I wish to read just a little bit of the Word tonight, for God's Word never fails. My words will; His Word will not. It's found in Psalms 103, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd verse.
Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name.
Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:
Who forgiveth all of thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases; [Psalms 103:1-3]

May God add His blessings to His Word. All of this, speaking of "Diseases And Afflictions," I wish just for a few moments to make some statements concerning it. And I want you to listen and give it your undivided attention.
L-8 Diseases and afflictions are all the results of sin, maybe not in your life, but in somebody's life before you. The devil is the author of sickness and afflictions. Before we had any devil, we had no sickness or affliction. But when Satan came, he brought with him sickness and afflictions.
There's so many times that we refer to them as blessings. I never could think that God could get a blessing out of a sick person, unless it was a sinner, driving him to God, or a disobedient child, bringing him back to be reconciled to his Father. But sicknesses are the results of the devil and of the fall. There's...
Today, we have the best doctors we've ever had. We got the best medical science, best hospitals we've ever had; and more sickness than we ever had. And in the day that when we've got the best medical science we ever had, they're constantly building institutions for the incurable. Right when we got the best scientific work on afflictions and sickness we ever had; building institutions, yearly, for the incurable. [Exodus 15:26]
L-9 But there never was nothing that came before Jesus Christ, the Son of God, but what He was more than a match for it. And He's just the same today as He was yesterday, and will be forever. And He proves that. And you'll see it night after night. And if it isn't so, then you have a right to doubt.
Someone said, "Does the healings last?"
They last as long as faith lasts. But when faith fails, then your healing will fail. Would you say every person that came to the altar and got converted would be a Christian all their days? He could be tonight a child of God, and tomorrow be a child of the devil. It's when he loses faith in God, what sends him back. [I John 5:4]
L-10 And any power that could heal you here at this platform can keep you well. That's the reason I made this statement, that nothing comes here but what it's delivered here. Outside here, it's according to your faith whether it stays.
I've seen people come to the platform, totally blind, and read this same Bible. In less than five days, come back again just as blind as they ever was. Why did they read here? The power of the devil recognized that gift of God and he had to leave. Now, that's an aw... that's a... I know that's a real statement to make, but I know where I stand. And I know Who I have believed, and I know His power to heal. [I John 5:4]
L-11 Someone said, not long ago when I was in Phoenix. Prayer lines was way down the streets; they couldn't even get into the auditorium. Going in the line, someone said, "Are--aren't you afraid, Brother Branham, to stand there before all those things and realize that critics are standing there and newspaper reporters, and so forth, to criticize?"
I said, "I'm not afraid as long as I feel that He's near. But if I can't feel Him, I would get off the platform and go home." No man can do nothing. All has to come from God. [Colossians 1:16-17]
L-12 For instance, we'll take the... to speak for a few moments about cancer. It seems to be one of the major enemies today. What is a cancer? Where did it come from? Tumor, cataract, ulcer, pneumonia, tuberculosis, all of those names are medical names that medical science gave them. The Bible declares them to be devils. For instance, cancer, what is a cancer? It usually comes from a bruise.
L-13 All the natural things of the earth type the spiritual. Everything in the natural types the spiritual. You know that, most all of you.
L-14 For instance, like when a baby is born, and when a child is born of God. When a baby, when a child is born in the Kingdom of God... The Bible said, "There are three that bear record in the heaven, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost." [Someone has been crying out, several times--Ed.]
Now, it's someone is sick or something, so just give me your attention. If you miss these things, you'll probably miss your healing altogether. [I John 5:7]
L-15 "There are three that bear record in heaven." Now, when we're... On our conversion... The elements came from Jesus Christ's body when He died; there was water, blood, and Spirit, and these three things make up the new birth. Is that right, ministers? These three elements make up the new birth: water, blood, and Spirit.
That make up the natural birth, when a baby's born... What's the first thing? Water, blood, life. All the natural things type the spiritual. [I John 5:7]
L-16 And a cancer, in the natural... In the spiritual he's a devil. He types the scavenger and a buzzard: eats dead things.
The cancer comes from a bruise. For instance, my hand, it--it--it--it hasn't got any cancer on it. And it may have sometime. Well, what causes a cancer, is a... Some cell, germ in my body, backslides, gets bruised, or something sets in. And from that germ, or cell, it starts a multiplication of cells, multiplying, and it forms a cancer, and it starts eating into the body.
L-17 Now, every life, and every bit of life there is, came--comes from a germ. You yourself are from a germ of life. You came; one time you were just a teeny little germ, so small that couldn't be seen by the natural eye. You came from your father. You're nothing, none of your mother's blood at all. The blood cell comes from the male sex. And then from that germ, it becomes to multiplying cells. And everything after its kind: a germ from the dog will bring forth dog, from a bird a bird, a human a human. If nothing interrupts that, God's program, nothing interrupts it, it'll bring forth a perfect, normal child. And it'll grow to a perfect, normal adult, if nothing interrupts it. But when something interrupts it, then it's bound to be the evil that interrupts God's program.
God didn't intend you to be sick. God made you in His likeness. He wants you to be well. He's done everything He can to keep you well.
L-18 And Satan's against you. Therefore, this cancer he--he starts, or this tumor, whatever it is; from a germ he begins to multiply, in to, like a tumor becomes malignant, so forth. It's a body, just like you're of a body. It has a spirit just like you are spirit; only it has not a soul. But it has a life like you have a life. And therefore, then, in you, in your flesh, there is two lives. One are you and the other one is another being, multiplying cells, growing a body, just like you growed in a body. Is that right?
Well then, what does that? The devil. The--the germ is a life. First, the germ is a teeny little cell with a life in it. And that life only can come from two resources: either from God or the devil. And you came from the germ of life, by God. The cancer, tumor, or so forth, come from the germ of life by the devil. And he's trying to destroy your life. He eats up your blood stream and--and in different ways he works upon you.
Therefore, I know that they are devils. Jesus Christ called them devils. And what He says is the truth. They are the devil. The devil is a tormentor. He's here to tear up your body, to eat you up, to destroy you, shorten your three score and ten, if he can. [I Peter 5:8]
L-19 That's why that when this Angel of God comes down to where I am... I know nothing about any of you. But that's the reason He tells you the kind of disease that you have in your body, because that life is subject to the Life that God has sent down to discern it. And then the things that you've done in your life, it's done by the power of God, then I can tell whether it's there or whether it's gone. And you can see it by a physical results shown. You can see the patient, when its body becomes straight and normal, or its eyes opens up, or its ears become unstopped.
L-20 Now, what is it? You say a man, like the little boy here, or I believe some of you was over at the Tabernacle a few nights ago to see. Here's a picture here of where the "Chicago Tribune" gave of nine mutes, and that they set out there, that came from the institution, born deaf and dumb, one of them deaf, dumb and blind. Now, perhaps some of the managers has read those notes to you. Now, those people, newspapers like "Chicago Tribune," are not fanatics. Them cases has to be absolutely thoroughly examined before that can be placed in a paper like that or the "Waukegan Sun," or "Post Dispatch," or any of those papers. It's not a fanaticism. It's not a work up, mythical belief, or a theory. It's the power of Almighty God. And He's here to confirm It tonight, and will do it. And the sooner that our audience gets with one mind and one heart...
If this--if this group of people setting here, probably the one's that's to be prayed for tonight, to come on the platform, if they will be in one in heart and one accord, just in the next five minutes, there won't be one of them in these wheelchairs or cots. If they'll believe that this is the truth... And as they come, one by one tonight, to the platform; if they're, each one, not taken from those wheelchairs and cra--cots and things, and walk off this platform normal, then you can say I'm wrong. [Acts 2:1-2], [Acts 4:32]
L-21 And I refer back to God, Who, He's infallible. You will be healed. Now, He's here to make His Word good. Every Word God says is true. But you've got to not half way believe it; you've got to know it.
Some people come, say, "I believe." They think they believe; but you find one out of every thousand that really believe. "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." [Hebrews 11:1]
L-22 We're controlled, our bodies are, by five senses. How many knows that to be true? Let's see your hand. Five senses: see, taste, feel, smell, and hear, that controls the natural man.
Now, there's another man on the inside, which is the man of faith, the spirit. He has two senses: One of them is faith; the other is unbelief. Which, makes the perfect number of God, seven, senses you have.
Now, most any of you in here would certainly swear by your five senses. Now, notice this just a moment.
L-23 Would you stand here, just a moment, Dr. Cauble? Now, I believe that there's a man standing before me, wearing a little checkered-like suit; he has glasses on, with a red tie. How many thinks I'm right, let's see your hands? Well, how do you know there's a man standing there? Because you see him. Is that right? Now, that's the only way, the only sense, that I have now would tell me there's someone standing there, because I see him. Sight declares him.
Well, I do not see him now, but I still believe he's there. [Brother Branham turns his head away from Brother Cauble, but touches him--Ed.] Now you say, "Saying is believing." Is it? I believe that Dr. Cauble is standing there now, and I do not see him. Because I'm possessed with an individual sense, outside of sight; it's called feeling, and I feel he's there. And I know it's Dr. Cauble. It isn't Dr. Bosworth. Cause, Dr. Cauble had a little Testament in his hand, and it's still there. So I--I made that statement one time and someone slipped someone else up on me. But I noticed that Dr. Cauble had this little Bible in his hand, and it's Dr. Cauble. Now the only way that I could tell that he was standing there now is by the sense of feeling. And I know it's true.
L-24 But now I do not feel him at all. That sense is dead to me, but I know he's there because I see him. See what I mean?
There's two distinct senses of the body that says that he's there. One of them: I see him, the next one, I feel him. Now there happens... Just stand right there just a minute, brother.
L-25 Now, I have another sense, and that is of hearing. Strike some music of something. [The pianist begins playing--Ed.] How many believes there's music playing? Let's see your hand. Do you see it? How many sees that music? Do you smell it, taste it, feel it? Well, how do you know it's music? You're possessed... What if someone didn't have the se--the sense of hearing now in here? They wouldn't know that music is playing; that sense is dead to them. They couldn't hear it, because they can't hear. But you who have a sense of hearing know it's playing, because you hear it. You can't see it, you can't feel it, you can't smell it, you can't taste it, but you can hear it.
Now, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things you do not see, taste, feel, smell, or hear. But the sense of faith is just as real as your sight is or any other of your senses. You see what I mean? You believe it, you just... There's no one can make you doubt it, because you're possessed with that sense that tells you it's so.
L-26 You'd say, "That shirt was white." What if I'd tell you it was red? Well, you wouldn't believe it, because it's white. Your sense of sight says it's white. Your eye says so.
Well, now if you believe, you here to be prayed for, whoever you are, if you believe tonight that you're going to be healed, just as firmly as your sight says that shirt's white, the work's done right now.
Thank you, Dr. Cauble.
That's right. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things you do not see, taste, feel, smell, or hear. It's another sense. It's in the other realm. It's nothing natural. [Hebrews 11:1]
L-27 You can't have anything from God, only by faith. By faith the walls of Jericho fell. By faith Moses refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter. By faith Gideon did so-and-so. By faith, only way... And without faith it's impossible to please God. And if you want to please Him, you must be--come to Him with faith, believing His Word is Truth. [Hebrews 11:6]
L-28 Why is it I stand and make this declaration of words and say that nothing can come to this platform without being diagnosed and tell the diseases, the secrets of the hearts? And no matter how bad it's crippled, there's no one, that's been in other meetings, but know that every time they're healed. Why? When the Angel met me, He said, "If you'll get the people to be sincere..." Or, "If you'll be sincere and get the people to believe you, nothing will stand before your prayer." I believe it. And if I can get you to do the same thing, Louisville, Kentucky, will have a shaking like it's never had before. That's a challenge.
L-29 But what I'm trying to do tonight, is--is to get you to see what I mean. Then when you come here, and delivered, stand right on that Word. He--He's the High Priest of your confession. God can't do nothing to you till first you confess that He is. Then when you confess it, then believe it, act upon it, and stay with it, and God will bring you out. Do you believe that? Truly. Here not long ago at Fort Wayne, Indiana... [Hebrews 3:1], [Hebrews 4:14]
L-30 By the way, I have a little statement there, Dr. Bosworth, in my overcoat pocket, they'll bring it to you, of the--the meeting we just come out, in "We The People." I believe it was a little blind girl, that they published it. It's going to come in "We The People" now, a book that goes over the world, of a newspaper reporter that wrote up a critical statement, said, "The girl claimed that she was healed, and wasn't." And the little girl's got the doctor's statements, and so forth like that, and published it. And then they examined it, and now it's even went to "We The People." God will move, and there's no one that can... I'll let Dr. Bosworth read it for you, maybe, in tomorrow afternoon's service. It's been just sent down by the--by the Fort Wayne's paper up there.
L-31 Mrs. Bosworth, in meetings they were going on, some of them were saying... There was a man setting there with multiple sclerosis, been paralyzed for ten years. He had creeping paralysis, came into his spine. He was a business man of the city. And they didn't know... They had him setting there. And they'd seen many in the wheelchairs, and afflicted people, delivered. And that night, a little cross-eyed girl at the back of the building had seen many people delivered, cross-eyed.
I have never seen any cross-eyed child ever come to the platform but what was healed. And we seen better than three hundred cases of cross-eyes, healed, less than six months time. We had a record of it. Forty thousand testimonies to the sick, to the date, of healing, witnesses, signed by doctors, and so forth.
L-32 The hour is here, people. The time is here. I say this, and you can brand me a fanatic, if you wish to. I believe that this indicates the second coming of Jesus Christ. Amen. For there'll be signs and wonders. And the thing of it is, if you're not in the Kingdom of God, press into It. Surely I would have some knowledge of what I'm speaking of, or God would never honor my prayer to do what He does. And you outside the kingdom, seek Christ as your refuge now, while it's time and while you have the opportunity.
I shall never forget a statement. One time I was standing at the... [Acts 2:22], [Hebrews 2:4]
L-33 By the way, to finish telling you of the little girl at Fort Wayne. Mrs. Bosworth told her, said, "Honey..." She was selling literature back at the back of the building.
She come out there, crying, said, "Mrs. Bosworth," that's Brother Bosworth's wife, said, "I seen all those cross-eyed people healed." She was a young lady, about eighteen, hideously cross-eyed. Said, "If you'll..." Said, "If I could just get in there and get in that prayer line... But I can't even get a card."
Mrs. Bosworth's compassion went out to the child. She said, "Honey, if you'll walk right back around there where you can see him, and really... Don't--don't just imagine now, but believe with all your heart that that's a gift of God, I'll assure you he will call you out in a few minutes."
L-34 I was praying for the sick on the platform, had my back turned to the girl. All at once, I felt that set in, faith moving. I looked around, and I couldn't pick it out; there was too many, just standing so congested. And I knew it was coming from there, and I tried to discern what kind of a spirit it was. See, her faith had moved up into that category.
And when I turned around, I finally found her. Oh, twice the distance of this building, spotted where she was. She had a green coat on. I said, "The young lady standing back there, with cross-eyes, and a green coat, don't fear no more. God has healed you." Her eyes went perfectly normal. That's just one of the thousands of cases that happened that way.
Now, when--if we can get the meeting, if you people can get together and just throw off what you think is this, that, just cast it aside. Don't come just spectating. Come, believing and see if those same things don't take place right here in the building.
L-35 The first time, when I met Dr. Bosworth, here, was in Miami. We were having meeting. Dr. Bosworth's internationally known, forty years experience in teaching Divine healing. He thought that someday God would send the--the gift to the church. And then when he heard I was down there, he just thought, "Well, there it is again, just somebody preaching Diving healing." He came to the meeting one night. And coming through the meeting... We were having, what they call, the fast line; thousands were standing.
That afternoon, two little boys on WBAY, broadcasting station, been interviewed, been born blind. Both of them had their sight, and they had them down there at the broadcasting station, interviewing them.
So Brother Bosworth came out to the meeting. And it happened to be, while the fast line started, there was several thousand we had to pass by that night, nothing but just laid hands on them coming by, four abreast.
L-36 They pushed a little girl through. I shall never forget the child. She was a cute little thing. She was a little, blond-headed girl, one tooth out in front, and had a little, new little manicure in her hair, or what you call them things that women put in their hair. They pushed her... She was in braces, down over her--her little waist here. And they'd push her through the line, and I'd lay hands on her. She'd get off the platform, and they'd push her back in the line. Why, the poor little thing... And she kept coming through. And then someone would bring her through, and they lay hands on her. And while she passed through again, she looked up, kind of one of those little bitty grins, you know, and that tooth out. And Something just said, "Stop the child."
I said, "Honey..." I seen she didn't have faith to be healed at that time.
L-37 But, see, that's what the gift is for. Here on the platform, you notice how He sometimes, you have to work. The people say, "Oh, I believe, Brother Branham." But here they are, down here; and here's where they ought to be, up here. Well, then those things of telling their diseases and the secrets of their heart, the faith rises up till I get the person to believe me.
That's what He said, "If you get the people to believe you, then be sincere when you pray, no demon can hold over there, then." He has to know the Master. Then... And I know He told me that.
And when I can get that patient up to a place till their faith comes to this, that's what gives me a perfect faith. I've never seen it fail. And it never will fail. It can't fail.
L-38 And then when the girl, they pushed her through, I said, "Honey, you stand right behind me." And she stood back there, just holding her; she held on to my coat tail. I said, "You pray, honey." And she'd have her little head down, praying.
And Brother Bosworth was setting, taking all this in, still just a little bit skeptic. And he was watching, 'cause he was out there, just watching the last of the meeting going through. And she was... It was the last night, I believe it was.
And she was holding my coat, and I just kept on praying. I'd forgot about the child. I turned around again; I said, "Honey, keep praying," like that.
L-39 And after a while, I begin to feel that faith begin to set in, like a heart beat, pump, pump, pump. And when it begin to... []... go like that, I turned around to her. I said, "Now, sweetheart," and I laid my hands upon her and asked the Lord Jesus.
I said to the mother, I said, "Now, take the braces off of her."
She said, "But, Brother Branham, I tell you, she's..."
I said, "Uh-huh, don't you doubt that, lady. You do what you're told to do." She walked over there and took the braces off the child.
Here she come back down and holding that great big braces, through those people like that, perfectly normal, just as normal as she could be, those little legs. Is that right, Doctor Bosworth? And went on with the meeting. Just a few moments, I kept...
L-40 Oh, twice the distance, or maybe better, of this building, under the great circus tent where the people were standing, plumb back out into the highways, there at the Princess Gardens. Then on back, I kept...
I felt something set in, begin to again, "Whew, whew." I knew it was the faith. I couldn't tell just where it was coming from. I kept turning, looking; but the people passing so fast, and them crying, trying to touch you and things.
After while, I spotted It, way back towards the back, a fellow with a white shirt on. I waited, find out what kind of a spirit had him bound. The man was crippled. He'd fallen off of a horse, a few years before that. Was a merchant in Miami. His hand was crippled up and his arm, like that. He came down as a critic to criticize in the meeting. And then he begin to get faith.
I stopped, and I said, "Sir, you way back, fourth from the row, going back this way, with a white shirt up, on, stand up on your feet. Jesus Christ has healed you." And when he stood up, there went his hands up. His little painted-up wife, you'd thought she was a holy-roller, as the little brother said this morning on his broadcast, to hear her screaming. There he was, perfectly delivered.
L-41 Brother Bosworth investigated the case, then he come to me. He asked the man all about it. And when he come to find it this way, he said, asked me, said, "How did you know that that was the man?"
I said, "Sir, I begin to get weak. I knew it was coming from somewhere."
And he said, got to the microphone, he said, "That proves Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. It proves it." Said, "Now, the gift that was in Jesus Christ would be like this whole ocean out here, beating against the bank. The gift in our brother would be like a spoonful of water taken out of it. But the same chemicals would be in the spoonful of water, the same kind of chemicals that's in the entire ocean." That's right.
And I--I could feel myself getting weaker. And there was the man perfectly delivered. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-42 Now, that's happened hundreds of times. And there's people in this building, I believe, that's been in other meetings, to witness it. Have I got friends in here that's been in other meetings, could witness and say that's the truth? Raise your hands if you are here. Now, you can see. The Bible said, "In the mouth of two or more witnesses..."
L-43 Now, when, you can have the same thing here in Louisville. There's no need of anyone going away from here without being perfectly delivered. I might not have just the time for everyone at the platform, but everyone can benefit by it. If God can prove Hisself here to be God, and what... has confirmed what I've said to be the truth, then believe God. Then act upon your faith, and put your faith as living action, and God will go to work on you right there, and will make you well.
L-44 Hot Springs, now, it was... I believe it was in Little Rock. One night the ambulances had got so thick, till it blocked the street cars. They had to bring the police down there to make them get off the corner, just below the castle in Hot... in Rock... Little Rock, Arkansas.
Rev. Mr. Brown was one of the pastors there. If you wish to get this testimony, write to Rev. G. H. Brown, 505 Victory street, Little Rock, Arkansas, and listen to this. Talk about demon power... I'd just... That was about my fourth or fifth meeting, 'long about eleven o'clock; after my hand had got so numb.
Sometimes when I go home, my hand is so numb, plumb, till I have to run hot water on it for pretty near a half hour, to get feelings back to it again, from the physical. And there's a watch; I take a hold of a human's hands, with that on there, it'll stop that watch dead still. I've got a Longines watch now, just come from the factory. I took a hold of it. What physical reaction, or what mechanical thing does it, I do not know.
L-45 But Mr. Brown said, "Come down into the basement, Brother Branham, of the auditorium." He said, "I've got a case down here that you've never seen anything like it." Well, I went down while I was resting.
I've seen some horrible sights, but I never seen anything quite like that. I've went into institutions where young ladies used the bed pans, smear it on their face, insane. Seen some horrible things, but never nothing like this. Lying on the floor was a woman about thirty years old, thirty-five, strong-looking woman. And her--her legs were sticking right up like this, and they were bleeding.
L-46 There was a man standing on the steps, just a good old Arkansas brother with a pair of overalls on and a blue shirt. Friends, I will say, sometimes the best of hearts beat under that. That's right. That's true, I believe. I--I don't like any put on. I--I like real old fashion men and women (That's right.) God-saved, twice borned. And he was standing there, had his old faded-out-looking clothes on. I said... Walked down.
I said, "How do you do?"
And he said, "Good evening. Are you Brother Branham?"
I said, "Yes, sir."
Said, "I thought you was."
The PA system was taking it down in there also. They had a bunch of insane on one side.
L-47 But they couldn't keep this woman with no one. Taken about eight or ten men to bring her in. They couldn't bring her in an ambulance. They wouldn't put her in an ambulance. And they sent someone up there in a car, and she kicked all the glasses out of the car, and them men trying to hold her in the car. And there she was, laying on her back. Doctor had give her some shots for premature change of life had run her into this. And there she was, laying on her back.
And I said, "Well, I will walk out and see if I feel any vibrations."
He said, "Brother Branham, don't you go out there." Said, "She'd kill you." I said, "Oh, I think not," just like that.
And I walked out. She was laying there, looking at me, kind of batting her eyes, staring. And I said, "Good evening." She never said a word. I took a hold of her hand. I said, "Good evening."
Said, "She don't even know her own name, Brother Branham. She hasn't known for two years."
L-48 And I took a hold of her hand. And just by God's blessing I happened to be on the guard. She just gave me a jerk with both hands, like that, and she would've probably broke the bones of my body. And I threw my foot out and caught her right across the bosom. She just pulled me way down. I jerked away from her. And then when I run from her to get on the steps, I seen a sight that I've never seen before. That woman, with her two limbs sticking up in the air, like this, come chasing me, on her back, like a snake. You could hear her crawling like that, on the floor.
Now, that's the devil. You can say other, what you desire, but that woman was bound by the devil. She came to me on her back, like a serpent, and she got up there and she hit against the side of the floor like that. She turned around, put her big strong limbs up against... kicked like that. There was a bench setting there. She hit it with her head; the blood flew out of the side of her head. And--and she knocked a piece of it off. And she grabbed it in her hand, threw it at her husband and struck the wall. And the plastering fell from the wall, where she hit it with such a terrific... Maniac, twenty times her strength, probably... And there that great... She was a good size, strong woman, anyhow.
L-49 And then she started making a real funny noise, going, "E-e-e-e-e-e, eeeeee," like that.
I looked at her, and I thought "Why, I've never seen nothing... God have mercy on a poor human being bound like that."
And the man commenced to crying. He walked over and put his hands around, his arms around me, said, "Brother Branham, now you say there's no vibration?" Said, "And I don't know what am I going to go." He just broke down, to crying. He said, "She's got five little children at home." And said, "I--I... She's been a good woman." Said, "She harrowed these old clods and helped me to raise cotton crops." And said, "When she taken sick," said, "I've done everything that I could do. I--I sold my farm." And said, "In order to get her here, Brother Branham, I had one thing left, a pair of mules. And I sold them to get the brother to bring her two hundred miles, to bring her down here. And now she's kicked the glasses out of the car, that's why her limbs are bleeding." Said, "She hasn't been off her back for two years, and don't even know her own name."
I said, "Well, brother, sure, God can heal her."
L-50 And about that time she turned around. She said, "William Branham, you have nothing to do with me. I brought her here."
He said, "Why..."
I said, "That's not her. That's that devil speaking out of her." That's right. They recognize. They know.
He said, "Why, Brother Branham, that's the first word she spoke in two years."
I said, "The devil's just using her lips, just like it was in the case of legion."
She come crawling over that way to me, said, "You ain't got nothing to do with me," crawling like that. [Mark 5:1-15], [Luke 8:26-39]
L-51 I said, "Brother, do you believe the story that you heard me tell about the coming of that Angel?"
He said, "With all my heart," he said, as he threw his arms around me.
I walked to the corner step, and I prayed with all my heart to the Lord Jesus. I said, "God, look at that poor woman, five little innocent children at home, no mother, one suckling baby." I said, "What can happen? O God, have mercy." And the Spirit of the Lord came. And I asked the devil to leave the woman.
Turned back around, I said, "Now do you believe it?"
He said, "With all my heart. What shall I do with her, Brother Branham?"
I said, "Take her back. Take her right on back to the sanatorium." I said, "If you don't doubt one thing that I've told you, watch what will happen."
L-52 Two months after then, I was at Jonesboro, Arkansas, there where many things was being happening. Some twenty-eight thousand people had gathered into the city. And I was speaking, and I seen, pressing or waving their hands at me, some woman. She said, "Don't you recognize me, Brother Branham?"
I said, "No, ma'am." She was setting out like that, and everyone...
Said, "I... You all, all of you excuse me." She said, "I just wanted to see you."
And I seen somebody laughing there, it was her husband. And there she was setting there just as normal and in her right mind, with her five little children, just as perfect as she could be.
They'd taken her back. She never kicked the car one time, going back. They put her back in the padded cell. The second morning, they went in to feed her, and she was setting up. And on the fourth, third or fourth morning, they dismissed her as a well person, and sent her home to her children. "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." [Hebrews 13:8]
L-53 Look, friends, demons recognize God's power sometimes before ministers do and Christians. Did you know that? Many times... Read the Bible.
When the priest said it, "Oh, He is Beelzebub."
The devil said, "We know who you are, the Son of God, the Holy One of Israel." Is that right?
You remember when Paul and Silas, when the ministers said they were impostors, that little old fortuneteller said they were men of God, who had the way of Life. [Acts 19:13-16]
L-54 If I'm not mistaken, Rev. Hooper, from Phoenix, Arizona, setting in the back of the building, he could verify that statement. Wasn't you there that night, Rev. Hooper? There's a man there was right there just when it taken place. Write to Rev. G. H. Brown, 505 Victory Street, Little Rock, Arkansas, and ask him for the testimony. Let him send you... Let the sanatorium testify of it. That's one of the thousands.
L-55 Just once more. The day after this, the Angel of the Lord came into the building... And then I will start the prayer line.
I was--I was down to El Dorado. I'm to be there at the race track about two nights, just soon as I leave here, I go to Shreveport, and then to El Dorado, and on down. I--I was over to a little church. They said, "If you'll come over to speak at this church..."
Thousands had packed the city. And the reporter had been converted on this picture, the keeper of the--the hotel, both the same time. They wanted to know how to find Jesus. Been members of churches for years, but when they seen the work of God, that God was doing with it, in among His people... They had me in a--a--a little room. And I was preaching.
L-56 And when I went out, there was four men gathered around me, started out the door. And stand in the rain out there, a holding canvas over their loved ones and everything, for city blocks, people waiting; no place to go, no, couldn't even get in, place nowhere, no private homes. They had newspapers laying down, holding canvas, when a shower rain would come over, little crippled children, and waiting for their turn to try to get in the prayer line. I tell you, brother, that's people who love God. That's right. I never will forget. So many phenomenal things, mystics has happened along the line. I was started out of the building, people crying, pressing, trying to get over to where we was at, like that. They had this line moving on towards the car.
L-57 I kept hearing somebody hollering, "Mercy. Mercy. Mercy."
And I looked around. I could hear it somewhere, look like Something just jumping in my heart. I looked. Standing way over to one side... In Arkansas they have a--a law: the colored and the white can't be together. Standing off to one side was a colored man, just a little cap hold in his hands, standing there in the rain, and the rain hitting him in the face. His wife, hollering, "Mercy. Mercy. Mercy."
I thought about old blind Bartimaeus. And I started to go on, and looked like Something just telling me not to do that. Hundreds of them, pressing, I said, "I want to go over to where that colored man is."
They said, "Brother Branham, you can't do that." Two of them was police. They said, "You'd start a race riot right now." Said, "You can't do that."
I said, "But the Lord's telling me to go over where he's at."
L-58 And I just broke out to one side and went over there. They formed a little ring. And I heard her say, when I come up; the old wife, she said, "Here comes the parson, honey." My, my. Got over a little close to where he was...
He said, "Is this you, Parson Branham?"
And I said, "Yes, sir."
He begin to feel me on the face with his hand. And he said, "Parson, have you just a minute to hear my story?"
I said, "Yes, sir."
L-59 He said, "Parson," he said, "my old mammy was a good religious woman." Said, "She never told me a lie in all her life." Said, "She's been dead now about ten years." Said, "I never heard of you in all my life, even." Said, "I live about a hundred miles from here." And said, "Last night..." Said, "I been blind now for many years." Said, "Last night, I woke up, and standing by the side of my bed, stood my old mammy. And she said, 'Honey, child, you go down to El Dorado, Arkansas, and ask for somebody by the name of Branham.' Said, 'The Lord has given a gift of Divine healing. You shall receive your sight.'" Oh, my, it feel like my heart would get that big. I seen God was speaking.
If man won't believe it, God will declare it some way to the honest in heart. He will.
L-60 I put my hands upon him; I said, "Brother, the Lord Jesus that has sent this vision to you is standing here now to make you well." I took my hands off of him.
Took a hold of his hand; cataract was dead. Tears begin to... dripped off his cheek. He said, "I thank You, Lord. I thank You, Lord."
She said, his wife said, "Honey, do you see?"
Said, "Yes, I see."
Said, "Oh, you--you really sees, honey?"
Said, "Yes." Said, "That's a red car setting there." Oh, my. She just started screaming like that. And then they grabbed me, took out for the car.
Later on, I come off of a plane down near Memphis, Tennessee, one night. I started in; I heard somebody holler, "Hello, Parson Branham." I went over there. And who was it? There he was, normal, could read his Bible or anything.
L-61 I think, "Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that would save a wretch..."
He's still the same tonight as He was then. He's here, friends. The only thing I'm asking you to do is believe that I've told you the truth. And watch the power of Almighty God do as I have said. If it doesn't, then you say that Brother Branham is a false prophet. If it does, then you believe God for His testimony. Shall we bow our head.
L-62 Our heavenly Father, oh, I think, someday when we come down to the end of the journey, and I come up to Your house, I pray that You'll let me in, and I can have a seat somewhere over there with all these dear people that I've met. We can talk over the things, the memories we have of these great things that Thou has done for us. And how wonderful, along the pilgrim journey here, to see You and know that You're near, and You're here tonight to deliver these sick and afflicted people.
Lord, to this time, we know not who Thou has chosen to come into this line. Thou does know. Someone's here. There's fifty people that has cards. Lord, Thou will provide. You know who's here to come. And we commit it to Your hands, Lord.
L-63 Now, bless every one. And may those, Lord, who will not be able to be in the prayer line, when they see others that's afflicted and tormented, as they are, see them delivered, O God, I pray that their faith will mount up and believe. And, O Father, grant that there'll be an old fashion revival just start all over the city, Lord, that every church will have revivals and lost souls will be coming in, believing upon Thy beloved Son. Grant it, dear God.
Now, Father, Thou knowest the--the weakness of man. And we know the power of God. And I pray that You'll send Your Angel, the One Who separated me from my mother's womb, bringing me into this life, and has ordained for this purpose, will stand here tonight. Dear God, upon making this great statement, boldly before the thousands, and hundreds of thousands of people, Thou has never failed yet. And I know that You will not fail us tonight, but You will grant tonight that every secret sin of the heart will be told to the people, their diseases will be told them, the demons that's binding them. And every one will be delivered, won't they, Father? because we trust You, and love You, and believe You, and ask it in Your Name and for Your glory. Hear the prayer of Your servant now, Father, for we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-64 All right, the prayer line manager now. [A brother comes to the microphone and says, "I want those with prayer cards from B-85, to B-100, stand in line according to your number at my right, and your left, at the platform steps: from B-85, to B-100. Everyone else remain seated."--Ed.]
L-65 Might say, while he's getting the lines lined up, every one in here knows the... We're trying to say this, that you must be reverent. We will not be responsible... I have to say this by law every night. I am not responsible for any critic in the meeting. These things go from one to the other, especially epileptic and so forth like that. I've seen people come in the meeting perfectly normal; see a spastic setting here, and this spastic go out normal and the critic go out crippled. I've seen them come in as many as twenty-eight at a time, fall with epilepsy, in the floor. These demon powers will find a place to go.
And, friends, that's the Bible. How many knows that's Bible doctrine? Let's see your hand. This is just the New Testament church in action, isn't it, friends? the power of Almighty God to deliver.
L-66 And while they're lining the peoples up, I think those in the wheelchairs, they just wish you to set still, they'll come get you whenever they... When your card number is ready, they'll--they'll call you.
L-67 Now, I want everyone to remember this. You're--you're always welcome at the meetings, everyone. But when I ask you to bow your head, you must bow your head. And then when I... Do not raise your head until you hear me say over this microphone, or Brother Bosworth standing here, to raise your head. If you do before that, I will not be responsible for what happens.
L-68 Mr. Hooper, setting close, he was at a... I like to see someone that was in another meeting. He was at Phoenix, Arizona, with us, where one of the officials of the city, setting in the meeting.
He said, "Well, that's a good case of psychology," said, "I will just... Nothing to it."
I kept feeling the man. He was setting back to my right. I said, "Someone to my right, with their head up." He wouldn't keep his head down.
One of the ushers told him, said, "Keep your head down."
He was an official of the city, so he said, "I don't have to."
"All right."
So they just brought me word back.
L-69 I had a little child there, and he had a clothes pin with a rag wrapped around it, trying... He'd had an epileptic fit, was having one right on the platform then. Sometimes when an epileptic comes, it just throws them into fits.
And I said, "All right, sir, I asked you. That's all I can do."
I prayed. I said, "God, don't let this innocent child suffer for that child--for that man, his disobedience." Left the child. The man just smiled and went on.
About two days later, he come--begin to have a funny feeling, said, "Oh, it's just me thinking that, that's all." Said, "It's just--it's just my imagination, is just getting the best of me." Tried to shake out of it.
A day or so later, the officers picked him up downtown, walking around and around. About six weeks later, he come over...
L-70 I was having a service at Charles Fuller... with Charles Fuller, over in Long Beach. If any of you was there, you know how many was in there. There was literally thousands in there, standing up-and-down the beach, so they... He couldn't get in there. Went up to Los Angeles, couldn't get in there.
And, finally, at Modesto, His wife, on a rainy night, fell across the path. Beard had growed out on his face, horrible, hideous-looking. And there he was. Said, "Brother Branham, something's got to be done." Said, "He--he--he don't, he won't even eat. We can't poke water down him." Oh, he looked horrible, setting there, his eyes just stared.
I walked in. He started going, "Hummmm," getting back from me, like that.
L-71 I told them to lock the doors. And we was tired, been in the Saturday night clubhouse there for hours, dealing with the sick. I had Brother Brown and Brother Moore to lock the door, to keep the people away. His wife was muddy from falling across the path, and held onto my trouser legs. I couldn't even move. They couldn't drag me, her holding on, to get to her husband.
About forty-five minutes later, it left him. He put his arms around me and hugged me, put his hat on his head like that, shook my hand, went home to be a well man.
L-72 Tell you, friends, if I was a critic, I wouldn't even set around where it was going on. I'm here to help you and not to hinder you. Well, now, just remember that. If you'll keep your head bowed, if something would happen, I'm responsible for that then. Now, you couldn't story about it, because I'll know it when you come here. But now, you just be reverent, be in prayer. When I ask you to bow your head, you keep your head bowed. You did last night, very lovely. And you do the same thing tonight, everything will be all right. Are you... Have your lines ready. Shall we bow our heads now just a moment.
L-73 Father, I realize that--that this is a great time. It's a time when we standing face to face with the adversary. And here's crippled, afflicted, and dying people. Here's people that's standing here in the line, that maybe with cancer or maybe with heart trouble. I don't know what's wrong with them now. But Thou will tell Thy servant. And I pray, Thee, that Thou will deliver every one of them perfectly well. And may Satan be called out each time, and may he be exposed before the audience. May every one be lovely, Lord, co-operating, all Christian. May we have a great meeting tonight. May the power of the Holy Ghost just sweep through the building, heal every one that's in the building, for we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Let's sing, just once, if you will.
Only believe... (Everyone just as reverent as you possibly can be.)
All things are possible, only believe;
Only believe, only believe,
All things are possible, only believe.
Wonder if we could sing it like this now:
Now I believe...
How many believe? Just raise your hand while you're singing it.
Now I believe, (Praise the Lord.)
L-74 [ Prayer line has begun--Ed.]... has a cancer or a female trouble. And just a moment; they both hit almost alike. It's female trouble, is what it is. That right? Yes. It's almost to a cancer though, that's what it is. Life hasn't been a flowery bed of ease for you, has it? No, you had a lot of troubles...

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