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47-1100x, Fellowship, Phoenix, AZ, 4 mins

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L-1 At this time we're going to have a trumpet solo by my good friend, Brother F. F. Bosworth: Brother Bosworth.
[Brother Bosworth gives a solo--Ed.]
My, that was very fine, Brother Bosworth. We certainly appreciated that. And I wonder, while you're kind of tuning up there, if we could have a little chorus of "Down At The Cross." It's kind of a favorite to me. I wonder if you would play it. All right, Brother Bosworth.
[Brother Bosworth plays "Down At The Cross."--Ed.]
L-2 My, that sound like old revival times, a long time ago. Say, we're really enjoying ourself here in this little visit here with Brother and Sister McAnally tonight. I wonder, Brother Hooper, if you've got a word you'd just like to say something in the microphone now. [Brother Hooper says a few words--Ed.]
Yes, sir. Brother McAnally is next to the best hog hunter in the country. He's the best when I'm gone.
All right. I want to have a word from the wife here. All right, honey, what you going to say?
[Sister Meda Branham says, "I'm Certainly glad for the privilege I have of being in Arizona, and glad for the privilege I have to meet friends like Brother and Sister McAnally."--Ed.]
L-3 Brother Bosworth, what do you think about Arizona and these people here?
[Brother Bosworth says a few words--Ed.]
[Brother McAnally comments on hog hunting--Ed.]
[Brother Bosworth gives another solo.]
Brother Mac, everything that you done for us since we been down here on this trip. And I trust to Almighty God that someday, we can be back together again. God bless you, brother. I've always wanted to hear your wife's voice. Sister McAnally, may I be many miles away, but when you play this, think of me.
[Sister McAnally says a few words--Ed.]
L-4 Okay, well thanks, Sister McAnally. That was very, very fine. Oh, she's just a little timid woman. I kinda like that though. Brother Bosworth, you got another one on that old trumpet there? We just--we just like to hear another one for Brother Mac and them. God bless you, brother. All right, Brother Bosworth.
[Brother Bosworth gives another solo--Ed.]
Fine, Brother Bosworth. Thanks a whole lot. Brother Hooper, you got another word to say? Nothing to say? Honey, oh, my. Mac, tell us something right quick over this microphone, will you?
[Brother McAnally says a few more words about hunting--Ed.]
Okay, fine. You want a word to say, Brother Bosworth? Say something else.
[Brother Bosworth speaks for a minute and a half--Ed.]

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