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Do You Fear Cancer

Doctors have no cure for it--but an angel sent from the presence of the Lord has given Brother Branham an infallible prescription that will heal any sufferer. Listen to the angel's words:

"If you can get the people to believe, nothing shall stand before you, NOT EVEN CANCER."

In the three years I have been about the country in the Branham meetings, I have noticed that cancer is the demon most often defeated through Brother Branham's ministry. Many more sufferers of cancer are defeated through Brother Branham's ministry. Many more sufferers of cancer are healed than any other sickness. I am so glad for this as cancer is on the raging spread, and as yet doctors have no remedy to cure it.

Many of the people who are called in the prayer line look strong and well, and one would judge that they have no need of a prayer card; while others sit in wheel chairs, or are on cots and their number is not called. But I have never seen it fail, as they stand there before the angel of the Lord, it is revealed that a dark shadow of death follows that person and cancer is taking his life. Truly the Lord is good to those who would soon die to willingly guide them to complete deliverance.

My dear friend, if you have cancer or have a fear of it, remember there is a God-given healing.

The fear of anything is often the reason we fall victim to it, whether sickness or something else. The Word of God tells us not to fear or set our minds on such things.

I recently read in LIFE magazine an outstanding article on cancer. The medical doctor told of how people fear cancer over heart-trouble and arthritis, which are far more painful. It was his opinion that the fear of cancer had engulfed the American people to such extent that it contributed to the fact so many people are stricken with it. They indirectly worried themselves to the place where they injured their nervous system and hurt their bodies in other ways.

Surely if a medical doctor can reason that fear is an impelling force behind cancer, then we as Christians should realize all the more that we should NOT FEAR, but praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy and let our minds rest in trust and love upon the good things of God.

I am sharing with you the pictures and testimonies in the Herald of Faith to help you see the success of God's plan of deliverance for you.

Feel free to write these people and ask about their healing. They will be glad to write you. A look at how many years they have been granted to live on, and not die, will encourage your hearts. Give God praise for the work He is doing through His servant, Brother Branham. Should you know anyone who suffers with this sickness, witness to them and tell them of the things God has done, and is doing, for others.

It was four years ago that, Brother Branham, led by the Holy Spirit, entered the city hospital in Phoenix and prayed for Wilma Baghy, who was dying of tuberculosis. Wilma Baghy lives and was made whole by the Power of God to restore life to dying tissue. But this was only the beginning of the blessings that God would shower on Wilma Baghy.

Shortly thereafter her husband was struck down with cancer of the stomach and was in serious condition. A little later pains in her breast revealed cancer which spread over her ribs and all through her body. There were, without doubt, very dark hours for Wilma Baghy. But still the enemy struck harder yet. Her six-year-old girl grew ill and in the process of time had to be taken in for examination. The doctors said, "Your daughter has leukemia and cannot live very much longer."

A mother, a father, and a daughter all ensnared by this wicked killer of mankind!

Then two years ago Brother Branham came to Phoenix, and Wilma Baghy, very ill, came to the meeting and stood before him as her prayer card was called. That night Brother Branham told her of her illness, and that of her daughter's, and also her husband's. God rained down His blessings from heaven and all three were healed.

It was my privilege just a short while ago to talk to Wilma Baghy and her little daughter. They were both the picture of health and she told me her husband was completely healed also. Write to her, she will gladly tell you how she accepted God's prophet's prayer and was made whole. Her address is--Mrs. Wilma Baghy, 1407 South 21 Pl., Phoenix, Arizona.

The following is the story of Hatie Waldrop, 1701 East Glendale Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona, as she told it to me--it filled my heart with faith and courage and I want to share it with you. As you read it, it will bring peace and a presence of victory to your heart.

"I want to greet you in the Name of Our Lord and tell you of my healing which took place ten years ago as I lay dying on a cot in Rev. Branham's meeting. This effort is to help anyone who may be suffering with cancer.

"For twenty-six years, off and on, I had a hurting in my right side, just above the hip. In the year 1957 I began having spells when I could not retain food or water. This was later contrasted with spells when I could not satisfy my appetite and would eat all the time. "One day I saw an ad in the local paper by a certain doctor in town who would take a head to toe fluoroscope for the small fee of $5.00. My husband asked me to go to him and perhaps it would help to find the nature of my illness. So on Monday I arrived at the doctor's office for the fluoroscope.

"The doctor was not pleased with what he found and asked my husband to come in early the next morning. We came the next morning at ten o'clock and the doctor told us I had acute colitis, and he thought he could help me with six treatments. We consented. The treatments consisted of running hot water, slightly above body temperature through my colon for one hour and sometimes longer.

"Toward the last part of the second week I fainted on the table and when the doctor and nurse revived me, I asked, "Do I have cancer?" The doctor answered, "Yes, you poor woman. Why did you wait so long to come for help?"

"When the doctor discovered this he gave me another X-ray, and it showed that the upper colon in my right side was hanging just like threads. He requested I have another doctor come in to look at me but I declined as I feared they would take me to a hospital, and I didn't want to go. He then told me there were doctors in town who could operate and remove my lower stomach, but I would be dead in twenty days. I had nothing to do but go home and wait...

"I got worse and worse and had to take pills to relieve the pain that increased as the days wore on. But oh, thanks to Jesus, and to the saints who prayed with me and for me during those dark painful days! How they stood by me, and stayed with me nights, when I was so low!

"The doctor increased the pain-killing pills until my heart began to react to the effects of the strong narcotic. Then heart medicine had to be taken to keep up under the heavy load of poisoning. "One Sunday morning a sister in the Lord came to our little home. She called me 'Ma,' as they all did at the church. She brought the news that Brother Branham was coming to town and told me of the gift of healing God had given him, and how he prayed for the sick. She said, 'He is coming to Phoenix, Ma, and I know you are going to be healed. Please hold on eleven more days until he gets here.' These were the pleading words of my friend. The doctor had told my husband that the next bad attack would be fatal, and to be prepared for it. I was aware of this.

"After eleven long days Brother Branham started his meetings in Brother Outlaw's church. The first service was on March 2, 1947, and the little church was packed out so they had to move the meeting to a larger place. I went to the meeting Sunday night but there were so many ahead of me to be prayed for I did not get called. The next night it was the same thing, but Brother Branham said he would pray for the sick Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock.

"Early Tuesday morning I was putting away some things in the kitchen, and a voice said me, 'Run for your life.' I called a sister who had spent the night with us and I said, 'We must hurry,' and we started running for the church. In my condition I could not run far and Jesus knew this, for as we were leaving the yard another brother and sister in the Lord drove up in their car and rushed us to church.

"At about 8:30 we entered the church and Brother Outlaw greeted me and said, 'Go right to the front, sister Waldrop, I want you to be the first one prayed for this morning.' I hurried to the front without another word. While sitting there an usher came up to me and asked me if I was blind. I answered that I was not. Then he said that he was sorry but I would have to move four rows back as the front seats were for blind people only. As he spoke I could feel the cancer rolling in my stomach.

"As the usher left I tried to move across the aisle, but couldn't. He came back and found me gasping. I said, 'Take me to the back room.' He said 'I'm sorry, Sister, but I can't. I whispered, 'Go get Brother Outlaw,' and I pushed him away. Brother Outlaw and some other sisters came to me and said, 'You are just nervous, Sister Waldrop. We will pray for you.' Then the sister who came with me spoke up and said, 'No this is not nervousness, but death.' Just then Brother Hooper and Sister McDaniel came up and told Brother Outlaw that it was very serious, and if Brother Branham was there they had better get him quickly. Brother Outlaw called for someone to get a cot, and someone else ran to the back room for Brother Branham. I heard what was going on but could not speak, and it was getting darker and darker. Brother Branham came in quickly and went to the microphone and told everyone to be very reverent as a sister was dying of cancer. Then Brother Branham turned to me saying, 'Look at me, Sister,' His words were a low whisper to me but he kept saying them until the thick darkness lifted. Then he asked me if I believed the angel had come to him. I could not speak but he felt that I believed him. He then said, 'Thank the Lord, Sister, your faith has saved YOU!' "The first time he prayed I didn't feel a thing, then he prayed again and as he did a warm feeling swept over me, starting at my head and ran outside and inside, and as it did every pain left my body. I got up off the cot. Brother Branham told me that in 72 hours I would be very ill and suffer much as the cancer left my body. He said it was dead, every root! He also told me to stay on a liquid diet as the doctor had advised, and Jesus would let me know when to eat solids. He said a bite of solid food would kill me.

"For 72 hours I suffered with pain until I would freeze in tears. I would try to call my husband who was sleeping, but the pain was so intense I couldn't speak. So I crawled to him for him to pray for me for strength to stand the pain. Then the pain would let up for a few hours and I could rest. This went on for a period of four to six weeks, but the pain was diminishing all the time.

"Finally I called the doctor and asked if he would x-ray my stomach and he said he would. The x-ray showed my colon and everything else was just as it should be--in perfect order. My heart, which was enlarged from all the poison, was normal, and the stones which had been in my liver and as big as my thumbnail, were gone.

"That night for supper I had pinto beans, onion, pickles, roast beef, and apple cobbler. It was the next day I was to look at the x-rays, but Jesus told me I could eat and I really did. This was all ten years ago, and today everything is still perfectly healed.

"If you have cancer and are prayed for and the pain still continues, just keep praising the Lord for your healing. The devil will try to steal your healing away, but keep praising Jesus and looking up.

"After Brother Branham prayed for me I have never since been confined to bed, and have never missed a meeting. "At the time of my healing, my six-year-old grandson was also prayed for and healed of a goiter which was inside his throat. Today Marvin is 16 years old and perfectly healed.

"If you are trusting God for your healing, I invite you to write me and I will be glad to encourage you in any way I can." ***

The following is the testimony of Rev. Laura Walker, Hessel, Michigan:

"Six years ago I was dying with cancer of the intestines. The bowels had no feeling and seemed lifeless. At times even the lower part of the abdomen felt like stone and was cold, inside and outside. The only elimination was by enemas. The bloating and suffering were so severe that some days several enemas were necessary for relief.

"In August 1951, Brother Branham was holding a meeting in Erie, Pennsylvania. The Lord spoke to me and said, 'Go to that meeting and I will heal you.' We lived in Port Huron, Michigan, at the time, which was several hundred miles away. It seemed almost impossible for me to go, but the Lord provided a way and the strength to go.

"At this time Brother Branham was using the sign in his hand. He told me I had cancer, then prayed for me. He then turned to me and said, 'Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole.' At the time I didn't feel any special change but about an hour later I felt something inside me let go and drop. From that day to this I have been perfectly normal. Praise be to my wonderful Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

"Many references can be furnished concerning my healing."

* * *

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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