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16July 17, 2012 - 05:02 AM
Joseph from United States

May Go bless you all. Hi all, I have been a christian since my parents bore me but I strayed away from the ways of God. I had never read a single book of WMB, I thought my parents were extremists. An year ago after almost dropping out of college and a promising career, I asked my mom (whom I have seen God answer) to pray for me, she told me she would pray but I had to make my ways straight with God. Sitting on my gym chair on morning, I asked God for His mercy, it was a soft sincere prayer but the Lord took me in His presence in front of his throne, I have never been so terrified!( I would not say this if it was not so)I begged for my life, He voice was directly to my soul, and not dwelling on what He told me,I have set my records straight and I am seeking the Holy Ghost with all my heart.( I was numb for a week! truly numb) Brethren, do not be deceived, There is a Holy Ghost experience, God is still calling and filling his bride with the Holy Ghost today ( a portion of Him), do not rest till you get filled! After He calls you( and you hear His voice) after that first experience, do not stop till you enter in! God abundantly bless you.

17June 22, 2012 - 02:52 AM
Chiedza from Zimbabwe

My 15 year son was sick period 16 April to 3 May 2012. He was wrongly diagnosed twice. First the doctor said he had a stomach infection and was given medication but the situation did not improve, 4 days later another doctor suspected that he had critical hepatitis. by then his organs were failing. his urine had turned coke back, they said his liver was swollen, he had high temperature and was dehydrated. he was put on drip while they send his blood for tests. that night 16 April 2012 he was admitted into hospital and we were told that he was dying unless there was a miracle. we began praying for him and called our pastor for prayers. That night I did not sleep, I was crying to God in prayer, and read many verses for healing. The next day, I was not sure if my son had made it through the night, I was so restless and scared. I finally called the hospital and asked the nurse how my son was doing, she said not too good. That alone was a miracle for me, the fact that he was still breathing meant there was still hope. the results showed that he had severe cerebral malaria and severe typhoid combination. we had many questions why?, how?. we saw the hand of the Lord in the care he received from the doctors they were kind and committed. he was put in intensive care unit on life support, because he was no longer able to breath on his own. the doctors put him under aesthetician and put him to sleep because his organs needed to rest while they administered medication. He partially woke up 4 days later but still on n life support machine. for days we visited him, talked to him prayed, it was hard and painful. Sometimes I asked God why, sometimes I tried to sing, sometimes I just cried. As the days passed we were told his blood pressure was too low, his left lung was collapsing, he had pneumonia in the chest, his blood was not clotting, his blood was not enough, he needed new human blood plasma, his temperature would go too high, too low, and other medical terms which were all so complicated. It was during one of those trying days I met a young nurse who attends Living Word Ministries in Belvedere Harare, Zimbabwe, She gave me a number to call Pastor Chidoti. I called the pastor and explained my son's situation and he said lets pray over the phone. He prayed for my son for almost 30 minutes. From that day each time I went for the visit my son's results were improving for the better. Slowly they began to remove him from the live support machinery. It was a miracle he was discharged on 3 May. On the day he was discharged the medical staff thanked God, most of them told us they never thought he would make it. He is now back at school. I thank God for healing my son. Thank you Pastor Chidoti for your prayer. May the Lord continue to bless you as you go on working for Him.

18April 10, 2012 - 10:38 PM
Rebekah from United States

I discovered Brother Branham as a result of a small fellowship in Central California in the San Simeon area. As a result of this fellowship, I got to the place where I looked for the actual teaching messages of Brother Branham. When I found them on the web site Living Word Broadcast, I began to listen to as many messages as I could and put in as much time as I could. This became for me over the course of two or three years was a "well of living water" in my life. I had a little computer with a supply of a few selected messages which were recorded and I could run in a series for about eight hours. When I suffered a blow to the top of my head by an accident where someone shut the rear door of a hatchback car on the top of my head, I was brought home after that and not taken to a doctor or even no one gave me an ice pack. I however did not get into a spirit of bitterness against my family for this. I just relied upon my little collection of Brother Branham tapes and lay down on my living room couch and began to play the series of messages --all about lasting around eight hours non stop. Well, soon I just heard them (the Brother Branham tapes I mean) in a deep sleep I went into (I don't really know whether it was a concussion or coma or what since I never was examined by a physiciam). I do know this, that the love of The LORD Jesus Christ through His messenger, Brother Branham reached me and I received the Divine Healing for my injury! This is a glorious blessing and of course has allowed me to continue to live and function normally. Better than that, this divine healing testifies to the God-Prophet among us and the presence of Jesus, in His much is vindicated in an experience of divine healing...and just believing the Word and the Spoken Word and atmosphere of faith created by brother Branham is such a priceless treasure for us today...Jesus IS the same today, yesterday, and forever. Love, to you: all my brothers and sisters worldwide.

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