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 4November 23, 2016 - 06:53 AM
Rarios Gotowona from Zimbabwe

Hie Brother,

I have always been fascinated by the Prophet ever since I received revelations of Jesus Christ as the Word of God. This is quite interesting in one's life of a Christian-hood. I do beleive that the Prophet came to being as a fulfilment of Malachi 4:5 as affirmed by Reveletions 3:14. Br Branham remains a torch bearer to this world. His message remains afloat of all other teachings of this world in the name of Gospel Movement. My life and teaching is vehemently anchored in Jesus Christ Our Lord through his messages and teaching. As brothers in Christ, lets keep on praying that God be merciful to this sinful world and rebelion generation as we seem to keep on witnessing further falling of mankind before the face of such clearly vindicated light (message) that is meant to turn our thinking towards Jesus Christ.

I thank God for this vindication. I am worshipping God throught the message in the land that is also burdened by temptations to label the message as of no importance to our worshipping BUT not with Br Branham's Endtime Messages. I will worship my God in the land of Zimbabwe with the Torch of The Prophet as the light to my faithfulness in Jesus Christ Our Lord. It is a fallacy to hear some attempts to denigrate the bride in the name of other people's interest and perceived intentions. The Prophet preached and taught the word of God without fear or favour. The notion amongst some other message believers is a perception of self-interest wolves in sheep skin. With or without a congregation or church gathering I will remain for the Lord Jesus Christ through his latest messenger the Prophet.

In Christ we are one with Br W. M. Branham

Br Gotowona

Thank you Brother Wilson for website facility. It always remind us back to important aspects of our lives and spiritual revival when facing challenges in this world. I am always listening to messages for the known reason that we keep close to God all the time. Please pray for me always.

God bless you.

Brother Rarios Gotowona

Hie Bro Wilson!

Do we have a televised station for the Sunday services that I think should be free of charge? Sometimes as brothers and sisters we live in desert situations in our countries of origin due to the on going attack of the bride grouping by the devil. And I think if we had this facility on television would help saints in their own closets or homes such that we don't become diluted by other dogmas from schewed revelations. The devil has always been attacking the bride ever since the time of the prophet's live. I wouldn't want to imagine the pressure around Br Branham during the latest times of his broadcasting the truth of God's Word and position to the true vine. Brothers closer to him were used as tools by the devil and has never stopped till now. So I wish to have a televised station for the spoken word ministry which totally believe that Br Branham is the prophet for the last church age (Laodicean). We end up listening to Evangelists like Jimmy Swaggard and others. Majority of them are material things moved ministries and moreso the teaching is skewed towards hell. The message believers in our country, Yes, as individuals but not as a grouping because it has been invaded by the devil. Its either the leader is spirited from political's point of view or self aggrandisement which are vain things as far as the teaching of Br Branham is concerned.

But I still feel that Br Branham was and is the Prophet to us all at this point in time. His ministry is powerful and it means that it is capable of taking us to the destine where we are going to meet our Lord Jesus, the rapture. My prayer Br is that Let us cling on to the spoken word because it is the only torch bearer to revelation of Jesus Christ our Lord God through the channel of the Holy Spirit. I always desire to feed on the spiritual food. Hence the reason I am asking whether we can have a worldwide televised services.

Thank you br for mighty task that you are doing to update us on this precious message of God. May the Lord bless you. Pray for me and I will pray for you too.

Br R. Gotowona

 5May 21, 2016 - 04:54 PM
chester from United States

A testimony of God’s grace and healing through music & prayer.
As an interstate truck driver, I was spending my home-away-from-home time with my son and in-laws on the Oregon coast in the summer of 2008. The same day I arrived, my father-in-law, Bob, was admitted to the local hospital for a colon surgery.
I spent my first two days visiting my son, daughter-in-law and new grandchild. The third day of my visit, I drove my mother-in-law, Jackie, to the hospital to see Bob. As we entered the room where Bob was, three nurses were trying to hold him down. He had had a bad reaction to some pre-surgery medicine and was violently kicking his feet and arms. He was growling through his teeth: “There are knives in here!! There are knives on the door!! Open the door, there are knives in here!!!” Jackie tried to tell and show Bob that the door was open, but Bob still kept yelling. Then Crystal, my niece, said that a half hour ago it started with him seeing six men robed in black standing around his bed, then he started yelling about the knives.
While the nurses were trying to control him, I asked Bob “what do you see exactly?” I believed he was seeing into the next dimension. All he could do was talk about the knives in the door. The nurses then asked me to step aside so they could hold him down again. As I walked around the end of the bed, I asked one of the nurses (not knowing why) if there was a guitar close by. She surpisedly responded “Yes! A doctor brought one in last night.”
I asked her if she could bring it to me, and once she did, I sat in a corner of Bob’s room and started strumming Amazing Grace. Just one minute into the song, Bob relaxed his limbs and became completely calm. Shortly after that, the nurses asked us to leave the room as Bob was now sleeping and in need of rest due to the strenuous episode.
I gave the nurse the guitar and we all stood at Bob’s bedside to say goodbye. When it came my turn to speak, I asked Jackie if I could pray for Bob. Jackie looked at me with such relief because, despite her being an unbeliever, she herself was healed from a stroke through a prayer cloth bro Branham prayed for, we gave her several years before. And, I could tell that she was relieved to have Bob prayed for. After a simple prayer, I was leaving the hospital when a nurse stopped me and told me she believed the music really helped calm Bob down.
Just a couple days later, I was back on the road, and called to see how Bob was doing. The nurses and family were all surprised that Bob’s recovery was so full and quick that he was now ready for the original surgery, which also went well. Bob lived for six years after this incident and never did have that type of episode again.

This testimony is intended only for the glory of God in Jesus name.
Chester Higgs

1 Samuel 16:15-17

 6May 20, 2016 - 04:24 PM
Mark Sheppeard from United States

This is my personal testimony of how the Lord appeared to me and the visions which he showed me. The following events transpired on the 15th of May 2004. That particular morning, Rev. Fermin Rodriguez (my friend/mentor) and I were reading the Bible well into the afternoon for about 3 hours. About the ninth hour in Jewish time (3:00 PM) we went to Hancock Springs Park in Lampasas, Texas (between Hwy 281 and Key Ave.) Beginning close to the Bridge beside the Creek called Sulfur. We walked from east to west. Bro. Fermin had brought his camera that day and wanted to take some pictures of some Swans and Cranes, which he did. About midway down beside the creek, we observed many mallard ducks and geese. I stopped to gaze a while and Fermin kept walking towards the main walking bridge which crosses over the creek. While watching the ducks and geese, the Spirit of the Lord quickened or inspired me and Suddenly, I saw and heard a rustling like a whirlwind come into the sycamore tree from the north, but the tree didn't appear to move. (This instance and event transpired in the life of Rev. William Branham; when he was a young boy a voice spoke out of a sycamore tree as well in Jeffersonville, In). Then, the Word of the LORD came unto me and said, "Son of man prophesy unto these ducks and command them to line up before your feet." So, I did and waved my hand towards them and prophesied to them and the Spirit entered me, and my whole body seemed to tingle from my head down ( I Sam ch.16). They were swimming in the creek and scattered and began swimming away. At an Instance, I heard a great explosion and the earth quaked, and I looked up saw the Heavens (sky or firmament) open and they departed like a scroll when it is rolled together. Now, this was about five O' clock in the afternoon; and as I looked into this portal, It was though I saw Stars, galaxies and planets. Straightway, I heared the sound of a great rushing like a train engine. With anticipation wondering what would appear, I saw a great light like the sun moving towards this portal; It was a much greater light, because I remember seeing the sun in the sky west of me. Then, I heard the still small voice speak to my right ear and said, "that's the Lord," and when he spoke those words I trembled and great fear came upon my soul. (We know the Lord dwells or sits in the North of the earth. Isaiah and Ezekiel the prophets both spoke of Satan's desire to emulate here: Isaiah Chpt. 14:13-14," I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will also sit upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north." James 1:17 says,"and cometh down from the Father of Lights." In Psalms David said,"he who sits upon the circle of the earth.") And I saw as the travelling throne of God moving: and I saw the likeness of a throne and an image of a person and brightness like fire. Presently, there broke or came out a river clear as crystal proceeding from the Throne and of the Lamb of God (Ezekiel's river ch.47 also, the same river John saw and depicted in Rev. 22:1). Suddenly, it was as if a circuit or current came down with great force and struck or smote those ducks; and I watched as it pulled them together with power in a straight line. Within an instance, all 10 made a complete turn of 270 degrees in the creek perfectly straight and swam before me like they we're tied together. As they were driven or magnetized closer to me beside the bank of the creek, I said,"In Jesus' Name come closer to me," and they did straightly, and made obeisance with their heads bowed and became still or paralyzed.

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