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 1February 19, 2018 - 03:14 AM
Patrick Hare from South Africa

I had a Samsung E370 slide up cellphone.On the wallpaper of my phone was a picture of the Supernatural Cloud the Animated one.The Young boy stole my cellphone and he ran home he tried to switch it of but when I noticed it was gone I went to my uncle house and I told him about my phone and I said remember (Branham) also lost something and he prayed and God restored it.So I prayed and said LORD you promised it we believe it and that settles it.Prove ur word once again as u did in BRANHAM'S ministry thank you Lord for restoring my phone I believe it is returned in the name of JESUS CHRIST.AMEN.
Right after I prayed for my phone I went out the door and thank him for allowing me to pray at his house I went downstreet when I reached the fifth house in the same street someone called Patrick and turned around to C to my surprise it was the boy who stole my phone he said I'm sorry for stealing ur phone here it is I switched it off and took out the battery but this JESUS on the phone doesn't go away.I immediately turned around and went back to my uncle and prayed again thanking GOD for proving his word right there in our midst.Get the Picture of the CLOUD in your house and the picture of BRANHAM and HALO over his head get it in ur house.Stay with the message of the HOUR.
God bless.

 2November 13, 2017 - 04:50 AM
Sister Milkah from Kenya

God bless you Saints.. I got to know about the Message of our precious brother Branham through my beloved mother and since then life has never been the same. My dad is not a believer and often a times he never allows us to fellowship in the believer's church. I ask for your prayers saints that God changes his heart to abandon the denominational faith and be a believer.
There was a time when mom had a serious toothache and we were so upset about it but deep in my heart I knew God does great things if we believe. So before retiring to bed, I told my sibling to sit and we lay hands on our mom and prayed then slept and on the next morning our mom had been healed by THE PRECIOUS BLOOD OF THE LORD...GLORY BE TO HIS NAME FOREVER

 3December 21, 2016 - 07:20 AM
Bro Lutendo Mathavha from South Africa

Blessed be the name of the Lord.
I was driving to a brethern house n Pretoria on Thursdy(14/12/2016)Along the Dr Sefako Makgato road to zambezi toll plaza. I had my family sitting at the back. Two children and two adults. The front seat was unoccupied.

Before reaching the toll gate the car driving in-front of me, either hit an object or a part came out of it and smashed the left hand side of my car windscreen. The windscreen was damaged and had a whole in it. Thank God there was no passenger on the front seat, (there could have been eye damages or body as glasses were all over the seat) and thank God that the object did not affect the driver windscreen side.

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