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June 2013 Newsletter: I Find No Fault in This Man

“Then said Pilate to the chief priests and to the people, I find no fault in this man.” [Luke 23:4]
“That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.” [Ephesians 5:27]
“And in their mouth was found no guile: for they are without fault before the throne of God.” [Revelation 14:5] 
“Now, what if the man comes out and sees him? There's a horrible looking mule. Now, what happened. He has to go get a lamb, a perfect lamb without a blemish, and he has to take it down to the high priest. And the lamb's throat's cut, and the lamb died so the mule can live. Why? It was born with a birthright. They never examine the mule; they examine the lamb. The priest looks at the lamb. Now, you Bible readers know that under the laws of redemption. In the New Testament no matter what's wrong with you, don't look at yourself, look at your Lamb. Amen. Can you find any fault in Him? God don't look at you; He looks at the Lamb. So if there's no fault in the Lamb, there's no fault with you. So then have faith. Rise up and say--and claim your God given privilege. No matter what it looks like, how sick you feel, how far advanced your faith is, you can be healed.” [The Unwelcomed Christ, Lausanne Switzerland, 55-0828A]
“Now, you look at Jesus and find any fault in Him. Don't look at yourself; look at Him. Don't look who you are; look Who He is. Then you'll be getting close to Divine healing. Search your sacrifice over. If you can find any fault in that, well, that's--that's different, then you have a right to disbelieve. But there's no fault in Him. God don't look at you; He looked at the sacrifice. There was a perfect One died for us faultry ones, we who are disfigured, and immoral, and ugly, and everything. But He took the perfect One and looked Him all over. "This is My beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased." He was the sacrifice. God accepted Him. So ours is finished. All we have to do is walk in grace.” [The Faith Of Abraham, La Ca, 59-0415E]
“That's the way it is today. We, guilty, unworthy, should die. We're not worthy of living; we're not worthy to come to Christ; we're not worthy to ask anything; but God never looks at your unworthiness; He looked at the Lamb. Now, if He can't find no fault in Christ, then you're free. See? He died in your stead. Now, if there's any fault with Him, you're not free yet. But God don't examine you; He examines the Lamb. You say, "I'm not worthy to walk out of this wheelchair tonight." That's right, you're not, but God don't examine you; He examined Christ. And if He's worthy, then you can walk. See? That's right. Depends on what you think about it. You say, "Brother Branham, I'm an awful woman; I've lived illegally. I've done--I've even broke my marriage vows. I've done this..." "And Mr. Branham, I tell you: I've been a drunkard, I've done this..." No matter what you done, God never looks at you; He looks at the Lamb. And He's already accepted the Lamb, so you're free. God can't see you; He sees the lamb, dies in your stead. That's enough to make a fellow shout, isn't it? Sure is.” [Job, Phoenix AZ, 55-0223]
Oh brother, stop looking at your self and look at your sacrifice. If you can find any fault in that, all right. But if you find no fault in that, then you're perfect. Amen. 'Cause it's not you that God's accepted; He accepted Christ, and Christ accepted you. And you are dead, and your life is hid in God through Christ, sealed by the Holy Ghost and all the devils in hell can't turn you out of there (Amen.), for you are God's property. God never looks at you; He looks at Christ.” [Jehovah Jireh, Oakland CA, 57-0326]
And it's Christ that God looks at, not you. It's Christ. So if there's no fault in Him, how can there be fault? How can He find fault, when you are dead and your life is hid in Christ through God, sealed by the Holy Ghost? "They that are born of God does not commit sin, for he cannot sin." How can he sin when a perfect sacrifice is laying in his place? God never looks at me, He looks at Christ, because we're in Christ. Now, if I love Christ, I'll live with Him. He would never brought me in 'less He know. If God saved me today, knowing He was going to lose me six weeks from today, He is defeating His Own purpose. Right. He don't even know the future then, if He saved me, knowing. What's He want to save me for, knowing He's going to lose me? God doesn't do things, then take it back in two weeks, to keep His promise. When He saves you, it's for time and Eternity.” [Hebrews Chapter Seven 1, Jeffersonville IN, 57-0915E]
“And I pray and thank You for giving us good rest in our bodies, and for the knowledge that we have of Your Word, and the understanding we have of the Spirit, and constantly praying that You'll give us greater understanding so that we might not be a vain, puffed up people by it, but a humble people, in order that the Holy Spirit might be able to use us to the fulfilling of the Word of God, and to place us positionally where we need to be at this hour. For we must be at the right place for it to happen. And we want to be, Lord. If it's a housewife behind the table, if it's for a--a factory man with a wrench in his hand, and a testimony, if it's for the minister in the pulpit, or the deacon or trustee, or for the child at school, the teenager in the discussion at the class, wherever it is, Lord, let us be there at the right time. For we know You've promised it, and it's going to happen because You said so, and, why, it's our faith is built there.” [Countdown, Jeffersonville IN, 62-0909M]
“Can you remember the disciples returning back and rejoicing because they figured that they were counted worthy to stand the reproach of His Name? He said, "All that live godly in Christ shall bear a persecution," the reproach of the Word. You always have to stand this reproach in order to give your testing to see. Every man that comes to Christ must first be child-trained for the--for the purpose that God has ordained you for. And remember, if you could just keep quiet... Remember, if He's called you for this, there's nothing that can keep it from happening. There's not enough devils in torment but what God's Word will be made manifest. You're born for a purpose. And nobody can take your place. You might have impersonators and everything else, but they'll never take your place. That's right. God's Word will triumph. It cannot fail. There's where every Christian ought to stand, knowing that--that... And trials will come up and seem every way to you. But remember, God has a purpose, and it all will work right.” [The Reproach For The Cause Of The Word, Jeffersonville IN, 62-1223]
“Oh, I hope you get it. That God Himself come down before the Lamb. And the believer... Watch. Now look. You don't have to look at the Lamb. Don't look at yourself. God don't look at you; He looks at the Lamb. He looks at Christ, and there was no fault in Him. And God accepted the offering. You put your hand upon the Lamb, Christ Jesus, confess your sins as being a sinner, and the Lamb has died for you. The Spirit that comes out of the Lamb comes back to the believer. Amen. And you stand perfected, because the One Who died, the innocent One, the powerful One, the overcoming One, the accepted One, in His own Person returned in the form of the Holy Ghost and brings the believer into rest. There it is. Not you, Him, God don't even see you; He sees Him. You don't have to die; He died in your place. Amen...?... He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquity; the chastisement of our peace was upon Him, and with His stripes we are healed. There's the foundation. Come to those Lamb, confess your sins.” [The Position Of A Believer In Christ, Phoenix AZ, 55-0227A]  
Our Bible Study Subject for June 2013: I Find No Fault in This Man
“But I know, That in me, nothing good that I have, nothing I've done. But in me is that quickening power that quickened me one day from the things of the world, as a young man, unto Eternal Life.” [The Easter Seal, Phoenix AZ, 65-0410]
Bro. Robert Wilson
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