August 2007 Newsletter
“.. freely ye have received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:8)

Issue Date: August 01, 2007

Text Box: “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.” [Matthew 10:8]

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“These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” [John 16:33]

“Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” [I John 4:4]

“He showed us how it's done. How did He do it? By the Word. That's how He done it, for He was the Word. And Jesus said, "If ye abide in Me, and My Words in you," you're back to Word again, the Word of promise. What is the Word of promise to every Christian? "Greater is He that's in you than he that's in the world." Then how do I overcome? Not me, but the Word that's in me. The Word is God. Then I overcome the things of the world, because it's the Word in me. "If ye abide in Me, My Words in you, then just ask what you will." Just keep pressing up. You're coming to the top, as sure as anything. See? You got to come to the top.” [How Can I Overcome, JEFF IN, 63-0825M]

Greater is He that's in you, than that wheel chair. Greater is He that's in you, than that stretcher. Greater is He that's in you, than that cancer. Greater is He that's in you, than that affliction. Greater is He, than anything that there is the Devil could put on you. "Greater is He that's in you, than he that's in the world." Greater is He! Yes! He is in us, that's, the Christ. He was the conqueror of every enemy, for us. When He was here on earth, He conquered sin, He conquered sickness, He conquered death, He conquered hell, He conquered the grave, and now He lives in us as the Conqueror! He conquered sickness, hell, death, grave, and come to us to set us free from all those things." [He That Is In You, JEFF IN, 63-1110E]

"But he that overcometh," he that overcomes all those worldly things of this age, what will they do? All will set with Him in His throne; will go in the Rapture when He comes. Oh, my! What do I care, then? What should we care what the world says? What should we care what anybody else says? The great Holy Spirit is among us. His Pillar of Fire leads us and guides us. His Word is vindicated before us. His love is in our heart. The world is in the back. We've passed from death unto Life.[How Can I Overcome, JEFF IN, 63-0825M]

"He that cometh to God must first be tested." Tested (what?) with the Word. That's God's test. Do you believe it? "He that cometh to God must be tested." That only shows a true child, then, see, be tested, and when the test comes on. You can't overcome 'less there's a test give to you. And when test is given, it's to see whether you can overcome or not. And Jesus said, "To him that overcometh," the test. The test is the greatest thing that ever happened to you. "Our trials are worth more to us than precious gold." It's a testing time. It's one good evidence to us that God is with us, when we're tested, for all children of God are tested and tried.” [How Can I Overcome, JEFF IN, 63-0825M]

Overcome means "to recognize the Devil in every one of his tricks." Lot of people says, "There is no Devil. It's just a thought." Don't you believe that. There's a real Devil. He's just as real as you are, anybody. A real Devil, and you must recognize him real. You must know he's a devil. Then, the same time that you--you recognize him, and know that he's a devil and he's against you, then, to overcome, you must recognize that the God in you is greater and mightier than he is, that the One that's in you has already overcome him. And, by His grace, you are more than a match for him. Amen. There's real overcoming, when you recognize.” [How Can I Overcome, JEFF IN, 63-0825M]

Overcome means "to stand the test," that's right, like all the old saints did. Like Jesus did, amidst of all of His enemies, He stood the test. Everything He was tested against, He stood it. In the very face of sickness, and Him being Messiah, He healed them. In the face of death, He brought it back to life. In the face of Calvary, His Own death, He defeated it by surrendering Himself. Why? By the Word. Said, "You destroy this Temple, and I'll raise it up in three days." The Word said so. See? And in the presence of death, He defeated it. He overcome death. In the presence of hell, He defeated hell and overcome hell. Yes. In the presence of the grave, He overcome the grave. Why? All by the Word, and humility. Oh, my! There's the real Man. There's the One to make your example. See? He defeated everything, overcome it.” [How Can I Overcome, JEFF IN, 63-0825M]

“So many says, "If the Lord will take this evil spirit from me, from drinking, or from gambling, or from lying, or stealing, I'll serve Him." But that's up to you. You got to do something too. "They that overcome shall inherit all things," they that overcome. You have power to do it, but you must be willing to lay it down. See? She has made herself ready. I like that Word. You see, God could not push us through a little pipe, pull us out on the other end, and then say, "Blessed is he that overcometh." You had nothing to overcome; He just pushed you through. But you've got to make decisions for yourself. I have to make decisions for myself. In doing that, we show our faith and respects to God.” [The Marriage Of The Lamb, PHOENIX AZ, 62-0121]

“Just remember, you're living for God. You have one objective, and that's Jesus Christ. Outside of that, there's nothing else counts. Then, secondly, for your family. Then, thirdly, for yourself. But, first, for God; next, for your family; and next, for you. You're number three; that's the end of the road. Put yourself last; He did.” [How Can I Overcome, JEFF IN, 63-0825M]

“We pray now Your mercy and grace upon us overcomers. Lord, overcomers, we long to be overcomers. Lord Jesus, You overcome the world. Now I pray that You'll let every person here, this morning, "Lay every sin aside, lay aside the weight that doth so easily beset us, that we might run with patience the race that's set before us." [How Can I Overcome, JEFF IN, 63-0825M]

Our Bible Study Subject for August 2007: "Be Of Good cheer; I have Overcome The World"

We wish God's blessings upon you and your loved ones, and also pray that He continue to meet all your needs.. Please remember us also before Him, that we will continue to be a blessing to you His Bride, and also meet our financial needs.

Brother Robert Wilson

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